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Ladies and gentlemen we have returned. We have a writ earn. I'm hoping that. Rolls. Hispanic. You. Can Hear my is. Come anyway guys welcome in to another TC tokes. Thanks for listening accusing out there in the podcasts fear. How you doing welcome in and if you're watching, live on twitch or watching this fight welcome in. Thank you very much for spending time with us but guys. As, you can see on your screen with back to the. Terrible trio. have. An Echo. ECHO. WHO's echoing? He. I, think it might be. Going now. That's we it. That was really I. was I was in your is twice how did that feel that feel good. Magical I like it anyway to my left. which is right on the screen. Is My main man you hey, dense you. Know too bad lots of diy going on in house again last couple of days lots of things to sort this out to be my. Oh, you know be out over should say sounds good. That'd be good how you be. Survive in survive incident. So. Yeah. I think that's I think that's how we have to refer to things these days. Surviving I like. And bringing in the final. Person on the. PODCAST. You might see his picture down the bottom of the screen you might know is the bid. So he knots Jay I mean come on. Guys. How you. Doing we've been in the pool is going through right now. Going down a bit. I'm just letting you hear. I'm survive you'll survive in as well. I'm listening to Gloria Again I'm listening to Gloria. On an assessment for the assessment. He's handy. I should try it right? Okay. Let me just get in these volumes right The people listening because I just want to make sure that everybody is able to be heard on these podcasts so Hyper. That should be about right now. Music. Going to. Bring that up to about five percent, we're going to bring in people who never even gently into TC Tokes if you haven't listened to one about cost before basically we cover bay gaming news. Have a little bit of a chat with. The catch up and then we bring in offbeat. This week we all talking about elitism. What we will cover what we mean by Elitism, and then we'll just. About what we think about and and how always really. So first off usually to have a nice flashy graphic, glowing onscreen for you but of moved across to studio this week. So unfortunately. None graphics because I haven't done. Imagine. Okay Put, put you put up your mind on a margin this this news comes at Ya because. On the screen I see it comes that way ch-. and. There's no sound. that. Okay. Okay. This might sound but this is the new session Go straight into the news we'll We'll cover what we what we will be up to after the news she what we got in the news this week. So the one that caught my eye. You can. Classify Lou boxes as gambling. Tyne. Thank. God. Yeah loobox. They're difficult. One only because many different things. Blue Boxes. I would talk about Physical Lucerne saw for the best way we're not. We're not talking about the boxes of stuff you get with t shirt and a pop no as digital. Content. By. Packs and go pay money to these packs Mike Gate cards. The government's going to do is reclassified gum. Africa's done with four. A basically give skins away for fifty pounds. That's how they got away around. Seven these. This guy over you spend in high I, know people hadn't done for pounds on these cards get any. Combination. Is is gambling. We've just had silly wins and apis gaming come into the child and guys welcome in just covering the news. And then we'll be talking about them. So hang out. I'm not surprised with the holy boxes. Really I mean. Is a difficult subject because a lot of people do and people do a lot of money into these boxes? We hear all the time on the news. You've got like, Oh my my child. Spent fifteen, hundred pounds on. Fever points and stuff like that happens all the time but it also happens like apps on the phone stuff. But, yeah, it is well I hope. It be cool. Maybe we'll see some different thing is our most companies to two K MBA. Last game was essentially a Michael Transaction. that. was just that was basically a glorified casino game basically yes. Then, you'll really quite Mr Mr Ball. Was He thought it was that bad? Yeah. I think you need to move you closer to your mouth. Okay. Don't eat you might. Maybe bit normally. This is an. PODCAST by the way, if you hear Dan's voice. And you hear his. His sit down. As he gets to the MIC, it's not meant to be like that. I apologize however, if you are slightly aroused icon help you. Know. How Not Definitely. No even handed to. What's the new roles in music for twitch now do you know what we will? We will come to those as part of the news I think. Of a top knees if he got forest than the other, it's a bit of interest on. The new total war game troy it's going to be free for the first twenty, four hours when emotional episode freaking just free plan you game give to everybody first of all, that's unusual. I especially at? A war game, which is humongous by itself. Yet a pretty big. Yeah. You they they easily no a hate it typically, they are a forty pound game. You know. I know the last one Shogun is a Shogun was shogun no the three kingdoms. Soy. which pleaded Egypt's. And Yeah. That was massive. The first twenty four hours on. APP store. It's GONNA be free. Wow. This is a good way of getting people in. into. The games I think given away for is always bonus. Yeah I think is kind of cool. I don't know if it's gone the levels of. EPIC will disappear like it did whenever we're down rather to five. Well That was quite ready. To my library, I'm download it. I only now three times on steam on the box solo too because it gives you a copy when he go through, there are no one ethnic thanks and I mean. I can compete. Can you play