Dan Patrick Show - Hour 3 - Reggie Miller (05-13-19)


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Dan and the danettes Dan Patrick show trust you had a great weekend. Gang's all here ready to go. Reggie miller. We'll stop by in about fifteen minutes. Eight seven seven three DP show. Your phone calls best and worst to the weekend. What you sold that you like to didn't like say good morning to our great TV partners direct TV the audience that work. That's channel two thirty nine and be our live dot com. Streaming free will talk to reg takes down the seventy Sixers blazers advanced past the nuggets the Cavaliers have. New head coach he's John B line from Michigan. Yup. I reacted the same way five year deal. Our audience pointed out that Michigan the Michigan head coach had flirted with or at least talk to the pistons a couple years ago about becoming their next head coach, but he's going to the Cavaliers, and I don't know if they made him decide before the lottery because after the lottery, you get if you win the lottery, there are a lot of people are going to want to coach the Cleveland Cavaliers a lot of people. Maybe Tom Izzo would want to rethink that. Because it was ten years ago. I believe when the Cavs reach down to Tom Izzo Michigan state, and they offered him five years thirty million dollars. Now. That's when they thought LeBron was going to be in Cleveland. It turns out he was not he went to Miami. And then you had Byron Scott. I believe you came in Byron Scott there a couple of these guys Tim Floyd. Tim Floyd was with the bulls and Michael retired Marcus Fizer. He had Marcus fi sleep on Iowa state's Marcus Fizer. There been a couple of coaches who have been waiting. They thought. Boy, this is going to be great. I get to coach LeBron now second thought you do I get to coach Michael Jordan and second thought you do, but John beeline going to Cleveland and apparently going to Cleveland matter what happens in the lottery, which is tomorrow night. Mani Williams took the Phoenix job before the lottery. He got five years you've got five years for John beeline. Who's never coached in the NBA, Luke Walton got five years was Sacramento and the Lakers Lakers gave Frank Vogel three years and a package deal. It's Frank Vogel and Jason Kidd coming in their Ty. Tyron Lou didn't earn. He wasn't worthy of five years as the Laker head coach. He's still getting paid by the Cavs, by the way. No, he's he's still getting paid like a coach. He's just not coaching right poll question. Mclovin. One and a half. So we switched it up to if you were Dell Curry and MRs Dell Curry who would you be rooting for in the Western Conference finals, south or Steph? So Seth is a backup guard in Portland. And of course, staff is one of the great players of all time. Mom and dad said they're going to flip a coin. To see who they're rooting for. So I guess it's head Steph and tales Seth. Do you really can't you just root for both boys? Both your kids. You can you have to pick one. Why in your deep down in your head? No matter what you say. Politically, you want one of the two teams to root for Seth. Seth doesn't have a title. He doesn't have any notoriety. It's got a nice little career goings planning about eighteen minutes. A game for Portland is. He's as established MBA player. But Steph curry has everything deals money championships. MVP's you root for your your other kid to kinda even things out? I think that's natural. I I would descend I ruined for both of them. Because if you're rooting for one are you rooting against the other one big then result. You are. If you're rooting for Steph. Then you're rooting for Seth to lose. And you can't do that. As a parent. I just root for you. I it might be hard to not look at a bottom line of what the end result is. But I just want both of them to do. Well, although it's weird if what if Seth is guarding. Steph. Then who am I routing for I want I want Steph to make tough jumper. Seth played good defense there or the other way around. Yeah. Fritzy, I think it's okay. For the parents to say, hey, we want them both to have an exceptional series. But ultimately as pointed out based on the discrepancy, and what one son has accomplished versus the other. It's a sets turn to win something. There's nothing wrong with that. You want them both to play great. But ultimately, let the gathering. Yeah. But Steph is going to have more of an impact on his team than Seth will. That mean, he's that's hot. That's a hot day. Yeah. Yeah. I know I'm really going on in a limb therefore Steph might have a bad series. And Seth might be the beneficiary of that of his brother not playing. I just think it would be hard to go into a game and picking sides on who you wanted to win. I just want both of them. I would want both of them to play. I know. Well, but that's a nice dilemma have with with Steph, quiet, Leonard. Pretty amazing best player in the playoffs. So far, not even now, I shouldn't say it's not not a question because you know, the Greek freak was wonderful as well. And Kevin Durant. When he was playing was wonderful, quite different. Because I think the point with Colli was where he was