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Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat


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You God Jamie Lee Curtis is hot. All righty well. So is Ricky steamboat. And that is our topic today. We're excited to be talking about ricky. The Dragon steamboat. I WanNa the all time greats. And we're excited that you're here with us today. Bruce and now you've been busier than a one armed paperhanger wrestlemainia season is upon us And by the time you're listening to this I guess there's some things going down and Saudi Arabia You Know Daddy alrighty. Let's keep moving here ricky. The Dragon steamboat a start. At the beginning I guess we should talk about when he first came into the company. That's nice and eighty-five but he already had a long and successful career. Before he got there. He started his professional wrestling journey on the high school wrestling team. And I gotTa tell you. He's one of the rare guys whose real legal name may have been better than his wrestling. Name Richard Blood as that not hold him old Dick Blood. Dick Blood should have been a wrestling name. I mean this way. Better than steamboat. Amaral you WANNA go out and now coming to the ring in Red Dick Blood but it sounds like A. He'll not well. It sounds like something they've got better. Early Delays Eases alrighty. I do like the name Richard Blood for Real. And if he turned heel he could be dick blood and then you can have the baby faces cutting promos. Dick Blood. I'm coming for you. I'm GonNa get me some of that. Dick Blood would have been great. Yeah Dick I'm GonNa make you bleed all right. You'RE GONNA pay the price Dick Blood. Yeah it's getting done with you. I'm going to say and he bloodied Dick. Are We Jewelry? Dick so hard. Oh you started it. Oh you know what? Come on Shane. That blue cheese now sponsor this week because I have a natural transition or to Let's talk a little bit about you. Know what his original plan was he wanted to be. A physical education. Teacher goes to a two year college. He's got the intentions of transferring to Tampa University to get those other two years and a guidance counselor told him it would be a two to three or wait to get an Tampa to become a physical education teacher because so many teachers had transferred down to Florida from the North so so in. Nineteen seventy-one his senior year at the high school there in Gulfport. He captured the State Championship and Ricky says one night himself on. A couple of guys drove across town to The old armory in Tampa. They sit front row wearing their amateur wrestling shirts from high school and He thinks this could be fun to watch professional wrestling. And maybe be a participant and peaked his interest a little bit I when his girlfriend moves away to a vocational school and His girlfriend's roommate. This vocational school is the daughter Verne. Ganja of course eventually burn one day visits his daughter and he starts talking to Ricky's girlfriend and she mentions that her boyfriend is a collegiate wrestler. Toda what a cool little introduction and would've I guess it's one of those six degrees of Kevin. Bacon that probably exists for Verne Ganja on some level and professional wrestling does it not some. Then she went on to marry Larry's of Bisco. What a small world when he really being weird right but you know. Here's here's the great thing which which will won't get into well. Okay I'll I'll tell the story when he asked me. How did Ricky steamboat get his name when you go from Dick Blood all right before we go any further We're a little head here bruce. How did Ricky steamboat get his name? Well ricky went to work for Eddie. Graham Down in Florida and a there was a famous wrestler. The East work in Florida by the name of Sam steamboat Also Hawaiian and Eddie just took one look gams. Is You look like Sam? Steamboat changed her name. Ricky steamboat and Jackie Jerry. Briscoe we're also part of this and that they wanted him to be a steamboat. The the thought about maybe making Briscoe. But they didn't look enough like Briscoe and the broncos are very funny about their name. So that's how they made him a steamboat. Just by hey you look like somebody. So you're going to be cousin or nephew. Irs Niece or something like that. Go Navy Graham named him. Because he didn't want people talking about Dick Dick's blood so in Ricky's in tenth grade he wrestles Mike Gossett. Who is a senior and ricky remembered apparent with blonde hair and a bandage on his forehead standing and cheering for Mike? And of Course Mike. Gossip is Mike. Graham and his dad in the crowd is eighty. Gram Mike Wound up beating R- he'll points eventually This all becomes a a real thing and he got his name his name because they were Gone to New York in Eddie and Dr Jerry. Graham was the original Graham Heating Graham either and Dr J. Grandma's the guy that Vince McMahon looked up to as a heat. Right yes is the youth. Want Amichi's like bleach. His hair blond look lettuce cigars with hundred dollar bills in the fifties and by God not. He didn't lie with fifties loaded with hundreds but it was in nineteen fifties nineteen sixty shit like that anyway. He shouldn't smoke kids Eddie to they he wanted tag team with Dr Jerry Graham. So he changed named Graham. It's just little shit that will fuck and stay with you for a lifetime. Arn Anderson looked like God. Damn one of them Anderson boys so they said we'll fuck. When don't we make you Goddamn Anderson? Because Noah gives a flying fuck about a large lundy of leave the person who actually suggested that was jd. He pointed out. Mardi getting dressed in the locker room when he remarked Hey He looks like an Anderson and Ted off they go or Andersen born the origin. Stories of names there Something which probably revisit sometime. Anyway vern tells Ricky's girlfriend. Have Ricky Send me as resume. Which where he did. One thing leads to another woody. No Ricky's endurance. Training camp become a professional wrestler. This is also the same training camp that that a few years prior produced the nature boy ric flair It's pretty interesting. This old school style of training that Verne was doing it's twelve weeks of rigorous training with Verne and his head trainer. Who is going to go on to be known as the Iron Sheik? Talk a little bit about vern. School and how notorious it became. Well Shit Man. I mean notorious yet to be a double tough motherfucker to last more than a day. They're so burn was of the old school in Burr. Believe that if you weren't in shape and if you weren't physically superior to everyone around the by God you just shouldn't be a wrestler and burn. Believed you know He. He came from that school. Blow people up Damn near kill him with physical exertion and then beat the shit out of him in the ring and if they come back well then maybe maybe he'll spend some more time with them to train them learn them. The Arts of Fission wrassling business but earn earn Vernon training. These guys To to be tough I mean you are or you aren't tough but firm trade you to be tough and you had to be tough to survive his form of trading a lot of squats lot of running the steps and Just beat downs and you had to know your hold. You had to know how to wrestle. If you didn't know it before you got there and you had the intestinal fortitude to lash sure sell new it if you made it all the way through because he just felt that way now the funny thing about burs school is is if you were a shooter. You're an amateur wrestler then to learn what you didn't need as much training as some guy some football players some guy coming off the street who was just in good shake and historically the shooter's for the most part came out burns. Camp never really made much of their career other than being great rustler's A great shooters. But they didn't draw a lot of money. They didn't have personality. Because Verne wasn't a a big proponent of larger than life personalities Verne was all about the basic wrestling saverne like wrestlers. Billy Robinson didn't have any personality but good God. Could he go? He was an incredible wrestler. But a lot of the guys man that came through there that were amateurs never made it beyond opening or mid card matches. And you think of some of the greats that did come through there a lot you first name come to mind. Brad wranglings who is an incredible teacher? First of all good God Double tough great trainer I would suggest to when we talk about great trainers throw Brad rankings in there because of some of the people he's trained Brad. Kinda got it that you know. You've gotTa have some personality as well but Nobody you know chic ir shape. That was after. He Changes Gimmick to the iron sheet in it was just. It was a different philosophy and getting through burns. School was pure hell for those who actually were able to survive it. Those did I think were better on the other side for it. So the training as you said in Verne's organization goes down and MINNESOTA WERE ERNEST FROM. This happens for Dick Blood in nineteen seventy four and seventy five. He makes his professional wrestling debut in the Awa using his real name. Rick Blood and of course. He also wrestled a few times as Dick Blood before the end of the year though he's back in the sunshine state here. He's working for eighty grams championship wrestling from Florida. And that's where he picks up. The last name steamboat. He was quoted as saying. I'll never forget it. I was sitting in office with Jack and Jerry. Briscoe eighty look a lot like Sam steamboat. We're not going to say your son will make you his nephew and after ricky wrestled Verna Verna called Eddie. Graham told him about ricky and after Ricky Russell back in high school Eddie kept tabs on Ricky's amateur career through junior and senior year. So Eddie remembered ricky was when Verne told him about him and of course when Ricky came to eighties office after an stadium. There eighty told ricky how he remembered and keep tabs on him. His whole life and Ricky at that point was I mashes in Florida. The RIG announcer said Dick. Blood is unable to make it this evening. So the substitute is Ricky steamboat. The fans of course remembered Sam steamboat. So got ricky over immediately and Ricky steady forgot about his name change to seem boats. He was wondering what the announcer was talking about and he went over and pulled the announcer and said hey. I'm Dick Blood. I'm here and the announcer said shut up getting your corner and the name change of course definitely worked and Eddie would decide to team Ricky in his son Mike Together because Eddie and Sam steamboat were a team and any wanted to put them against the Hollywood. Blonds BUDDY AND JERRY BROWN. Of course this is before. Steve Austin and Brown filming but I guess that's kind of fun because years later where he would work with a different set of Hollywood blonds in Austin. Talk to me. A little bit about Buddy Roberts Jerry Brown this version of the Hollywood blinds. I don't think we've talked about them ever before. Well Shit they were. I believe in the May have started in Florida but I know that they were a team in actually Hollywood but also the first time that ever saw was in Louisiana and they look like Shit if you asked me the both looked you know old and Kinda crappy. Whatever reason Buddy Roberts always looked old a find old crappy? I'm I'm really I don't know what to say didn't have bought didn't have like very athletic body And just you know there's people that always look like they they're fifty within the could be twenty two and they look like they're fifty. I don't know why it was way they looked old. And crappy. Just fucking tickle man descriptive. Thank you for that and keep going. Well they did and they look like they wanted to be young and hip and cool and buddy was was obviously a lot younger than he looked. But they were the Hollywood blondes and Buddy. Of course the curse of the good worker. You know buddy. Roberts was unbelievable worker but buddy was very colorful win. The camera was on. He was extremely