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Amelia Earhart


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You look down below and see miles and miles of land and mountains in the distance people in cars are so small, they look like little bugs hurrying around you fly, you're playing through fluffy white clouds and fly faster and faster. It feels like you are on top of the world and nothing can stop you from doing anything you dream. Tonight. We're going to learn about one of the most famous girl, pilots of all time, named Amelia Earhart Amelia, Mary, Earhart was born in atchison Kansas, on July, twenty fourth 1897 growing up. She lived with her parents Samuel, and Mary, and her little sister, Muriel Amelia's nickname was mealy or Millie and her sister's nickname was Pige even as a dolts, they called each other by their favorite nicknames at home. Their mother gave a million and her little sister, lots of freedom to play outside and explore little Muriel. Love to follow her big sister around they spent most of their time, exploring the woods around their home climbing trees collecting worms Mott's toads and sledding during the winter. Their grandmother was more proper than their mother and often asked why they didn't wear dresses, like the other girls and stood wearing bloomers which were pants that made it easier to play. Dan? But their mother wanted them to have their freedom and enjoy their childhood. So she wasn't as strict once when Amelia was eight years old, she had seen a roller coaster at affair and wanted to build her own, so with the help of her, uncle, she built a ramp, and attached one end of the top of a tool shed than using wooden boxes a sled. She raced down the ramp flew into the air and crashed to the ground. She got a bruise lip and tore her dress, but jumped up and said to her sister, it's just like flying. Are you later? Emilia went to the state fair and there saw her first airplane, her dad asked if she and her sister wanted to take a flight in it, but surprisingly Amelia was uninterested the plane, looked very rickety, and not at all what she'd hoped and seeing an airplane, so she turned around and went back to the merry go round. Instead. For awhile, Amelia and Mariel live with their grandparents atchison while their parents moved to a new home in Iowa. There Emilia was home schooled and discovered their library, where she spent many hours finding new books and came to have a love for reading later. They moved back with their parents in Iowa and attended public school. A few years later Amelia's father lost his job, and their family had to move multiple times. This was a very hard time for a media as she moves schools and didn't have very many friends, along with the troubles at home. But during this time she planned ahead for future. That would be very different for women of her time. She wanted to go to college and have a job making movies or as a lawyer business or being engineer, she collected newspaper clippings of different jobs. She might like to have and kept them in a safe place. In nineteen seventeen World War. One was going on in Europe while visiting her sister in Canada during Christmas break Amelia saw the wounded soldiers coming back from the war, she wanted to help so she learned to become a nurse's aid and started working at a military hospital. She spent her time making food for the wounded soldiers or handing out medication that they needed to get better. A couple years later, a million and some friends, revisiting airfare in Toronto Canada, during the fair million her friends, we're in the field, while a World War One plane was flying overhead the pilot flew his plane down toward them to try and scare them for fun. But a million didn't move. She just stood there watching him as he flew by later. She said, I did not understand it at the time. But I believe that little red airplane said something to me as wished by. Not long after this Amelia moved to California to live with her parents in Long Beach on December twenty eighth nineteen twenty Amelia visited an airfield where she got her first light. She said by the time I had got two or three hundred feet off the ground. I knew I had to fly. So she got to work making it happen for the next several months. She worked, many different jobs to save up one thousand dollars for her first flying lessons. She took her first lesson on January third nineteen twenty one at Kenner field in Long Beach, California to look like a pilot Amelia bought a leather jacket and cut her hair short like other girl pilots at the time. She bought her first airplane, a little yellow biplane and named it the canary. On October twenty second nineteen twenty two Amelia flew, her little plane to fourteen thousand feet and set. A world record for a woman pilot over the next few years Amelia continued to fly as a hobby, but also worked as a schoolteacher and wrote for the newspaper about flying as she wrote more people began to learn about her love for flying in nineteen twenty six a pilot named Charles Lindbergh was the first man to fly across the Atlantic Ocean by himself. A year later someone asked Amelia if she wanted to be the first woman to fly across the Atlantic with the help of another pilot named Wilmer Stoltze on June seventeenth nineteen twenty eight Amelia and Wilmer flew from new found land to England in twenty hours and forty minutes when they return back to the United States, Amelia, and Wilmer were met with the parade in downtown New York after that they met president, Woodrow. Wilson at the White House. The newspapers called Amelia, the Queen of the air, and she spent the next year, touring the country and speaking about her adventures as a pilot for many years Amelia had sewn her own clothes. So as part of her new fame, women became interested in dressing, simply, and in wrinkled, proof closed, like Amelia, did Amelia continued writing and speaking and letting everyone know that women could be pilots to her next goal was to fly across the entire United States. And she did this in nineteen twenty eight year later, she married, her friend, George p Putnam who propose to her six times before she finally said, yes. And nineteen thirty to Amelia set off from Newfoundland for another record to fly across the Atlantic by herself this time during the flight Amelia had to deal with strong winds. Icy weather and problems with her plane. It was a scary voyage, but she stayed strong and kept going until she reached Northern Ireland there. She landed in a farmer's field and the farmer asked. Have you flown far? Yes. Amelia said from America to the farmer surprise. In nineteen thirty five million flew from Hawaii to California then from California to Mexico City, and then Mexico City to New York. But our biggest goal is yet to come in nineteen thirty five Amelia Egner team started planning for a round the world flight, others had flown around the world, but her journey would be the longest they began working on her special plane modifying. So it could make the trip shell. So picked her navigator the person who had chart their journey named Fred Noonan on June first nineteen thirty seven Amelean. Frank took off from Oakland, California and flew to Miami, and then down to South America across the Atlantic Ocean to Africa East to India and southeast Asia. It was very difficult flight across the world. A million was often very sick and made it all the way to Papua New Guinea, and twenty one days. Where they put more fuel on their airplane and prepared to fly to the next destination, they had gone, twenty two thousand miles with seven thousand miles left to reach California where they had started their next stop would be Howland island. But sadly, during the next flight a million, Frank never reached their next stop. No one is quite sure what happened to them. But most think they're playing went down in the Pacific Ocean. Everyone was sad to have a mealy Erhard missing the president of the United States. Franklin Roosevelt, even authorized a massive two weeks. Search but they were never found not all hero stories end with a happy ending. But a millionaire heart was one of the most amazing heroes of American and world history, Amelia showed the world that people can do incredible things when they're determined and put their minds to it. She also showed the world, that girls can do adventurous things such as be pilots and. Break records by flying across the ocean throughout her life, Amelia, not only did these amazing things, but toured the world writing and speaking about them, and encouraging other girls to be pilots and do adventurous things to like Amelia. You can have big dreams and plan for the future. Amelia didn't just dream of doing things. She got to work. She worked simple jobs to earn her first thousand dollars for flying lessons, then she studied and practiced to be a great pilot the flight. She went on very difficult, sometimes it was very cold, or she was sick, but she kept going, no matter what sometimes it was very cold, or she was sick, but she kept going, no matter what spend some time thinking about what you would like to do with your life. Don't feel like you have to plan it. All right now. But do think about the small things you can do to learn and grow. Sometimes it's just reading exercising or taking the time to do well at a subject, he might be having trouble with. But remember, Amelia's? Once a child like you and Chievo thing she did by being brave, and persisting, even when she met with challenges.

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