Justice: The Sheila Bellush Story, Part II


Thank you for listening to this. Podcast one production now available on spotify apple podcasts. Podcast one dot com in anywhere else. You podcasts do you own or rent your home sure you do and I bet it can be hard work you know. It's easy bundling policies with GEICO. Geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy as a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home go to Geico Dot Com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. It's GEICO easy. Visit GEICO DOT com. Today that's GEIKO DOT COM okay. So today's episode is part two of the Sheila Relish case. So if you're joining us for the first time or you missed last week's episode. You need to stop right now. Don't go any further. Go back and listen to last week's part one degree degree post. I the first degree supposed to have it in movies. Not Real Life Really Tall. Watch the media. I mean you know. People are murdered every day. But once you got somebody heard they got quite turn it around the house if they could picture of. Rescue. It's in the heart to the first degree that true crime podcast that you might end up on my name. Is Jeffrey Vinik? I'm sitting very far away from Alexis linklater and even farther away from Billy Johnson. This is week two from social distance. Podcasting for the first degree. It's been two weeks since we've seen each other since we've held each other as we've drank bullshit since I've made fun of Billy's socks what we even do. Not even wearing socks are all my gosh. No rule change no rules at all bare feet right now. I have bare feet right now. In my socks I do too. But WE'RE GONNA mind mine are good. What are what is that? Are Those they're bunnies having sex with each other? Oh from here's upside down so we're on zoom right now so we can see each other while we're talking but in Alexis just showed me her socks but they look like they looked like grumpy. Cat Faces. So I'm you know I don't think so Alexis. Isn't that basic that I need to go back to the fact that billy is going wrote without socks okay? Well what day is it billy? Well obviously it's April fool's day and but it's also two other ones that I think are even more significant. It's national jump in Muddy Puddles Day. He can't which I think is wonderful as well and it's also you can go out a little bit as long as you're not near anybody. It's also sour dough bread day and I don't know if you are like me but a lot of the people I've been following on instagram doing a lot of baking and I'm seeing a lot of people baking bread Russia's sourdough bread is the best type of Brad number one hand down so break it out. There's actually a lot days today. I was surprised that people even went to submit their day. Considering April fools is such a big day maybe they will. Maybe they're all false days though. Maybe there's also national funday and we all know that nobody's having fun today. I haven't had fun in a really long time. This is fun. This is where most fun shots from a little bit normal but other than that absolutely no fun the most fun part of my days when I go on a walk and pretty sodden itself so the only place going to walk is the cemetery where where he has a plot were using to be married so then I just go I just literally walk around and think about death and then I come back and I work on shows about death and then I'm like wow slot of death you plot location can Alexa already. Have THE PLOT location. But it's a secret I do not have it. I I will say it's right near Vampires plot where she is actually buried. Yeah what's abors? Are Fred Arman. Oh perfect well. That's enough of that. So let's turn on the lights and turn up your anxiety. This could be you on last week's episode. We took you through the labyrinth suspects connected to the nineteen ninety-seven murder-for-hire conspiracy of Sheila Belaiche. She'll abolish have been discovered brutally murdered in her home. Her thirteen year old daughter. Stevie had been the one to find her and she lets four quadruplet. Babies were covered in her blood at the scene after being left alone with their mother's body for more than six hours so today on the first degree in a twist of fate. We also have one of the police officers who worked Sheila relishes case and he was one of the first responders on the scene. Bill Culture currently works at the Venice. Police Department but at the time was a corporal in the Forensic Services Unit for the Sarasota County Sheriff's office bills daughter. Heather is actually a first degree listener in is in our facebook group and she reached out to us after hearing part one of the story and introduced us to bell so that further. Do here as well. That's just the first services you surprised a lot with We got calls US There was a homicide so please pretty much. I gather my kitchen where we go. We Response to else for l. The Crunchiness office pretty much. Half of the House and It's a fake even more complicated. I have four. Quadrant was running around the house when we When we got there wow They were corralled by the deputy and got out of the scene. It was one of the more realistic ones that I saw Only have and heard inside there. House has been for navy stuff on her love standing around or kind of scary because they're all out of the kitchen. The primary cleansing started working the wanders which has been way to the UH kitchen area. That's where She was I I consider there's a gun and shot her It went to John. Mouth and the projectile went into the back Which is like a living former living will call it that. Get a mirror about