Episode 277a: 2020 French Open Day 1 - The British Are...Leaving


The. You're and welcome to day. One of the French Open on the challenge isn't running I am Ben Rothenberg by Mommy me to money carrio of the Guardian from uncle tear and Espana money. Thank you for being here hello. At some point, you have to give me a title. I, agree I know I was thinking about that actually before you came on Sarim is Middle East correspondent I was GONNA offer you British correspondent I. Don't think he'd want that I. Think he wants Spanish correspondents punishing sub Saharan African move. That's what works that were expansion sub Saharan African. Okay. That's that's like SSI. That's good correspondent for NPR Monaco thanks for being on here presenting those groups. So well, we are here though to talk largely in this episode about the British contingent who has evolved into the marquee matches of the day today at the French Open, this was the first day of the French Open but as a joke restarting, it was more or less the last day of the British French Open with the three main British people. Talked about this tournament Joe Content Andy Murray and Dan Evans you WANNA throw him in here being seated and the top man all going out all two big players though none of them like that they lost went over three is not shocking. Maybe the ways that incontinent Murray went out a little surprising, but we can get into that with talk first about vodka in Murray which was sort of circled men's first round match of the tournament to three time Grand Slam chance playing against each other and this match. Andy held serve to start, and then it was not close and then then he got broken three times, Rhode Lucifer SIP by triple break six one and then lost the next two sets six, three and six to go down in one of his most lopsided defeats ever. I don't know if people were expecting Marie to win this match but I saw a lot of like the Vinca in four type picks. So for Andy to only win five game or six games overall the super surprise surprise me. If I wouldn't be in in a way I didn't think I mean for one of varying color quite shop. Hotel just how. Choppy is because of how easy it was and obviously no I I thought it would be titled By. Then you look at how Murray lost is lost two matches to Felix. Oh. Open to meet US Ron Niche in Cincinnati off the to win psych he was kind of blown off the core, all of them in in order those matches you he looked quiet subdued and common wasn't able to kind of fully bring himself his best out. So in that sense as once it started to unfold, I don't think it was that much of a surprise when you consider how he'd lost previously and I guess we'll talk more about like why that was the case. What what was your sense what remained in terms of how he left previously finish that thought just just how? He wasn't able to stay with either. Around itch and how they kind of just bulldozed him and it wasn't close a tall and. You know the reasons that you know as he noted in his press conference, he was I. Think he was physically he didn't have much at the US Open. But I mean I don't know I think it's quite notable that. Those three losses have been. So one sided and he hasn't been able to put his impart is game tool and other. I think why is obviously because he hasn't played so much over the past. Eighteen months or whatever. And I think he still needs more to play more matches. He still needs to you know find their rhythm again, he still needs to figure out what stout playworks to hit for him with his new metal, hip. And I think there's a law in the air and so when you go on the court against these great players and they stopped to play well. It can go things can move quite quickly. Yeah. Let's flash a couple of clips from Andy's press today output the answers back to back here. The first question is basically about I think what you too can someone who is always a super grind easy. You know physical physical player when he was reaching number one in the world now that he's more. Physically compromised Kanye adapt style play to do something else should be more preservation preservation of his physicality was getting away from his tennis identity. Second question is about If you can get back to his best tennis to hear our Andy's here, those two questions and answers on a obviously, it's very early stages in terms of playing grand slams again in singles. But the way you're talking just know. Would it be fair to say that you might even have to saw reevaluate the way you play at the age of? Three. Against fairly high ranking opponents over the best of five sets. Something I have. For sure but it's like. I mean it's a difficult one because. The way the. The way that I play like if you consider what when I play my best tennis or when I played my best tennis. you know I know I know what that looks like and you know it's not going around blasting balls and serving and volleying and stuff. You know that that is how I play the game. If I do, let's say you know you start, serve, volleying and returning and coming into the net and things like that. it has to be successful. You know otherwise it's it's getting the balance right? You know when when you're when you're out there playing. To totally change the way you play the game is hard. It's hard to do that, and even since I came back from the injury. You know. Like