Big Brother 21 Premiere Night Two Recap


Chami. From my apartment. It's rob has a podcast. And now here's a guy who is not going to be a victim here on night. Number two, I am a rob sister Nino or welcome back to our live coverage of the big brother premier night. Number two, as we have our first person officially out of the game. We have a new H. O H A lot to break down here with you live or right after the own some a little after the episode, of course, here on a Wednesday night, if you joining us live, if you're in the podcast feed come on and join us live after the episode sometime. All right. Let's go out and talk to our panel here tonight with us. Oh, very excited to bring in. I a man who is I'm sure not happy with the way that the twist went down tonight. Mr brent? Walk on Bredhauer. You. I am here. I'm here for now as jewelry would say, and I'm very excited about this season. Where are you going? I'm not going anywhere. But I had told the chat and Twitter and Garnett that had not been feeling well all day, a little bit of have a little bit of strength. But I am here. Rob I made it here and I am ready to talk about big brother. Okay. Alright happy to have you back Brandt. Of course, somebody, we're always happy to have back with us. Here is the great most, Danny Melissa. How are you? I am doing great. My draft is not doing so hot. But I plan to come back with Nicole umbrella. So don't worry about me. Okay. All right. So here we are. And we are back once again, of course, that we're going to be taking your questions here in this show tonight, hashtag RHA P on Twitter, of course, the summer of Stein is going to kick off this week. So get your questions and you can Email summer of Stein at rob has whips that come questions for Eric and I to cover. We're going to record that I believe Friday afternoon. So look for that probably later on in the day on Friday. Plus, we will have our coverage of the amazing race finale, which I know is going on live pleasing the chat. Please be respectful of no spoilers about the amazing race in the chat here tonight as we go along got a lot on the DVR tonight to get through after talk about. The podcast here tonight. So we will have a mazing race exit interviews with the teams on Thursday, and we'll get together with Mike bloom and just Gelinas. Well on Thursday night, as we recap the finale of the reality star showdown. But it was a showdown of a different sort tonight. Also, a real quick, appreciate everybody who went out and gave us feedback and star ratings. I saw a surge to the top of the polls on the apple podcasts chart. So I appreciate that for everybody that went out and gave the podcast, a honest review and rating in the apple podcast, or, you're gonna rob has whips at com slash Roswell com slash tunes for that or for the BB podcast only bras website at com slash podcast. Of course. The big brother live feeds, also get started tonight. Probably sometime around after the ease the Pacific standard time version of the episodes of what's going to be about midnight. Eastern brent? Sounds like it. Okay. So beyond a lookout for the bigger, the live feeds, you can sign up for the live through our website at, rob. His website, com slash live feeds, Tarrant Armstrong is going to get the daily live feed report started tomorrow morning, eleven AM eastern, time, eight AM Pacific, of course, those are always turned into a podcast within a short amount of time. So make sure you subscribe to the podcast or the reality TV ra- half of speed to get those. Okay. All right. Let's talk about this Melissa. Let me go to you, I okay? David in the draft, we had been speculating that this was going to be the case. What's your feeling about David going out here for now? I'm sad, it sucks. I hate these day, one day to whatever Vic shins because we don't even get to see them on feeds, and we. We, you know, they don't even get a chance to make a name for themselves in the house, especially when it comes to them getting eliminated due to competition. To be fair. I love this competition and it really sucks that this is the situation, it came in because it was so fun. I liked the fact that there were so many different alternative rooms that you could go into. And you know, if you did it, right. Maybe you wouldn't even see those room. So it was pretty fun. It was kind of like a choose your own adventure game. But it sucky that this is the situation. We find her. Wait on the competition, real quick. I don't like this competition. I tweeted about how I don't like to win the survivors get blindfolded. And I don't like when we do this. It takes so long. It's like you know, I don't have a color, TV to watch people in black and white for twenty minutes. Can hardly. See what's going on. You know, the people get tarred and feathered. It's, it's not my favorite. Okay. All right. That's okay. I'm melissa. I had the same problem with it as rob does, it's very TV visually appealing. You can't tell who's ahead or whose closed or anything unless they're literally coming out the door. I wasn't into and then they have to be in a room going. Well I feel like I'm in a different part of the competition right now. I was going to say the rob because I didn't see her Twitter that it takes me back to survivor, the Amazon, or you were blindfolded like using your fingers to read the signs and failed famously at that famous fail. I like it because. Maybe baby emphasis, but you, you share some kinship here with David and not being able to figure out. Version of this comp. Is that one to alleviate your concerns about the black and white aspect of it? And the in the dark thing is that one where they had to get the airline ticket, and then sit next to the passenger, and then they go from different route like room to room and kind of salt different things for each downs, really fun. So if they do something that similar, like this one to that one or it, you know, solving puzzles, colorful, the one in the celebrity this past season was a really good, also. So that was that was that was a more fun. Take on this. David goes on. I felt like I didn't get anything from David last night. But then I thought that David really had a personality. I was very sad to see him go tonight. Bryant. I was still trying to figure out exactly what was going on with him. But at the end aid key really feels like his humanity came out if he was still like he was a bit of an introvert going into the house. He wasn't giving me a lot. I was having trouble connecting. With him. But I really do feel like at the end he was trying to make an effort to let us into see what, what he's about in what he cares about. Yeah. Like I it was interesting because I saw the end of the cop where Julie's like David, you're out, and he's like, oh, okay. Okay. Cool. And then then my feet my feed cut, and I didn't get to see the diary room. So I saw I ended up seeing it later but I, I