stack just guessing. She kind of turned and Ran George Kitchen. Which was you know an extra over? And that's cutters instead of Shooting her again. Why Motorola knows while she's bleeding out. the Walsall. That was talking about kitchen all issues try. You could see her Chance of winning out knowing that she's probably GonNa die. She's trying to crawl up the walls and get to the fall. That's where she actually. I is the reason we're talking about this case. There's a reason why we made it a to partner is because it gripped the nation. Sheila's case inspired author Anne Rule when most famous true crime authors to write a book called every breath. You take about the case case was featured on. Am as American justice on forty eight hours and FBI. Colonel Proceed Justin Review which begs at initial question. What exactly about this case was it. The jury people in a lot of media attention. The pictures that really you know. Let's try home. People who watch the media I mean? People are murdered every day. You got somebody who murdered they got quadruplets running around the house it was passed they can get outside on the rescue here so that that's sort of the heart. Well the pictures that showed up the media and this is where the NFL comes yet. I have four runner. I wanted a life jacket She was very very good mom and if she had to change a baby and she couldn't keep an eye on the rest of them even though she ever sliding doors shut sort of serving all she was like checking and chasing sheep. Some would say we're telling the pool at least you know Chicago. They drown Answer questions that I had to get the life jackets and the kolding because they they have trace evidence hanging over that for us and Most of most of my Detected friends and that will never let me down but I had also quads and the rescue vehicle of ambulance and We just going off of that what they have most more diverse and I gave. Oh that were hanging up. Problem was them up announced that they were sculpture costumes for Halloween themselves. But it served its purpose. They're hanging out so I know it wasn't involved in the scene graph extradite and they were redivert their customs get before this site. That bill came on at the ballot. Show-me is one. No one would ever forget. It's a little bit harder to keep track of is all of the players in this very layered case so as a refresher evidence at the scene led police to track down. Sheila's killer a twenty one year old named Joey del Toro and while Joey del Toro had been the person to physically perpetrate the murderer against Sheila. The police Sheila's family suspected that the man behind the killing was Sheila's ex husband Alan blackthorn and while they suspected the ex husband they struggled to find a connection between the wealthy retired businessman and the twenty one year. Old Del Toro. The police didn't give up and eventually the players in this case started to fall like dominoes. All making confessions along the way and the truth came out. Sheila's ex husband Allen had recruited his Gulf. Buddy Danny Rocha who then recruited golf caddies. Sammy Gonzalez who then recruited his cousin. Joy Del Toro to kill Sheila in the chain of events. That's like a deadly game of telephone. In the end everything led back to Alan blackthorn. Seems simple enough then right wrong? Holding blackthorn accountable would be more difficult than anyone could have anticipated last week. We took you through the case through the perspective of law enforcement as they were piecing things together and this week. We're going to walk you through. The culmination of what was uncovered during the investigation included the history of Sheila and Alan Black Thorns relationship. The stalking and Obsession Alan Black. Thorn had with his ex wife and the lengths that Allen went in pursuit of revenge. And there's a glaring question to address. Why exactly did Alan Blackthorn want Sheila dead? After all Allen had remarried a woman named Maureen in they had two sons Sheila remarried Jamie and hotter quadruplets. It seemed like everyone had moved on with their lives. But of course things are never as they so in order to understand what was supposed to be a love. Story that culminated in a brutal murder for hire plot spanning multiple states in conspirators. Were going to go back to. The beginning was in nineteen eighty to nineteen year old. Sheila Lee Walsh married twice divorced. Twenty-seven-year-old Alan Blackthorn in a wedding in Salem Oregon. It turns out that Sheila knew little about her new husband's past in some information about Alan is still elusive to this day. Alan claims to have been physically abused by his mother when he was growing up. He said that she burnt him and beat him but other family members dispute this information. His uncle Tom Oliver Raise Allen for two years at one point people magazine in an interview quote. It never happened. He also told people held a gun to him to get him to do his homework. It was ally he fantasizes all these things and people believe him. And Sheila Allen's marriage started this hour not long after they tied the knot and there are a number of reasons for this in Nineteen ninety-three have been charged by Oregon law enforcement with leaving the scene of a fatal accident after his car had collided with a motorcyclist killing him. He went to for this but he got a lucky break when the jury deadlocked and the state decided to drop the charges to not have to try him again. Then partnered with Sheila's parents investing in an audio equipment store but that business failed and was forced into bankruptcy. So