Ep 129 - Tik Tok Trending


What's up guys? Welcome with the T. M. G. podcast. This is actually today's episode. Today's free episode. But if you want the bonus episode that went up today as well you can find that on our patron that's pay dot com slash tiny gang and the the free episode will be Ad Free as well on there so And if not thanks and enjoy this one piece piece hello everyone. Welcome to the quarantine. Hello welcome to the quarantine. Yeah by the way we never. We never said anything about why was cartoon. Last time everyone was just like why the fuck is her name instead of his video. Well that's really funny. Yeah people have had no idea. It's because I I was. I recorded myself the whole time. All two hours I was. I had a screen recording or a video recording of myself that got deleted or corrupted when we finished because my fucking hard-drive ran out of space classic book in Dumb Ass. I had like twenty four gigs. Left in the video file was like twenty five so like it was literally right at the end it. It came up with an error and said corrupted or whatever and the whole video foul was fucking loss. Tried to repair it and the finished product look at look at went through video like Masher. Whatever data marched yet data mosh to look like it was Yeah Marsh up an interesting test to see if we And up matching clothes people. People took some screen shots of some weird scenarios were matched close unintentionally funny. We like which lobby. I can't see you let me guess what you're wearing okay. Okay ooh I'm I'M GONNA do is not not sexual. I'm just guessing what you're wearing gail. Yeah Yeah of course I guess. My color man was my color. Let's see green now. I know what you're wearing is a full suit of chainmail. Close close okay Not Chain mail or is it chain. Mail is is not nothing armor related at all. No okay nothing. Armor related got it. And then I'd say condom on though you you do to stay safe understand You don't want to get your Dick. Got To wear a condom. Got A bag it up some wearing all. I know what you're wearing you wearing a like one of those One of those suits that snipers wear so that they they like You know camouflaged to the grass. Oh Yeah Gillies who you WanNa Gilly. Soon okay cool. What am I wearing? Pry that red hat and I don't know either a backwards hat or your hair is split down the middle. That's not really what you're wearing but I am wearing a red hat. You have a man I mean see. I got that much right. Nobody's not the red hat. You're thinking a different a different ones as proof you. You are a creature of habit. You can only purchase and wear red hats. It's just because I haven't showered again. Is Yup the truth? We finally have it speaking of the truth. Very heavy shit. This morning Joe Exotic. They found out he has to. Dix A lot. Yeah Joe Exotic has to Dix. Are You April fools me? He's got to do a big as Dick and he's got like a tiny little nub on the left it's like a tiny what are you talking about? It's a P P shooter sized Dick on the side of his dig. It's great you're you're fucking with me what I what. I what I do that to you. Man What I fucking bullshit but I feel like you're just weirdly downplaying nece like this. Is You realize this is one of the first jokes on this show and we find out that one of the biggest icons of this whole quarantine has to Dix and your dicks. It's because he doesn't have to Dixie fuck in other news. Six nine gets out today now. He doesn't should be the whole episode. Because it's April fool's every thing we talk about is ally or funny except that comes out tomorrow so then people would just be like what the fuck is this true daylight? No guys wanted to participate. Still Fuck in. No you know what though that Dude Cudi be he I don't have confirmation either way because I've ever read that. It was denied and then also accepted but he applied for temporary release because of the Corona virus because he has mild asthma and it was fucking granted who could be be is one of the. He was fucking. He was one of the kidnapped six nine and I think he was the one who actually shot the gun at chief. Kief what yeah. I don't know that that could be bullshit. I don't know that that could be complete auto prison now. Suppose I mean yeah I don't I don't know how temporary release works in this scenario but And six nines got rejected. Yeah he's trying to get a prison. Like twice now yeah. He's tried to get early. Release number one for like a fear of being harmed I think. And now you're corona virus and they're like now you're staying in their snitched Shouldn't have did that. Man Get back in there. Ooh That's for you damn should've been gang. Give their gagging. Their sport as in his hearing is just like thirty seconds long. I shouldn't have been again. Go ahead Greg yourself thanks to Mosey on back into the into the jail. There I watched a part of when they see us. Watch most of it. God Damn Dude that is fuck in. What's that about These five kids in central park back in the late eighties. Basically up wrongly convicted of like raping a woman and they were all young as hell. Dude like fourteen fifteen sixteen and they all got put in jail and they didn't get out till two thousand two or one. What because this dude finally confessed to to the actual crime and so how long had they been jail for. Bro Like fifteen years last. Call their youth men. It's so fucking sad. And they kind of simulate what the Hell is going on in their They one kid he Name is cory wise in in the way they tell it in the The netflix show is that you know he is not like a tough dude or by no means that he tried to be tough and so in prison. He's always getting his ass kicked because you know he went in there at sixteen years old which was like he wanted to a real jail with like