Mornings with Keyshawn, LZ and Travis (HR 3)


Would good good when your team wins. The good weekend got a good little Saturday night. You got a new hat. All geared up at the game. Yesterday was ought geared over where my my gray and black camouflage shorts have a ram socks. Aram t shirt and I walked in with L. AFC. Hat Okay because you know what's important in but then I decided to buy this one because I need to just take it to another level. We'll stay and then throwback which was terrible a gray hat with a blue patch yeah. La Rams Football 1937 bank it wasn't born then know what was born in draft seven fifty seven keys adopter sixty degrees right now in bell gardens. It's cloudy eighty-three going to cool down just a little bit today. Talk was hot all weekend the National Cinnamon Raisin Bread Day while loss you toasted peanut butter cheese. He's headline presented by I sprint. If I made French toast out of it you would be so here's thing. I don't like cinnamon what I don't. I got super so you're on story ten. The second version old okay my aunt was visiting my aunt in Orlando Florida. She made those Pillsbury cinnamon rolls in the tube stamp they had expired and they had it spoiled and I got violently violently sick and to this day I'm out get over it. Out should've just eaten Plato never in cockle dude due to do so. y'All do this for a living off for you all right. I don't maybe eighty five you guys depending on who you to chime in highway so Louisi- Louisiana winning okay easy way got it so he's in he's in Saint Louis on Saturday to perform with blink one eighty two in a concert them okay yeah of course Travis Parker is right and we see was asked to leave his Ritz Carlton Hotel in Saint Louis. Oh yeah yeah well because it was out. I said you guys would know of a number of complaints throughout the whole staff. F- decided to Snitch mile because they smelt a funny smell coming from room and they felt like going to jail calling the cops the whole the bills so he decided to bail on one eighty two blink one eighty two so in his tweet he says sorry not doing the show tonight and saying Lou curse US K. U. Z. Z. House just kids K. I k. out of the Ritz in twelve got. Ah Twelve got involved so I got a slide. I don't know twelve meter must be in rock will know Adam thiel Adams will that's. We're here to translate this right. You'll be loss. I'd have madame twelve twelve. Police got involved so I got a sly slide me that I would have gone okay. y'All blink you know with me out here damn slim. It's all love though so is this just is telling miss all love but I gotta slide. I'm about here on the bounce on you like that. The police are bothering me at a police are bothering you. Adam one twelve but my whole thing all this is why even bother people when they smoke in own room because if he's going into the other room it's not cool. I get it look. If if you WANNA do that most place in this country it's legal okay so you're infecting my if I'm next to wheezy next to wheezing in all of a sudden. I'm trying to go to bed or watch. TV and I got this cloud of smoke the need to do so so let me ask you this question. y'All professionals. y'All no no go on why do the smoke instead of like the yeah no stink candies and stuff listen and sometimes this is about a feeling by saying. I'm assuming no no 'cause we're adipose so I'm told that he could take one. You're not quite sure when it's going hit but more important you don't know when it's going to quit so so it could be in your system for two hours could be three could be four. He's just never know when to rise. Go in when you puffy Puffy puffy. You can control that a little bit more. You can be like all right. I got what I need. I'm good I'm GonNa Stop Smoking but once you ingest it. There's no stopping just got you for the ride dog so he might just be Chilin for the rest of the day at what I'm told his yes that is true you could be but as much as they much lots of musician smoke but as much as a musician seem like they smoke right inhaling they might as well just plus. You know you know what else it is to have some candy and keep it moving. It's also the the breathing that requires to do the same thing with cigarette. Smokers sometimes not just about the nicotine sometimes it's just the act certain issues started off slow explaining it and then all of a sudden forgiving. Steve Picking up steam right now so anyway we decided not to perform at the concert because allegedly he was removed from the hotel because of the sweet smoke so let me I grew quick before we finish if the cops hey you can't do that here. That's not being unreasonable right. No no no no no no. I just making sure her no not. If I was a smoker I wouldn't smoke in my hotel room anyway for somebody would call the cops especially in the state where it's not smoking. You know I was in Missouri is probably not coming so if anything can medical like Manda Saint Louis region yeah but I wouldn't quit my whole concert because of that either keys keys headlined the Morning Listen To K. SPN Los Angeles this Guy Twenty seven nine