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Keanuary: 47 Ronin


Get a licensed via dog careers asshole asking me I. H is not teashops. Welcome back to dumb. Gigs is day. Three of Kion Ury. I'm Chris Hackett. Joined by two McMahon Dusty mcchord. I'm Adam Snyder. And that's our special guest. He's he's been waiting. I feel special. I feel real. We'll have to look at. My friends really took care of me tonight. Well we didn't have other guests. Wait a whole hour so should feel loved and cared for by how sitting on how was how was interest gaming. This kid it's good. It's one of those before many times. There's a there's a series of books of that era that that do the thing where they they WanNa make children like geniuses and be special and other worldly just women women scorecard. He is a raging. Several women Commanders. In the book. But if you've ever read what he says no no no. He's he's he's awful. I don't get me wrong about his series about he wrote a whole sci-fi series about prepubescent boys were so sexy that people's minds stop. Stop what you're talking about. Sorry you asked and I went for it but we don't have to talk anyway for the for the listeners. Don't we record? Two episodes ending never puberty and we had a lot of technical difficulties last episode so recording. We are recording. Sure because I know there's not a lot of signs over done on the time code is going up. I see it. I actually have something kind of Nerdy sci-fi wisely we could talk about a good fit for this podcast so dirty inside line episodes back we were talking about shit. I I try guys for being so nerdy and I did like a nerd voice and I was like you know when the holdover was down. That's not how would happen at all. And then you guys started to actually have an argument about the holdall maneuver. So so gay's is listening. Doesn't know what the whole maneuver is. That's from Star Wars. The last Jedi were admiral. Holo takes the ship into light speed into some other ships and we got into a discussion. About what would happen is what happened. Really what would happen and I did some research. Your body turns to Jelly. Well okay so we were talking about it. If you shout a ship at faster than light speed into another ship it would probably cause a nuclear reaction has happened smashing these atoms together. We'RE NOT EVEN WANT. We're not talking about the human bodies in the shit just talking about the ship can I? I know you're GonNa give your research one. Can I give my non research to add to the previous ones given? Okay okay. What would happen is that it seems unlikely. That many thousands of years of space travel in the the Some amount of thousands of years of of having this propulsion system whatever it is exists and no one ever thinks of having just a really small ship unmanned low light speed into other ships. That feels like that would have happened a long time ago if it would be plausible that that would occur. There's kind of a special situation in that. They didn't fire on her specifically because they were like. She's just trying to distract us from what we're trying to do. I think in Norway analogous have you tried to get. Your big ship pointed around people to do light speed in numerous. They'd be ahead of you on that one and blow ya it's it's analogous the first star wars film where they don't fire on the only escape pod because there's no life signs like what about the end of the series. Yeah all right anyway back to your thing. I just want to get my on research so the big picture. What I've found is that I think they're what they showed was actually pretty accurate. But if they continue to be accurate in the following Star Wars Movies. They will all die of cancer. I was looking up nuclear explosions in space and it turns out if you explode nuclear weapons and space which we have done. Yeah why not what you get. You don't get the big blasts and all that because a lot of that is created from the force of the atmosphere around being blown apart and all this friction of different things right but you still what you get is you get a bright flash of light which you've got in that movie where it explode. So let's say you had an atom and you you had an atom bomb exploded over an asteroid outer space. What would happen is that let me see so? This is going putting the mirror of Morgan Freeman. Who was a survivor? Last week's episode it would send out a bunch of gamma rays next raise so neutrons neutrinos electrons and positron and the gamma rays rapidly. Heat any near nearby body causing its surface material to a blade forming a teller. Olam type ablation rocket pushing on the main body so basically if explosion happened because they hit the the force field on the outside of the ship then the explosion would create it would it would destroy the surface layer that ship and break the ship in the pieces right and I wanNA point out. The TIP has had sex before and there would be a flash of light which we saw the movie and a massive amount of radiation that would actually go further than a normal nuclear bomb in an atmosphere and be more concentrated and would take longer to dissipate. So every single rebel and SORTA person is definitely going to have leukemia going. 'cause I'm sure they're going to be scientifically accurate on this. I want to watch this. I tried to follow but I think I thought I heard gamma rays and now. I'm just assuming that everyone is the hulk. Everyone has hoped likability certain accurate turned. Yeah okay so that's all about. That seem pretty accurate to me. As long as they all get horrible cancer in follow movies. Yeah I hope they do. I didn't see the new and do they get cancer. Yup The movie is cancer. Everyone movies cancer. I mean definitely. Everyone got cancer. I think everyone the leftovers movie. That came out actually was cancer. Yeah I just said that joke a second ago. Yeah yeah but I liked it better when I said you gotta use is. It's just the thing so as you know. I've been searching for sponsors. I didn't know that. Yeah I've been I've been looking for him and I haven't really found any but I think that in order to get some sponsors. We should probably just practice reading some commercials so that we can find. Some sponsors played the small bell. A little heads up again. So that's That's supposed to be the narrator but I didn't write down so I'm the clerk. You're the cleric so go ahead and kick us off tip. This is a commercial. If you are a postage company listening to this podcast is listening to this commercial and listen to how good this is it possible to know the rules. Everyone is I or highlighted. It's highlighted. Oh what's my motivation. Is your motivation. The clerk Oh you just don't want you don't want to The packages are too big. So this is for a postage company Kick US off tip a small bell which I just want you to imagine his bell if it was sitting on the Dick look like like flea on it if those teams as the door to the post office swings open. I'd I'd like to mail package that that's pretty big. I'm not sure will we can take it I. I don't think the it'll fit in our boxes. But's it's urgence my stepsisters expecting it to come. She needs this thick baggage immediately. I'm sorry sir. We cannot accept such a girthy envelope. There's no way we can take it. We can take take it all the way. It's just too rough of a ride. Are you tired of so called? 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She's so my so at some point my mother I guess heard. She thinks she heard my wife. Say That Sh- we like Hawaiian coffee. So she went onto Amazon and bought three random things of wine coffee. It's it's MOCHA. Coconut Karma crunch and white Russian. So those are three options checked if you search on Amazon for Hawaiian coffee and then sort by price. It's the I think. Wow Wow that sounds right. There's garlic I three let me tell you. Yeah Yeah so the one nice thing is they make it really clear on the way Russian brand not alcoholic also the COLUSA. So only sort of correctly marked. I actually didn't do a good job. Just GonNa say there is nothing more than away. Rush Yours Great. What about a Mocha they say other package? I can't remember it. Says something like one hundred percent authentic coffee and ten percent? Hawaiian copy? Coffee is what they call a pig droppings. Okay yeah so I did. I didn't really read the packaging on how to correctly proportion the beans so I'm sure that I really gave this fighting chance in terms of you guys. Enjoying it has blacks flavored. It's not really black. Those two labors. These are the two playmate aren't all beans laser to flavor. So so we can share. And you go. That's why we're going to try and identify the develop. I will then I'm going to have to do that. Won The two different. What are we doing this math? So I just want you to taste that and try to guess what Labor White Russian or. It's though alert. It'd be the thermal car MOCHA business. Coconut Carmo Carmo crunchy and is the other flavor. That's Kalou. I think I'm GonNa say this one's Caramel. When are we going to find out which Alitalia I'll say? Try this one. Oh God fucking garbage. This is why Russian I think the one that I just had the aftertaste. Boca Raton MOCHA coconut. Cruncher white rush. You're right it's the coconut coconut kernel crunch and White. Russian on this. I I think the coconut caramel crunch. So we've established the coconut caramel crunch. We definitely know that one. That one's pretty store. What do you think what do you think this one is why Russian? I think it'll be interesting to you. Guys Right Win win the thing you you actually tip you you win the rest of the coffee so because I feel like you're the winner so you get to have all three coffin. She needs some beans. Yeah you do have instant coffee weird I mean I think you can really enjoy this coffee. Have you ever heard of coffee? Animas? 