Ep 87. Faith for the Occasion: Are We Putting Islam in a Box?


Level they no longer shot be deed. Oh bay shorter art of of who will help the will on a being could love only love who wanna around Ooh how Saddam everyone you are listening to episode eighty seven of the hamalainen podcast with yours truly as the host november fourteenth twenty twenty. I was invited. By the muslim student. Association of northwestern university in the us to address their cohort and the talk was titled faith for the occasion. Are we putting islam in a box header. Despite the pandemic we were still able to connect through zoom so through these virtual platforms still able to connect live and the talk itself was about half an hour long and then it was followed by about thirty. To forty minutes of qna the issues discussing the talk revolved around the concept of dueling him whenever we think about dual ism in the western context. We think. Cartesian do eliza the separation between the spiritual and material. We don't actually have that islamically we do have a different type of dual azam. And that is what i talk about in this address and this understanding of these dual isn't that we have actually influences. How we spiritually cultivate Our relationship with the loss of handle tyler for lack of a better term with english language. And how we talk about these things there's limitations and it doesn't really convey the true meaning and the concepts that we're trying to relate from a theological standpoint before i leave you offer the recording which i'm grateful for the msa board for having provided me with it hundred Wasn't planned to be recorded. But we managed to get a recording of it. Before i leave you off the recording Just a word about the podcast hemmed. Going gonna be finishing my degree in the next couple of weeks. And then i'll be returning back with a bit more of a regular schedule With with the podcast having said that. I have been regularly engage in with students over at andrews academy. We do have a weekly halacha right now. We're covering the hickam even elastic and dairy and yesterday in fact we covered In the ninth session The aphorisms number twenty eight to thirty one so we're up to aphorism thirty one with the with the hickam happens on a weekly basis There's also the monthly methodist that unders academy which is a great time for me to connect to the students and to take one subject matter at a time. That has some theological implication. We recently had dr david. Geologic come on and Discuss this paper on evolutionary theory we've had discussions on a number of philosophical subjects The next one coming up in charlotte towards the end of this month is going to be talking about existence. And i'm quite excited to see what the students are gonna come up with a lot of talk about niche and a lot of talk about other philosophies that deal with the human experience in existence from Let's say if you stick perspective. And what would the islamic standpoint be about that so it happens on a monthly basis. So there's a lot of work that i do through an endless academy there and quite active on. If you're interested you can check the links in the description. You can enroll in any of these streams that we have An shallow you can find Some beneficial content content there. I think i'll leave you with that Just a final note The this work can be supported through patriotic. You can support through signing up for lenders academy and you can just really helped me out by sharing this As widely as possible word of mouth is really the primary means through which i Spread this so if you can help me out with just sharing the episode sharing content. Really be grateful for you. And here's the talk. So i remember one thousand nine hundred eleven. It'll mean or slots will sit down on this aid you now. Have you been hunting. wild Will suddenly let's see how many refer to him oracle Hepburn hoodie it. Also at all. They've been stepping off any Lame law managua. become level not Hamdullah first of all. Thank you for The invites For demon the the northwestern. Msa team msa. I think it's the muslim cultural students association. So the get the entire akron right. So deduct law heading for the invite Unfortunately we couldn't make it in person. always nicer to being person in actually be physically present with everybody but hamdan I look at this is like the tamam of doing False speaker conferences and stuff like that. So we're doing tamam a little bit here just at better than nothing. some shell. Annex eckstein will actually be able to meet in person a number of things that was That were asked of mita address and Kind of General topics that might be of concern to a lot of you. One thing that kept popping up was with regards to Spiritual development this idea of compartmentalizing religion Looking at his llamas kind of thing that you do on the side but then you have the rest of your day-to-day activity and the rest of the studies. That are done somewhere else. And that's somewhere else happens to just be the majority of your life in his lawn just happens to be this kind of garnish at the top of it You know you go you. Prayers milan comes about amazon. Is one hundred and fifty two days away roughly now so we're getting close just over four months which is crazy about it and so the practice of religion itself seems to be kind of a you know take either Ultra relic that. We have or just something that you do And it doesn't really seem to inform much else outside of that the rest of your life. The way that you go through. Education is on doesn't seem to play a part in that and the thing that i wanted to address Is the cartesian dualist or this false idea behind the spiritual and material a lot of muslims basically just assume that the two things are kind of separate you have your spiritual pursuits and then you have your material pursuits. And so when you think about someone who's doing a degree you know talking to almost some crowd. I'm gonna assume that quite a lot of you are either engineering or medicine or biomedicine or something like that so this just happens to be the majority of you and Both of those areas don't really seem to have much to say about islam. You know you just you go do your courses. You organic chemistry inorganic chemistry. You're physically do calculus whereas a slump coming into this and fewer entire day. Spend doing that. And i'm just happens to be your five daily prayers. It doesn't seem to speak to exist experience of just being in the world. This dual ism Is kind of a western european product that we've just inherited in everybody else just assumes it to be the case which we don't we don't actually have this economy between spirit and the body islamically speaking which is why you have this difference in opinion for example between the Jurists on can you do nature body organs. That difference opinion comes out of that kind of conception do first of all possess your body second of all what happens to the soul when you do this Many of you may not be aware the reason jehovah witnesses are against blood. Transfusions is because they believe the soul actually the bed of the solas in the blood and so when you do a blood transfusion your tainting the soul of that person and you're actually jeopardizing their acura. So when you think about it in that sense you might think. I'm saving your life right now. Giving blood transfusion. But you've just basically kabosh stir entire akkad or the eternal life that really a positive thing from their perspective you just did something immensely negative or evil even from our perspective if you look at what patout tells us because ultimately we have to go back to the club on. What does that tell us about the human experience with this. He tell us about the nature of existence. What does he tell us about. Why would here in the first place. The whole thing began with the bucket on pilots. Islas talking to the angels. And he's telling them he's declined to them with cholera Jerry for your lord has declared onto the angels. I'm going to place advice. Jared on the earth. The angels immediate response was i. Tell you artifacts