you can imagine how this would put a strain on a family relationship in a marriage and it's at that point. Alan Move Sheila and their kids to Hawaii. Probably to isolate her. As the things between the families continued to worsen and after one year in Hawaii he moved the family to San Antonio where he decided to reinvent himself. You see this point that Allen Blackthorn actually becomes Alan Blackthorn Allen's birth name was actually Alan Van Hout but he decided that he wanted to change it upon his move to Texas and he said the change and the name was a nod to his favorite character from the miniseries Shogun and it may have been true but he wasn't changing his name just for warm and fuzzy feelings into SALGA. People generally don't just up and change their names for no reason. The truth was that Allen was attempting to evade hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt and a new name and a new city would make him difficult to find in right around the same time as Allen's name change and the families moved to San Antonio Alan escalated in his abuse of Sheila he had always been controlling and verbally abusive but now visible signs of this abuse manifested in. The form of bruise is Oliver. Sheila's face and body on at least one occasion. She checked into a shelter for battered women and in nineteen eighty seven. San Antonio Police arrested Allen for assaulting Sheila and he pleaded no contest to those charges and while this abuse continued Soda Allen's shady business dealings the following year he was sentenced to probation relating to bad checks amounting to twenty seven grand and it was around this time that she left filed for divorce from Allen which became finalize the following year in nineteen eighty eight but while Sheila was free on paper she was far from free of Alan himself. Their fight for custody of their two girls. Stephen Darrell turned into one of those really ugly battles where each was accusing the other of abuse and neglect in an effort. To win favor with the courts niece courtroom battles would span nearly ten years. They're divorced files included custody child support demands accusations and counter-accusations detailing instances of adultery and like we said Abuse Allen referred to Sheila as a cheater and a gold digger and Sheila alleged that on when sexually abused their daughter Stevie which that's a very serious accusation employed male and female sex workers in extramarital affairs and made her wear bondage gear in the bedroom. She has claimed that he chased her around their house over piddly shocking her with a cattle prod as she cried and begged him to. Stop Wall. The legal battles between Sheila and Allen remained vicious Sheila's locked started to shift when she boarded a flight to San Francisco. Nineteen Ninety two. It was on this surface flight that Sheila sat next to Jamie relish. He was a former marine and he served in Operation Desert Storm it was now working for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals on that plane. Ride Jamie was a stranger but they were married a year later so after James Sheila met on the plane and got married. There was new blessed to a degree but was tainted by Sheila's constant problems with Alan because he still had rights with Stevie and Darryl cutting that toxic relationship off completely just wasn't possible in meanwhile Allen married his fourth wife Maureen in one thousand nine hundred four. Sheila hoped that Allen's new mirrored would curb the issues between them but it didn't the following year Sheila gave birth who are quadruplets in San Antonio and the local press fawned over the babies and she became this kind of local celebrity. Mom this all really pissed Alan off and he harassed the balance has every chance he got by this point. Sheila and Jamie moved to keep Allen from knowing where they lived and started planning to move to Sarasota Florida to escape Alan because they wanted to raise their now huge family in peace away from him. So the San Antonio news media followed the stories of the quadruplets really closely and did a follow up segment on the four babies for their first birthday. She at this point was thirty. Three issue. Stunningly beautiful happily remarried and had six kids. Total and Alan persisted in the hatred and jealousy over his ex wife by ninety seven. The bad blood between Alan and his ex wife Sheila was something everyone in the equation was used to. But it's in this year that the tides turned the wheels of conspiracy were set in motion. That summer Alan blackthorn suddenly surrendered his parental rights over Stevie and Darryl to Sheila completely and that same month is when Alan blackthorn started soliciting friends of his like Golf Buddy Danny Rocha to quote unquote. Beat up his ex wife. And I have a theory about why he sort of inexplicably after fighting so hard to beat Sheila whether it's divorce or over custody or whatever I think he decided I that he was gonNA kill her so he's like I can give up parental rights because I'll just get him back killer so it's all getting back the Stepdad's not going to keep my kids so I think he was like I'll stop. Fighting is probably expensive lawyers and shed. He's like I'll just handed over and I'll just get it back. Well in his mind is probably just the easier way out. He's like oh I can just kill her. It's fine no big deal. Where now he's going this back and forth it's a pain in the ASS. He's obviously just like a spiteful piece of shit so why did you always be always be careful? If you're in a protracted fight for really long time and somebody all of a