'cause I'm about to. Yeah I've heard of it. I don't yeah I wouldn't either boil it before you want to get it and I think you want to get it room temp. You don't want to want to hear case but you need to use the raw beans. You don't make an actual coffee out of actually. No we are. These are all my ground release. That sounds plausible. And I didn't do it because I suspected that might be palatable. Yeah I don't want that. Shit is yeah I wanted. I wanted everyone to experience the joy of I'm a little sleep if you just pour them altogether. I'd had the rest of it. I know you would before we go into our game today. We did get another voice man who I just want to play it for our listeners. Because we promised to play every voicemail we get This comes from Reverend Reverend von Furious on twitter. Hey I is. This is dumb. Hi this is reverend on serious Which is like to let you listen to your podcast. For a long time and it was the first time caller. But I really like it when you guys are talking about the movies and stuff movies and it's pretty cool. I really like it though. And you spend more time talking about anonymity. I really think it's an art form. That's not appreciated in fullest extent and folks tend to just see it for what appears to be on its face value which can create some uncomfortable nurse for some folks participants look beyond and see where art aside medium and. I believe that more people would understand that it's a lot more than just tentacles and too short starts You know please. Just give it a try. Guys usually dedicate more episodes talking about especially the ones that have like really could look and cartoons. Yes those reverend by. I think he's right. I think we should do a review of logo. Finally all right. I'm not gonNA say downloaded it. We'll bring atom on for that and if you listen closely during the call you can hear that. Our guest was doodling on his wife. Bad I just have to say that I don't. I don't have a ton of time to watch movies and so a lot of the movies I watch actually on the bus going places and I don't think I could review La Blue Girl S. versus pork. Okay Great Yeah Anyway. Moving on that guy on the bus you thought we were going to be reviewing forty seven Ronin but we actually have a game before we get there a returning character if you will. Oh boy. I really listened to that episode. I still understand this game and I'll get it well. Chris decided to prompt this without any warning. So I don't have anything you don't fight. Yeah the bit to do this earlier. what should we do the move you I know? Well do we have any. She's giving me a that. We want to whole any any Sifi any tech topics. Yeah welcome to the one percents. We're coming back this week for a mini so not already prepared this time. I've also much drunk so as it turns out last week. Chris got twelve points which would have made him the winner but he failed the final test of the one percent which is thinking like a millionaire and he didn't even question what I said that I was the winner. So we're GONNA come back this week with a few more topics on the same topic of the Nouveau Riche. That means is our contestants will be deciding whether what they hear was generated by an Ai. By a real billionaire me. Maximilian Chameleon Air I returning guests Hackett who forfeited one hundred million dollars. How do you feel about losing one hundred million dollars pretty bad? I could use that right now. All right and our second returning guests Dustin for my greetings. How do you feel about coming in last place? I mean I don't understand any of it so it's hard to feel. It is hard to feel. You finally starting to think like a billionaire and we have a new guest this week Sir. Adam. I did not ask a question yet. Hold your horses we have. This game is confused. What is your favorite thing about me your money where am I supposed to signing for Sally? You're just the most attractive man in the world any no. That gay marriage is legal. Now Yeah Well. It's true and your great great hair. That is clearly not come over now. I think you're so hot. I like your Tan macomer round super great. I've got six foot long right sideburns wrapping around my head. I think I've seen pictures you from five years ago. I think six hundred pounds is better looking than five Person Cup hockey game in my native Kanada. Very few people look that good with that much weight on them. Yeah you you are there. My friend thank you. Let me know if you want to give me a text on your gold. Golden phone so as the failed winner of the previous episode. Our first contestant will be Chris Hackett. That's me let's see if he can hack it all right. Y'All categories will be surreal estate the inner circle. Cuisine quips and potent potables potent potables. They usually have a bottle of COGNAC. In the fridge. Real purpose of that. Oh hanff are you taking down? These scores has don't need the Air Smith. I am taking down the scores. Chris currently has zero and so does everybody else. I asked much simpler question than that. I Apologize Simplify. My op dusty. Here we go. Same CATEGORIES SURREAL ESTATE. The inner circle cuisine quips or potent potables. That's go with surreal estate for five. Every time I come over the tell me the same story about outbidding John. Stamos the house. Hey I incorrect a I don't get it all right you are off to the same start is the last Game Adam. Yes you're categories are so real estate. The inner circle cuisine quips and potent potables. Cuisine quips cuisine quips. They think it's okay to eat butter on toast. That was correct Dan. I love get you get it i. I don't know anything about the talking. There's lots of different. There's not just the. It was crafted from the hope. Diamond of kick Chris yes. Elect between surreal estate. The inner circle cuisine quips potent potables sauces. I'm trying to be billionaire. I'll go with the inner circle. They have their own. Ak47 and every member of the family is with them at all times. A nice person with that so well done okay ham for it. Can we get an update on the scores. Chris has one he's tied with Adam for one and just see as usual is in the rear. I well you know what they say about me. I'm Dick I know. All right does consist surrealist the inner circle cuisine quip so potent potables is that me dusty. Potent potables potent potables. They're constantly drunk. That's the statement. I mean the Games not that hard I just. I don't I guess there's literally one room can I? Can I get a hint? Could I phone hear? The category potent border was was the statement again. They're constantly drunk. Your five seconds by four a point. Alright Adam same. Category Surreal estate the inner circle cuisine. Quick or potent. I'm GONNA stick with cuisine. It's working for me. Actually sorry I just noticed. Potent potables is actually closed. Now again there's another category. You can choose from yacht enough for you. I'M GONNA go with cuisine. They're sucking down cucumbers. That was that was a person correct. Wanted billionaire you do not eat any vegetables. Red Meat Okay. All Right Chris your options surreal estate. The inner circle cuisine quips and yet enough for you and I should mention this. This is a mini sewed. These are the final four categories yacht. Enough for you enough for you. They watch game of thrones and they have three dragons on the yacht real person or who had just tell them you know what the call somebody with call a Mil- millionaire okay. Does Yati Yati because the billionaire has a mega does your real estate. The inner circle cuisine quips yacht. Enough for you enough for you. Okay I know yachts Kinda guy if I was a billionaire and have they own eighteen yachts and if they travel it's about five percent of the year. Can you give me some context? No again the the correct Can we get an update on that score? Somehow Matsuda season lead with two and Chris Adamant tied in the Ria. Do I must have the largest Dick at the yacht club. Adam cuisine. I guess I will not read. The options