thirteen months ago. We didn't we didn't know where he was the Spurs didn't know where he was. And he was rehabbing people questioned is toughness. Did he wanna stay in San? Antonio was really heard how hurt was. And then you know, Gregg Popovich is trying to get an audience with him. And all of a sudden, they go we're going to trade him and get damore to Rosa because Toronto had gotten as far as they could go it felt like with Lowery into Rosen and you brought in choline who's a better player better resume than damore to Rosen. And all of a sudden, you know, it took seven games, but you beat a very talented seventy sixer team here is Leonard on his final shot. It was four seconds left. And I believe that you know, like, I said remember in that moment, I knew ahead some time to try to get some space rather than just catch shoot the ball. But. Catching it? Just trying to get to a space. So I'll get the shot off like you said and be was guarding me. He's taller longer than me. So, you know, in finding a spot that are, you know, like that I work on I know get into a spot, and I just knew I had to shoot at high. Okay. He did. I'll talk more about the seventy Sixers defense their strategy there. Here's Coalisland or you know, we don't get a chance to hear collide too often. And here's Colli see me like he's done seeming like these done this before God acts like I've been here before. So probably last time we probably see me scream when we wind. So whenever was like a moment where I haven't really experienced probably try to give something motion show some emotion and let it let me just come out. So you know, tonight was one of those nights. I'm never been in a situation before and. Like you said so I shot somebody hit a game winner in game seven. I just showed emotion. I like it. He has no emotion while talking about showing motion he did show motion after he hit the shot. Doesn't get old who is the genius who put that they get. Award. I hope they get an award. I don't want they'll get, but I hope they get an award. But fritzy, I thought we'd have mock headlines today. But I I'm telling you rockets Kuwiat the seventy Sixers. That's strong. Yeah. But I thought we'd have that you'd have a John beeline going to the Cavaliers seventy Sixers in be trouble. Yeah. And wondering what the seventy Sixers going to do with their head coaching situation. Because now right Brown has not been fired. But that hasn't stopped the speculation from Jay right at Villanova. Tony Bennett from Virginia, John Calvin, Jerry. Tom. Oh, but they call him Tibbs. Jeff Van Gundy, stand Van Gundy. Mark johnson. Tyron Lou, Mike Brown. Becky hammon. Who else is on this list? They got they got west junior. Yes, he making the last couple of on June. Yeah. There's a west until junior. I think he was up for the Cavs. Joe? Would you keep Harris Tobias Harris Jimmy Butler who keep I would keep in beat Simmons? Right. The two free eight what about the two free agent. So I don't think Tobias Harris worked for him. And you know, he went from the clippers where you don't think about, you know, am I getting my touches my shooting too much. You just go out and play. Then you get on a team where there's a lot of other good players. And then you start to think well, am I ball hogging. I want to be a good teammate here. Jimmy butler. Just feels like, you know, he would be stopping through that he would be headed to the west coast. But I I don't have any Intel on that. I don't know. I wouldn't give up on Ben Simmons. Because there is a unique nece to him. I just would in the only way I would know this is if I was in a gym with him, and Saul him shoot and just saw more of him and saw him take threes because he doesn't want to take him in the game because he doesn't want embarrass himself. I want to see what your shot looks like just your form. And Reggie Miller talked about he'd love to work with him. And you know, if you got somebody who can help him somehow, the seventy Sixers get guys who can't shoot. Marquel? Folds? And then you got Ben Simmons. How does that happen? But if I all great players adds something to their game in the offseason little things big things, they add they improve is Ben Simmons gonna put in the time as the players say in the lab, that's what I would want to know is Embiid going to get in better shape because he needs get in better shape. These guys saw professional and Colli Leonard. Now, I don't like what happened in San Antonio. We don't know all the details because it San Antonio. But you saw a professional go out there and play basketball. Offensively and defensively. Go I Leonard played basketball at maybe, you know, one of the highest levels that we've ever seen. Those numbers. And he was you know, shooting is shooting percentage was wonderful. He did everything. And if you're Ben Simmons, and Joel Embiid, you have to look at that and go that guy place hard. He you know, he took them. He took the moment and own the moment because you can't just sort of go. Hey, this is fun and have fun when you're in the postseason and chance to win championships. It's business. It's not fun. It's not regular season. You know, you're