adults because he wasn't a miner. Okay and so what you're minor when you're sixteen. Aren't you Now but I think like sixteen. You're eligible to go to like an adult prison. Others like V. The crime is like bad enough. Yeah you you'll go to juvie. So they put him in a fucking. Yeah like and so one of the ways he off. I can always sharpen none of. That's I can't even tell fucking a coo like basically tells them why Hey In order to sort of protect yourself At ask to go to solitary. Don't go to me. And so he does that and just shows him as like sixteen seventeen eighteen. Like just growing up in fucking solitary. And you're like God damn 'cause we you know when you're sixteen. You got bored really fast cheese man because you imagine being a fucking solitary sixteen years old. I'd go insane. It's like you either go insane or you. You go the other way and you just become like mentally solid eric. F- I don't. I don't know how that could happen though. I like everything I've ever read or like second accounts I've heard of like going to solitary. It's like it's like the worst shit on earth. Then I mean that would just tear you apart. If you knew that you didn't do you didn't deserve it like it was for no reason Oh yeah that nagging feeling of like how fucked up the world is and how bad you got it. That's gotta drive you crazy. Yeah so it's on Netflix When they when they see as his new no it's old I honestly I put off watching it because I I sorta was familiar with the story and it just. It was really one of the things that just depress the faulk. Adamy having your youth taken from you. That prime minister is Fox with me so I avoid watching it for a while because that does though and it did exactly what I thought it would do it writ me up man. I was like Jesus Christ. Oh do did you watch Ozark season three Bra sued. Wait did you watch. Oh Yeah Bro. When dude whatever that actor's name was rather everybody if you not watch ozark season three the whole thing and then coil. Alert spoiler alert spoiler alert. Ooh What's that? I believe on the spoiler zone. Yeah this is the spoiler zone. I did some online willing nearby. You can hear that Okay so went dude I. I've never like felt that strongly while what like. I've never been in my feelings as much as I was watching that dude breakdown. Her brother. Yeah that acting was fucking incredible like nail careers about to explode from that guy nailed it. I mean it was like unbelievable but just what I felt watching him cry and him like you know being a you know in the in the cab now in the asylum or whatever like he gets. Yeah he's like he's sitting there like breaking down and ruth is like trying to console him and he's like what why am I here? You guys crazy ones. He basically said like you guys are doing all this crazy shit. I'm just trying to be normal. And she's like that moment to me was like. Oh my God. He's so right. Yeah Yeah. Yeah he's bipolar. They're the ones that are fucking and saying. Why does he got to be stuck in this room for no reason? Yeah when they're the ones killing people and murdering their own. You know what I'm saying. Yeah no one hundred and the thing that really drew me in was when he was in the cab just like going off. Oh yeah he's like just like complete like you know sort of sort of manic moment. I was like yeah and then he has like a ten minute monologue and at the very end. He's like how's your day. Yeah Yeah but my days pretty good man. I about you cabdriver. Hasn't said one thing in life The whole The whole message about him not being the one that was crazy so wild yeah and then when she and then Wendy man when she made that decision. I'm not gonNA say it just in case anyone is listening because this is definitely going to ruin it once you made that decision and you kind of Itchy. She like you know starts to regret it. And she mows over on the side of the road and you're like You know that obviously not nothing that intense. But you know that. Like moment of like wait. I still have a little time to make this not happen. Should I act on that or should I? You know but that he had to the most extreme sense that killed me too. I was like God. Was that being in that position. Be like brother. Ending of the season was like oh I know who comes out of nowhere. That is so is so good. That was so good man. Kelsey and I just looked at each other. We were like what the fuck just and then the show ends. And we're like no. What rewind it? Ozark is the only show series where I actually remember everything that happened in the last season. Yeah I know it's like Oh man it had that is one of the shows where every season it's come out. I'm like Oh fuck yeah. Let's go yeah. Just bend the whole thing. Yeah there are very few things that even even tied Rick Hang out sort of like in and out of like kind of being on my phone here and there but something that I read in a comment that Hemi fuck in hysterical was this dude says dimmer is like. Do you remember when the Hitman was taking a bath? Yeah you don't because that's how fucked up. The documentary was that you don't even remember that scenario being so fucking weird and I was like wait what he took a bath and he had the motel. Yeah but I he's just like sitting there and Bandanna that guy was so funny dude. Talking about the least Hitman Hitman the lease intimidating yet. I didn't make it out going to go down to Florida and killer just didn't make it has got chicken chicken. Make I guess. I took a bath and just reconsidered. Goddamn fucking Carol. Baskin something about that warm water you know makes you think about life and it. Didn't you know just chicken dot couldn't do it? Do I'd love it. If today on stay she just she just went on twitter. She's like she's just goes. Hey all you cool cats. What does