cuisine quips the condiments in their cabinet. Say snowflake fruit that says everybody. Everybody does billionaires. Don't use condoms you. I got that point market. Whatever your name was for him Fred do it Chris. Real estate the inner circle cuisine quips or yacht. Enough for you surrealist The houses six blocks long six blocks wide and six blocks tall and someone else owns it. Six six six. You'd and I think even a newborn each person would be too dumb to have someone else on the house. I said that incorrectly. But you're okay dusty moving on yet so real estate. The inner circle cuisine quips or yards goes inner circle the inner circle All their kids are identical twins. I correct ooh does is really pulling ahead. Called a comeback bid here forever. Okay no rap allowed on the one percents. Adam him cuisine he loves the they have twelve types of and they won't shut up about it. That's person that's correct KRISTOFA. Surreal estate the inner circle. Cuisine quips or yet enough to Yana for. I want any do this time. You got a girl. Yeah thank you you got it. There yacht is a double digit number of feet long. Oh yeah come on to. That person said learnt person Maximilian community. There said that all yachts double triple easily or even quadruple. Yeah they'd be long. He's making fun of long. Alright dusty so real estate. The inner circle cuisine quips or yacht enough for you to nap for me. They just replace the engine on their six million dollars yacht. That's correct. You just buy another yacht correct. That causes out before you cuisine. I think that Adam may want cuisine. Full name cuisine quips. I'm good I'm good. Don't worry about me dusty. Just tripped over his own. Dick again knocked my stand. They put a salad fork out with the pet day person correct. Let's get an update. We shouldn't have Dustin Adam tied for first and crosses is quite behind. Oh my awkward turns out. The end of the last game was a real harbinger of his future. Chances it does seem that way master Chris. Yep THREE OPTIONS SURREAL ESTATE. The inner circle OR CUISINE QUIPS SURREAL ESTATE. So you're GonNa let Adam completely dominate cuisine. Category was increased too much fruit or not enough fruit or the wrong kinds of fruit incorrect fi. Like you ask that question. Last time there was a very similar one last time it was a I I it learned from me. It's learning weighed this one was you yes and you learn from head no because my answers into the eye and generate an answer from that. This game is hard going on for a while. It is nearly complete skit dusty. Yeah real estate. The inner circle cuisine Real estate real estate all right. We're closing this category out. The House was featured in a magazine and they have it framed on the wall person. Pressures Dusty is really at this time it's like flipping a coin. It is a circle or cuisine quips cuisine quits place on closing. It out store bought bread. Ai Item Flassbeck chains does win. We've closed out. Cuisine quips pulling ahead with meaning. Chris your innocent will be in the inner circle in the final clue. In the inner circle million we are approaching the final percent final transcend. They send you the picture of their four year old daughter and address before killing her real rich person. What going into the final percents hampered? Tell me on totals does. He has in the lead. He's in the lead with five Adam pulling up second with four in. Chris seems to be an lonely last place with one point. Okay so the final percent is a category where you will each be tasked with trying to write like on billionaire we have a category culture clash. Now in this category there will be an entry from me. Maximilian Chameleon now they'll be an entry from the guy and then each of you will write an entry. You'll have sixty seconds to write your entry and you'll lead then here all the entries and have to vote upon which one was said by me. Maximilian millionaire if you received the most votes you will get ten points. If you vote correctly you were received five points. The category is culture clash begin go scribbling demarcus dusty appears to actually have ink. This time so no excuses. Music is very dramatic. Isn't it Chris? Overconfidently hands is board in early. Dusty is trying to write on his board with his giant penis. Adam is also ended early. Ooh It looks like all three contestants income in early but I want to hear the music end if I misspelled someone. Just pretend like I didn't give it away until I often. Luckily that problem today. What because he was an hour late. Oh okay all right so you guys close your eyes. You can't see which was looking okay. Every time I heard that case I will be reading out each entry. You're looking at me you cock. Oh sorry do they have an original banksie. So what am I doing guessing between you're listening? Sorry trying to guess which one was. It was an right. I what is me Maximilian? Chameleon they're not whoever this tips. Okay so they have an original banksie. He seemed beautiful but he looked like all the models. Happy dumb kids ride bikes for Jesus. No he lives at the duck without a yet and they have a melon on a stick tattoo. Alright Christopher he seemed beautiful but look like all the other models. That's your vote okay. I don't remember any The the one there was a yacht one wasn't there. What was the one of the answers? I'll take the first one you read. What was the first one? Can you read the first one? Okay you voted for no. He lives at the dock without the yacht with that. All right dusty. You think a millionaire so that I don't know billionaire millionaire billionaire. Remember any of them. The first one was the first one you have to say one of them. I'm not GonNa just give you the first one fleeting. I don't even remember the cheeses kids vice cloud no points for dusty or any of you voted for myself. I got a point for that. No you get a point for you get five points for voting correctly you idiot there but then you get points. This is what happened last time. Yeah but nobody else voted for you. You guys e-voting frame so okay did the Jesus one so this is just like democracy and my vote doesn't count pretty sure. Does he voted for the Jesus? One he said the Jesus incorrect so he still gets no point over. That's my vote so he gets points. Well what the Jesus on Bikes one votes for you. If you get the most points you get if you get the most votes you get ten points. Yeah if you've Oh correctly get get any point. Zillionaires the correct answer. Was they have an original bank? See believe dusty in the lead. Give me the point. Have my paper five seconds before Tristan last one okay and dusty is the win you get one hundred thousand dollars because this is a mini snowed? I'll take it. That's another episode of the one percents. We have a member of the hundred thousand air club with Dustin Card. This big donkey did will not be bothering me at the yacht club quite yet would if you invest. Well he may all right. I won't I believe it's we'll catch you next week or next month or next year or never thanks again. This is the one percent okay. Well let's cut to commercial real quick and then we'll come back and talk about what this episode is supposed to be about. Hey everybody Chris here the dumb Geeks did you know that we have a phone number and an email address. You can call text or email us your ideas. Maybe there's something you want to say something you want us to do. Hit US up at nine. Seven one eight zero one eight five zero two or email us at the dumb geeks at g mail DOT COM. If you leave us a voicemail. We'll play it on the show and if you're a French listener. Oh boy do we want to hear from you. That's nine seven one. Eight zero eight five zero two or those dumb geeks at Djamil Dot com now back to John. Ury Our back day three. You might not believe it because he just listen to the first half of the week three. Yeah we're doing this Story Episode Twenty First Candle. Today we did. Yeah and it is smoky in this room. Really see my penis and so tall. We can all clearly very visible what he means. You can barely see the end of his. Yeah anyway the forty seven Ronin in All right let's kick it off. So what do we? What do we feel? What's general feelings on forty seven Ronin? Where DO WE WANT TO DO A synopsis? Adams did not say that. I wanted to do the snaps. You're going to a K. So give us a synapse. It's seventeen hundred seventeen one seventeen o one Although ends in seventeen o two Kiana was born as a running running away from something you don't know in the beginning and he's a kind of taken in by this local. Lord in say half breed is just like share song and He grows up in Samurai culture figured him by Lord a Sauna and He grows up learning. Samurai ways No one really knows what his backstory as nor does he really seem to recall it or does eventually but then he He grows up and he. It is showing that he has as an asset to this clan to this family because he can sense and