if you take the matches played like an Asia for example, and then look at Antwerp. where I feel like I played obviously because I wanted to run I, would say, but where I played my best tennis. I was hitting my background like four or five miles an hour faster there than I was in the Asia trip You didn't change the way. I was playing I just took my backhand on a little bit more and played the same way and it was it was successful. So. It's more about getting the most of my you know Mike Game. I don't think it's GonNa be that easy for me to change this stage in my career even though it's something I have considered an attack. But when I play my best tennis, that's You know being an offensive baseliner and that's what I need to make sure I was doing. But like tonight if you serve at thirty eight percent. And you miss time a bunch of second serve returns. It's hard to hard to play that way so. Yeah. I. Need to need to play. Beth starts a lot of meat to to play the right way I think. When you consider what you just said about the way you're playing and even have thoughts about changing your game analysis with full respect. Do you think you can get back to the best tennis that you've ever played? To those levels. I mean from from a physical perspective again I mean. I wouldn't expect to physically be the same as what I was before. I. Had the operation but in terms of like. You know ball striking and. You. Know in terms of my strokes and stuff I mean I don't see why there's no reason. That I shouldn't be able to do that from a technical perspective There's been matches played since I came back where the ball. You know well and there was. I. No. No it wasn't the best match at Tignes but like. Verve. was. A, couple of points away from winning the US Open and. One against him the week before and You know. It's going to be difficult for me to play the same levels did before it was. Thirty three now and I was ranked number one in the world. So it's difficult with all the issues that I've had Yeah I'll keep going. Let's. Let's see. Let's see what the next few months holds and I reckon I won't play match like a between now and the end of the year there was also a comment I guess was made on Eurosport by Mass Philander, which got some attention as quoted by. George. belshaw. On twitter read the quote will entertainment solve says that I guess taking wildcards in his thirties was quote the biggest mistake I made in my career. Then he adds I think Eddie Marines to stop thinking himself at start thinking about who he was have a right to be out there taking wildcards from the young players. My answer to this is. Before I say, yes, he has taken wildcards away from young players. I will say the general concept of. A champion has an expiration date is true. Right? God. Knows us about Lleyton Hewitt back. You know eight years ago when Lleyton Hewitt got a calendar, Golden Slam of wildcards into four slams in the Olympics like who was was just especially taking up all his Australia reciprocal cars which devoted to a specific group whatever like no like that was bad layton when he wasn't contending meaningful anymore and ask the top hundred for years. But Andy, you know one eight hundred final over Everett less than a year ago Andy. beat. Sasha's of in Cincinnati who then went on to make the US Open final income within a couple of points of. Winning it. So I a positive spin I don't think that it's at all. Time, for India, to be forced into retirement and not taking at that's I. think that's very premature. Upping think just a silly opinion I mean to quote Danny where do at he said I think that's absolutely pathetic from Madison I mean I am actually I'd say, I'm actually quite a wildcard extremists I. You know even if he murray wasn't performing well, I mean he's a he's a three times don champion for more than one and. If he wants to play more. Whatever you know nobody's entitled to wildcards and. And particularly, and we I'm so you like agree that it particularly at slums and at tournaments with big associations, those players are getting tons of work anyway. So if Murray takes if mark is taking a walk that would be reserved for some French player ranked two hundred while they're gonna get a wild card. In the next event you know in in Paris. Masters qualifying on the next one and girls or the next so I don't know I'm. Like the same thing was like people were saying a similar thing with Kim classes that she was like coming back in a some. Some people she was taken from them I don't I just. So what if a player has to actually play a lower event or play qualifying I'm happy to see them taking away some people if you get what I get that fully and I also I mean in terms of your wildcard things I think it has to be I reached a saturation point Lleyton Hewitt 'cause he'd been of motives career for. Five years. I'm he retired act seven times oh my gosh she had. He keeps coming back He got holiday nominated last week, which is deserves he should get it hall of fame for sure but also still like I don't stop them from taking more doubles wildcards or anything anytime soon, a what I was thinking about wildcards also I mean I kind of feel that way even about wanted people think of as being. The most. Controversial which I guess there's some of the ones that go to one recent one is the one for Mario Sokha the catalog