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NONA. Whatever welcome to another episode of the Ocho presented you in partnership as always spn nations blogging the boys dot com are Joe show me of course from VDB from writer, humble host onto the Ocho it is Thursday the third day. July Sixteenth Two thousand twenty. We hope all is well wherever you are. We hope you're happy. Safe healthy and ready to talk about the deal. Deal that did not happen. We didn't mention this is our Thursday episode dropping late Wednesday, because the news is is out Dak. Prescott and Dallas cowboys did not agree to a long term contract extension before Wednesday's four PM Eastern deadline. What does this mean? Dak Prescott and the cowboys cannot agree to a long term contract before the start of next year's league year got. On the first track, this time didn't stumble over myself like I did on Wednesday's episode, but this is Look I WANNA call disaster I. DON'T WANNA. Be Dramatic I don't want to be hyperbolic. This is still not great. This is a not great decision. Not Great results by the Dallas Cowboys. You know we talked about the DEZ Bryant time line. If you want to call it that that happened five years ago, we thought maybe this would kind of mirror that one not. There is no new deal Prescott again. We'll play on the franchise tag. It is the. The highest individual salary cap figure quarterback in two thousand and twenty thirty one point four million dollars fully guaranteed that Dak Prescott is getting to be the quarterback of the cowboys now. Why was this a mistake? Why? Why? Why? Because we get that question a lot? Why? Why should the couch Pay Dak? ETC? Here's the reality and you have to. You have to accept. Accept, and acknowledge the Dak Prescott is a very good quarterback. Nobody is telling you nobody I'm promise you. Nobody's saying that Prescott is better than or even on par with Pat Mahomes or Russell Wilson. Maybe you WANNA throw to Shawn Watson in that mix, but guess what it does not matter. Guess what if you want a quarterback? You have to pay one now the. The reality here is the Mahomes is in his own neighborhood, and he's going to be untouched for a long time, so the whole. The next guy's the highest paid guy in NFL history thing that isn't going to happen for a little bit little while here at the very least, but the cowboys had to make Dak Prescott higher pay than anybody else if they wanNA. WanNa. This does get done because if it was your job to represent Dak Prescott in you understood the market. That's what you would ask for. That's that's the way this works. That's so business works so three tweets on you here from NFL networks, Jane Slater the first one all of this by the way it came after the deadline officially past the first one says. Says, I'm told the cowboys quarterback Dak. Prescott was involved at the last minute in an effort to get a long term deal done, but it was up against the three PM central deadline per source informed the deal was between thirty three and thirty five million dollars annually with a hundred and ten guaranteed. She added to this. The deal included a fifty million dollar signing. Signing. Bonus and seventy million over the first two years. I'm told Dak Prescott wanted to get this deal done, but it was just too late per source informed via James Third Tweet Dak. Prescott declined to clarify but disputes. Some of the details reported here tells me while he did talk to Steven Jones and try to get a deal done. He's grateful and blessed to. To be a cowboy and working and moving forward to do whatever you can to help the team win a super bowl now first things first, and if I, never exchange slater will be a guest on Friday's episode of girls, talk and boys with Kelsey. Charles and Mary so get ready for that I'm sure there's going to be excellent can't wait to hear it myself. Then there's a lot. There's a lot to unpack. Jane's one of the most inside people when it comes to the cowboys. The first thing here is that I wanNA. Talk about is the deal included a fifty million dollar signing bonus and seventy million dollars over the first two years that last part seventy million dollars over the first two years. We mentioned Dak Prescott his franchise tag value now that it is official for two thousand twenty thirty one point four million dollars, the franchise tag value for next year for two thousand and twenty one, because at the very least deck Prescott is getting. Getting tagged mixture, the cowboys didn't tag came right now and go through all this just to watch him leave for nothing next year next year's tag value for quarterbacks is thirty seven point seven million dollars, so that is approximately sixty nine million dollars that Dak Prescott is set to make if he is tagged next year on top of playing on this tag, so this whole seventy million dollars over the first