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It's time to rethink thing. That's why businesses are using hybrid cloud. ai with ibm. Join us at think. Twenty twenty one eleven and see how businesses are working with ibm to solve problems. Like no one else registered. Ibm dot com slash thing fried passionate and patron tree of college. Football leaves here. The paul finebaum show our one. Podcast are ever a good afternoon. A new week and a new month has arrived. Yes it is may. Thanks for joining us on this monday. And our first topic today seems like where we left you on friday but the world of sports is still buzzing about the nfl draft and in particular the number of players from that certain conference. You may have heard of breaking another record sec man. Somebody needs to write a book. About the sec dominance and how that conference can be yours. Sec set a major nfl draft record this weekend. It is just simply unbelievable when you get inside the numbers look at that alabama of course with ten wow state. That's not surprising. Those first four three of the first four. We're in the playoffs last year. Where's clemson what happened to them. They slipping florida at eight. Lsu at seven kentucky. How about that and he surprised that mark stoops doing doing it the right way sixty five players taken all in all and again i. I'm not suggesting they changed the name of the nfl draft to the sec invitational. But it seems that way. Doesn't it anyway more on that in a couple of minutes. Let's talk about obama. Who was a big topic as well. you know. We had seasonal heard on the other day. And he he laid out the facts about the miami team from owando three with thirteen. First round picks and twenty six overall. How about obama thousand nine hundred twenty one. Twenty nine and thirteen. I'll take this out. I take the alabama over that team especially the fans who is this the pinnacle dynasty. We'll have to talk about that and we will Throughout our program. Let's get you some more headlines here before we get to your phone calls. Jt daniel remember when we weren't sure whether you'd ever play fox. Sports projected daniels is a number one overall. Pick in the twenty twenty two. nfl draft. And please call the paramedics grip griffiths. Just had a coronary. Tim tebow remember him is his signing with jacksonville. A real possibility. Urban meyer lamented over the weekend that he is not crazy about the tight end room they did take one from ohio state. Tiba tibo lives three doors down from urban. You think they've had that conversation and when he says it's a real possibility does that mean it's a fait accompli headline stop me. If you've seen this movie before the pac twelve is looking for a commissioner hawk. If you're interested in the job the optics are bad. But there's still time to get it right that according to our man john wilner would they be better just like going out on the freeway and just taking the first car that comes by anyway inside. Twenty seven months of playoff expansion talk. Where are we on the playoff. That is a ross. Dellinger exclusive and he will join us later in the program. I mentioned griff. He will. He will also be with us as soon as he gets off the floor. After reading your daniel. Mike griffith joins us in about thirty minutes. John wilner ross dellinger and who knows who else could possibly show up. We always leave a little bit of room anyway when you think of One of my favorite publications sports business journal very prestigious. The one of their biggest moments of the year is in May and june. I think it's june this year When they announced the sports executive of the year. and how. 'bout that greg sankey of the sec mentioned as one of the top candidates these are all the finalists. You'll also see the president of espn in that group and you see marquee anyway. Marquesa guy that's producing the show today. That was an inside joke. That was that was pretty good candidates. And we'll talk to the commissioner a little bit a little bit later in the week about that in many many other stories. Your phone calls are always welcome here. That's what we do. We take phone calls eight five five two four two seven two eight five loved to have you on board. Last week was very draft. Centric today will venture out into a couple of other areas. How about dawson actually. Not dawson but james starting us off in georgia. Hey james go right ahead. Thank you for taking my call To take my dad's a die hard fan and he's got agent orange and he just loves her so watches it religiously but my suna james. What's his name. his name is charles. Lon a from loud in tennessee know it. Well is my dad he allowed. It didn't states where my family's from we live in columbus georgia and My dad watches your show. I watch your show when the much as i can. But religiously just my mom how How's he doing To give it is the doors did He seventy eight years old and he gets around better than me. It's just the willpower. You know older people but today we live by their way. Everybody will live a lot longer. Well to his name is charles. Right ause you know. Throw it well i well. First of all You know we all should we all him debt or gratitude for going someplace that was not the most popular destination back during that era and for serving all of us bravely and courageously and and unfortunately having to deal with some of the after effects but Charles we we're we're pulling for you and you you continue Inspiring all of us okay. My friend one last question. You busy i. What is the status. Have you heard anything about our our. We don't lose our defense coordinator gaining. Have you heard about her. That just stuff flying around. I have not heard much about it. i i don't know how to