The Paul Finebaum Show Hour 4: Callers From All Fanbases


Crude oil is crude natural gas is pure. That's why Pennzoil's based. Oil is made from natural gas not crowed gives you unbeatable engine protection. The proof is in the pennzoil based on sequence for aware test using SA Five W. Thirty. Cried Passion Than Patron Tree of college football leaves here the the Paul Finebaum show our four podcast. Program has arrived and we appreciate you being here. It's been a busy one with Mario Christopher. Our about some calls now robber is in Kentucky Hey Robert you're next good afternoon Paul. How are you? We are doing well, thank you. All Right Great Paul he follow top the every year for the past few years ago four years ago hey. My question is Paul Nail that Kentucky space in the real the SEC. are we really going to see mark stoops worth and while would you have tall on the fourth tonight college the second half of the game when Mark Stoops decided to go for it on fourth night when he wouldn't go for it on fourth one versus the first half And I just wanted to your pick is on that Paul and and and. I mean, he'll. We'd be better off with with. This point. I'm still, rolling the. Bandwagon. I'm pretty bothered by. What I've seen so far I mean I just thought that was an inexplicable. Awesome. No offense to lane. Kiffin I think he's a really good coach. And he got his team. Here. But I mean nobody has gotten more and more praise than mark stoops from this seat and. I I'm I'm struggling right now to to find much good to say. Yes sir. Thank you. Thank you. I. Appreciate you coming out with that. You know I've been calling for years following and yellow. We've all had optimism for years but when when they come to play you either come play or not. You're right. You're listening to those who didn't see it i. mean it was kind of a bizarre way to lose a game with a missed extra point and then losing it overtime. But there are a lot of really bad calls and overall. I felt like it looks like stoops. Heard reaction to it but it looks like he really lost his composure at the end of the game chasing down that official. I. Don't know exactly what what the film show, but I didn't like the look of it. Tom Is next in Ohio Hello Tom. Paul Fun Ball. Ball second only to college football itself. Thank you so much. Paul if you would please, can you give me a favorite throat that university South Carolina football schedule again so I wanna see something on there we we will. We will. DIG It up here in a second and punch the button once it comes up I will. I'll read it out because you may be watching it a little. In the actually okay well. My. My thing is Paul I on that schedule. I see free winds possibly three wins. That's all I. See. You know I was on the wheel must champ that nine wagon when he first came over and I you know endured the years that we've been dirt Hey I. Apologize I was trying to call the schedule up and I think I accidentally. Hung, up on you that was my fault and not, and she wanted to call back Here's the schedule though. Vanderbilt. This way Auburn lsu Texas Ole Miss. Missouri Georgia and Kentucky but I do apologize for inadvertently hanging up on you. We were trying to call the schedule. It shows you how absolutely. Technically. On savvy I am Hey, thanks. Appreciate it. Let's check in with mad dog and making you're on the air go right ahead. Happy Monday Paul Finebaum Tae. They're great to hear from you. Great to hear from yearly and we talked with you. Now you might expect to be loading over my ear early accurate prediction of the outcome of the Georgia. Game but I'm not going to do is ask absolutely not. There's no need today grateful doll. I'm thankful to be alive and well in the best country on earth grateful that we're even having a football season. I made a few months ago. It didn't look like that was going to happen. No three months ago I would say we probably weren't in good shape. Now. Terrible shape. This past weekend break my brother for generously giving me two free tickets to the game data. How was it? It was great. I. Even got to hang out with Lawrence Smith before the game and reminisce about totaling his son's car back in nineteen ninety-three. Lawrence myth is one of the coolest God's a chance to meet him a number times and. He came down to our office a couple years ago and interviewed me for something he was working on and Ju. This guy's is connected as anyone I've ever met in my life. Total. CLAPBACK act he is why why did you know who? WHO TOTALS HIS SON'S CAR? I live with run out and asking Colorado and his son blew me out to drive car back when we were coming back to Kansas in a snowstorm and I went into guardrail. and. it total did and all he did was laugh about it because he got a new car out of it the. A people don't appreciate what a treasure Larne is. Absolute I'll just felt so lucky to run into it and I just felt so grateful that I got to take oldest son to. The? Doctor overnight game between the hedges in a very sad. Woes, experienced light. I tell you it was surreal because you know it was easy to park there wasn't any tailgating. a twenty thousand people in there that sounded like eighty thousand getting on the media for not wearing masks but everybody was wearing masks on the way in places that they needed to wear them. But I mean when you're sitting in your seat with nobody around you for twenty at least. Outside why would you wear a man? That's just my opinion. Yeah I. I agree with you I wear one when I'm around people. If I'm walking down the street I'm not wearing a mask so. Some people do but I mean the only place I thought it looked dicey was the student section saw one shot on television where it looked like everybody was. Literally