not stopping through Cleveland here. You gotta play. And they realized what a professional basketball player looks like and they should look at that. And go that's what I aspire to be. I do have an issue with how Philip Philadelphia played that last shot. Yongping co I did what you want a great player to do. He wanted the ball and he made the shot, but you know, with four seconds to go. Oh, I need you to do is if I stop him. He has to give up the bowl. That's it. Then we can go into overtime. There is no way. I want him to shoot. No way. I want him to pick up his dribble in if I have a seven footer and a six eleven guy on him. It's gonna be hard for him to get that jumper off. But you can't let him get the ball. And then immediately go, right? And then go right around and bead, and then it'd be jumps too soon. And then quite has an opportunity to squeeze it off. Now was an incredible shot. Yes. But I can't let him get to the point. Great players do incredible things. I can't let that happen. I want Lowery to take. I want anybody but him. Serge Ibaka can take the shot. I don't care. Yes. But I mean coy had to circle the entire court and hit a fadeaway shot. I mean that was a terrible shot to take he hit it. But it's far from an open. Look, I don't know how much more they really could have done other than not let them get the ball. I just don't want him shooting that so soon as he gets a WTI like my my coaching advice would be in with any great player. I'd say the same thing if you're a role player, and you beat me good for you. I'm okay with that. I never want the great player to have the shot. I I've witnessed this too many times when when I was in the garden when magic hits that little runner. I can't let magic have the ball. It's magic me Jordan past Apax, and he had a big shot Jordan past Steve Kerr. He had a big shot. That's the right defensive philosophy in my opinion. I never do realize who got the ball after magic hit the little runner. That put the Lakers up in the garden. Somehow James worthy lost sight of Larry Bird. And bird had the jumper from the corner that went back and iron. You can't let great players have the ball can't. And even though Kawai hit a big shot. I just I'd rather be talking today about hey, you know, what Kyle Lowry hit a twenty footer and and we lost. Okay. I'm okay with that. I'm never okay with the great player hitting the big shot. And I have to look at strategy because you can look at results, but I'm looking at strategy, and I go back to that Cavs game against Michael, Jordan and Jordan was the only guy on the floor. He could be and he did Jordan hit the jumper over Craig Hilo. I don't let Michael have the ball. And even if he gets the ball to Ken late great players beat you. But that's why they're great players. They get that opportunity. Steph curry shot forty four percent from three point range this year three NBA players shot better from threes. This season. Guys want to take a guess one. You should absolutely get. One with a little more thought, you will you might get. And then the other one the last one is the the fun one. The apple the only one I know is Joseph Joe Harris of your net. Yes. Joe Harris shot better, aka Joe. Yeah. His nickname is Joe. Danny green. Seth curry shot better from three point range than Steph curry how about that. Those guys were in the both were in the three point shooting contest and. Seth Seth done. Well, kind of carved out nice little career their role player. Coming off the bench with Portland I poll question. We're going to stay with that. Mclovin. We have the curry brothers up there. Just for fun. I would you didn't ask me. I'd go with Steph because you get the root for them longer. Ooh. Yeah. I've said I love, you know, I love Portland with their heavy favourite. Okay. Poorly. Can do this. No, it's yeah. Vegas. I give it a little bit more of a pause. There was that courtesy because you like the town of Portland, I do Portland, and you don't wanna be you. Also, don't want to be the guys that says they have no chance. Yeah. Well, you never hear me say no chance. Yeah. You don't want to be on the old take expose real ruin their whole flow right there in the moss. No take. No, take like that. They'll edit out that pause, and yeah. Yeah. Do you think Portland's the chance? No. It'll sound like I'm saying like real quick instead of going. No. No. Is that your thought tone? Yeah. Give it. Yeah. No, I don't think so. I don't think so. How's that? It sounds like you're considering it sounds like you're giving it deep thought. I would love for Portland to win. You're rooting for Portland. Yes. Oh, remember in for a great story. Now there you're seeing history. And maybe it's the last championship with Golden State with Kevin Durant and all that stuff. But I like when sports are unpredictable, and it feels like Golden State, even though I didn't pick them to beat Houston that it's been predictable this year. I don't know. Kevin Durant health status for game one. Do they have a betting line for that? Because I don't know if you can put that out of Durant's not play. Yeah. Point in the past Golden State's done that rest