was like this guy doesn't care at all, like good riddance, but then I saw the diary room and it was clear that, like, he's not the type of person who really, you know, shows his emotions out there to everybody and his very outgoing. And all that sort of thing. But you could tell that he really did care about the game. And it's really sad that he doesn't get to stay in more than duty. I. I feel like he cares about how he was perceived by America. I don't know that he gives a shit about the big brother gain. That's how I think he's here's his chance. Like, I think he may not care about any other big brother season. But I think that he'd thought that this was a chance that he was going to be famous and rich. And so I think that he was definitely invested in this experience, which is now potentially taken away from him. I you know what though? Like I did like the fact that Julie says that he's not fully out. He's out for now. Would I do because I always wanted that when it came to previous people getting eliminated early, you know, without the opportunity to really fight for themselves. I really wanted him to be able to have the opportunity to come back and, you know, if he has that opportunity than, you know, than at least he he's given fair chance. I don't know. I like it of the chance that he has I think, is definitely something that is under some scrutiny right now because we have some words from Julie. Chen, let me play. Let's talk through what Julie said a little bit of a bombshell here at the end of the episode. Tune in Sunday to see which two houseguests are nominated for Vic Shen toss. It's a new twist in the game. The wax tippety cop wack, tippety comp. Okay, we'll, we'll, we'll bull. I'm sure we'll talk a lot about wack titties. Coming up. Okay. Eight game changing secret power is up for grabs. It all happens Sunday that on Tuesday. It's the first Fito competition of the summer followed by the I live fiction on Wednesday David maybe out of the game, but you haven't seen the last something that has never happened before thick or other will happen live next Wednesday. Okay. All right. So what does that mean Brent? I am not exactly sure what the one thing that I could discern though it does seem like whatever this whack tippety competition. Is it is completely separate from whatever is happening with David, it did seem to me, Melissa like they were two separate things did it not because it was like. It's a new paragraph started when she started talking about David coming back. We need the punctuation. Yeah. We need to know if there was a comma or period. Okay. So I thought that the whack tippety competition is going to be what did they call that last season, the power apps, I think that, that's where did that? I think that's gonna be the Sunday night thing. But it didn't necessarily sound like that. It's going to be David coming back into the game. It sounds like that. He's gonna play a role in the vixen or the H O H I as he he, they're going to probably do a battle back later on. And like he's probably going back to a hotel for sequester and then part of the part of Wednesday's show. Listen, stay. David. Out of the game. But you haven't seen the last of something that has never happened before thick or other will happen. Live next Wednesday, something never happened before live on Wednesday. You're right. That does sound like that does totally sound like David is not coming back or he doesn't have the chance to come back into the game. He's just going to like they're just like keeping them around just for. Million vote. Maybe I feel well I feel like the most obvious answer is they're going to do a battle back along the way remember that. They did about before. But the aired it all in one night, I feel like they're talking about here is something where David could battle who's ever focus. There's nobody nobody's victim by this point. So I guess it can't battle anybody. So how about totally wrong. What if they vote somebody out, and then they have the option to vote, the person that they voted out back in or have David. Yeah. Four survivors style twist, where they go to extinction island or whatever. And they have to have their big brother house where things extinction. The name that they that they think it's a battle back. But Honey, there's nobody for him to back. What the hell is he going to do on Wednesday? They said, if we're going to see him on Wednesday. Maybe they keep voting for more camp directors. And he's still. For that. And all the battle here. Here's what I'm wondering. So we know how universally popular unpopular it is to have somebody that get to be eliminated in these first two nights. But I think that the show feels like, hey, we need this because we have two hours to fill. And if we don't get rid of somebody, there's really nothing to do over the course of two hours to fill two different nights to the big brother premier so they have to do it. But what if they've sort of come up with some way where he's out of the game. But then, also that he has like, you know, maybe like a fifty fifty shot to get back in on Wednesday. I appreciate this whole thing more if they didn't like a regular Vic Shen, like okay sure we don't get to see him on seeds. But at the very least he got to fight for his chance in the house. This is just this stupid thing, where one person decides for people have to compete, and then if he does it like succeed in this one competition. Maybe this one area is not his area, you know going on. On this blind spot for David. And so it's, it's not I don't like that aspect of it. Like sure yeah. I wish we could see the first victim on feeds. But if they were able to fight for their lives like normal big brother, even if it was some sort of situation was kind of a sped up version of it or something, where they do the nomination the veto and the election, then I get behind that. Because at least they have the chance to plead for the, their case and win the veto and all that sort of stuff. But was what happened the Cameron? Yeah. I, I mean I kind of feel that also the Chad has reminded me that the action is Wednesday. But that's still doesn't help me because I don't feel like they're going to do an eviction and Ben have a competition. I mean, I just don't feel like that that's going to go that way. So can't be a battle back in my opinion. You know what I'm saying? I don't feel like that that's going to have to see, you know, so I if he if he gets a chance to come back right away, after he was just a victim. That's really dome. And I don't think it's going to play very well because I mean he's chance he was banished from the house, you had a chance to come back in and he'll lots. And now week later, you're going to give him another chance to come back in what if it's that he just has something to do with the active competition, just like something like hey guy. The wack pack and then later