hunt down monsters plagued the region so he is used for that and the one of the very first early scenes is him defeating a monster in that credit goes to somebody else to the son of the main guys are the Lord of that area. I'M NOT GONNA use Japanese word because I wanNA miss mispronounce anything but And then from there. He by what happens next guys. Who's I forget it? So basically what happens is that there is a rival. Lord Lord Kira who wants the land of Echo right-hand he enlists a witch in order to create a scenario in which Just want to point out every time. Chris says one of these names. He's looking at a piece of paper. Because I had to write this down clump. Wear the good guy. He basically is is clump character like yeah anyway. Lord cure creates a scenario using the witch to frame. The good guy who ends up being murdered by the SHOGUN'S. He commits suicide ceremony during a ceremony with the king so basically yeah the the the the big head guy that runs all these lords is overseeing some games some tournament games that have periodically yes shogun or whatever. Anza. Yeah you're right. The the local Lord is be bewitched didn't attacking the cure character. Which is sacrosanct. You cannot attend. This is actually like this point because I'm a big too key. She Mickey found and Takeshi make his thirteen. Samurai is a scene plot point but done better. Yeah and it's attacking a guest in your house is the worst thing you could do right. And so the shogun allows him to commit Seppuku in order to restore honor to his family and then a show gun decides that in order to create peace between everybody that he'll Lord Kira takeover Lord Whatever his name is land macos land and marry his daughter who in the daughter's in love with Keno but Keno get celled off as a slave and then she gets thrown into a pit for a year the local Sam that Lord are declared Ronin because they do not honor their Lord in the proper way and so they all make plot to kill kill Lord Kira yet. Yeah and they don't own. A Ronin is basically Samurai without a master. Yes right and if you don't know what forty. Seven Ronin is basically forty seven times worse than the movie Ronin. Yeah that's that's that's accurate. I didn't I liked this movie. Lot more than chain-reaction a lot more beautiful. I have is beautiful agree. I like this. I think this shots were beautiful. I thought the camera was great. I thought everything but the pacing was bad and I know one is pretty slow because the The director what's his name. Name Call Rinse had. He had the guy who directed this movie had no experience whatsoever. There's no reason for them to put them at the helm of this movie. Which is one hundred and seventy million dollar movie? Oh no experience. They removed him in editorial in the studio person and then did re-shoots on Kiono to feature him more so I was saying. Kiato seventy like eight times. Kiana Keanu Canyon. It's important to note. I have a couple of gender rich. I'll I'll check these whenever they seem appropriate. But it's important to note that this movie was first attempt for Reeves to helm or at least be a very starring lead and his move sense ten years previous when he started the last matrix movie really. Oh this is him in the phase of his life where he's in constant team came out after the Matrix. Yeah but after this movie. It came out after the breeze. There's no way there's twenty thirteen. Yeah this pretty. Recent Constantine came out in two thousand and the point of that is this is definitely breathes in his. I'm rich for life now and I just WANNA do cool movies face in my opinion but maybe have the dates wrong. Sorry but pretty sure my crystal Jack. Constantine the Shitty Song about it. That's okay I don't mind a good song. What's the last Matrix movie called Matrix? Revolutions that come out because. I think that might have been two thousand five as well now. Those two thousand three. Yeah there's Matrix. Revolutions then concentrated okay. Sargus But either way this is this is grown up doing cool products. Sonko. Yeah he's already got a ton of money and being a beautiful movie and actually what struck me about? It was that like it felt like every shot had a thousand people in Red Samurai armor and the Cherry blossoms. Yeah and I was so underwhelmed by at five minutes in because it just felt like the same motif over and over again and over and over and over again at super slow motion speeds Washington saying it was slow motion. I'm saying the movie itself was slow. Motion Yeah I think one and a half time speed and still some of the stuff was too slow from it because I think the problem was in the editing is that I thought the movie was cool when I thought editing was Coen pyro second. Have you guys enjoyed Kung Fu movies in the past absolutely love concert and in fact? I love Chinese fantasy action movies that they've gone on Netflix. And they're all super over the top and fund. This one would really really hated. I know this one was Japanese American film. I'm just saying I I do enjoy Asian fantasy action. Movies is what I'm trying to get across. What the problem with this one for me. A lot of it was there were very few actual characters in the movie. Almost everyone was so solemn and slow spoken and then Kiana was twice as much as anybody else who's practically get fucking corpse right so You know who else course movie you know so much more in this world. Who else hated this? This Japanese this Kung Fu action movie donald trump Japan fucking because the rest of the world get made a lot of money. This is based on a real story. I have another important to note. It's important to note that the historical events Friday. This is based on Don't Volvo which became extremely no demon stuff no which it became extremely popular in the early nineteen hundreds in Japan because there was a lot of undergoing an extreme modernization efforts. Their leaders at that time were minor as the country. And there's a lot of cultural hand wringing around. Losing Heritage Honor Pride so stories like the forty seven Ronin which are about honoring. Your Lord became extremely popular in the culture because they're trying to hold onto this sort of traditional heritage kind of thinking so what some of the meat that could have been in this movie in terms of like appeal to broader ideas sensibilities. But they had none of that in there. There was no. There is no guys in the original story. There's no which they had stucked. If this had not been connery's movie and it just been a based on the original I would love. It would have been so much fun. It's also important with during period that this is based in Samra class. Class moves slowly out of being the main people of warfare and into just sort of a bureaucratic class. They're losing a lot of their militaristic kind of means and that's really important or could have an important the movie if they leverage that at all which was leverage in in another move we can get into later but But the Last Samurai. Yes because of the proliferation of gunpowder weapons and the resulting impracticality of honor based one on one type of combat but Mirrors like in Europe in the late Middle Ages when nobles didn't really fight wars anymore although that's the whole point of nobles as they protect the land and they find the wars because they're the only ones that can afford the weapons when all that stuff became more streamlined than Monterrey's than it was the communist fighting. It also happened in Rome with the Marian reforms when you didn't need rich people that had landed on were to buy weapons and stuff so this is a common trope inhumanity and it has deep roots in almost every culture every culture and again. None of that. Shit was in the movie based on this area. Talk or hints at any of these concepts about this commune experience. This did definitely feel like the greatest hits of like a cool scenes from Kung Fu movie. Yeah except for win. I thought it was funny because when they went to the Dutch island the Dutch slavers basis like a pirate island. And I was like this looks like goonies and then we go to fighting the guy from the goonies and sort of I get what you're saying there same face. I like the art. Styling of the movie in The star. Yeah I shifted. Yeah I told him. Oh it's just way too fucking this whole moved to Huntsville. Movies are slow. Felt like they were matching pace of a classic Kung Fu movie yet. Maybe they didn't they. They did a little bit of honor but like man comfortable movies. Honor Shis might be pedantic or whatever notes are if it is. We might have to could be wrong just like the Constantine thing but I believe Kung Fu a Chinese disciplined and Japanese Samurai Culture has nothing to do with status Chris the point. I'm just saying that. Like martial arts this is basically a Kung Fu movie who it I just want to say this is dumb geeks which say fuck you you racist asshole. Jon Jang Reference Akira Kurosawa or