But he realized that all these little powers, these energies in us. Have the ability to do things that reality tells us is not possible. So funny. We have superpowers in us. Welcome to the happy abundant hippies podcast. My name is Hannah now and I'm happy rich hippy I'm a mindset and manifestation coach and mine mission is to help you use your mind to consciously a the world that you want to sleep. So glad to have you here. Is Welcome to another episode of the happy abundant hippies podcast them so that you here I'm also recording this live as well on my instagram anyway of so this episode is gone going to be all about mental detox is on how I got started with mental detox is why I'm so passionate with mindset and manifestation and our ability to be able to create our reality things. We see on a daily basis, our attitude and things like that. To help us Lakeview life in a certain perspective that aligns with the reality that we wanna see because everything is existing all the time every time and we are observers of our current reality and energy react based on the Observer. So every day energy is always around you it behaves based on how you observe this is quantum physics it's a science, it's an. It's new because honestly. The idea of vibrations and energy has been a thing least the first. Person I remember really hearing about it is Nikola, Tesla and that was a amazing information that I got but anyway I digress. So let's talk about why I'm so passionate about this why it's my mission. So as you guys may know through follow, mean through knowing all the information that I kinda present I grew in a very, very strict belief system, a religious, Muslim strict belief system and it was through fear out there must be other beliefs and other things going on around the world so. Let me study it. Let me figure out other beliefs and through trying to figure out other belief systems and other thoughts. There was a lot of resistance from my community from the people around me to that information. So felt there was some mental resist not even mental it was subconscious it was kind of in higher. It'd shared mental belief system that was consistently passed on and the fact that I was trying to look for something else a different thought really triggered other people and so I started digging into. These different beliefs in why people stick so hard to it was when I learned about the law of attraction guys alive attraction when I first started and it was through watching the movie, the secret, it gave me a surface level of what the law of attraction is the Laurie dot into because I've always a curious person I always question. So this was just like down my my alley just like going down this rabbit hole and through the law of attraction started learning about thought through thoughts are little energy through energy I was trying to figure out how do I make it more realistic how do I make so that we can physically. See. Signs behind it because a lot of people resistant to the law attraction and I'll get to the point of mental detox in just a second the people resistant to the idea of the law of attraction because there was no science backed behind. But now we're learning more that there is a science behind it. So my mission Azam until revolution to understand that everything comes full circle and we only allow ourselves to expand to new ideas new thoughts, new realities when we're removing previous thoughts, previous beliefs in previous ideas of what reality is supposed to do once able to release some of those previous thoughts, previous values, previous beliefs we have a home page to work through and to write and create. So, to kind of summarize, US roddy is flexible and it's malleable and we're just a bunch of floating vibrating energies that are moving based on our observation, and so because everything's based moving on observation and you are the Observer, your inherited deep rooted, and this is deep-rooted sub-conscious beliefs believed to have passed on in grade to you beliefs that we're related to survival. That's why sometimes it's so hard for us to change. Our beliefs because a lot of the bill beliefs that we have had come from survival and our our basic level is survival. So so that's why beliefs like thoughts are repeated over and over become beliefs and beliefs repeated over and over become troops, we determine how energy behaves. Once you have to believe in that is your truth reality has to affirm that the energies has to affirmative because are the depth of you. And how was this determined? This is determined, but all the information that we consume limited information that we take through our beliefs through our daily interactions, the daily behaviors, how we comment on the people around us, how we on things. are happening our life and it's also collective beliefs, collective thoughts, and this is really really important especially now, the idea of that collective thought collective belief in collective values turn into truth. So it's very, very important especially to be super duper sovereign and are taking as your belief Nazar Truth. And once they're able to recognize the thoughts and beliefs and values that you have. Now that we're giving to you, you're able to throw awareness through conscious awareness. Look at these beliefs detach from his beliefs and determine. Is this a belief that I want in my life? Is this a belief that I don't want in my life? Is this a belief you kind of question it and you systematically consciously both through in space on observation of your thoughts and your mental habits, and that is what a mental detox is is going through that mental process. That awareness. That recognition that's election. And that defining your reality in your tooth. That's a really beautiful process. If you go through it in a way in. Going to this a little bit, but you specify the specific specified. The truth believes in you have and you go from there. And it's really important to stay open minded during this process because dorsal beliefs or you're going to be super resistant to super resistant to you know why you Irwin triggers happen. This is when we just. Create a law. This means there is a value there is a belief there was something that was brought up to you. That needs recognition either you're not recognizing lititz there, and that's why it keeps repeating itself in your physical reality. And that's what causes trigger Chris I. Digress. You recognize those you're able to recommence the beliefs and things like that. You're able to start cleaning it, cleaning it but more like. You able to start fresh. You're able to see for example. whiteboard in all these beliefs are on this whiteboard near consciously choosing to erase this way board and start writing new mental beliefs for yourself. In. Some ways to do this is through writing them down. Putting them in your awareness and than imagined physically erasing these thoughts in these beliefs, it helps you really. Reflect on life. When you think about what beliefs who have and are high you go about on a day-to-day basis you're able recognize Oh this is why this keeps repeating. This is why something happens. I'm super aware of it because some cautiously, it's a big example for example