on a battle back like they did with Cameron where Cameron got two then compete knows Cameron, Cody in those guys who's Cameron person. You mean Steve? To give to compete. I'm making a joke because Cameron really got screwed over by by the old guy. He wasn't talking about I out. Yeah. I don't know. No, listen. Listen. Listen. No. Cliff cliff and big brother. Totally screwed over Cameron tonight because cliff when he got back into the house. This is what he said. They were thinking this guy wasn't gonna be sticking around, but I'm not glad. I'm not Jodi, thanks guys. I'm sure it's the peace. So you're saying that as the oldest houseguests that was that's, that's what he was. He was citing old. I thought he was saying the night, one Vic shin people and I took it as the old person getting voted out first, but Jodi old person. Yeah. Well, even he was doing night, one people. And then he puts summer's steam on that list instead of tavern. Yeah, the other people in that season Jodi was not like a spree iron. Hot crowd, sort of thing. I'm not to. I'm not treating me nice wear. I'm just saying. They inc. Comparison to the other people. Abby. On the podcast. How old was Jodi, which you play saying? She was in her forties. Boogie was older than her. God. Oh. Cal. I wouldn't know how old she was fourteen. I'm sure the about eight seconds. Tell me why tell me hold. She was. Okay. All right. So all right. David is gone and for now we'll see what happens. And then we had a lot to do with Jackson sort of, in the lead up to this. And then following all of this Jackson playing real hard right now Brent really hard and really knowing me, Mickey same. Well, I didn't want this can we visit this? Let's set this up. Okay. So Jackson not Jackson anymore. He is Mickey and we got this setup that Jack tells us, okay? Hey, everybody, we're changing some names around here brothers all about making connections unloving these days, boy, Nick, southern boy Jackson, my name's Jack too, so we're calling Jackson Vicki his last name come on American. I'm the most Jack Jack. So we can't have Jackson and Jack but. But Mickey Nick is fine Melissa that's using that won't be confusing for Mickey. And Nick, we won't I feel like it's gonna take me a minute to get all the names now that everyone's twitching. Like I feel like I just got comfortable which. And now of than they've all got new names like our Ana leases. And, you know, like Chami is Thomas or something? And now everybody's got different names. So I don't even know I'm going to have to get used to it. Anybody on the panel changing their name for the season? There was that one season of big brother, OT Taryn was biscuit. Yes or TASR. Yeah. Right. Right. As tear now. So many me slow names. Okay. All right. So Jackson is Mickey now are we this is canon? We're, we're all this forget Jackson out Mickey. And I feel like we'll switch back and forth. I mean I've been he's Jackson in my head. So it's going to take me a while to switch it around Mickey, but on the other hand, it is easier. I mean, I don't have any problem telling the difference between Jackson Jack when I say that when I say, Jack Illinois him talking about alchemy guy when I say Jackson, I'm talking about crazy guy with the square jaw. Is that Jackson his job because he does not look like Jack to me, look like a jet? Was he looked like most? Jason momoa. Okay. All right. So all right. So Jackson plane real hard. We saw a lot leading up to everything. How did he make these decisions? I thought that was really funny when he was talking about this precarious position that he was in. And he was, I think, feeling a little sorry for himself at this point. This dam. Sure. Yeah. Jackson definitely did not ask for this did not go on the half and campaign. Absolutely get ten people to vote for him. He knew that there was a power that he didn't know what the power was. He knew that he was going to have some sort of responsibility, and he still wanted to be safe. You didn't care about the consequences where you have somebody like OBI who throughout the show is looking ahead to the big game as Steve talked about so well, on the show last night, by the way, I love the show last night, you can totally tell why Steve Moses one big brother seventeen. He is such a sweetie. And I love the part where he was like I went online and gave four stars or five stars or whatever to rob podcasts. Anna Terron show. And I'm like you know what? I did too when when you guys. Oh. Oh, yeah. Steve was great. He's saying the whole lyrics to the Taryn show, the grant from Wilfrid America before the show started. So he was. True fan man. Good. Job will. Yes. Okay. She tune Melissa talk to me about the, the actual people that, that were picked by Jackson. Did he do a good job here? Well now but it's also hard. I feel like it's hard to do it generally. But his logic didn't quite make sense. And then I don't know. I there could have been a better way to do it, and I feel like it could have been put off on other people. Like you could have found a way to get everyone in the house to agree on a certain number of people. Maybe I don't know. I feel like he just did not do a good job. A couple of things I feel like he did as well as he could have done in the overall result. But he failed on the execution. It seems to me that it was pretty easy to just put up three people who were competing campaigning against you threw their hats into the ring. And because you didn't take those people they pick themselves and foreperson Chemi, who hasn't said anything to you even went to the day room and said look, I'm gonna go kiss his ass. I'm not she didn't even have with him on. I'm standing Chemi with you all but she's got a play. Better is, she may not even like the guy, but she's got to go up and say something, and kiss his ass, and make him think that she actually cares about his well-being and the game because she didn't do a good job of that. She could have been Allen. I want if she wasn't lucky. So I feel like you did it. Okay. Job picking be score people. But he had an out in the first three of those people. But for some reason he went back on it with David and said, like I'm gonna put these people up, but I need to put you up as upon it a sick with look, I'm putting people up who campaign against me, period. End of story, and I have to pick somebody else. Sorry, Kimmy girl by David neat to pound the table, there, he was sort of, like I don't like it. Nope. I gotta be honest, not crazy about this idea. Does he have to say? Hell no. You cannot do this to me. I think he could do that. But in a way, that's like, hey I wanna work with you. Like, we've got strong guys right here once I get back in the house, like I won't wanna work with you. If you put me up or whatever, you know, something. Like that. Because at the time it seemed like he was verse. Sure going to come back in the house. I mean any