he say? Oh you cute. Kittens and cool cat. Sorta no hold on. I had somewhere. Hey all you cubs in cool kit cool cats hail you cats and kittens. Whatever the fuck hail you that she was real baskin and today going to tell you how I killed my husband. O or if she just said I killed them lol lol. Okay maybe. I did kill him April fools. Hey all you kittens. The kittens catch kittens out there. Carol Baskin and I did kill my husband and feed them to the fucking tigers. Dan Dune we talked about this a lot. In the last four episodes the harp on it too long lit hurt. Her current husband is a God. Damn that Dude Septic tank. Oh my God did anyway anyway. Last time we did we said the same shit Okay that picture up picture of him when he has the OH. Yeah when elite. Sean isn't a good time to me. Being so fucking mean to him about it get looks fun. Honestly I'd be into it. Yeah just this morning. I was running around with Kelsey at both me and Chilean dude. I taught chilly. How to play fetch? Oh Yeah I was like I was like stoked right. 'cause I'm like Oh this is sick dude. You know Gyn his dog play. Fetch going outside playing fetch. This is sick. This is like opening up new doors for us. This is like a new frontier for Chile. I we're GONNA play. Fetch all the fucking time now on. I'm stoked on it right and so I'm throwing thing he's he's gone he's getting his bringing it back and then leaves it on my feet and I'm like this is fucking amazing. 's awesome the only thing he wants to do now his play. Fetch all day every fucking day and so we're sitting on the couch trying to watch ozark and he just cut brings over a thing that he wants to throw and he just leaves them. I feel looks at me and then I like try to ignore it and he just starts yelping in my face and so the whole time or watching us are picking up the sing and chucking at across the room the whole time. Nice real just so regret ever teaching him this all his guy like. Add so you'll play fetch for like maybe a few minutes. And then he hears something and then he just completely ignores that he was playing fetch. That's ideal yeah. Yeah he's a. He's a kidneys adderall house. Bro That fucking that earn it bill. That I brought up last time. That that's the one where they're trying to like Basically you like crack encryption force companies. So they're trying to fly under They're trying to protect against child porn. That's like their angle but just trying to get companies to basically break their encryption. It's crazy I'll fucking. I was like do more reading on it. But what's it called? Earn IT Bernie earned. Ill earn either one. Cybersecurity experts slam child protection bill. That risks rolling back encryption crazy I mean it got voted against though. Where do you see that Some image from the Washington Post other more reading on that. But you know they'll just fuck and rename it and attach it to something else. That's that's like that's like the big ten full conspiracy right now about the corona viruses are going to do like another now. I'M NOT GONNA say this is. The big conspiracy was a conspiracy. That's I've I've seen someone put out there which I thought was kind of interesting. It's not that far fetched. I basically that the government might use the corona virus as vehicle to Get people to accept like more Granular tracking you know like. Oh man you gotta put this fucking You got to download this APP or put this fucking chip in your body to You know make sure that you got the vaccine and fuck. Yeah what what a Wendy's and Ozark she said. Don't waste a good. Never waste a good crisis. Yeah Yeah Yeah something like that. Yeah it's that dude. Yeah so then like I said that on streaming some dude man. We're too stupid to execute something like that. And then I laughed and I thought about like every government program and I'm like actually yeah like the government tried to roll out a chip. I bet it would just fuck and suck you. Just be like a fucking. Ti Eighty three plug in through a weird auks USB cord into your phone and it just never works the snake on it though. Yeah never works. The fucking chip is acting up again looking. They just try to repurpose them. Shit from the Cold War because they're too cheap to pay for something new that were and every time it breaks or like to register at. You gotta go wait at the DMV DNV and some guy with a fucking license as the work on it. The chip is so bad. I was saying that would've just took like fucking I. You D like birth control and they just like attached like a raspberry Pi to and just you in two pieces in the man with no instructions. And you're like you gotta put it up your but a house. I don't know I just gotTa go inside you. The only thing that makes that conspiracy like maybe feasible is Is that thing I d. Twenty twenty Bill Gates Startup for like identity. It's like identity protection that that's like the the premise of the technology but some of the government partnered with him. Maybe but I don't I don't know the more I think about that Shit. I'm like it would take some serious fucking work to execute something like that. Well Yeah it's just GonNa it's it's it's slow. It's going to be slow. Yeah like slowly it and it's going to happen. I'm not that scared of it but it's definitely going to happen. It's happening anyways. But now it'll probably be like we're going to be more accepting to it just as people were going to be less Less susceptible to Like our privacy concerns and stuff like that. Because we're like we don't want this to happen again. Can stay inside for six months. So yeah you can. You can track me when I walk in. Whatever the fuck and put all these people in their houses for sixty days and they're like I'll do anything to go back outside. Yeah Yeah Yet. Ship me up dog just tracks