on top of each other, and then I saw another one that. showed some rose between them but again, it's just you can take out anything you want it doesn't matter get the dogs had a great win and. The next few weeks should be. Insane you very much for the call. Really appreciate it. Patrick is in Arkansas you're on the air hey. Patrick. Hey Paul I think the gentleman from Tennessee for taking my call they're. Wondering do they? Take smokey down between the hedges there. I've seen smokey ANATHEMAS before yeah I don't know if he. Will. Not. Be Making this trip I don't think. He won't be I don't think so. My bring a little good luck to them. We always fillets smokey and a getting together there. I remember a couple years ago We did an interview with both smokey and dog and I think I scared smokey. Reminded US just how great it is be alive. Love. The puppy dog they do. No, I'm I'm with you on that. I mean do we know? Lights Larry she'll be showdown Saturday I. have not heard I know his record I think is twenty five during a game but that may be. But now that he's a recovering from whatever recovering from I think he had a pacemaker put in he he might be going a little bit lighter. You kind of get known him about data. Well, I tell you what bothered me and I don't want to be a cardiologists or anything else but. I. Heard. I heard somebody having trouble breathing the other night that concern me if somebody who's lived around heart disease in my life fortunately, I don't have it but my dad did and He I I'm not recommending twenty five lights for somebody who's having trouble breathing. Some old tape is white and four months ago. May. Have Been Dennis Miller show anyway in Richardson was on there. And apparently an had A. Whatnot name governor because she was the one who Who Made Fun of George George. Bush senior. Silver Yeah exactly. Yeah. But anyway was talk about how difficult it was for her to stop during. And she went to a doctor in the middle of that she might have a problem. And their doctors say, well, how much are you drinking? And said, well, hell I might be having five. It's. Not. said. Don't worry about that I drink that much. Things they did they do they do things a little differently in Texas. Arrays. BEAR TOUGH THERE In Auburn on Saturday. There's going to be pretty disgruntle to put it politely. But. I think maybe we get to one zero number so. Anyway, speech. Dan. Patrick Arkansas doesn't win another game this year I don't care. They've already done what they needed to do, and that's show the world that. They are working their way back. Right on right on I don't. Thank you yeah. That was cool. We are taking phone calls what what what, what would you expect us to be do how about Mike in Florida next good afternoon. Good afternoon Paul, how are You I? Am doing great. Thank you. Thank you for taking my call. I call for time caller wins. Wonderful. Hey Listen Man I'm a college football fan. Major Auburn Fan. And I'm just kinda disappointed by over tigers this weekend I really am. Well, you should be because. I don't mind I don't know I had a prominent auburn person telling me many years ago. You know we don't expect to win every single game. But if we lose, WE WANNA lose with respect and class and look like we knew what we were doing and Saturday Auburn did not have didn't look like they had a clue. Hike the handle losing. As just losing that way. Yeah. And I agree and this Georgia rivalry is is really getting the better of Gus Malzahn and I don't need to tell you. But for those who don't know that, I, mean people people at out people think Auburn is obsessed with Alabama. They're not Georgia is is on the same plane that's a big game. It's not only Georgia. It's Lsu. It's other teams as well. You know that Auburn is not doing well against you're right under any and you have to go back to the national championship game a couple of years ago Auburn's should have warned that gain. Oh, they had the game what it was. There were two or three mistakes made in that game that there was one play that cat game from being a blowout and it was actually a good call by Jimbo Fisher but but even then. There was there was no excuse for losing that game. Thanks for taking my call man. Thank you, Michael. Appreciate the call we have a lot more time to go about forty five minutes. If you want to get in, it's eight, five, five, two, four, two, seven, two, eight, five, the week has begun conversation if you are just onboard primarily Georgia. Auburn losing. Arkansas winning we haven't really talked much about Ole. Miss yet or a little bit about Kentucky. We had Mario Cristobal Organ Cochon and we will get your calls right after this. You're listening to the Paul Finebaum show podcast. Hello everybody you're looking live at fans Ville a college football utopia. With the rivers flow with ice cold Dr Pepper. Where every day is Saturday and everyone's fan even babies. And the seasons never change because the only season this college football season get a taste of fans fill this fall during a college football game near you Dr Pepper the official Drake of Fans Ville, grab some today. When deciding how and when to safely return to the workplace you need to be informed. That's why IBM Watson helps. You prioritize employee safety with Watson works a set of a infused capabilities. Let's put smart to work visit IBM DOT COM Slash Watson works to learn more. We welcome you back and it is great to I. Think we were talking to this Guy Tom and I in my efforts to be the call I inadvertently knocked him off the your Tom Sorry about that welcome back. Hey listen if getting accidentally hung up on his is hard. Then you know I'll take that over I had chemo again today Paul but. If, getting hung up on his