two years. Thing that means nothing that DAX already there. He's already got that. That's not the cowboys aren't doing something incredible by offering him that you know what I mean, it's like. I'm trying to think of a good example here. It's like when you have a coupon for a free appetizer. Right at a place and go to the restaurant, and these are normal times. Obviously go the restaurant you sit down. You give them the coupon whatever and at the end of the meal and they try to charge this exorbitant amount for the meal. They said well we gave you you had to appetizers I? Had the appetizer appetizers I had the coupon. You know what I mean. I I. Don't think the coupons don't really exist anymore like I feel like. We started to call them codes I mean I've got the codes on. My phone's get the APP anyway. It's already there Prescott? Already effectively has seventy million dollars I'm rounding here over the next two years, so it's not like. The cowboys are making some concession there. The other thing here that is particularly interesting to me. Is Jane says in her thirds we Dak Prescott declined to clarify but disputes. Some of the details reported here and then she adds tells me why he did. Talk to Steven Jones and try to get a deal done. He's grateful and blessed of your cowboy. ETC, etc, etc now. What what details is Dak Prescott disputed, and is it important for it to be known? The DAK Prescott disputes that is. Again I'm not trying to dramatic and so don't take this. As the sky's falling, everything's on fire, the dog and the fire me whatever, but that's not good all right. That's that's not good. That has to come out and say yeah. Those details that's. That ain't really how it happened. I had a coupon. It, that's that's. That's not how it went down. and. It would make sense. Nobody would blame Dak for being frustrated here. I think a lot of people are frustrated. I am frustrated from the perspective of common sense from the perspective of being a fan of of reason and of logic. I'm frustrated in that sense, and if anybody is frustrated, goodness gracious Tad. Prescott is frustrated. In case you were somehow unaware. Even after saying his name Tad Prescott, the brother, of Dak, Prescott on twitter at eighty-six Prescott tweeted. tweeted, we wrote about this at blog. The Boys Dot Com. We also put it on the blog on the boys. INSTAGRAM facebook pages go like us on the book faces. Follow us on the grand blogging dot the DOT. Boys Tad Prescott tweet ten minutes after the three PM central deadline. There is a reason I was never a Dallas cowboys fan growing up or before they drafted deck after today. Who knows how much longer I'll be cheering for them? WHOA WHOA MISS, LIPPI! What did you say who knows how long you know? What why why? What who what do you mean? You know you can make that decision. Look. I'm not trying to say that. This means Dak. Prescott is pissed off mad or whatever the case may be, but I know that that's not good. I know that that it can't be a good sign. That Tad Prescott feels that way about what went down and it really is. You know we started here reports after the deadline came and went to the cowboys, the really really wanted to get this done right. They really did, but they just. They ran into the deadline three PM came. You know how time flies? How can you be mad at us? We you know we were trying really hard. And and we looked up and shoot. It was three o'clock man holwell how we can be mad at you cowboys because you had a year and a half you had an maybe not a year and a happen. You had over a year yet over a year I saw cal Yeoman's and Dave. Helen from Dallas Cowboys Dot. COM tweeting about this. Defend fantastic Broadway show rent. A year is five, hundred, twenty, five, thousand and six hundred minutes you had. Had over that right, you can measure it in daylight in sets in midnights and cups of coffee. However you WanNa look at you can measure a year and a number of ways and one thing you cannot do is try to pawn off this idea that you ran out of time when you had over a year to get this done and on the subject of a year this deal. Generally you know thirty three to thirty five million dollars per year, one hundred million dollars guaranteed that would have been a good deal last year, and that is the problem here. That is what we have seen. Seen and we have learned about this team in this organization time and time and time, and unfortunately time again they are phenomenal, and they've got an even better at a lot of different things I think we all agree. The cowboys have drafted very well generally, and we all are very excited about their draft class here in two thousand and twenty one thing that they are still very behind the Times on is projecting the market. You know people love to talk about the business acumen of the Dallas Cowboys, and how they're the most valuable