answer you though because i know what you're talking about anything i would offer you. Right would just be an absolute guess. Thank you for Taking mcgarth and let me put that little bit here about my dad because he really loves your show. I mean he just you know he's we just love listening to you now because you know it just feels like our home program if you know what i mean james. Thank you for saying that We really appreciate it. And we hope he continues to to deal with. People don't realize you wore has casualties and it's not always what you think it's agent. Orange was a huge story that that generation and i'm just glad to know he's doing well. Thanks so much. Let's continue with more calls. And where are we here. I'm gonna learn how to hit these buttons eventually. How about matt in birmingham matt. Thanks good afternoon mad. We're doing well thank you good. Just don't call it about You being from birmingham the You know the regions tradition is a big classic here in birmingham Was just out there and was going to get you to comment on the pairings. Fred couples got charles barkley and brian harrison. And then nick save is going to be paired with ernie els but just to kind of get your intel on both those. What are you going to look for is is not going to be picking his brain going to pick next brain or how do you see that kind of going down you know. Interestingly nick sabin a probably wanted to play with her first of all nick sabin could play with anyone he wants. So i'm i'm pretty sure. He has to play with earnings because earnings Had a reputation on the radio or tours having these smoothest swing in on the pga tour was effortless. They called him too big easy as far as carson. I say this. With all due respect to my friends. Charles barkley but i played. I played golf too. I used to play golf. I don't play anymore. But i played golf with charles. Probably two dozen times in my life and it will take years off your life. Playing golf with charles barkley. I can't wait. I just want to get you know. I i think nick sabin big. Yeah and you know. I think i think carson is playing with bode too and i think i read where bubba bussey is in that group Who's a great He in burgess. Have you know the most popular Morning show in terms of you. Know non-sports in birmingham and it. Yeah it's a. It's a huge deal Gene hallman puts that tournament on every year and has had to deal with whatever is dealt with last year and i saw the pairings Some of the pairings see john daly's back and we will be Interviewing all those people on wednesday afternoon So don't dare Missiles wednesday We'll have coach saban and And barkley and coach arsene and everybody who is playing in the tournament. We need a break. More of your phone calls at eight five five two four two seven two eight five and we're coming right back. 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And we welcome you back. It's great to have all of you here. And we're continuing your phone calls at eight five five two four two seven. Two thousand five will start bringing the guests in here in a minute Mike griffiths will be up just momentarily. Let's give to the calls in frank in queens new york. Hello frank shatila doing well Good to have you on. Yeah i love. I love the observation. You did about check over the weekend. Ne-near you're taking some flack from a lot of different sources. You never want to placate next the kinds of paul finebaum that i've grown to love over the years. I think you're bill check. Observation is absolutely perfect and the thing is during the kentucky derby. Nbc went so far. As compared to bobby baffert bill. Check the has never worn without brady. And that's a parent and people in new england have to stop getting drunk on chowder and understand that this guy is really not that great. You know yeah. I was on. Espn radio friday morning. In my my point really Was was about mag jones and going to new england and i was simply talking about the media narrative that bill belichick always knows what he's doing and and i got into something which i think's surprise people and i just didn't come up with this out of the clear blue sky question. You know where. He is right now in his career by some of the people that he has working for him especially his son who would not get another job anywhere in the nfl if his name wasn't stephen bell check and i just feel like he's you know you can say it's great that he's taking all these alabama players but to me. He's calling nick sabin and saying saving saying great. Well okay that should work but no guarantee that it will. That's not how you evaluate in the nfl. Use your own instinct. Paul and you do that. You do question to put great bill. I don't care. I don't have anything against bill belichick. That'd be a moron not to acknowledge success. but do. i think you'll win another super bowl. No i don't think he's gonna win another super bowl. You're absolutely right. One more thing you get a lot of flack to for for ripping nebraska. My father you went to the university of oklahoma and graduated you went there. Nineteen sixty eight sixty nine right long time ago. But i've been following the soon as a long time. And i oklahoma place the bresca the this year and the big red game right a revival revivals that big they going to try to make it make it like they. They are on the same. Oklahoma and nebraska. Flat out sucks and you brought this up over and over again in year year in year out they make you look like they make you look great. Because they're joke there. We had a guest on here a couple of months ago years ago. I think when when frost got the job and said he thought he would they would return to where they used to be never returning to where they used to be