hammett. Ucd how would dimap. You're gonna put on this earth someone who's going to so corruption as spilt much blood and you know the rest of the discourse in how it went the point that i want to turn your attention to is that each one of us is placed on this earth as a caretaker as if i guarant- and there is nothing here that has been created by las panel to isla. You can look at from the western columnists kind of dualistic perspective as quote unquote material. Everything has its spiritual reality. So of hanoi talladega creates everything through the expression of award. Couldn't fair kuhn so he says be and it is so there's nothing that you come across inside any of this creation that is not a manifestation of divine word so it's literally a loss panta bring into something into existence and everything that comes into existence including ourselves is a manifestation of divine word. So in a sense we're spiritual by our very existence. we're spiritual beings. You talk about cultivating spirituality. That's virtually is not something that you're going to get Through know head space download head space. I'm going to some meditation. Mindfulness thinking spirituality is not going to be about. let me go to the himalayas and just You know practice silence for forty days. And then i'll get spirituality. The look at canada confused australia. has mechanical law if you look at that verse. It's actually beautiful. The lost touted suppresses all these things for us if we just worked to reflect on it look at the look feel sorely lacking eastwood hasna or usa depending on the recitation. Various lemon kanye law acid. When we say i to be spiritual. I think the first question we need to ask ourselves. What do you mean by spiritual. What are you trying to get to. Are you just trying to achieve some internal state of nirvana that you just wanna feel a little bit high. Go get some wasco. Even go to peru get shaman. Drink some tea and you can get high and then you can feel connected with the rest of creation. You know diluted inaccurate connection. that's just getting high. When we talk about spirituality slum we're talking about getting closer to a lesser hanish thailand. That's really the ultimate thing that we're seeking to a loss data to do that. You have to do it through a meth method. There's a methodist been prescribed to us and it's actually not mysterious a lot of us. Look this is this kind of far off thing that we can't really reach but it's actually not that mysterious Lozada in his text in his autobiography spiritual autobiography talks about how he got to that and he did it through literally following on the footsteps of the beloved still allow them to him on a law. That the law if you if you love loss of kind of metallic quitting clinton to her buna effective yoni safe you love Touted than follow me. Follow my footsteps. The method to do so is to basically follow in the footsteps of the beloved salah. Heidi with cinnamon. We speak about that in terms of following the soon. Why is that important. I shuttle the law on how the wife of the below so long salaam when she was asked about his character. What was he like. She responded with eliza tackle on do not recite the koran and the man said yes and she kind of local godi. his character was the koran. That's how he saw him was in other words. If you want to get close to a loss of panel. It's good to los pantano through the koran and to get through the koran on you have to follow in the footsteps of the one who the call came revealed to. There is nothing in the koran except that it has been manifested through the beloved salata who said lim which as an aside if you ever come across anything in the That makes you wonder mix you puzzled about what is this about. You have to understand through the beloved News sometimes your immediate understanding verse may not actually coincide with what bill was. Awesome did so for example Just going to throw this out there. Controversial the beating women. Well the beloved never hit a child or woman or a servant ever so you really have two options either. He's awesome and didn't do everything that the koran commanded him to do or your understanding of some verses problematic that's how you understand these things but back to this point you fall in will love sauce in them wide for those of you who are familiar with him. Erode the impossible state He wrote a number of texts on islamic law. He's a palestinian christian professor of islamic studies at oriented studies at columbia in the impossible state. He talks about something called the technologies of the self. I like the phrasing that he uses for technologies of the self and technologies of the self are basically the impact that following in the footsteps of the Has on ones being on one character. Development at one spirituality as well if we were used that term so when you pray or when you fast or new observe the limits of lahser panel china that actually has an impact on your experience of being in the world so when we talk about where rejecting the duality for instance that cartesian. Duality has proposed for us. There is a duality that we have in slum and it is not a duality of the material and the spiritual. It's actually duality of And gopher said duality of obedience and disobedience. that's the duality. We have been given the fact that we are all here as caretakers revised. Sharon's we are here for a temporary time. I mean you really have to reflect on this and and think about it deeply no matter how long you live when we die. You're just gonna be wrapped up washed wrapped up and put into the ground with nothing else. You're not gonna take close with you and that has to really sink in. So what are you here for. The duality has either. You live within the limits and the bounds of what a lotta panel tyler wants of you or you transgressed those limits. For whatever reasons you might have ultimately. It's going to be about your own sanity on egotistical. Your lower desires that are getting into these things A lawsuit tells us in soda. Man man cut a quote unquote lock in san jose ban Van van when Dan with off a hell Loafing musin less tells us in this sura chapter man which is known as the bride of the koran the bride jewel our support on that he is the merciful he created all of these things amongst them he created the human being and then a low tells us that he has erected heavens raised the heavens and put down the earth do not transgress the balance that he has put he put down a balance on earth do not transgress that balance our acts active worship unfortunately ny. Why this question of. I want to cultivate myself spiritually. I want to rise up feel connected to The way that we asked this question it's actually Ah born out of an idea that this is an intellectual process. Those of you who are familiar with the neuroscience field you might know something about embodied cognition. An embodied cognition is basically. It's a recognition. Now that our brains are not where intelligence completely lies. Intelligence is actually a body experience. There is a book. I'm covering the book club that running online The knowledge illusion and one of the things that the author is make about. It is have a chapter in embodied cognition where they talk about baseball so when someone hits the ball so you got the if you're the bad and you hit the ball and starts to go and somebody's going to try to catch it you don't think about you don't make calculations in your mind about. Oh i need to go to that distance than i need to do this calculus equation of a parabola so that i can make sure that when the ball hits that far and it's going to dispute that i need to be at this particular point so that for me i can catch it. What you actually end up doing in your body knows how to do this. You raise your eyes up and you maintain angle of elevation with your eyes and then you run and you run at a speed. That maintains a constant angle. So that as the ball is coming down. You can be at the right space at the right place at the right time to catch. It does if it doesn't go outside the park so that's embodied cognition. You just feel