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All right. So during the break the lions pick. Let's go right to that Saddam Shaquille. Sean here Kirk Morrison here draft special go ahead. Played the eighth pick in the two thousand nineteen NFL draft. The Detroit Lions TJ Hopkinton. So keys that who you Jacksonville is gonna take tax Bill would take the tide in from Iowa and TJ Harkinson. But this makes a lot of sense for Detroit Detroit me looking for tied in for quite some time. But you also gotta understand. Yeah. Whether this what is this regime? Come from. They came from New England, right? So everything they're doing a copycat of what the New England Patriots do. Right. Hide ends Kaczynski Hernandez that sort of thing they traded their receivers traded received. This is what they do. So I don't mind it. It's not bad. I don't mind it at Hopkinson. Yeah. I mean look salts Rhine ready. It's more out of Iowa. I mean, yeah, it's it's what they're looking for within that division. You gotta remember that planning Chicago. They're gonna Green Bay. Who knows that guy the cold weather outdoors that whole deal? Yeah. Well, it's a copycat league Jewish. Yeah. When I say copycat Lee what works for one team. Yeah. People say, oh, I want that too. So the two titans in his draft from Iowa. I you have TJ Hodkinson and the other one's gonna be no effect. Right. Right. So what Detroit is hoping is that they can get what the San Francisco forty Niners got out of there tied him out of Iowa. This year was a guy named George coup. Right. The NFL records for tied in. That's right receiving yards down here. So just this. What I call everybody. I it's a copycat league. Oh, I like that I want that. And I'll give you this. This is more that always look at the highest pay strength coach in college football, Alabama. No, no, I that's right. I guide him by seventy seven hundred. Sixty five thousand so these guys come in Ray to play strong as an ox, and they can give you what the graphic like he was talking about earlier guys who can block and eight hundred grand living in damone wherever Neil Kinnock stadium. Yeah. I wouldn't her to grant had a lot of money. Hell, yeah. Look it up. No live eight hundred thousand man to be a strength coach for him. Yeah. But I mean, there's a sisters don't make that kind of money. But I'm just saying well, you look at you look at their players that come from Iowa. Yeah. They ready. Do they come into the league ready? Okay. When I say ready, they may not win championships or the always gonna be solid. I well, they're not going. You know, they have a couple of years. They're really up, but then they're just right here at even keel, but their players to the National Football League they play right away. So let's review where we're at right now. The number one picking the draft was Kyla Murray. He went to the Arizona Cardinals. Number two was Nick Boza to the San Francisco forty Niners defensive out of Ohio State, Quinton Williams defensive tackle from Alabama went number three to the jets. And then things got interesting the raiders at number four to Cleland feral, the defensive end of Clemson the highest mock draft, I saw Cleland Farrell going was twenty one. Okay. Then who is next then the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We're on the clock and. They took Devon whites. Right. They took Devon wide at five. Then things got interesting again because the New York Giants were on the clock, and they took Daniel Jones out of Duke. Josh Allen the outside linebacker sliced defensive end from Kentucky went pick seven to the Jacksonville Jaguars TJ Hopkinson the tight, and we were just discussing Iowa Wint pick number eight to the Detroit lion. And his name is Chris Doel, by the way, the the strip coach for I will Chris deal. But look we're almost ten picks in so we nine picks in but Buffalo's picks in and we got ten is Denver. We haven't heard one trade yet. Not yet. Not yet ills around the clock in the interesting thing is there's a lot of great talent still left on a board from Ed Oliver on down the to Jona Williams the tackle two quarterback Dwayne highest gins Devon and linebacker from Michigan. So it's a lot of great talent that still on the board with a long ways to go in this draft. So I'm sure at some point time as it continues to go you'll see some trays hap, how do you guys? Feel about at Oliver out of Houston because they're not known for defense that particular squad. But is he a good enough player to translate to the next level? Oh