anywhere. I go dictatorship. Let's go somewhere again. I want it some Kelsey was angels reading like some means that from people being like I never thought I'd miss being at a club but I just wish I was at a club or like I regret every time I left the club. Early as we're like watching Ozark and they were having that charity thing at Casino Kelsey. Now we're like Teluk sex so much fun. I wish we had a charity thing. Yeah wish we're at a fucking yeah. Yeah a political charity function. Yeah just wish we were there right now. Which were anywhere. I was like dude. What if what if the like the bungalow in La just every Saturday does like a big zoom call with everyone. That's normally there. Seven hundred people seven hundred stupid people in felt hats drinking like fifteen dollar Margaritas as Rian. Some Shit it's basically discussing how dictatorships are born out of like moments like this and and you know that might be a bit extreme. I'm not saying that's what's going to happen to us but I don't know man it's like I think I've been here long enough that my brain is starting to melt so I'm starting to entertain all these other ideas about the corona virus. Yeah that might be something bigger. Yeah that's another thing. Do you mind that dude. That said I work in the government. We're not smart enough to do this. He's not in like the freemasons he's not in like the Nadia. Those are the guys that's GonNa be that's GonNa be running this shit. He's not a top dog. Ya Fuck and he's not on is not an EPSTEINS fucking phonebook. Always going on exactly. I'm surprised that manifest. Yeah I looked him off in war zone. I didn't find him anywhere so I would have thought more people would have liked that fucking bit but no no no fucking dice on that one which one what do you mean. We're talking about this ep yet or there was one person that was like why were they. Why are they making such a big deal out of this EP thing? No it's like how are you not? Oh No no you really don't know damn really don't know if you know you know. I guess the Fuck. I'm I'm surprised that in kill Weinstein You know and blame it on corona because he got I know he got imprison. No Shit is crazy. Hausch how bad that. Shit spreads so fast. I know anyways wild dude. We're not going to talk about yesterday yesterday. We're not gonNA talk about it when I'm GonNa talk about it at all except did you see trump's. I'm not even GonNa say this. Actually no no I sound trump's big all fucking ass acid you see his big fiqh booty his fucking ass and bragging vowed fucking TV ratings dude every new. Data's all my God. That tweet was insane. Every Nour's is right now is jealous of the fucking corona virus him Vanessa Hudgens. They're all in but hurt. The thing is so poppin poppin. Yeah and they're not the Rock and Kevin. Hart are pissed right now. Like dude we have to do three fucking movies during this quarantine. We have to erase this shit. They're going to do. They're going to do movies about it. Yeah like quarantine. Powells or whatever. Yeah and it's a rock and and and Kevin Hart and one of them has it and one of them doesn't one of them's a doctor and the other one is the patients and they learn along the way that friendship is what matters. I love all these fucking thoughtless assholes who are using the quarantine as like a you know. They're they're whoever they're fucking agent is is like now's a great time to be making content and they're like Jaja. I'm sitting around doing nothing. They have all these dumb fucking name like like a fucking this this dude in his girl from the bachelor with some other people take talk call themselves the quarantine crew. Okay Nice that's creative. Yeah that they're the most like innocuous like asinine. Fook take talks like they're not particularly interesting but I'm just like God Damn Brian. This is nothing to do with quarantine. You guys are just in a house hanging out. You're doing the thing you're not supposed to do. Wait wait wait wait wait wait is this fake. Is this fake. Throughout his get punked was six nine could be released from prison any day. Now due to corona virus. That's that's you definitely got fucking owned. According to court documents obtained by Acts Excel. Sorry the courts what was just like looking up another hot post while the quarantine grew no. It's got to be fake dude. No that is fake. You're getting punked. Are you sure? I'm very sure I hate. I Hate April fools. Man I hate it because you fall for everything Brolin. I can't up hold on hold on. It's not confer six nine being released on April Fools Day to go over here here Bro. You are one thousand percent following for that bullshit right now. I know but dude. Maybe it's real you're hopeful that's all it is. You're just do every comment on the red. It is not that. GonNa read it but every single comment is seems to think that it's real dude. I'M GONNA be laughing when he gets released today if he gets released today. That is the funniest shit the judge could do at is really funny on April Fools Day in the middle of a pandemic screen share though. Okay let's see. What are you guys? Fucking kids favorite thing about this is it's like all these people and they show off their food supplies and and all this shit. I'm like dude. If it gets too looting let me tell you. Who's getting robbed I? It's everyone knows where the fuck you live. What kind of food do you have what the threat is like where you slay one play one with no music with no music? So they're all like they're all like quarantine together and so they're making their content fucking. These people couldn't get enough of the reality shows that they were already on the head and create one in fucking house and hang out there together and simulator reality show. That's that's how fucking