they're trying to reference some of the Classic Samurai movies. That are. They're still very slow pace. But it's all about honor and it's all about like what's that stuff we were talking about the cultural independence that are motivating on these actions. We don't have anything in that in this movie. That kind of speaks to that and it's also like when we were talking about on Johnny Mnemonic. That was another movie that was very slowly but it didn't earn it. I love a slow paced movie but it needs to have something that you're drinking in right and you can't be drinking in the Samurai character saying their lines at halfway there. And they're all forgettable they're all forgettable. There's not a summer. There's forty seven of the fat guy. He has a motion kind of you had the one glaring state scene where you want to tell you. I made a joke and it was like the shit about that one. The only line I care about that guys when he tried to cut the tree and he said my swords broken seamus forgettable. Those the part where he was bathing in the river and he sees Keanu show up. Super Bowl is interesting. In that part was that he was freaking out. And what happened to see you? And so we're like all the other guys with him but can't to the guy where they were just like. Yeah you don't care that everyone is happy or the actual really sucks. They've just been going through the woods forever. We're not excited to see our France. The the main dude OSHII. Yeah the main summer oshii the his arc is so weird because we have him and actually go back to the historical thing. There's actually I was reading the Kapadia so I have no idea. But there's some sort of debate on the forty seven Ronin that oh. She should have attack to avenge his master. Waiting here was actually dishonorable Blah Blah Blah. There was a famous Samurai who came in the later period like a century later. Whatever his his master Lord died and he was going to kill himself per usual but he knew his master's in like they've that practice. Which is what you're supposed to do them right instead. He went and then went to be isolated monk and he wrote this book of criticisms about how to be in this on our honor societies class society and he wrote a schism that they should have attacked right away. It wasn't about shouldn't have been thinking about how to be successful but just going through the honorable action of dying while they revenge their master's life you know so anyway I mean they bring that up a little bit in happened they do. Yeah kind of but he gets there like break as will throw him into the pit they throw him in the head thing and I didn't understand pulling them out of the pit. I do have a note here at the point where they were. They were like throw in the pit. I was watching the movie at one hundred and fifty percent speed. I didn't watch the whole movie that speed but that part was really hilarious. Feed bounces off the wall really fast and then it must have left so it must have been even funnier when no time passed at all L. Let you as one year later. And he's out. This is a backup a year had passed. He did not being too hard. It's important to note. We're only bring these things like well. They're the expert of the things that could have written the story that were source material. Which is what really happened was I think he was in a pit for awhile and got out but because the shogunate seems important for him to be in the pit but but what really happened is much more dramatic. He became a pretend drunkard and went to horses and stuff to in pretending to have the live this lifestyle while see really organizing these forty seven Ronin touch on that with the one guy that gets tricked by the witch. I guess but like the exchange point like becoming dissolute visibly divorcing his wife which is in the film but but recommending context about why. He's doing that. Show this wonderful man pretend to fall apart even maybe think let me think he is falling apart a second before you revealed to me that he's actually faking it. That's like just could have been entertaining scene in the movie. I kept thinking of things that are like oh I know where they're going and this is going to be cool and then they never win those directions away. A really lamed ambush scene was so lame we go up and it's like fake Lord Kira it turns out to be the witch and then it just happens over drawn drunk. It looks like everyone died and then like no one died. No well that was that was. The Guy was gifted the sword. Well the where everyone dies in the room when the things are goes materials that was. That was a test that was a fantasy fires. Yeah it's like when dude gifted the sword because she doesn't think he he should have the sword anymore he's like I got a better one and they'll just die immediately and then she goes to cure and she's like I got him. Check it out. I got the sort rents like. How did anybody to this conclusion? This is so confusing. There's comparing confusing. But if we if we go what he was talking about which is where they go into the place and there's all the weird face guys with the yellow robes. Don't pull your ten tenge yet. That is where Kiana was so it was awesome shit that I want the movie about examples effects I. Those effects of the tango were garbage. I like the effects. I was willing to put up with it. Yeah I took like a grain of salt. Here's what I wanted the movie to be. I want to do and all these guys to be marching through a bunch of magical forests. Yeah keep coming up against a bunch of weird tests they have to go against Yep and also fight a bunch of big cool Mosley No. It's it's sort of like it's a little bit of a hell boy concepts where like he. He's specialist character. That's cash comes from that world but he writes for the humans. And Yeah they never they kept trying to lean back into this historic incongruous that they were. GonNa Merge these things together and I felt like it was like a raveling into something interesting especially like we went to the pirate land and then we were going into this crazy bamboo forest demons and I was like. Oh this is going to get crazy. Like they're gonNA fly. In ships and Shit creators were Heritage Hills Lord of the rings and just goes right back to being like a classic the classic into believing in the climax of the movie when the attacks that monster the end. He does the yellow robe the attack. It's like when he was raised by the demon and the rest of the way he told them he said he would never use it. Yeah okay well anyways. That was like the lamest way to end that fight because he's just like twirl for half a second and then it was over. Yeah he stabbed him in the head and it's going to chat with the head earlier. I looked Elliott the runs of the movie and they're still twenty minutes lands and I was like okay so this is like a false climax and some other stuff is going to happen but no then they just ramble for ten minute questions like the Lord of the Rings Quick Question Chris. Are we recording? I it's important to note that another historical reference but this whole popularity of the story. I'm going to touch on failed so bad in Japan because you brought that up but like I wasn't that great of a movie but also it was a circle. They want it the way I read. I was reading an article and could have been wrong. I'll look for what you read. But like the lead the under the cultural underpinnings that drove this resentment that out that warrior elite class. That again was now the bureaucracy running the country. There's Samurais that are bureaucrats now in the nineteen twenties because that's the change. I'm talking about when they rapidly. Industrialized and that same change led to this resentment culture this warrior culture of basically You know people disenfranchised from what they believed that are imagined historical amazing roots. It's a little bit like I'm sorry. I was brought like in Roman Times There were people were always writing. About how every generation before them was better than they were famous with cater the elder that was bemoan his his senatorial class. And that they're all weaklings. Forced Romans helped force Rome until like another pretty much unnecessary war with Carthage. But that's a side note the wayside. Sorry sorry something that happened in Japan in the nineteen early nineteen hundreds and what happens after the nineteen thirties. Is that resentment again amongst the leadership class led to this expansion movement which is where we get to World War Two so just reading more context of this like by the time. This movie came out. those kinds of stories had lost in this. I was reading had lost. Some of their cultural. He'll because there were about really what is currently do not like the best period of time in Japanese history which is like the the start of the war of the expansion the eventual collapse. I know Roy is in. The previous generation is not popular instead now. Okay boomer