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Hi It's Jamie progressive's number one number two employee leave a message at the Hey Jamie. It's me Jamie this. Is Your daily Pep Talk. I know it's been rough going ever since people found out about cappella group mad harmony but you will bounce back. I mean you're the guy always helping people find coverage options with the name your price tool. It should be you giving me the pep talk now. Get out out there hit that high note and take mad harmony all the way to nationals this year sorry it's Pitchy Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by State Law and no an ad from dad right save money on car insurance when you bundle home and auto with progressive gotta take these off right. What is this is good wow? Where did you get this? I'm talking to you with the hair yeah. Where did you get this good stuff solid? That's that's not veneer that solid stuff progressive can't save you from becoming your parents but we can save you money when you bundle home and Auto Progressive Casualty Insurance Company affiliates and other insurance discounts not available in all states or situations terms of deflect and but again and this is the standard is used to make this point to that <hes> people clamoring for progressive taxation or who WANNA raise as workers wages and things like that and they focus on income inequality they tend to do it within their own country because most of the people championing measures to promote wrote more EGALITARIAN ISM make way more than the poorest people on Earth do and so if they really wanted to take a move towards income equality among human human beings they could go ahead and donate eighty percent of their salary to people in Africa. Let's say and yet they don't seem to do this like no. No I meant within my own country I met people richer richer than me should have less didn't mean I should have less because there's hundreds of millions or billions of people who make less than me that that's silly of of course not I'm not the bad person it's Bill Gates or Peter Thiel. Those are the people that need to give more all right so. Do you want to get back to that. One percent point yeah sure so I think again. I don't know if this is I've been trying to put my finger on it and Tommy time. If this is strikes true for you I want to say something like Libertarians tend to want to make sure the process is fair whereas progressives want to make sure the outcome is equal. They might call it fair but they really mean equal and so people all of us these types of analyses but like if there's going to be a race libertarians in this analogy would be making sure that everyone's running the actual same length that it's like if it's if if it's a circular track to make sure that the people on the inside are pushed back further and stuff too because you know the circumference is different just to make sure that they're actually running the same hundred heard yards of its one hundred yard dash or whatever and <hes> and also that you know there's not hills and things not holes in place that kind of thing you know to make sure that the fair tax and everyone has a level playing field in one respect whereas progressives are more focused on the outcome and then what the Progressives we'll do though is they'll say well no when we talk about making sure the conditions are fair like if the athletes are all lining up at one guy has much bigger thighs. Will that's not fair. You know so it's it's just a weird thing of where you come in to designate. At what point are we going to say. Okay you know you're competing on the certain thing and yeah you have certain advantages going into it. The procedure itself is fair. It seems to me that's kind of where the where the dispute isn't so at the one percent and all that it's to me yeah. Libertarians <unk> are focused on. How did they get their wealth? That really is important because if they got it unfairly than okay the problem is the fact that they stole tax payers money or that that they relied on government coercion to restrict competition that sort of thing the mere fact that someone has more wealth than somebody else per se does not offend a libertarian at at least vis-a-vis the political philosophy libertarianism that's fine and affect other things equal. You want more people to be wealthy because that can only help I mean it's good for the wealthy people people but also as you said Tom I mean historically speaking wealthy people patronizing so called luxury items that paves the way for those things to become seeming necessities a generation later so I think that's the way you analyze it and in terms of society that yet it's tricky to disentangle if you're gonNA say like I take the the crop of billionaires and how many of them made their money justly. I'm not sure I haven't really looked at by certainly the new billionaires there's people from <hes> tech companies things like that. I mean that's yeah you can make arguments about their certain <hes> interventions that may be kept elevated elevated them or whatnot but when they invent some brand new technology that people didn't even know about in the nineteen seventies it it seems hard to say that that was due to taking from others I mean I saw something a few years ago where they are asking <hes> young people if you could receive a million dollars right now how in exchange for pledging never to use social media or the Internet for the rest of your life. Would you take it in a a large majority said no they would rather be have access just to the Internet and not get this million dollar cash payments so there is a sense in which everybody is a millionaire now just because of the Internet and that stuff doesn't show up in the C._p._i.. Right because it's free and so you know this little things like that that we take for granted and yeah having access to facebook and C in cat videos doesn't really mean that much per se but <hes> there is a sense in which a lot of today's billionaires and certainly multimillionaires yeah. They're creating things avail you and ultimately the reason they're rich is because they're surpassing the market test you know earlier on. I realize if I'd been in cruise mode I had said something about Krugman in his ideology and if we pushed him on his egalitarian Algerian isn't be interesting to see where it would force him to go now. If we'd been in cruise mode I would have said you know where he won't be forced to go and then I would have been a pitch for the contractors but thank goodness do folks. You don't have to endure that for quite some time. Don't do that for quite some time but we are going to tell you about. Are we are in the process of nailing it down for what looks like October of Two Thousand Twenty S. That's a ways off but start thinking about it. Save the date. Get ready to think about your vacation time. We'll give you the exact dates as soon as as we have them but we won't go into crazy promotion mode for a little while which ninety nine percent of you think is funny good. You are natural constituency the one percent who don't now that's the antisocial one percent Bob that right there. They don't laugh at our jokes yeah. It's a in there is an the even distribution and Joe Quality too though so there's that between the hosts. Is that what you're saying between the host yeah okay well. We'll leave the the <hes> the listeners to decide where how that it all shakes out in terms of numbers all right. I think we're going to wrap it up for today. Bob Are we yeah I think so I mean maybe just to mention. <hes> you remember. That was a short story time. That Harrison is a burger in or version pronounce her they Kurt Vonnegut story with the handicapper general you know I'm not wow okay all right. Well I event. It's as there's also an unequal distribution in literacy. Yes among the host so any of that it was just it's this dystopia Sifi the thing where it's a futuristic world and everybody's handicaps attractive women have to wear masks and you know strong people have to carry weights around to handicapped so everybody's equal and my point is that you know that kind of thing you look. Oh yeah that's an exaggeration and so but I mean it really is getting closer to that things that it used to be. Slippery slope arguments that are side made a few decades ago now are becoming reality and again. There's nothing increments column column that would limit it to hypothetical future noon life extension. I mean all medicine is life extension basically or most of it is and so Israeli it's <hes> if prudence column had been written in the year eighteen hundred he would be banning all of the medical advances that were made in the twentieth century and so we don't have much lower life expensive season and yeah in that sense we'd be more equal but is that really a good thing and is that really what deal the conscience of a liberal would have us do well. It's a good question and I think we're this column is helping us to figure out what his answer is and it's chilling folks. That's that's why Contra Entre Krugman is here that is why we are here so check out our show notes page Contra Krugman Dot com slash one ninety eight and then to be the real the ultimate the ultimate fan of Contra Krugman pickup Bob's book over at Contra Krugman Book Dot Com and we will see you next week. Thanks for listening to Contra Krugman subscribe to the show for free on Itunes or Stitcher at Contra Krugman DOT com. You'll also find detailed show. Notes pages are blog log books by Tom and Bob and more at Contra Krugman dot com see you next week like the sound sound contract Krugman our audio production is provided by pods worth media. CHECK THEM OUT AT PODS WORTH DOT COM would show episode thirteen hundred ninety four prepared Serta set fire to the index card of allowable opinion. Your daily dose of Liberty Education starts here the TOM would show <music>. Everybody don't forget my friend Bob. Murphy has an amazing new book where he takes all his critiques of Paul Krugman from over the years all these devastating smashes news and organizers them in one volume according to topic and these are topics you WanNa master and Bob will help make you the master of the universe checking out a Contra Entre Krugman Book Dot Com and I am the narrator of the audiobook version and you can get that for free when you check out the audible offer at Tom Woods Woods audio dot com. I everybody Tom Woods here. Took some time off this weekend while I usually take the weekends off anyway but in particular this weekend because it was amy's thirteenth birthday she's my middle daughter out of the five and we spent a lot of time together and did some fun things so what I'm GonNa do for you folks today rather than again. Leave you orphans here with the podcast is I'm going to share with you a talk from my past now. This one does not have the oh I I don't know the the woods wit that you've come to expect over the years this. This one's very straightforward because I was speaking to a group of