on? Now. Sweet. Again. You can have three different accounts. the other one. Very. Specific I guess is not three this year of sleep there is. Believe they can they even confirmed? It's been counseled. Didn't they? Yes. I think it is actually canceled canceled. So they used to be a PC game show section on, but looks like they are going to do that. Our Line now just saying section, which is Kinda cool. I expect other developed ball balanced has been doing stuff God. So needs one this. Thursday. Clock. So yeah it's kind of feels like a little e three ish without the I guess revealing games around this weekend. So yeah, that's kind of cool. Parks is the new way of. Will do now. I'm actually quite liked the way that they've been doing it though with having these little events and stuff like that because it means that you not having by three are used to have to plan my whole week around La Vie. I'm going to stop until two three o'clock in the morning towards the Sony Confidence. Then, when I'm what the next day I'll catch up on the Bethesda one. I'll then I'll watch the PC one and then you go onto youtube and you're trying to chase down the different trailers of everything having it all set in the way that is i. think he just works really well, it's easier to digest his gigantic or kind of because there's a lot going on and everybody wants to show up to the rooftops they gave him and whatever else is coming out. So I kind of liked that this kind of. Freedom as well for the developers. Show be as Blase, that won't be. outlawed. Analysis, stuff who twitter and stuff. There's always events going over different things we don't so. The Internet say it's. Really Ian. Everybody loves the Internet full of wonderful people. Call. Yes. Don Does Talk. Unfortunately he doesn't want to sound of his voice on like certain of the F. member that I know. But he he just waits turn. Apply. To like, no, let him talk too much because you know I mean you know yourself once he gets going. No, chance. So but yeah no I I like the these gaming shows that they're really really ingenious gene ingenuity ingenious forever. Although have you heard the playstation five one is GonNa be ten you pay. The frames per second though their thing it there am. Limiting the bomb with the yeah. Basically and you know war I'm not actually surprised. Because a lot of people watching that see Magin the bandwidth it would take up if everybody was watching it. For K. or Do you know where they unit flom is owned service I have no idea to be honest. It wouldn't surprise me if they do it from. Like just a youtube ingest service and all that stuff. Yeah. They were expecting youtube to go down. But yeah. They have to because they expect people to watch. This is just people who are fans necessarily gave maybe. It's going to be loads of people people watch everybody is going to be watching Sonia point though most. Allow. Look. The highlights next. I. Was talking to what am I make toxic Quiz, this week. So it is the ninth anniversary of the first date with Joe this? She's working three shifts in the ninth anniversary of the first date. You know when you get married that trump's all. Right. So this Sunday as well. So he's not. Thursday. Myself Out. Of State. But you've you're married now you don't. Celebrate you first day? It means I can have a few days I have takeaways. I'm just GONNA look down at Dan for minute just to. You. Look. Around take a drug that you. Start Looking at plan, but I can just see my ceiling. You and moving up. Sponsored by wraith. I should. Should. Go huge. Codes. I have I have a discount code I have. Watched that Discount Code. The Discount Code is Thumb C. H. U.. N. B.. Entering the checkout for Hunky. Dunky. Lovely apparently currently if I'm more of. An important person in the community, I get fifteen percent code offsite. Matt. Very much for the host buddy I appreciate that I haven't got my on this screen because otherwise it would cover up shoes face. Exactly. Maybe people don't want to see. Is Upset. If we if we frame shoe right every time Simone Serbs. It pulls a mosque on him. Lemay Echo. That can be done. Shoe this way? Do you have this as well as my jingle work? Okay. There it is. Oh I need to put that in front of. The Guy. Behind. It looks Kuby. I knew eight dollars per lucky. Yeah I get it I get. Sound effect. Per Of. Iran boys. So anyway. tweets music twitch music does music is A. Needless to say an uproar to do with the twitch music and What twitch now doing so in a nutshell. I don't know if you've seen this at all. No I thought they had a bit of a thing where a muted music when it wasn't. Yes. So originally, what they did was if you had copyrighted music, so you could play any music. He wanted if system reconized that it was a copyright music mainstream media whatever they would your vaults yo videos on demand. Yeah. People like will ever will ever in the same way that Youtube does it if you get caught for copyright strike or something. That section. Obviously article fifty was that came in. That hosting about yes. You. Appeared Union was yet not came in two thousand and eighteen. Yeah but they've never went like proper prop the problem is it got brought into the system it got brought into everything. Nobody. Really took notice until now twitch have now basically turned around and said that if you are playing copyright music. And your call, you can get a corporate strike on your account when you're on your channel. Obviously three-strikes generally you're out. So. We'll. have. If I can find the darn thing. I am just going to try and find. The. Actual. Meat I was talking on. The discord group today. It might have been yesterday actually about it. and. There's a whole uproar about because