sports franchise on earth, and that's true. All of all of. Of that is objectively true and as great business people as they are. They still seemingly cannot extrapolate in project into the future and understand what deals are going to look. We saw them make this mistake with demarcus Lawrence. They made him play on the Franchise Tag, and they had to pay more money on his annual average basis as a result of that, and that's what's going to happen with Dak Prescott, because you know what is a detail that I honestly hadn't given a lot of thought to until the deadline came and went, and it was ironic that it was at three PM central time. We heard so much that the dispute between Daqian. The cowboys was over time. We've talked about that several times here on. This show talked about on Oliver shows on the PODCAST network, right? Team Dak wanted a four year. Deal the cowboys. What are the five year deal? We all understand that okay. Let's let's pretend. Let's pretend that you and I you mean. You it is our job to represent DECK PRESS Let's fast forward. It's two thousand twenty one. The cowboys won the Super Bowl fifty five did nothing. That football season happened. Right everything's great. It's two thousand and twenty one. It's time to negotiate a new deal. Why on Earth Would Dak Prescott team is representation. Take a five year deal then when they wouldn't take one now. Why I mean why and what's more is maybe maybe this is the cowboys way of doing this. Maybe the cowboys feel like you know what. I, know I'm injecting. Some towns. I'm really not trying to say. The cowboys are being malicious here, but maybe the cowboys. You're saying you know what we want. Five years of team control over this guy, so he can have that for your deal, but he can have it next year because we want five total years of team control, so we're GONNA get. We're going to get crafty here. We're GONNA. Get sneaky, and and we heard a report by the way early on Wednesday NFL network's Ian. rapoport reported that the percentage of guaranteed money that the cowboys were offering back Prescott was lower than Ryan Tannehill. Than Ryan! I went to Texas and I think this was ridiculous. Now. You know maybe the cowboys this RJ's theory. Maybe cowboy, you're thinking. You know what we were going to get five years of control or franchise tag this year and we'll give him the four year deal he wants will up the money next year so that he gets the money he wants. We'll make it look better then and guess what happens. One plus four. RJ's math is five five years of team control. About are being boom. Call it a day. Day Fathers Team Control, we did. It will guess what if you and I were representing deck Preska next year. What I would say I would say you know what we just lost a year, so I don't want to deal. Anymore I want a three year deal, because in two thousand and twenty four years. We've lost a year because Dak played on the tag and the cowboys on the Super Bowl right. I WANT WANNA three year. Deal right now, and that would not be unprecedented. Last quarterback through all of this. We all know kirk cousins. In case you didn't know every. In the world has told you that. Kirk cousins went through the franchise tag situation when he was in Washington, and parlayed it into a deal, and what was kirk cousins and the deal with the Minnesota Vikings. It was three years eighty four million dollars. One hundred percent guaranteed again. It was three years, so if I am Dak Prescott representation a year from. From now I'm saying guess what the President is. My friends kirk cousins. He played on the tag. He did his thing. He signed a three year deal. I want a three year deal and that is what I would ask for I. Don't think that this ends well for the cowboys. I think the deck. Prescott actually got more leverage in all of this. This because his franchise tag value for next year is thirty eight million dollars. It's thirty eight million dollars. That's the that's I can't even call that the floor because the floor is obviously higher than that. Thirty eight million dollars is in the rear view window for the cowboys and think about it again. The report from Jane Slater was offered him was between thirty three and thirty five million dollars per year. Well guess what starting next year. Will you put this franchise tag out? He's making thirty eight million dollars a year. You'RE GONNA YOU'RE GONNA lose I mean somewhere between six and eight million dollars on an annual average value basis all because you were hung up on one year. It is UN believable. And I'm really not try to make it sound like the cowboys disaster of a front office. I'm not saying that I. Don't believe that I believe. They are a legitimate front office again. I, believe they've done a lot of great things. This offseason they had an incredible drafted so many great free agency decisions, but in