nine the rams beat the saints yesterday and let's start with this this just broken the last half hour so drew brees is going to miss six weeks he he injured his thumb yesterday his hand collided with Aaron Donald Hand and you you saw him. Try to go to silent and let's be strong. Well you could tell it was painful because he went over to try to pick up the ball any immediate lenient opinion. He tapped out and he's going to miss six weeks. Let's start here because the rams now have the tiebreaker over the saints which felt important at the time because last year you know the NFC championship goes through New Orleans in New Orleans and now it's not so much that you have the tiebreaker so maybe it's in the Coliseum night. You gotTA wonder key if New Orleans is in on a totally different track just to try to get in and save their season with Teddy Bridgewater with an expert on a totally different track still got a lot of pieces in play. When you go to backup quarterback who's had experience playing in this Lee now mind you. It was a couple years ago when he was a starter in Minnesota. He's has some experience of playing this league. He knows how how to play. He's got weapons around him now. All they have to do is Sean. Payton has to tailor the good things that that office can can do with Teddy Bridgewater and realize he does not have drew brees so the things that breeze did he can't try and get teddy to do you got to do the things teddy does with and I think that they will go back because when you say well you always prepared as the starter even though you're the backup. It's not true it's not it's not the same you don't get the reps people overstay saying that prepares as as if. I'm the starter in this situation in so no no no no. You're not getting the reps number one and you just throwing the ball around. That's pretty much all you're doing. You know you're getting you may get to of that. Particular play ripped in practice where drew brees is get like twenty of them. He's getting a repeats. He's getting all that you may only get to so you'll read my be here here. Today are opposed to everything because you've gotten so many reps at like drew brees could go for one to two to three to four get back to the fifth option where Teddy Bridgewater doesn't and get those those opportunities he will this week though so when you look at New York jets take on the Cleveland browns tonight and Simeon who has backup quarterback back to Sam darnold he he's getting all the reps this all the Repsol we glow so it will be tailored. The game plan would be tailored more towards him. They say I'm doing and and that's what New Orleans is going to have to do. Moving forward and the rams are not gonna WanNa see them in a playoff no because drew brees presumably at that time. What does it do for their odds Raj. WHOA WHOA Vegas is taking a look at this L Z and before the game that you attended the Rams and Saints Vegas had the saints at eight to one odds to win the super bowl now with this drew brees news. They've dropped two one five two so they vegas it. They're done pretty much home field. I can see that because he's a backup in they don't know what's going all they looking at it as a backup quarterback and we're vegas and we're going to get it right but he's a backup quarterback back but he's also a guy. That's been a million dollars is a backup quarterback so that tells you that. New Orleans feels a certain way about her to pay him that type of when he was a starter order in the league and the reason he's not a starter in the league because he got injured. It's not because he played and he didn't play as he didn't play his way out of being stored rams. I think made a great move and getting adding Blake. Bortles is their backup. Blake bortles played his way out of a starting role Teddy Bridgewater. Just got hurt it this way. I feel more comfortable with Teddy Bridgewater being backup in New Orleans then I do. Blake bortles being a full-time backup here in La.. I feel a whole lot I this scene bortles. What did he throw seventy five minutes. Is there's a lot there's a lot a lot but this is exactly the scenario that you have a capable backup right because you're not asking. Teddy Bridgewater to go and run you through the entire our season if drew brees tours. ACL Or something was done for the year then. You're probably cooked but if you're saying look I need you to get through a month. Maybe two we'll get drew back. If you you can get five hundred through a couple of months that's a win. That's why having Teddy Bridgewater or Blake Bortles of you said the rams have to play the next four games with Blake bortles. Okay I mean I'd rather have gone but that's fine. We can do that. It's when it's for the whole season that it's like I work. We cannot just be real honest for a second one one hundred stand while hunter. I understand that you know the saints are very good team and they've won a lot of games and we think we don't WanNa face them in the playoffs and Yada Yada Yada you go when you really look at the last three games. They've played the saints