competition, it's against those guys, you know, he has such a great chance to come back in, but it didn't I don't feel like David, it's one of those things where you have to walk a fine line. You can't just be like absolutely not. I refuse to do this, because then people are like, well, you're not a team player and now you're mean, and if you but if you don't fight them on it, and you accept it pretty readily then they're like, oh, well, then they don't care. We'll, then it's fine. We'll say the one thing that they did do, right. Was what Taryn talks about so well on the show last night, where Jack came in and said, look, one thing, the number one thing you have to do is lock in the people that voted you in make sure you get those people and keep them safe because if you don't do that, and this was totally worth nothing. So I was at least glad to hear some semblance of strategy from Jack telling Mickey to keep all those people safe and given the ten. Voted for him. And he can't nominate himself. I mean who else does he put up rob? Okay. So everybody goes in and. Any of the thoughts of the already talked about the, the competition as we are talking really unlucky in that all the competitions. I've seen this is probably the one that really neutered, David's physical ability is just totally made everything that didn't help. Yeah. No amount of exercise is going to help you on this competition. I mean cliff came through. I God bless cliffs. I'm so happy for him that he made it through first thrilling to see. Really well up Titians. Yeah. He's up there. What's final five or final? Durance competition. I was thrilled with that. Okay. All right. Let's go back to the post competition, big brother house. And so we saw a little bit more on Tommy and Christie. Now Brent we have seen a lot about the pair, Tommy and Christie. I know that you are still confident that there are additional payers in the house, or, or have you walked that back at all. No, I want that. I walked back shit. They're still there's more pairs than house. I, I just think that this one was so obvious that they had to own it, and they try to like, weasel their shoehorn it into the story with Jewish saying, well, there's maybe somebody who knows each other. But I, I said, what I said the other night on the show, which is that they just didn't care. They ended up casting people who ended up knowing each other, and that's that. So I'm starting to think that it is not intentional and. Well, not starting, but I'm getting confident that it was not intentional because if it was intentional they would have mentioned, you know, Holly and Catherine knowing each other and would have said, like, okay, we've got a few pairs in the house like this was on purpose. But instead, it's one pair. And this connection is like the most tenuous connection ever. It's like my aunt dated MU a while ago in a relationship, and we would lady Gaga concert together. It's like these are not. That's not like you know, it doesn't really big Xs. It's not whatever it's like this really strange relationship. Is that even a relationship? It's like so that's why Twitter everybody who watches big brother couldn't believe this. We couldn't nobody could believe that. They did this on purpose because how could they do this on purpose? I mean, you know, you have people who each other going into the house. Why would you do that? But in the end they. I think the most easy way. The looking at this to rose colored glasses, I'll say this, they found some people that they liked bay later on found at bay have a connection. And they looked at it and said. Bouquets. Let's try it out. I mean that's how I feel like what had Halloween. Catherine know each other prior to audition, for big brother from what you understand. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Okay. I wasn't sure those like they met each other on the live noted for years, okay? You. Yes, they're incident. Of course it's private now but before. You Twitter shown Instagram posts and whatnot of people. Hey, girl. Get some answers on this when the light feeds come on less, the live feeds cut out, every time that those to ever talk to each other. So. I guess it's possible. We'll, so we'll see. All right. So we also found out most seems like that it was a little bit of a not so amicable break-up between Christie and at Tommy's aunt. Yeah. That was definitely a question. We had going in was is this still a friendship or is different ship. Not a friendship finish. You. So that's going to be interesting, because, you know, going in, we all thought, okay, they know each other, that's and they know each other in the outside world. So that's automats someone you can trust. If there is bad blood, they probably can't trust each other. At least they're going to be wary of each other. So it kind of makes on just going to say I call Bs on this, because like you had her on the other night saying, Christiane talking about say, well, this could be a thing about girls thought it's a good thing. You have somebody, you have an advantage. Nobody else will see me, nobody else in the house has in that, you know, each other you only from the outside world, you have a sense of trust of who this person is in what they're like that. You don't have anybody else in the house. That's why I do think it'd be an Tommy ended up throwing Christie and cheering for because he's competent about her keeping safe. I mean, that's just such a leg up to have in the house to have somebody who you know, you can trust, at least in the early going and. If not for the first two thirds of the game now, may get to a point the later on down the line, where Chrissy takes a hard look at it and says, maybe Thomas to up the beat in the end has to give him the ego. But I don't think that's happening. I think there for long haul. Okay. Okay, we'll we'll see again. We'll find out how that relationship has grown over the course of the first week very soon. So we have our H O H composition actually before that. We, we alliance in the house, Melissa. Yes, we do at six personnel. I ns that is not called level six. What is called? Yeah. It's, it's basically a lot of people that watch the twenty said, oh, that worked. That was a good idea. Six. Good number. We're not going to say why we think get never. That was good. So. A great number Jack Mickey, and Nick, and then it's Bella Christie and Holly and Holly. Okay. All right. I have to say Bella gets around girl. I. Sommese to me, if you said to me they bid Jackson, and Jack are gonna pick a girl to be in an alliance together. I would not have picks Bella, I would think that they would like to pick like, the, you know, paper like vanilla, blonde Princess in Catherine, but I was so stoked when they will chose Bella because I love her, and she even the diary room is like another alliance just fell in my lap. Like I mean I I'm like this Christine thing