this particular category in this particular realm. They are not very good at what they do for whatever reason. I used to talk about this. If you've been listening to me for years now about how the cowboys approached their overall offensive game plan, this was obviously kind of Jason Garrett Criticism The Dallas Cowboys in certain ways are either extremely arrogant or extremely ignorant and I want to be clear. Being arrogant is not a bad thing. What I used to say because Jason Gareth's philosophy was I'm GonNa Roll? We're going to run the ball I'm going to run the ball on first down. I'm GONNA put a hat on a hand. You're going to have to stop us, and that's fine if you can do that, cool. Like you know if if you're having success with it, then who are we to question? The cowboys are that way in certain things, and they are that way when it comes to contract Marcus Lawrence is an example of that Dez Bryant delayed got five years as an example of that. Ezekiel Elliott is an example of that, although he kind of forced his hand, obviously and the cowboys maybe actually learned their lesson from all of this said you know what we're. We're not gonNA cave anymore. Zeke and everybody got mad at us because we cave and they said the next time we're in a position like that. We're not GONNA cave. The next time was the quarterback. That's the most important position you know it's. It's actually difficult to understand. And I know that there are people that are not believers in Prescott and that's fine, but when you look at the way, the market business of the NFL works. This was not a wise decision. This this is an insane. Roll of the dice. and. We'll see if it is planned. I don't even what what would what would be the cowboys way here right like what what would? What would be the way this worked out for the cowboys? If DAK, Prescott was really bad and the cowboys sucked. Gotcha we. Oh Yeah, we got you right where we once we went to and fourteen, and you were trash. Guests got all the leverage now I mean think about that right if the goal is to win the Super, Bowl right and I know that that's the was I know, but the goal is to win the super. The goal is to have success. The goal is. To throw five thousand yards. Those are the goals if the cowboys think think about this. The cowboys went out and hired a new head. Coach Mike McCarthy specifically to obtain those goals. So what if he is actually? The guy think he is right well Mike. McCarthy was GONNA come in here and he's going to be really good for us. Things are going to turn around. Rodway well. Guess what happens if that happens, that means Dak Prescott Awesome, and that means you're going to have to pay him so much money next year. You clearly are operating on different wavelengths in the same building. It's It's amazing. It really is amazing, but hey. We'll see what happens. I do believe if it were me I would ask for three years next year. I would not let the cowboys, and maybe you think this is a point of pride. I again. My thought process would be. We wanted four years in two thousand twenty. You put us on the tag. We want a three year deal in two thousand and twenty one and. and. If the cowboys will go to the same song and dance if we hear them that the beginning of next offseason well, the salary cap shrunk or it stayed the same. We just can't fit. Everybody and we're going to have to make some concessions. That's not Dak. Prescott fought well. We want to get him to a four year deal. He wanted a four year deal last year. Well guess what that was a year ago. It was a year ago. Things change and if cowboys do what they did now and make their offer from what should have been a year ago a year later like they did here in two thousand and twenty. It's GonNa. Go for them, but. Hey. It is what it is, we will, of course. Have you covered on all things? Dak, Prescott, Franchise Tag, and and everything in between blocking the boys dot com got video coming your way on the blog on the boys YouTube Channel Mix subscribe to that obviously talking about the the DAX stuff and whatnot. Obviously, we have a ton of episodes coming your way here on the podcast network later on on. On Thursday we will have a brand new episode of broadcast and the boys with our attempt. Roy White cannot wait to hear what they have to say about all this and as mentioned on Friday NFL networks Jane Slater. Joins, Kelsey Charles and Mary Girls, talk and boys. We are available wherever you get your podcasts whether that's apple devices, spotify tune in radio. We are everywhere. We are all over the place. I'm obviously incredibly biased, but if you subscribe to the blog, the West podcast feed, you get to episodes every day. Multiple voices multiple people all sorts of analysis, all sorts of. All sorts of good stuff, who doesn't want good stuff? 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