obviously what they're saying is is that What people going to take people are starting to think that you can't even sing to yourself on your streams and things got a little extreme with it perhaps thinking. What the problem is is coming from A. Content Creator point of digital content creates a point of view. And my thoughts on our. If, you'll ruining money off you feel to. It's channel regardless of whether you do know like, for example us or devolve stuff stuffing offer overcharging. Everything's charing. So we don't earn anything but the with owning something. Why should we use them music or art work or something? To. Basically profit ourselves. You Know Thatcherism I guess. That's it. You know you could. I mean there's plenty of royalty free music how? which we? We have exactly which releasing right now this other stuff as well. You can find on Youtube and. Everywhere. And Basically people are now saying that what? So so they can't listen to something you can't sing the yourself apparently this is what people are worrying about. Obviously. You can't sink yourself because he's Acapella this no music people don't own the rights to your voice. Yeah. as long as you're not seeing him with trump or A. Video keys essentially. Yeah. The only. Caveat to that is obviously which things. which sings about seeing stars. Star doesn't exist anymore. This sort of. Twitch things I suppose is the one. Yet, but they've they've basically said that. Twitch things is okay to the era of some examples types of music that you may not use. Okay. So a radio style music listening show. So that's basically a twitch stream which focuses on playing music that's not owned by you and isn't licensed for you to share on twitch. then. You DJ set. So playing and mixing prerecorded music tracks. Other. Than music that's not that's owned by you. So, you can't do like Dj sat on twitch which is. Completely thank you perform. Music there has to be original has to be your own music. singing or performing to a karaoke recording other than an in Game Kariuki performance that he's licensed t for share such as a twitch performance. So obviously. Yes they've launched for those trucks. So there's no. There's no reason why you couldn't have twitch sings playing in the background playing music. Whilst you're playing a different game. More Music Tobacco we play. The. Game. Exactly. You can't do lip sync performance pantomime ing singing pretending to sing to music has not owned by you. That's what people are thinking. It means they're not allowed to sing. But basically that's the saying you're not allowed to sing the music. The music is the case. Yes. It just happened to music on your stream in general isn't as long as you don't hop out there. And I could have. Could have anything paying for you my headphones right now. and not output eight to this. What we're doing now, I'm not would be absolutely only listen listen to the music and I can sing too smug open the mark. AM. An only can I can sing to myself. But I can't let. You listening. Listen to the music because I don't own the rights to. Pass that on. And then the other one is musical visual music depiction. WHICH BASICALLY LYRICS MUSIC NOTATIONS tablet? Or any other visual representation copyrighted music. I think that'd being quite clear. Yeah Spelt wrong. What you main? Sheen ran at should run. Yeah. Spike Girls Spike y'all's. Owns Eight J., four, zero six. Thank you very much for that. Follow. Thank you have your. Well, you can have lots and lots of thumbs on your face. The the I have seen streams around where a lot of. People take like requests. Are they make them into like piano music props those are the people who might kick off but actually. There's worries isn't the so Couple of guys. Guy Follow Dramas. That drove along of really popular trucks. that. This is it, but then you'll making a living off of somebody else's content. It it's like somebody else using logo that you've designed without your permission. That was that was the whole thing of all this article fifty is that you can use the content of somebody else as long as you get their permission. I mean to be fat. I mean, I don't know about you guys. But for me thought starts just like life. You should be using something that you haven't either got the license for all got permission to use the. Open. Source. Yeah. Yeah So. Does that mean if was to buy a t-shirt the Hustler Ixil Latisha on. The street. I think they would probably let you off with that one. I would be surprised if they would. Black Mark You for wearing a t-shirt. Stuff to take it off. Just straight off stray off. Let's. Go your moves out would were. Yeah I mean, it's it's. It's difficult. It's a really really difficult situation because. I mean. Bit Mental Really. It'd be a lot. Of kind of done this the whole. Whole shaming created opinion of so long delicious natural. I know. I know one in particular. and. Moles is all I'M GONNA. Say. Couldn't have into. But I think he's right I don't think you should be out to make money off of other people's music and the whole thing of just being blase about it and saying to yourself Just saying to yourself well, they'll just meet the the the vaults that that's just no. Don't use somebody else's content to make your own money. Alaska license to. A license. Cillian challenges to add to that the if you watched the video links, I haven't linked have watched it yet. I, haven't watched it yet so. but I will do I. Think it was you actually in the in the facebook silly that said that he's got a friend who streams to facebook. And they knew it his stream because somebody drove by playing music. Wow How I mean. So Michael but. Well. Yeah I. Mean Get loud noise noise gates so But besides that's pretty. FACEBOOK