had one great half and has got us thinking that this rivalry is closer than what it is. That's when you peel back game by game by game ten points in the second half of the one game that they lost ten points in the second half of the game that they were on that had to call six points this game in the second half. Let it go Elsie v Rams have figured them out now. I know that you want to be like oh but of drew brees overhead the caller Blah Blah Blah ten points in the second half in the first game ten points. NFC Championship game now six points in the second half here. It's not just about drew brees. Our defense has figure some stuff out. We've limited their their their dough to playmakers and I don't mind facing them in the postseason because they showed a consistency to limit the damage that the star players can commit the hell with it rams winning a super long. I'm rams guy. Obviously I'm a jerk off fan. I'm a huge Sean mcvay Fan. I think that the rams right now probably the team to beat in the NFC but there are extenuating circumstances in the last two games that are not just I'll throw it away. It doesn't matter the call obviously being the most obvious one of them all but yesterday that play call that was ruled an incomplete. We passed that the game is very different if it's ten to three New Orleans at that point as opposed to three two three the rams ultimately go and kick that field goal ahead six to three after took the ball back ten to three going into the half. I don't know what it looks like. After there and I still think the rams win the game. I think the Rams Ari better team to your point elsie but there there are if I'm a New Orleans fans. I can look and say look if this thing ever gets officiated correctly. If we ever catch this much of a break we're it good older dash why because we always talk about the caw in the NFC championship game no one ever says the guy that just got one hundred twenty the yards and Cooper Cup wasn't available. No one ever says the guy that ran over heels secondary is seventy seven yard and todd Gurley wasn't healthy. No one ever proved that they always go. Oh it was the car to call. You know what we're just a better football team. Get over it so here's Jerry Jones talking about giving back his money and every week that goes has by if I'm Dak Prescott if I play like that I'm adding another number man you digit. We were one twelve. Were now at one thirteen. I had a chart goes for every interception. Option was taken away five million well for ten minutes every touch. I gave him ten million so right. Now I mean I I got about one hundred and forty million guaranteed. Well eat the pig to sixty nine and three. TD's one pick yeah pick that was kind of like I it could've gotten through but it didn't and it was picked and I'm not la- quarterbacks. They all throw picks. He's not he's not the first one that won't be the last one and so I think when you look at it the way that he played against Washington on a roll division opponent it somewhat of a little bit of a rivalry would Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones who bigger who's you know that all sorts of things when you start to break down really look at it having Zeki Oh Elliott in the lineup having Jason witten steel getting it done a touchdown another. Td For wit he'll be in a pro bowl Amari cooper even even Randall Cobb Gallup. I mean they're all fifteen caught a bomb. I never heard of him. Fifteen white thirteen who was whatever it macgyver owner all Devas Deva's myth devas myths chiefs set out he was a New York jets second round pick couple of years ago from Ohio State set out last football season football season have because it kept tearing his ACL SEO fast do four three four three guy goes into training camp with the cowboys makes the fifty three man but also is playing and getting playing time. I'll we'll do it. I'll say it the giants and the Redskins I know the numbers are are eye-popping. I know he's put up big numbers and not just numbers but he's looked really really solid in both of these games but the giants and the Redskins Mediocre. It's you can sign up for everybody right. Say what for everybody what you just said the giants and the risk is you say for everybody in the first two weeks of football that one games that are undefeated. Well guess what guess who's coming to town now. Travis the doll the big think about it who around play the first week the Carolina Panthers Fan right like you could do I mean I think they were generally but you could say that. What about anybody. Who did the New England Patriots play. That's different than I mean. Those they've played to dog sit in Pittsburgh was going to be a dog. You see what I'm saying so you. You can say that pretty much about any team. That's out there. That's plan. That's undefeated. I would agree with that. I think the only team who's to know with an impressive to anno- it's Green Bay packers because of who they face invasion invasion two very good teams one of which just wanted to visit last year in Chicago bears. I think there are no is impressive