are star until we lose a game thing, you see them doing that with Durant. We just let him rest in game one. If we went young let him rest in game two if we went like, I think they did that a couple of years ago with Steph Curry's ankle early in the playoffs. I would do it because you're at home the first two games. And maybe the first time you see Durant would be in Portland. Because you know, this is just the Western Conference funds. You're going to be running into somebody in the east and Kevin Durant. They're gonna need him. Yes. Mclovin. By so the the warriors are going to take the ran out if they fall behind which is better here. I thought we all agreed. They're better without hot. Wait. I I don't I mean. The ball moved around all of a sudden. Everyone's wait, wait. Wait, you honestly, think Golden State's better without during. I think Golden State will beat Durant's team next year if he leaves. Yeah. I think there was no no, no not that. That's not the point. I don't think there. I'd no. I don't think they're better. But I think they're only marginally worse. I think it's close they were playing pretty clunky with Durant against the rockets. You think the Golden State is just marginally better with with Durant? Yeah. I'd say it's a difference between two wins in the regular season. Well, I do think that that Steph curry and Klay Thompson know their roles, they're a little more define without Katie there. It's like you were saying about Tobias Harris when you know, you can shoot without worrying about a better player you sometimes play loser. Reggie Miller just called in. I'm going to present this hot take to reg coming up here. We'll get his thoughts on everything the Lakers hiring Frank Vogel. The Cavs going into the college ranks for John beeline, and is Philadelphia going to have a new head coach. We'll take a break. The great Reggie Miller. Will join us coming up twenty after the hour. This is the Dan Patrick show. Everybody's got it to do this. I get one for my wife drop off the dry cleaning pick-up, some milk figure out something to get out of the house. So I can relax. Here's an idea. Let's add save hundreds of dollars on car insurance. The good thing. You don't have to drop off or pick up. Anything? All you have to do is go to Geico dot com and fifteen minutes, you could be saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance. Do you like extra money in your pocket? 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Maybe don't what garden gnomes to Catholic. People might talk. This day in sports history. Coming up got some interesting nuggets on John beat line. Why he took the job in Cleveland left Michigan? And that would be a job that would be tough for me to leave. If I'm John B line. But what is he mid sixties and decided to take the Cleveland Cavaliers job and taking it before the lottery tomorrow night. Monty Williams taken the sun's job before the lottery, and the Knicks already have a coach David phys Dale there. The three favorites for Zion. Williamson already eight seven seven three DP show. More phone calls coming up best and worst of the weekend before we get to Reggie Miller make love and has a hot take that really that hot yet is I'm telling you there's about four hundred blogs on the ringer about this topic that the warriors are better without Durant because they moved the ball. They look like the old warriors as compared to the two thousand sixteen thunder with the rent. You said that the warriors are marginally better. Yeah. They're a little bit Durant in the lineup. Yeah. A little bit better especially in the playoffs. But during the regular season there about exactly the same the best player in the NBA. Does not help his team is what you say. Yeah. And that necessarily declaring strong best player in the okay? One of the top three players in the game. Five players doesn't help is. Okay. You know what? I mean. He sucks the energy out of that hole offense. They look like the thunder. Let me bring in Reggie Miller of the hall of Famer reg, what do you think of mclovin taught take first of all what the heck is Vic, Lovin smoking is absolutely crazy. Here's the thing in playoff basketball. And the reason why the warriors looks so good during the regular season is it's one game. And you move on your traveling in your onto the next city onto the next team. Come playoff basketball possessions in the game slows down you get locked into a rhythm. So you've gotta have players that can create their own offense. We saw that case in point Damian Lillard game winner from thirty seven foot game winner last night by quiet littered game winner by CJ McCollum clear. Out one on one isolation basketball. You've got the best one on one player in my opinion in Kevin Durant. He absolutely makes the Golden State Warriors unbelievably difficult to defend come playoff basketball. Yeah. For a game. We saw that against the Houston Rockets in game six the old warriors and ball movement and everyone contributed but every game every situation is going to be different. And now that you're moving on to the more you move on the better the teams are defensively. So you've gotta have