guess obstacle different teasing sees. Well. That's it but you know. Is What is this whole? Music thing. Was He We've got Types of music that you may use. Streams outside on my all. Yeah, exactly. Accent Sasha, music that you may use into extremes. So music owned by you. So original music which was written by you and other recorded or performed live by you own or control all rights necessary to shed a musical twitch. Including the rights of the recording on the music and lyrics cost for Dragon Force? So he he should be fine if he's the guitarist for the buttons played music. Playing his own music. Music licensed to? USA. Copyright. Music owned in whole apart by someone other than you if you've got a license to share on twitch. Vocal performance like twitching peformance. So a vocal performance of a song songs captured in twitch things gameplay. Provided. Is created in accordance with twitch twitch is terms of service. They're doing is just enforcing what everybody is got away with. I I personally con-, see an issue with it because he's basically was being. Yellow, Graha than they just older just mute. You know. Now they're going to give you a three strike. Shirley, as a contact credit, you should have all the content you need to be able to do what you do. Yeah. Exactly. If you follow that, he should be able to do it. So. I don't stream anymore. Well, it I mean should they? I Dunno GonNa Confidence. Yanni announced streaming. By lovely lot here. I saw just imagine which just Paul pictures in different corners of the screen pretend to consorts ship. Leslie Him. Let's leave him. ME. Oh. Down the? Rammed into my laptop? Where the modest goes flying. Surely. Doing a thing on the the might might Bouche. No washed the mighty. Bouche. No. Sorry. Though. They`ll Saraceno PC. I have watched a little bit of it. I love it. Have stopped as time but It. kind of doesn't kind of doesn't. I am a big fan of no fielding I think he's Hilarious is pretty so. So I mean, is there any other needs that we need to come up? I think we need to move on to our. Feature the main event. So. And His Co., the fact of the city is in the chat for the subject. We are talking. Elitism. Now, I hear you wondering. What we mean by this exactly. On I think that kind of sums it up if anybody says elitism the first thing I think most people will think about is a PC masterpiece. A. Guarantee You. And I? Also News Wow. Wow. Must be used. Thanks thanks what graphics go. Just. A pretty dope want to say that. It's pretty dopers mind. Your Super Pretty Dope? Rate I was done A. Pretty Dope. It's all right. We'll she austin which which to. Welsh welfare well, well, she went console loses. Wow. Call is still. Yeah, you're enough ten seventy on your shoe. Yeah, he's been. He's been women now for four years blessed when he's all right ten, seventy, ten, seventy, nine. worked. If. I was to get forty four immodest out again he's twenty seventy. Or more, but now you know, yeah, stream derail by pc all trolls. That's it. That's it. Now, you know I. Think this Elitism is rife and is generally facebook groups. You see a lot like someone who coming for a bit of advice or something like that. And people will be like, well, yeah. You've got to go get a I nine, nine, hundred K.. You'll yet but I don't WanNa, play minesweeper. So Yeah but you look at thirty two. GIG Ram. You get at twenty at twenty Ti. To run that minesweeper. and. That's that's the kind of elitism that really grinds. Mike. Is I'm all for buying really good components if you're gonNA, make use of them. Have you seen the new? For minesweeper, it's like minecraft. Co.. From Minesweeper Yeah Amazing, the graphics and on those little flags. I mean the light bouncing off of the little flags is great. and. But yeah. It's I think elitism in PC's is rife and it's it's a lot of it is. Doing that console and PC thing. It's strange world like if. It dies jest. St- even I might look you and I gotTa Walk Away 'cause This little bit too much now yes. Yes. Mike they actually like in the PM Sunday actually built a PC that didn't have RGB didn't. Didn't have. Didn't have ATI BE CY winning announced like Lychee said, perfection that was hit the SORTA set told my God the Communists I add back. East you. Silly Sivvy's. Cities. Summed up his point. He's I'm not elitist like I'm a fan of the Best Bang for the buck, which is fine. If. The. So if someone came to you and still trust consulted for, that's fair enough. So. Someone came to you city and said, I want a PC I'm just going to use it for word processing. What would you recommend as as a assist them to to buy if they were literally just gonNA use the mark or soft APPs so token word excel powerpoint those those three things. What would you say that you would want to use? And this this going back to what you essentially you about different places. I I'm in a PC. PC group on facebook And it's called PC. Gaming consoles are garbage. Last quick. That's the that's the thing. talk like. I'm trying to find a typical thing a lot of these people sharing youtube videos. Actually it's just one person sharing each of us. Yeah someone just literally posting. DACA, get a DM from the guy who made the post I'm went. Thank you very much about that. So about four these. Tax. Coming at you it's like us. All I said was as I. Wow. S Lots, of thing. They just had probably a cheap rise and with integrated. THREE TO CG EUGENE Oh Yeah. The three hundred. Eighty quid. Department is the best value at the moment for. Calls Chips. But yeah basically if if I would have asked that same question in one of these facebook groups. Somebody would have come in. Charlie. And Buddy thank you very much about Rachel. How're you doing? We're talking about elitism in