sudden and says okay. I'm good there's something behind that. Oh yeah if somebody's willing to fight that hard for something it's obviously very calculated. Move for them to just back off yet trim so in this ninety seven so they had been fighting for nearly a decade because their divorce was finalized in eight so ten years and then suddenly he's just being amenable to whatever. She wants highly unlikely but in ninety seven of that year a lot happened in that summer in the war. That is Sheila versus Alan. The balance has started the process of moving to Florida so within that timeframe is something very unexpected happened. An incident allegedly occurred between Sheila in her younger daughter. Daryl in these are again the children she shares with Allen so a lot of accusations just so you guys are aware were made during and post the blackthorn divorce when Sheila separated from Allen. It's difficult to determine which accusations were true in which were fabricated as ammunition and sort of as bargaining chips as far as getting custody of the children and fighting against each other to the Bella shes in December of nineteen ninety. Five when they head quintuplets. It was a very joyful time Francis. Anthony is named after my father a month and a half later. We interviewed a much less relaxed. Sheila Belge first week. Oh that was scary. I didn't have for two days and it was. It was pretty rough. It's overwhelming unfortunately. I do a lot of out of town travel so high. Get my wife some help. Investigators are looking into just what happened in the home. Sense there. Deputies had responded several domestic Kohl's in the home in the past year but this time Sheila was charged with third degree. Felony accused of assaulting her twelve year old daughter from her previous marriage with a belt and belt buckle off. Turn it off at the couple's home and burning today James. Belshaw asked us to leave saying we don't know the whole story. She was released on five thousand dollars. Bond custody of her daughter who is staying at a shelter may be given to the state this week. Investigators say the quadruplets were not harmed. This alleged situation resulted in felony charges being filed against Sheila for child abuse. So apparently Darryl said that she'd been beaten with a belt by Sheila which caused welts on her legs her Dad Allen Convinced Darryl to press charges and talk to the police and make a big big thing about this this quote unquote meaning. Maybe it happened. Maybe didn't but he manipulated. Daryl pressing charges against her mom so darryl later said that her father had in fact from the period her into all of this although the specifics are unknown it's he said she said so. We won't speculate further about what really happened. But it's it's key information underlying issues too because there were accusations of us towards a stool daughters or at least one of them. But I I think that came up and the investigation as well. Which is I think. One of the reasons that she was trying to get away from him and get divorced because she's She's talked about Jamie for quite a few times That's why they decided you know sort of place to be the first reason that this is key. Information is because Sheila was arrested arrested for child abuse and her daughter was placed in a shelter. This is some serious ship. The next day Sheila was released on bond and Sheila of course intended on getting Daryl back and she denied that this abuse ever happened but the court process is slow. So he's going to be slow and we can already tell Allen is a psychopath. But here's where he starts leaving tangible evidence that he actually is a cycle. Alan called the bail bondsman that Sheila was using and he posed as her attorney in an attempt to trick the employees into giving him Sheila's new address which was information that she had deliberately hidden from Allen. She didn't want him knowing where she was living. But lucky for police Allen had no idea that the company recorded all of their phone calls so a bond on a Sheila Bella alcott okay. We're trying to figure out that they'll get out data trying to figure out where they came it with her to trial. While Sheila Jamie are settling into their new home in new life in Sarasota. Sheila had no idea what was going on in the background. As it turns out Allen had already learned the address of their new home. The question is how while Alan had hired a private investigator named Chuck Chambers to Hunt Sheila. Down and he did not knowing that he was handing over her location to a total psychopath. Yes so before the Internet. It wasn't difficult to hide your address. The first thing you would do is you would actually pay the white pages. The people that ran the phone book to not include your address in there. That's what people would go through. I then people would have to go through property record search or do a DMV. Search if you remember the case Rebecca Schaeffer. Who was the my sister Sam Actress? Who was killed by a fan? He actually paid a private investigator money. To get her address he got it from the DMV and her killer travelled to L. A. Knocked on her door and shot in the head so Didn't ask questions back then. It was sort of like. Oh you want to know where somebody lives here you got. Let's do it while I've been spending a lotta time at home. I've been trying to build healthier habits and feel better about myself just by practicing some self care and I've been working with new because everyone is different new. Adjust your lifestyle. They teach you the psychology behind the decisions that you make and then he help you. Keep track of everything from workouts to analyzing your diet and recommending healthy recipes. 