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These are the daily tech headlines for tuesday august thirteenth twenty nineteen. I'm rich drop. Elena verizon degree agreed to sell tumbler to wordpress owner automatic in a deal reportedly worth less than twenty million dollars along with the temporal platform automatic will also take on the sites two hundred employees speaking to the wall street journal automatic c._e._o. Mullen wag said the company would maintain tumblers existing porn band. I introduced in december twenty. Eighteen snap announced announced spectacles three a redesign. It's augmented reality sunglasses the glasses feature sleeker look than previous spectacles and at a second camera for depth perception with snap ending in a number of the three d. effects to exclusive to the device glasses. We'll be able to capture seventy videos on a charge and offers four gigabytes of storage spectacles. Three also comes with reviewer similar. Oh do google cardboard reviewing three creations on your phone. Spectacles three goes on sale november for three hundred and eighty dollars in a blog post microsoft's mo yang zhang development team announced that the super duper graphics pack from minecraft was cancelled setting the pack was too technically demanding to implement across devices the update was originally announced the three in two thousand seventeen and promise to add dynamic shadow and light models screen space reflections material based lighting and ed four k. resolution support while keeping the games raw rau- underlying assets untouched in an interview with gamespot xbox had phil spencer stated the priorities of the next generation xbox will be consistency of fast fast load times and maintaining sixty frames per second frame rates spencer also stated backwards compatibility was a priority for the new council going back to the original xbox players with different console generations will be able to play each other and microsoft will also support compatibility with older controllers on the new council google settlement on a class action chen lawsuit regarding defective microphones google pixel phones received approval in federal court individuals who bought an original pixel or pixel x._l. Before january seventh two thousand seventeen eighteen in the u._s. are eligible for twenty dollars payout even if they didn't experience any microphone issues those that did experience issues can get insurance deductibles refunded as well as up to three hundred fifty dollars for a single pixel documented microphone issues or up to five hundred dollars for multiple devices owners have until october seven twenty nineteen to submit a claim sony an updated version of its x. a. v. a. x. Five thousand in-car receiver that lets drivers at a nine point nine five inch floating touchscreen display that needs just a single din to install the display contestant adjust its height and depth feature support for carplay and android auto through u._s._b. Hands free the voice control bluetooth connectivity and future update will support a baltas webling platform. The display will be available in the u._s. In december for six hundred dollars samsung chair of the european smartphone market rose from thirty three point nine percent last year to forty point six percent mostly increase sales of mid range phones like the galaxy fifty xiaomi also grew in europe by fifty percent to nine point six percent of the market french regulators approved a plan for binational broadcasters france televisions am six and t.f. One to launch joint streaming service called salto the new service will pool resources and content from three providers and ex expected to launch in q. one twenty twenty any the move mirrors plans in the u._k. Were british broadcasters i._t. And the b._b._c. plan to launch the breadbox streaming service later this year pending regulatory approval india's reliance industries announced a partnership with microsoft azure reliance jio will build data centers using azur to provide things like natural language understanding for all all indian languages and dialects gio also provide free connectivity and cloud infrastructure to start ups as well as plans for small and medium businesses for as little as fifteen hundred rupees. He's a month that's roughly about twenty one dollars and finally security researchers at pen test partners published details on how the publicly available api is from four dating excites made near real time location tracking possible the team developed a tool that you spoofed locations from multiple points which combined with distances to user profiles on grindr romeo oh me oh recon and three fund allow them to turn angulate locations in some instances up to eight decimal places of latitude and longitude location information when contacted acted about the findings recon move to a snap to grid policy rounding locations to the center of a larger grid and romeo pointed out that users have the option to reveal a nearby position dan rather than relying on a straight g._p._s. fix for more discussion of the tech news of the day. We're just subscribe to daily tech. New show at daily news show dot com and remember to rate and review view daily tech headlines. Wherever you get your podcast. Thanks for listening. We'll talk to you next time and from all of us here at daily tech headlines. Remember have a super day.

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