5/31/19: RUN AWAY!!!!


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We gotta grow, thanks, advance for any help you be willing to give. Hey listeners wanna share your opinions gift feedback or Tillman coach Sarah, what you thinking send us voice message voice messages aren't easy way for you to send us audio that might end up in a future episode of the mantra pod, there, the latest feature from anger the platform, we used to make this podcast. You can share Zinger that you hear cool phrase that we could use in the mantra, open. We're tell us how a mantra helped you move through a tough moment will see all of your messages, and we might have them into a future episode because anchor makes that part easy for us as well. You can send us voice message right now from wherever you're listening. Just tap the Lincoln my show notes. I can't wait to hear from you. Hi, this is coach Sarah, and this is the morning mantra. Hi. My name is Kay flinty. I'm Ren coach based in Denver, Colorado. But this isn't a podcast about running. Exactly don't tell clients but. Never really talking about the running when, you know, crap test event is coming. It helps heaven mantra to keep you centered and focus. I should miss through. You don't have to be an athlete to be hashtag coached, and loved by coach MK. And if you are here, then you are hashtag winning at the life. Today's mantra is run away. Run. You probably know this about me, but I used to be famous in quotes for my Monty python impressions. I actually had a friend in high school, who would March me in front of her very pro British dead. And make me do my Monty python impressions for him because she was so convinced that he would think it was charming and be impressed if he didn't, then he did a very, very good impression of being good natured and saying, oh, that's so funny, as I did a British accent in front of. My best work actually was exploding. Penguin on top of the television set had that one memorized, not gonna talk about exploring pigment, on top of the television set. I'm going to talk about my python, and the holy grail and the certain character called Sir, Robin, now the movie loves to make fun of Sir Robin because his name is Sarah, the brave, but he always runs away. And there is this song that's all about his brave deeds and then the song ends by saying, so rawal then ran away away. Brave Braves Robin, and it's very funny because it's all about how brave he's supposed to be what a gallon night and nights. Don't run away accepts a Robin runs away. Here's the thing, though. So Ravin survives almost until the end of the movie on, like most of the other minor characters. Sir, Robin runs away from fights. He knows he can't win a three headed giant. Yeah. He's going to run away, you know who doesn't run away from. A fight. He can't win the black Knight doesn't even run away. Once he's had both his arms cut off and can't hold a sword anymore. He doesn't run away until both of his legs are cut off. And he's literally stump on the ground say, come back here. I'll bite your legs off. That guy doesn't run away from fight, but look what happened to him so we can laugh all we want it serandon. But I have to say that I have a certain amount of respect for someone who, even though he is a night in the are thirty and times. And even though they're all these expectations that he'd be brave, and gallant and chivalrous, and all these things that he runs away when he knows that. No good can come of him staying in this fight. I think about this because I have a three year olds and I get in a lot of fights that I realized very quickly, I can't win by continuing to fight the only way to win is to retreat take breath. And then resume once we're on an even playing field again. I e once my kid has had a few minutes to take some deep breaths and get a hold of herself. Once I've had a few minutes, take some deep breaths and get a hold of myself, then we work on solving the problem. But when it's a fight between someone who is bound and determined to get what she wants out of me by any means necessary, and she's going to throw herself on the floor and pound, the ground fake cry until I give in. That's not a fight. I can win by staying there. I turn around I run away and I give it a minute, and I really do think of it in those, I think of it as Eric idols voice in my head's egg runaway run away, because it just takes me out of the moment, this much just enough to see that actually this is pretty silly, actually, there is a way to be the least silly person in this room, and I am taking that way. Next time you're in a fight. You can't win think of serandon the brave and run away. Coats. Loved, and you are winning. And you are definitely winning live. If you subscribe, my newsletter follow me on Facebook or follow on Instagram, feel free to do. All three. 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