it. There's something in medicine called functional neurological disorder. It's basically the majority of the patients. I see on the neuro on the neuro rounds. Fm d. which is basically the brain knows something but their body is not functioning the way that it needs to function. There is a disconnect happening somewhere. And they're not actually. We can't find any exams so when we do the clinical exam. They're fine when we do. The blood work fine. When we do the imaging they're fine. There's nothing organic. That explains all of this but somehow body loses ability to actually function along with the brain. There's a disconnect that happens if you look at our acts of worship again not mysterious in the sense that you don't have to go and do something drastic for forty days Until you find nirvana you just need to do what you've been told to do. You need to perform your prayers on time in nevada. Candidate alameda makoto. That prayer has been prescribed upon the believers at signed times so a loss of panatela assigned those times. And you have to observe observe those stands for your prayers if you don't observe them for your prayers at the time that alighted and you decide out of your own accord. I'm gonna pray them whenever i want. Something has gone of ray. Something has gone wrong there. So when you do your prayers on time you faster milan if you're able to you you pay Coming upon you you basically observe all of the ritual aspects as well as in your transactional your interactions with people. You observe the limits of On that thinking acknowledging that this is because this is what i lust. Potala is expecting me. This is where a lot promises you on dukla Have fear conscious of a loss of panel Teach you as you do that. In following the puts in the footsteps of the prophesy sell them look at canelo confused. has saana. There is a a an excellent example in the messenger law for you neiman kannada joel law. So if you're wanting spirituality islamically speaking the spirituality you seek as closeness weight loss pagnotta mcconnell agila to those who want a loss of panel william williams and want to final day. The thing is we're not doing any of this to experience anything kind of elated. We're not looking for a high. There are people that worship Read the tax and they talk about worshiping allow with thirty forty fifty years not once feeling that sense of high not once feeling like they were doing spiritual kind of cultivation. All they were doing is they were purifying their hearts they were pure purifying their were repenting from there since they were doing their egos and doing what loss pound to either one of them so that they just observe the limits of a law because they recognized that. I'm here for a short amount of time. And it's going to end at some point and so i need to just do what i need to do here. So when it comes to your spiritual cultivation. I apologize to those who were looking for something just china profound in the sense of like. I'm gonna tell you something that you might come in and run with it. It's actually hard work. We live in a time. Now where There's research now. That's looking at exercise. Appeal sorry to go into the biomedical stuff. That this is just my background. So i share with you kind of where. I'm coming from here. What they did with this research is they basically looked mitochondria and looked at all the different proteins to get expressed in response to exercise and looked basically different number of bodily functions that change in response to exercise. And then they decided. Hey let's go and try to make a pill in lab that would mimic what happens with exercise you. Could you stick the pill and then you get the benefits of the pill without going through the exercise only in a culture in which people want things given to them. Will you have this kind of motive thinking that this is what i want to do. I mean there is a concept of alison. Homeo- stations stress. Alice stasis is the pressure or the burden that gets put on the physiology of the body while the body maintains home use static mechanisms in place. So as you go through difficulty in a spiritual sense what you're supposed to do islamically speaking and that's what's expected of us is that we have an static conception which is you go through difficulty. You come out of it stronger but still more balanced so as you go through this. You're gonna do some things that are boring and you just have to understand that that is it's going to be boring to your nef's but it's not boring to your soul. The soul has its food. The food of the soul is the five daily prayers. The escada that you do post in pre you're fasting of the month of form alon is doing the grind work consistently. There is nothing that is worth anything in this world except that it comes through the grind. Everybody that has achieved anything in this world. They do it through structure. Look at the degree programs that you guys are in right now in order for you to graduate. You're looking at how many credits you've done. You look at how many credits you have left depending on the specific degree that you're doing right now. Whatever major it is. You're looking at the courses that you need to complete which means that if you didn't complete all the courses you might end up with more credits than you need to graduate. But that's because you did courses that you shouldn't have done any wasted some time but ultimately the the university forces you into a structure and says you gotta do these things in order for you to graduate. These are the courses you have to. Do you want to do that. Anything else on you. You can pay the money if you want but you need to complete discourses in order to graduate. Those of you wanna go to medical school. You know what you need to do. You can't just go in apply unless you wanna go. I don't know maybe to the caribbean or something. But if you're if if you want to apply to a good school and get into it they tell you we need you to have your minimum biology courses. You're organic chem. Which is called the wieder course me by the time to medical school. You don't do any organic cares but organic chemists wieder course this of course they basically get people out if you can't hack it in organic cam. You can't hack into med school. It's kinda strange So you gotta do organic cam. You gotta do your body chemistry. You gotta do is a structure as you enter into whatever program you get into. There's a structure to it and they expect you to finish all the hurdle assessments and the evaluative assessments and the and the summit of assessments structure to everything people wonder how you can be productive. You have to put a structure in place. The same thing goes for spirituality. The same thing goes for your religious practice there a structure as a final thing. The term religion itself. I think it's If i leave you with anything. I want to leave you with a curiosity. I want you all to just have a curiosity. I'm just asking like what does this mean. Where did this come from where to start so the term religion. You should be curious enough to go. When was the first time this term was ever used and who used it and what does it mean today. And how would it be conceived of say two hundred years ago or five hundred years ago. How power these conceptions that we just. It's like a fish in water doesn't know that it's in water until a stick out then realizes wait a minute. I can't breathe. I'm an air. You kinda need to develop that kind of sense that attitude cycle care religion. What does that mean. There's a book The myth of religious violence. By william cavanaugh. He spends half of the book basically treating the term religion the historical development of it where it came from. And if you understand where that comes from you start to get a bit surprised at how you even think of religion and spiritual development where it becomes a matter of wow. I'm only thinking like this. Because this is a byproduct of how is conditioned intellectually to think about this subject. But if you go back to the sources and look at how islamically howard teachers in tradition looks at it. We don't