colorful cameras off But they were a pretty good. You know middle of the road Journeyman tag team and when Jerry finally hung it up and bill walks is the one that put Buddy Roberts with the free birds of course Michael and Bam. Bam like wait. Don't tell me no third free bird. They don't just telling you fuck this shit late. We don't need no blurry Rogers with us. The fuck what the fuck. We don't do that fast. Forward few years they figured it out. I think so. Yeah the Hollywood blogs they were pretty good to really good workers in the ring buddy. Obviously much better than Jerry But he was workhorse but he was on the winning end. Guys asked kicked and Jerry got heat. He was the bump machine that became the The reputation of Buddy Roberts as a member of the free birds and after working for championship wrestling from Florida for about a year. He goes to the Carolinas and makes a name for himself of course with Jim. Crockett promotions is important to remember that asks. He's making these different shots and wandering from territory to territory ricky still under contract to Verne and this is something that doesn't happen these days but it certainly happened was very common back in those days. If you were trained by Guy He got ten percent earnings. So as he's working in Florida and the Carolinas. He's still going to check for ten percent on your right and that was you know same thing that Moolah did Same thing that if if you went through and they also helped you get booked so by having burned gonyea trainer in Bern being able to put a word in for you opened a lot of doors and by doing that you know how people feel about it. Whether they should happen they shouldn't have That was that was way it was in invert healthy throughout your career and in fairness I didn't mention that he would help you get bucked but now that's accurate. You know getting a call from random guy you've never heard of wrestler number twelve Who knows what that is but when God calls and says Hey I got a guy that carries a lot of weight with the promoter and then you get opportunities. I got a guy got a guy. Hey Yo Ghani guy from there. All the Anderson who was booking Florida at the time tells ricky but it was time to move on. Because he'd been there for thirteen months he called Verne Verne once they think about that. For a minute you've been here too long. You're thirteen months. Yeah got got a fresh ended up well also too is worth mentioning these guys and I guess this counts now on television air. Because we're seeing that every week but Iran in the same town every single week. So yeah if if I'm seeing everything a week for thirteen months I could see how someone would say kind of freshen it up and and that's happening here. You need a fresh coat of paint pain. Aku PAINT YOU. Go there you go. You Got Ricky Calls Burn. Burn wants to Cinema Calgary where he has a friend who knew a reference Calgary and gals on the territory was down there only getting like twenty five bucks a night and they got to drive a lot of miles so ricky decides to tell vern. He didn't want to go to Calgary and gave him those reasons. Vern didn't like that and Ricky tells him or any tells ricky find your own territory together so it goes back and tells all the what happened. Always says he'll try to figure something out a week later. All he tells them. You're going to the Carolinas. It's only two hundred and fifty miles up the road. So here comes ricky to Jim. Crockett promotions and steamboats. GonNa cut his teeth there in a big way working with some of the best wrestlers of the era. Wahoo mcdaniel Paul Jones. Rich Rick Flair. In fact ricky won his first singles title the mid-atlantic TV title from Ric Flair. And if you ask those guys even though fans these days say oh the best matches ever or their trilogy from Nineteen Eighty Nine. They would say no. Our best matches were here for the TV title. Did you ever have a chance to see any of those matches in person? I don't think there's a ton of videotape out for for those. No no I didn't that was mid Atlantic House in Texas by guy. That never really saw that much of it now. I had heard over the years about rick. Steamboat and you saw them in the the wrestling magazines. If you will It was funny and Florida. And that's how I go back to the story about steamboat in his name and Don Morocco. Which he's just Don Rocco But when Barack Obama came into Florida the reason they've brought Morocco come into Florida was because he looked like Jack Brisco and people looked at it and thought. Oh my God knows Jack. Brisco Jack was such big star that they would try and recreate Jack in some ways. That was a feeling with Rick steamboat. And in some of these guys would come in. It was just you would see them in look for example in Texas you'd look at that Gama God. Hey is this ricky steamboat. Good-looking guy seems to be working on top with wherever he's working and looked like if they were in the magazines they had to be a major talent right right. So that's that's all you had. I mean I don't know that we talked about that enough in this era. But how important was the distribution of the O- quote unquote after Mags To the boys well actually was very important. I hear the archivist. I is wwe. They got lot of Paul bashes files and one day. I'm going to go through there and go back through 'em but we had I would say to for maybe ten or twelve full size like big tall file cabinets kids. Those of US don't file cabinet is it's it's a large Everybody knows what a father can. No I don't think I don't know that they do anymore. Conrad that's my problem. I'm confused with these younger generation of you guys. How many file cabinets do you have in your office? Probably six K. Double that and in one room no you you have the big wide ones. I'm talking about the old school volcanoes legal files. You don't let us for our candidates so but they were full of resumes. Let's call it of how the old timers use to come into a territory and what you did is you would take an eight by ten publicity photo. You would write your name in your phone number on the back of it. Sometimes you enclose a letter with it. Say Hey my name is Conrad Thompson. I'm going by the Alabama dream. And my gimmick is that I fucked and save people money on mortgages and so on and so forth. I've worked on top four twenty years. You know Blah Blah Blah. Here's some references or just on the back you picture. Have you named your phone number? And that's it and we use it. Everyone that came in every single one man if a guy sent a letter or if a guy sent a picture we put it in a file and we file so that we had Paul take a look at it and go i. The Sky looks good If you have a letter obviously that got you a lot further other than just a plain picture with the phone number. 'cause she didn't know that much about you but guys got booked that way right. Here's my picture. Here's my phone number. Hey I'm looking for a big guy. This guy looks interesting. One CAN START KID. And that's how yet book back in the day so it's just a different time. Also if you are looking at the wrestling magazines would they were talking about you. See the same guy on the cover from certain territory. Usually it was New York. Because that's what they were based so Bruno was the biggest star in the world to them. Because that's where they live on paying them pronouns pal it God damn Yankee. Mother fuckers New Yorkers. No no hang on the magazine. Distributors were based in New York. Yeah Okay you didn't say you just said they and them they then motherfuckers. Yeah my name Motherfucker Scarlet Magazine motherfuckers. Right and Sometimes Yankee bastards you come down and she pictures and Texas and Florida and just vern But then they eventually got correspondence. They had people that took pictures locally and would send him in if they were good enough. And the Yankee magazine editors who would brought story about it totally fiction. I mean ninety eight percent of those magazines. The stories and shit were all fiction. Bit Dismayed up horseshoe just based off of would ever great pictures that they may get from some of their photographers but it was a critical piece to getting booked and moving around and making money and all of that. Yeah because you'd say you'd see someone they're all holy shit man. This guy looks good and then you look at the picture. See who they're working with. Maybe call them so. 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Rate includes half a percent auto pay discount terms and conditions apply in offers are subject to change without notice visit livestream dot com slash wrestle for more information and now a little more information about Ricky steamboat. Here over the next eight years. He has a series of matches And of course capture tons of gold including the United States championship on three separate occasions and the tax title six times once with Paul Jones and five times with Jay. Youngblood haven't spent a lot of time talking about Jay Youngblood. Talk to me a little bit about Hamas attack team partner with Ricky and while we don't hear more of j these days because he's dead. Jay youngblood was one of Ricky. Romero sons and Ricky. Romero was a great great talent in the southwest. Call it From a bleaker from New Mexico Albuquerque area. But HE WORKED FOR THE FOLKS. Amarillo Lubbock El Paso. The majority of his career and Ricky was just an unbelievable baby. Face Towel a man. And and I remember Ricky Romero from El Paso being a kid and then when we went to Houston. There was no more ricky rare a win. Jose Libardo but I remember when Paul tried to bring Ricky Romero in. It just didn't work. They didn't accept him. It wasn't it wasn't there. Jose La Stereo. And but ricky railroad great star had several kids by Mark J Ricky junior but they all worked as is the young bloods and I think that it was. They had some native American blood in them. I believe I don't know I don't want to get the phone call from Jerry. Briscoe and having crucify me but The young bloods were unbelievable. Team Unbelievable Talent J. In particular Jay was had a lot of personality and Jay and Rick. Cbo is a tag team just gelled and they got makes many pairs amon impairing those two I. I saw a lot of tape on them. They were tremendous tag team. A lot of fire. Great baby-faced tag team some unbelievable matches of seeing with the young blood Jay Youngblood Ricky steamboat against Jack and Jerry Briscoe. That would hold up today. Just really really good shit. They were believable and it was one of those that work they they look like. They belong together escape over here Ricky also hold the individual mid Atlantic heavyweight title twice anywheres the Mid Atlantic tag titles four times three times Paul Jones once with Jay youngblood. Tv title to. Tom's I mean he has taken to the Carolina territory Like few others. I mean he becomes a real staple here and after being a team with Jay Youngblood for many years. Ricky finally makes a decision. That was Tom. He goes back to being. Single's wrestler dusty takes over the book and he puts Ricky and totally blanchard together for feud over totally TV title and they start off Masters titles on the line for the first ten minutes and then Ricky would win in about twelve minutes and then stretch to fifteen minutes for the title array. He would win and sixteen or seventeen minutes so even the ricky was winning the matches. Telly still keeping the television title. That's pretty creative. Way To book Okay all right. I put up a thousand dollars thinking that they're going to walk away with my ten grand. I've put up ten thousand dollars share aid. You haven't time again I'm time yeah then dusty booked himself with telly. Dusty beats him to win the war. And after that Ricky says okay I see the writing on the wall. Dusty also one ricky add to Be Paired with a newcomer Nikita coal off. And when they started. Makita was to ricky from behind. And he hit ricky so hard with the Russian sickle. That ricky is seeing stars. Yeah listen we love thus erodes here on the show but a lot of guys