in. Gaming and PC's and stuff. Thank you so much. Right to do this massive they appreciated and you got all those thumbs all over your face only. Be You post that kind of question. In A. FACEBOOK group and they'll be. You have to. Because you need to be able to like look at the PC instantly turns itself on just by looking at. And you just think yourself really what is wrong with people? Yeah it's a bit a bit of a weird world but then you know it doesn't just exist impedes is seen. The playstation side. Recently, we've all the stuff that the exclusive come into PC. Species to from the Oslo. Playstation four slash playstation five games. And he's just like my my thoughts on the right amount things. So to derail slightly and is that if I'm buying playstation five, right I want to play games designed for the playstation five. Of course, you do dust while you would buy a new consoles, right? I'm not going to buy a playstation five to go and play playstation four games. That's not to say that I wouldn't play play a playstation four game on appears five. It's just a nice to have if it was available, it's a choice I guess. Well. Well why the hell you play places at five, hundred, four game go places for. Exactly. But obviously done has recently came back into the into the PC fault. Yeah. Well, that's the thing. Speaking of the day about. Trump would go back to console game now. I like having the P. Sake because it does everything. It does bumped. bumped. But what you sound right now. A Buck side That'd be a small. CIA Yes, but you could be sat on the SOFA. Sit on this thing I don't understand this whole Sofa game-ending thing. To. Say Your. Problem is the faculty far. Away from the screen. If you like playing on the console, it would be like if you a lot right Rutta he. Says Miles. I've got used to playing keyboards a mouse at the desk. Just feels right now feels nice. Slightly smaller screen I can see everything. I'm here. But. It's just said maybe it's better graphics graphics than always make, and we'll be back graphics in the past five if you again is on the PS four and the PS five. then. It. Will be on the PS five graphically you would imagine if it's been optimized for. DASA. Optimize yeah. Not just plugging in a game, but I like Microsoft have done. And we've thing by saying if you own the game on the xbox one. You get a free upgrade to the series X. Like what they've done that? Digital. Lonely I assume yeah. I would imagine. So they're not going to send out hard copies. Fair. I'm surprised. I mean props they might buy. Supplies. This must be the last Jedi which say. That is to be physical media Shouli. On. Digital only anyway. Like even with my switch I don't I don't even know where the actual. No I do I did see yours when I when we went to eat. The Cartridge. I don't own a physical game for the switch because I'm just used to just go. co-partner then they don't they don't taste very good. But. I'm sure the xbox probably try to push at least they gain possible. You would think. 'cause they doing it on like cloud game. And what they would do what was it called? It's called something. Is. X.. Cloud and probably pay probably as it sounds about right. Somewhere, there will be here. In the middle of the word Klaus Ct.. Cloud said. Vicious. I it makes sense. House box. Box. scillies just said on Cyprus probably could be CICI's unless you've got really comfortable in which case you can lose yourself. At. PULL ASLEEP ON. on Charlie said if a PS five is coming out this year, what's the point of making new games? PS Four. Inclusive unfortunately, if if a Games company turned around and said Roy is all September this year. We aren't making ps four games anymore. Than they're actively. Killing that thing, I, mean the killing that use of ice in that player base. They have to be seen as being inclusive of everybody in the same way that games would be made for the PS three still all being made for the PS three. People and they always kind of this stay gen behind early saw they won't move the PS five. You've quite got I think because not everybody's going to afford a new console norm for. You to shoot sometimes. Well, let's see I know people who've turned around and said I'm not going to be getting ps five for at least a year. I'm I'm I'm going to. Be Day One. On probably going to be day one will not be as five white. Hype train I'll really want to an will be like. She'll play playground smallness. Yet you know thing is though is I've got obviously I've got a banker friends that plan console. If I could move those people to PC. I wouldn't need to buy a console. Bob. I probably would because they're still going to games coming out is exclusives. On the playstation, the I will want to play. And that's the problem. Accent specs. I would buy playstation five purely for the exclusives or the potential exclusives will be coming out on that system. Like next week, you got the last of US part two coming out, which apparently is shop Vac. History we will have with. Me For a couple. Of minutes. And apparently, he's one of the best looking games. Released on the on the console. and Noah dog are renowned for wringing the neck of. The engine. That is running them. So you know you've got. Imagine not demo that came out that was on the the showing off the new unreal engine. You know that that looked immense. Apparently that was any bring it ten, eight. EP or something. Because they optimize optimize is about the optimization say you know I'm because dust one bones councils will always have. Is They could have a very specific hardware setup. PC. Won't ever criticism? For, Hockey Games some games favourite maybe NVIDIA cards some may favor MD custom. Built, but pure whatever they were bill all the