play they. They played they played Chicago. Bears team is that is okay on defense that has zero offense because of quarterbacks the other two point to any any team and go on there too and I don't know if the rams to ano is a it is against the panthers are not very hey good right now well. They've been very good one one of those early games in week one without any preseason. They've looked out now. Turn around the beat the beat the saints and no breeze goes out early but they I mean that's that's not a bad to know and Ki- not to keep bringing up the pigs but both times you picked against the rams. I'M GONNA pick used around the entire tire season. That's not a secret us how Carolina was going to do this and I'm going to be a good football team right. I mean I did you. You also look at Kansas City in the teams that they played against. They play the raiders yesterday in Jacksonville in Jacksonville so as Kansas City not a good football team because those those two dogs. I seen Patrick Mahomes to everybody. Mvp Arizona Cardinals certainly a good football team yeah. AP The Detroit tied him evens. The Ravens are more Jackson the more Jaksa exit does it to him again. NFL PRIME TIME is back. It was so beautiful love does great prime time is back. Tom Jackson my boomer every Sunday night post game aim on the APP on the APP because NBC owns the rights during that time slot so they can't actually go live on television. They have to stream it when when the playoffs come. NFL Primetime A. B. ON ESPN back you had a highlight he mentioned last night. He will sort of here. Let's go down twenty. Two fifteen go for two Murray keyshawn Johnson man my back King Way to go out music makes that to music is so good so the cowboys are to uh-huh and they've got the no they can't. They're going to be three now because I got the dolphins next but where they're going to be three now. We're talking about asking the question if the Patriots can be undefeated. Why are we asking the same thing about the cowboys the cobbler's when they got the eagles in the air and they've got the eagles. Here's what the here's The saints who doesn't have true breeze but it's on the road they got the jets got the bills they got the bears who according to key has no offense watched and again. I mean me pull up the assistant but those are the games that they should win but they're gonNA drop one or more. They've got the packers. They've got the eagles twice if they've got the vikings they've they've got the Patriots Fairs. They've got the rams say I have a season. They GONNA go undefeated posing the question because Patriots Rams people at Banks Western by reorder because people are asking the same thing about the Patriots can patriots go undefeated when the Patriots have the the cowboys on his schedule. Why aren't the cowboy seen as being considered threat against the Patriots but the pages can be considered a threat against Cavan never seen anybody say that the Patriots are going to beat the cowboys except for you right now. People are asking a question nonstop. Can they go undefeated also him to ask me that goes on television. I didn't see it. That's something that's being made up. Point spray at the cowboys against the dolphins has got to be like thirty well. It's funny so L Z. I asked you with the point spread. What was your answer thirteen and a half travis as you two points per. This is Miami traveling the cowboys fourteen and a half a key. What do you think two points Proto be. twenty-one keyshawn has hit pretty much on the hit. I've never seen a points brady. NFL At twenty nineteen point dogs the dolphins against the Patriots. They just raise it up twenty points against the cowboys. You could you not dolphins. Dolphins are like a junior college football team team in they just they don't I don't i. It's so funny you guys. Don't pay attention to things that I look for when I'm watching games. Just weird stuff the sidelines. The players are within an arm reach of everybody on the sideline. I could be able to touch the coach you look at the Dolphin. Island minimum is about five feet behind the coaches. They didn't want to be buying them. The whole the whole sideline in today did a shot and I'm looking and the coaches are all deer communicate with each other but not the players when they usually talking to the players. What's up they. We're nowhere near floor isn't him. I was like it just goes to show me. They don't like do at all so L Z. I want to go back to some. You're talking about being undefeated for the Patriots the difference right okay enough other people here here. Here's why Boston newspaper here but never mind where it is. We looked at the cowboys how long they've got the rams. They've got the saints they've got the Eagles twice. They've got the Patriots okay. There's five games to win. All five of those is big. Ask here's what the Patriots have uh-huh okay. Here's this real quickly. Jets bills redskins giants jets. That's their next thing. They're they're going to be heavy favorites in all of those then after that you've got the browns around