took issue with the way dusty was booking and. I'm sure you heard about this from Ricky. When you guys visited over the years that he was not happy with the way this whole TV title thing went down. What do you remember hearing about that story in not not a whole lot? I think the guys don't get on one thing but they'll get on overall just perception. How they're used and if they feel that they're being taken advantage of and or not being used properly that's six hundred call and then they don't necessarily want to go any further than that. They're they WANNA go someplace new where they're going to have an opportunity with a brand new audience hasn't been subjected to this. And I and I think that ricky kind of felt that way with dusty being the booker there and felt that he was only going to go so far. We're not long after this ricky gets a call from Fella named George Scott his working for the WWF. At the time of course George was instrumental in putting ricky and flare together when Ricky. I got to the Carolinas in eighty-five Ricky makes the decision. It's time to do what a lot of guys doing various territories around the country in this era enjoying the World Wrestling Federation from Hawaii. Wait two hundred thirty seven pounds refugi. The same air over the top rope. Rookies team bose is Pretty Mirror athletes. They never raised following his career for some time. I know very well. There's this one boy is truly a great athletes and I'll tell you what is raking. She's not supposed great actress. Really really fine. Athletes the Physique on the femur taking away from that of a sister. Lombardi GETS A win over Steve Lombardi and his WWF debut. Of course we know Steve as the Brooklyn brawler. These days steamboat was given the nickname. The dragon mostly because of his resemblance to Bruce Lee starts to wear long tights which he kept doing for the rest of his career and he wrestled on the first Wrestlemainia in nineteen eighty five and the third match defeating Matt Borne. Who would go on to be doing as we know Bruce Allen? Uh that we've talked about this. Did you watch Wrestlemania one on closed circuit? Tv Your win? Did you see it wash it lot? I'm on Closed Circuit TV AND THE ASTEROID RENA in Houston X.'s. What was the feeling as a fan at the time to get to see that? Well it was. It was incredible because a I was skeptical special bleeding. Houston of them being able to draw any kind of an audience especially to a eight thousand seat arena and it was the astro rain which was not a popular arena was part of the astrodome complex. There was the astrodome. There was Astra Hall. And then there was the astro arena When the Los fan-friendly thing in the world but yet I bet you that they probably had three thousand people there watching one. Big screen remarkable Cia that was that was impressive in. That was what made me go. Times may be changing kids and started thinking about other ways to conduct business. Well Ricky felt the same way when he got his first check for his first action. Figure of courses Eljay in from the WWF. Is I check and keep in mind? This is the mid eighty s sixty five grand these first checks from the Eljay and action figures become legendary pro wrestling and Very quickly everybody realizes there's money in them their heels to the not hell. Yeah I and in the payoffs from some of the bigger gates and business was good for them at that time yes. You didn't have to do anything you weren't taking any bumps and you're getting this huge check for them putting out a dollar on me. Goddamn action figure. Conrad it's tremendous starts. A feud with Mr Fuji Don Morocco and on the September Fourteenth Nineteen ninety-five edition of Championship. Wrestling steamboat defeats Mr Fuji but after his victory he's attacked by Morocco and during an episode of WF championship wrestling steamboat Morocco or for a mass that never officially started after Morocco. Jump steamboat before the bell and following the beatdown. Morocco and food. Then you steamboats karate. Black Belt to hang him outside the ring from the top rope before steamboat was finally say what. Tito Santana and junkyard dog on the November. Second Saturday night's main event. He defeats Fuji in Kung Fu Challenge. The real thing it was Kung Fu fai teen. Didn't it was fast as Li- Lean Dick Dick Dick thing on January? One that Real Karate. Shit man ever mentioned. Never take on rid of three. Tom Black Belt Hall of Famer. I have heard that I have heard that the wrestling class Ricky Tournament and wrestles Davey Boy Smith and round. One which was very rare at the time. Having to baby faces wrestle against each other rookie. Get the win. After Davey crosses himself on the ropes and can't continue and the next round and a preview of what we would see for years to come. Ricky would lose the randy savage after randy hit him with the brass knacks a wrestlemainia two. He picked up a win over Hercules Hernandez. You weren't there at the time but Bret Hart has said that he was originally supposed to wrestle. Ricky wrestlemainia too but it was changed Hercules. Did you ever hear that? No zero knowledge of of that back story any way shape or form. Well here's what a lot of us remember for the first time a for here the WWF. He starts a feud with Jake Roberts and they're supposed to wrestle on the May third Saturday night's main event but jake attacks ricky before the match indeed tease him on the floor There's a lot to unpack here. Vince McMahon and booker. George Scott are both warning jake to deliver the DDT or they both want jake to deliver the DVD on the floor. But Jake knows there's no Matt's out there to protect steamboat. So he refused saying that doing the move that way would leave the baby face vulnerable to a severe injury. Nevertheless McMahon Scott insisted. It'd be done. And we'll steamboat promises. He can protect himself. Jake decides to do it. Unfortunately that didn't exactly work out. Steamboat wasn't able to prevent his head from hitting the concrete for floor. He's legitimately knocked unconscious in cost and Jake's has said in interviews if the sound of Ricky's head hitting the floor was a watermelon bursting. This is quite a moment on Saturday nights main event. And if you go back and watch it you can see. He is just out like a light. When did you first see? Dt On the floor. And obviously we've learned. There's maybe a better way to take it and never do that on concrete again. Yeah I would have to. Kinda AGREE JAKE. On that one in ricky going out but I can also see ricky believe in that he could have protected himself and it would all right so you know let's go do it and by Gov good for the business and I saw for Simul Saturday night's main event like everybody else. It looked vicious because it was and it will thing that was able to catapult both of those guys my opinion to to bigger and better things so to that at work to. Ricky's head bummer. That part doesn't work but I think the end rewards were. I don't know if it was worth it or not. But you know it. It paid off big data at us in your head. I like it to be totally out. Do swelling is so severe that blacks both of his eyes. He's got a giant alien not on the front of his head. I mean he's in bad shape for a while but eventually they do get to wrestle the match. It's a snake pit match at the big event in Toronto Seventy four thousand fans. Ricky wins with a small package and from there right. He starts his legendary feud with the great randy savage over the intercontinental title. On the November Twenty Second Nineteen eighty-six episode of Superstars steamboat and savage. Have a match for the title. Steamboat loses the match council. But after the match this is what we all remember so well. Savage continues to assault an interesting most Lennox with the ring. Bell are putting him over the guardrail coming down on his ramming his throw into the royal. And it's quite a spectacle and a few to start it in a big way on the January third eighty-seven Saturday night's main event steamboat returns from the injury and prevent savage from attacking George the Animal Steele. Just like he'd done to him and now the stage is set wrestlemainia. Three what most people believed to be the greatest wrestlemainia match ever at the time and it would be a standard that people wouldn't even really debate until Wrestlemania ten TA special George the Animal Stealing your quarter. However in my opinion this could your last shot at randy savage and the intercontinental title. My last Opportunity Randy. Thank Day has finally come the minute. The second we have weeks our moment as you and I climb into the ring. We class like to tighten but they will only people one winner regular army. Come Away with the fourteen and a half minutes. If you go back and look in the observer four and a half stars definitely should have been. Five is a false. Finish Bonanza Steamboat was critical of rainy. Savage saying that he was a little over prepared seem. That was a little old school coming up in the Carolinas. You called everything in the ring. Savage wanted to you know sort of have everything mapped out in a major way. There's page and page and page of notes of. Here's exactly what we wanted to do. But the result a beautiful match. What did you think of this match? The first time you saw it I thought it was excellent I pay per view event. I ever ordered my life And I didn't even order it. The girl is dating at the time. GotTa parents they had. Not all cable systems had pay per view and her parents. Did I remember Not being the favourite person their favorite person in the world But a they let me go over watch wrestlemainia three and that was the spectacle of that. Got All of them in like. Oh my God. There's all that people all those people there to see wrestling what the in I mean but how many people are watching at home and I'm like well millions The match yeah. That stuck out if I was a great great match was one of those. Kept you on the edge of your seat because they were trying to win in. That's what gets lost with all his flip fly and flippity flop bullshit where nobody tries to win a match just WanNa do spots and work for look around and want people to applaud you initiate. The idea of a match is to win. The idea of the matches to either gain a pin fall or a submission to win the match So that was the beauty of this match was both guys were the championship. Meant something the Ivory meant something and it was a it was. A finale. Had A finality to it to get to that point thought they. They worked at tremendously. Well really one of the all-time great matches Gaudy way to see it if you haven't seen it we've talked about this before but maybe my time line is getting a little screwy and you already committed to coming in. I mean I know that the boss was working a little bit with Vance during this era and you are going to show that a lot on TV. But had already committed to coming to work for Vince at this point or win this show airs or or not yet. I had been talking to bench. Yes and I have been talking to vent since November December of eighty six whenever I came back from my mono and got my four hundred dollar payday for being out for ten weeks So I've been talking events since before the first of the year and all the way through this and when I think about it today it completely blows my mind. I know everybody was in a different place in nineteen eighty seven. You weren't even born yet known as I was. How old were you? How an eighty seven six gotta love. Some of our listeners. Weren't even born then. You were six and Vince called me the day before. Wrestlemainia the night before and really quick conversation just You know Blah Blah Blah. Yeah you know. We're still on on track and everything and We have a we have a little show tomorrow. A little a little show tomorrow on pay per view. Get a chance. Check it out. I think it's GonNa be really cool. And of course idea all. Yeah Yes sir I'm GonNa Watch it Told the whole story everything all right. Let me know what you think. And that's back when you would send letters typewritten. Letters