addicted to the fucking format and the attention I don't know which one doesn't have music. That's fine I get it. I get it by looking at the sales. There's nothing really to say you don't watch one go. There's more to say there's nothing it's just fucking eight idiots. Just learning dances the quarantine crew dude. We should start another podcast. Called Quarantine Quips Quarantine. Tipsy that's better. The quarantine crew is the least creative title. Could've up with it's just there's no you didn't even think outside the box at all. It's like what what's going on right now. What are we doing? We're quarantining okay. And and we're like friends we're a crew of people. The quarantine crew could've called it the crew in teen something the higher not even going to think for five seconds. I like that. Every every Ayla celebrity now is becoming a youtuber. Yes tweet that was like everyone's digital now. Listen you kind of think that it's funny because they're all like bad at it. Yeah they're not good not good man and do you think this is GonNa be like sort of a renaissance for nothing. You tubes dead by any means but like I almost feel like all these major celebrity's net now or like doing these shows on youtube and they're getting crazy Mona hits and they're lying way. I don't need production company for this. I don't have to go through the Hollywood hoops like John. Kaczynski's has ten million views. Dude in two days. Yeah his own show which I'm guessing he wrote and shot himself has ten million views the first episode of this Shit. Yeah do you think they'll be like Oh my God I way? I don't need to like jump through these hoops anymore. I don't need to like go through the fucking bureaucracy of production companies of no. Because it I feel like Hollywood shit. They're always in look at that as like the Prestige. And like that's the true like you know. Oh if you're not doing it in Hollywood you're not doing it for real. I don't think they'll ever look at Internet shit at the as the same level so I think it's like a fun though look at it. It's like Oh this is fun for us to do right now. But plus just imagine John. Krasinski hires a couple people to help him with the lighting of shooting of this or whatever and he just like he's like you know what I'm GonNa do this weekly for like six months. Just RACK UP. One hundred million views make a bunch of money. Yeah I can see people. I don't know yeah I think I basically I'm getting at is. I think you're right but I also think it will be short-lived I don't think it will be around forever. I think. Just the Will Smith Shit. They'll pop in and Wilson even upload anymore. I have no idea. Let's say look you to really try to push that and everyone was like fuck off did it. It works for Awhile man and I liked his videos to remember like preaching about them. I was like his is youtube. Channels the best. The first like five videos were fucking unreal. They're so sick and then it just became a promotion vehicle for him. Yeah and that happens. It's like okay. You just don't even respect the platform anymore. No he's he's been uploading he's is how many. How many views is he getting A lot it varies but you know that's probably because youtube pushes the fuck out of his videos. So he gets guaranteed can hits. Golf Club is not like us where we say ass in the beginning of the video. And it's like no you have to say but cheek you cannot say ass no more you're out. So yeah the Corentin crew baby quarantine crew. Yeah let's do let's start. Yeah let's start appointment asked. Corne quips called called How about let's call it? The Corona virus pandemic opinion cast. What do you think? Oh okay rows of house thinking we just go more with them. What do we do during Kovic? Nineteen I like that what we combine them. I fuck in really like just so. It's so burned out on people trying to make this like a a fucking opportunity for themselves. I hate that Shit. It's like I just do what you do. You have to make these goofy quarantine be like fucking God dude. Go Walk Yourself you privileged asshole quarantine be like Corentin be like you do have to. Lysol that Harris Corona Virus Bra Bra Bra Bra. Anyway we're going to say sorry vine would have been fantastic right now you said said vine would have been fantastic right now. Oh yeah imagine like like just like all the people that big on Vine Brittany Furlan or whatever doing doing quarantine jokes fucking Tommy Lee Because my boyfriend's Dick has been three hundred women more than three hundred. I Tommy Lee. I'm not afraid of corona virus. I had it years ago. Dude I saw them on take talk. Yeah they're talking it up. Yeah that's what I'm quoting. She she made a tick tock commenting on how is she was thinking about all the dudes? Tommy Lee's boned before what that wasn't a joke. Yeah can you find it? I mean I'm not I WANNA see that. GotTa hear it to believe this is as you say. It's like a music. It's like a music one never mind. Never mind long her. Her Real Shit doesn't matter what's his the pulled up. Breyer this junk Krasinski. Some good in your four hundred thirty two thousand likes. I haven't I've not watched this yet whenever whenever youtube tries to put celebrity down my throat. I refuse to engage that programming in every aspect. I will not watch anyone's opinion on it. I'm just saying nope you're all fucking on. This is being fed to me. I don't like it. Yeah it does feel like there's sometimes you jammed down your throat for her. You know even yeah. Hey when celebrity gets rammed down my throat you know I hate when a celebrity's getting us just fucking absolutely gagged. Yeah in my. I hate that feeling. When you're you're dethroning celebrity on the fucking algorithm makes you slobber all over a celebrity? I hate this shit too