the ravens the eagles now those three games in a row that maybe not heavy favorites but favorites in all of them then you've got the cowboys the Texans and the chiefs chiefs chiefs is going to be at home in Foxborough so there's an advantage there and then they finish Bengals bills-dolphins. There's like two games in there that you go a cow blame intiatives. That's why the sixteen and over them is real in Dallas cowboys. Give some set in a million years twenty two fifteen they go for two. Murray keyshawn Johnson man my back. The autumn wind wind is a raider is always great. Severe Eighties went from autumn to winter on Turkey auto first first quarter zero leave at Ben Winter then memorial. Oh colors in there. I thought say this. Raider fans are awesome because they are unflinchingly. Lynching Lee optimistic no matter how much information is telling them that their team is terrible and they are unbelievably loyal to their team. I will give them that on both counts because because look at ten to nothing after beating the Broncos a week ago at ten. Nothing gets the look good and you know what maybe one. That's why Texan ten. I'm like all right as might be sneaky. Good they might Bam lasted all of about one tweet sneath right out touchy touch text message message reminding after they gave up four touchdowns second quarter. They said no more locked it down but they they are still a. They're a more professional team. They're not good no no stretching. They're which is more professional. They approach is more professional than it was a year ago. You kind of see what the penalties aren't as heavy you know writer penalty football they have some good things terms execution having Antonio Brown did not you know would have helped him if they would've had him. Losing him doesn't help It's just you know the secondaries as you can see. Patrick Mahomes did to know for sure. Secondary is bad but getting torched by Patrick mahomes doesn't necessarily mean you're terrible team because he tortures everybody this this guy that seven touchdowns to and to their credit while the did give a five thousand dollars in the air the only gave up thirty ground so I mean why run and when you can fly I mean you can you can keep looking and find things that can get out of it as positive. I'm I'm reaching it no but hold on. I think there's something to that. I do think that there's something positive and it's not enough to make you go by super bowl tickets but at least is a step in the right direction that it's gone from just stick around. They'll be themselves. They'll do some stupid. They'll throw pick out. They'll give up a big play to you at least have to beat them now. You have to go out there and play better than them to win the game. which do you know again not a not exactly what you're hoping for when the seasons neck when you were terrible like that it changes the vikings at the Vikings this this is the type of team that really needs a victory? They've got to get a victory because they don't get a victory three as you can see race on which you're saying in terms of the front half of their schedule if they don't get a victory they might win four or five games this year man man. Let's gotTa get a victory at the one two coats now initiative dredge coming up. I don't see a comment at Vikings echoes versus bears here's at packers at Texans. They might be able to get the coats and they might be able to get the colts. The bears we know are liable to mess went up at any point. The Texans I think are pretty good team but the Texans are good for to what the hell was that airs are coming to Oakland Right. No they're coming all yet anything WE CHICAGO IN OAKLAND. No no no no yeah so bears. Get bears could slip on the Infield in lose a game on the dirt. I mean you know they can get the bears in in a coast they could. They could be interesting if they don't. If all of a sudden you get through those four or five games and losses and you're one in five you're one in six and then all of a sudden the whatever momentum you did have early from playing well against the Broncos from getting that win. That's ancient history at that point. There's nothing there's nothing you can look back awesome. Hey We help Patrick. mahomes scoreless in the second half doesn't matter you're just getting torched again. and that's why I say they got to get a victory on this stretch because you look up in like you. You say you wanted six diseases over now. You got dues packing in on you now. You're season might be a four and twelve well. I mean I mean listen. It's not as the Minnesota Vikings has necessarily her cousins can give you one one or two interception right. I mean he so he could good mental sauce. They usually don't lose too bad team and at home. They're tough to beat ear bad teams. They usually don't lose the bad teams kirk cousins. Don't sleep on his ability to do some stupid by you. He's he's one of those guys. You saw the interceptions he threw yesterday. They were moving moving again. They had a chance to get right back in that game and he threw a terrible pick by the