a guy you could just throw the ball to on the block mid range, and let them go to work, and that's what Kevin Durant brings mclovin. Would you like to respond to Reggie Miller? What is Reggie no menial? Did the worries better against rockets with that? Well, what I will say is. I don't think if the rockets I first of all I can't believe the the goose job that they pulled in game six if they would've won game six I really would have thought they would have won game seven back in the bay area without K D. But look the warriors found a way to win that I think going forward, and I think the warriors caught a break they got a break by Portland winning that series because if they would've faced Denver with that movement with Yokich and those young players it would have been a mutt. I think it'll be a much difficult series or Golden State to win. Now. They're almost playing like the rockets two point. Oh, again, you've got to players McCollum and Lillard one on one isolation basketball right in front of you. So there's not a lot of movement like didn't. Ver would have had the bat cuts. Yokich the passing the running the young leagues and on top of that going to mile high and dealing with that I think it's a much favorable matchup for Golden State going against Portland. Reggie will be on the call near Eastern Conference finals along with Marv Albert and see web before I get to some of these other matchups. Hear your thoughts with Frank Vogel going to the Lakers. I I don't know what the Lakers. Join seriously. It it it baffles me the first of all that you would not offer Tai Lou the five year deal a guy with his resume, and he's earned that he's deserve that. So does the whole Jason Kidd thing wha-? What are they doing? Never in the history of head coaches has an organization tells you you've got to hire these assistant coaches or this assistant coach, it's it's I'm not saying this. But it's almost like having a snitch in the huddle. Basically. That's what you're saying. You gotta hire this guy. But he'll report us because a head coach has to have total confidence in his hit the rest of his coaches and for an organization to pick a coach for you. I agree with title to kick rocks. I'm out so I don't I don't under-. I don't understand what the Lakers are doing. I really don't. I I like Frank Vogel. He coached my Pacers. He's a nice, man. But he's he's the right man for the Lakers or is it? Just Jason Kidd's job in waiting. I don't understand. I don't understand what the Lakers are doing. Does the ri- rockets does this system work as they go forward? Or does harden? And or the rockets need to make an adjustment. If they're going to win a championship and get by Golden State. No matter of Katie is there or not? The system works during the regular season. Yes. Because it's great. You know, we talked about the one on one I selection and it's one game in your moving on. So teams don't prepare like they prepare come playoff time. So it's a great regular season offense that puts up unbelievable numbers and MVP type numbers as we saw last year and potentially this year for James harden, become playoff basketball. You can't play like that. And it always it always gets highlighted when you go against Golden State because they expose you defensively an offense. If we the things that you need to do to be winners and champions. And once again, the rockets got exposed by Golden State that that system the analytics threes versus twos and mid range. You've got exposed once again. So I don't know what changes they can do your two main players that are eating up the payroll in Chris Paul and James harden. They're not going you can't trade for them. You know, they make too much money. So I don't know what system changes you can do unless they add another guy who can give them like a mid range jumper. I just need to change it up a little bit here. I need another kind of think that was going to be the case with Carmelo. Yes. Yes. At the beginning of next year that was supposed to be there. Mid range guy. Come playoff time. You throw, you know, in that fifteen to eighteen foot area, and he could get you buckets. But that didn't work out. You're absolutely right. They need a player like that. Yeah. It's a great point the Cavs John beeline leaving Michigan to coach that team your thought. Again. Great, man. I love him. What are the Cavs doing? I don't understand. And again, look, we're you and I are all over the place with this. This is the problem with college basketball because I don't know if you're gonna find a better job that coach line has in Michigan. I I believe 'cause we cover them this year tournament they have great recruiting class coming in. So what is this saying to those kids? What is it saying to those guys that are staying there? I I don't understand do they get a chance to get out of there to get out of there and go somewhere else and play right away. No. So why does he get rewarded by jumping to the Cavs in a five year deal? So I I don't that's the problem with college basketball. I love coach v line a great coach I think, but what is he sixty five sixty six taking the Cavs job. I pro- job where he has