retired folks. I believe they were called the Auburn University lifelong learners or something like that and this was back when I lived in Auburn Alabama and I was a resident scholar at the musicians institute and on the side I was giving this little lecture series in American history. Should this group of retirees so I didn't try to do woods humor and I tried to sound as reasonable all as possible so as not scare the way but anyway in this talk. I talk a little bit about what happened. In the nineteen twenties in American history. Just some highlights particularly particularly areas that people don't often get right and one of those areas not not the whole subject of the talk by any means but one of those areas has to do with foreign foreign policy because everybody is under the impression from the Old High School Textbook that the United States was so called isolationist during the nineteen twenties but this is not not true and I give a lot of evidence to show this is not true unless you're defining isolationist in some bizarre way. It certainly does not apply the U._S.. The Nineteen Twenty S. I think it's important to correct that for a number reasons which is one of them is to show how sloppy historians are and how sloppy political commentators today they are that they just thoughtlessly use the word isolationist to refer the nineteen twenties. I think we cannot emphasize enough example after example of this consistent assistant sloppiness in terminology and sloppiness in conceptualization so we're talking about the nineteen twenties talking some domestic stuff some international stuff here in this particular talk much of this material that does not appear in my politically incorrect guide to American history. I did not discuss the foreign policy material the nineteen twenties in that book I had so much I want to talk about in that book but they gave me a strict eighty thousand word word limit. I don't remember if I've told the story on this on the podcast before but they said when I wrote that book eighty thousand words you know so I so I sent them one hundred thousand and I thought they'll be happy. There's twenty thousand words for free for you and they took every one of those words out the one way or another they they surgically removed the twenty thousand extra words above the eighty thousand limit I had been given they showed me. We said eighty thousand that's what we want and it wasn't like they took the lousy parts. They just kind of took arbitrarily. They just took stuff out what you're killing me. This stuff is great so I did use some of that for my. I follow up book thirty-three questions about American history. You're not supposed to ask I did do that anyway. I will link to both of those books at Tom. Woods Dot com slash thirteen ninety four the show notes page. You can get the audio book version of the politically incorrect guide to American history for free with the audible offer you will find at Tom Woods audio dot com all right here. We go okay so today. We're talking about the one thousand nine hundred twenty s domestic and international and I've got some material as I'd like to go over that is in the texts that I'd like to elaborate on some material that's not in the twenty s were inevitably brought face to face with presidents harding harding and coolidge and historians feelings about them and I have a little commentary about that at the beginning of my chapter on the twenties that we always get these polls of historians that presumed tell us who the great presidents were then they try to rank the presidents in order of their greatness and then we're all supposed to accept that and so every so often the American public has to endure another one of these polls of professional historians this practice began in nineteen forty gate with Arthur Schlesinger senior who pulled fifty five historians and publish the results in life magazine and then fourteen years later he did the same thing for the The New York Times magazine then his son Arthur Schlesinger junior published yet another one of these polls in nineteen ninety six and then numerous other such polls polls have appeared C. Span did such a poll the Wall Street Journal did one last year and it just goes on well who comes out on top in these polls and as I said the occasion for bringing bring this up is the low ranking that the president's we're talking about today consistently received well the top three you could probably guess our George Washington Abraham Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt those are always the top three in these polls also toward the top in these polls are these three Theodore Roosevelt Adult Harry Truman and Woodrow Wilson so the Great Presidents are George Washington Abraham Lincoln Franklin Roosevelt so-called near great presidents would include at least least T._R.. Harry Truman and Wilson well. It's not surprising given that we know where what the politics of most historians historians are that president who strengthen the federal government either through new domestic initiatives or through war typically find themselves exalted as guess great whereas those who exercise their power more modestly are relegated to the designation of average or worse Woodrow Wilson once said that the president president quote is at liberty both in law and conscience to be as big a man as he can unquote well if he accepts this invitation the president that President President can expect to be richly rewarded by our court historians. Now there was a time in American history when a powerful presidency was viewed with suspicion rather than held held up as an ideal and I like to quote here if I may the founder and president of this very institute Lou Rockwell who describes the older view view of the president this way he says the president is mostly a figurehead in a symbol almost invisible to myself and my community. He has no public wealth at his disposal he administers administers no regulatory departments he cannot tax us send our children into foreign wars pass out welfare to the rich or the poor appoint judges to take away our rights to self government control central bank that inflates the money supply and brings on the business cycle or change the laws Willy Nilly according to the special interests he likes or seeks to punish likewise elections and election campaigns. We're not the be all and end all of American liberty and again. Lou Rockwell says for those who do not voting do not care about politics in the old view their liberty is secure. They have no access to special rights yet. Their rights to person property and self-government are never in doubt for that reason and for all practical purposes they can forget about the president and for that matter the rest of the federal government might as well not exist people do not pay direct taxes to it. It doesn't tell them how to conduct their lives. It doesn't send them to foreign wars regulate their schools pay their retirement much less employ them to spy on their fellow citizens. The government is almost almost invisible. Well Alexis de Tocqueville who was the nineteenth century's most perceptive foreign observer of the United States observed in the eighteen thirties in some countries a power exists which though it is in a degree foreign to the social body directs it enforces it to pursue a certain track in others the ruling enforces divided being partly within and partly without the ranks of the people but nothing of the kind is to be seen in the United States their society governs itself for itself. The president has but little power little wealth and little glory to share among his friends and his influence in the state is too small for the success or ruin of a faction to depend upon his elevation to power but it doesn't sound like the presidency today needless to say but that was how the presidency was viewed in those days early nineteenth century Bob Higgs one of the great economic historians. We have living said this. The the people who ratified the original constitution never intended the presidency too powerful office spawning quote great men article two sections two to four which enumerate the powers of the president comprised but four paragraphs most of which deal with appointments and minor duties well the twentieth century. This minor position was transformed into a larger life office whose occupant is expected to exude vision leadership and greatness well this this view of the president is what we I would expect to hear and Mussolini's Italy or in any fascist regime where the leader capital is expected to exert bold leadership on behalf of the people. You may consider this to be a cheap shot but I've mentioned in this context that Adolf Hitler once told The New York Times correspondent I have sympathy for Mr Franklin Roosevelt salt because he marches straight toward his objectives over Congress lobbies and bureaucracy Hitler later described himself as the only European leader who expressed quote understanding understanding of the methods and motives of President Roosevelt Unquote the one idea that is absolutely anathema to all such regimes is this society is capable running its own affairs without the paternal custodianship of a great leader and his vision now the historians who were consulted in the rankings <hes> presidential rankings the tell us which presidents were supposed to like conceive of the ideal president is a far seeing demi-god rather than a humble executor of the laws now Theodore Roosevelt is a president. I've written very negatively about in the past he's very very popular among great many Americans on left and right but but I've been very critical of him because I believe he basically was almost single handedly responsible for putting together this new kind of presidency where the people people are are kind of superstitious reverence for the occupant of the presidency and there he is at number four in C. Span's two thousand poll historians that poll ranked the president's on their quote vision on quote setting an agenda other categories included public persuasion crisis this management economic management moral authority international relations administrative skills pursued equal justice for all and so WanNa while there's nothing on there there's no ranking on how faithful was he too the constitution or or traditional American principles and this is the main problem with these polls they take take for granted that there's some objective scientific standard for determining how great a president is but of course there is it to evaluate whether a president is any good it or not you have to have a standard of measurement philosophical moral economic and constitutional prisons what constitutes good economic management a Keynesian CNN's Ian economists will say one thing and a free market economists will say another so how can you in a non ideological way ranked the president's on those grounds or what does equal justice justice for all me well that phrase has changed over time under Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson's philosophy of government. We're talking eighteen thirties now was called Ralph Jacksonian democracy and he used the phrase equal rights but with Jackson meant by equal rights was that nobody gets anything from the government. We are equal in the sense that nobody no big business no lobbyists. Nobody is able to use the coercive arm of the state to exploit his fellow man. That's the sense in which we're equal. Nobody's getting any special privilege. We're today when the phrase equal rights is used nearly always refers to some kind of grant of special privilege so how can it be a constant category for <hes> evaluating the president's the meaning changes over time now Jeff Humble. WHO's a professor on the West Coast has argued that from the point of view of Libertarians of many of whom occupied this building the greatest president in American history was actually Martin Van Buren well some? I'm sure here's some people didn't know Martin. Van Buren was the president but elected in eighteen thirty six van Buren had been vice president for a term under a little over a term under Andrew Jackson Jackson. Another candidate has been proposed the greatest president from a libertarian point of view. I've heard William Henry Harrison only because he died a month after he got an office office. We didn't have a chance to do anything bad so therefore he's the greatest but Martin van Buren has been proposed and Hummel's argument is that Van Buren was was was the best the president because he resolutely supported the free market and the Constitution at a time when every incentive existed for him to do otherwise his his his banking policies introduced what what is arguably the greatest banking system monetary system in the United States has ever had <hes> he also managed to avoid not one to unnecessary wars one with Mexico and one with Britain which is a fact of particular significance when we recall what the founders unders often said about war and its tendency to undermine free societies now where does poor van Buren wind up in the presidential polls well he lacked vision. I suppose is but he kept the country at peace and was resolutely committed to the constitution. Come what may nine hundred forty eight he was number fifteen out of twenty nine Presidents Nineteen Sixty Institute. He was seventeen out of thirty one and in two thousand five he was twenty seven out of forty. One Arthur Schlesinger junior complained that van buren lacked executive energy energy another historian described Van Buren inaugural address as quote essentially a charter for inaction well. I hardly need to point out to you that those are bad things to the official historians who rank our presidents for us now the consistently low rankings of presidents like ulysses grant or president we discussed today today. Warren harding are due in part of the corruption associated with their administrations now to a certain degree. That's all well and good but what is the Teapot Dome Scandal compared to Woodrow Wilson's catastrophic decision in the face of strong popular opposition to involve the United States in World War One a horrific conflict at the very least Wilson's decision it has been argued pave the way for the ultra nationalistic policies of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis who protested punitive Riverside Treaty that the allies would never have been in a position to impose without American Assistance Wilson is consistently ranked among America's best presidents forget the a foreign policy disasters he was responsible for the historians hold seem to be saying and forget the American deaths has decisions caused the man had vision well this brings us to the twenties and harding and Coolidge because what we'll find is although they did do more domestically than people realize in terms of building up government the fact is that they were by twentieth century standards relatively inactive and they're therefore we're supposed to hate them and rank of low of but again that's an ideological judgment okay if you want to decide which which are the best presidents you have to decide that on the basis of your own views and what these people did when they were in office and whether or not they conform to your views well. There's a lot <unk> scandal-mongering we could talk about with with harding official scandals and personal scandals but I hate to being a scandal monger the guy's dead now I mean as it is. I already condemned him in the book so let's not dwell on that too long. It is interesting to know that on two occasions when he confronted people who had been and engaged in corrupt behavior under his presidency people went and committed suicide after confrontations reputations with with harding so apparently he could be quite rough on people apparently but what I wanNA point out a focus on instead is one in fact he did what what he did do economically so I want to focus on the tax policies of the twenties because they are they are worth revisiting. I mean it seems like nothing could be less relevant than the tax policy also twenty s but let's remember that during World War One the top income tax rate had been increased from seven percent to seventy three percent now I've got I've got students in an online course that I teach and they they're always flattering themselves about how wise they all are and they're saying they were saying at one point. Well we know that in our country we would never tolerate tax rates of fifty or sixty percent of course we would and I said not only would you but you did for for many years in American history that rates were very very high. I gave the example of in Britain. The talk rate at one point was ninety five percent. That was a democracy ninety. Five percent was the top rate which is why in the song taxman George Harrison says of the tax man. He's he's putting himself in his shoes. There's one for you nineteen for me. That's a ninety five percent rate. See how these very high rates coming in because of the war well. After the war is over national you would expect the rates to come down and they do come down in the twenties but as I suggested last time as tends to happen in emergencies they never quite come down down to the level where where they were before the emergency. They never come back down to seven. That'll never happen again. I can say with absolute certainty that never in my lifetime the top rate ever ever be seven percent again but did come down substantially in the twenties and why is that it has a lot to do with Secretary of the Treasury Andrew Mellon because he was noting that we had more and more millionaires millionare's in America and a lot of wealthy people but yet you didn't have a lot of investment going on a lot of business activity. It seemed to be seem not to make sense. Why should that be be wide? We see people doing well but yet we don't see enough business expansion going on and he concluded that it was the tax rates. Were too high that if I start off something succeed then I get to keep twenty seven cents on the dollar and seventy three will be taken away. If I fail I lose the whole doll well who who in his right mind would would would consider those to be good odds so mellon was of the opinion. The tax rates were so high they were actually stifling business activity that what businesses individuals digitals we're typically doing was instead of using their funds to open up businesses and get people working. They were taking their money and putting it in state local municipal Oh bonds because they were non-taxable so states and localities were awash with cash for they had enough baseball stadium so last eighty years they didn't know what to do with all the all the money but meanwhile the private sector was starved for capital so what could be done so mellon believe that if the rate were lowered people would be more willing to expose their income taxation than they are now because now that now they only get twenty seven cents on the dollar. There's no point in doing it but if we make their reward greater if we lower the rate but then it's it's worth taking your money and putting it into a business venture so that was his proposal that was in fact what was happening now. This may sound a little familiar <hes> it sounds familiar to you may sound like something out of the Reagan years it worked better in the twenties than it did in the Reagan years but basically what what's being. 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Former vice president Joe Biden claims he's feeling pretty good. After last night's presidential debate I was a little surprised at how much comey was about Barack about the president in it kind of surprised me <hes> the degree the criticism Biden also accused the president of turning things upside down in the past last couple of years and criticised rivals going back twenty or thirty years to find things to attack him on a grand jury has not yet heard the manslaughter case against the dead whose twin babies Abe's died after he left them in a hot car all day. One Rodriguez appeared in a Bronx Criminal Court for a brief hearing in which prosecutors told the judge they're at there has been no grand jury reaction taken at this time Rodriguez out on one hundred thousand dollars bail and remains charged with two counts of manslaughter and to Council of criminally negligent homicide kids in cars dot org director Amber Rowan shares with Fox News some tips on how you can prevent these sorts of tragedies so a lot of times these tragedies happen when there's a miscommunication between two parents or to adults and so you want to literally verbally announce who is getting each child out of the vehicle and then you also want to do that. Look look before you lock and check once. Everybody's out to make sure if your child goes to any type of child care facility home daycare if you take them to grandma to watch them them you know during the day you WanNa make policy with that person that they would call you immediately if your child didn't show up as planned for U._S._A.. Radio news I'm Timberg. Do you use the blue pill to charge your sex life. Have you been thinking about trying blue pill. What if we can promise you the same results for less than three dollars a pill if you're paying twenty dollars a pill for the other pills you're getting taken to the cleaners? Our pill delivers deliver the exact same results for less than three dollars. We'll do the math for you. You'll save more than sixteen dollars. A Pill for the same results want more. We'll give you forty blue pills or forty yellow pills for ninety nine dollars and add four more pills free. You save more than five hundred dollars. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know what to do next you. 