hard I I'll take that all day long of this. Chemo. I'm thinking about you because I wanted to say I had close friends to go through that and you're a brave mandy hung up after a day chemo. And a day of misery of the gamecocks getting. Maybe if I wasn't so sensitive to your situation, probably crack a joke they're sitting with the I might but. I could take it. But my point earlier wise you know on that schedule I see US getting three wins. I was at first game by the way at ten when we played Tennessee that was a hard loss as well. But I seems getting three wins possibly on that schedule and you know I I was the one that. We'll chance not the guy and I said he he'll get it turned around I'm slowly. I'm there now I'm at that point that clock management. Vanderbilt, being one of your wins I presume would would what are the other two Missouri at Home you got Auburn? Lsu Am Ole. Miss Missouri, Georgia, and Kentucky. I see. Missouri at home on and I see and when I say I'm saying that gingerly I see at Kentucky I think those are our best three went because I don't see us beaten Ole miss at old Miss I really don't see and, of course, Texas am on our aside since they joined the conference. So. Here's what I'm wondering about with everyone especially, the the bad to terrible teams what are they going to be like down that Kentucky Game Kentucky in in South Carolina could be in the same spot with zero to play for. So those are those are difficult games to predict, but but against a decent or good team. I don't see. South Carolina. Being able to do it. Now I don't either I'm a realist I I see that full in cold heartedly agree with you about the Kentucky Game I really believe that that's going to be our bowl game. You know just to see which one of us is going to get the win at the end of that game. So Hey, Paul, I'm telling you right now I'm willing to put a fifty thousand dollars to help towards the cost to get will muschamp champ out there I wish we would have gotten Tom Herman back when that was I going on but not saying that Tom Herman is going to be right flight but I think. The problem with much champ is to me. The standards are not high enough. I know he made a lot of changes this year, but it just always seems to be the same and. From someone I've known will muschamp a long time and and I will not tell you what a lot of sports cash do we like will that doesn't matter anymore. He's in his fifth year he he may be the nicest guy in the world and he's a funny affable guy. But if you can't win, you shouldn't be the coach. And I agree and and that's why I've always said. I love belts coach. Don't get me wrong. Nice guy that how he's still at that program just blows. My mind. Well, I mean some of the media falls in love with people. and I'm no different and you know they embrace him. They embellish things in terms of well. I don't mean embellish. Important things I'm just talking about cover for coaches they like. And some school and I think Ray Tanner got himself in the situation where you know why? Why will mush has a buyout that was twenty million dollars in seventeen now I have no earthly idea you I've been involved in enough negotiations where. If, the company doesn't think you have a chance to go anywhere else. They're not GONNA pay you. Should be the same way with a college football coach where was will muschamp going. Yeah I agree with you one hundred percent I. Mean we're not talking about Nick Sabin who should have a thirty million dollar buyout. I mean probably. Saving does not have a buyout. Yeah, he's got a buy in the rest as long as. Much champ. Remember in. Florida. He lost his job there. He was at Auburn, will champ was hired Auburn as a defensive coordinator. Yeah. So why? Would you put it his contract anything remotely exorbitant in terms of having to pay him if if left. And the only way that I would have done it if I was eighty as if he had a ten eleven season, a couple of times. The only way that's what the interest. In negotiation. You don't WanNa, lose the coach and if. That's understandable. But yeah, this is this is really too much. Yeah. It is as a fan as a as a passionate fan that draws from Ohio down to South Carolina every home football game I can tell you it's the right back a lot of times. It's a lot harder than what the ride going down is for. Sure. But one last thing Paul that I want to ask you and I'll hang up and listen what are your thoughts on this Georgia Tennessee game because I think I think Tennessee is going to give them a little bit of better fight than Georgia. Thanks for going to give them. Fall. For taking my call time, you take yourself and please stay in touch. Really do appreciate it I I agree with you on that totally agree John is up next in Georgia John go right ahead you're on the air. Yes, sir. I'm just wondering what you think. I just heard the last caller say something about the Voss my let the Dallas have moved the game they won't but I would think the dollar's GONNA row not looking forward to the week after yeah. It's a really weird spot because. It's coming after an emotional win. It's before the biggest game of the year but having said all it's also against a pretty big rival. This isn't against. An you know for those who haven't. Seen Georgia's schedule I mean this this is. This is an incredibly difficult. Space here but in a compressed season, I don't know if it's it's quite as big a deal because we're only three weeks in like these guys are. Eight weeks in when they're kind of limping toward that by week. The after. Tennessee Alabama. At. Kentucky Kentucky might be the strange game here because. That would be the fourth game of a brutal stretch and then the by. Before the by week but I I don't think Tennessee I