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If you're like me you probably have been spending a lot of time on your phone and if you WANNA take your mind off things and just have a fun time by yourself. You should check out best fiends so one of the things that I love about True Crime. Is that the further you dig into a story the more layers you uncover. And that's what I love about. Best means to the more you play the more fun it gets reaching each new level. Feels like you're uncovering new layer and a story and it's when you get to take part in and the best part is longer you play the more exciting it gets so best. Fiends is unique and exciting puzzle. Experience unlike any other puzzle games out there. They update the game monthly with new levels and events so it never gets old and they really treat the game like a service to their players. And I'm a sucker for an aesthetic so I love how Q. All the little characters are super colorful and fun so best. 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Why would somebody wake up and think about who? They're who they're going to manipulate today to get what they want. That's not how regular people thick. That's how psychopaths in it's it's why he was able to manipulate his daughter. Daryl and here's why so. What Allen did was tell people that his wife was abusive towards his children. That's what he told the private eye and it's he has a total like Bundy vibe if you watch any of the shows about him and the SOB story that he told people was. My wife is taken off with the kids. She's abusive and I need this. I need to address a need information about her. What he did essentially was manufacturer evidence of this abuse by manipulating his daughter into making the claims so his story. Everybody is that she's abusive. He needed proof so he manufactured that too by manipulating appre teenager into a selfish. You are like you're going to damage the relationship between a daughter and mother so that you can have a little pond to us at your advantage. So that's that's all of this is it's like he's just checking things off his list. How how he's going to get people to do what he wants. And completely screwing up his daughter in the process to your your your daughter forever. Yeah no he doesn't give a shit and it's just interesting that he's like projecting I mean. He was the abusive one. He's a projecting all of the shit that he's doing onto his wife who allegedly was a really good mother so not the most twisted part of it all so these people did not know that they were eating a psychopath. Hunting down in an innocent person and Alan told tons allies of how she ran off with the kids like Alexis said and played like he was a victim again. That's another thing that psychopaths do they can turn around any story and make it seem like they're the victim so at this point she lives in Florida and she thinks that she's safe. She has her guard down but all the while. The wheels of Allen's plan were already in motion in fact. Joey del Toro who is hired Hitman and his cousin seeming Gonzales. Were already in Sarasota Florida looking for an opportunity to strike on the day that Sheila went back to San Antonio for the court proceeding she needed to attend to get Darryl back and she actually does get Darryl back in. The family is all in Florida. Jamie had started working a new job the family had joined the Sarasota Baptist Church and they thought everything was going to be okay but as we all know now that wouldn't be the case and then finally after months of planning conspiring after more than a decade of harassment. Allen's plan is carried out on November seventh nineteen ninety-seven. Yeah it's a lot of emotions evolved case especially what she was laying there below before or the amount of what he footprints. The classrooms was unreal. Basically they're all standing around or rookie. That really drives that that it's really pushed. All that is what I think. I won't forget back in those days. I was single and I was married. have two daughters and as soon as you have a child when you have a case involves a child whether that child is the victim or is Child that's a big It really kind of gets you right in the heart Very you set your feelings inside until you're done and when I got home. I guess that down just shook my head just because would do something like Joey. Del Toro drove twelve hundred miles to Sarasota where he shot. Sheila in the face slashed or throw in front of her babies. Del Toro had left. A vivid trail of clues including a bloody fingerprint and was easily identified the historic aspect because both civilian. I wish war as civilized. But they're dry is to get what they can get get addictive of a suspect and then present that in court in some way for how long it takes you know saying That's a little bit. Everyone out you know. We try to Somebody screws up. They were needed a rest. You know that's what we do to keep the peace and to keep you know everybody on the straight narrow so to speak to the public or the forensic person that is A. That's a drive somewhere like a police officer. And you get the bad guys you know. Because basically a lot of these cases would not be solved without forensic technicians CSI detective of which I was. That was our goal. We got nothing you go let your you try to find the guy that did it guy or girl family closure that will force as well as you know from part one once they identify. Joey del Toro the identified the other