where she just happened to be in the room and they couldn't contain them like it. And then they, they thus had to include her, because that's how it to me with that. Yeah. I mean it seemed like that. But then later on, you know, Jack goes directly to heard to bring her in, and when they were talking about okay who else can we include? He brought her name up right away, was like Bella by, like her. I mean I, I would be totally into a Bella Jack. Alliance. Right. But power six is that the name of the alliance was a placeholder right now? I felt like it was a placeholder but it may be the name. I honestly wasn't paying much attention. I was more astounded that people that I actually like in Christie and Bella Warren included this alliance so that I didn't have to totally root against the six personal lions from the start like I did last year. Yeah. That's gonna be the real name. I don't know. I always it always is interesting to me when they come up with these names that are, like, so dumb sometimes. And we're like that's ridiculous. That's not going to last. And then we end up getting close. Like, had fouled, and we have the pretty boys IRO in the pretty boys reform, girl, like word, not gonna say this for very long in America. The whole season is pretty wise this pretty boys that. I know it's only the second of the show. How legit do you think this alliance of six could be because they, we see sometimes where there's one side of the house and the house forms and yellow the times where, you know, a group that is able to stay undetected and just pick off other people, and nobody even knows what's going on. I mean, I want to say that it's not gonna last and the reason I'm going to say that is because I don't feel like that this collection of people really has a lot in common on the other hand. I we feel like Casey was out of place last year levels in level, six and big brother. Twenty I always felt like she was in the wrong group. But yet, she fit in perfectly with level, six in all the way to the end, and won the show. So I mean hell of I know rob Deb your asking me. I'm going to say it's not going to last very long. What do you think? See, it's different now that Christie has won a age because I feel like that is something that will help the alliance stays strong because they don't need to pick each other out there need to be like, well, okay, we're not in power. Get get rid of whoever. You know. So I think that will certainly help keep the keep lines going. However, I agree with Brenton that, it really just seems like this random collection of people that doesn't really know each other yet. I mean, it's, it's hard to say because we haven't been watching the feeds, but it does seem that way that it's just like this person, and that person what that all you guys together. But sometimes that, you know, that lasts long time knows I think that everybody wants to replicate what we just saw. I think that it probably is a disservice to level six and how good they were at keeping what they were doing a secret to say that the six random people could just come in and try to do the same thing. Yeah. But then again I saw done west year. I'm less season on Canada's seven were they saw alliance that they looked kinda pretty shaney and decided to try to replicate it, and it seemed kind of random the people that were coming together. And then it works, so who knows what's gonna happen here. All right. Let's see what the h h it was kind of a weird h wear we had people hanging on these totem poles and that the camp director Mickey was tasked with okay, put people into pairs, but most of the payers have anything any bearing with the entire challenge. I see I thought it was going to be like, I thought it was going to be that whoever whichever pair one or one person from the pair, one day would have to decide between the pair like okay, which would have been smart. That would have been fine. I guess it mattered. Because some when you were paired with a bigger guy, it looked like maybe the guy took over more of the. Hiller elect with a little bit. Maybe but I really didn't see making that much difference. So who knows? Maybe it shifted the, the swinging with the way, if you're person fell off or what? But I didn't really get that. I didn't really understand why we gave Mickey the power like. It was totally nonsensical. Hint, picking them made no sense. The fact that they were impairs made no sense and they blew it at the end when they could have had the two people have to decide something or like Adam chain together there. But no, it was just a mess. I mean, I'm glad Christina winning because I do enjoy her, but I didn't like this competition. Okay. All right. So we end up with Christie as our, I h Ables a good thing or bad thing for Christie to be the first h h. I think it's good. I used to say that being I h was always really bad. I was always like, if I'm on the show, I will never try and get I h but it does seem to me that in the most recent seasons the first age age is really in a good position. Because everyone it seems like you get involved in the big alliance in the beginning because everyone's trying to work with the HOA. So it does seem like nowadays, it makes sense to get a chill age because that opens up doors for you when it comes to joining alliances with people and strategizing in the first week. So I think it's I think it's a good thing for her. It's possible that because she already had formed this alliance that it, wouldn't it doesn't really do that much good. But still, I mean, I think it could be a good thing for her. You feel like it's going to be for Christie, even more. So the fact that somebody's already been eliminated in Jackson has a little bit of blood on his hands. So it's not even really like she has the first HOA she is. But there's already been some a little bit of game play bits happened in house. So I feel like it's even better for her to one this h to get people coming to her. You know, even though she does have a pre made alliance. We don't know how solid bed alliances and issue wants to entertain other offers or you have other people who are not in her alliance, essentially keepers, safe next week, then, that's a good thing for her to. So I like this all around for Christie. Yeah. I think the I h can be bad. If you're somebody who really overplays like Jackson getting the first thing I would've probably been catastrophic for him. He's lucky that he was in a position of power for eighteen hours. Whereas I think that she's the right person to sort of be able to because it's a long, h that I h they move into the house. I think like a week we could go. Today. Maybe and then you end up being you'll be the H until a week from today. So it's a it's a lot of time to spend as that I h h and we've seen it spell disaster for some people in the past. So you have to be able to be real low key for these first two weeks