Sir didn't have didn't have computers. Didn't have e mailed and have cell phones and so I was prepared to write and I did. I took my notes and wrote a letter. Everything I thought about recipe three But knowing what I know now on how crazy and how insane things are the week leading up to Wrestlemania and I'm thinking. This is the first time that he's in this big stadium. Ninety three thousand people in in Pontiac and hulk it Andrei all this shit going on in his world on his colony and he took two minutes out of his time either in the hotel or his office where the hell he was to call a kid that he had never met at that point. Who had talked to on the phone several times to say? Hey be sure and watch which think and when I got there and I remember my first. Samania trump laws of thinking. How in the fuck with this guy? Even have time is years went on. It became even more just to think that he'd be able to do that. You know I I get so busy that I don't call my family for days when I'm on the road because you just you're you're going going going So that is my takeaway from wrestlemainia three. That just blew my mind Especially after I got up there and realize the enormity of it all well after Wrestlemania. Ricky's working a lot of matches on the house shows with Randy. Of course do WRESTLEMANIA. Rematch is around the Horn and A lot of those masters or even inside of a cage on June second nineteen ninety seven in Buffalo New York the Honky tonk man what shocked the wrestling world when he defeated Ricky steamboat to win the intercontinental title Ricky has said that He was told he was going to hold the intercontinental title for a year and he said he felt like hall had some influence on the decision for Honky tank title from him. There's been rumors for a long time. That the gist was recused asking for Tom off. Not long after winning the bill he has recently given. His wife has recently given birth to a young son. And that's what Vince took it off of him and the rumor. Innuendo gone around for a long time. It was supposed to be butch reed to be Ricky for the title that night. He no showed Vincent Hulk. You're talking in the hall about what to do. Hockey walk. Spa In allegedly hoax at something like what about him invents went with it. Wife were driving Roy. I'm not sure who the true. Yeah I I don't i. I think that's a legend. That's out there. I wasn't a part of that so I can't tell you if that's true or not. I know the going into it when we did that. We knew that Honky was going to defeat ready for the championship. But there was a little bit more to it that Rick just having a baby and what have you was looking at time on the road. Not Wanting to work as much too. So there's a couple of two sides to every story and thence looking at well he doesn't work all the time need my intercontinental champion on all the live events and Anita Everywhere. And Rick doesn't want to necessarily do that then maybe they needed to make a change. That was what I heard on my side of things so wasn't involved in it but that's what I know from the other side. Ricky said dropping the title so fast after winning it hurt his feelings more than anything. He thought he was going to be a staple of the company. Coming Onto Wrestlemania. Three especially with all the feedback. He and Randy had gotten for their match. And while we're still speaking of hall. Ricky has gone record saying that he and Hawk were never really friends. Didn't hang out outside of the ring even though they did team up a few times on house shows. Do you think there was ever an issue between the two or was it just two different philosophies and approaches towards professional wrestling. Yeah I just think it was just two two different people from two different worlds You don't have to be friends. Everybody that you work with and hang out with everybody on the roster. I just think that they were different. Different guys have different times different things so not long. After he dropped the title to Haughey Tells Vance even though he initially asked for two weeks off going to take six months off and he did and Ricky said he never signed a contract during this time and He's GonNa come back around the time of the first survivor series. What do you remember about Ricky taken this big long break again. Part of the contention part of the reason why bins made the changes that he made with the International Championship. Because Ricky did more work is much and had the baby and was just looking to not be full time and then after that it was an excuse to well. I'm not champion. I could take all the time often spend with my family. It's worth man. That's all really really equated to do think we should mention that in this era the company's not just running one. How Shallow Different Times that? That was the case Even now there's two loops there's a smackdown loop and a Raleigh but once upon a time there weren't just two there were three had an ACO obese show and the C. Show so of course Logan would maintain ratio. But you're be show would usually be carried by the intercontinental title right. Yeah exactly and it was. That was important. Yeah definitely and we didn't even necessarily because the market would indicate you know the show and the B- show that the larger the market That would be the ash show but I think that both both live event cards when you look at them in their totality were could have headlined anywhere. Sound like real amounts it anywhere in the World Brooklyn brawler verses Cody Evans. I don't know who either one of those guys are at the eighty seven survivor series. Ricky's GONNA wind up. Teaming with Randy. Savage has old nemesis. Bruce beefcake Jim Duggan and Jake Roberts take on the Honky Tonk Man Harley Race Danny Davis Hercules and Ron Bass. How weird to see Ricky on the same team with Randy considering a year prior Randy Dr. Crushes through on a guardrail. But Tom Heals all wounds. I guess in the matter. He doesn't get any eliminations but he is one of the survivors along with Randy. Savage and Jake Roberts even though he did take this long break. Vince definitely still see something in in for him to be paired with those guys then rookie starts. They every feud with recruit defeats by Deke with the first royal rumble event. But we don't really see him in an angle after that that takes us to Wrestlemania four. It's a tournament for the world title. We did a full show on Wrestlemainia four. Which of course is available archives? Ricky would wrestle greg the Hammer Valentine around one to the tournament and Ricky said that he remembered seeing the bracket for the tournament and assume he'd go over. Valentine assaulted the winner of the match would face savage in the next round and he knew savage was going to win the tournament. Figured he would lose two savage around to returning the favor from Wrestlemainia. Three and Ricky says the chief Jay strongbow told him he was going to have to put over Valentine around wind. And Ricky's kind of surprised by that IRREV- telling his wife and not long after that she went to the march table and a bunch of the wrestlers had merged there rookie. Didn't have anything for sale from the company at the stand and not too long after Wrestlemania. Four or. He gave his notice that he was leaving the company. He said he didn't have much of a discussion with Vance but he felt like he was being made an example. Of what you take of Ricky steamboats recollection on the way things went down from his perspective. Well I mean you can look at it from your perspective all you want. You have to look at it from a business perspective perspective of what we're trying to do with Randy. Savage the Wrestlemainia four tournament was laid out for Randy Savage. And that was to make randy the next champion in the next guy while yes. There was history there with ready average from a baby faced perspective. You wanted Randy on his way to the championship. On that one night you wanted Randy to be working with heels traditional here so that it was a clear cut. I Want Randy to win. Randy's guy that money's in if you put steamboat in there because steamboat was popular steamboat was strong baby face. I think that would've hurt randy more than what helped him. So from Ricky's point of view. Yeah I WANNA I WANNA be in that spot from a business point of view. It doesn't make sense any surprise to you where he made the decision to leave. You know I didn't know ricky that well at the time so not really one way or the other and it just that point. The the races effectively over. I mean if you're paying attention you know that this is where all the eyeballs are. This is where all the tickets are going to be sold. This is where all television ratings are going to be. I mean obviously Jim Crockett still around. But this is not the same thing and you know. They're not gonNa make it much longer. Meanwhile the WWF trained just continues to roll. Feels like it's getting bigger and bigger and bigger. If you're in the business it does feel like you wanna find a way but hooker cooked to be a part of the company and then to be there and have some spots and opportunities where you're featured and then the first time it feels like you're not maybe the second time it was like you're not us bail. I don't know that that comes off is weird to me. I don't know if I think look you and I've had this discussion in the mortgage office before where you had top producers that have left you for opportunities that they fill were better on the other side. I would say that. Probably Ninety percent of them found out when they got to the other side that the grass wasn't necessarily as green over there is they were led to believe and that has happened in our business all the time to where if someone is unhappy for whatever reason whether it be creatively whether it be their are significant other feels. They're not spending enough time at home by God. I didn't like the way that they had. You walked to the ring that night in you hear all this noise and all this shit. There's always going to be an alternative. The grass is greener on the other side. And even then you know you talk about Jim. Crockett and Jim Crockett promotions. Were they appeared in some ways to be doing business when in reality they were in financial nightmare and they worked doing what the you know. Alleged success would have led you to believe because behind the scenes or other things that were going on that they were bleeding. Money in weren't they weren't going to be in the business very much longer. So you're always going to have that you're always gonNA have somebody say hey over here. We're making this much money. Hey over here man or trips or world. We're only working couple days week. Bad you go in and do TV do this you do that. And in everything's easy so much better over here meant the catering oh my God the catering the cook steak for you to order Everything can be spun and I think that that just happens in business in general where guys will feel it where I am right now. I could be doing so much better somewhere else. If only and so weird I think very few does. It doesn't work that way. Fair say Of course we know the A in January of painting on Misdirect and we hear the music in the background that will bring to the ring. It Gilbert victory partner here. Fans Glaring Windham are anxiously awaiting the arrival I don't believe they were saying here. That Day Greg Hardy partner over and therefore he's going to have a series of incredible matches with Ric flair including becoming the world champion on February twentieth on pay per view the shutdown rumble still one of the all-time great matches Five stars in the Observer. I'm sure you've seen this trilogy of matches In this era are you watching? Nwea WWE pay per views. And if you watch them by yourself going over finkel house does Vince. Ever see any of it. What can you tell us about competitor? Papers in that era. Yeah I think I maybe watched over over the years maybe one maybe two with mints but Howard. Yeah Howard we would share pat. Get at Howard will get it. Whatever