luck. In. I suppose on the flip side of that like gives Spec- uses the choice you can spend the fault you know you can. You can read your budget e kind gives you a broadcast work doesn't it so? There is up. Yeah. Yeah, I agree with that the the the counter argument that is neutron build a PC system that can run. The same speed and stuff as the. The playstation specs the xbox one x and stuff like that running four K. sixty frames per second. Battle. To be fat, be fat the one native. Okay for the. First were they I pissed? xbox built games like years I'd probably expected. We'll be because his optimized. Tyson. Pie. But I could be one. But. On the other argument, a PC does more than just games. Does everything I'm Nici like today for example, I got up at seven stomach work all. Finished half. Three. Half Threat Blakey. And Play. Games. Until I came onto this part, I've let she not move for my. Done multiple different things I bet you have. We all know what homage. In Dungeons I was. Like he's been downloading through secret hard drive again. But not think that's the thing as well as the whole console versus. PC argument is is. A relevant. Because the console just does games. Yes you laid movies. Yes. You can go on the Internet. WanNa use you consult go on the Internet I have no idea. Absence stuff I guess to walk. But not streaming services. Entertainment. Can do that. Yeah I mean the the thing is when you look elitists, you come across everything on your the because. The number of times I've seen tweets that said you on our real gamma. If you have not seen this have a plan this. Like you know gave if you play mobile games, it's like. An. Elite. Well. Yeah, you know. Yeah. This you've played this game, you're not a real game really. Guys. I've just got to do on cautious. Clubs. You. Any real gave me. Know Real game, he didn't play real games. This Charlie speaking of people playing in staying playing old consoles on playing a to DSP animal crossing new leaf. Thanks that. Is Commitment for USA. yes. The other side of Elitism as well can go really. Granular en- games as well. We ever experienced starting games in. Laying Games. Plan called you eat this year more? Morphou, whereas been cross play. I get ripped to shit. Yeah. You wouldn't believe if I'm playing alone with my buddies. Am Now dan has an experience yet. Call us. 'cause calls played with my buddies. All of the other guys they're all. Their on council. I because across play. Obviously you know you go into a game and only potentially if I'm playing along those guys, I could potentially be the only one on PC. Right okay and then you get all of the the console games go ooh Chee implant on keyboard and mouse. ooh Cheat in. But. The other side of as well as is the settings the settings on standard across calm solemn pc week. For example, I can change my field of view. So that is a massive advantage, your pc game especially if you go big screen. Somebody breaking into houses she. Halla. Sometimes. Something have no idea was. This when we this is choose been swatted. Up. Okay. Well as price. Yeah I don't want the pups joking. Just through something couples says. As I was saying so. This. Whole thing with the field of you now I've been playing the game and I've seen somebody spectate Mamane and I've seen someone out the corner of the screen and I said I t right now how did you know that it's not well can see him because of Golden Wider, field of view see how call peaking monitor and it makes it makes a huge difference. and. You know, and then like house put their in the chat on consoles you've got Amos's now. Yes you concern. But they have Amos? Yes. Yes. I. Know it sounds bad that online aim assist everywhere. That's weird. That is. Charlie says this there's a lot of person comes to cross platform. There is there's a massive amount of pros and cons appreciate done across platform. Go listen to the Pumpkin also cross-platform. PUT FOOD SLASH THUMB ON SKOKO CHILL As on. Yeah it is. Yes. Yes see. city said what about four pro combs where they got PC versus console with Amos? Yes I think that's right. I think when you're in a pro competition. Stop the himself up yet you exactly the same a lot of the the pro competitions for certain games I think he's Valeron where it's actually. Restricted on the screen soy. Yeah on over watches as well. Yeah. Yeah. So only allowed certain say on the screen. An acid. So yes, and countries feel AVI wherever it. Is. You. Want to come off. Completely Fair. Competition I remember playing operation flashpoint ages ago. Playing the online. Portion of that and I remember playing it, I used to have no great PCP I'd play on Mike. Hi. Sang so gross everywhere and all that kind of stuff. But then you see somebody else spectating and stuff nowhere Charlie we'll see in a bit and you see spectate somebody else. He's got like really no graphics or something and there's no grass there. Might. Be Laying in the grass sliding away. And then somebody tends to settings on low and you just literally just let you let down in the middle of nowhere. Walk the early beater of g like. If you turn textures all the way down to the. Greatest basically see the miles he could. Have like the debt the possession. So high for there's no Guas. So they hide it. You know like. We know style. I think. Call said people using the pot on pc with Amos's those people like. To uninstall the game yet discovered. People do. Oh. Yes. I've seen it. I've been to a couple of times little. You know game has the beyond like over Watt like Lee kind of thing. To, feel with them. We actually played against a team who all use control pads that gets us a key. What about while we won we won by a mile but. It was to see. Those really stick