no. I'm going with that team yours. That know tom. I did meet Coach once or twice. Yes yeah. He's the reason why i let you go. But he's the reason why they were so good. Well he also thank you frank. I mean in fairness osborne replaced. Bob detainee who was a legendary coach and even afterwards so which did a pretty good job. They still fired him because he was only winning. Ten games a year. I mean first of all nebraska doesn't mean anything to anyone outside of nebraska. I've been to a game there. It's it's it's an experience but they're yesterday's news. Thanks for the call appreciate it. Let's talk to dawson. Who's up next in indiana. Hey paul you there. I am thank you for the call. Hey this dolphin outta indiana. Hey i just wanted to talk to you about a comment you had made. And it's about You said time's running out for nick. Sabin of i wanna know. How much time is less and if they just wanna championship do you not think that. The recruiting classes are still continuing to be great. How much time and how many more championships do you think he's gonna win. Dawson was made Two and a half years ago and you make comments based on what you're seeing in the moment. And i was concerned about some of his coaches since then nick saban has brought in an amazing staff Especially on the offensive side of the ball. He has ratcheted up his recruiting to a level that he has. I don't think ever been at before and most important development is better than it's ever been so yeah i i don't think to windows closing any longer. I think it really comes down to now. You know what what savoring wants to do. And nobody knows the answer to that right now. The best intel. I have is that he doesn't wanna do anything else doesn't matter whether he's about to be seventy or seventy five and as long as health is good. He will continue to do that job. He's not going anywhere else at this point. There's nothing else that really interests him. So i think. Nick saban has defied time and i know a lot of people that are happy to see it. Thanks for the call appreciate it. Let us check in with tom. who is in alabama. Hello tom how are you doing tom or doing great. Thank you talk about my hair because my hair one got got mad jigsaw. We're talking about areas. Do you talk about Alabama's baseball team in play for our national championship. I believe they came in second. Who do you play big leagues. I believe he played for the mets. Okay he he plays it. He played a. He played their thirty five years ago or almost or longer didn't he yeah was a long time ago. I've watched show this. I retired as a day. And i appreciate you do such a job. Never just you taking my call. Tom thank you. And if you want to talk about your heritage feel free. There's no there are no rules on this show. That's what gets us in trouble fan. What is up with you I got my job. Nineteen shot my second. One call and i wanted to talk to you by day football and share the good news with you first of all. I'm glad you got the shot. And that's that's really good news now. Maybe we can meet this fall if you can. Well the good news though talked about reading program called learning are might take the test to get a test format. You can help me. Go back to school paul. Listen man i don't wanna sound like everybody's parent i will. Education is critically important. And i know they're always exceptions. And i know that. Steve jobs and bill bill and others bill gates dropped out of harvard. But they're the exceptions to the rule. You need to go to school. Thank you appreciate up all coming from a friend. Like you like every keeps saying jimbo's a hack. He's a joke. He'd never wanna tight all day now longest. They've been there or i don't agree with. The jimbo is not a hat. he's he's a good coach. I believe he will championship. I m i would be challenging. If they've been in the west this year. And i don't get why people keep on bashing him when he went nine at one deal here. That's when you're talking you're thinking on all listen mad jimbo fisher and curvy smart or after just a half layer level but below. Nick sabin in the sec and they both are extremely capable. It's possible am you could fear. Could be a hair less than last year was gone. I mean when you're for your starter that does matter but on the other hand we've seen alabama win championships with first year starters. It can't happen. Hey thanks for the call. We're up against a break. Speaking of the jt daniels a big conversation piece right now. And we're going to talk about the man who covers the dogs my griffith right after this. You're listening to the paul finebaum. Show podcast hey there. I'm julie foudy from the podcast. Laughter permitted in. We've been teamed up with ally from day one of our podcast in fact i'm a customer and that's because ally wants to help you save your money well so you can grow it well and spend it. Well whatever makes your little soul sing. And that's why they're committed to helping you do right by your money so get started visit. Allied dot com to learn more my griffith joining us. Mike has been too long. How are you my friend. What's going on. I've been good been good. Paul how you doing man. We're okay life is slowly getting back to normal and we just had a headline a minute ago that jt daniels. And you heard dr kirby The other day is projected to be the number one. Pick in the draft That's that's not setting the bar too high. Is it yeah. I don't know about projections right now. I mean that's a long time off. Obviously you think about it at this time last year we thought jamie newman or doin. Mathis was going to be the starting quarterback george. Jt daniels was the guy in the portal at southern cal. That was the furthest thing from. Anybody's