don't think Georgia's looking ahead here I. Think this is a big game to them. How do too when also who you're picking the eight? It was Georgia. Thank you. Appreciate. Or Som- collar love show. I hope you will thank you and it wasn't by much either That was a really hard decision not that. We're talking about taking two football teams versus commented ago who's GOING THROUGH CHEMO Close Call Anyway. We are heading to a break trying to find show we appreciate all your calls especially, my friends in Arkansas. We will be back with much more right after this. Listening to Paul Finebaum show podcast. Grab all of you here on a Monday afternoon. Todd is up next. Hey Paul first time caller. Good to hear from you Paul Person I want to let you know I lost my father last Saturday and I was very remiscent this weekend not being able to talk to him about another tragic Kentucky loss this Saturday evening made me think of them a lot I'll tell you what time first of all I'm so sorry to hear that that is I know these are life altering events but just the idea that. I I'm assuming you guys were pretty. Pretty. Regular. Compatriots of Kentucky Sports Right. Oh absolutely. I grew up playing sports my father played it a lot higher level than me. He actually played the ball for Western under the old coach. Red Towel. Way Back in the day yes? Sir. Well I. I. Am How old was your was Your Dad Todd Well it was seventy, eight Paul and he was a basketball player. I was a a WanNa, be football player but but couldn't play at the high level that that he was able to play. Well I am so sorry to hear that and I know With the basketball season coming up, it will be certainly, much tougher much, very difficult. But we appreciate you sharing that information with us and all the best to you. As you and your family deal with that, what what do you think he would have said after Saturday. You know I'm not sure I'd like to know what? I'm big coke stoops. I number one what I mean uh, assume one day we'll have to name the stadium after him if he keeps doing what he's done but are continuously Kentucky either worst in a an IT I don't WanNa say it falls back on coaching but if I see a team that's Weird. He. Even. More last weekend solve or and I see a very skeptical call to throw the ball on the end zone and then supposedly receiver doesn't was route results in a pick six, and then this week I see the celebrating early that turns into a fumble. I don't know. It worries me about my cats. Yeah. I think mark stoops is fundamentally a really good football coach. But you know games like Saturday are hard to explain. It's almost as if. Todd you. Just you could. You just talk about okay. Let's let's sit around and come up with the weirdest ways. Kentucky can lose his football game and I wonder. I. Frankly don't think the game should have been close. To me on about where the bigger stronger, ten bigger stronger lines so. I don't know. I don't want to say the curse of can. But I have heard other people say. Yeah I mean I really don't know how to explain it. The problem was a loss like that. You've got to make up for it somewhere. You literally I mean the Auburn game was tough but. You're supposed to lose that game but you. This was this was an automatic win on the schedule and you now because because of the schedule is so difficult you have to steal one back. Well I appreciate eighty juicing that Georgia. You didn't use the word track game but but I'll say trap game you know Georgia could be called in between. I agree lucky against that quality. while. A couple of games like that on the schedule, but if I had to pick four or five games at. That, I'm sure Kirby smart is going man I thought that that is a game I really don't WanNa play because. It is it is such a gauntlet and win or lose against Alabama that is still a challenging game and. Either way it really doesn't matter it. It's hard to recover from from a four-game God like Ab, I, tell you what todd thank you very much. So sorry to hear about your dad and. Please stay in touch. Thank you Paul. Thank you very much That's. Think about. I mean there's no good time to lose apparent but. Especially now AL is up next hey al. go right ahead you're on the air. So. Much Fun. Mom How you doing buddy I'm doing well, thank you. All you. A my baby was a veteran of World War Two. Part receive save yet. he loved Auburn and football it didn't get a chance. To go to school but if he was live now he farmed until he was. ninety, five years old but. This is you know when miles on and And Chris Morris Them guys. They are because in high school football somewhere. I mean, you know I mean let's get real by you know they. They run play that we ran when I was in high school and you know They can Like inside Turkey college coaches and stuff but they're not and you know. Guest either one of them I'm sure they good high school coaches but. it's tolerance level four out right now You know it's a disgrace to to go and Tim Turkey and then come back and play Georgia and I, know coverage marks doors. But You know We all done a lot better daughter than damn with it. you know all we're all and I won't get your your your viewpoint. Yeah to me it was a really tough loss and. Got Me. The most just didn't they just didn't seem prepared they didn't seem like. They had a good plan and that's the most disturbing part of it. Hey, thank you very much for the call. Really appreciate it and thank you for your service. To this country, my my dad was a world war veteran to. Purple Heart is an incredible. ACHIEVEMENT OF BRAVERY For listening to Paul Finebaum Show podcast the Paul Finebaum show airs weekdays on the SEC network beginning at three eastern.

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