Hi Danielle Robea. I'm the host of a new podcast series. Called the killing of Jon. Benet the final suspects. It investigates a case. Ace that has gripped the world for twenty two years leaving everyone asking the same question. Who Killed Jon? Benet Ramsey. The six year old's death shocked the nation seven the circumstances surrounding murder horrific now for the first time ever Jon Benet Ramsey father and brother are armed with the original suspect aspect list from loose Smith. The late lead investigator on the case. Will they finally track down. jonbenet's killer to solve one of the nation's most infamous crimes up up next the first episode of the killing of Jon. Benet the final suspects while you're listening. Go subscribe to the killing of Jon. Benet the final suspects on apple podcasts. Wherever you're listening now there's also a link in the episode notes that will take you there? Taylor how old is you How long ago was saying the same thing? The three it was the infamously desperate call for help that has since been heard around the world in the early morning of December Twenty Sixth Nineteen ninety-six Patsy see Ramsey dialed nine. One one D- report the apparent kidnapping of her six year old daughter. Jon Benet from their home in a fluent area of Boulder Colorado. I am honey career By the end of that day the ramseys found jonbenet's body in their own basement. A little girl was dead. This was boulder older Colorado. This was a little six year old girl who had been tortured and murdered and left in her home. It was a town that didn't even have a homicide excited partly because they didn't have homicides. It was horrifying for twenty three years. The death of six year old Jon Benet Ramsey has been the most notorious Torius and heartbreaking unsolved murder in American history and despite thousands of policemen hours unprecedented public interest and a witch hunt directed at her parents. Still the ultimate question remains unanswered. Welcome to the killing of Jon. Benet Ramsey the final suspects hosted by me Daniel Roby. I'm out Syrian Germany from other this patsy Ramsey talking to the media in one thousand nine hundred eleven. I'm Paul that anyone would think that Jon or I would be involved. Auden such a serious heinous crimes but let me assure you that I did not kill Jonbenet. I did not have anything to do with it. I loved that child with my whole of my heart and soul over the next twelve installments. You're going to hear what may be the most exhaustive investigation into Jon Benet as murder in decades led by investigative reporter Dougie through his decades working this case Doug Long. Genie has become a trusted colleague to some of the most knowledgeable. Insiders this is doug talking to very unlikely Jon Benet expert from North Carolina. She goes by the single name. Jameson so with Louis. List the suspects in our ability to actually collect. DNA could actually move. This case along significantly could actually have a breakthrough. What do you think the and a finite list? Now of moos suspect they have cleared a couple of people people. But there's more to be done and ORCAS A lot. We will learn much more about detective. Smits suspects spreadsheet in future episodes but before diving into the investigation. Gatien we I need to go back to the beginning and the details of that awful December twenty sixth morning twenty three years ago. My name is Cyril Wecht. I'm a physician I specialized in Anatomic clinical and forensic pathology ah five thirty a m on the day after Christmas Jon. Benet Ramsey's mother Causey Ramsey. I'd gotten up to to make breakfast for them. She came down and she saw a piece of paper a regular standard size eight and a half by eleven piece of paper. She you got to note and said we represent a small foreign faction. That's the way it begins then it goes on from there and it makes a demand of money she patsy Ramsey she rushes up and indeed her daughters not in her bed. She Awakens her husband. They we do a quick search. They called Koch Patsy Ramsey's nine one one call. Some of which you heard at the beginning of this episode has been the subject of two decades worth of conjecture and debate. Here's former supervisory. Deputy United States Marshal Mark McLeish Patsy Ramsey Zia called nine one one when she found the ransom note and so the I want Upper Astra. What's going on in an impasse? Gave their address so then the second time the operate said what's going on there man impasse responsive we have a kidnapping her. You please cops come to the house than by six o'clock in the morning. They searched searched house and do not find girl. My Name's Robert Whitson. And I was on call detecting supervisor in nineteen ninety six when Jon Benet Ramsey case occurred was Oxley six o'clock or so in the morning I received a call that there was a kidnapping and so Got Hold of two detectives who responded and then I responded. I went to the police east department and met with the night shift supervisor and also started making some phone calls so I didn't get up to the house. It was probably early. Probably around nine o'clock in the morning almost from the moment boulder police responded to Patsy. Ramsey's nine one. One call catastrophic mistakes. Mistakes were made although the case was still the kidnapping normal police protocol would dictate that. The ramseys house should have been treated as a crime scene. As detective of Whitsun explains it was not. When I went in the house? I actually was a little surprise because there were three or four adults standing there there and I asked one of the detectives who are these people and he told me that they were friends of the Ramseys at that point. One of the mistakes I made Ed was. I should've took those people someplace else. Either to the Police Department or to one of the other neighbor's homes that lived thereby but I should have had them removed from the house at that point. Of course we're working. Under the assumption that disappeared to be a legitimate kidnapping uh-huh and also the movie ransom had just come out a couple weeks before and there were a lot of similarities as far. Here's the movie ransom with the information we had at that time. Detective Whitson also remembers both Patsy and John at this stage remaining relatively calm. I met with Mr Ramsey. He was very common collected. I only talk to Patsy not Ramsey for probably a minute or less and I did was teller that we were gonNA do everything possible to get their daughter back she basically was sitting in a it was on the first level and she was sitting in a chair and you could tell she'd been crying detectives and I went up to John. Benes Bedroom. Just did a real quick cursory look shut the Dr Crime scene tape over that specifically told Mr Ramsey nobody it goes in that room I also ask him for samples of His and Mrs Ramsey's handwriting. It gave me to you know pads and