attention in Miami year when she was but she basically got Because she's Niamey. Sister was the was ninety, nine percent of the reason however, like I wrote a story about her plane that tournament that match because it was an interesting attraction I'm the world over one sister play the tournament of the Miami Herald did the same a a bunch of coverage and to the extent that while the term just want to get attention for themselves gather interest in the tournament that was very smart choice for. Wildcard than putting Mario sock in that wildcard, she formed very credibly imagine think of it's like on three and four against seaway was perfectly she was she was plenty good and played above her ranking and showed him for sisters pension for being better on big stages in just struggling at smaller. But yeah, and you know same even goes for whatever Marco Jovovich has gotten wildcards into five hundred, eighty, one, hundred Dubai and things like that. So. You know these things happen in tennis and I I just don't think and I also love mentioned this on the drought according but I also love that they freed up and didn't give the reciprocal wildcards this year at the slams because. and. So suck badly. Yes. So the fact that there wasn't the guaranteed American Aussie Wildcard and they can give a discretionary to Andy Murray I think is fantastic. So happy they gave them to him. Happy to give him a of who wouldn't normally get one French Open probably these are these are all good things so And you know and he's Andy frigging Murray. He's like everyone loves him and I don't know what he did to Piss off mats wilander mess. Linda just being a cranky today but you know. This was something that that I just don't think should bother. Anybody yeah, and he lost so a big deal like he got. Sometimes you get beat down sometime and you're playing Stan who's a champion? Is Event not that long ago and who loves these conditions? WHO's like ultimate serve like hard hitter guy can hit through like slow conditions in general power and pace. This was a bad match for anybody anything. Everyone's just sort of as you're watching we really underestimated how good Stan might be right now stan, grant that did lose last week to moves Eddie. So we didn't come with a lot of confidence but anyway. But it's just it's just a really bizarre thing to say about someone who has an eight Mike who has a tattoo on his ranking? Who? Want. To win the two weeks. So Pete's Vera. And beat wrinkle in that title, win. So it just, it doesn't make sense and also, I, mean I as I agree with what you said like we should probably be more honest about why while causa given it's not as for performance and to help people, you know tournaments reserve like the right to have walked out. So you know they can bring people in who help you know who bring attention to the draw whether it's. You, the local workout or a star whatever. I don't agree as I. said I like in a lot of cases that I don't care for them. But I mean this it's it's not a thing. This is missing. The arguing. So we will you that match their thoughts on Stan Stan has a tough draw the tournament stand next faces, dominant Kupfer for who's but really well lately may quarters in Rome and then he could face OJ Elliott seem in the third round in could face dominic team fourth-round. So pretty brutal draw and then and then my kind of low key pick to. Do really well here, possibly Diego in the in the in the quarters or or Maltese. So tough offer offering conducting for can in these conditions can he? Let's just go big? Can He beat a all? In the bottom half. Know the thing with like Lincoln until you talked before that I, mean obviously the whole big thing around the Mari Reverend match was three years ago they played and had an epic center and they both kind of broke their bodies and his taken Saddam to come back and. You know while Murray still coming back reverend CAS been very gradually. He returned to the top twenties seems to be finding its footing. He's Made like he made the Australian Open I. Think he made three quarters in the last like eighteen months since Roland Garros Australian Open. So like he's get you know beat obviously talk which was ended he of it, and so he's been just building and building, and so I mean, yes, I think it's realistic to think that he could. Do something again since he's beating top five players slams kind of. Why. Not In these as he said, these conditions, these conditions clearly likes them. And he has the power in the way of shelter hit through them together. Big British name out today quick shot at the Dan Evans lost in five wild sets to cancer corey despite winning to breadsticks at. Five. Six four in the death early, which is not everyone i. think everyone would pay corey in that match not not to Klay Lovers there for sure. But NISHIKORI not surprised winner but the other one I want to Johanna Konta who was on thanks. To the match on it went very fast. So they weren't overlapping for that long actually but content loses six, three, six, three, two, Cocoa Goff continent made the semifinals in last year playing her semifinal intimacy on court. Simone. Matt. Of about eighty people was I was there terrible and disgraceful? Anyway contact gets to keep those points because the new rank systems, you keep the seven, hundred, nine points on her making. Sure