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Pacific one eastern Lotta News to get into here today and unfortunately literally right as we were going on the air the news that Harley race as passed away being reported all over the Internet Harley race one of the one of the all time legendary hall of famers in this business multi time N._W._e._a.. World heavyweight champion he was a trainer. He was one of the toughest guys in wrestling in that era and Dave meltzer is going to be joining joining us in the second segment of the show will talk all about life and times of Harley race. He was inducted into the W._W._e.. Hall of fame the N._W._e._a.. WWL Hall of fame the professional wrestling hall of fame the Wrestling Observer Hall of fame one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. If you have memories of Harley race welcome they give us a call here today on the show eight four four four eleven four eleven is the phone number that is eight four four four eleven at five four eleven. You can send your text messages to two four five seven eight zero seven five six six. There's all sorts of stuff up on the W network with Harley race if you WANNA see some of his championship matches which is titled Changes With Ric Flair and others. It's all up there on the W network my presumption is we'll have a lot of stuff on Harley race on W._B._Z.. Programming Ming over the next week or so it'd be stunned if we did not and obviously a lot to talk about on wrestling observer dot com as well so more Harley race coming up later on in the program today also everything that's going on in wrestling the announcement will has not been officially announced but it does appear that the MS Indulge Ziegler not taking place because Goldberg will be facing dolls ziglar at Summer Slam we got more on the all out show coming up the G. One ratings games and so much more and we will kick it off after the break wrestling observer live <music> walgreens. 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Go items plus free returns now at alko stores calls ten fifty offer valid August second through Eighteenth Promo Code bt S. ten some exclusions apply see store across dot com for details you were listening to wrestling observer live with Bryan Alvarez Simple Vivey view on the sports byline broadcasting network the show right Alvarez here wrestling observer live makes them via also wrestling observer dot com as noted the opening segment literally right as we were going on the air. We got word Harley race. The all time greats in professional wrestling passed away away apparently today have a lot of details have been reported that he was battling lung cancer although others had denied that and he'd been hospitalized realized of late and there was a report coming out of that hospital hospitalization that did not sound great and today it appears that he passed away a believer earlier today. We'll get more details here as the day goes on they meltzer joining us in the second segment of the show talk more about Harley race says no the opening segment all time all time legend professional wrestling hall of Famer in every hall of fame that has a hall of fame and Multi Time N._W._e._a.. Champion worked for the Awa W._C._W.. W._W._f.. He had been promoting his own organization up until I believe a year or two ago <hes> he had still been doing that and trained all sorts of people and I don't even know what else say about Harley race but Mike any thoughts on the king a hall of Famers <hes> Hall of Famer he really is <hes> <hes> started his career <hes> driving around Happy Humphrey one of the original fatman seven hundred pound happy Humphrey <hes> and you know even before that the story a Harley race that the legendary tough guy he was expelled from school for knocking out the principal principal who tried to break up a fight which is how he ended up getting interesting anyway <hes> badgered the the VISCO brothers the originals viscose now Larry's visco oh but Stanislas Bisco and and started working for them ended up doing more work on the farm for them then he really actually did any wrestling training ends hooking up with Gus Karras who's a name that historians would know <hes> for his work in the central states area and being a promoter there and and the story of Harley race and I'm sure Dave will tell the story. You're probably going to hear a lot of people tell the story and I'm not sure how many people know it of harleys career almost never got started because it at the age of eighteen he was working and I think it was in Tennessee and he got into a car accident accident but tragic car accident he killed his first wife and it was so bad that he almost lost his leg and doctors were going to amputate the leg and Karras had rushed to the hospital and if it was not for him stopping doctors from cutting off Harley race's leg the the entire course of wrestling history would have changed and he did not get back into the ring. That's a badly he was hurt. He did not get back into the ring until nineteen sixty four when he went to Amarillo to work for the funk family and I believe it was there that he hooked up with her <hes> Larry Haning and which then of course led to his run in the AWA and that run <hes> as pretty boy Harley race and and and handing and race and being called all the Dolly sisters by the Bruiser and crusher that started off everything and then of course that leads to the legendary run in the end of U._A.. Because of his reputation that he had already built or he ended up being the stopgap measure between Dory funk junior and Jack Brisco when funk either her got into a wreck on the ranch and hurt himself or just did not want to give up the title on that day to Jack Brisco they made sure he was going to give up the title when he was quote unquote cleared to come back by putting Harley race in the ring with him and that started off his eight time rain as N._W._e._a.. U._A. Champion and that of course legendary in itself and you're GonNa hear a lot of tributes you're gonNA hear a lot about Harley race and he deserves every single one of them and probably more of them so very very sad situation he had been very sick for a long time he had been running. <hes> W L W <hes> which was his training center in. I believe I can't remember exactly where it was. It was somewhere in Missouri out there Eldon Missouri. I believe that it was does he had a deal with no of the promotion gain some traction when Noah was blowing up and where she moves coming over here to the United States <hes> that was probably probably the peak of Harley to my knowledge Kinda cranking guys Trevor Murdoch being one of those guys Harley Love Trevor Murdoch <hes> he was one of those guys that he came out of there and there were a few others as well too but they did have a nice alliance. No of that ended up seeing to cash more SHEMA. I believe when he was still global. Honored Crown Champion come over and work in Eldon Missouri and Harley was an integral part of him getting a couple of W._W._e.. Tryout matches. I think on Youtube <hes> those matches catches are available where you get more Sheba coming out if I'm not mistaken using a earthquakes music or something like that I believe that's what it was but regardless just an absolute all time legend and I mean again. You've never heard he almost everything said about Harley race. Ace is in complete superlatives of of how great he was how tough he was how fast he drove. You never hear anybody really say how big of a bastard he was or anything. I like that almost all of the stories are positive and man. There's GonNa be a ton of them that come out from his visual twitter account today. At twelve fifty. We lost a man that fought up up till the very last of his existence more information will be released soon but just know that he loved pro wrestling and the fans that loved him Harley race. We love you spurs near says recipe's Harley. My favorite memory of him is of course he stark eighty-three when he wrestled ric flair in that cage match for the N._W._e._a.. World heavyweight title will an all time wrestling legend Spurs near says January twenty four and nineteen eighty one the final Roy Shire card at the cow palace final match <unk> Harley Race Pat Patterson and wwl world title double disqualification and he adds. I'm certain Dave Meltzer was their arrest will champ champs so we'll talk to Dave in the next segment of the about the life and times of Harley race when I mentioned since we talked about ended on observer radio yesterday. It does look to be official that the summer slam match is in fact Dolf Ziglar versus his Goldberg Not Delves Ziglar versus the MS Goldberg is coming back and as I had speculated which somehow turned into news from Dave. I don't even know how Goldberg is avenging his performance against the undertaker and he's going to come back here and he's going to Probably Destroy Detroit Dope Ziegler in about thirty seconds and is going to be an old Goldberg match our guests. I don't think they're gonNA go eight minutes. I could be wrong. I don't know what they're going to do but I wouldn't be surprised. Let's just put it this way. I don't think that this is Goldberg's last match. I also don't think Goldberg is going to be a regular but but I do think that you're going to be seeing Goldberg every now and then show up and massacre somebody who's not really doing much and sending everybody home happy so so that appears to be the match for summer slam good that was a baffling story and this is nothing against you but the first thing that I thought of when he started to incorporate Goldberg's name mm-hmm was he was going to face covert for two reasons the biggest one being I think Gobert wants to get the taste of Saudi Arabia out of his mouth and never see everything that it went sideways in the in the goal in the undertaker match but also because we know Shawn Michaels really doesn't WanNa Russell. We've seen that and yes he t he took the super kick and okay that was that he added Mick Foley's name which I took his like. Some sort of you know. <hes> salt in the is there is a distraction. He was already laid out by the fiend. We already saw that. The Goalpara thing just made sense and I am. I think most baffled by the guy or whoever it was from W._w._f.. Were W._W._e.. The call Dave and was like I can't believe you crack the code. Look I mean are they that Yes yes. I guess they are. They have their head in the sand that much I guess as far as like what they think they're doing is just like such incredibly high drama in just so oh baffling for everybody to to comprehend will in some ways it is actually baffling to comprehend because that seemed like the most obvious match especially for a guy like dolf ziglar who well dude he may be this is only back there in the first place because they needed somebody to go to Saudi Arabian owns wouldn't go duty mentioned his name three straight interviews I mean how could you not think that was a possibility like how can you be surprised if someone you knew it's not going to be Sean if it's not going to be the MS that left seth rollins Ain't GonNa be Seth Rollins. The already has a match exact exact and it's not going to be Mick Foley because he can't get cleared. I mean this is not like strong. Detective Work here. I mean they congratulations on your sleuth Luth work there but then again I I just. I don't know I'm amazed by W._W._e.. Sometimes they're really back in the day. A wrestling observer live attention to anyone. That's written a book a wants to write a book. The process is not not that complicated. Take a first step. Even if you write a page a day you build momentum and your book will become a reality. The hard part is getting it published. That's when you need to call page publishing. They've got hundreds and hundreds of thank yous from different new authors just like you they make the process of publishing in your new book and getting it sold online a simple process. 