guy. Yes. The thing is he playing hard nose position at Houston where he was getting double and triple team a lot his his game certainly will transfer over into the national football, all that dot Kirs. Roger Goodell with the bills pick. And the two thousand nineteen Abell draft. The Buffalo Bills. Select Ed Oliver. There is. So here you you are right here. He goes the buffalo. He's a lot like an air. Donna, you compare them air dollar because of the size. So the first thing you say is size is arms strength. Here's a guy right here who could create having a lot of people are down a work down on him, partly because he didn't finish the season at times he got into a major Applewhite over a stinking red jacket. I remember that whole deal. So people saw that he's he's got. So all of a sudden, you know, how the National Football League is George now. I get this guy shoes heritage in. So that's what it all started. But hey, I'm happy for him. I'm glad that he went where he went. He's going to be a hell of a player in football league. And you're looking for a job. Yeah. But he's also another guy who had a chance to to stand up. Meet a had a couple of Houston game 'specially this year the one game that I had they played against Tulsa this year in the one thing about an Oliver was he got hurt against navy. Like, you mentioned he was double teams guys coming underneath. He has the ability to not only. Dropping coverage. I actually put a did a side by side comparison of Aaron Donald at Pittsburgh, not in the NFL. But Aaron Donald at Pittsburgh in Oliver and car this dude is athletic. He runs sideline Ceylon. And remember he feels a need for buffalo who retired for the Buffalo Bills this year. Cow will tackle he is. Now, they're Kyle Wilms replacement. That's why you go out and draft at Voller. I don't think that they thought he would be there at pick nine. I don't think he thought he was gonna be there. And I've said it before you this draft is is fluid because you thinking this may happen. But all of a sudden at all what at all. Lot to Aaron Donald his no question. Look any beat the double team. We're watching here in the studio on television. He just split the double team. Now, you look at Aaron Donald here against looks like Philadelphia Seattle Seahawks. He splits the double there. I mean, it's washed. It's unbelievable. His power his strengthen his low centre gravity. He has a lot of Warren Sapp in him. He has a lot of an Donald in him. So I think he's gonna be a terrific player for a long time to come for the Buffalo Bills. So next is the Denver Broncos. They're on the clocks tackle, six minutes to go. There. You think they're going to go off and show. Maybe like a resign. Gary thing or you mean offense. Okay. I would be shocked how about John Williams from Alabama. It wouldn't be chocolate took away Haskins. No, I think that they go. Joe flacco. Yeah. Because he can learn sit behind Joe Joe's a one year one year type guy urban Meyer said that he thinks it's best for joins to sit a year. Yes. Yeah. Absolutely. All young quarterbacks with a veteran that can play all of them that that that have veteran guy in when you young you should sit you shouldn't play immediately. I don't think so I just don't think unless you just absolutely ready. I think just tackle were tied in. And the reason why it goes back to my theory and looking in my division. Do I have a tackle that can go out and stop guys like, you know, say the raiders, but you look at Melvin Ingram. You look at Joey Bosa with the chargers now, the raiders, we don't know what. Cleveland Farrell's going to die. Right. Right. But Arden key. Okay. And then you look at the chiefs. They got Frank Clark. Right. Yeah. So if I'm Denver I got Joe flacco unbelieving Joe flacco. But the one thing about Joe flacco you better have some time for allow him to throw. He is. Not a rhythm quick throw passer. He's a guy that wants to take five seven step drops get the ball deep down the field. So that's why I think he could be a situation where they can draft a tackle here. All right. So when we come back, we'll have the Broncos pick. They're coming up. And of course, Cincinnati Green Bay and Miami after that stick around Sodano show NFL draft special Keyshawn tear Kirk Moore's since here. But before that, I gotta tell you, man. You know, my buddy Jacob man, the mini get join accent even calling the insurance company. Call Jacob man, right now, look there's a lot of accents going on with. Uber's lifts and everybody's got different