New Waiver Wire Order, Ravens-Steelers Recap (12/03 Fantasy Football Podcast)


Recapping the pittsburgh baltimore game giving an update on the waiver. Wire if you still have time to make some changes this is fantasy football today and five. Let's get started. Dave richardneer good evening hearing this night. We're going to publish this a little bit early. Just in case you still have time to change your waiver. Wire or dave no pleasantries. I'm sure you're doing great. Let's talk about pittsburgh and baltimore here. what we were takeaways from five point win by this teams was not a five star game really frustrating rating. How slow it took the steelers or how slow the steelers were to get going and so many drops in the game for crying out loud. I've got claypool ebron with to juju. with one. uncharacteristic rothlisberger should have had a bigger game. Benny snell was okay. I guess ninety three total yards. I think it's just okay and then for the ravens. Look they were shorthanded. Begin with rg. Three got hurt trace. Mcsorley came in. Who knew it would take trace mcsorley to get marquees brown going on the deep ball. That was a crazy play. I wouldn't count on that. I don't think you can get anything out of the ravens side of this Did like the effort from their defense. Steelers should bounce back and play bigger against washington in week. Thirteen all right so we're publishing this early because we want people to have a chance to make some changes to their waiver wire order if necessary here and maybe benny snell moves up or down. We don't know about james conner for next week. But snell has forty eight percent roster. He had almost all of the carries for the steelers. And markey's brown is seventy two percent roster. He had a pretty lucky catch. And run for a touchdown and how lucky was but not something. Reliant is david. let's get your new waiver. Wire order as josh jacobs missed practice a to a might be back this week. Which means that ryan fitzpatrick probably hands off. You shouldn't go after him if you do. Don't make them a high priority. If you are streaming the quarterback position i do think devante booker is worth prioritizing at this point. I know that there's talk. That josh jacobs should play optimistic. He didn't practice on wednesday. A this isn't a better safe than sorry. This is a risk thing. But i think that there is a chance that even if jacobs plays he won't be on a hundred percent and it's a great matchup against the jets. So booker is someone that. I go after i smell would be somebody that i go after although i would agree that if james conner is back next week snell's meaningless. Deebo samuel obviously should be somebody he's the safest guy go and pick up. If you can find him off the waiver wire and i think frank gore is probably the next best guy if you need a running back in week thirteen as a matter of fact if you need a running back and you don't want chance fab dollars or waiver priority on booker on snell because they could fall out not be the lead guy you know frank gore will be and should be at least decent as a number two fantasy running back and we talked about this on the pot earlier this week. Cam akers fantastic stash. Your team is headed to the playoffs. And cam akers on your waiver. Wire go get him. Pick them up but under bench. See what happens. I do think he does have a chance to be a difference maker for your fantasy team. What about kyle. Rudolph irv smith did not practice but adam ceiling is expected back. I think rudolph is okay. I had a tough time in a couple of weeks zach. Ertz was on the waiver. Wire ch- choosing between him and root off. And i went with ertz just thinking okay. If he's healthy he'll be back in the swing of things and we know that tight. End your big part of what. Philadelphia's offense is now. But i don't mind going after kyle rudolph if you need a tight end who you know is going to play. And there's another sleeper out there. Tyler effort who had a touchdown he released about two touchdowns last week. Decent matchup in week number. Thirteen don't have to spend a lot of fat form. A lot of people are looking for him. But i think he's got a chance to come through again as they touched on her bus tight. End if you're desperate if you need a tight and you can put them last on your priority at that position you know. The texans have played eleven games and in ten of them to pass catchers heavy. They're caught a touchdown or had ninety yards. So there's a vacancy there so keep an eye on qt. I know he's available. Almost every league jordan akins could be another one who steps. Let me let me give you one more isaiah. Coulter who's a rookie for them. Should get an opportunity to play Obviously in dynasty leagues there's one dynasty in. I'm putting a trying to figure out a five percent to try and get coulter on my bench just to see what happens for the next week or two. Okay dave let me ask you about savant. Myles gaskin what you think. About the dolphins backfield's they get ready for. Cincinnati comment was limited in practice. And hopefully gaskin back this week. I think it's going to be a rotation between the two of them. I would imagine that the coaching staff in miami has more trust in gaskin than med and gaskin has been a little more proven in passing situations and the washington didn't practice so this is a merry go round. Running back for the dolphins could be as many as three heads in that backfield. Include patrick laird but if all three of those guys are healthy i think gaskin is the best one. We could be getting the andre swift back. Darrell babbel's optimistic there. We could. We should be getting jonathan taylor back. We expect him to play and todd. Gurley was limited in practice so we could be getting him back as well and are those three running backs starts if they are playing a swift taylor and todd gurley they starts. I think they all are just by nature of the beast of the position. Gurley is the one. I'd be most scared to start. He'd be a low and number two option swift. I don't care if he's playing the bears or not. I came hicks in practice on wednesday for chicago. And that would make the matchup even better for swift. And and taylor. You've gotta figure against texans could get a lot of work do well with it all right. That's it for fantasy football today in five. Make sure you follow us. Three months on spotify leave us a nice five star of unit good comment and we'll answer your questions on sunday for dave richard. I'm adam as or thanks for listening. We'll talk to you on friday morning. I'm all thrown off with this. Nfl schedule on friday.

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