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Somebody texted this January twenty four nineteen eighty-one Final Roy Shire car to the cow palace final. They'll match Harley race. Pat Patterson says I'm certain Dave Meltzer was there. I was there believes may have been a count out in knotty double D Q.. What do you remember that match? I think it was double. Count out yeah yeah I mean it was a really good match. It was you know Patterson and just won the battle royal earlier in the show <hes> to get the championship match and yeah it was the last we didn't know if the last card were Shire was going to promote because they announced a new date you know and the new television was off the air and and and it was done because he didn't want to fight vern Gonyea who had come into territory starting to run at Better T._V. and access to bigger stars so so <hes> yeah that would have been the last match that <hes> Shire promoted it was very good match tells about the life of Harley race all time same hall of Famer. Oh are they race when grace of all time for sure <hes> there's so much to be said he was a you know was known as a tough guy I tough streetfighter. He started around progressing at the age of fifteen. He was like <hes> he used to work on the farm of Stanislau SA- Bisco <hes> who was like a legendary wrestler in at the turn of the century and <hes> was probably in the ring you know as a teenager for sure and was a big star. He was warning forty three so he was a star by the age of about ninety nine I think and <hes> get a big run when he was in his early twenties. In the Awa Larry Hennig the they were nicknamed the Dolly Sisters they were the world champions and their feud with bruiser and crusher sure really helped with the AWA on the math and made the Awa tag team title and do you know what for years was considered the number one tag team title in pro wrestling and then after after leaving the Awa he went back home to the central states he bought into promotion. He was the biggest star there was a headliner for years fifteen seventeen years in St Louis <hes> which was you know prior to top wrestling city in the country at the time and then got his first world title and Seventy Three Being Dory refund junior which was quite the story because <hes> Dory was supposed to lose to Jack Brisco. There was the ranch accident just days before the match everyone I'm skeptical when you sit there and it was real or not and they didn't really trust the funks in N._W._e._a.. was falling apart in some ways and <hes> the funks greatly respected race everyone did and so the Act Vince so mad that he attacked race which didn't go well for the bathroom heard that the story goes that he rushed race and tried to tackle him in Mount Him and race reversed him and just Kinda let let him go and that was it <hes> in the bathroom of all places and that's how the story goes anyway <hes> but race race was an old time guy. You know I mean sure he was a real life streetfighter. <hes> who you know everybody respected and Kinda like if there was a problem you called Harley to settle the problem so you know if somebody was acting up in a bar and Harley was there. The guy usually ended up getting his head split open and <hes> because he was you know if someone was a nuisance race race was the guy to quell the nuisance <hes> you know and even stabbed and everything like that. He was in a horrible car accident. Wife died in a car accident when he was like Smith's teams. I think eighteen yeah very early in his career <hes> in his career and they thought his career was over that that point you know ended Rushland for the next thirty years so even after he was attacked by Vince McMahon he still came in three years later the money at that point. They didn't trust him. 'cause there was a situation I think you know it one of these Hogan story so you never know but but I had heard the story when it happened a and not from Hogan but <hes> they had come to <hes>. I think it was probably Kansas City runner show W._f._A._N.. Harley went to the show and he was the opposite promoter promoter of the local promotion and story is that he pulled a gun on Hulk Hogan and scared whole Kokin to death. <hes> you know like you guys shouldn't be here. This is my territory toyed. That was kind of like the mentality at the time but like a year or two later <hes> you know the company lost so much money and Harley went to ends and said you know <hes>. Can I come. I'm in and of course he was a superstar brought him in but they didn't trust him against like they could have gone in with Harley race in Hogan right away and certain parts of the country that it would have been like a dream match but eating with it right away because they were he didn't fully trust Harley when they finally went Hogan finally trusted Harley they worked and they worked everywhere right and Ho can beat them everywhere. It was not as big a program as they had hoped or especially St Louis and Kansas City 'cause really harleys or had had dropped by by the time this was like eighty six. <hes> you know a few years earlier I think Hogan and Harley would have been amazed. They really didn't <hes> but yeah yeah it was that was quite the story to mice couple more quick one. I would have a couple of areas with the one I'd say is I guess put a little capsule on the story of of Harley and Jerry lawler when he actually became the king and how much controversy that stirred up and how much of a headache you was. I guess for the W._W._f.. Trying to run in Tennessee where he couldn't be again yeah <hes> they he'd he'd won this <hes> King of the Ring Tournament and they named him that the king they wanted to give him a monitor her and actually I mean the funny thing is is <hes> Harley took it. It's like a big compliment king of wrestling but when they did it and no one few you people know it but it was told me he was actually to make fun of him because he took hardly took being the best restaurant in the world. Seriously I'll always remember the story and Ribera Steakhouse in Vakulenko. Go you know had had told me and showed it to me there. Was this this. I don't think it's there anymore but in the eighties when I went there in nineteen where I remember it <hes> there's this poster this not poster put a framed photo and it's Harley Race Nick Baugh clinical each with their belts and end up about Awa belt and and it's <hes> <music> Harley signs it <hes> Harley race six time real R. E. A. L. Capital letters exclamation point world champion and the Knicks Stein's is Nick clincal semi real world champion so Harley Yeah hardly took that world title very very seriously <hes> so <hes> you know best wrestler on God's Green Earth that's right greatest restaurant God's green earth that was his nickname yeah that he gave himself so they made him the king of the ring and then so then Tennessee and see story is Jerry lawler had trademarked the king in Tennessee so they actually had a court fight and Jerry lawler one so in that Karen when Harley race worked in that area King Harley race because Jerry lawler David WanNa thanks so much noon the show. 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The death of Harley Race Goldberg smackdown ratings dirty one talk about eight four four four eleven five four actually know what could take calls today you want to text us four to five seven eight zero seven five six six text messages only today four to five seven eight zero seven five six six a fine and text. I just got here Brian. You're the best there ever was a thank. You very much actually ain't sweat. I did make that one. I never make him up those funny. This great texts actually says what's dumber Vince trying to take out Harley race or trying to take down on Kurt Angle on an airplane answer is simple like I said this was a great tax but it's a stupid question. It's much much dumber to try to attack Harley race because when you're on an airplane with Kurt Angle what happened was they just decided that they were going to have like a a little competition and they were playing playing around and Vince was trying to take down Kurt Angle and clearly he failed and obviously like Kurt snuck into hurt the guy he's just GonNa win and and they'll have a laugh about it in a drink and everything's fine trying to attack Harley race not a game just being very upset and and going after the guy. I mean you're asking for it. If you end up in the hospital that's on you dude so yes much much dumber to attack Harley race out of anger then to play a game with Kurt Angle and angle even said that you know you got a new what that was with race. It was yeah it was it was either the elevator of the bathroom and it was the bathroom where he'd spurned him. Because the star cade you look at the original star Kay Promo two or the original program INA Hulk Hogan is listed in there against Wa who mcdaniel I think for the southern title or whatever it was they were doing at the time so you know that was November. <hes> that was Thanksgiving is when stark eighty three was an hogan when was gone. I think that wrestling at the chase taping which was right in Harley races the heart of the N._W._e._a.. The heart of Harley races entire wrestling wrestling world literally in that he lived in promoted and had a cut there as well to <hes> you know right there only a month later so in everything was going really fast and Vince was certainly on edge as it started to expand in. He knew it was going to be a big deal in yeah you figure getting Harley Race Ace was gonna be a massive coup and Vince you know hates being sperm into go after them and try to double leg. was I mean it's just one of those insane only wrestling only vince in in wrestling type of stories that really is just absolutely nuts. This right here is well what happened demanding. Sonya's title match during a title match was supposed to happen on smackdown. It didn't happen. I mentioned this yesterday. They did eight W._B._Z.. Dot Com exclusive where so who wasn't it was <hes> Billy K. claimed she had puppy fever and just think about how we started this show talking about the legend of Harley race and I'm talking about this Billy K had puppy fever so they couldn't wrestle and when they walked off they were being stared down by Mandy Sonia and the Kabuki Gooky warriors and the plan right now probably at summer slam is going to do a four way with