zero experience. I believe I don't think he's ever coaching the NBA, but it's a great opportunity for him and his family. So i'm. You know, that's the positive spin on it. But it can what are what are the Cavs doing? I don't know. I'm just trying to I don't know if he's not running away from something in Michigan. But you know, you gotta be running towards something. If you're going to coach in the NBA, you gotta be ready for that. And I know that he talked to Orlando and Detroit, and maybe just started to get a little bit more excited about that possibility. You know, somebody who knows him. Well, emailed me to say, you know, he's going tired of the college basketball environment in the recruiting in all of that one hundred percent. I get but you're right about you have to be running towards something Billy Donovan to national champions of Florida. He was running towards Kevin Durant. Russell westbrook. I get that. Fred Hoiberg success at Iowa State, but he was running towards you know, he was with Minnesota for a long time as an administrator until manager and then running towards that head coaching job with Chicago. That's an attractive job be line. I mean you've been to what back to back. Final four is that believe or success at Michigan? You're running towards the Cavs. That's what you're running for. Okay. What's better job today? Cleveland or the Lakers. It's still Lakers. Obviously LeBron come on. You don't know. What's going to happen? Tomorrow night in the lottery, I have no. Do you think the Lakers are gonna get on? No, no, no, no Cleveland's gonna get on. Well, if they do I think I think Cleveland's luck of number one picks is about ready to run. Okay. Lebron been it. It's over there running fix because he wrong over Cleveland. Winds Yorkers getting up pick. If Cleveland wins the lottery. What's a better job on Wednesday? The Lakers or the Cavs still the Lakers. Okay. Proven great as he is. He's gonna feel seats. I get that. But I saw LeBron James. I'll go. No. It's the Lakers the brand. Okay. I got the brand. Here's one thing. I was I was wondering and I threw this out the other day, and people aren't even it's not even registering with them. What if I said, you could have Blake Griffin's numbers attached as I on Williamson would just sign up for that. Now. I mean, it's twenty five and ten I feel like that people will be disappointed if he's a twenty-five because if I say, oh, he could be the next Blake Griffin. Now, we wanting to be the next Charles Barkley or LeBron James he might be the next Blake Griffin. Reg. I like wicks numbers rollerblading nothing twenty five and ten giving you buckets to I'll take Blake's game. If his eye on Williamson at the end of his career has Blake Griffin's numbers and game and can face you up. They can knock down threes, and you could put on the block and their lettuces them. Absolutely. I will take that people need to stop because Charles was a freak of nature at six four. There will never be another Charles Barkley at six four that can dominate a game at that size rebounding blocked shots handled a basketball and give you bucket. So to classify I on and Charles that's doing a disservice. But if he has Blake's numbers absolutely a perennial all-star now he is was the face of the clippers. And now it's the face of the pistons, and what he showed me 'cause we call that game him playing hurt this due to me goes to another level man because he didn't have to play in those two games with. That lake and shouldn't have been playing. But he saw the writing on the wall and went out there and gave it the old college. Try and got a double double vs in my opinion, calling it now possibly the world champs in in Milwaukee. His he he goes up another level might wait. Wait, you got Milwaukee? You and Barclay got Milwaukee winning it all. I. Writing's on the wall, man, they're deep and this do yawn, man. I want you guys to watch closely because his eyes he has a tiger lion. Look in his eyes on every player on every possession on every play. I'm looking at everyone else's is maybe Kevin Durant and quiet times. But this dude is playing desperate, and he doesn't he's playing desperate and his team is playing desperate. And they're not hurt. They have depth. They're well coached. It's going to take a lot a lot. Have you can beat them? But is going to take a lot. And especially I mean, I called this before the Kevin Durant injury. Just because they have so many weapons. I mean, he could play ten people in the way that the warriors were playing before Durant. Steve Kerr was only playing seven guys. And he was starting the Hamptons five and they were all playing thirty six minutes. That's that's too many comply. That's too many. So that's why you can rest your guys instill advance. That's why Milwaukee at my opinion is gonna win at all. I I was dissecting the last play with Kawhi. And there were a couple of things that bothered me. And you you were there to see it. But I can't let the best player on the floor have the ball ridge. And if I do let him have it. I got a double team. So he gives it up. There's only four seconds left. I I was just kinda surprised that