we'd all go over watch it You're watching your competition I didn't watch. Pbs as much but when they had a big show yeah we'd watch it and see what was going on with it and compare and contrast when you're watching these pay per views with your other w. w. w. f. co workers at the time are you Are you guys watching and like Let's LET SORTA. It's like a pop up video. Oh this fucking guy and we're making fun of it or is it. There's some of that. And maybe there's some Shit we gotta get a hold of this guy. I think if there was a new guy wasn't on the radar. We'd look at sometimes. Who the fuck is that and and try and get more information but it was more just kinda watch and see what they were doing and NC in. Who's out there? And what the Hell's going on on the other side but yeah there were there. Were guys every once in a while you'd think holy Shit. Where'd he come from right? I don't know it's just fast. Anything about you. Guys gathered around to watch A competitive pay per view. Were you surprised to see Ricky? As the W world champion. I mean he was obviously a different style. Wrestler than what Vince was looking for at the time. Even though you guys were still pushing the baby face champion. He wanted to hulk Hogan not necessarily a ricky steamboat. Were you surprised that they went that direction? With steamboat. I wasn't no because it was a different territory. It was a different style of a bookie in a different audience like that and bricky matched up with flair. Read matchup with flair. Hey be called. Ric flair no steamboat matched up with flair and they created some classics and they were fun to watch whether no matter what I mean. We enjoyed watching those matches. They were good matches if you enjoy watching wrestling than you would enjoy watching that. And they put on clinics when they went out and had these matches so it was a different audience. It was a different type of promotion with Crockett Promotions. They were promoting the glitz glamour in the larger than life they promote we russell. So Ricky was perfect for that you You saw the trailer. Gm ashes with flair and steamboat. Did you know what I did but I? I couldn't tell one one from the other to be honest with you at the time. Did you think that you were watching? One of the greatest matches ever or was it just another match because those bashes sort of grew in lower and a lot of people look back at wrestling back in the day with rose colored glasses and CEOS the best and then they go back and watch it and it doesn't necessarily stand up for the test of time I think these do. I think they're great matches today and they were great masses back. Then let's say you. Did you think you're watching one of the all-time great matches at the time? I think I was watching damn good matches. I don't know about greatest of all time because you know this'll when when you look at things I look at it through different lenses I look at what the attraction was withdraw was with the buzz was did he deliver. Did it tell tell a story and I look at things like hulk and Andrei wasn't fucking buddy Rogers and Liu says however there's nothing can match that at because of the story and because of the execution of the story I thought that was just unbelievable. Great storytelling and I look at steamboat. In Florida they were really good matches and they were and you can't take anything away from that and they do hold up you know why because they wrestling matches right and I think that when you produce the basics in the fundamentals that will always be in vogue and I think that that will always work You know I I look at Shawn. Michaels and the undertaker wrestlemainia good God That holds up still today because the fundamentals were there and for me. The story was there. There was emotion in that. Because you're talking about one of these. Something's got to go. You know the streets of the career and I enjoy story a lot if you give me a good score story in execution than I'm hooked US talk about Wrestlemania Five. Of course you're involved wrestlemainia five with Roddy Piper and Morton Downey Junior. This is one of those shows where they're actually trying to counter program you. They're giving away a clash of the champions for free on. Tbs and the headline is flare steamboat. For the world title They did this. The prior year with clash the champions one against Wrestlemania four and I guess this is turned about fair play. You guys tried to counter program their stockade with with your survivor series. And then you counter programmed their stampede with The Royal Rumble. What did you think of them trying to counter program you with Flair Schema? More power to them they learned something And when you go back and you look at Wrestlemainia five it. The time was the the largest pay per view revenue in the history of pay per view. So when when you look at that okay. And that's with the other guys counter programming us I'll take that that's real. The trilogy comes to end in May They finally have their big payoff in. It looks like Flares GONNA come out victorious afterwards. There's a post-match angle that's become pretty legendary with Terry funk who was assigned to be one of the judges Steamboat said he didn't know the whole thing was going to happen after the match but he very quickly realizes okay. They've got plans and they don't involve me for the world title picture instead. He starts very brief. You'd with lex Luger for Lexus. United States title after lex turned heel by attacking ricky they wrestle at the great American Bash. Eighty nine pay per view with legs winning by after he elects with a chair. And then RECCI. Ricky just takes ball and goes home again. He leaves the soon the NBA soon after that. So this is the second time. He's left the promotion that way and of course he left the WBF in similar fashion. Now comes back to the WWF in Nineteen ninety-one and this is when things are a little different because no longer are we just having ricky come out and the karate man outfit and the long black tights on the the Ninja boots now. We're having him go full. Blown Gimmick a different era nineteen ninety-one. We need Goddamn pal when aged wear dragon costume and start blowing fire. Talk to me about how he decides to come back to the company. What that meeting is black with Vince? I think it's been written that. When he came back he goes to. Vince has to meet with him. Where you're part of those meanings that you know about them. When did you first hear about the Dragon Concept? Talk me through this yeah. I wasn't part of the meetings with ricky initially and I was part of meetings with bents where he talked about. Do we want to bring Ricky steamboat? Back and I don't want to bring back Just Ricky steamboat. Goddamn you always dragon. How do we capitalize on that? I want you know the Dragon. And what if he breathed fire? What if he came out the original Canada concept behind it was? You'll like the Chinese dragons that you see in the parades and everything like that kind of an elaborate ring entrance with big huge dragon and all this shit going on and then is a way that we can breathe fire The fire-breathing was what dictated the rest of the look. What dictated everything else because he could only wear certain materials and do certain things if you can go out and breathe fire so you start. I started exploring Already how to breathe fire Again kids this was before Google and the Internet and computers. So you didn't have that resource. You Start Looking in trade magazines and you start looking at the circus acts and you start looking at Place on Coney Island The freak shows and domain defend anybody. That's what they were called. And I believe will win out to the gentleman that ran the freakshow coney island we doing some other things at the Bobby Heenan show and just different stuff. And I remember using him as a resource. Say Hey you got a fire breather. And he says I've got a guy I know a guy and he's in the circus The only thing is is that these guys are very protective. They don't WanNa you know they're not gonNA teach teach you how to do their gimmick type thing because you're not gonNa want to capitalize on it long story short. We got in touch with the ethics guy. The same was Brian. La Palm He was with great American Circus and trying to track down someone who is on the road all the time again without the use of cell phones. You we finally got a hold of of him and went back and forth and said here's what we would like to do. And here's what we're looking for you could you? Do you think that you could teach someone how to do what you do? And he's like man. I've been doing this since I was a kid You just can't learn it overnight. But if they were willing to to put the time in and and really put the effort in then yeah I mean I I probably could. It's just the discipline said well. What's that worst he How much how much would would we need to pay you to to teach someone how to do it and we came up with a number remember how much it was? I think is maybe fifteen hundred bucks two thousand dollars something like that. And where are you going to be for an extended period of time that we could basically just come down and spend the time with you? They were booked in Lauderdale. Some like that It was the the east coast of Florida and they were in a Lucca Mall. Parking lot for week in so said how we come down. And we'll you know in between shows will train so this was this was Me and steamboat. We went down and Brian lived in a trailer with his girlfriend. They'd get married. She was like one of the high wire people and he was the fire breather so they had a nice little trailer on the on the lot and ricky and I went and every day we would go and he. He taught taught us how he was able to to breathe fire in the first time you know he was he was very very very ain along on safety and and checking things and make things right so every time he would. Do you. Check the wind outdoors. We're not controlled atmosphere. We're outdoors in a lot and it's a slow Kabuki Ish. But he shows us. How does it all this shit? And now he's he's going to blow fire. He's going to do it in the second time he does it. He blows his huge flame of fire and it comes back in his face catches on fire and Ricky looks at mangoes and goes. You made fucking low fire. I'm like I'm sure that doesn't happen a lot. And of course you know his girlfriend's air we put him out and everything and and and he's fine little red faced and that's about it but And he says he said the same things. Manning goes look. The only reason that happened the wind changed on me. He goes you need to be in a controlled atmosphere. If you're indoors when you do this you should be fine as long as you can. You know showed him how to see which way the wind was blowing with the flame and how to watch the flame the flame dictates. Which way you you blow after a week doing this. You know steamboat was. He was game and man he got to where he did it as good if not better than than Brian Probably because of his lung capacity and and Ricky was religious about working out he was a workout training fanatic and man steamboat picked it up and it looked cool ash yet so then from there we we Came up with the outfit. The dragon outfit and were able to come up with the right material so that he could he could do it and look like a dragon breathing fire and not catch on fire himself and each live events and television was very important. You know you had the fire marshal there and that we were able to do this stunt because it basically consisted of putting a bunch of kerosene in your mouth and having a Having a lot of looking for the torch you know the right kind of torch with Rajkot aflame that had been soaked in kerosene as well so the win. They they hit. You're able to get this big flu. A fire and a steamboat man. He he had it down and he he was able to to fucking do it every night. I thought it was cool. As Shit and people people got into it. It was now he really was the dragon because he was able to breathe fire and we had to have you had to have