have this kind of categorization compartment Part until is ation of human experience in different areas so that we can just do this over here. And then i'll shut that off and then i'll go to the next thing and then i'll shut that off the whole discipline of math of the polymath islamically speaking our scholars. I know many of us think of scholars in the past says this was a scholar of This was a scholar of v corps. This was a scholar actually look into their backgrounds. Many of them there were physicians. Were engineers their architects. They were artists. They were doing all kinds of other things. They weren't there's There's an article tunas renovate journal the mini sightedness of knowledge. Which i think is a highly recommend. You guys read that. Say the many sightedness of knowledge basically talks about the fact that this business of reductive knowledge where you just go into one specific area actually makes you dumber because you don't see the big picture and you start to make conclusions that are false conclusions about real issues. The same thing goes with religion. The idea you can portalis in. I think about it in that particular area that's alien. To the islamic tradition your spirituality can really be imbued into everything. So when you go i mean i this example often i literally before i start any exams before i go into anything to do with evaluations before i start my day even When i'm driving to the hospital or taking the bus to the hospital you know so. Penalty sucked atlanta hata Granola along menu. Adjust where legal legault Jimmy moody innate has to be a law Has then. I just say i may i may but you do it with kind of a presence at like urine all annual praising For even giving you this opportunity to go to wherever it is that you're going. And then if i have assessments and stuff at the school or the hospital i literally Ask luckily i need some signatures today. I need some clinicians to actually pay some attention. 'cause they're all busy and i don't know if i'm going to get this. And this is the hurdle so can you just give me some signatures. I kid you not every single time. I had any issues with any signatures at entity to get for any assessments. The way that they came about it was clear it was literally law subjugating dot individual to come and do this thing for me and so my experience of even studying medicine and going through the program has been a spiritual experience. I've been feeling elated in a sense to use that word but not in the sense of being high elated just this confirmation so panama and then you just acknowledged it's all happening because of powder nothing that i'm doing nothing that person who's doing so i'll conclude with that it's I wanted this to be a bit more interactive because the the issue of this stuff is can be just me talking at you. And we know that from lecturers the research shows that online Lectures people usually leave with less than forty percents of what's been said so. We did thirty minutes. Hopefully you guys got ten minutes out of it. Utera gilan and we're not gonna move into the qna section If you have a question please raise your hand. And i will un mute. You can raise your Ask your question. We're going to do this in alphabetical order in shallow. Everybody's shy. Is that what it is or the writing stuff. You can also just on mute yourself to amuse yourself you you to shy. You can type it also in the chat. I think while people are coming up with questions. I ask a question on my own. I was wondering considering like all that you do with like on the loose academy met school. You know being you know giving time to your family. How do you look at productivity to the slum it's it's really a matter of prioritization family has to come first Until you make sure you fulfill the rights of the family. There's nothing that you can do outside of family. That is more important than the family. That's just the perspective that i think we really all should have. 'cause community comes out of a family civilization really starts with the family so you gotta give time to the family and be present with them. So don't bring your phones. Don't bring anything just just be present with found on his family time and then after that it's just a prioritization of tasks I thought it was organized. Before until i got into medical school and then when you go through the program because there is so much to go through they oftentimes just tell you. These are when things are happening in. You just have to show up at these different Appointments and these different tutorials and whatever. So make sure they get you through all of the material But all of that cannot happen without the field without the facilitation of a loss of panel data. So i actually. It's again it's back to. How do you begin your day. And would you structure your day around. A lot of people. Try to organize You know there's a famous kind of saying the the ignorant one gets up in the morning and says oh. What am i going to do today. That's the ignorant one and intelligent one gets up in the morning and says what is a log on to do with me today and so you try to organize your day. I'm i remember on my undergrad. When it had to do coursework more so than in grad school grad school. I is a bit more free to go To leave the lab. Whenever i needed to but in an undergrad when i had the courses i organize my schedule around joma and around prayer so i never actually missed juma during my entire for your degree. The reason for it is because they offer different sections. Does that mean that. I sometimes had to take a section. That was a bit late in the day. And it kind of cramped. My you know my weekend plans or whatever. Yeah sure but. Jim is more important. So i never actually missed jomaa. I never had to delay my prayers or miss them altogether. Because i had class schoolwork whatever you know if she know the prayer times in the windows in which you can pray you can organize. I planned every semester according to prayer-times according to according to all of these things. And i believe because i did it that way. You prioritize loss of hanno down a with prioritize you you produce for allowing he asked of you an allowed produce for you more than what you even think that you would want We're doing the heck. I'm right now under academy and one of the hickam that Less mentions Speaks to that. And it says that you're occupying yourself with things that have been guaranteed for you and you're neglecting the things that you've been obligated to do in other words he's saying that you're obviously neglecting What a lot of you and you're occupying yourself with. What law said his already got written for you so every when we were all in the wounds of our mothers we all had however money. How much money you think you're gonna make in this life. That was already written whatever degrees. You're trying to get. That was already written whatever successes you think you're going to get in this life. Everything was already written. That doesn't mean you stop working. You stopped being productive but it means that you stop stressing yourself about it and you focus more on what a law wants a view an observing his limits and you just do the tasks that you're you're trying to do so to accomplish whatever needs to accomplish and then you leave the results of that loss panel abbott. Because it's really it's just it's a you to strive but it's not funny to arrive. You do the work the products of that work. That's a loss of panel in china. Not for you to do. We have some other questions. If someone wants to go i know so to sneak. Seems asking curious to learn about learning from the body instead of just learned from the brain on if you elaborate on that I shared this thing on twitter on my instagram as well. It was this Ballerina prima ballerina. spanish prima ballerina. She has she's like eighty three years. Old and she was. She has alzheimer's since she said this alzheimer's center pundit this lady can't talk she's gone she's just sitting on a wheelchair quite sad to see her that but then they put a song that she she danced to When she was young in the sixties or something