man. It's the top. Tv is on training right now. I WanNa James Charles. Doing Addison raise makeup second one. Is Addison Ray doing a q? And A. Muck Bang with James Charles. that's okay this same thumbnail and is number one and number two trending. It's like it's like how much more could you guess? How much more could you gas this up? How little of a fuck could either of you give? Jesus Christ dude and it's war it works. It works so well. Yeah it's five five five million views. This one is almost to create. Always think to myself. What the fuck am I even doing on Youtube? We are even welcome here anymore. I don't know man fucking fifteen year olds watching this shit. I got to ignore it. I think you just gotTa make this shit that you like to make and just ignore it. I've I with that thousand percent. You know what I think is fucking weird and this is not a genius observation by any means by. I think it's really weird. How many keep trying to hang out with hype house kids? That's it is so creepy to me. Like what do you mean? Like who like Tiger fucking Shit l? The House kids in studio. And they're all doing a dance and really. Yeah you see Tiger. Like he created tech talk and he was. You know his really pumping that shit up state does something weird about that or even like even the F- like the angle of we need to get this big on tick tock it's like it's all mostly teenagers. That's fucking gravy. A unless you're music like really appeals. The problem is hip hop is like the biggest genre on earth and shit that teens listen to his hip hop so I know they they. Most people mean that in the context of Oh. Let's come up with the dance and let's give people dancing to bat. You know totally but I think it's just a bit weird when they're like collaborating with these people or like Whoa. Mosey filmed his music video. There did you see that now was his is blueberry fago music video. You know. It's a hit. It's a fucking hit. You can film whatever fucking video you want and people will watch it and they filmed at the hype house and all the kids are in it. I'm playing with no volume on the on the screen share. Okay here Blueberry Fago. I'm surprised at a clearance for the FAGO logo. So this so Right right this is wait. Hold on. That's a high belts that's right there. Oh No that's look that Cyprus and she just keep watching keep watching. That's the bathroom that's Outta here. There's a bunch of scenes of them like doing dances alone in that bathroom. Cut In here on out of here man. I'm here Kid Little Roy. This is just it. Just like a weird. It's like T. Rowe. There's like a pretty clear. Divide between the people that make the. I don't know I don't know sorry. I'm just a little thrown off because I just seen that ash shaken and I don't know if that was a adolescent ass or or a legal adult ass probably legal adult ass. I would hope I think it's illegal ass dude. Think it's a legal ass. My ass is illegal. The government starts tracking us. They're going to see if we look at you know I would. I would have gone to jail right there for just looking at video. Yeah but I'm just saying I'm just saying my ass personally. I'm like of age but my ass is illegal because it's so fucking sick saying like there's a clear divide between like people that make the music. Yeah like people that make great music right because it's a really hard thing to do and then the people that like dance soon on talk. Oh yeah yeah because I just feel like the barrier entry is much less. It's easier to do that. It's an easier thing to like. Get Get poppin doing. Yeah but this is just like I said so I feel like little Mosey is. I don't know I it. Just the music field cheap to one hundred percent no I. I mean. Granted Moses younger so I think it's like it it makes more sense. There's any artists to do that. I think Moses the one because he is what the Fuck. How old is he like? Barely Eighteen fulke's eighteen. Yeah I thought he was like twenty four. No no kidding yeah. He's a kid off. His Demo. Never Mind is wrong. No I'm wrong for him and Hitler. Roy is doing the song about this because they're all in that age like they that makes sense for them this in my mind. It was like okay. The biggest dancers Charlie demilio. What fifteen and so they're all fifteen and rappers are all like twenty four. But I'm just fucking wrong a thought I thought as ray was like fifteen and Someone corrected me. And they're like no she's twenty one. Yeah Yeah Yeah so It it makes sense but still I still agree with that it. It feels cheap. I trying to Shoehorn. Fuck in such a gross. Like you know it's like dance to this kid's saving is youtube jamming the celebrities down our throats exact same thing. Yeah it's like it's like musicians now trying to jam these fucking just dances and do it do it. I hate dance. I hit all the corporate bullshit in the background. Where they're trying to like crossover all these things and they just you know we we use this. We use that and then we can really energize this audience and bring them together and blue. It's like it's none of that manages fucking just forcing people to like it works. I think that's what's frustrating him. Sometimes sometimes it does the time a dozen and either way I think The whole fucking. I'll be curious to see if any of this hype House Shit. Last into next year it probably will ended already. They already broke up. Dude funny man my first or even when we first talked about it it was like what is a couple of weeks ago or whatever all incumbents were like. I can't wait to see all the all the videos like why we broke up. While after how high palace Blah Blah Blah and it happened like two weeks later you is it. Everyone is out of there. I have no idea. Okay on is the hype house breaking up Yeah they're splitting up