Philadelphia. He they let him get it. And then any did have to go a long way to get that shot off. But I can't let him get the shot off. Okay. Did Cleveland not try to let Michael Jordan at Craigie, Golo them and Larry Nance a double team. They didn't do. Good job. You got. But by point is great players will find a way to get the ball to the Knicks tried and not let me get the ball with eight points in nine seconds. No, no, they they let him shoot way to get the ball. Quite leonard. Got the basketball with a six ten guy on them in Ben Simmons, drove past him to pick up a seven one two hundred eighty pound mobile. Big red wine needed him to do is force him left. Whether it was a double team. I would have said absolutely, positively. He cannot go right? That's it. Not go right left. You got two guys. You gotta double team there. And if that's the case Philadelphia, maybe playing in another series, they may have advanced because you force him left. And then you've gotta double team he has to give it up, and it's four seconds. It's simple. It was as simple defensive strategy. But young. Inexperience been in that situation. No, no. But you cannot say that's terrible defense because he is dribbling around at six ten guy. Then he has to pick up a seven one. He picks up a seven one guy a couple of dribbles and shoots a unbelievable rainbow that has the touch of death on it. But but you're we're looking at the result. We know the end result. I I'm saying in the moment. Doubling doubling. No, no. And then all of a sudden he makes the shot which break players will find a way to get the you can't say double them 'cause like forced him into another team, reg I forced him into the double team. And then he gives it up and then Kyle Lowry beach me than I live with it. Why didn't the Fender run at Damian Lillard as he's walking the ball up just to get the ball out of his hands. I agree. I. Night when see sees eight McCullum headed going on. And they dropped to a one four. CJ McCollum bridge. I should be coaching. I should be coaching. The lakers. Why didn't you you should be coaching the Cavs because you're closer to highway and you're from Ohio, you should be the coach of the Cavs. I passed on that job bridge. Oh, breakaway with that music. They only gave me reg may only gave me a three year deal that ain't right? No. That is not right. Yeah. I want to be a player coach too. Hey, have fun in the east there with with Marv and see web and in. Checking in with you guys on the road during the series. This is going to be fun. It's going to be a fun to think about this Jaanus onto Coon pole versus cli-, Leonard. Seriously. Does it get any better than that? It does. But you know. Oh, that's cool. Yes. Yes. Really? Yeah. No. We ain't got the premier series. Thank yawning versus qui-. First names only. Thank you. Thank you. That's Reggie Allah wishes Miller junior the third take a break back after this. Hey, it's Ross Tucker from the Ross touch football podcast checkouts under review show with hosts Damon de here at podcast one presented by pedal. Online dot h you get the odds news and insights from real industry insiders. This isn't your typical schlocky picks show. Download new episodes of under review presented by bed online. Every week on apple podcasts and podcast one. Stay tuned for sixty seconds of eight me news headlines right after this podcast. Writing this day in sports history this day in movie history. I don't watch game of thrones. But I'm always curious the excitement level of the danettes, certainly, mclovin. And Seton every Monday morning when they come in after they botched game of thrones. All I want to know is Khalil still alive. I've never seen an episode. I did you know when the big controversy when John snow, I think is name is died. I said, well, he's coming back, mclovin. And then Jon snow came back. Yeah. You're right. And then I said collegiate will die as well is colle- still alive with one episode to go. I see giving me the note though, the shake off don't do it. Is there a chance she could be debt? I don't know. Okay. I mean, these guys are so worried that social media's gonna come down on him. Actually, it's just more fun to mess with people. John Heinz to jump the shark. Tell us the last episode which is next week. You don't can spoil immediately. All spoiler rules are often. Yes by veep ended last night. Yeah. Do at our boy Matt Walsh got the last joke of the whole series. Yeah. That's a wonderful show. Are they all still alive in that show that it's short? Whether it's going to be a movie. I think they'll be a veep movie is Matt Walsh said to us. Yes, paulie? There is a show that's going to come back in three years with a fresh season like arrested development when the political landscape changes three years from now, veep will come back in the all reunite they all get paid and people will want to see it. Yeah. But arrested development was always struggling to find it spot in such a well done show. Well, written great characters in there. And for some reason that couldn't find its place. Oh of great shows, and it showed up. All right. This day in sports history. Paulie, Woody have nine