like that as a ballerina and as soon as they put the headphones on she asked to raise the volume as she she just recognize it immediately and then she just went into the whole routine from her wheelchair. She moved her hands armed everything she did everything exactly the same sequence that she did when she was young which is kind of a demonstration of what we mean by embodied. Cognition you guys come across from time to time you see someone on video being shared and it goes viral. Oh my god. This person died all Have me this kind of end. I hope to die into jude. Or a chef dies when he's teaching a class. And so you hope that this would be your end or someone dies On hope hope. That's your embodied. Cognition is basically whatever you get your body used to doing and always practicing that becomes part of your intelligence so that becomes your normative kind of practice. So the bolus him. When he says it's difficult enough doco stoke in the forty note and the beloved assume says seek a fatwa from your hearts. Ask of your heart fatwa. Even if you get many to now. I know that many of you like to do to a shopping. There's just a normal kind of thing for a lot of young people 'specially but it's a it's a it's a normal human phenomenon that we all need technology so that we actually combat it shopping. Is you have a question in your mind. And then you'll be like what's the ruling on this and you hope that the ruling is jalan hal. You can go ahead and do whatever it is you want. So what do you do. You start searching online and you go through Islam qa this like That's on how yeah. But they're said if he's man that's like i'm not gonna listen to them. Let me go find out this other one here. Let me go to seekers hub. Maybe they have a better answer. And then you go to seekers their hannitys though the hanif. He's a hanophy answer. What are the shafei. Say about sending. You just keep searching searching searching until you come across one of these muslims with says in fact because you live in america and we need to kind of get with the times and this is like outdated and yeah. You can go ahead and do this thing because out of necessity and they start talking about mukasa this shitty out of the objectives of the son of course mukasa shetty and so you find a way for you to come out of the below is seldom give you a combat to that but that combat that this tool that will defuse. This requires something on you of you. Which is your someone was already observant. You're someone who's already practicing all you need to practice and you're acknowledging that i'm doing this for the sake of Panel data so. When you come across a nice fatwa which could be effector for arabs. Who might get with that means If you get that then you can actually ignore it because you'll feel like in your heart. There's something constricting about it. Like the something off about this. Because everything i know about my practice and everything that i know but the shittier does not support this and so this is what i mean by embodied cognition. You have to engage in the practice of islam starting with the time and then into the limbs and then you will see a transformation happening within you where you just know what to do and you know what's right and what's wrong. You basically what you do with that and every time you do toba Far you're cleaning your heart and your allowing it to perceive truth and reject falsehood. We had some people who wanted to ask questions. mike Anisa's here is any set. Here sign com clan is very important Matter to discuss and as you were talking about the origins of the word religion And howling that can shape our world worldview on. it's not necessarily like a paddle with islamic. Glenn i was thinking about the different types of likes philisophical ideas that are so prevalent in our society. I'm like postmodernism modernism. An how shaper will view under not almost compatible with and i wanted to hear your thoughts about kind of recognizing those and working through those to able to live out a stemware holistically That's a big question I would i think the thing with postmodernism is like you said so prevalent than it has seeped through everything. So it's kinda hard for you to just simply say that's postmodernism and does not in this this literally in everything But there are some. There's some simple tools for you to Maybe identify on sift through Falsehoods in and identify. Where the truth lies anytime. You want to engage in an action or you want to say something. I think the first question that should come to mind is how do i- substantiate this from the koran and the sooner if the most prevalent thing right now with the post modernist kind of discourse in the critical race theory and all of that like the relativism. And it's all down to the individual You have to ask yourself is who who's who's most paramount here. What am i trying to achieve. Is this first of all substantiated by something that allah and his messenger said a priority which is a philosophical term for saying starting with. It's not that. I have a conclusion on. I'm trying to justify its that i'm starting from amundsen and trying to understand what allow would want of me in these contexts. An second of all is the gold. Dounia we to the exclusion of the aca. Is the goal simply. Wardley goals and the academic is completely absent. Nobody cares about what happens in the next life. Nobody cares what happens after death. It's all about now if it's all about the here now to me that's like a red flag medicine for those of you want to go into medicine. You'll learn about red flags when a patient comes in. There are certain signs that you just look for and you have to exclude them very quickly. Because if you don't you might end up with somebody who's dead in the next five minutes. So red flags for me. Is that someone whose entire discourse is devoid of the koran. If there is the line is messenger are nowhere to be found in it The it's the whole. Discourse is focused on material gains and checks and balances in the world there conception of justice does not take into is not a cosmic conception of justice it's a material worley conception of justice their entire background in education even in their practices a data. So if you look at. How scholars evaluated transmitters of part of it was. Who was this person. Would they study with the d-actually meet the person that they say that they these from. What was their character like. You know how. They conduct their lives. Is this a profligate person. Who's just going about and an acting sinful ways or is this someone who's got. What their ascetic. They're they're scrupulous. The care will comes out of their mouth. They focus on this elements of the tongue. Things like that. That's not to say that you can throw the entire field of postmodernism and critical race. Theory and everything just completely out the wayside like forget all of it but it is to recognize whatever truth it might have you have to first subject the entire discipline to a treatment through the lens of the koran in the center. The difficulty with this is that for a lot of young people in universities right. Now you guys are going through these programs. The recommendation i gave before people is that before you enter into university at all once you graduate high school which is a bit too late for us but once you graduate high school i recommendation recommendations. All muslims is take a year off. You need a year off. You need to go and sit down with some. You need to study this tradition. Get your fill right. Get your get your Elements of the heart corrected. Work on these. Get the tools so then when you enter university you start to identify things for what they are. I'll give you a practical example. Just talking about this An hour ago. One of the students that kademi. Why what is the problem with. Something like evolutionary theory. You know. I have people that say like okay. You can just take the creation of adam. Ali salaam as like an exception to the rule. And then you can accept the rest of the theory. You got a problem son because the rest of the theory is filled with