people down to put the flame out afterwards and always had someone standing by with a fire extinguisher. But also ricky had cleaned his mouth out your mmediately afterwards as well so which never saw on TV People in the arenas did but you never saw on TV. Where Ricky would soon as he was done would put everything out. Get everything down than he would his mouth out at a little tune down there to get everything done but I thought it was cool. Shit and it was. It was a lot of fun to spend that time with ricky and Ricky was weird cat and he he Rubber were sitting at the bar. The first side that I'd seen ricky in years Sitting at the bar at the hotel came down. And you know Vince is like now. You got to pitch him this. You got to show them what we're looking for and and be with him through all of this and we're sitting there and I'm talking to them and we ordered Shrimp SHRIMP COCKTAIL SHRIMP. But it was in the shell in so I'm sitting there and I you know it's each shrimp k. I first word in that description. Peel and eat some Pila muschamp ricky. Zena them He. She's eating with the Shell on everything all dip it in the sauce and just eating it. And he's I. It goes Tom and go shit. You just do it this because it's it's no big deal Manchester. It's just shell and sure enough ricky. Got Me where I was eating the fuck in peeling the shrimp without peeling them. And then he got his First Time I've ever heard someone order steak black and blue which is just kiss it on the flame on each side and the inside of it's basically raw and that he was telling me because man he goes. I I won't get to the point where we're I don't even need cooked. What yeah his goal was the not even? Just go buy two cows. I just basically. Yeah Scott that fucker man. I had phone with Ricky Man Ricky. Ricky's good dude. He's In every time I seen ricky tells that story about Brian. The bomb bruce you remember the time and yeah. That was fun. That was some fun. Shit we we have a lot of fun on that trip by the way even now great shape looks just lucky to Iraq them. Yeah no shit and even the hair I hate these perfect fucking hair too. It's like perfect. It's IT'S A it's like a Goddamn To pay but it's not as good looking and he's in shape. I hate him. Do I mean just to be clear. I know he did it. But do you think Vince had the same on the of even though you were? Nwea champion and you left and it'd be great and even though we didn't need to do this with you last time we think we can get a little more color. A little more theatrics you can be an even bigger star. So more marchandise get more licensing opportunities. This is how it gets to. The next level of income is at this pitch. Roughly without doubt and it was true provided lot provided a lot more merchandising and a lot more opportunity any became a spectacle and he became larger than life the guy that breathes fire. You didn't see that a lot of that. You know it was a star. I wonder if he's rethinking life when that guy shows up the next day with a bunch of Goddamn water blisters Oliver's face no he didn't. That was the funny thing. He the only thing that That he just he was like a sunburn but he did. He went right back to it to that was the other thing that was very important to him that he told me. It's time I told Ricky later but He was like he goes. Yeah had shown that sometimes shit happens. But it's not that bad. Because right after he got the Catholics put out and everything and he went in and his girlfriend looked at him and all this shit he was right back out there blown fire. How much of When Ricky comes back he's working opening matches and you know again. There's nothing wrong with that. You sold us on the show for years and years that the opening match is very important to show. We're not gonNA argue that but when he was intercontinental champion you know he was headlining the B. Shows and when he goes down to the He becomes world champ and now he's back and he's on the opening matches. Is that done because we've got to reestablish who he is this audience? Is that done because Vince wants to? Test his metal and see whereas head whereas attitude. That was going to be a team player. It was done because we hadn't really debuted him on television yet per se. We had them out doing live events and just wanted him to get his rank legs under him again. So let's reason that that was done. I think people look at that Shit and perceive it in. That's just so fuck ass backwards thinking but he was put. He was put out there to get out start working. It'd be in front of the live audiences and we hadn't done anything on him on on television yet a stock a little bit about when he comes back in ninety one I guess we should mention one of the things that makes him different. As far as I know Ricky's one of the only quote unquote main event guys to work his whole career as baby face never heals far as I know. And when he returns in ninety one He says he actually wanted to try being a heel and allegedly with talk to Pat and told him he'd like to work he'll once before he retires and pat tells him he thinks that'd be a mistake and that it would hurt ricky career and Ricky says that let him down because he felt like he knew how to be a he'll because he wrestled the best heels in the business over his career but he says with the benefit hindsight. He's glad the past said that and it was probably best in the long run. Do you remember it? He having some sort of interest of being he'll do you think in hindsight it was the right call. He did yes votes. Because I don't know that Ricky Ricky is a human being. I think it's hard not to like him and that would have been. I think it would come across as phony. Ricky to be healed thing would have been forced and would have been phoning. The audience wouldn't have bought it. But I think for ricky in the in the long run that that would kinda blemish because he was he was the ultimate baby face so I am not sure that would been been yes. He did think that he could pull it off. But it wasn't. Maybe he could have. But I don't know the term and I don't know how well of really would have been received. Let's talk a little bit about this Meeting with Vince we mentioned it earlier when he came it comes back to the company goes to. Vincent's House they have a meeting. Said you weren't there but the gist is ricky. Says that these guys buried the hatchet and Ricky believes that he was promised a main event spot and Vince tells him he was going to build them back up. It would take about three months and ricky says after ten months. He's still doing opening matches so he starts to ask. Vance when they're gonNA do an angle and Vince tells them the next TV taping. But that never happens. And Ricky says he's asking every two weeks about it and nothing comes of it and one time where he was flying during a layover. He called Vance and gave him his two week noticed. Finish out his two week notice and leaves and ironically. He's leaving around the same time. That rick is coming in to the F. and Ricky's that with the last TV tapings. They wanted him to work with. Irs and undertaker into a stretch of job for both and Ricky flat refused to do it. He said He'd put irs and undertaker over in the middle and Ricky said when he told Vince at the place was sold out with twenty thousand people. He does one stretcher job and comes back another one twenty minutes later. What will people think of the business again? At the time. There's no internet wrestling doesn't have the inside exposure. That has these days and it's still very much protected. Ricky eventually tells me that he wouldn't do that to the or to your company and Either way ricky says that been told him if you want distress her jobs you're terminated. Right now he says. Okay and leaves. You weren't there for the conversation but you've probably heard about it. What did you make of this? Yeah I don't think I was with the company at that time So I don't really know I don't know that I ever heard anything about it. After the fact other than the that Rikki had was freaky doesn't for he's not on top and in the top spot and he wasn't interested in sticking around and that was reputation that was the perception. I think that People had because it was the same thing in the Nwea when he lost the championship and felt he wasn't going to be the main event. Be The top guy with everything around him then needed wants to stay there either. One come back to wwe so that was the perception whether you know accurate or not. But you kind of look at the pattern okay. Well I'm I'm not the main event. I'm not in top that I I wanNA leave so I think it's all subjective Said there's always two sides to every story. I couldn't imagine them doing to start jobs in one night. Either but I wasn't there so I don't know how would you compare and contrast his approach towards the wrestling business with say a Roddy Piper. Obviously ones baby face one's a he'll I mean roddy did both but you know what I'm saying because it does feel like they were both very involved in what am I doing. What is the creative? And if I don't like it I don't have to do it. I go do something else and I think that's something they have in common. Would you disagree? No wouldn't disagree. I just maybe the approach because Piper Piper would figure out ways to make things work and you feel like an and stay about just wanted to take his ball and go home sorta deal. I think the Ricki Ricki WanNa do to either figure it out or I'll just go home and again. That's I didn't get work hands on with ricky that much other than you know this very short time here So that was that ended up itself was was a little bit different but I was enjoyed my time working with Ricky. Kaz Thought he was a hell of a performer and also you can be hell of a performer. An asshole ricky was a hell of a performer. A Nice Guy. Right so that that. That's what helped him he think and I'm not I'm not saying this to be weird And I want you to give an answer. Actually think about it a minute. Do you think that Vince had any sort of resentment? Over the fact that steamboat had left so many times. And or do you think he just felt like I'm not. I don't have confidence that this guy's GonNa stick around so I don't want to invest another a huge amount of time and effort energy and exposure and money and a guy who may decide. I'm tired I need to go home or I don't like the creative. I need to go home. Do you think it was a reliability issue invincible bond. That kept him from going with him with the Dragon Gimmick and ninety one no. I don't because Vince gives second third fourth fifth. Chances to a lot of guys and Vince feels that when he speaks someone he takes them at their word and he takes them at face value at that time so Mississippi Eternal optimist in that way and is willing to say not look. They say they WANNA work. They say they want to embrace this and they want to do it then. Let's fucking do it I watch sometimes. The other side doesn't feel that way out there but then why didn't he do it? Why didn't he go with him and ninety one well? I don't know that he didn't in in from everything he just said. It was ricky who left and ricky. Who WAS UNHAPPY? Because wasn't intimate events spot and and wanted to leave gave his notice and they said okay well. Let's get these two angles. Whatever they wanted to do and again I don't know what that is and yet the most obvious but beat that up for a minute because it's been said over years and even anyway this to that in meetings sometimes if somebody really starts to push for something and I think maybe he gave the example of Haymond years ago that I'm really wanted to do X. maybe wasn't email someone else but someone was constantly saying we should do this. We shouldn't do this. We should do this. It becomes a thing where Vince. Here's an enough. He's GonNa fucking do it just because you've beat him over the head with it so long. Is that part of his personality. Do you think that maybe had something to do with steamboat? Here where Vince just feels like trust me and have some patients and we're going to get there but when ricky grows impatient and just hammers every two weeks and every time he sees it becomes something where rather than looking forward to creating something it becomes something he just dreads even dealing with and just doesn't WanNa fuck with it. I think yes no It really depends on the situation and depends on on that pitch so sometimes it can be great mainly so but if it's a great idea go with it but if it's an okay he don't WanNa deal with a bunch of bullshit right well. I'm sure he wasn't losing much sleepover. And you're not either because you're sleeping on a purple mattress these days and you and I both know that sleep is important and the quality of your sleep affects the quality of your daily life. We can tell on this show when you're not getting any sleep in here grumpy old bastard. 