of the game you gotta be chill. And I do feel like she's schilling like Tyler was show last year until, like the people that McRae also pretty chill people that are chill are good. I h OH people that are spazzy are not. Yeah. Okay. Like Cody Cody. All right. So let's see any else from night, number two that we want to touch on. I tweeted this did we even St. Catherine, or Nicole? It's like they're barely on the show tonight. It's can't crawl a little bit. Yeah. We saw Katherine at all one DR from Catherine. Did we now I got what does she say? She said you remember your first round draft pick. I was like, okay there she is. We haven't talked too much about the squirrel. Oh, yes, I, I love that you love. I still trying to figure out to actually put them definitely. Not definitely not squirrel has like super strength. And there's no way that squirrel is your way. Throws Drager a bag with cliff in it like it was like the garbage like like. Over his shoulder. There's no way was Cami, or was Jessica came whoever was in the bathroom, and then got her head on the sink. If she'd actually been in the bag or something, so. It really fun. Take segment. You me out. I mean, I knew it was fake. But I was like is this is this really thinker. I might just like my playing my are they playing tricks on me here? So yeah, okay, Brent's let me get your professional opinion on this. Those does cliff know what he's saying when they make him say these things, squirrels, and big nets, and Texas. Not only is he aware of what he's saying he is praying that are, are hap-. Rob got it on the soundboard. This was a special dedication to me you're saying. Ball's in my ear balls in my chant. Never been hitting the face of his many balls before in my Lai. How many times could you say cliff? Yeah. Boy, he's going to be fun and calling it now I am calling it. I feel like cliff has a glide path to the final three at this point, if he wants the old person makes pass that first round of Vic shins. I feel like they're in it for the long haul. Why are you really going to get rid of a guy like that? I feel like we're going to get cliff all summer long. Okay. All right. Melissa any other night, two thoughts. Now that I feel like it's not enough. I always never satisfied. We're good. Ninety days where that came from now once the feeds began out feel satisfied, but I feel like or that beats happen. I'm like, I need more content to things Sam is bringing true, everything I feared about him and that I can't stand like shut the hell. Knowing me. Why is the yelling in the diary room with this? Cover from could. Harry. Minus the psychic powers got an I am Kentucky's. I know people like this much yelling. Oh here. So him. And then the young demographic cover my sister, lov salmon. She's. Yes. So I'll Tommy in the dyron is very fun. I know the evil dick is not living for him right now. Why a bit much in the diary room. But I thought he was. Thought he was very with the horror movie, Tommy is getting the like producers pet of to deliver the, the like I could you try one that's like this is like you got it. He is the J C in the diary, room of this season of the person Frankie 'Grande. That's what I. It's a little much for me. I my favorite in the diarrhea so far as Bella. And like Jack in the dire. I think he does a good job, even with the lines that they feed them. Gotta play better. Do I like Hemi in the diary, because she is different? I drive. Yeah. Like I feel like that. She's not going to be like, okay, you want me to be more excited. I'll do you like no not. Do not. I love it. It's great because it feels more real, it's like, you know, like when genetic or someone would sit in the dire with, like their hand back here, and just like this is what I'm doing. And this is the way it's going and I love it. And it's like all Moreau says she had her own style on the ground. That's that's something I look out for. So I like it. No lesson. I spoke with Taryn Steve Moses about the premier night. Was there anything about night, one that either of you wanna get off your chest? No, I I wasn't look. Here's the thing. I want to say this on the record. I was not annoyed by this, quote unquote twist as much as anybody else, apparently has been I, totally fine with it, because it had a little bit of everything. And it had a chance for them to vote. They got to campaign. They got to talk to each other. I'm with each other. Then they got a chance to compete in once they got a chance to compete. I mean your your fetus in your own hands, so. I was totally cool. I mean you got the camp counselor thing then had to win the camp counselor. And then you go to the camp counselor and still save yourself. I mean it was their own damn ball. They threw their hats in the ring, and tried to win by giving him a reason to nominate them or bandaged them from the house. So I was fine with this. I thought it had a lot of game play in it. And I I wasn't bothered by it at all. Yeah, I think they're looking for something to get the show started a little quicker. I think the last season two hour premiere we had a lot of stuff going on where we had two different competitions where we had Sam got the robot punishment, and Casey got the. What was it the blue the blue screen of death or whatever death? Yeah. Yeah. So then a lot of stuff to do. But I in terms of like getting you invested in what's going on, like it does raise the stakes. So I understand. I know what's popular. I, I understand why there is the impulse to do this in the tonight. Premier. Yes. Also just to clean up, things Melissa was credits. Chuck went up for you. Jodi was forty two years of age when big brother fourteen came around, and she is now fifty one and a may I just say, Jodi, girl, you look good. And you look good back in BB, fourteen because I was thinking, you're like twenty eight or something I still say cliff was rattling off people that were night, one victims, not the old person in the house. Now he knows the shell I trust was there ever roll about this. Is there a different person who is the oldest person in the house, that was the first brute? Why didn't you say corn bread? Because that's not really. Okay. All right. So let's, let's bring some questions from listeners when we start off with Ian, the great, Ian rice. Why didn't Jackson put up the first four that voted for Jessica seems like the easiest route did he know who were the for the data. Jessica the problem. I don't know that he knew exactly who were the four the voted for Jessica because you couldn't vote for yourself. So even other people who voted like in a weird way like one person voted for Nick one Burson voted for Jack. Like you don't know where exactly all the votes fell. So I don't know. I think it was easier to go the route that he did. I liked the route that he did. Actually he just failed in the execution of it. Okay, let's, let's do the next question Scott. I