cushions this loss significantly in terms of. Disappointment in not having a raking the effect and things like that. But this match was one that golf seem pretty in control of I. Felt like despite serving wobbles from cocoa how did you? How did you see match? Agree I. Mean I think that the conditions definitely sued to govern you I. Mean We're both in God press conference and like I I also about how she approached it because you know she she just gave. She gave Canot Pace. She was throwing in slices. She just you know we know how quick and cheap kind of just. She rested on Defense as she often dozen made her hit through her she couldn't she lost and stopping really good and smarten Sin Great Match Golf considering as he said, she said seven troubles and she come into this. I think she lost four dollars, five matches. was kind of a for the first trump no troubles. But the first you know quote unquote slump in her exactly string of law citizen difficulties and they're like really good players anyway. Yeah. No she's had to deal with that and she's come out in being a top ten season. As one goes I mean it's crazy like people were disappointed that Coca Gov lost the first round of the US Open honest album who's made like a semi final two other quarters in her last like four appearances that tournament with the top ranked ahead of her in the top thirty player and same thing goes when she lost his Sakari when she lost. Of People in so the expectations for her really high but then again, she doesn't mind this goes out beats KONTA in straits and you're not really surprised either busy know how good she can get what you said about her the the junk balling she could do. Like she is such a great. Tactical competitor like she wins ugly a lot of. which is which, yeah honestly, which isn't really interesting sort of. Trait for a young player because usually that something you think of being a veteran kind of thing to do right to know how to win when you're not at your best sort of make your opponent, not play their best whatever it may be terms and ugly win. The cocoa has that kind of competitive spirit in Gif that she's such a good brawler. Yes. There are times and certainly she developed as a player you would like to see her step out blow people off the court she gets to be know hiring player and playing players who are. Not playing down people's level at say, but you take care of business straightforward. But for this point, like pat being able to go out there and to play three plan, see your plan de game to beat a semi-finalist player contests caliber. Super Super Impressive as she she said like. She she was informed slices in the much and she said that she wasn't really her plan, but she saw that contract didn't like it. So she did it and that's the kind of like news and just intelligencer. It everyone has. A really I think it's amuses me a lot because obviously her big breakthrough was against containers and there's all those comparisons that people make because of that because Coco. The Williams sisters, her idols, and also because chip like s bureau share an end. So funny how different like she is to them as a tennis player in how kind of that? She's like doubling governors doubling down kind of style and very happy to explore how she can trouble opponents and make their life Tau rather than just glossing through them so. I don't think to to see how she's developing. As herself and not trying to be anyone else I think court courtney I mean being herself a Corny to make a comparison to hurt in the last in the draw show I think a little bit to Sloan Stevens interesting. She can play very different gears but I think that Coco is more over competitor. Sloan and just. More clearly relishes. The fight and the problem solving whereas slum seem the ranch rift more languidly in and out of of gears and yes. So Gotha super impressive. Here's a couple clips on Cook Golf about winning matches being sixteen. Cuckoo congratulations monitoring for you obviously been on tour little more than a year. Now obviously been an unusual year but is do you still surprise yourself being sixteen beating last year's semi-finalists in straight-sets is still signed that you kind of go. WHOA. That's pretty big deal or are you kind of get used to this whole when he mashes slams thing by now? I mean I really didn't I really didn't I was really thinking about that on the court, but I mean every matches. A great. Win I. Don't I don't really take anything for granted because. I'm just happy to be playing. So I don't think maybe winning slams matches a slam into something I'm used to especially this in my first main draw Roland Garros. But when I'm on the court I guess I can act like amused to it but when I'm off the core, I'm still just really happy to be here Honestly my dad told me something in the warm up. He was just telling me he was just like a you're living your dreams. So just enjoy and have fun I mean his goal was to become an NBA player and he didn't make it. So he told. Me Like you're living your dream in that everybody gets to do that. So just have fun on the court and I really changed my perspective because I was really nervous going into the match and that kind of calm down and I just like it's just a tennis match and I'm doing a like some things that people wish they. They can do. So I, I just just go out there