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Match with Steve Austin where he ultimately gets the belt August twenty four thousand nine hundred ninety four and then eventually ricky hurts his back in roanoke with Steve Austin can't wrestle anymore as the. Us Champ at the time so he's got about two months left on his contract ww fires in because he can't wrestle and he's out of the business for like nine years or so. It's GONNA make some random appearances here. There for places like Tina and ring of honor does some stuff with seeing Pong and Mick Foley. Then he returns to the company two thousand five as an agent. How does this come about you were there? What does this look? Ribbed comeback. No five as an agent. Thank John Online. Itis within talent relations at the time we're always looking for good producers that can come in and put together match and I think that ricky just by example of some of the matches that he's had over the years in his style would be able to work young talent helping them put the other matches and it's not just putting together in fucking high spots and shit. It's about why you do the move you do and how you should sell moves that are done to you. So Ricky was one of those talents that put a lot of thought into the story of the match in into why you do the things you do in that something. That was missing. That and I think it's something that's still missing today And that was the reason he was brought in to try and help. Teach some of the younger talent and and help them apply logic to what they do in the ring as rumors that in. Two thousand six steamboat told the WB management he wants to come out of retirement to wrestle. Ric Flair Wrestlemainia twenty two. But it doesn't happen you remember hearing that. And then what you've been a proponent of that what you liked it I I don't remember hearing it Probably didn't make it much further because of Ricky's back. And because of his injury he wasn't able to have matches anymore. That just wasn't gonNA happen. I think that we'd had all looked at Ricky. It seen his the last of his wrestling days. Dues injuries and six seventy referees. A few matches for the deputy title including a match between Johnson and edge and Australia. And then seen in Randy Orton in California in a seven. He isn't appearance at Wrestlemania. Twenty three Various legends or having a small dance party in the background and he's briefly recognized that a vengeance pay per view as former intercontinental champion. It makes another appearance the the night after ric flair lost his Loser must retire match or his retirement match rather Shawn Michaels Wrestlemania twenty four. He's On the February twenty third two thousand nine episode of Raw when he's named one of the Hall of Famers and here. He's attacked by Chris. Jericho who then begins a feud with the hall of famers and Jericho was a big fan of steamboat. They can actually see a picture. Online of Ricky steamboat signing an autograph for a Teenage Chris. Jericho of course. We mentioned he goes in the two thousand nine class and the other guy who goes in at that time is one of the guys he had a lot of classic matches with an WCW. Steve Austin also go into the Luther Says Hall of fame in two thousand nine and the Wrestling Observer Hall of fame and ninety six the hall of fame in two thousand twelve so hall of Famer across the Board is first match in a long time though happens on the big stage. Wrestlemainia twenty five and It steamboat with Roddy Piper. Jimmy Snuka all taken on Chris. Jericho what'd you think of that? And you weren't there but you probably saw the match the idea of all these legends coming out. Take on Jerko. Of course this on the heels of the movie the wrestler Were you for against one thing. I thought it was a nice a nice feature for Chris and and it was nice feature for those guys in in Chris. Doing what he did was make everything around him. Means something and Bring some legends back to live so I actually was there sitting in second row At reliant stadium so With with and I got you. Don't funny I got a few requests for this with Robert G Taylor the second from our. Gt four log DOT COM If you or a loved one of the OMA or any legal needs give rob Taylor call by God. We should mention Later on he's going to team up with his son. Richie steamboat wrestle in Puerto Rico. We haven't spent a lot of time talking about Ritchie but I do think that he's one of those guys where a lot of people thought man one day. Reid flair Richie. Steamboat are going to keep this thing going. And then it just didn't work out. December twenty thirteen He was released from his. Ww contract. Do you think that? And obviously we know that his dad has stated due to the injury. He was not going to be able to wrestle again. Do you think the Richie steamboat had had a big upside? Had He not been injured? You know I think so but I never got to see enough of him in the ring to to give you Accurate assessment Had Great Luck. But I don't know that I don't know I you know the a lot of there'd been a lot of greats who siblings did not do well in the business you mean so that siblings but you mean silence you know what I mean. I meant I meant yet children. Yeah the fought well siblings two sure But yeah that have had children. That haven't done well in the business so I never got to see enough of Ricci to say one way or the other should go out of your way. If you've never seen this to see the June twenty eighth twenty ten episode of Raw steamboats here to promote his His new DVD. But he's attacked by nexus and they're supposed to beat him up and quote unquote get the heat on him. But something goes wrong and He lands very very badly. He's hospitalized. They have to remove part of his skull. Relieved the pressure. It's a real bad situation. He's legitimately hospitalized for weeks after that He would also work. As an INEX- T trainer and in talent relations triple h until the developmental release signed in two thousand thirteen and then later moved on to be an ambassador and then on the February twenty fifth twenty. Nineteen episode of Raw steamboat. Along with special guest Shawn Michaels and Kurt. Angle and sting all appeared to celebrate the seventieth birthday of Rick Flair but of course ric flair was attacked Baba. Teesta said appeared onscreen man. That's an interesting shot. I wonder who help with that together. some titles that. Ricky wound up winning in his career. Of course the W world title one time the Mid Atlantic title two times the US title four times the TV title. Four Times the Mid Atlantic tag titles five times three with Paul Jones one with Dino Bravo one with Jay youngblood the WCW slash in. W TAG titles eight times. Five Times with Jay Youngblood once with Paul Jones once with Dustin Rhodes wants Shane. Douglas of course most famously probably the intercontinental title one time overall man. There's a lot of gold here. What do you think his legacy will wind up being professional wrestling because I always sort of picture him as the NWEA world champion and most probably most prominently the intercontinental title champion? But dude he went so many tag titles and it was always a baby face. What do you think is legacy will be? I think Ricky's legacy is going to be recipe three versus randy savage that one batch and for me. I think that's a good match to kind of reflect on his career because it was the best of the best and when you look at everything else that he accomplished. That's one thing that I think most would agree on. And he's truly one of the great so the business that that was able to. He did the territories and he did well. The territory's transitioned to the big stage and went back and forth and Just a tremendous talent but I think that the the one thing when you ask people. Hey what was best wrestlemainia match ever? I think that a large percentage of people would say randy savage versus Ricky steamboat wrestlemania three. It's fascinating to me while some guys are perceived as tippy top guys and others are not you know both of those guys both randy savage and ric flair to most famous opponents rick steamboat. They're viewed with more fanfare. Then Ricky steamboat. Every was you think that's based on. You know their charisma. Their promos their ability to work as he'll or was it just their ability to sort of weather the storm because it does feel like whenever things weren't going exactly a steamboat wanted. He removed himself from the situation. Which is probably a healthy thing to do mentally because this business can be a drain and if you've paid attention to some of the folks who've been in it that's very well evidence but at the same time you wonder if that also hurt him from really having that sustained top guy run and you're uniquely qualified to answer. What do you think kept him from being in that? Sort of Mount Rushmore conversation. I think that probably taken himself out of the game in some situations but other than that I think the personality and Ricky was always kinda downplayed because that's who he is as a person and ricky's not an over the top guy and people will remember the personality. I and this business has proven time and time again. A larger personality will be remembered longer than the greatest Matt Genius in the World. So To me that's that was what was missing. And I think that was the it factor that kept him there but at the same time you look at his career and Ricky had a hell of a career on top and was always viewed as a dancing partner that the heels wanted on the other side of him. You know the stuff he did with Jake Roberts Rick flair savage get God hockey talk. Ma- everybody along the way I think if you touch rick steamboat. You learn something. And that's a good thing coming up next week. We're hoping you're GonNa Learn something about vow Venus if you've got a question hang on making an audible making inaudible county before we get to know this. We talked about this. How are we going to wait till we're off the air before we get to the audible? Let me tease it. And then we'll do some twitter questions and we'll come back to your audible okay. I think we're doing val Venus next week. That may change stay tuned. But if you WANNA ask a question go ask it at Pritchard show and We gave you the same opportunity to ask questions about ricky. The Dragon steamboat. Hundreds of you did so. Of course we can't get all those in. We are GonNa hit a few rapid fire. Bruce are you ready? I guess what Michael Elders Rights Bruce even. If you weren't in the meeting can you reenact what you think? It might have sounded like when Vince pitched ricky the dragon character. Fire my fucker. Pray that Charlie thrower riots in all your years in creative. Did you ever discuss having ricky turned heel? Maybe a discussion but not a very long one. Heroes Punching Twenty Ninety nine writes. Does Bruce have an interesting story about Ricky's dragon about his drag up the Dragon. Yeah he the IT escape one time what I think they had it backstage in The fucking Komodo dragon escaped and they lost. It also continues the question and by Dragon. I mean Bonnie. We haven't talked about Bonnie and all but when we talk about Ricky steamboat way back in the day for right or wrong. You hear a lot of criticism