think we, we, we got that mister robot Taryn over under of T one and a half TMZ stories coming out of this. I mean in fair. Yes. Yeah. End of everything. But I'm keeping positive and saying that there will not be any over very positive. I mean, one and a half stories would be like a good over under for like the rest of the month of June. I mean that's true stories like these first couple of weeks when the most stuff does tend to happen. So we'll say it's a long summer. It's a long summer. You know, a lot of these stories are like ooh, Scotty, said, a bad word on the live show. Yeah. So dumb. Ever. Yeah. So not even a controversy. It's just a stupid joke. Yeah. A good over under. I think would be with all the respect. I'd say seven and a half would be a good a good over on their seventy seven and a half TMZ stories. What do you still take the overall? Okay. Here's one from Gretchen hunter, who says sorry about your strep, but your hair looks great Brent. Oh, thank you. Thank you. I've been I've been going off camera when I have been talking so that I could use my chloraseptic because every time is our ranting. My, my tonsils start the herd, so. I know. Right. Like you don't think that there's anybody on Twitter with a Bren voodoo doll here at the start of the big brother season. So many should market those that could be huge action dicing opportunity. I would have to send a cease and desist. Brent voodoo doll. We'll get that up in the RTP store for people. All right bestseller bestseller. Okay. All right. This is one from Johnny isn't we game play. The Tommy Christie didn't immediately question. Whether there were other paired houseguests that's well, I'll say it's a little not fair because I don't think we know you know, they might have had those conversations there might even be people that know each other, but we don't know what they've said off camera. Yeah. I'm hoping that they did like I'm sure they have to be saying to themselves like it can't just be is right because that's what happened during BB six when they started thinking about it. And of course, but then the secret goes out the window when somebody's victim. So that's what happened BB six. But here, I would think that they would at least it would at least crossed their minds, come on. Okay. All right. Then this one from Andrew, are they trying too hard to make Sam happen? Melissa. Year with some character where the person's yelling in the DR, and it's a whole thing. And it's like they just love that sort of thing in hate it. So, you know that's Sam seems like a nice guy. But I, he, he I wish he would just yell less. Maybe the catch a little bit of strep throat along the way, maybe we'll be a little more quiet in dire room. Yeah. That would be good. I enjoy that. Okay. All right. Daddy be wants to know. Is this I alliance? The new level six or the new foul. Taeb ren's. I have to say that nobody could ever found out. But if I have to pick one it's more than levels six I don't see this lasting, but I've been surprised before, like, I don't want to be offensive Jim, but I've just been like I still relocated and the pretty boys and how we all laughed at that, which you just go fog at that there's no frigging way is working now that horrible name, and then we ended up talking. About it all, Susan in being the most successful lions history of big brother Canada. So Merle by I never happened. But I have to believe it's more. Let's maybe look at it this way. Okay. So let, who are the best players in the house that are not in the power six. Do we think that there are enough where in the case of big brother Canada? It was a little bit of keystone cops where nobody was able to get on the right page. Do we have faith in the other nine people that are not in this power six Melissa? I think so. I mean, I think there's a lot more people on the other side, and I don't necessarily see that tower of six people. You know, being strong enough and good enough at the game too. A wind names until like Lovie, Jessica and cliff are three people who are you are not going to put one. And Tommy Tommy, too. I also have a lot of faith that Christie won't be able to keep a secret from Tommy, awesome thing. Yeah. That's that's the other problem with their alliances that it's not really a six personal lions. It's a seven personalise because with Christy comes Tommy. And they don't even know that. So she's definitely put herself in the catbird seat. Yeah, okay, then do by the way, I'm acting like we don't have any life feed updates. Am I correct in that assumption? I mean, we have a few things play Harron covered most of play spoiler spoiler thing in a couple of minutes. All right, daddy, be our Christy and Tommy going to dominate the endurance. Comps of probably probably not. I mean Christie. Early while I mean he's super athletic. But, you know, being dancer, I feel like that certainly will have some sort of help when it comes to flexibility in haven't hang onto things in stuff like that. So. I talked about that. She did not have any upper body strength. Was this, like Rachel Riley, like a strong legs special here? I mean I was trying to figure out exactly it was it a grip thing. She don't have strong arms. Maybe she has good grip because it did seem like it was all about grip. And if you lost your grip we're going to go down because a lot most of your weight was on that ledge. I mean even the people that ended up falling like cliff, you looked like he was doing fine grip wise until the end when he just slipped off the wedge at the bottom. Okay. All right. Let's start to move into talking about whatever updates we have a from the live feeds. Nothing consequential. Right. Nobody should leave right. Well, I mean. I mean I can speak to the longevity of this alliance or not if you one. All right. All right. Okay. It's let me play the lay played the song, real quick. Okay. And then we'll be back our next big brother live show is going to be all the way on Sunday night. So we'll be back at nine fifteen pm eastern time on Sunday. And of course, the summer of Stein is gonna kick off on Friday so beyond looking for that, send in your questions summer of Stein at, rob has a website dot com or use the hashtag summer of Stein on Twitter. And let's get into a quick quick session. Spoilers, the office of civil defense issued the following message. This is warning. Spoiler warning means than actual. Spoiler. Has detected and. Yeah. Okay. All right. The main thing that I wanted to get across was the fact that Christie is in an alliance with this power six group, one of which includes Mickey aka Jackson and apparently from the life aids that we heard a few days ago on a leak. This is the audio league, not the official leak that CBS gave us but this was what we believe to be in. Unofficial. Leak EM steak where we got a lot of game talk from a house guests and she was not feeling Christiaan talking