it. That's my elitism out. But you can't do it. Is that. It's not right. All right. Welcome into the chat hype You well and program in nature on distinct. Just get cancelled. HOLD UP PRO wasn't it? If that Youtube who or the East sports going who? Use. Them. A. hackle wholesale ammo something on one of youtube videos and then got. Kicked from his sports team and stuff wasn't it? I didn't see that. Yeah. Out WHO's doing video on? Playing around with it on a thing. On Youtube in a competition and then he got dropped from his is sports team that will he not good? You shouldn't have to use it. Nick mucks is PC with control seat. The upsets me these people that a pro pro gamers eastport light in a big. Be. Kind of people in aim streaming. Doing, anything. See I know when I click my mouse Gigi and blow somebody in the face Giga. that. Oh No bunk la welcome in. Thank you very much for the follow. Russia whether you'll hear following for the giveaway or whether will actually here watching the the stream if you hit what stream say. that's why I don't use aim just don't need it. Is that right? Carl Yeah you don't use aim us? We'll hack. Did, anyone sees the the thumb coach twitter today the video the I on. Yeah. That was. That was horrendous. Must this one I've seen a lot going on and I miss something. Yes. Which one was it? The video that was on that today. Basically, we come across this guy who was won't. Photo aim all sorts of stuff. called. Article the hacker take I'm. Not surprised. I got back on tonight. I know you did. On and all to A. Genius. I was in that game. Yeah you are in that game. Was Ridiculous. Basically, every shot that he did was just a head shot. So we we followed him. We followed him around what have you? We chased him down to kill him. As amazing. Guys. were. Just think he's wrong. If you need to use that what kind of action you get out of the Also about then they brought more garlic. Basically hypothetical. Moody Rubbish. Says I kill someone. Style against you fools running for quarrels. Kebab. Sawyer. Plowing through the microphone so you guys actually hit sounds. Sade. Was even on agree to P. S.'s we. I kill. Enjoyable one kill it could be one Kiro Game I. Think I think. It's a good buzz. Rains you thank you so much for the follow. If you're there, say hello otherwise you'll hear for the giveaway lost the bus party. I think that's the thing though, is you oma what my my? Just. Went. Some student. Up says streaming something. Nice. Probably. Just a bit rightful of the incident. She's gotten a little bit dickey. Partially because I'm opening up steam. Now might be yeah, just going to steam his random update were you update to? To every time. It connects to the Internet I isn't it? Yeah basically. Rains heighten rains. Gets his one killing that straight off the yeah. That's it. You don't cut off the real talking point I would imagine we'll be some of the other guys are on the. which is pretty cool. They're on they're already I, did have an applause sound. That I could play through. My my thing. So that you guys get here as well. His. Oh Oh my God the CIA is popping Alpha. Want. To stay on. I. Wish from Sheffield Massive Sheffield must've excellent. Can you guys give this play this? Clean I think it might have been might not put noise so. Sorry, it's probably the wrong microphone. Usually south of this, this headset mark. But this is this. Coming saying. You know. It's nice values that one of those stigma Bona Papas he looks yeah. So and You could hear that. Yeah. Yeah. I couldn't hear that. Just what's going on? Check of south? They all think we just need to. Have a listen. Yeah. The strike for ice. Cream, van, that's it. That's it. See that's the other thing is well about the going back to the news portion earlier. Is. I have different sound effects. So obviously, I have sound effects. Guys listening at the Mobile Com. Comedies. I have things like. Music photo I have things kind of like. A. While plan there. That's GONNA get picked up potentially I've also. BIC Very counseling. Strikes now juicer the. Bah Bar if only sing it. If I'm if I'm like we've known each other for so long. That's fine because there's no music line. I mean, that's one thing. Get One people being in such an uproar. Saying about like. Allowance to sing don't saying. They just. In the own elitist world. Exactly exactly what it is. But it's. It's. It's. It's good fun. But I didn't know what Kinda chat right while my years forever. I'm used to do it. Anyway. It's fact. I'm just saying I like chicken burgers or something. Douglas could do the bugger off. Brady tempted to just older. Luck, have seats get delivered. Colonel but just like just like tell him not the door. I mean. Like. Chicken yeah. Matter. Now Probably Finish me off before. Especially, gluts will the gluten yet. I mean, that would be an Asamoah Casey stream one of. THEM SMART. Props might get some money. You Watch. You never talk about me around Dan I know I know. They sold veg- veggie, Marion. Walk. I mean, you know at least you don't Vegan. For Yes. We'd have to. Our to be honest. Let's. See as well are used to yeah on now. So, it's not really a choice more that out. So. So what can you actually like Dustin something? If we meet just. Just meet just may were. Fate, but you're not going to that place where they just sell like stocks and snacks meet the butchers. There's a place called Viva Brazilian Cardiff. Brazil zone if you've been to members of Brazil, it's like fifty. Viva. Va even might be for Las Vegas. Can Spark Ball Nice Red's barbecue. Aw Lots. We need to go to a red barbecue on this is all over. You can have some chips, watch them cook those nice animals. This northern think if you not do not know what Red's