mind in the sec. Now we see doin. Math is going to be the starting quarterback at temple and jamie's author headed for the nfl. And now the guy here so little early but but certainly with todd malkin's offense and when you look at georgia schedule. It certainly lends itself to what she'd be really special year for j. t. offense. Well let's talk a little bit more about that because we are. The draft is now over and we are entering the silly season of predictions and magazines expectations. And i know not much has really changed other than the pickens injury. But now that you've had a chance to catch your breath and see the spring practice and what what are your your takeaways as we head toward the summer and fall. It's the same questions i mean. I know there's a lot of people that are bullish on georgia. Think i've heard you say that a lot of the other top analysts out there. Listen georgia's loaded right this year. They set a program record with nine guys drafted next year. They're gonna have eleven or twelve guys drafted. they have four five guys in the first round of me. It's a loaded roster right cyclically. This should be a year for georgia. And i know every year. You say that. That's a good thing. It's a good thing when you're an annual national championship contender clemson alabama oklahoma georgia ohio state. Right that's not a bad thing. Have four straight top ten finishes but it doesn't take away from the fact that george is going to be very inexperienced. In the secondary recent news major burns a safety backup albeit but a young talented guy transferring out of georgia. That makes ten guys now. That have left the program since the end of the twenty nine thousand nine season you through transfer or via four guys drafted yesterday in the nfl draft two of them. The top thirty three bigs but the bottom line is. there's a lot of youth in the secondary. You mentioned other than george pickens. Well i mean you know. He's only he was only going to be the best receiver in the sec's first round draft. Pick wind is george comeback. That's a question is he. Backed by next november. Could he provide a late lift. But until then it's going to be more of a committee. George pickens was going to be the go-to guy. He's going to be honored. Catch guy so now. Georgia's going to have fused tight ends more and they're running backs more changes the offense a little bit. Mike is as we zoom the camera back a little bit not literally but figuratively You've covered a number of sec schools in the past. you've lived in alabama covering auburn alabama. Tennessee georgia i'm curious about the east Moving george off the table. Because i think we both can conclude or we'll conclude that they will be the favorite. But what about you. What about florida. I keep getting a lot of questions about you. Know where exactly is this program now. After after what happened last year it was good and bad. Yeah i think you gotta give. Dan mullen a lot of credit. He produced a first round draft. Two first round. Picks with kyle pits. Tony and i saw trial scout Picked in late in the second round. Good for 'em going to a good place behind brady and tampa bay. But i thought mullin did a really nice job with his talent last year win. Florida was engaged obviously after the sec championship game. S that's a heartbreaker right a lot of those kids cashed in. They kind kinda rolled over in the bowl game. but i was really impressed with how they played against alabama. I don't think you can take that away from florida. I thought their best game of the year was that lost alabama. I mean it sounds crazy and say that. But i like what mullen does but you know. Look dan mullins a guy that servants show cause penalty right now. i mean florida's got some recruiting restrictions. Once teams are able to go back on the road. They've got a little bit hanging over them. You wonder if that's going to slow down a little bit. You wonder if that'll damage. They're recruiting But otherwise i think dan mullen offenses are very exciting. I think he's proven that You know what he can do with tight ends. And indicating matchup certainly He was able to outmaneuver georgia for one half of play georgia. Having lost their all american safety there were a little young back there. And you gotta give mullen credit. He schemed him up on. So i think florida is probably the number two team. But you know what i'm not. Count out missouri. I know that sounds crazy but you know ally drink wits this guy he kinda had missouri going a little bit last year and every time we want to count missouri out. It seems like they jump back into the mix right. Probably a little early for tennessee. for hypol- become get anything going. He lost a lot. There we kentucky. I wonder a little bit about a tough team. Certainly developed a reputation in the trenches. But i almost think. It's florida by default and i give you know missouri that punchers chance And i certainly don't want to disrespect kentucky. Talking to mike griffin the micro. So let's flip it over and we'll move alabama to one in because i think we can over overdue but who challenges them is. Lsu is day and given any thought to. Yeah i think a and lsu got a lot of talent and saw that when they went down and beat. Florida swamp derailed florida's for college. Football playoff spot. You know quarterback. Rick quarterback play mex. Johnson played at night. I was impressed with a talented. Lsu nepal unite talked about it. I remember the conversation last october. When i told you that these off the field issues that we're kind of in the shadows around ed or drawn and the program. I mean they've really come to the forefront and we have to see how that filters out that can be a distraction. Certainly that