yeah. Yeah Yeah Yeah. It does feel like the movie's tone down. I mean I just missing a lot of lionising. The previous generation is popular amongst different group of people. And they're talking about how they're the best. They don't even talk about the so-called greatest now the things they want to go back to the nineteen fifties which was the generation. That was raising them at that time they want to go back to being sixteen and getting a Lotta Pussy. We'll have the same haircut they had when they were sixteen point. This movie should've been magical stuck in the medical world. Your point is well temperature just stayed magical and stingy. Don't call forty seven Ronin call or if you're GONNA call that touch all his historical cultural real things that are part. That story that are that are about like these huge epic things that could have been knitted in this story. Three monsters that were in the movie I would not have been the whole time being where the monster which which of that brings you the point. The guy the giants started the movie with a monster. I know it was response on it. It's like when I started out. It was like cool monster heart cool. It's like shadow of the Colossus. Yes that have been so much fun if they just followed through with that but the member curious hero that fights against the in the battle after the one dude succumbs to which witchcraft from this. Isn't I don't remember that because I wrote down? I don't care about anybody or have any idea where this movie is going up the mountain so the mountain did. Did you guys pick up the fact that he has just an enchanted piece of armor? Now yeah they give it away. I kept waiting for the revealing of the big guy that he he. He had like a sword twice as long as they came out and gave them swords. Why didn't they give them both the same sort of it's a tournament? Why do the witchcraft on the guy? If this dude just going to slaughter people aren't like it doesn't make any sense. He's an I pretty sure. He's just an enchanted pizza goal. Because when you see his death scene because I kept waiting for the reveal. A coup weird it blows up the armor and there's nothing inside full metal health which is what they go reverend bravado furious man but I would have been good if it was just like a weird corpse. Yeah it would be good if it was anything was anything good is when they got him down then like a monster came out of the fucking awesome. Were they open it up? And there's nothing there and kills the dude that finds it. I wanted to talk to him and takes him over. Makes him into a monster wasn't good about a movie I really like the all and the DAD's hair the Lord guy that it has died in the early. He's a decree job. If you're listening right now we to go. I think it was like for the Saturn Award. You know what I thought was Kinda Weird. Was that a win. The forty seven ronin commits Seppuku. At the end none of them have seconds forty-six because forty six. Yeah but that's the really important part about having is committing. Seppuku is that you have a second to cut has a second. But that's that's traditional Japanese stuff at least a reading the book Shotgun which is supposedly well researched. I don't know Great Book everybody. Read it. But you're supposed to have a second and I don't know why they didn't have that now seems I thought it was weird wait. He's he's really quickly telling you know that was it. I just like Oh okay. I thought it was weird that they were like down to do the mass suicide thing. I don't know it just felt like they're like hey You set us all up to do a bad thing and that really happened. That really happened. It was forty seven Ronin. They waited for a year. That killed the guy who killed their master and then they all committed Seppuku because it was to restore honor to themselves and their master. If it really had no look it up it really happened. Well I'm saying to happen. He's having a story. Might you know like all the stories that we learned about what happened in the seventeen hundreds all all all real so there's a lot there is a little bit of a debate on that what. I read viable disparate sources. That you're gonNA find anything that said that it was false when I was reading and I was like. Is this just like a fairy tale and it couldn't find it you know. I couldn't find anything that said. Humpty dumpty was falling there is I loved the movie remember when Kennedy got find out they found out. Oh no he was trying to save are honored by pretending to be a Samurai and fighting armor which was ter which so then they beat him with. Cain's Yeah I really love when the fat guy was like no everybody stopped beating him and then he went down to Kennedy said. I'm sorry and then he hit it again and he was the guy to throwing rocks at him when he was a kid. Yeah that doesn't make any sense that seem to make any so the fact that Pretend to be in. The armored didn't make any sense. I didn't really get that get found out and it's going to bring down shame and then the fact that Taylor anyway. Hey someone's bewitching her guy this is kind of against the rules. Yeah that will. He tried he tried to warn. Oshii issue is like the only people that they can t see witches or demons Maybe just saw real Foxy Lady. Have you heard about the sequel to this movie? She's eleven coup as bad. I did right. That's an. Oh she's eight saw femur. Yeah the cinematic that I wanted to just agree with you that there were some beautiful moments in the film for sure. The him fighting the dragon was a cool. Seen the Dragon. Wis Have you guys read? James Cavill Shogun. Now you should all read James Shogun. It's amazing facts is going to be doing the miniseries soon. It's bloody gory fucking awesome. Watch the miniseries nineteen seventies miniseries because left out all the blood and Gore and they just like added a romancing. It doesn't make any sense but that that book is what this movie should have been in. This movie just skipped around blood all the time. It was like Seppuku. The Go stabbed themselves and we pan up and then we can cut to reaction of pure eighteen. That's a really good question. Maybe that's what I believe it was. Pg thirteen came off. It was like from a distance and I it was trying to be. This movie actually reminded me of a movie. That's in theaters right. Now that I just watched a Gretel and Hansel. Have you seen this? Now it's a it's a horror movie reimagining of Hansel and Gretel and very similarly. The movie starts out with with Gretel in Hansel and they're going through this magical force and they keep coming across these cool monsters that they have to get away figure things out right and I'm watching them like Oh. This movie is going to be Awesome. But then they just go do boring stuff instead and I just want them to fight monsters in the woods. How how are missing this? How are people missing? The fighting monsters in the woods is fucking also solving weird monster puzzle. Isn't that with all the winter's Yeah Yeah W. is the witcher. I watched half of the first episode. I get the the a side note but like the Witcher I get it wins and Fan. Service wins the dialogues. Not that bad but God damn the camera work makes me fucking angry. Henry cavill atom decent actor. I keep I keep hearing in pushed on me and people like Henry. Cavill is a Mayvale Bill. Henry Cavill is amazing. The main guy here isn't that mission impossible movie and he cocked his arms. Like yeah I saw that. I saw that on red. They kept they kept pushing that gift as like. Ooh And I don't I don't think he's special. He's okay yeah he's okay he's never been in anything like they do swap out the DP's halfway through the witcher. Yes that it gets. It gets better So I've heard that the that first episode. I watched the first couple scenes and I was like this is like any generic medieval show. By the way you're really pissing off our core audience Taylor and Johnny. Sorry Taylor from whatever I think again. I love the winter. Two guys listening heard if you can get through the opening stuff that it actually is more of a satire or like. Take down on the on the tropes of the fantasy genre. Yeah but I never made it far enough to laugh at anything for me. It's just the production quality and I think I wanna get far enough where they start swapping people out. Because they're like oh we actually can do something cool and and it gets good. I actually have four new directors for the second season so it sounds like on the first swap out. Henry CAVILL NO I. I think we agree. Everybody elite track there. We were talking about Ronin for he. Forty-seven I like to do and I WANNA support is all right. Let's get back to talking about thank you. Can I say like I watched multiple pieces and I kept thinking that I had forty seven minutes left? Honest this movie moved. Faster than chain-reaction was twenty minutes longer. Legs Reaction Better. I agree I like her. You'll be one hundred thirty dame's