me. Let. Me Give you a personal example, my house for me. Personally there are beliefs and values have around men and women insects, and what it means to be female to male and what that dynamic should look like and it causes a lot of. When I see things might external environment that. Are a belief that I don't. The, I'm resistant to. There is some work that needs to be in at least to a lot of triggers a lot of reactions and mental defensiveness. I don't know why. So I been I in the past few years I've been looking at some of those beliefs and really fascinating how looking at these beliefs assessing this leafs recreating commuting the energy has really changed my relationship not only with myself because I have a lot of masculine meals well, but mariah my relationship with my Father Emeril relationship with other gentlemen in my life and my relationship with other females who have high masculine energy. Really, fascinating stuff nearly start looking at it. But Anyway, so it helps you reflect on life and compared the different beliefs you have in your life and. It helps you really choose what exists in reality you are in essence the reality I highly recommend if this if you're into this right now and you're listening to this or we watching this really flowing into this. These thought processes, these beliefs, these values that we have are consistently in our day to day basis. From the first point you wake up to the time you go to sleep and not only is it through our thoughts, but it's also through our feelings our intuition. And sometimes, it's through subtle ways and so when you're able to pay attention to your thoughts and see your thoughts and energy see everything and Aranjuez energy as through feeling able to feel it it's not so much even a mental mind thing. Because our mind is a central processor all information that we go through including how we feel. There's a physical body reaction when we feel something in an order for us to be able to register that feeling it has to go through our mental processing. So recognizing the power of the mind recognizes of the beliefs that information what you watch, what listen to who you're around what you're think when you wake up when you look at someone. These, little small nuances, create your reality and your attitude. And something magical happens when you recognize that and you're able to be like oh I see this. I know how it makes me feel negative and now I want to come love. And he star build these new beliefs, new thought patterns that are related to law related to acceptance related to awareness re related to a more beautiful reality used to receiving all around you guys, and sometimes it's so magical. Because For for me, I'm experiencing completely different reality. Then author people. I almost live in no fear. And because I've built this awareness, this thought process, this belief system that love and acceptance in health and vitality of all around me. That's all I've pretty much experienced. In. So many areas of my life and it's magical. You take power of your mental thought you meant to energy or physical energy, and you intentionally directed a certain way your whole life changes. And the only person that experiences it is you. And this because you're processing it through your own mind in your mind is the central processor of everything the experience and your reality don't let anyone tell you what your reality should should be. Because mental detox, this mental ascension is you choosing and deciding. What area in your life you WanNa, focus on and what you want to continue building of the more you continue building on that new thought process the new feeling of love and awareness and health and vitality. The more that you become it and energy attracts like energy. When you become it, it becomes you and you see around you everywhere. It's it's magic and it's only magic when you're able to see it and you're only able to through your own mental revolution, your own unsold mental awareness. So through a mental detox months awareness, you recognize your thoughts, you're able to erase the old beliefs that you'd want create new beliefs, and from that you create your reality. And that is a mental a detox and that's why it's important. And if you're listening so far the sound this sounds like something that you really WanNa do. I created a seven day, a free seven-day mindset challenge, not even mindset challenge, a mental and Sunshine Challenge. And this seventy mental. An ascension challenge came from a twenty one day mindset challenge that I did in two, thousand and eighteen. Yeah, a twenty one day mindset challenge between days was just so much so I decided to condense it. Into seven days, and that's what I did through this seven day mindset challenge is I created a challenge I want to I. Call It. I call mindset challenge with a mental ascension you're ascending you're elevating your mindset. You're helping yourself think more elevated more empowering thoughts which create a more elevated at heightened energy. And we need change injury change vibrations from the increase your vibrations increase your thoughts are able to create more of that around you. Severe are interested in the seven day mental ascension challenge definitely check it out I'll include a link in my bio. If you're watching this on instagram if you're listening to podcasts include a link, but you can also check it out at happier tippy dot com slash seven day mindset and yeah this will help you really start this mental ascension challenge. So for seven days, you'll be getting a few emails to get you through this challenge. So Day One, you'll work through intentions and through these seven days, it'll be able to help you create a warm powering mindset. So if you guys want to check out, it's free it's seven days happy hippy dot com slash seventy mindset. I really hope you guys enjoyed this podcast episode. I. Literally, the last few days have had off of my work, my full time job that I do as a health coach and it says really giving me time to focus on. This mindset businesses mindset manifestation business, and I recognize that it's something I'm really passionate about. Only talk about it to wipe talk about all the time but. It's a lifestyle that I live and I'm I, mission is to be able to bring that out more people so that they can start taking control of their minds taking control of their mental thought so that they can take direct their thoughts director energy, direct the purpose direct passion towards something that they really enjoy an toys a reality that they want to create more of because we're powerful beings. We are amazing and we are the observers of reality and Reality Reacts Energy Reacts based on The Observer Energy React based on two over and you are the Observer I of the Observer together, we are collectively observing. Are will thank you guys so much for listening to this episode. If you enjoyed it, please definitely subscribe to the happy abundant hippies podcast like share leave review, and do all the good stuff you know spread the love show the support. They guys so much for being here. If you benefited from this episode I ask in return is to. Read it.

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