and enjoy those are the cubs from golf. I have to say I knew we're GonNa talk about this match I wanted to conduct press anyway the as a member of the British press reported on your. Part of your title of being the NC are Spain and South Saharan. Africa correspondent. What. What what do you make of the missing between content and the the British press because it strikes me as being just such. A. So scrutiny for everyone involved. She was she was unofficially. So a transcript in other. About like a few things on one of them was whether she had a love hate relationship with the British plex and she just like we're stuck with each other. And Yeah I mean, it's tough because like I get you know as as journalists Geno, it's great when an an athlete is open and honest and like specific as well about some things whether it, what they're doing in the match like what went wrong whether they played you know whether they played badly award. Content. Light I don't know she she you know she has her kind of approach and her. The way she. Mentality and she kind of Project Clinton will will you WanNa say something when I was just GonNa say there's this running theme in her press conference of if a clip here of basically the most tense exchange today and where the British press always wants to want to admit that she's done something bad or wrong and she refuses or she does not give them what they're looking for, and it's this constant. They want her to say a certain line in the script and she refuses to Said Mine and whether or not it's the line is true or not. So here's Today's version of it. The Mac Lebron question. High job you. You're so consistent in the slams last year and obviously this, this is a crazy year for everybody. But how would you some of your Grand Slam record this year? Well I lost first round of the Australian second round of the first round of the French say. That's how that went. Yes I mean is there an explanation for that? Thank you lost three times to players outside the top fifty in those three matches is England's any particular concern view that now? This is what we should expect all. I'd like to thank not I'm doing my best to do better, but that's just the way it happened this year. It's too hot. Georgia's so on the theme of your results it Grand Slams that she remained Don Evans is. He was very open and saying. Yeah has results for her to be honest is just. Take a very different approach. I. Wonder. Maybe, you're not to tell US book. Privately, would you be disappointed with maybe a performances at major tournaments that here? I mean, I come to the tournaments to do well. To go deep into second week to to hopefully one day when one that's that's why I show up to every moment that I play. So I don't think any player including. Myself will sit here after an early round, Ross a early round loss and be pleased with the results. So now I'm not I'm not pleased I would like to do better but. I'm not exactly going to hate myself. and. We obviously saw this last year Wimbledon was constituted was famously tense exchange you with her and a reporter there is. It's obviously it's very different from the way that Andy has developed talking to the press to obviously Andy's ability to deal with the principles. He has is notable and he's an outlier probably British sports. But what do you think that someone who knows this landscape better than I do sometimes, you want at these to be kind of concrete and They don't have to like entitled to you know she doesn't want to say even. The Soviet with Andy I think it's I. Mean I think it's still that's not always perfect and you know he can be tense with him and. You know he he's I think in general Andy is just more kind of Edano like if you ask him a question, he'll think about it and he'll on Sir how he feels you know just. What he thinks and with. Content because I imagine because she I, she's been born in the process while like you know she doesn't she has kind of a more a wall of armor guests Nancy. and. So that that's a different thing but still. still thank you I. Think I think Annie's Andes more rare Athens, and I put any kind of similar category to like an Asaka stop you who is bluntly honest and really does seem to listen to questions and think about them and give answers compared to got a lot of players that can name the other category. Your does even probably more your Serena's even more your I don't know who else lost the players in their sort. Who Think who give answers center more about up their own sort of narrative or trying to keep things on their terms? Right. Track their sense of control over how their talked about how they talk about themselves and everything who? With KONTA. One of the things is like if you ask a question. And she showed like disagree with the premise of the question even if like two seconds later, she basically kind of saying exactly what you of you know again, it's it's the whole kind of controlling and but that can be definitely that can be frustrating. But again you know. So it's frustrating by the same time like I mean it's what she in. Her Press Conference Deacon She's more than entitled to. D- Think Lester thing on this I think for me at least let's with more. Do you think that this sort of? That tension is it all? Part of her tenseness in nerves ask slam do you think? Mr Personality and there's no