accident with one hundred times better. I have so many notes and half of them are like where the monsters. Just get to. The Monster chain-reaction heads zero monsters. So what about Morgan Freeman? Yeah well I know you did you. Did you predators that feels racists Chopsticks Super Predator? I'm Hillary Clinton did you. Did you like the chops care? Where the where the witty hair to grab chopsticks? Pick up the salmon like tentacles hair. Yeah that's cool and she floated around like we're GonNa Start the whole movie. Just felt like somebody like. They had just figured out how to do. Fabric rendering like like in wind. And they're like what if we didn't entire movie around a dress billowing because they did that over over again I liked it. It's fun to go back to movies where they clearly just didn't affect because they just barely do it. At the time you watch Peter Jackson's the frighteners in the ninety s terrible. Cgi or if you go back to a civic ram they figured out what Tron legacy where it's in two thousand nine two thousand eight off and they have jeff bridges a young John Rich's CI which we see all the time now much worse in two thousand nine bad shouldn't do it it. Just get a new actor. We'll get it. It's so bad. Did you see the new terminator? No yeah I gotta say. There's an opening scene in that where they do that. And I don't want to spoil it because I love as much and I just have to say for anyone who has seen this opening scene before I went to see this movie. I wrote in my head with the most insane way to start the movie would be and then when I got there and they did it. That's great. I would vote so I wouldn't want to point out one other thing in this movie. Which is when they kill the dude and they all come back in the shogun comes down. And he's like. Hey you disobeyed boarders. Nobody was like he had a witch. He was just like yeah. I know you had a witch but like that's cool. Yeah my words and feel like it was inferred that because of the witch that's why he was like cool with their treasonous crimes. I think this goes back to an earlier. Point which is like I did make a note saying oh the trope of people not just having simple conversations that clear up misunderstandings and otherwise fix all the things that are wrong such as like pointing that out and having conversation about it with the leader but then I thought that my second thought maybe in the agent it or not ancient but seven hundred. You know jeopardy's culture. This is sort of a cultural norm. That you don't ask. Those questions are the conversations and then. I thought yeah with this book and movie doesn't Tell us anything about those norms. If that's the case or have anything monsters in Shogun glossed over it. Yeah but also. Did you catch the line make great again now? Yeah they said you gotTa make great again and I was like yeah. Go One thing I did think early on in watching this movie was the keynote did not fit into it at all. So that Kinda worked for his character I guess and a lot of the coverage on him was pickups after principal photography after the directors removed from the edit like he needed to be Front and center more so this was originally. Had this theory before you told me about. Constantine and I forgot with them we would theory I was going to say was that. I'm sorry we're still going on with this. But that he was just looking wheeler ususally for cool things to do having already been fabulous where it's after the mattress. He took a longtime all playing major roles again interesting constants there that he just wanted to help distract your out. Maybe he's a friend or like became acquaintances came from nowhere. Well I'm just. That's my theory. Is that he really. He tried to help a friend and the friend fell apart and didn't do a good job and then they had to and I would imagine that I mean he was a really small character now. I think I think his friend was doing an art film. I think this was an art film that was picked up by the studios and re-cut like this was. This was a film that the director was originally making for Japanese audiences right and the they were like. Whoa we gave you one hundred seventy Mil v for American audiences share. Would you like to hear the numbers? Yeah Okay so the budget. One hundred seventy million The twenty thirteen the box office a hundred and fifty one point eight massive loss in Japan. One point three million opening day. The let's see the major movies in two thousand thirteen number one frozen. A number two ironman three that came out when frozen came out. Yeah and number and number three is despicable me. Yeah Yeah and this is just a foot. We don't even remember this thing I did. Yeah I watched I like I feel like if I had watched it. M- around that time I would have liked it but I never bothered. Also I think by that time I was like I'm done with Keanu Reeves Movies I. I was just never done with Canada's he's in the Internet's the Internet's boyfriend. Yeah he's he's coming back. Yeah big time. Ted's three hell. Yeah Matrix for release date for it. If you add up all the individual numbers it adds up to sixty nine. Fuck Yeah I. I mean reduce all the numbers to one number sixty nine. That's two numbers does to numbers. No I'm saying if you take you take the the month and the day of the month and then you add the number twenty and the number twenty then you get sixty nine okay. Numerology motherfucker is how you find secrets only number my mind. I remember seeing the trailer and thinking and this is probably where I got the false memory false information around with being ten years apart. But I remember thinking al-Qaeda's back I haven't seen in a long time since the matrix films. I'm happy that she's he's doing a smaller now. I know it was a huge big budget but I thought it was like a cooling avengers like the little independent film is what I find that thought. He was helping. Lift it and No that wasn't the case I mean I wouldn't have got the money God if Kiana was an. Oh Yeah for sure but Adam. GimMe Your rating as a bad movie. Would you recommend it? So it's IT'S A. It's probably a two and a half if I can do that. Do whatever you want crazy. Numbers and six repeating St Nine. We literally don't give a shit and Redo one movie out of five hundred stars once. I'M GONNA continue to pretend like constantine wasn't the thing. Even though I did like that movie and say that I would recommend I would not recommend it because now has made such a better more full comeback with John Wilk Franchise and a franchise booth sorry. He just can't not. I'm tired of fucking chair for an hour and a half. I'm tired but yeah the John Lewis things in such a better Kiana relaunched than this film proved to be so I would say. Just skip it. Go right to the John. Get your channel sauce. In my opinion I liked this movie. I thought there was some redeeming qualities. I think that had a problem with pacing but I thought there was like a really cool like it felt like a certain parts of it. Felt like ten shoe playstation one video game which I enjoyed The but yeah I would I would recommend putting on in the background. Maybe muting it and enjoying it for the visual. And you know taking some edibles and Eric in it the whole time. Slow jerk like edge edge your way through January. This is This is the candidate of the dialogue. Yeah I mean I I feel the same way about movies do about alien for which is beautiful but absolute nonsense. I love photography. Did we get to start from you? Know three hundred five five. Yeah what did you give the last one two and a half one and a half? So we're like we're we're we're thinking up here. I feel like it's three point. Five periods are singing. Spend enough time together so three. Doesn't that mean in this question about the star system that you don't get about a three means is like an average film right. Yeah Yeah Yeah I would say threes like Billy Bob Thornton you know. Feel anchors visuals. Pump it up for me and I love Dick's well enough to understand but this story kind of takes it down a little. So that's where the visuals were. Great and I agree like if you just wanted to wash them. Sort fighting movies this is. This is great. Sword Fighting Sane. Added just GOBS OF BLOOD. It would have been awesome. I mean seriously. Watch Thirteen Samurai. I believe with thirteen. Samurai by Takuji Mak- gobs of blood basic premise. Except for everyone's murdering each other. It's great. Yeah I mean yeah. I don't know I liked it. I I feel like these kind of movies are slow so I I'm more forgiving of it Yeah maybe also. The last movie I watched was a chain reaction so it just felt like such a breath of relief later so happy that we were like fighting shaky and they're actually like they practice. These scenes shows practice. If you're going to say words that slow sword fighting and stuff like Jano clearly those guys. They put some effort into fight scene in the end. The judge and the and the