about is the was not feeling Jackson at all. But as we remember from the camp counselor thing he safe, so she can't target him. So it looks like she's going to be targeting, Catherine, because apparently Mickey and Catherine have gotten close in the interim that we've seen them. And that's totally predictable. And she's also, unfortunately, my little blurb about cliff going along hall in may be in danger because it does look like she's going to use cliff as a pond last we heard. No. Again, she may have changed your mind in the interim. We don't know who's Bischel nominations, but it last we heard it was she was going to target Catherine, as chart target with cliff as upon her reasoning being that cliff is already been, quote unquote, up on the block, or nominated whatever you wanna call it banished and it's easy, just put him up over again. So he needs to clip them talking about survive this votes. If he gets past it, I do really feel great about his chances. Okay. I'll say keeping this is her conversation with Nicole. So it's possible that all this is, you know, tainted through that because she could be just saying it to try and get Nicola, but the Senate who knows maybe she was on ending Nicole, like, we don't know. So I guess. Yes, I feel like that. I mean that would be really balls easier in the first week just flat out lie. I feel like if you're going to nominate somebody feel like you're going to new, you're gonna not be so absolute about. You're gonna wanna leave yourself some wiggle room about what you're really going to do. So I, I take your point. And it certainly granted that we don't know that she was telling the truth. My read on the situation was that she was being truthful about the people that she was saying that she felt great about, and the people that I mean I can see Jackson getting on her nerves really quick. I was stunned that she agreed to. I mean I'm not I'm not done this. She agreed to be alliance say, yes. Any lands that people come up to you? But the fact that she felt whetted to it at all was a mystery to me. Okay. All right. We'll know all these answers for sure in a little more than two hours or less than two hours at this point. So we will have our live feeds kicked off, again. Bob has a website that com slash live feeds, you could try out CBS all access for free. For one week and get your life feeds through rob has a website dot com. Rob has com slash live feeds, Taryn Armstrong will be live tomorrow morning at actually you, let me give you the plug. So it's. Africa island of secrets episode seven recap is already up. That's, that's the the, the new one. I thought I fall behind. I can't remember that. I'm only on episode. I finished up for the other night. I got a keep gone. Shannon gates and Mike bloom doing a great job. The raise thirty one finale exit interviews, I can tell you, I will talk to three of the four teams on Thursday. And then I will talk to the fourth place team on Friday. So that's the way that's what I've been told from CBS, I will have three of the four interviews on Thursday interview on Friday. He made thirty one finale recap is coming your way as well with myself and Jessica lease and Mike bloom as well on Thursday night, so be on the lookout for that then the live feed updates get underway on Thursday morning Armstrong is going to be loaded in for the summer. I saw in the chapter one, how do I get those, of course? You can watch us live right here on YouTube. Make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel go to RHA dot live anytime to see any show that is streaming. So if to do is a low bring up that page in the morning dot live. Yes, brent. I just wanted to announce for those people who know him. And how could you not Amman Adleman very own is going to be on the updates Amaro with Aaron. He's an chat right now, letting everybody know an insight about that. Taryn in Amman tomorrow. At eleven AM eastern. I will be there. Okay. All right. So beyond that on Thursday morning, of course, you could subscribe, and make sure you don't miss the podcast version also and the summer of Stein is going to be back on Friday. Get your questions in summer Stein at rob has a website dot com. Eric, and I will be back. The audio only the season, we're going to simplify it a little bit, too try to make our live. Easier with the summer of Stein and then Sunday night, we've back believe it's nine fifteen pm eastern time always with those Sunday night shows, make sure there's no like golf or anything that pushes us back and make sure set, your DVR later, if necessary, course what a great time to jump on in to the patron community of rob as a podcast. That's who makes all this podcast, impossible say, how's this possible, how they do recap after every episode? And then a life feet update every morning that LLC roundtable, then summer of Stein. How's that possible? Well, because you the patrons Roberts podcast go to rob his website, accomplish patron to find out more formation about everything. They were doing behind the scenes of robs a pot. Get access to our secret patron only podcast feed, and much more. All at rob has a website dot com slash patron. Okay. Last night without the live feeds Melissa. Is it like Christmas Eve? And very excited. I am. I'm really excited, especially because right when they turn on the beads, I mean, at this point we have no idea who's getting along with Tuesday's fighting to what's gone on. And so all we get to know or like little snippets of things that people say about remember, like a couple of days ago when this happened in, we're like, wait, what happened in? It's about piecing together, and it's very fun and exciting. Okay. Are here for the U -tective work, rob. Okay. All right. A lot of TV still catch up on tonight. So we'll go ahead and wrap it up again. Really appreciate all those of ratings and reviews. The apple podcasts store to get us started at the start of the new season. Rob has a website accomplish tunes Robbins, webs of the concerts BB podcast. Thanks so much, Scott saint-pierre behind the scenes take care, buddy. Have a good one and deny. This episode Robin's podcast is sponsored by a friends over at truecar every car comes with share of stories that thing in your bumper. When you nervously picked up a first date that luxury package, you got after a big promotion or the mild, you say by riding your bike all summer long. While you can't put a price tag on your stories now with truecar can at least find out what your car's worth when it's time to sell it or Trey Lynn Jessop, go to truecar simply enter your license plate number and watch how you cars details. Pop up. Then answer a few questions. Navigation moon roof watches, they bump up your car's value, high mileage Yuri news, gonna cost, Hubert night, you know, how much it's going to be in your wallet. So you can plan ahead. 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