I didn't even look at him that at that point we could drive around the area to see. If there's anybody suspicious officious or anybody look like could possibly be involved. I have to tell you that I was told that police officers had searched the house and didn't find anything As detectives were about to find out that initial search had been anything but satisfactory Atas factory even as the house filled with everyone from police to friends of the family. The broken body of Little Jon Benet was lying behind a door in the basement Here's Mark Niklas. It is a little bit unusual analysis. Thought they're dealing with a kidnapping because you had a ransom. No but you absolutely want to do the searching the house which they did but it was just a cursory search insert every room obviously because it in discovering her body they detective John Ramsey to look around see if anything thing was missing and so he took her friend they started in the basement. I guess debasement work their way up. But that's when John Ramsey he went into a room there was a larger room called the train room head to train tracks setup in there. Then there's this room which I think was a wine cellar. That wasn't being used as a wine cellar room that had no windows. That's where John Ramsey founder Johnny's body. Our team has spoken exclusively to John Ramsey about that terrible morning. mm-hmm well it was. It was first. Reliefs am I got founder is said it's a flood of thankfulness. I I pretty quickly realized that she wasn't alive ice-cream aerodrome sears. Not You know. Of course I was criticized is for disturbing the crime seat. What would you do? Oh It's my Dr. I'm not gonNA touch her because I don't want to disturb. The crime scene at is insane that would have been suspicion. The channel Gilead big time and yet the police thought that was bizarre. Leah criticised before disturbing the crime scene is just distance the local news reporter. Paula Woodward covered the case from the START I was in investigative reporter for Twenty Twenty five to thirty years. I'd say TV farther discovered the body which was fought was so strange. The Boulder Police Department really mishandle. Because they you just didn't know how to do it. They left after ascertaining that they didn't think she was in the house. They did a cursory search and her father was is told by the one detective in the House. A why don't you look around stupid things out of place which is so strange so he went to the basement with a friend and and he found her body and it was just in talking to him. What a terrible thing as apparent defined your in order channeled spotty this is detective Robert Woodson then When the call came in that they had found Jonbenet's body I another detective drove to the Ramsey's house and the house was secured when I walked in the front door people were standing immediately inside the Dr? There's like a foyer area. On the first level I remember Mrs Ramsay was holding a Jon. Benet is like a mother's Wail. She was just crying profusely when he asked the minister for if he would ask her to put Jon Benet down she laid the body down. I remember them having to assist her Into the other room she is basically just so distraught. Lamp was hard for her to walk on her own power. Uh If discovering the body of your six year old child isn't terrible enough. The horror was compounded by the sickening injuries. Jon Benet had sustained forensic antic pathologist Cyril Wecht and former sheriff's investigator Johnson August in talk us through those injuries in what may for some listeners be upsetting detail findings at autopsy revealed a rope around the neck and went into. That rope was tied to loop around the the Freight wrist there was a factor on the top of the skull about seven and a half eight inches in length frontal to accept. So that means you're on the front of his Co. forehead region and to the rear part of this go there were two stun-gun marks found on her face ace and on her back which both injuries were very similar. Further pathological findings noted by the the coroner included chronic inflammation of the lining of the vaginal wall called the vegetable new Khoza very the delicate lining. There were some wood fibers that were found inside her vaginal bulb indicating that she had been sexually assaulted. So when you put just that piece together somebody had stun gun her. Somebody had sexually assaulted her. Somebody had strangled her and then somebody subsequently had do some Blunt object to strike her head cracking those acceptable load boulder. Police were no longer dealing with a kidnapping capping. They were dealing with the sexual assault torture and murder of an innocent six year old girl and from the start it seems detectives in sleepy peaceful town completely unable to cope. No one of the investigators have any homeside experience. Everyone on that case probably seven or eight of them initially none of them had homicide experience and logic would dictate to you you I need. Somebody was home. Shot experience inhabit as John August. In who would later investigate the case alongside detective Lou Smit explains Mr Douglas Guinea many of the later problems and controversies that have dogged the case sprang from the initial blunders made by the Boulder police force. When you're doing an investigation much like this where the initial call is a kidnapping? It is crucial that the crime scene in our terms and law enforcement profession. We use a term called forensic sterility and what that means that you try to maintain that crime scene as best you can India's at debt. Somebody loves something or took something and so what happens in this case is that we have a major contamination of the crime scene because not only do not remove the family from the crime scene when the call comes in we actually allow the family to introduce into to the crime scene. Their friends their their pastor is allowed to come into the crime scene so there was never any real security of the crime scene at the onset of this investigation to compound the problem even further. What happens is that law enforcement asks a potential suspect who should have been separated in place in a car car in question to go look for things out of the ordinary that should have been the role of either the investigators or the crime scene techs? Who would have been processing that scene? But instead John Ramsey's the one that then you know provides that contamination that additional contamination of which is is why this case no twenty three years later is still unsolved because of all the screw ups that happen in the onset of this investigation mm-hmm that was just a preview of the killing of Jon. Benet the the final suspects to hear the rest. Listen on Apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast subscribe now to join the investigation.

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