there all day dude Saturday Day. Oh Man Oh man you know what? What did the guy who fought A? Kfi's brothers spoke on it as well in Hollywood and Let's see what now I'm not even going to give it. Who gives a fuck gives absolute fuck when he had to say? Let's watch something. Dude you really want to make use of this fucking thing all right. Yeah man that's fucking high tech all right. What do we got? Anything queued up. Oh this is this K- The reason. Why Oh yeah okay. Which one do we have? Tons of. Schick Cuba yeah. Okay the reason I mean this. I watch a little bit of this one. It's not that crazy. I just brought it up because you know like that what we were joking about before where he was like in his song. Yeah where he was. You know basically joking about like fucking assist or whatever or what was it again. I see you WANNA fuck my best friend. Brian Rivera by the against Bremerton area. So he did this new youtube video. Where like his his solution to the quarantine content problem. Yeah is to throw his sister's missing her promise so he wants to throw a problem for her right and her day. He gets a dance with her. Yeah Oh my God no no I mean like I. I don't know I didn't watch that much into it. But like you know this could be. This could be construed as like urgence could be looked at as like this is cute thing to do for your sister's very nice thing but if you think about our bit and the Song War Yeah it could be like. I'm just trying to see my sister and my friend I in my living room and I'm going to surprise him and my sister was. This is some weird cut. Shit it's weird. It's it's a little bit weird creepy nude walking back to my youtube channel. Or I don't know about you guys but I keep going keep that on for a second UK. Keep it on so I am. I am a little bit act my youtube channel. Or I don't know about you guys but I have been very bored over this whole quarantine stay inside there so this is your you know just human. Just you know it. Is Everybody in the fucking world? That's also board you guys you guys. But I've been really bored with this whole Corinthian thing. Every fucking delivery driver. Truckdriver warehouse person has to put a forklift of kids fucking face. What a city. Who else is bored during this fucking pandemic thing I think it's funny because no fifty percents of people like are are at home right now and our board and it's just the most basic it's like naming your fucking thing quarantine team real. Yeah who else is board right now. Is that even a question? That's as where I feel like the in twenty twenty Youtube Intros just need to go away setting shit up. Nah just no more does out. No no no more today. My sister now just fucking do the thing. Yeah yeah go to the prom right to the prompt just cut to it. Yeah Yeah throw my sister off the balcony play. Well you did it so I don't know about you guys but I've been kind of scared of getting the corona virus so I'm going out in public and I'm kissing people on the lips to see if I can get it all right I'll see for the actual video starts for him. Creating the fucking. I'm sure if you go through this whole video too. I'm sure he talks about this shit like as dumb normal and all his friends are in the shot. Like yeah totally look at that. Look at that shot right there. Yeah let's play this part. I know that this year has been pretty crazy so far obviously school. Close your senior year and I know you are missing out on this year because of it so I I know you are missing out on potentially losing your virginity with my sister so I wanna make sure that happens on a make. Sure you point my sister so I've I've actually killed our parents and I've insured that you have a private evening tonight I've put molly in everything. Want you guys to be definitely in the mood and get in their sport in a way we go from for you get. I know that on the share. His Ambro Prom in your house is not this is not gonNA compare yes YouTube. It's not like all your friends are in that bitch and I you know the gesture. I'm sure the gesture is nice. Well let's see how it goes. Let's see what about a nice gesture if there wasn't a camera in their face the whole time right to have their dance or whatever and he just like. Oh Yeah let's see. Are You doing this? You're the last person I would do that I know. Why are you doing this dude? This is weird. Best part of the whole video. Are you joking me Bro? The last person I would do this. Well the fuck you doing this man. This is completely out of character for you man. You Never Do Nice. Shit like this fucking you doing this man. This is weird. The brother this is like trying to still hold you know. Hold the nice face because he's being films doing bro me out. Kind of the camera in the rose petals like thanks. What it's kind of long eared. What'd you say that tax? Hope you get lucky tonight. That was fucking weird. Me Some condoms. What the fuck is happening? Got To see what happens next. Guy Dan that even his fucking sister is like what the fuck is going on here. She's looking at her mom. Like mom did you okay. This and she's like yeah me embrace got done fucking earlier as earlier today. All right so before any problem. You take pictures from twenty twenty baby got you mentioned the Shit and just stone. Silence looks so boxers. Mama's woke up from a kids. Looks Pretty. See Smoking cleaning out bottles of fucking APOTHECARY. Read Yeah She's fucking refilling or fucking xanax subscription on yes trying to figure out how she can go there without a fucking mask just finished pictures and now it's time to go inside the House guys inexperienced prompt twenty twenty. Her Fuck Conveys. Dude is like Shit. It's like hurry this shit up. Hurry up we're trying to drink. I guys come out no way but no way. This is twenty