way that bears game is a neutral site. That's at Tottenham Tottenham. AM in London so all right raiders don't play another home game in November pretty much. That's crazy. That's crazy. Oh so that game is not even Chicago and London Yeah Landon make. You you know what that means. It's time for the good the bad and the would hey. Hey Hey woody have is your good. I Have Cooper Cup as my good coming off an ACL surgery show greatness greatness here in the last two games. The big run for should've been whatever you WANNA call it touchdown. Sixty six was a sixty six yard. Stiffen goes stiff again. Ludi was like an obstacle course he was moving around didn't know he had that agility any and I'm sure they didn't know in Iran calling me stiff warming either strong strong he. He's not a small guy. He's a big strong receiver like it. When my good gentlemen is in the windy city hero scales down the ball down the hall right Hash Angle to left good place but by ETI Panero kick to the uprights tickets for the way narrow can't to send Denver down as time expires bear sixteen eighteen ten for fourteen they escape with a victory on the road rarely done here in Denver in the first two weeks of the season bears are one and one they do. I mean when you think about a squad. That's been snake bitten by bad kicking. Of course we remember the point blank drink going link. The postseason is good to see that they may actually have a guy now that they can depend on because you hate to see a game. Just decided by Misfield goes in an an extra points. I can't help but notice they didn't mention the roughing the passer that was the one of the worst calls for the weekend that set up that game winning kick right now my good a little bit under the radar because it was a football Sunday but my goodness good was Kenley Jansen last night in New York against the mets who was Kenley Jansen all over again. Ninety five miles an hour big time movement went right through the mets who are decent team not in probably a playoff team but a team that can do some damage and Kenley look like himself for the second time in a row. Dave Roberts said that they're trending in the right direction so Kenley Jansen fingers angers crossed is my good which brings us to the bad key Japan yeah the bad was not actually not actually on the the playing field but on the sidelines Air Rogers and his head coach Matt Leflore. You and Erin had kind of a spirited quick discussion there near the end of the first half what what was that yeah. It's just too competitive guys. and I'm sure it's not going to be the last one we have put you know just just competitors heat of the moment and you know it is what it is sometimes the defense is out there were during the TV timeouts. You know talking about what happened to produce possession. Are we like moving forward so yeah we got you know talked it out real quick and then move forward it. Actually he wasn't a big deal. He's just you know as in my were you know a little animated at times but I can't say it. was you know we're yellen the Ellen how much we love each other but we definitely weren't. MFN each other or anything it was talking about the the look there and you know get on Saint Bake. These is lying. Rogers and the head coach was cornered by the Pr Guy which PR guy should get a raise. They're going to ask you the questions about the blood on the silent. Here's what you need to tell them when you step up to the Mike now all of a sudden is big on brush. The Air Rogers matlock floor underneath if it was any other plan. NFL If it was a if it was me when I play if it was cam noon if it was any other player Tom Brady anybody anybody they it would be a screen and that's the problem getting ready to wait to happen but no the media go soften it up. Why cover for Aaron Rodgers is not that they cover for Eras Dick. The the moment that they say is not that big of a deal they just ignore it. Just say okay. It's not a big deal is there. If I were to say. It wasn't a big deal. They dissect it. They'd late-breaking all the winter. He lashed out at the head coach on the sideline. All of those sorts of things aired the lying through his teeth is started. I don't like the place that was called because he sit there and play against a defense that didn't work and the reason I had thought a damn ball away is because of him you know and it's not just so much that the arm gesture what they're saying it was the facial expression to which was because those are very difficult to fake you can get animated and yelling just the emotion of the moment but the I'm done with you. Face is really hard to fill in for him and he stopped. I can't wait to see him. Receiver keyshawn in Johnson lashed out at the head coach on national. We were communicating about the next play going in lashed out your bad elsie chargers losing losing to my lions now I'm from I'll be happy that my lions of one but damn chargers. How're you GONNA follow up last season's success with going back to what you were doing. Two seasons ago which is missing field goals now understand the Michael Bagley is