those three teams and Alexa and Nicky Cross so that's that's what's going on there. Percents is still going to come out with a belt aren't they. I hope not I site dallied Elliot. Listen listen all I know. Is this okay. All I know. Actually I don't even know I shouldn't even bother seeing the original idea for the match worthy iconic defended the titles was it was going to be like between thirty seconds in like a minute or something like that so that tells me they probably weren't winning now between now in Summer Slam. I mean what I heard. That idea wasn't wasn't even four way so I mean they've already changed the plans but I mean I. I suppose they could walk out of it with titles it stupid. They need to get the titles in a team. That's GonNa work work and can have good matches and isn't just a gimmick but we'll see the Kabuki warriors need to work with Sonia in Mandy Sonia and Mandy. You are a big future of W._W._e.. I believe that I think you've given their druthers. They're going to be there for a very long time. They're going to be featured very well if they can come around and be good even if they don't become. I'm good enough during its W._W._e.. But it'll help him immensely who better to work with them than than obviously Cardi saying who has worked with twelve year olds in stardom and and the <hes> Kana or Oscar who is one of the best women's professional wrestlers in the world <hes> that to me is the absolute no brainer and I can understand somebody saying well. They should work with the iconic to the. Let's not worry about that. Let's sporting swearing in focus on me. Sonia and I'd be very happy with that kind of feud. I really would be this person year. Says is the AWA television show going to be the road to series or being elite well first off. Listen everybody. No one knows what the T._V. is going to be like until the T._v.. App I hope it's a wrestling sling. Show would be awesome but but if you ask me it is going to be more like the road to series than it will be to being the elite elite being the elite is exceedingly wacky. It is directed towards a very very specific audience and and they know that when they go on T._N._T.. They need to attract a casual audience on top of the people that are already go watch the show if they do if they do being the elite they're going to get there three hundred thousand viewers or whatever and and the rest of the people that tune in for the first time we're going to be befuddled I think if they do the show like this road to series I watched the one yesterday with Shawn Shawn Spears and Tilly Blanchard and cody during the contract signing <hes> listen. If I went up to my wife life and I said I'm GonNa show you something okay. Let me know if you're interested in what's to come and I showed her being the elite or I showed her the road two all out okay. She's GonNa be way more into the road to all out then she is being. She's not GonNa have any idea what's going on with being the elite. There's going to be a lot out of comedy. That goes straight overhead the row to series. It's so simple you can show it to anybody. You can show it to somebody who understands wrestling. You chose somebody who doesn't understand in wrestling and they're gonna get what's going on. There's this guy cody. He's training very hard for a match. There's this other Guy Shawn Spears with slimy manager. They're all there for contract-signing and cody walks in he signs a thing and he walks out. It's it's it was the production is spectacular. It's it feels real. Will they shoot it like it's something that you would see on e._S._p._N.. Maybe not the contract signing part but the the people looking at the camera talking about being the lawyer and everything like that I mean I think that's going to be more like what you're gonNA. See on the show. You're going to see a little bit of Wacky as here and there. They're going to try a lot of different things. That is one thing that I can tell you for a fact okay. They are not going to go in there and do a bunch of stuff where it's like well. We know that like the smart fans are GonNa like like this and what they're gonNA do is. We're GONNA try a bunch of stuff. Some of the stuff is going to work. It's going to work great some of the stuff. The Librarian is GonNa flop and the whole key is are they going to be able to get rid of the stuff that sucks and push the stuff. That is a success. I think they're going to do far better job than W E does because w doesn't care they just do what they want one way or the other I e w going to be a little bit different in that if the library doesn't get over it ain't going to do it anymore. This sort of that. That's what that's what you can expect to see on the television show some of the stuff you're gonna like AAC and some of the stuff you're gonNA hate adding that. They're just going to be trying things. We'll see what will you do. This is not rocket science. It's to our wrestling show it shouldn't be that damn difficult and all they have to do from being the elite is giving the best of give you the easiest thing for a non <hes> b. t. e. fan or at least what they perceive a non being the elite Fan what they would like give them a little bit of that make the rest of it'd be wrestling sling and everything should really take care of itself. You have enough wacky characters. You have enough things that you need to establish on that. Show with traditional shnell pro wrestling means at least at first it's if they there's no reason and I trust with some of the people that they have there. I am trusting in that. When it comes to the production of this television show I mean I I the thought of it being like being the lead for the whole thing that that's even something something that anybody would want or think is a good idea? I mean you could say maybe time has passed me by. I just think it's incredibly stupid and short sighted. I can't hand and there are people out there that think the show should be more of that than anything in with all due respect. That's such a Vince Russo level way need to look at things I it really is. I mean if that's what people really want. I at eight W I mean I just I don't know we're we're just not even playing the same game here. This person year says I cut up on smackdown last night. I absolutely loved the story line between Kofi and Randy Orton. The video package was excellent. Let me say something about debit me here too because everyone's talking about the road to all out which was excellent. Tell me is perfectly capable of doing doing stuff just as good maybe even better. They've got if you look at every single person that they have on each roster like A._W._s.. Has It's a great roster but W._B._Z.'s roster if you consider like everybody in developmental everybody on the main Rosser everybody they have in the U._k.. Everybody they have under contract. They have the greatest greatest roster in the history of wrestling ever anywhere in the world. Okay thanks. They have a tremendous production team okay but they don't what do that you've here. Let me tell you something that Randy Orton Kofi Kingston thing was awesome and I was doing the filthy not show yesterday and I was so excited to talk about it. Tom Goes Watch. It sounds like what and the reality is. They do so many generic nothing happening by the numbers boring video packages that he saw that reindeer Jordan was going to be talking about Kofi Kingston and he skipped it okay and to be honest. You can't blame the guy right but I watched it. I watched it and it was awesome and it reminded me of all of the great things that they do on the w network ever watched those w twenty four episodes roads even watch the documentaries they put together and the W._b.. Network they're phenomenal and I always hear from people in W._W._e.. And they're there you know they understand the problems inevitably okay some of them. You think we're negative about me. I mean you talk some the people that actually work there anyway. The point of this is like there are people there who who you know they they are me they work for me. They want me to succeed and there's part of the deal with a W. or they're like man. I can't believe that like you know people are into this or whatever Blah Blah Blah and they they point out all of this great thing on these great things that produces and you're right but all that stuff is on the W._W._e.. Network it is almost never in the body of the show and most people are only watching raw or smackdown and a small number of those people to watch Ron smackdown watch and exte- they don't even know the stuff exists like this stuff that you guys can do needs to be done on raw and smackdown and let me tell you something if aid w view kind of starts to take off utilizing this stuff like all I can hope is it w Egos Dude. We need to put some of this stuff that we do on TV T._v.. Then we're talking about something then we're talking about competition making everybody better but if you leave this stuff on the network and just have a bunch of boxes falling on Roman raids with eighty-five camera cuts on smackdown things ain't going to get better back in a moment of silver life and not too long ago. It felt good to withdraw your cash from the bank. 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You're listening to wrestling observer live with Bryan Alvarez and Mike Semper V._p.. On the sports byline aligned broadcasting network back in the show Brian Elber is year Wrestling Observer Live makes them proverbial wrestling observer dot com it is personnel here says cody said on busted open radio that he wants to serve the hardcore Awa fans before worrying about attracting new casual fans. We'll see what happens when they run television. Cody says a lot doesn't yes they. They will be attracting. They will be doing what they can to attract new casual fans. They will not be doing being the lead on T._N._T.. Also said they were going to have a mid south. A sporting fields so cody is going to say a lot in the lead up to this show so maybe maybe and I don't know if anybody knows this. The son of Dusty Rhodes boots they a lot of things too. Let's just take a couple of things with a grain of salt and Jessie. What's put on that screen because that's all that's going to matter at the end of the day no matter what they say about anything says you think they should have waited until the first smackdown on Fox for dull versus Goldberg? Well listen like I said. I don't think his last year to see if Goldberg I don't think he's decided like and I'm GonNa do one match to redeem myself for the undertaker match and I'm done like if you're Bill Goldberg and you're being offered and I'm not going to say if you're being offered a lot of money to like show up looking like Goldberg and Squash Dude in Old Goldberg W._C._W.. Squash match like why wouldn't you do this forever long as you can. There could be another name maybe that he's going to destroy them smackdown. I mean he's got two months just to get ready after he destroys ziglar so maybe they'll be a bigger