Slavers Bay was cool was good most mine and the speed ramp where he kicks in here is every time slavers show up anytime they did. They want to see him die. I think they only did the slow mode. Think twice it was dumb when they did it both times. Yeah I agree that into it but I think that's a tough one to do well The attack of the castle at the end. I thought that was like a cool. I was really fun. I love it as underwhelming. I can't it was hard to find what's going on. I love. I loved it. I loved when the when the fights he was happening. I was I wrote down where the Monster Dragon at the very very amounts of data better than John. Snow's fight scene. Where the I love when the a four guards on top of the Ridge and they jumped up and then took the helmets and threw them off the back. And then that's a cool concept. Yeah I would've loved that for the beginning of the movie stars. I said I like a three three and a half. I just feel like the visuals of it. There were a lot of fun scenes and I agree. Just put it on. I also think every I highly suggest people just put on Weird Sword fighting movies and turn the sound off and just let that roll time Chinese Super Ninjas again maybe Ninjas are Japanese concept. Yes he's Chinese super. Ninjas is a China's Kung Fu movie soared since other high masters steal the Ninjas the Ninja way of Japan and they bring it to China and they start taking over China Super Ninjas look it up it's amazing. It actually sounds like one of my favorite bad movies challenge of the Lady Ninja. You GotTa have a. We have to have come from you. Said it literally has star wars music in it that they ripped off and used the tagline for the movie is these women are more deadly than men. You've seen jellies black mask right now. So jellies mass. They use the they use sound effects. So it's like people like the the X ray laser sounds except for he's like blowing beams eligible lady Ninja. There's a part where Ninjas breaking into someone's house and you see him running and you hear the footsteps and he does a role in the footsteps keep going. They were real to reel. It's hard to. It's hard to edit that millions so much time anyway rating. I was wondering if anyone's GonNa ask me. Keep going so. We don't really care okay. So Adam said that if you want your kion ooh sauce that you should go to John. Wick hated or something. Well I'm going to say if you want the Kiana sauce. Just go right to the Kano Dick. I personally am not a big John Wayne Fan. I where's your Dick out? Where do you hide it? I WanNa like John Wick but when I watch it it feels like watching someone do a speed run on a video game through the roof shoots. Three people runs into the next room. And I'm like no come on whereas we're the monsters. What's that movie with Clive? Owen were? That's literally really the whole moves. Shoot him shoot him up and I felt like I thought it was. I thought it was a better movie because there was more plot to the John. Woo Films in the shoot. 'em UP which goes right like it isn't the plot with John. Wake my plot. My problem is is that all the action scenes feel like someone rushing through every action scene as quickly as they can't pacing. Yeah I thought that was it's going to be. I'm not saying I'm not saying that you're wrong for liking in the movie. I'm just saying it's not my ideal forty seven Ronin rating. Would you recommend it as a bad movie? Forty seven Ronin forty seven fucking Romans. I give them war monsters. One Star One star you give no gardens the highlands even give it a stark. I'm not sure by the way Amanda Amanda Guards. The highlands of more than chain-reaction So like Guardian. I never watched movie at one and a half time speed. Watch at least half of this movie at one and a half and like what stuck out to be the entire watching that speed was that the only part could tell when it was that it was at one time speed is when people were walking or running and it looks kind of funny for the rest of all these really slow panning shots that are still incredibly slow one and a half speed people just looking at each other for five seconds. And you're like I know that supposed to be eight seconds. Yeah I mean. I almost did not complete watching this movie. I watched the last twenty minutes of it right before Kris showed up. He knocked on the door right as the credit started. Rolling in time speed. I would say that the pacing please. Oh I just have one more note which was that. I would never pirate a movie but if I did. I would've had a really hard time pirating. This movie there would not have been enough cedars at is want to give this tip out to the heads out there if you ever. WanNa find a shitty movie like this instead of looking on websites. Google for one word index of and the title of the movie in quotes. And you'll find a bunch of unsecured media servers where you can get your shitty movie for. If you were to do that. Dumb geeks would never say the you should do that. You know we all terrible tip. But I didn't know about legally rented this movie. Yeah I definitely I spent four dollars and I just you know what I like to do. The index of search just to see all these pieces shit out there. Yeah who would? Who would not secure their servers and pirates. Those guys digital hoarder hose. You know yeah wouldn't know anything about that. Yeah I've never heard of personally. At least seventy five percent of my income goes directly to renting movies on Amazon. Yeah why wouldn't you? Those grey makes guys well. I think that anything anything else guys on. Add a big boxes DOT com today. So Adam of you. A last month texted me something that I thought I'd share because Adams here and I was reminded of it. It's called the veloce. The Velocity Predator Philosophy Predator was that he pronounced awesome Predator. Veloce predators came across this on probably read. It also heard about veloce. Let me say let me just read the synopsis. After losing his parents a priest travels to China where he inherited a mysterious ability that allows him to turn into a dinosaur. I horrified by his new power. A prostitute convinced him to use it to fight crime and Inge's veloce pastor pathway of Veloce pitas though was that it's a fast centipedes. A child's tricycle makes sense okay philosophy. It's actually a specific type of early bicycle but it the mechanics are the same way. That child's tries it. If you really like it or you have a loss of paedophile anyways anyways. It just looks like the kind of movie that after. Kion or wary. We should try to watch. I feel like after we should take at least a month off. I agree and also I feel like that movie. Looks like the man who killed bigfoot and Sasquatch or whatever the fuck that one moving good they're not. I don't think it's going to be good. I think I think it's a good synopsis. Great maybe to work on but I still yeah. I I think you should close out with that movie where the Vagina has the teeth from the seventies. Oh that's really good. That's comedy seventies said. No it's not from the seventies it takes place in the seventies teeth has a lot of community that one does there. There is a movie. That teeth is a ariffin. Teeth is not a very good old movie from the seventies or eighties. And it's about a similar concept so really I mean vagina goes back to the ancient Greek. I was just. It's been a concert on for a while. I was just kind of find the name of that old movie. I literally can't even find it in Google Vagina teeth. Nineteen seventy ending. Come up I did not put all this stuff I also when we do another movie definitely one of the ones coming up. We'll be tiptoes of movie. Where Gary Oldman should we give it away? Has the performance of a lifetime. Oscar award-winning before but it's ten. We showed you the trailer and I told you not to read anything about it before you watched it anybody. If you're listening to this look up tiptoes on Youtube. Watch out. It's mind blowing. I yelled aloud a couple of times so insane. It's so what the problem is with that movies at. The only problem with that movie is that the name is bad. Like doesn't feel like it goes with the subject. He's the first three letters are fucking horse shit anyway from nine hundred eighty game the first three letters that name tiptoe. Yeah tip it's Joe. That's your name Lady Terminator. And it's from eighty eight. Sorry not really GonNa have to check that one out because love you should if you can remember. Look up the the trailer for the movie tiptoe. Everybody's listening look if you're still listening because we've been rambling at the end of this worldwide. One's here still people will listen to anything. Here's Cada high forty six will thanks for listening. We're out hello got him so dumb. I can't even think of true role. Play that's fine Gael. We're all being pegged at home. If you're dumb enough to believe in you'll go for anything short you mean.

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