hurt. He's Mrs Second Consecutive game with a groin injury but you can't keep having to punt a rollout and missing chip shots. You gotTA figure it out. You should be to actually you. Still you still Auckland because haven't been terry gave you. The first win. Gets hits. Your special teams to gather chargers. You're not so good that you can have bad special teams play and still go and when gain it what's so interesting about about that as coach Stuart who's the special teams. Coach has been around for a gazillion years at doing this. Oh special teams. I mean he's been in Atlanta. He's been George Stewart Atlanta Minnesota Atlanta again now. SAN DIEGO THE LA charges. He's a hell of a special teams coach so you would think he knows that I have to have a kicker somewhere. My back pocket kicking matters much more than it should. Every year comes down to my bad is a college football one and I'm talking about the UCLA bruins dropped. Oh three still having scored more a clap clap. Oh love that stadium. It was either empty seats or read. It was probably sixty or seventy percent Oklahoma fans. They still haven't scored more than fourteen points in a game and this is the part that's troubling is because chip. Kelly offensive genius wait till chip gets his guys wait until chip can do what he did it Oregon for UCLA. They've scored fourteen fourteen and fourteen their own three and the lost Oklahoma not the end of the world. It's the losses to Cincinnati in San Diego State that are unacceptable o n three three. UCLA chip Kelly is GonNa get clipped your would for the what is the other team across town wouldn't in Provo Utah in lay down Allah stinker. Here's the cougars of Byu game planning the play calling decisions to throw the ball on short yardage instead instead of running the ball with guys that you have in a backfield that came to USC because once upon a time it was tailback. You not forget about you. You and it's one of those situations where that seems like every week for too often the star players the five stars four stars go unused for their skill set. If you just turn around around and you had the ball to the dude he can get the first down instead. We're going to throw it. Guess what we're GONNA do. We're GONNA throw an interception and we're going to end the game and and we're GONNA have a loan flying home why Byu celebrates in tears down the goalposts and act like they won an astros mediocre sat but it's the fact that you beat the big bullies on the block. I mean you know like I said to you earlier travis. There's probably three guys when Byu's entire team that USC probably doubly was really interested in maybe three in the only reason why they didn't go to USC didn't go to Byu is because it falls within their religion that's the only reason your would put the rams defensive giving up three first-half points to the panthers. They gave three second half points to the saints their defense. It has been very good in Aaron. Donald has two total tackles are two total tackles so I don't. I don't know what to make of this. I don't know if there's a what what because our defense is so good and don't start up all the tackles. We're going to be more dominant or if the League has says. You know what we're going to quadruple team this dude and let somebody else do it. That's what's happening. They've got two and three guys on him. Every obviously he's over the guard. There got the guard on him. The Centers Chippenham the tackles chip in and they've got three guys hitting him on nearly every snap and he's doing his job. He's doing his job. He's wrecking havoc is if I told you that. Defense is still really damn. I'm good and Aaron donen ahead tackles and no sacks. You'd like Ukraine could believe that though and the reason I would believe that is because it allows everybody else to eat my what is the you what with the Miami Dolphins Brady takes the step and retreats. He looks left. He fires shorter touchdown Patriots inside near Left Pylon on what a fall by the quarterback to the back shoulder throw but hold on real quick there Scott Zolak back one hundred and two to ten that is the com- The combined score of the to Miami Dolphin Games this year a hundred and two to ten the other teams that have been undefeated were should say defeated winless had never had that sort of start to a bad season ended the what is I mean. We've seen bad teams. We've we've seen teams may be trying to position themselves for a draft pick before but this is the most aggressive egregious blatant tank job. I've seen it never mind the NFL NFL anywhere. Wait a minute. That's Zolak. That's him that's Zolak going Wazzan. We're going to have throw welcome to the team that Scott Zolak. Put a check mark on that. That is what quarterbacks. How did he die. I'm like yeah. He was with us with the jets. I remember having a conversation with Josh. Rosen got traded before the season and I say doc you straight. You'll even Miami for Miami Dog South Beach. You stray dog. Don't worry about it long yeah. That's why I'm not.

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