cooker. So no just because you say oh. I'm just going to exclude them from this equation and then i can feel good about myself as a believer. No it doesn't work this way. You need to actually do a little bit of hard homework. You need to go into the philosophical underpinnings of this theory identify when they're making some serious logical fallacies and find out why from a philosophical standpoint. What religion aside for a second philosophically is what they're saying. Justified is it materially confirmed his philosophically justified is the jump. The allah is the philosophical jumped. Valid once you do this kind of treatment which is what. Our scholars have done amagasaki. He wrote mukasa i. He did the objectives of the philosophers. That was his first text on. It was pretty thick text. He got affirmed an account and people just said. That's a philosopher. He's the philosopher philosophers. And then he wrote to happen to fit asi show which is a smaller decks where he just took twenty problems for the philosophers. He seventeen of those. You'll be a heretic and three of them. You're disbelievers if you actually believe in these things and here are the reasons for them a. Nobody could actually respond him. Even roosts response to him was. He didn't get the point. that was being made. It was actually a not a response that address the issues properly for it to be unaccepted response against of zadie so the same thing for us when you enter university. You're not just getting facts. You're going to each one of those classes whether it's science or it's in the humanities and you're being taught things that are based on metaphysical foundations they said they like to use the term secular and objective. You cannot take a you cannot exclude. It's an activist not a neutral exclusion of say islamic or catholic or jewish metaphysics. It's an active exclusion of these metaphysics and by the nature of the human being. We don't just take things without meaning everything we come across. We have to get some meaning out of it. What's the point of studying any of this stuff. What's the story that i need to accept here. So whether it's the humanities on this or in the sciences what you have are stories given to you by largely atheists give you an An example another example. How many of you would be surprised to to think that the big bang theory should just be. It's it's it's proof of the beginning of the universe that god exists when in fact that's not the case in. These stories are constructed by atheists. Who are looking to give you a counter narrative the religious narrative. So the giving you mythology. That's not to be anti-science or reject science but it is to say that you're not just getting science. You getting a story along with it. You getting some garnishing on top and that is telling you a story in exchange for the one that you believe in believer so you have to be careful. Well how do identify all this stuff. That's why you needed to take at least a year off you sit down study. I'm not telling you go off and Hamdullah nowadays. There's so many around in the states. Now you guys can come with somebody who's traditional sit down with them or online programs that you can enroll in and actually start to learn. How many of you have studied logic. rhetoric Can anybody attest to that like who is that. A subject that you actually went through like it was a mandatory subject in school where you studied logic and rhetoric philosophy and and all of the stuff language the philosophy of language. What language represents none of that. So you're basically going into a world where all of the stuff is being fed to you and you don't even have the tools to be able to respond. Imagine you going into anime ring and then you getting habib coming at you and you have no idea how to defend yourself. You're still gonna lose but you should at least have some counter-attacks you right. Now have nothing. You're literally just going in there into university and you're not able to identify anything. You can't distinguish between all of these problems and when you can't you're just gonna take on some ideas and the nature of knowledge. I highly recommend you guys read this book. The knowledge illusion the nature of knowledge. Is that it. Has this kind of creeping effect where it seeps into your own mind and then you start to think that you're coming up with conclusions. When in fact these were things that you actually picked up in university classes and then you take then you start to espouse them as if they were your own ideas and i guarantee you To sit down for five minutes. And i just probe you for five minutes with some questions. You're going to collapse because you don't know why you're saying what you're saying how you came up with that conclusion. So you gotta steady. I'll tell you that you've got to say philosophy of language. You got to study logic rhetoric. You gotta you gotta do some hard work. And then you can distinguish say like all right distinct from postmodernism. I can take it sounds good. You know there's wisdom here. I can take it. There's wisdom in the crt kind of discourse i can take that and then leave the rest of it. That's when you can do that but before doing any of that stuff you can have a hard time. Thank you have us go. I'll just gonna frau's message me and said he had a question earlier jumping john. Sorry are you got Hope you will doing the for for joining us a lot of us. Have benefited today from your work. In the past adequate question for you in regards to you know in a in a world. Do you have any advice for students who are missing a little bit of that serpent. Companionship of physically sitting in the presence of their teachers granted. Obviously there's a lot of knowledge of silver lining right online at people have been able to to spread but the actual physical element. That's a hard one I mean what are the jalapeno blue. You can lassen Tells us that he created Death and life and the interesting thing about this assorted Is alive begins with death. He created death and life to test you. Who is the best of you in actions. We took something for granted that we didn't think law for panel data for which is sober just gathering with people just being able to hang out being able to attend the class on some of us took it so much for granted that we didn't even attend. We even go there have classes domesticated and they wouldn't even when you show up to that and now wishing yearning for all of that stuff so i think it begins first of all with this is loss. Add forcing us into sort of seclusion with him. And if you have a law you really don't need anybody else and so you need to focus on your relationship with a loss of During this time and as you do so you obviously have to repent and ask forgiveness for all the shortcomings in the simple action. That regressions that we've done and then ask allows parents to alleviate this difficulty from us. This period of japan is a period of las pat allen manifesting. His name's of majesty so this quote quote unquote covert world better to just call it. This is a jalal period. Now we're all experiencing and so during this jalal. What are you supposed to the federal law flee to a loss of panel data. And while we do this you make the best of what you have and you have to be thankful for what you have. So a lot of parents tells us thankful. I will increase you. So if you're thankful for Giving us access through online sources to be able to connect with people in whatever way that we can connect be thankful for that vow to change and what was as you will increase in that in a way so that concerns to transform back into being able to connect back in person But you know this pandemics in these flakes we have the guidance of the beloved salah values sell them in the and the companions after him when they went through a blake. Awesome said if you if there's a plague somewhere you just don't go you don't attack you enter the city or you don't exit from it if you're in the city and when it happened during the time of the lower i know he didn't go into sham and nobody from sean was to come out and after a passed away. I