hundred eighty three this day in sports history. Reggie Jackson became the first major league player to strike out two thousand times. No, that's when you go who is the first player to strike out two thousand times with the first player to strike out two thousand times in if you would have said. I would have said Mickey Mantle Reggie Jackson. Oh, that's a good. Call this day in movie history. Dan. Which movie would you want to have starred in of these two movies released this week in one thousand eighty four the natural with Robert Redford classic baseball will be released may of nineteen Ninety-six this movie with this song. Topgun Tommy cruise. If you have one big role in your career. Would you rather be in the natural or or topgun? Okay. But what's my role? You're the star. And also, I'm Redford or or Tom Cruise. Yeah. Which movie is going to be shown twenty years from now thirty. The naturals a better movie. I'd probably I go Tom Cruise. The vanity in me would go Tom Cruise. You totally go Tom Cruise volleyball and volleyball in what did he have jeans jeans shorts jeans? Jess, gene, just jeans beach. Yeah. Is that why almost every promo? We do on the show you end up somehow in a flight suit is scratch your Tom Cruise topgun itch. Yeah. Is it like a requirement when I have the suit on I can't scratch. A handler do that for him. Okay. Here's the concept danza pilot. And you guys are whatever you do. Okay. Go. Dancing astronaut, okay? You guys are henchman. I I mentioned we're running out of time here that somebody who is familiar with John line said his assistant GM for the Cavs played for John B line at West Virginia close to him be lying talk to Detroit in Orlando. Last year didn't take either job, but became more interested. And grown weary of the college basketball environment specially recruiting in decided why not at this stage. My life. Take a chance this day in sports history. But you by continental tire, no matter what you drive where you drive how you drive they have a tire for you, cutting tire dot com. What did you learn today? Todd that you are shocked. John line is leaving Michigan. I guess, you know, the more it sinks in I won't be. But initially. Yeah. I was surprised mclovin. Reggie asif. I was smoking something and you're not new what did I learn for Reggie says the writing on the wall? The books are gonna win it all in Greek freak has the eye of the tiger or lion has a lot. We learned brought you truecar terms like dealer price list, price, invoice that can be confusing court shows, you what other people paid for the car you want. You can recognize good price when you're ready to buy a new or used car visit truecard enjoy more confident car buying experience. Thank you for joining us. We're gonna do it till we get it right to you tomorrow. Have you checked out the big podcast with shack here podcast one? Yeah, we talked basketball. But we're a lot more than just sports Magoo's for those Louis shoes. Seven. It's new everything about me, everything sports. And then she says, I love you, podcast and. But I hate that job. Listen free to the big podcast shack exclusively on apple podcasts podcast, one dot com, and the podcast one f- if you love the show share it with Fred and leave us a rating and review look knowledge truth brought to you by cold. Truth. You think you can solve any problem by tuning computer all fend on Heyman is something through laptop. Now just need to turn it off and on. It smoking. Yeah. That's his needs to reboot truth. It's so easy to switch and save on car insurance at geiko dot com. In Nelson, fire happens all the time. It's all good. Geico. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. The NBA playoffs are full swing the warriors. 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If you want to add some excitement to the sports you love or any other sports that you're watching once again, go to bet the assign use promo code D R wanna one get this limited time one hundred percent bonus cash offer. It's only a game until you bet it on bet GSI Trump and Democrats, I'm Ed Donahue with AP news minute. President Trump thinks congressional investigations need to stop looking anymore. This is all it's done done because of the end of the Russia investigation. The White House has been resistant to cooperate with Democrats investigations in congress on Fox News. The president was asked if former White House counsel, Don Mcgann will testify head him testifying already for thirty hours. So the answer. Really? So I don't think I can let him and then tell everybody else you can't Torney general William bar said no to testifying yesterday before the House Judiciary committee. He testified Wednesday before the Senate Judiciary committee and house. Speaker Nancy Pelosi says bar was not truthful Torney general day night. It states of America is not telling the truth to the congress of the United States, that's a crime. And the Justice department responded saying the allegations by Pelosi a reckless and faults House Democrats are poised to hold bar in contempt of court can Ken congress. I'm Ed Donahue.

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