Battle of Cajamarca - Nov. 16, 1532


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And it's November sixteenth, but battle of Kabul Markelle took place on this day in fifteen thirty two and it's also described as a massacre. This was committed by Francisco Pizarro and his men against the Inca people of what's now, Peru when this happened the Inca empire had just been through an enormous epidemic and a civil war and the epidemic could actually sparked the civil war emperor. Wanna Capac both of his governors and multiple other important leaders had died in this epidemic. And then why not Capac named one of his sons as his successor? But that's son died in epidemic himself before you could even be notified of the decision. And then his father died also before news got back to him about the death of his son. This interrupted the imperial line of succession, and nineteen year old husker went to war against his half-brother out a wealth of both of them being sons of the previous emperor, the resulting civil war went on for four years without a wellpoint ultimately winning this war had just ended. When Francisco Pizarro arrived on the coast of what's now, Peru. He was following the example of her non Cortez's conquest of the Aztec empire. He was planning to take a small force inland and capture outta Wolpe. Hugh Inc of you'd as a divine ruler. That was actually what Cortez had done with the Aztec emperor Moctezuma the second Moctezuma was killed when this happened. Although it's not clear exactly how or by whom Perot and his force of just one hundred sixty eight men took a treacherous mountain road from the coast inland to Markelle, which is where auto Alpa was in camped. The city itself was almost empty with Ottawa's force of between forty thousand and eighty thousand men not far away. Once they got into the city Perot concealed his men in buildings that were arranged around Marcus central square, and then they invited out while but to have a meeting with them the night before this meeting Ottawa Alpa had held a ceremonial dinner. To celebrate his victory over his half. Brother, and this dinner went on late into the night in involved, lots of intoxicating beverages. So when he entered marker the next day he was carried on a litter with about seven thousand retainers, and they weren't necessarily at their best. Most of them were also unarmed because they were not coming there with a fighting force or with any idea of having any kind of battle at Wolpe was a divine emperor. He expected to be treated that way. By this visitor to his empire inside the city out of wealth. But was greeted. By a fryer. You talked to him about Christianity and also delivered a Spanish document that was called the requirement. The requirement was meant to inform indigenous peoples that Spain had given its representatives the moral religious and legal rights conquest. Of course, the requirement was often delivered in Spanish, and that was often the language that the people they were talking to did not speak. There was though an interpreter in Markelle that day. During this exchange with the friar the friar had a bible and sources really differ about what happened, but they all end up with the bible on the ground either having been knocked down or thrown or dropped. And when that happened Pizarro's men burst out from hiding, and they massacred nearly all Abbas retinue and they took him prisoner because ours foresaw almost no casualties in this. Well, Ottawa Alba's force being mostly unarmed were just massacred outta Wolpe was designed as prisoner until July twenty six fifteen fifty three when he was put on trial after there were allegations that he was mounting an attack force. He was executed. Pizarro attempted to use the emperor's that followed a Welte as Pepe DHS, although one of them named Manco Inca ultimately rebelled against Spain and established a completely separate Inca capital two. Buck Amari is considered to be the last Inca emperor. And he was executed on September twenty four th fifteen seventy two less than twenty years after out of wealth is executing. You can learn more about this in the April fourth twenty eighteen episode of Steffi missed in history class called hallmark and the end of the Inca empire. Thanks to Casey, Peter. I'm in Chandler maze. For their audio work on his show. You can subscribe to this day in history class on apple podcasts, Google podcasts. And wherever else you get your podcast, and you can tune in tomorrow for a murderous castle. I'm Katie golden. I studied psychology and biology at Harvard, and I pretend to be a bird on Twitter in my new podcast creature feature. 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