believe it was the love nominal house. Who was the ruler. Afterwards the governor of that's area he commanded everyone to quarantine basically exit. All of us go into the mountains. Quarantine disney buyer sells until this thing passes over so until pass over. You just do what you can but you gotta remember that ultimately this is between you a law and if a lot which you into a state of seclusion you gotta adopted up. The attitude of this is now time between you and a lot before the covert situation. People were complaining about how busy they were. Oh i wish. I could do more of sedation of the called on. I wish i could do a hutton. I wish i could do to hedge could do this. I wish i could do that. Now when you're doing so much stuff at home online remotely you actually have all this blessing of time. Okay so you were complaining before about not having time a law gave you the time. What are you doing with it now. We're finding something else to complain about. Oh i wish. I could connect with people. I wish i could do that. I would say we shouldn't be complainers. We should be thankful to lawsuits ally that we have health. We have wealth have security and we have time now born acuff Said to blessings that many people are. They're they're wasteful off an it's time and health so if you have time what else like. I don't know if i had that kind of time you just so ecstatic with it and Just ask us united's reunited with our loved ones. Our friends in child law and vowed to be better excitement to be thankful enough to take it for granted next time growth. The lion had their hands up for a bit. So please go ahead and ask your question. Sorry and just like a hired a really insightful. Took and i. I definitely take from it. So you mentioned the importance of the many sightedness of knowledge. I was wondering what advice you would give us. As as university students to to what this in a manner that is structured on will actually be fruitful Just because i feel like it can be easy to fall into the Be quite directionless. In court seeking the many sides so good question for me it's i could tell you what he told me. And i'm jay jacket when i first got into neuroscience grad school I asked him. I said look all. I really wanna go city shitty ireland matana on travel on do this. And he's like look. You do this with teachers anytime anywhere. You don't need to travel anywhere. But this neuroscience thing our community needs people with high degrees in specialized fields which are only recognized as professionals and experts when they get these degrees. And there's a short amount of time so focused on the neuroscience. A lot opened the door for you to do that. So do that. Until i had a fascination with the brain i did my undergrad thesis honors thesis on it so i just continued that path handle largest kept opening doors for me in this direction that i'm going through where i have the professional kind of pursuits that have in terms of research science medicine all of that and then at the same time. I have my interest specifically in islamic studies. If you look at it as a lot of people think islamic like it's like one thing. Islam is a lot like medicine you know you go to medical school identity. You have kind of a good base knowledge and now you can be imam. You could be any moment of. That's kind kinda like the base knowledge of islamic studies. Were your arabic grammar. You do your your on you. Do your basic sciences. That allows you to be kind of guy for the community and to lead. the prayer. isn't all domestic down then after that if you want to become a scholar in a particular area you gotta choose your area like what do you want to be the wannabe So you wanna be a expert in law. Do you want to be Theologian do you wanna be somebody who just decided. Like where does your. Where do you find your calling your vocation within islamic studies. And that's what you get your consultants. If you will like in medicine you start to specialized you go into a wannabe. Cardiologists are gonna be neurologist. You don't you have the gp or the family physician and then you have the people that specialize in wanna go into a particular area so you have to identify for yourself. I had another sister asked me a couple of years back. She was doing like a lot. She was doing so many different things. Said okay like your approach. The islamic studies is assuming that i have to become a to cook overnight like i got a master all of these different things and she didn't have interest in some of them anyways like she had interest in some areas but not in other areas. Okay you need some working knowledge with the general scheme but then you need to pick and choose and go into one area And master that so in your studies right now university. You have a particular area that you're studying hope that the degree that you chose is not just because it's something that you actually would like to do something meaningful with regardless of what it is and then look at the areas of studies that would complement like you'd want to compliment. That would that. How would the two of them together for me. I'm doing science. I'm doing medicine. I'm doing all that. The area of my particular interest is to do with theology and then now going into biomedical ethics. The limits of treatment organic donations all of that deals with kinda the metaphysics area of islamic studies theology. So you find me talking more about these areas than i do about anything else. Yeah i studied I got to a pretty good area in it. But beyond that i i know enough to basically run my life. Teach just a at a local community. But i'm not going to be like a caller will can give like grandiose fatwahs at like Nation state of scales or anything like that is just. It's enough for me to run my life. Make sure that i'm not transgressing. The limits of data. And i'm not gonna fight federalism not into that. Got one o'clock theology. Wanna talk medicine. You wanna talk relationship between a salmon and science and all of that. Let's talk something for you. you're gonna go into. Let's say as an example. You're someone who studying sociology. And you want your studying kind of how a human behavior functions and how ideas are manifested and transmitted in all of that. I think an important area for you to specialize in is to do with It'll be some areas of fish. But definitely you need to have some knowledge of this era and the son of the beloved Them because that shows you how society is kind of ideally supposed to be functioning in a particular way just kind of one area to kind of focus on to understand how that functions as well as looking at studies that look at these source. The social context in which fick was developed Not with the intention. And that's where you have to check your attention. What's my intention is my intention to dismantle the religion to quote unquote deconstructed. So that i can just negate at all or is it just understand how human beings generally who are trying to remain sincere to the tradition reacted and interacted with it in a way that allows them to remain authentic to the tradition itself while also taking into account the social dynamics and the changing social context in which they live to give you an example in science. I have an interest personally in house callers. Using their contemporary scientific knowledge reacted to certain passages in the koran and how they approached it and derived conclusions based on that. Because part of that was the transcendent Deep and then part of that was temporal. This is our scientific knowledge at the time. How did they react at that time. And what they said Regarding those verses how do we have. How am i supposed to take that react to it. So hopefully that kind of gives you some idea let's read out something from the lead Given the best of knowledge Granola how do you see islam- as practice now is distinct from the dean. The process sentence Have new slam at the time to be assigned become a religious set of practice and formalized with the dogma associated with other religions in losses to saddled transformative aspects my personal assessment to a great degree that