twenty core proposition. Dan Bre to hang. Yeah Turn Oh my fuck dude. Oh my you know you let you know if you know his name. He's Oh bro. What's he gonNA do a little? Commencement speech I'm down for the problem and Queen. It is time now for you guys to consummate the prom. King Queen. Please follow me upstairs and begin. The consummate set celebration. It's fucked up but it has that energy man. Yeah this guy. Big INCEST VIBES BIG INCEST VIBES. Bro. The he by her that dressed to like what the fuck time for the slow song. Oh man he made them do it. He made them little fucking we. Oh man he's a hands off my sister. There's only there's only one person who can hold my sister like me so I don't know about you guys but I am attracted to my sister. The scoring team has made me realize how much I WanNa Bang my sister and I'm bored. What about you guys in Hell? I'm bored but what was that first one. Oh I'm just bored and I want okay moving on to Roy. Becca Nader Troy Troy Becker. Ben Becker Troy Beggar. Or shall we say Paul Zimmer the I didn't I didn't watch this one either I just fast forwarded to the end because he he has a fucking kid what I had daughter Holy Shit is that his wife I don't know it just gets weirder what the fuck holdup man. I truly grateful for all of you for any people who are seeing me for the first time high. I'm sorry for all of this drama I also love you and I hope you're having a great day. Who with all that being said? I think you guys to meet my wife and my baby Roy. I thought you were fourteen. What what A. Yeah Dude what. Yup He's got fucking kid. What are the comments say? Is it just me as Jamie? Look the exact same from music. Oh it was like musically bay musically bay. You're a Russian spy who eats planes. So why did you try to convince? People Troy empowered to different people. And that you were sixteen do oh my God. That's that's so dark pretending to be sixteen when he has a child. Bre Dude Dag Scott Way Darker. Oh Yeah but are we sure that drake didn't get her pregnant? Looks exactly like her he does. Oh my goodness man. Own My goodness. What if he hired this baby? What is needed a baby to like to a long time ago? We're on the PODCAST. I said it would be so great to hire a fake family and create a fake family channel. Like the whole thing is fucking bullshit. Yeah films some family for thirty days. Scripted ash it. He's doing it man. Yeah he's got it for real damn kind of genius. I know that should be our next project is we should just create a different as family. But make them bulletproof. Now that we've seen all the scandals and what scandals work and which ones don't God damn that's such a good idea. Holy Fuck that's such a that would print money dude pre we just get Yeah we just do a proposal story pregnancy story. We do the. And HERE'S THE GENDER REVEAL. We do the everything you knew how how store all the shit new car new baby new car. Baby names were moving calabasas. Yeah the whole thing. Oh my God. We'll start will get a dude in his mid thirties. He he's he. He has a startup but he lives in a van. And he's he's fucking he's attractive and He met his. He met his wife on the road. Yep in like Oklahoma. And he brought her back to L. A. and they're working on getting a house now. Yep and we'll start a nice van. It's a nice van that he's worked on for a while so like the interior. It's like one of the Van Life Fans. Yeah but they're royds. Yeah and he's got a dog. It's a really you know it's a nice dog. And all his time on the road while doing the startup. He's learned how to hunt builds shit He he's like he's the he's the ultimate Chad. Yeah and then you know then. After a month of that he gets her pregnant. We get everyone excited for the pregnancy. And we take everyone on this fucking journey through a baby the baby yes and then the challenge is hiring multiple babies and children. That look similar. You know that shouldn't be a problem. Honestly believe fucking anything. So did you imagine if you just ran that scheme for like six years at the end of it? They're like Oh we don't know each other. We're all actors. Yeah we filmed for an hour a day. You ever see an as family video. Yeah this should they film okay. Look I'm looking at this one right now right from from March thirty first yesterday Okay so it's it's okay. So they start outside. They go into the home gym and there in the home gym messing around. Now I'm at I'm at about eight minutes. The whole video was fourteen minutes. So they're in the gym messing around until eight minutes. And then they're in the bathroom him and his wife talking about something for another five minutes and then they go outside the whole thing guaranteed they film for an hour a day guarantee. Yeah yeah they don't do shit so all we have to do is have this family together. Hire them for an hour. Every couple days though the story bones weird like family adage shit. I'll get this shit man. My God family roles Now you know this is the speaks to you. Know How Millennials just sit on fucking redfin dreaming about Another dimension where they could afford a house. Yep there's all it is is is having a family is now Now form of a porn. It's perverse because it's too expensive and no one can afford it. Yeah Yeah so watching a real family of functioning family that wasn't hit by a recession or some kind of fucking economic tragedy. It's just like Oh man. Could you imagine having this damn? Ooh took it there on the phone is episode thanks for listening everyone. Tmz Pot of YOU DOT com. If you WANNA get some merch patriots dot com slash tiny gang. If you want to hear the weekly Bonus episode. And we'll see you guys do that. Um with say quick break fat dump. Yeah I'm going to get some water.

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