barbecue is. o Paulo you we need. We need to get you option. Say Google. Yeah I WOULD So. This is the wind down. To Barbecue restaurant almost famous in Manchester. Almost famous is nice. The Manchester One is proper nice as. A. Credit Tree Barbecue. Pixel Boston. Yeah. Famous bugs. Yeah we will. We will be attending. Pixel Bob. When this is lifted we're allowed to go by. Looks like a funky place. Think you'd like Oh my God. Just had a mobile dried pasta house. ME. Outside those does dowse actually on the bike track behind me so. US very, bodies out his. Leave, Manchester Sheffield. Yes. Well. He's really nice. The read true barbecue stuff. Nice. Sam is going to be going to be good pixel by we need to get to when all this is all over. His legs replaces we need to we need to go. Really. Isn't it pasta these bedtime it is. We always stays up late I on the podcast night. I do but I'm just. Simple Sitting with myself. That's yeah that's that's the father podcast. Stays House for more cake cuddles. Yes. Yes. Everybody is allowed around cake and cuddles. Is that what you call it what you were trying to do to diagnose? Now I'll unless about. Although. I think you need to know when your keeping. You'll bombing skills done. MOM ON skills Mizzen. They were amazing FEM straws. They literally just went. Wipe. Out. Nice call. Yes. Straight to the point vote on. But yeah, it's You know it's it's going to be good once all over things assigned to open up although. Not sure. Down a little bit we'll. Wait about two weeks behind. Lovely. Life in it. Yeah. Pretty much. Yeah. I mean how long? It's GonNa go on for properly and. All that kind of stuff, but we'll we'll get that people. We will get there. Everything we'll go back to normal. Hopefully not too much normal hopefully, people realize. Just, be stuck in his room I just stayed indoors is brilliant. Of. Loved. Oh. This of loved his own stuff. I've let you stayed in day-to-day lovely. You're so like Surfing Old. Older before your time here. World is behind you. That's Why You should get like a word. There's original. Just for the Background. But Yeah On a subway and go till spoke. So you can see the mind flew to England sick and did not know about two weeks corn thing. Wanted to go on the subway, go to hospital. Nice It's no good anyway I think we all coming to the end of this. This stream elitism exists every wave is everywhere even in the Stream So. Going so I'm guessing you. You'RE GONNA. Go often go to bed and we'll have you. On going to be staying on to place him quarter Judy. Cooler. So I'm going to try and get do be right back for a couple of minutes whilst I going get myself ready for called Judy. which doesn't really take a logical. Extreme mock at the see if that works on the street. To audio. Yes. So that we can. Basically. Download, just this portion of the of the stream so. If. You're going to think about appreciate that stand the chat. We will be right back if you all going to head off. Thanks very much for joining us this evening. For. These thumb coach put cost in spotify twitter pot Kosti world. Thank you so much downloading and continually listening to our podcast if you feedback wants to cover any other certain subjects let's. In one of the comments sections on or alternatively up on twitter. Twitter dot com slash thumb on the school culture. Attentively just find this. We're all we're all around I'll give address off at. So that, you can just put round for brew. don't get any ham sandwiches. If you come to wizards now but she's toasty. I'm going to Wales them can. Stitch. Before we go. We go. Catch up sandwich, yes. Yes. Dan Ketchup sandwiches on. Yes. I do it a lot when I was a student I know how if you like just like hungry but don't want to full sandwich. Big Catch up spray all. Along. What you put full tour as well. Hugo time fans I just copy also stylized to stop you. Yes. My favorite the one handed. Catch up sandwich. Right one one slice of bread pop up on. Your right. Spray spray on off the site, and then you just go. Oh Gosh. See I. I live radio. To the edges I go to be exact. Go screw. Ridiculous shoes templates template. It has. Barista's have those things that they top of their like coffees for the Cappuccinos. Go. Like for my coat mccoubrey I ever got a cold fomer. Cold. I know. I've neutrino words. On next week's episode. Yeah. Make full. We should that we should do that. We should get him to like stream skype from his phone downstairs in the kitchen, and you can show us who makes his coffees. We could play a game where we we said the most randomest things and she's got to go find house. Could be good. Could be funny. You could like get lucky, Gopro right because I cannot can stream from a GOPRO. Some WIFI anyway. Saw Can it be Wifi or Bluetooth I guess Bluetooth Phone and then Extreme from your phone users you find for the. US. And Yes. So yeah I think that'd be quite good. We could just have like a fun. A fun stream something. Down the left to get a to get a Webcam all similar so that we can be like a gun find A. Sausage. And it'll be off because she hopes. Down to the SPA we go. We have says local. I mean, I could walk task without is evolving five minutes. Oh well. You don't WanNa do you All discuss SPA. Not. Never. Mind anyway guys. We're going to leave it there. Thank you once again for joining us this evening. We all GONNA shift this over and play some call of duty. Now so we will be right back or I will be right back for some cooler GT and once again, thank you for listening to this report is your friends. Tell us tell tell your friends We have got some events coming up. So keep it on twitter and big. We will see you soon. So guys take care.

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