of how we approach it and evidence of that. Is you see on increasing number of muslims becoming dismissive even of some of the religious edicts and and commands case in point Hasn't had you know. He can openly freely discussed. Talk about You know marrying a hindu having children with a hindu and how he's going to manage that religious dynamic there. I mean within two generations the president of hasn't been had. You're not going to be muslims. The bottom line so why would he be able to speak in the way that he speaks about an undo that because it's a great degree unfortunately has just become an identity is just. It's just something that for us to Claim as kind of token if you will for a lot of us and we we run with it and it also gives us as a marginalized group almost kind of some currency to speak about you know and that's that's the cultural dynamic that we have today the more oppressive categories you can identify for yourself the greater and then you can have some credence. What would the people If it's really truly a transformative thing you will find more. Muslims not willing to morrison's bucking the trend basically not willing to capitulate to cultural Sociocultural transformations that are happening. And that would be out of a need to be authentic to what a loss antao expects us. The koran is filled with stories of people like shot. At least you know. His commanding people send guys. You guys are cheating in the market. You're doing all of these things. You're thinking that you're making more money but you are oppressing people in the process. This is not right. So what does What does what do they say to stripe. They say cardiac hacker Come about owner owned if widely manisha does your prayer command you would wanna does your prayer in other words. Does your religion command you to leave of what our forefathers have worshipped amana Or to do whatever we want with our wealth short. You are the forbearing one. The guided one so they're mocking him in a way and in that particular question there basically lincoln between there. The religious adherents the and allegiance as well as the social manifestation of it. And they're they're saying that the two are separate and we can just do whatever we want to their lives and your religion can be your thing at home if you're the las anti To either since debris to destroy a village and you says a but a lot there is this righteous servant in it and he lost palaces. Tyler says begin with him because alumnia Outraged who his face did not change once in the face of disobedience that is happening. That's not to say that you guys need to go out and and with you know with bitch works and say like you know. Go back to a line. That's not the case here. The point is that you have to be sure of yourself. An acknowledged that there are social forces that are trying to reshape. Your beliefs reshape your even emotional reactions to all of this stuff in a way. That is Contrary to what a loss of parents ally expects us and the point of assam is to basically come and you as an owner Nasty download on model within how nine Which will mean you are the best of nations brought forth for the people for three things that you're supposed to be doing you command for the good. You forbid evil and you believe in las panel data so we really have to reexamine all of this stuff in and and See what islam is doing for us as a people. I mean if you look at egypt took them. Three hundred years even reached over fifty percent muslims after asking to them and that didn't happen through force. It will just threw social transformation if you look at the social the social dynamic right now which is kinda scary netflix. Being able to put out something like a cuties which is as far as i'm concerned it's pandering to the Pedophile out there. There is no social commentary in that show in fact even the most intelligent people missed whatever point. The director was trying to make with that so-called movie as a social commentary. But this is kind of what's being normalized society today. The question i would have is going on with the muslims. Why are we at And why are we not leading the charge in a lot of these different counter forces that are mainly led by catholics. Which to me is like men. I wish it was led by muslims So we're very short on time. And i guess like we can do another short question if you're up for A medical sesame medusa Student of medical school and found that in making the transition university a situation with plenty of time to medical school. A situation where i'm very strapped. For time i struggled more with Religion how do you go about keeping surprising. with your life like you said and preventing seemingly natural separation of spirituality in western education these questions. I just I are you thinking. I think the question would ask for you guys. Are you thinking. Islam is like or your spirituality is is punctuated like. It's something that you do like you wake up sober. This is one Kind of part and then the and then also and then negative and then asia and because you get busy you find yourself Kind of losing out and then you might have to combine prayer. so now you're punctuation that were five becomes scree or become too on the other hand if you're walking around all day literally in remembrance of a loss of panel allah and you you enter into your clinic you go into your rotation's do that those those times when you're engaging in actual tasks if you will okay. That's that's the time when you're not necessarily doing that but even whatever it is it's you're about to start to do. You're starting with bismillah hanover. Ham you're doing solo Them as you're walking about your coming around you're doing all these things. You're always in remembrance of Outta so it's like a a whole day thing that you do And then as you. You're learning in medicine. You'll learn some things of the human body. I mean for me Seeing patients and how fast patient can deteriorate or just some of the things that they come with involving things that you never even thought about. You didn't even think to thank allah for it out of this. Impacting that person in such negative way that to me is just it's a manifestation of how contingent how dependent upon hannah. We are and so. I find myself first of all A fanny presby loss panel data. Who has safeguarded me from what he has tested you with an has preferred me over many of his creation. So you do this every time. I'm in the clinic making this drought and the second of all your praising penalty for. Wow i had no idea that literally those three little bones inside your ear could be so debilitating if there are out of whack. You know things that you need like a microscope to actually even see. So you know. I i look at these things and i just i. I find Spiritually it's even more uplifting to see these things so specially during medical school you have to be just daily just phrase of a loss Witness the manifestation of the knowledge that we attain about the human body which allows created. You're looking at a creation of Connotes atta so the way you should think about all of this is. I'm studying the creation of a lot. And i'm studying how it's all coming together and the only reason able to set what's coming together because sometimes with some patients to get tested with it's becoming out of balance so la manifest power to you through that and That's basically i don't have a. I don't have a natural separation. I think about everything in a spiritual way in the sense actually struggled. Hemmitt is as you get closer to the town. The land finishing now And you start to practice. You'll start to struggle with the way medicine is practiced in a way that materialised in a way. That ignores the spiritual that even marginalize it and so now you have this rise of the Integrative medicine the rise of lifestyle medicine the live the rise of biometric bio social bio psycho social models of medicine. That are all basically trying to address this issue. Where they're trying to reincorporate some spirituality into it in their own way about it ohio bill.

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