name distance to. I don't know I don't know what they have planned but this is what they wanted to do for summer slam win. They're GONNA do what time everybody back tomorrow with more always callers listeners every the studio toxic next time wrestling observer live you're listening listening to the heartland news feed ready nip work at live dot heartland use fee dot com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by by US follow us on facebook twitter and INSTAGRAM's service killing newscasts for Thursday August first twenty nineteen. I'm Mike Clifford night. Two of the democratic debates includes hecklers demanding police accountability also on our Thursday rundown. Komo urged that New York have access to all renewable energy sources plus a B._l._m.. Plan could open up central Montana to oil and gas drilling topping our news hecklers shouting fire Pantaleo interrupted both Mayor Bill De Blasio and New Jersey Senator Corey Booker during last night's democratic debate that from the New York Post their report one protester could be heard chiming in during the Blasios. How's your opening statement calling onto blazing Oh to Health says the program gives employers agencies a chance to think outside the box in the current marketplace to find solutions that fit the needs of those workers workers up and down our valley who are really the economic driver for tourism and for hospitality and for all the other services shallow says is the program is not meant to be a substitute for major medical coverage but it can reduce the cost of preventative care which can lead to fewer sick days improved productivity and employee engagement engagement and Retention Mountain Health is one of a number of federally qualified health centers across the nation piloting membership programs in an effort to get more uninsured workers access. Take care. I'm Eric Gladys coverage for a worker their spouse and a child will cost less than three hundred dollars a month and the most recent surveys the living conditions inside some Illinois correctional facilities reveal some troubling findings John Howard Association routinely visits prisons in the state to monitor conditions of confinement policies and practices and the first half of the year nearly four thousand surveys where collected from people locked up in seven different prisons and the organization's Executive Director Jennifer Volun- cats says many of the state's correctional facilities were constructed decades. If not centuries ago and lack the resources needed needed to maintain structures of that age their issues with simulation with leaking with rodents. We can see when revisit that things are just crumbling around people. That's that's a really unsafe and difficult way to live it just fuels the level of inhumane conditions that people are being subjected to the servers were added to the data set from two thousand the eighteen which now totals more than thirteen thousand seventy five percent of respondents said broken infrastructure is not repaired in a timely manner sixty six percent reported inadequate inadequate ventilation and sixty two percent indicated. The temperature is uncomfortable. Bowen Cat says the Illinois Department of Corrections has not commented on the survey results Mary Chairman Reporting Back in twenty eighteen. That organization started staff surveys at the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice's five Saudis finally a resource is Management Plan for Central Montana is drawing ire from conservation groups as well as former public land's officials calling it a sell off to the oil and Gas Industry Eric Teknaf explains the Bureau of Land Management released a draft plan for six hundred fifty thousand acres of land overseas stretching from the Missouri breaks to the Rocky Mountain Front despite the Lewistown Field Offices preference that two hundred thousand acres be given special environmental protections. The agency has recommended protecting zero acres. There's head of Montana Wildlife Federation. Dave Chadwick says B._l._M.'s preferred alternative would open up roughly ninety five percent of the area to development oil and gas drilling road construction construction all kinds of other development that will essentially close off public access fragment wildlife habitat and have a real long term impact on hunting and fishing Asian opportunity and really the local economies of communities that depend on hunting activity in the area a draft proposal is also off of Elam lands near Missoula that similarly recommends protecting zero acres for the special wilderness characteristics the public comment period for that plan also ends August Fifteenth Fifteenth by Clifford for Public News Service. We are member endless too supportive and we are aligned at Public Do Service Dot O._R._G.. Here comes again lunch. Will it be the same old same old or are you ready to take a vacation from the ordinary with the new Jamaican Jerk Turkey sub at firehouse subs freshly sliced. I smoked Turkey breast crave ably sweet mustard sauce and a hint of Caribbean seasoning just five fifty five for medium save time order the new Jamaican Jerk Turkey sub on the firehouse subs ZAP firehouse subs enjoy more subs save more lives participating locations limited time only plus tax prices may vary delivery and listen to man. That's about to say it. Yeah let everybody listen the U._S._A.. Radio network presents the greatest radio programs of all time the C._B._S.. Radio Workshop dedicated to man's imagination the theater of the mind and this is classic Radio Theatre want to get away from it all the F._B._i.. In peace and war McGee the unexpected the unexpected the unexpected now. Here's your host what talks the evening friend crime drama on this Thursday Broadway is my beat starring Larry Thor as it was broadcast sixty five five years ago today July Twenty Fifth Nineteen fifty four and we thank you for tuning in and joining us on this Thursday the the twenty fifth day of July the two hundred six day of twenty nine thousand nine hundred one hundred fifty nine days remaining until we get to twenty twenty the first milling million selling record in history was hit on this date in one thousand nine hundred forty two song. You've probably we never heard Ella Mae Morse with the cow cow boogie News on yourself. They better cowboy riding the range one day job long. I'm saying almost thick you cowboy song. It was the ditty in the city. I got ta get along Little Doggies. Get along along better be on you. Get little doggies any truck them on down the fairway. Ah Ella Mae Morse the cow cow boogie with Freddie slack's band became the first million selling selling record in history on this date in nineteen forty two at club five hundred in Atlantic City New Jersey on this date in one thousand nine hundred forty six a new new comedy team formed a very fine singer and a slapstick comedian Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Jerry and I don't tell me that you're the one the police are after yes. They think I'm crazy. I just escape from the hatchet me. That's a prison full of women the women then I must be great. I don't get this at all. What were you sent to prison for and I play reckless driving? I got six months for driving a white line. Wait a minute. You can't get six months but drive across the white line on a tennis court really funny team. Dean Martin Jerry Lewis they went their own ways and both had quite amazing careers careers but they teamed up for the first time on this date in Atlantic City in nineteen forty six on that same date the U._S. tested the first underwater atomic. Mike bomb at Bikini Atoll in the Pacific in one thousand nine hundred eighty two Puerto Rico became a Commonwealth of the United States in nineteen fifty sixty Italian liner Andrea Andrea Doria sank after colliding with the Swedish ship Stockholm of the New England coast to one people killed was on this date in nineteen in sixty nine. President Nixon declared the Nixon doctrine stating the U._S.. Now expected its Asian allies to take care of their own military defense events before any American troops were committed to Vietnam. A leader of another Asian country expressed this opinion to me when I was traveling in Asia as a private citizen. He said when you were trying to assist another nation defendants freedom U._S.. Policy should be to help help them fight the war but not the fight the war for them in accordance with this wise counsel I lay down in Guam through principles as guidelines for future American policy toward agents burst United States will keep all of its treaty commitments second and we should provide a shield if a nuclear power threatens the freedom of a nation alive or of a nation whose survival we consider vital to our security third in cases involving other types of aggression we shall furnish military and economic assistance when requested in accordance hardens with our treaty commitments we shall look to the nation directly threatened to sue the primary responsibility of providing the manpower for difference. After I announced this policy I founded the Lueders Philippines Thailand Vietnam South Korea automations which might be Dreckman Communist aggression welcome. This new direction in American foreign policy defense of freedom is everybody's business not just in the Nixon doctrine the start of the Vietnamese ation of the war back in nineteen sixty nine one thousand nine hundred seventy eight the world's first test Tube Baby Louise Joy Brown born in Lancashire England and she is now still alive and kicking at forty one years of age. It was on this date in one thousand nine hundred four Soviet cosmonaut sweat mono- Salvaged Kaya became the first woman to walk in space. The supersonic airliner Concorde crashed after takeoff outside Paris and it was nine years ago today. wikileaks published classified documents about the Afghanistan War One one of the largest leaks in military history passing away on this date in history big Mama Willie Mae Thornton film director Vincent is it Manelli and singer Charlie rich. Hey did you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world born on this date in history Walter Brennan Sixty one of these days. I'm GONNA climb that mountain walk up here among them cloud with o'clock news high and the launch had grown and made no fears to flout the sun beating down across the Vic- All rivers and me a an old rivers Walter Brennan born on this date in history whipper Billy Watson estill getty and trumpeter Don Ellis. I'll borne on this date in history. Mrs David Bowie Iman Abul John is sixty four Matt Matt Leblanc from friends fifty two for the Steve Harvey Show Wendy Raquel Robinson Fifty two as well Finn Sailor or of the W._W._e.. Thirty eight from one Tree Hill Shantelle van Zandt and James Lafferty both earning thirty four singer Actress Actress Sarah Geronimo thirty one from speechless Mason Cook is nineteen and from American housewife and zombies Meg Donnelley's nineteen as well though some of the people who celebrate the twenty fifth day of July their birthday. If this happens to be your birthday we're the four freshmen say eh Broadway is my beat. 