can hurt a program. So i don't necessarily think that. Lsu's would yet. We've got to see how they're able to manage the off field issues that they've had with sexual misconduct cases So i think that's kinda they're still And then of course i am. I think jimbo fisher's recruited better and better and better. I know you rightly. So you mentioned losing a guy like cowan mind and not always easy to replace the guy like that right. We saw georgia struggle without jake. Brahm took a little while for them to get comfortable there. So but i like the talent there and you know the big question about alabama's they do with the rpo. I mean they've got this amazing. Rpo quarterback nick saban's going to appeal like nobody's business. I mean this guys are running back. Plant quarterback essentially talked to jt daniels. High school coach. Who also coached the alabama quarterback and. He's a really special guy. So you wonder about the crimson tide and how they play will affect the sec couple of other issues that are bedeviling the people involved in intercollegiate athletics. I a transfer portal. Where is the sec. On this yeah you know from what i understand. They've kind come out ahead collectively. We're talking basketball now. There's over fourteen hundred division players in the transfer puerto paul. There were three hundred and forty seven teams. That played basketball issue. That's an average of more than four players per team. You gotta more than sixty guys from the sec. That have left school. I know georgia. There's a complete makeover. Their point guard severe wheeler went into the portal is set a record school record process. So there's a lot of makeovers going on right now in the sec. Collectively the sec. Probably coming out ahead in the. Sec is really bolstered really grown in basketball. You take a look around the league at the coaches and the talented they have. And it's a very impressively. I think it's only going to get more impressive. I'm not a fan of the portal. Because right now. Paul with the covid. Nineteen extra year of eligibility. More kids in the portal than there are scholarships available. So the scary thing. Is that a kid could leave a scholarship position. Go in the portal and not return and get another scholarship and to me. That's of what's lost in the shuffle is. They're going to be some kids that are going to go in this portal and and not come out with the scholarship and that's not good for the student athlete. Eventually i think it evens out but right now it's a bit helter. Skelter not really sure what direction. The sec is going to go When it comes to do you need to sit out year to transfer within the sec. I can see pros and cons to that right. You can say if you go to the sec. You don't go to another school without sitting out a year. That would probably stem allowed the recruiting that these schools might be doing against one another but it also might deter incoming prospects saying well. I don't want to sec school. If they're going to restrict me so great sankey is athletic. Directors and presidents s. Really important decisions to make your in the next few weeks they do. And it's going to be fashioning a couple of other things i alas but the It was a week ago. We had a bill hancock. Ron here kirby talked about saving talk talked about it as well others will continue to talk about. What are you saying about. Think the writing on the wall. I mean i know. Bill hancock said hey absolutely positively not gonna expand the season in the next two years you know i thought coach saving made a really compelling argument about the bowl system and how many other schools benefit from that. And you don't really wanna kill the golden. Goose i'm a proponent maybe for a mild expansion but but not to the extent paul that it affects the regular season. See i. i'm okay with expansion provided that you have locked in spots that make that conference championship game. Matter right for example the by power five conference championship game winners are in you. Find a way to get a of five game in a group of five team. And obviously you've got to have some notre dame provisions They found a way to force notre dame into the playoffs last year when they didn't deserve it. So they're gonna find some provisions to keep notre dame in the mix if they went eleven or twelve gangs regardless of whether they're one of the four best But i don't want to see it. Go crazy because the beauty of college football and i know that the lunatic fringe may not appreciate this. They tune in for the college football. Play every year and go. This isn't big enough. Well you know what. There's the rest of us that enjoy the regular season and recognize that every weekend is a playoff that it does matter what happens. You can't have a bad saturday. That game between lsu in florida with the shoe toss. I mean it was a fantastic football game because it mattered because it factored into the college football playoff championship rates. You know if you have too many teams in the playoff. It's a game. You shrug off and say at doesn't mean much so i don't wanna see the playoffs expanded to the point that it waters down. What i believe is the best regular season in any sport. Finally the nfl question. It's coming to a head. what are you here. And especially man georgia's been in the news a lot about it we and where do you see a going well right now. I know georgia's hired a company. I think the same company works with lsu and south carolina to work with these schools and kind of educate these kids on. Hey here's how you market yourself. Here's some background on social media. Here's how it works with contracts. Suddenly you're asking these players to not only manage themselves through their classroom