rights. What does that mean? Well, I'm talking about what if you're a passenger in the Berlet, you've got different rights, you got different rising. You're actually driving to berlitz. How 'bout you get hit by someone driving number lift all those are different man. And Jacob knows all the different specialties there. So we get into an accident make mistake don't wait to call. It could cost you a ton of money, man. And of course, there's all that headache of you do everything by yourself. So man, get this do do what everyone around here has been doing call Jacob. And you don't have to do this. You don't have to pay a penny. Man until he wins so him and his team can get you the money you deserve. And the do all the work to make the phone calls handle the paperwork set up the doctor's appointments, whatever the case may be if you're injured or an accident. First thing I thought I call Jacob Jacob Jacob the consultation is free. You heard that? Right. Call them twenty four hours a day at eight four four twenty four Jacob that's eight four four twenty four Jacob or online at called Jacob dot com. Sonata show here on ESPN LA NFL draft special. We've got another half hour here keys here Kirk here. And we have a trade. The Denver Broncos traded with the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Pittsburgh Steelers selected pick looking like it's going to be a defensive player. The Denver Broncos have traded the pick to the Pittsburgh Steelers. For Pittsburgh pick. Please welcome back to the stage nineteen Seventy-nine Walter Payton NFL man of the year hall of Famer and Steeler legend, Joe green. Two thousand eighteen NFL. The Pittsburgh Steelers. Devon. Devin Bush linebacker, Michigan Kirk what do you got? No. So they trade it with the Denver Broncos. So the Broncos now go to pick twenty in replace of the Pittsburgh Steelers. They also get the Steelers second round pick, which is pick fifty two. They'll get next year. Third round pick in the twenty twenty drafts got traded basically three picks for Devin Bush the Pittsburgh Steelers. Devon Bush's father was a defensive back at Florida state and played for the Rams actually to if I recall correctly, so key. What do you think of the pick of Devon Bush? I like it. I think David bushes a hell of a football player. He's a lot in the clone of Deir Brooks type, not as you know, not as fast, but he he has the sideline sideline awareness athletic ability. He's a smaller linebacker five eleven two hundred and thirty pounds, but you know, in the NFL and especially with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Title. They like smaller guys. Yeah. They have a lot of those small last year in the second round dairies litter the best linebacker taking he was actually the best defensive player of the rookie defensive player of the year by the Annapolis colts. Right. Then think about this copycat league again to inside linebackers key drafted in the top team. So what was the last year? We've seen to inside not outside pass rusher. Two inside linebackers drafted in the top ten of the NFL draft. I have no idea. I'll tell you this. According to pro football, focus, Devon Bush was excellent Blitzer top-five pass rushing. Great among all off ball linebackers the past two seasons while he was at Michigan. So certainly a guy that can get to the quarterback from that inside position. Look the Steelers played at three four that you know, they're gonna they're gonna come at you from all different angles. Their defense has lacked right over the last couple of years. It's not what we've been accustomed to. Say Ryan Zere got injured in. That's what it is. The bingles pick is in. And the two thousand nineteen NFL draft the Cincinnati Bengals select Joe, William tackle, Alabama. So they you go they're going to protect their quarterback in Andy Dalton and perhaps, you know. Well, the thing about this another two years ago, they got cheap. Think about it Cincinnati Bengals being cheap. We've heard that before. But they didn't wanna pay Andrew Whitworth right in the ramp set will will pay him. He's been a amok outs for the Rams. Okay. So they'd had you know, Zach Taylor. Who was the Rams what offense coordinator where quarterbacks coach last year offense slash offense coordinator. What does he do? He says, you know, what? Yeah. I like, I need a tackle. 'cause I know what a tackle can do for my quarterback. He goes out and gets Jona Williams. It's almost like McVeigh all over the interesting thing about that last pick. Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh went up to get Devon Bush because Cincinnati was trying to replace Burfoot right with Devon Bush. And then all of a sudden they saw let me move up. Yeah. So basically this falls into their lap. I don't think Cincinnati wanted to do it. But it was sitting there in wind up taking so John Williams who is the office of tackle from Alabama. When they do HIV should've went to USC his bio, he's from Folsom, California. He was a high school teammate of Jake. Br. Downing of the Washington huskies. And it's funny on his little bio, they said enjoys cooking. Now, I feel like that they didn't get that. When you guys were drafted that in had that kind of have social media. No. But it says on on the I was at the draft. So I really didn't get a chance to see. What was what was said for you key? What have been your hobby back in nineteen ninety five or six or whatever they probably would have had a little bit sports loves playing basketball. Yeah, they they didn't get in-depth cooking and things that I wasn't a big ugly. He's got he's got cook. Did you say rollerskating rose? Looking at crowd. It's crazy. They say there's one hundred thousand people there that's Nashville to thing. I think come to Vegas next year and in the year after already looking forward. Oh, man, we all site kilos starts. This guy. Keep them all he'll be all site. Key doesn't love because what happens is what happens when you start playing a little bit. Just doesn't go will doesn't go with bring that thing to LA. You already know, man. They'll be right here. That's different though. Stay. We'll probably be at the new stadium network the whole deal in that was this coming this. So. Nashville surrounded by so many football cities and states, you know, not drive or tra- not far from Mississippi so drive. There's no quite everybody wants Vegas vacation in an L A vacation in web is always going to be good in these places this time of year. So next up are the Green Bay Packers. My guess is they're going to go defense here. That's that's what I would do because just pay down Roger. So we're gonna take a quick break. We're back in less than three minutes in three minutes. We'll be back and we're going to have the Green Bay Packers pick. He's here. Kirk Moore's here's Sodano show NFL draft special. But I gotta take my friends at the dudes brewing company five tasted rooms in southern California Torrance, Santa Monica, Santa Clara, Huntington beach Thousand Oaks to order beer from the source go to their website the dudes brew dot com. We're back in three minutes with the Packers Pickett twelve. All right. So these Sodano show NFL draft extravaganza. Let's go to the podium for the Green Bay Packers pick burst in the floor era. Let's see where they go. Wiz. He. In the two thousand nineteen NFL draft the Green Bay Packers. Select we're Sean Gerry. Linebacker Michigan defensive pick their keys year, Kurt cheer key. What do you think you don't think is a good pick? You you pair him. We Kinney Clark the rest of the lose CLYDE Matthews Julius when I needed to ask them defense adept air Raja's. Did he picked the number y receives last year young receivers? I think at some point time they got address the running back situation. But this year is a good pick for them. Now. I don't know about the production at times at the university of Michigan. He didn't necessarily have a high motor every single week. But he certainly was a productive player for you. He was a highly talented player coming out of high school out of New Jersey. So it's a good pick. I think that when you look at the value for him again this draft is loaded with defense alignment a defensive players. And he's wanted to guys that's been at the top of the draft says to beginning. I love it, man. This is. So you get Rashawn Gary. Right. They also bring him ever Preston. Smith the defensive in linebacker, free agent stuff. They went to Zaharia Smith. Also the linebacker. I paid him some money out of Baltimore. And so remember who their defensive coordinator is now Mike ped-, right? Mike Penn is about the bring back that all Rex Ryan. They blitz defense air coming from all different angles now. Yeah. That's Mike pet new. So and even when he was the head coach over. In in Cleveland. Yeah. The defense has never been a problem. Yeah. You give Aaron Rodgers defense. Yeah. Now, you talk about a guy who can get the ball back. Yeah. Man this. This is a good value pick, you know, for a guy like you mentioned the SOS do came to school. You