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Maybe the drama of murder mystery and the people who walked the Great White Way with Larry Thor as as detective Danny clover when shadows drift to the Canyon streets in the beginning moon starts to ride Broadway sends up. It's manufactured stars giving notice that night is here then around every corner honor the fingers beckoning gathered up the crowds so furious funneled down the avenue each in his own way make time stand still that's the trick or make a dance or softly cy or hug close. Pick your dream. It's anything you want on Broadway and east on forty seventh grade granite area sometimes devoted to gray granite enterprise as for example Los Amigos Athletic Club where I was second floor locker room after swimming pool and the towel swelled in very concerned concerned man is he hurt Pat Granison and got him across the hall and one of the tables doctor though weather them what made him the question right now the question is why did you slugging then run all around the building feeling like you were. I got hysterical. I thought when I pushed him and he slipped and fell down he didn't move. I'd kill him so I ran around and told everybody called for help and got first aid. I guess I'm not very good in the pinch now Bush stamp Oh. Let's just get that straight. That's all okay. Just tell me what happened. Well we just finished doing ten links together up and down the pool took. Our Shower Oren came right in here. We'd open our lockers this Jesse Anderson. I'm a strategy str- Anderson is the man who pushed Marty Lane not hit him pushed him. Well whatever you did to lying on a rubbing table on consciousness drainage daca shaking his head sadly. Did I kill him at the docks access proudly. He's got a fractured skull how bad he can't tell until he's taken hospital x-ray listen. I like muddy lanes where he lives this address in his wallet. Let me see yeah. That's right listen. I'm trying to tell you what ever happened to him. It's not my fault. I WANNA make a positive statement to that effect and I want your your lockers and then what happened. Oh I remember. I left my town the shower room so I went back to look for what I came back. Here and mighty was going through my pockets of doing what stealing what are you go through. Someone's pockets for the League surprises right now with your friend Brendan. There may be dying. We can do without lip stealing. I what does that mean. He looked like he was searching for something like he knew what he was looking for find yeah. I don't think so he saw me and asked what the Heck I was doing. Spying on him I said now look here and he came over and swung on me. I'm a fairly agile man. Maybe I don't believe Yeah Yeah. I did then you push them defending myself look. It's a slippery floor and all you did was push look. I like the guy twice a week. After work we play handball and Gorton links. You think I'd try to kill Guillem now. Do I look like that kind of a boy that gets dressed. Take him downtown. Leave their out into the night St Street at hold at dimly heard echo of Broadway three blocks away car ride now downtown mission to break the news to an injured man's wife South West Twenty eight the injured man's address found in his wallet twelve twelve Brownstone converted into apartments. The directory reads Mr and Mrs Martin Lane to see UNHANDY card up self service elevator down a corridor of red and luminescent carpet and green wallpaper jungle foliage type decor department to see his halfway down Mrs Lane. She's just give have a little time. Oh okay it's time ever Wednesday. We'll go ahead. Knock again you. You were saying thing about this time everyone. I'm a bake bread smells good. Go ahead. Take a with <hes> about this time. Everyone's bread lane is a girl who likes explored in a fresh loaf of bread from the oven. She might if I do go ahead. It's me Charlie. Jani Begum something's wrong. Oh something's wrong for three years Monday Wednesday Friday. I bring freshly baked missing lane. It's me something's wrong. We better get. She has a Mitzvah three years and five o'clock. She called me and told me tonight the kind of rich try the door comes wrong. It's me Charlie. I've told told you I told you I told you what she do. Faint or something that she's been strangled silence the road below in the street drift of summer voices the droning city heard clearly now puff of wind the move the lace curtain moved a strand of hair across the woman's face. I phoned in the death. The next morning positive identification identification was made from fingerprints checked out against a driver's license found in the woman's belongings. She was Mrs Mardi Lane wife of Mardi Lane who was in the Polytechnic Hospital from a head injury. I called the hospital and was told Mr Lane was improved but still incoherence still dazed with shock and told at the staff at red or heard of his wife's murder and would keep the knowledge from impending further instructions from me Legwork then at the Lane apartment house neighbor of theirs and the apartment across the hall. You're perfectly welcome to come in if you want Mr Clover there's no need for you to stand out here Hatton. Had I missed all the excitement last night. My husband and I were at the park and why don't you sit over there to clover. It's cooler. Yes thank you. It's like I said I missed all excitement. There Harry and I were in the Park Harry's my husband just lying there on the grass watching the other people all while Katie Eighty was right here right in his apartment building getting yourself killed go on and on like talking machine. Don't I was all right Mrs Bruce do people know do other people react differently like Katie's death. I mean I've seen how they reacted. Rightness building very quiet or scared or very cynical Harry is a little like that may I just dabble on and on and on because well I like Katie. I liked it very much. We're good good friends. I suppose you could call us that we liked each other on mutual interests mutual interests. Yes it's all women. Have we talked about our husbands their faults and what was especially Nice about the times they were especially nice and we said each other's hair one or the other of us was going out on a party with her husband. What did he is? I know what you said. It's just struck me so off a question like that has to be asked the long run but they adored each other I know they did. I often watched them. When we were together? All of us sort of eavesdrop watching they did little things and I I know they adored each other and she made no great effort just the way she was. They don't understand I mean she never wore fancy slicked clothes or makeup or anything like like that she dressed simply for face was your own. They loved each other except except one. Oh don't prick up your ears like that. It wasn't anything or it wasn't just the Katie told me once her husband was a stick in the mud not a lot of fun and I said who are you kidding. I've watched you to sit and she started laugh too. Jordan said no we was angel. Just I feel ashamed. I don't know why I've talked too much about Katie. Dead Katie murdered and please. If you don't mind she moved to a chair sat down sudden weariness when I thanked her hands hitter face from me I left check out now the other other neighbors in the apartment house reaction to the death of Mrs Lane about the way Mrs Brewster had said quiet frightened cynical which meant who cares I was told by a cynical young woman but a consensus to be drawn Mr Mrs Lane were fine people quiet very nice very friendly didn't offend bother anyone fine and good persons admirable human and beings consensus with which Sergey Genus Battaglia different that Monte Lane than he he's got a wreck. It goes back six years a record as long as my arm talking talking about right good. Nanny record is dug out by detective Margolin lanes name the bladder and so two record well no felonies Danny nothing like that just just minor misdemeanors brush with the law dull respect to an opposite drunk driving disturbing the PS bob roles like that but as long as is my own now is Mrs about her also on the book by her maiden name but just wants Danny June nineteen fifty for hefting Stein a beer through the plate plate glass of a window and handed another stung by a fellow name of holid- Graham which she threw the bomb talking about Guven check them out Danny and brought him in <music> said you should talk to him very interesting conversationalist Howard Graham who's been waiting outside for you for an hour. Bring him in Mr Graham this way to see Danny Global Gino. You can go terrorist Graham. Thanks it seems that <hes> you knew Mrs Katie Lane especially when she wasn't a Mrs especially when she was just Gedi Eglin got arrested once. We got arrested me and Katie for the one time you must have missed a thousand. What are you talking about? That's just what detective magazine asked me. Did you tell him MHM. Tell me what Katie was wild. When I mean a she was there was a time once in Harlem in the village once she pulled the same same thing same thing and nobody arresting detective told you she was dead? He didn't have to Iran and I remembered. Katie makes she used to be with me. I thought a detective in our husbands yeah I know money was more Katie style me. I couldn't keep up so we took her away from me. Marrying you ever see him afterwards Fan Dan Vladimir up a few times after I got so I didn't go anymore. Why not why it was changed? Not the same people couldn't have fun like the old. Thank you mean just that they've done something to each other getting was like another woman money like another me why I still let me good people little angels that very good thought skating special one thing I know what like I said she changed. She thought good thoughts though so she's practically a cinch to make sure she is Katie cinch from July twenty fifth one thousand nine hundred fifty four sixty five years ago today. Broadway is my beat on Classic Radio Theater. I'm Wyatt Cox coming up in four minutes the news of the day from sixty five years ago today. I can't believe it that Gerald is presenting the quarterly budget report with finger puppets. Look here comes one point seven percent decrease in fixed overhead. Hello everybody no I can't. I can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on car insurance with Geigo you dope projected increase in Organic Q._3. 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I know it's been rough going ever since people found out about your acapella group mad harmony but you will bounce back. I mean you're the guy always he's helping people find coverage options with the name your price tool. It should be you giving me the pep talk now. Get out there hit that high note and take mad harmony all the way to nationals this year <music> sorry it was pitchy

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