schedule their workout scheduling their training room schedule but now they need to manage themselves as their own brand social media. Do they do their own. Press releases how does this change things and then the other question you have paul is how valuable is a kid without that g on his helmet or without that gators logo behind him. I think it's gonna wake up call for some kids and they're gonna find out their value is closely attached to the school and other exception to every rule. Certainly every conference has their shared superstars but to what degree to what extent and then the second thing is how to coaches manage. This you wanna kid to command and feel like hey you're going to get every opportunity at school layer school. Be that you'd get elsewhere. So does that mean that. There's more accessibility of for this kid to to speak his mind do press. Conferences does play a role in recruiting for example. You look georgia now. Atlanta the seventh largest metro area. Is that a big advantage for georgia. It a lot of these kids could be marketable in the atlanta area or for florida is certainly has all those major metropolitan areas of most notably job jacksonville seventy miles away orlando not too far either camp for that matter so you wonder does the rich get richer and how does it affect the schools that are near the big markets. Do they have an advantage. Because of the pending legislation always great from migrant. Mike we have missed you. I'm glad you're back and let's continue this conversation soon. You've paul thanks bye. Griffiths some great conversations there and we will get your reaction to that jon wilner in a few minutes Mentioned don't forget wednesday. A number of guests from the regions tradition in birmingham. Your phone calls right around the corner listening to the paul. Finebaum show podcast. Hey there. I'm julie foudy from the podcast. Laughter permitted and we've teamed up with ally from day. One of our podcast. My co host. Lintels allie and i are loyal ally. Customers and the reason is simple. Ally wants to help you save your money. Well so you can grow it well and spend it well on whatever matters to you. Most jules. i value the peace of mind. I get by saving for the future or perhaps saving up for a trip. Somewhere anywhere please. Yeah that sounds good to if it matters to you it matters to ally and that's why they are committed to helping you do right by your money to get started visit. Allied dot com to learn more back. Scott is up next in knoxville tennessee. Host got doing great. Thank you. I was working like paul. I'm not a big fan. Is that today is to say. He's he made more sense today. I've ever heard him say but I can't think of anything that that mike said. That would give anyone indigestion. She usually not the case while move. Thirty straightforward our down. the list. duino. Other mike was at home or was he being was he being held at gunpoint. Hough i i. Yeah i i don't know about you. But i thought. I saw bayonet right out of the corner of the side of the screen. They're testing Listen i i just dirocco survey for here an awful. Yeah and did job roach. No no. I always wanted to of course during college. Read it every day and i will tell you. There was one interlude about nine years. After i left knoxville. i happened to be In gatlinburg and the editor of the paper gave me a ride back to the airport and knoxville and they had just had an opening they just let somebody go and we talked about it. I don't think i was quite ready for it in for a while. I wondered whether i should have gone. But i'm glad i did what i did. But but i always wanted to be. I always wanted to work in knoxville. Covering the volume. That was my dream in in college. Why are work. Did you really wow. That's part of our process. Sure you know that You know people don't understand this now scott but Knoxville news sentinel back in the day. I mean we used to students wait Down at the same. Andy's for it to be for it to be dropped off at midnight on saturday night. Which time was early for me now. It seems pretty late but that was a big deal. Power burson where else to go out with scott windy. When did you retire from the paper. Well you saw the heyday. I don't need to tell you you were there I got to knoxville In the mid mid seventies and There was nothing that paper ran. The town you know that wall sixteen general safety. Yeah if you saw at all when the this is going to be a newspaper conversation near but what when did they make the switch from from the press What year. We'll change from water past her right and an house Embarrassing that was probable movie Goss all i also. I'm not really sure it was probably was in today's shooter. Yeah everything in the newspaper. Business james i mean you have to remember Computers were were were barely visible in a newspaper. Newsroom as until until the early eighties and everything changed. I mean it. Was you know it better than i do. Because you started. But it was a complex thing. Printing that newspaper darla when they To learn that it's also fast now with our friends on this man rhythm fast but around ceremony art and well thank you very much scott. We're up against the top of the hour. Thanks for sharing. That story takes me back to the old day. We're coming right back. Thank you for listening to the paul finebaum. Show podcast the paul finebaum. Show airs weekdays on the sec network beginning at three easter. Do you own or rent your home. Sure you do. Fortunately geico makes it easy to bundle your home and car insurance. It's a good thing too because having a home is hard work go to geico dot com get quote and see how much you could save. Geico dot com easy.

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