know, he was doing three years, and he was out she left after a second year, George for sure. Yeah. There's any doubt. And again, you pay down Rogers you gotta load up on defense now to help him out. And as you mentioned, Mike Petain's aggressive. The dolphins around the clock. Now's about five minutes to go. We'll keep you updated. Dwayne Hoskins is the guy there. Right. If they don't get the Rosen deal. Right. I wouldn't you. Yeah. Why? When you you know, you need a quarterback of the future. You have the the fit rioters, patching, stopgaps, whatever. And then you roll into the way Dwayne ask is been sitting for very long time. Now where you. If the dolphins take him. I think the Redskins Willett fourteen right? If the risk is don't move ahead and trade for the trade often saucer because the dolphins can do that. And get the fifteen. I'm sorry. Fifteen Redskins are fifteen because if the Redskins straight up with the dolphins they can have that draft capital for Josh Rosen. If that's what they want. If that's what they wanna do. I surprised that he's still kind of sitting. I thought for sure when you look at the quarterbacks that or any NFL whether it's Peyton Manning in the past. Whether it's Tom Brady, Dwayne Haskins is really close to that style. Don't look at the don't look at the numbers in the years in a hall of fame credentials in the Super Bowl mechanics is what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the football IQ mechanics athletic ability. He reminds a lot of people of those type of quarterbacks big subzero refigerator statue tied guys with soft bodies. He has a soft body. He is not eight Cam Newton. Looking quarterback is not a mobile quarterback. He's aggressor a pocket passer. So I think that this could be the pick for them. Because again floors has come from New England Patriots seen Garoppolo. He's seeing what they had there in Tom Brady. So I'm sure he's probably pinching in general Majete and saying, hey, let's take a look at this at Haskins sitting there, and it'll be a great pick form at thirteen. Yeah. It's gonna be fascinating to see. Now where this goes to the quarterback stuff. Again, gets very interesting because I don't love I didn't love all the quarterbacks in this draft. I mean, I liked Askins is the guy like the most because I feel like he's most he could be most successful in the NFL as you pointed out because I still think in the NFL you gotta play from the pocket guy. Yes. Yeah. For as much as you mobility can help and look Aaron Rodgers mobile. Clearly, Russell Wilson is mobile, but those guys can still perform between the tackles, which is the most innocent different type of mobile, right? I mean, they they're they're Rogers in Russell Wilson aren't running quarterback right there. Just. Guys that can escape the pocket in by themselves. A lot of time with their feet and keep their head head is down field and deliver the football. And I think the way it Haskins somewhat in a little bit of that mode. But at the same time, he he is a lot like Tom Brady a lot like Peyton Manning in terms of the body. Type interesting is I mean, if the dolphins don't go here. Washington doesn't have to trade up and they get their guy. Right. They g- Washington needs a quarterback. It's not even a question. Yeah. Poor Alex Smith. Keenum Zere pointy. Dog just laugh poor Alex Smith, he's made like seven hundred million dollars. And he broke his leg. He'll be. We'll be able to you know, they thought for a second might not be able to walk hidden just thought it was not I thought it was not being able to play football. No, no. Well, they also had an infection. Yes. That was the part, but they got case keenum air in place. Right. They make seven hundred million dollars. It feels like Z does love him. So there's that he made a lot of money and Elsie loves it. But Washington wasn't going anywhere with him. Anyway. Right. So they were best they were five hundred type team. So that's the deal, but the pig is in but the parents the draft is in commercial. So so we'll have the pick from the dolphins here momentarily. So there you have it. We'll have it here in just a second. But in the interim, here's some names that are still on the board here Andre Dillard, Washington offensive lineman. He's a guy that's still on the board Cody Ford, Oklahoma is on the board offense align right now defense everybody's going defense. I know a fan tight end that you were talking earlier. Yeah. But here's the pay card is let's do it. Roger Goodell for the dolphins