changing it. Maybe it's how she can do. Best. But we have seen her you know make a lot of deep rund slams say without making a final which she has probably after having a career that no one is good as it was for a long time to be clear really elevator career but since then she's kind of. A little bit of a ceiling results wise Do you think that a more sort of? Open Wall Hebrew interested. Yeah. Uninhibited Approach Cook could could sort of lead to flow. It could get messy in ways. We don't know you don't know what's behind the floodgates really. But yeah, it just also, we have seen Joe have lots of sort of. Nervous incidents on court. I mean I think on one gets also just I mean I don't know how by. His personality like. I Don. I mean. You may have seen it, but in the of the Brits. You know those hoping where have I don't know how much you watched over but by the end of kind of that whole week of the team competition of British players. You know everyone was kind of. Everyone had boy into it aside from contract she was she had gone about her business, and then by the end of the tournament they they bought a Kabul cutter of Contra unwarlike like joking about it got quiet I. think she was in very like happy about it and like the android was asked about it this week and he was like a probably going to have to say a few words and. Apologize for like just make sure things cool and. Things absurd. I think she quite a bit of a loner in a way and just like she sheets, it's not natural for to just share. By the time I also think she's It's also just how she's been told to. You know she she projects this per mentality and how she feels she should act. Then that's how replicate under and I mean. Like fair play like. Cheap been in the top fire. She's reached semi-finals clearly work. So I I I don't know if I wouldn't know if she somehow more uninhibited that suddenly ever. The season's GonNa break no I it's. It's hard. It's one of those things where it's like talking about any top successful athlete like you critique so much obviously doing very, very well. Could they do better? Sure but like are they doing better than everybody else? Yes. Definitely. So That's that's kind of that's kind of the tension with contracts because. The these things happening in after you know she reached the semifinals of the French Open which no one thought. She was GonNa do now like she she like she really could have won the slam last year was had such a good. That's where the tension comes or again Wimbledon I mean thousand at different NFL like the fog last reached a quarter-final maybe. With. Lost a bit. But like again, you know that She's doing great while she was doing great last year anyways. So That's another layer of attention. Yes. So that's the main marquee matches want to talk about today on day one any other impressions from what it's like covering this French Open we're both covenants remotely from home. You're at least in more friendly time zone this time. Not I wake up at five am today which I'm sure was horrible for you is was on our role as someone who you see me sleep set. Any thoughts on this tournament in what it's like watching a cold Sam where no one looks happy. It's it's very strange. It's I mean obviously the first thing that happened with often our Internet Victoria as Lincoln and urban inconvenience where much of the after. They slipped and. then. Everyone was code and it was rainy and I don't know it's it's just weird Lia. The thing that struck out with just the fact that we got to set seven PM and. We weren't thinking about light. That was really that was gang. That's big. Your that is a big change happened the lights that said overdue sort of thing. For, sure I think it was a woman say was shoddy whose estimate at this semester where would have seen this but he said that this slam. This year this slam especially maybe it wasn't him somebody somebody French believe Ciardi said the it starting to feel much more like a job now than like than playing a game and like. About this about this tournament I, think he's around time anyway. Like you really have to suck out up right. You're not like going out there and delighting the Frenchman telling all your friends from around Paris come and see you you like grinding being stuck hotel. Even if you have a apartment or something you know near rolling, garrison. A lot of French players do all the creature comforts sort of gone in your sort of just having to take more of this, and a lot of people can say you know Oh poor little rich boys blah blah. Whatever girls whoever's complaining about different conditions and that's another thing that's lander said complaining about as Rinku today but. I sympathize with that this it does `specially coming. So soon after the last slam, it does end up being the conditions being awful in the players being dressed you know. Like they're going uncensored Tundra dig like for. It just doesn't feel like recreational. It just feels like it feels complete not not very tennis this field. A on that subject the quote from Debica Fan, which you can put in the audio. I might have it. Let's see. Can I guess one other question when you look at all of twenty twenty, what has been the most difficult thing for you this year for me the the motivation I would say you. It's. You feel like gained a worried all the time. You know it's