of his relationship with Bonnie and how Bonnie sorta maybe wasn't the best thing for steamboats career different. Tom's why do people think or say that? I don't know 'cause I I met bonding one time. In my life I could not tell you one way or another The people did did criticize her but I did not. I couldn't tell you one way or another so no issues from your end with Bonnie not with may know Ricky Morton's mullet rights. Was there ever any thought to giving ricky a mouthpiece like Jimmy Hart? Yeah there was but at the same time. I don't think that would work for a baby face and I think that might have might have taken him down. I think the idea was to dress. Ricky up a little bit more and add some color to him in other ways like the country stuff and and the dragon thing to try to enhance him. Stewart rights. Was there ever any talk of making steamboat? The WWF champion. No no not that I can ever no not not from my end or anything that I can ever remember hearing. Let's pretend for a minute. Let's pretend it's the nineteen eighties. Let's pretend that ricky's doing his karate. Man Gimmick at the time Kung Fu movies and karate and then just stuff was all time high not only at the box office but certainly when he went through the video stores to rent a movie from Blockbuster Video Express or movie gallery or whatever. Was there ever a consideration less? Make him a a bad God. Hogan knock can ever remember. Now I think ricky was one of those And it was funny. Hulk was also be this way by the way he was one of those guys that they felt was always just going to be a baby face arrest. Obviously Hulk was able to change that perception. A wrestling historian writes in. What were the plans for steamboat? If he hadn't left the wfan ninety one. So you're working with them. You're pitching in the fire. You're working with creative a little bit. I mean I know you're doing more production at that time. But did you have any idea of what the goal was eventually with this character like oh I could see him with Xyz. I don't remember off the top of my head. I know that you know it was during a time that obviously you look at that time. There were a lot more gimmicks and that was the thought behind it. Make Ricky more of a gimmick and make him a larger than life Gimmick Come in and make steamboat and attraction so that was the feel. That was more the goal at that time. Then once attraction in Gimmick gets over you can pretty much put him with anybody. I don't know so silly question but we've talked a lot about how gas had issues with the way. The undertaker was pushed as soon as he comes into the company. We've talked a little bit about the Hogan Disagreement. We've talked a little bit about the accident. Withdraw Cocoa on his head. Do you think undertaker had any sort of. Ill will towards ricky. Because he wouldn't do the stretcher drum form when he was still trying to get that character over A. I don't know if that's true. And if that really happened but Be I don't know whereby gets undertaker was was pushed to the moment when he came in. Yes he and impressive first night but it took almost a year before undertaker was involved in in a major storyline and yes he did get pushed to the top of the major storyline. But it wasn't overnight. You know his first wrestlemainia worked Jimmy Snuka and like the second match so it wasn't It wasn't just. Here's undertaker. Now he's top guy it was. It was a slow build to get to that point. Mr Perfect Can Fan Canada right? Santa No steamboat was on his way out after Wrestlemania. Four but why in the heck wasn't a savage steamboat rematch done in the tournament? Savage gone over clean made an even bigger star as everyone knew he was getting the belt Well let's take Assad has opinions there but realistically I think most people when they see that bracket they just assume they're getting it. Is that the very reason you don't give it to them now. Because as I said earlier it was about Randy. Savage on that day it was about savage getting over his baby face and putting him with another strong baby. Face would not have helped. That calls Jonathan Wagner makes an interesting observation. Was there ever consideration the changing his name to Rick steamboat? Instead of Ricky and he points out that heels were rick's whether it was recruit or ricky flair. Put baby faces or Ricky Ricky Morton or Ricky steamboat. I don't know that I never really thought about that. Yeah that's in in the box gimmicks in the book of of baby face and he'll names the fuck Brandon O'Shea riots in Texas Tornado in Ricky. The Dragon steamboat It is interesting that you've got two big territory stars and he come in. Give them a new paint of coat as we say Dodge thing rights. Where did you get the dragon from the name or Commodity Dragon? The Komodo dragon came from Dragonstar us. You mikey makes me happy appreciate that? I was confused on the question momentarily. No no I gotcha. It had it happens at my age. Well it is fairly early for you. It fucking is Anamour Watson whose idea was to have Bonnie rich year ringside for Wrestlemania Four. Probably Ricky's Lots of questions about was there any heat on Butch Reed for missing his championship match or was it just a well too bad for him and onto the next town yeah again. That's one of those things that don't remember. I think butch was inventing the Internet at that time anyway and every now and again. We'll get a silly question that you won't get it all but angry. Angry browns fan writes. He had Vince wanting to team up with a look alike. Call them the double dragons. I know you don't get the reference because it was video game but that fucking made me chuckle Lanny Paul this is from Chris. He writes in Lenny. Papua said Randy savage saw Shawn Michaels as a potential dance partner back. Possibly top has wrestlemainia. Three match. Steamboat on the flip side in the WBF who possibly could have given him a bitter feud than savage and his brand heart. The Best Option Bret. Hart was best option. It's time now. Lots of folks want us to pay attention to his match with. Bret Hart at Boston. Garden is March. Eighth Nineteen eighty-six. It's an unknown classic. You know if you ever saw that one. I know it was before you were there but apparently became a tape trading sensation. I don't know that I've ever had that would've been the day before my birthday. I you know we sort of buried the lead here but The George Steele thing we sort of glossed over. Has there been a way to jump from two opponents more different. I mean when you think about who savage was working with at the time to go from Georgia. Animal Steeles Ricky. The Dragon steamboat. As you like to say that's apples and pomegranates. Not I can't be kept animal involved in it with with Liz. And so there was still that that connective tissue Josh brings up the old house no debate and he says. House Noah said the steamboat savage match wrestlemainia. Three start at the issue of match-quality over butts in seats. Do you agree. And was this match. Better than Hogan Entree of course Al. Snow argues better is what drew the most money. Not necessarily what drew the most critical praise? Because it's the wrestling business. Where do you land on that argument? I agree because it was. You know what was a better story and you know what drew the house. Nobody nobody but ninety five percent of that audience was Air Sea Hogan Andre and that story was bigger and better than savage steamboat. Hypothetically do you think if flair because we know that when steamboats leave inflators coming in he think when Flair came into the company? Vince would've considered putting him and steamboat together. Again you've got the flamboyant nature boy with the big robes you could have had the more elaborate dragon entrance with the fire breathing and we know that flares going to win the title in January. Ninety two would that have been a possibility for him or do you think that he still would have ultimately went with savage and he just didn't see steamboat in that light being minutes. No I think that same boat would have been great in that role and that may have been what? He was looking for Because I knew the Piper was kind of a a last minute. Let's put Piper there for flair. Because that's who worked with. Initially coming in a steamboat would have fit that bill. Well but I couldn't tell you what they were thinking. At that time man. That would have been something else right. Docker writes in. Do you think brad take so much. Kurt to much credit for paving the way for smaller wrestlers carrying titles. When Goss like ricky steamboat had the big belts for him. You know I do think that's an interesting concept because The the company was definitely the land of the giants. There's definitely a paradigm shift with Bret. Hart but Ricky steamboat and Bret Hart pretty similar and Sasa actually breaths bigger steamboat. And so you know you look at that way but As far as the main championship think Brett was Brecca. Take that credit interesting change and Maybe a paradigm shift. This is from the pop culture junkie sustained but would bring the Komodo Dragon To the ring with him similar to how the bulldogs had Matilda and Coco. Beware had frankie wide advance. Stop having animal mascots for Superstars. And do you think we'll ever bring back? You never say never. It becomes a a pretty tough tough road to haul with with pita and with all the Animal Rights. Folks that are out there. And when you you look at that it's just that's a rough life for an animal now without question is Danny wants to know. Is there ever any discussion of pushing? Bonnie steamboat to be a manager similar to the way. Miss Elizabeth was for randy savage. No Adam be right. San Ric flair said that Ricky steamboat is the best baby face ever. Do you agree. I think he's one of the best. Yes Francis writes in. Who would win karate? Fine Brisk Richard Ricky steamboat. I'll got I'm a real karate. Man Three time but Bill Hall of Fame Unreal Garate Man. How many times okay? I asked you this question. How many times is Ricky steamboat? Been a black belt hall of fame. I don't know the last part of what you just said is the correct answer. No NONE NONE ZERO ZILCH. Bongos boxes bonkers. It is now raise rates. The IVANKA's bitch. That'll be a t-shirt soon. Enough Ridge writes in you. Talked about how Damian was usually a local snake was ricky's dragging a local drag with depending on if there was a fucking Komodo. Dragons are franchises in the down now. I think he traveled as Mona lots of talk about Ricky's intercontinental title Ryan. Of course his time with the intercontinental title is the first time we see or the bill he had was the first. Reggie parks designed intercontinental title. It was in a prior life. The old trophy style in the Milkovich is or whatever the fucking guy's name is but now the more conic classic intercontinental title design and his was different. I was different so the WB athletics being raised. They were recessed and painted red. Is that your favorite intercontinental title design. Ever Yeah I liked that. I liked that one. Yes the ricky add yes. I don't know about fucking recess to raise letters I could. I could tell you but I did like that designed well and we enjoyed the show today and I thought we had a good plan for. We're doing next week when it does sound as if you've got something up your Sleeve Yoon reveal it now or is it just. GonNa be fucking surprise. I wanted to ask ask Bruce. Because it's it's my birthday in On the seventh. And we're going to have to record it early so there you go. What if what if we already had the Valvoline US format doing well? People are just GonNa have to fuck in tune in and see tune in next week. We don't know what the fuck were doing. But it'll be good each week every Friday right here on something to wrestle with Richard Shack. I think it's going to go and I'm trying to figure out. Men were to go to lunch at one about myself. I'M GONNA go see a partial around beach bonkers. Bit Salas Poncho Bockel speech.

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