pick. The clock. Yep. Might want to here we go. We know what it is. Let's go to Roger Goodell. Where the thirteenth pick in the two thousand nineteen NFL draft the Miami Dolphins select Christian Wilkins. So what do you make of that no Haskins again? I mean, they're rebuilding their team Brian floors defensive guy. But I mean, it seems strange that Integra cornerback. I like it. I like Chris Wilken there at the defensive tackle spotty opens up things for Raikov McMillan, a number two pick that they had a couple years ago at the live bugger spa allows him to be able to move around some, but you also are dealing with a defensive coordinator who's the head coach. So you know, what that means? He's got to go heavy defense McMillan plug by kisha say that I like to had a big dude in front of. Absolutely all swim around saying is a guy who watched the dolphins for many years with Tim Bowens garner for Zach Thomas, you want someone like that. I think about this. Who was the most productive player drafted in two thousand four by the patriots played there. Forever guy went to Miami guy by the name of Vince, wolf work. And krista. We'll have more athletic Vince, Wilford a little bit lighter. You can move splits. Aired and they keep showing it. But that's what Brian floor is has now. Okay. This is how you kinda start. Your defense starts in the middle up front. Now, you've got your big doll. And it you start moving all the way back. So it's going to help out. You know, I think this linebacking corps like you mentioned. But also help Fitzpatrick help out Rashad John those guys in the back end as well. This is a big it's a pick, you know, and he comes from a program to that's the one thing that Cleland Farrell goals. I right. He we didn't expect him to go. First of all the guy we thought it was going to be Wilkins went Ryan him. But these all these passionate football players to and that's what I think separates Wilkins from some of the other players. Man. This is good. Atlanta and in Washington, and that's it has definitely going defense right line that can go off the vice their corners. Spicer quarterbacks. I think that that's something that they wanna do. They could go cornerback here in this in this draft. You've got greedy, William Sydney. Are you got the Baker sitting here, you've got the bakers from Georgia area? So they see him up close you got greedy. You've got by Murphy. So I think that they could potentially go corner in this spot or often in their secondary Ardy offense alive position to Cody four could be a guy that can play tackle a guard out of Oklahoma. Then Matthews over to the right? So they can go either way here. That's a dusty little Duffy mental part. They just show like five people in there. It wasn't a good. Look. This is fun. This is so much fun. Oh, God this show. Let's catch you up on where you're out of. You're just tuning in. We got about another five six minutes here on the show for us. Kyla Murray went one Nick Boza went to to the Niners Quinton Williams defensive tackle Bama. Went three to the jets. Cleland Farrell went four to the raiders in a big surprise. Devon, white when five to the bucks inside linebacker LSU. Another surprise Daniel Jones quarterback from Duke went to the giants. Josh Allen the outside linebacker from Kentucky. When seven to the Jaguars TJ Hopkinson not to be confused. The haka son in Vegas tied in Iowa went to the lion's at eight and Oliver defensive tackle Houston who reminds people have Aaron Donald went to number nine Devin Bush inside linebacker Michigan. Pick tend to the Steelers pick eleven was Joan Williams offensive tackle, California kid from Alabama. With the Bengals Rashawn Gary defensive and Michigan win twelve to the Green Bay Packers and Christian Wilkins divas of tackle. Clemson went thirteen to the dolphins. And the Atlanta Falcons, the pick is in Suzy Hct is talking to Christian Wilkins, but we'll wait to hear when Roger Goodell's speaks. There's been three AFC teams all drafted. Yeah. And all three of them have all taken defensive tackle the jet. I try Tom Brady. They've been trying to do that for how many years now push up the middle to a lot. What are they like nine visit titles at a row or something like that? While there was one minute in two thousand eight when Chad Pennington went to the doll was the only year they didn't win. So that's about nine in a row. Yeah. Yeah. Wow. Yeah. Trust me. I know show anyway. So we'll see what happens with Atlanta would try to see what probably just get this pig