before every tournament you know you don't know. If they would be like if the wrong test. Will be positive negative and. It's the same for your staff every week it's different rules. Every city is different how to govern with the staff and also in your your private life also, it can be just not easy. So. So the most difficult for me, it's like to stay to be. To be like fresh mentally on the court and to save energy to to give everything on the court. That's why I think today was the toughest part is just that that was a little bit empty and. And no no energy today. He. He just he lost badly to Jenex today like those a stretch in the middle of the match. He lost eleven straight games. It was horrible and afterwards he was disliked he was always like what's the toughest thing about this year and he said It's just been motivation. Anxiety about. Having to not knowing if you're going to be positive or negative, all of different rule changes. I. Think suddenly I was thinking by what what this will do to. The mental mental health not anything drastic. Does, these kind of these regulations and stuff how does this affect plants and certainly both played them I mean even as a journalist covering this a home in animal diets. It's it's the grind, right? I mean I just said like getting up at five am. It's very much grinds and two weeks after the US Open. No. Because only our jobs aren't particular, well paid or anything. Ever at being journalists sports. But at least normally the you know the perk of it is the sort of the the traveling getting to be their experiences things you take away that part of it yet mental health side the equation gets rougher and actually Carlos Moya talk of an interview. I think with ATP I believe in Spanish Rafa Plaza with basically translation of it saying the most important thing they focused on Rafa was more than his fitness woods or tennis was his head and just getting his head ready and they were very much listening to his. You know he wasn't feeling up for doing something at least especially in the early months when there was no return date, they were not pushing things feeling. Okay. Sure giving his you know, here's what he says someday, get priority who's head to play when he was feeling comfortable. We were playing five minutes other for an hour other. So that, that was the priority, the beginning, we didn't have a clear day to come back. As soon as we had a return date, we demanded more and a plan to follow and when he had a date to play his arrived to that well with doubts but the well and yes. That's to Rafa at all that. That's well saying that. These tough times and yeah and again, I'm just in with marina everybody like in Konta just you know. None really trying to rip any sort of player for going out there in. mind. Whatever kind of egg if if Debbie Golf angles out there loses Levin Shirt. Games to extender So, be it like that's really only hurts him like. Or if you are angry better or something who's a WHO lost money that that's on, you trying to bet on Pandemic Dana's. Anyway. Thank you for coming on here. Any other last thoughts before I let you go. We'll. We'll see if we have Britain the second round. We have to Cam Norie and tennis twitter fave Liam Broady, both in court tomorrow. And we will see. Them when they're they, both have pretty good draws actually we're going to break down British strong. Cam No replace. Daniel ally Galon a what lucky loser. Daniil Galon Funds. act. On him like the French Open. Galon. Or effort I don't know how. Along Different Yeah on Galon tried to remember that day the trickle day when lady drove back to get the. At the French Open apparently ally Golan had tried that morning to get in to sign in for lucky loser. But he is like they wouldn't take his credential. He said a qualified wouldn't let him in, but he had tried to get into the tournament office that Dade. Have Gotten it because he was there was actually trying, but he couldn't get in. That's what Robert Farrow told me that. Isn't it the Colombian so Vs Goliath and Liam broady theory vassily are the British matches and to me. Thank you as always and thank you through our will pay trump. Thanks here as well. Thank you to our Patriots Slam backers for supporting us as well. We Think Episode Lists Kennel Jonathan, Wind Bom Mary Carillo Leo Williams Trauma Win Betty Audrey Wellens Sean Lowe Roy Joseph Har-. Susannah W Antonio may number four now goat backers, Mike J. O. D., Charles Sina, and Christopher Bishop. Join them supporting NPR on Patriots. We do daily shows during the. French. Open. We would love to have you there as well. We are at Patriotair Dot com slash no challenges remaining. We have one new Patriot Becker. Thank since the last episode data. So thank you Harumi for. Joining there again, patriots dot com slash no challenges meeting and follow, Toumani our staying and sub sub Saharan Africa. Correspondent either Tom Kerry, all on twitter stuff in the Guardian as well. You read about Goffin. Contacted a write your just a short story nothing special. It's always special when your I'm Shirley Great. Thanks the money. And though I'm grateful to be able to bestow upon the title of NCR stain and Sub Saharan Africa correspondent it's probably after all he's done for us too little too late. Little to lay.

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