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General knowledge geography. Tv and film missing members and celebrity daisy chains. They're the rounds on today's quiz. Have your black spots of the ready for quiz bed number two? Hello and welcome to the second episode of Quiz Bay. The Weekly Trivia Quiz podcast with twenty five questions spread over five subject rounds as usual. This thirty points available when you went double points by playing a black spot card before the start any round you might notice have changed things up a bit this week and given the round titles out the stars of the show so that you've got more chance to the side which around you might prefer to play your black spot in. This is thanks to listen to feedback that have had from quiz number one. Everybody is reached out and commented a really appreciate the support Reports indicate that the average score in last week's quiz around sixteen or seventeen thirty so I've been a bit worried that the questions might be verging on the difficult but most people seem to think that they represented a cross section of Trivia so expect roughly the same standard from now on quiz beds now been picked up by apple and Google. Podcast is what a stitcher spotify a few others. So you should be able to subscribe via your favorite podcast out by now. Please feel free to leave a review on itunes or whatever it's called in itself these days and send me a message through the facebook page twitter or instagram pleads. At some point this week also be uploaded in the first two quizzes to Youtube. So you'll be able to catch it. They're all links are of course available on the website at quiz bit dot com and you can stream the quiz directly from there if you prefer okay enough of that. Let's get on with the questions rambled. General Knowledge Number One which nineteen ninety nine Benjamin Zephenia novel features a teenage boy whose disfigured the results of joy riding accident the Mathu. What is the symbol for the chemical element? Barium number three which Carthaginians general led forces against the Roman Republic in the second punic war before which australian-born Rupert is a media mogul founder of News Corp and number five which iconic one thousand nine hundred eighty S. TV show links. The previous answers in this round route two is Joe. Griffey specifically international borders the mistakes which country has the world's longest coastline seven three of the world's countries are plagued meaning that they are entirely surrounded by the territory even of a single state. One of these is Vatican City which is surrounded by Italy of the remaining. Two one is also surrounded by Italy and the other is surrounded by South Africa. Can You name? Either of these countries number eight. The conjure up pass is the highest paved the international border crossing in the world and leaks China. With which other country the nine. Brazil borders every other country in South America. Except the two chilis one. What's the other? How long is the Great Wall of China in miles to the nearest thousand? Is it a seven thousand miles? Be Eleven thousand. Miles will see thirteen thousand miles round. Three's TV and film in this room. We're going to be looking at pubs and bars in TV and film question. Eleven which Boston pub might you be served by retired baseball player? Sound Malone limits wealth. What was the name of? Del Boy enrolled as local in only fools noses thirteen which pub serves as the entrance. The dig- on Alley in the Harry Potter World Fourteen. Where would you be most likely to find homer and Barney drinking duff beer the fifteen then which spaceport to obi-wan-kenobi and Luke skywalker visit a shady looking Cantina to enlist the services of Hans Solo and Chewbacca Round? Four missing members. All of you to do here is to say who is missing from the following groups Sporty Porsche. Ginger and scary seventeen. Leonardo Michelangelo and Raphael. The Brady John Roger and Freddie the mid-nineteenth Bill. Rogers Shirley Williams and Roy Jenkins a number twenty scooby. Shaggy Fred and Daphne. Ram Five is celebrity daisy chains in this round. You'll be given clues to two well-known people and either their first or last names workout the omitted names of both people and join them together to give the name of a musician for example an actress and star of classical. Hollywood cinema the first name Elizabeth and seventeenth century writer and satirist with the first name. Jonathan would be Elizabeth Taylor and Jonathan Swift. Giving the answer Taylor Swift Twenty one. An actor with the surname blessed. An politician with the first name. Teresa number twenty two a writer and comedian the first name Ben Anna politician with the Surname Prescott number twenty. Three magicians lovely assistant with the surname. Mcgee and a football manager with the SURNAME REDKNAPP LIMIT. Twenty four a comedian with the surname mortimer. An poets with the surname. Thomas Number Twenty five a documentarian with the surname through an athlete with the first name Lance. Okay answers the today's quiz round. One was general knowledge number one the Benjamins F- Anaya novel was face number. Two the symbol full. Barium is B. Three the CARTHAGINIANS general. Was Hannibal a number four. The USTRALIAN born Rupert Murdoch which leads us to number five the iconic nine thousand nine hundred TV. Show the links all. The answers is the eighty brown to geography. International borders number six. The world's longest coastline belongs to Canada. Number seven the two countries are plagued our San Marino and the so photo number eight conjure up pass is linking China with Pakistan number. Nine Brazil boaters every country except Chile. Ecuador number ten. The Great Wall of China in miles to the nearest thousand is thirteen thousand miles long. It's thirteen thousand. One hundred and seventy one miles round three was TV and film pubs and bars round number eleven. The Boston pub. We might be served by some alone. Cheers NUMBER TWELVE BILLION. Rodney's local in frozen horses is the NAG's head number thirteen. The entrance that diagonally. The Harry Potter world is the leaky cauldron before team homer and Barney. Drinking Duff would occur in most happen number fifteen. Ob One and Luke skywalker visit become Tina in Mosley Round number for the missing members round so missing members from the following groups number sixteen. It was baby the spice girls number seventeen it was donatello from the Teenage Mutant. Ninja turtles number. Eighteen was Brian members of the band Queen. Nineteen with David Owen. From the gang of four and number. Twenty Velma from Scooby Doo gain random a five the celebrity daisy chains. All musicians number twenty one was. Brian May the twenty two. Elton John and the twenty-three Debbie Harry the twenty four Volt Dylan and finally number twenty five was Louis Armstrong. Well that's it for another week. Thanks for listening. And please do. Get in touch on social media with your comments and suggestions. I'll be back next week with another twenty five questions. But in the meantime please light subscribe and listen again at Quiz Bid Dot com cease it

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