in to be honest. And then we're going to be off the air. And then we'll turn it over to ESPN radio Dari noca-, and those guys will have the call for you from the rest of the night. And there's also said I was a sixteen year old scrolling through my Instagram. I like the picture of somebody. I knew with a girl. There's nothing racist about the picture. Obviously there some bad things in the hash. But obviously, I wasn't reading all those pictures. Right. Yeah. And that's and that's fine. Now, it's time to play. Right. So all of that stuff that you know that happens. They're gonna look at him. Cross steel. Here's the falcons in nineteen NFL draft. The Atlanta Falcons like Chris Lindstrom guard Boston. They would go off into line if they didn't go defensive back. They would go off a lot of tackle guard combination they coat. They didn't take Cody four. They took Christmas from Boston College, which is a stud. I mean, he's a power power guy. Nice punchy. Also, if you look at Boston College offense alive, and no they turn out to be pretty good their running back mazing in a lot of that is their offense of line whether they're nasty and his dad played four years. Go figure. Yeah. And his and his cO. You got that pedigree is just getting nasty, man. Yes. All it is. That's all it is. And and we look at Atlanta. They gotta get back to getting run the football again. They don't have Tevin Coleman. He's no longer there. Right. So as devante Freeman and. I don't know where I with Matt Ryan, you know, what I mean because he had the one you don't know. What do you mean? Don't know because we saw what he looked like what Kyle Shanahan and then when Kyle Shanahan left the offense, look different. And you could even get Julio to ball to in the end zone member last year. Julia was like a lot of. Yeah. Steve. Circasians back. So that's naral keys, Alabama, Alabama. Sorry, I'm sorry. You got sell fire. You got to sell fire. So I'm sorry about that. Yeah. But who's a Daryl Bevill who's Jero Bellevue? Seattle is in Atlanta who had a relationship with Dan Quinn. Dan Quinn, because they went to the Super Bowl ago, man. I I've been getting all these maybe moving so much, but it's part of coaching. Tree miss the tree is I'll take care. You take care of me scratch your back out scratch yours. That's the way it works. So you get a job. I'll take care. You. Don't worry. So Washington is at pick fifteen. I don't know if we'll be able to make that happen here because we're doing a half minutes. Yeah. And two and a half minutes. We'll turn it over will break. We'll turn it over to Dr Noga, ianfitzsimmonsespn keys buddy might Tenenbaum and Chris Canty will be on the call here for years. Offense, coordinator, focus forget that. No dirt cutter. That's right. I think Darryl went to the knee. Go to Jacksonville are. No, no, no, no. That was a. No, no, no, no. Minnesota. And then he got fired and he came over with Nick foles. Yeah. What did they go Jacksonville? Oh, jacksonville. Yeah. You got me. I'm screw say. Minnesota came over with Nick foles by go. No. It was the offense coordinator. Oh, not Jansky Sipa. It's an Italian. Yeah. Yeah. Sipa Chelea something like that kind of the falcons to no office coordinator. Nets and Jacksonville Jaguars CPA. Sally zippo Sally. And I. John D, Filipo, whatever saying Sally, fifth below outta talion. You are right. Yeah. New couldn't exactly get it. Right. I was close it in him so cutter. That's what is so what do we make of what we've seen the first half of the draft basically some winners and some losers. How about that tank? You I mean, it was interesting raiders draft grade go f- f minus man, no f plus. I call it a sea right now because it was a lot of people had them lower. He comes out, and he has an outstanding year we can say that. But I think the biggest thing for me. I always said at two linebackers drafted in the top ten this has been a defensive dominant drought. Still at a first round is the Steelers coming up to get Devon Bush. I think that's that's the pick of the first of the first of the the first row so far. So there you have it makes you tune into Keyshawn l z and Travis tomorrow morning from six to ten and of course, Kirkeby back in here. We made them are like around the second row analyze what the Rams did. Obviously tomorrow's well. Thanks guys for hanging out. Thanks to funchess and Mike as well. We'll talk to you tomorrow ESPN radio is up next. So stay tuned. We'll talk to you Marsha.

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