conspirators. Del Toro's cousins samican solace in Danny Rota Allen Blackthorn Golf Buddy. The first person to face charges was Sammy Gonzales. And he was smart he cooperated right away pleaded guilty to conspiracy received very very reduced sentence. The next person he played under arrest Danny Rota in Roach was key to proving Allen. Blackthorn was the mastermind. But Allen wasn't arrested he wasn't arrested for more than two years and here's why Russia refused to talk or cooperate without a sweetheart deal in was trying to strong arm the state into giving him one. He thought that because he was the only person connecting. Joey del Toro to Allen Blackthorn. But he was he in that the prosecution would give him whatever he wanted and they eventually did agree to give him a deal so what he did was confessed everything but when he asked to take a polygraph test to prove that he was telling the truth he failed so the prosecution tosses deal he went to trial and he was found guilty of principle to murder in the first degree in with sense to life in prison for his role in the killing all while. Allen blackthorn remained free to work on his golf swing. So what I say about Danny Rocha. All he did was make a phone call and he got life in prison so they don't around with conspiracy like you introduced they go. I want to hurt or kill someone I got a guy. You're that middleman you're just as guilty any tried to with the prosecution instead of cooperating I think it was the forty eight hours. They were like. Yeah he he was stupid he should have talked right away. He would've gotten a deal. Right would have gotten twenty years but to get life you idiot turned to control the system and he ended up getting bitten the ASS reading. Yeah yeah so al. Blackthorn is still free and weeks. Turn into months. And the proof was lagging behind the suspicion as investigators worked to prove what everybody already knew. Allen was spending time with country clubs and conducting media interviews and he steadfastly denied the implications the killer and the conspirators had never met Sheila but all of them knew or knew of Alan from the golf courses where they worked and played each of them implicated allen in their confessions but none of them could prove Allen's involvement there was no paper trail no transactions. No calls between Allen and the triggermen all they had was the word Danny Russia which they could trust because of a shit credibility it was not enough evidence to win a case against a man who could hire the best defense counsel in Florida so Alan turned into San Antonio's version of OJ Simpson reporters. Were digging up dirt on his past and it was even revealed that Alan and the prosecutor had dated the same woman in the past. So it's these sensational stories like that. That were all over the news and for more than two years Allen. Smugly lived his life after he had stolen. Sheila's so insanely brutally but that was all about to change. Finally two years later at the state believed they had enough to win a conviction if they took allen trial eventually. Fbi agents and Texas Rangers invaded the Blackthorn San Antonio Mansion and they took legal documents and family photos in photograph the trove of sex toys. Trial the prosecution painted Alan exactly as he truly was a sadistic psychopath who stocked and murder. His ex wife after obsessing over her for nearly a decade following their divorce and the trial exhibit. The prosecution decided to lead with was the nine one. One call that Sheila's oldest daughter Stevie made when she found her mom's body day on I did many witnesses testified to the links on would go to in order to obtain information about Sheila. One of Allen's former employees testified that Allen ordered her to follow Sheila Home and report back the address. The jury heard that recorded phone. Call when Alan had called the bail bonds company and posed as somebody else to try to extract information from them in jury further. Learn that Allen would not speak to his daughters for months at a time but then promise he was coming to visit as a way to get the address in Cajole them into giving him information about where she was in after he got the information he needed he would disappear again. Ignore the girls for months depositions from Sheila announced divorce were also introduced in them. She told the lawyers that blackthorn have threatened to maim or kill her adding what seemed in retrospect to be forecast quote. He told me he was in a position to have somebody else do it. So Allen's defense claimed the Danny Roja did all of this in order to get black thorns good graces because he wanted to have a lucrative relationship with him thinking. This is a guy who just wanted to get a rich friend. Another theory that offense introduced that Jamie relish was responsible. Despite his airtight alibi he had an even though there was no evidence to connect him. With any of the other conspirators member it was evidence to connect the conspirators. Definitely bound blackthorn. What are we argue about today now? Black Thorns attorneys. Say they'll proven court Jamie. Belhadj is the real killer telephone calls during his girlfriend. We believe those were made by James Relish. Find out real world was because he was like Joey. Del Toro is the accused trigger man to others. Sandy Gonzalez and Daniel Roach pled guilty and were convicted in. Sheila relishes murder. So what does Jamie Bell have to say about all of this him before my life? Were you expecting something like this? Essentially sort of his AMMO. I guess you could say I truly hope they are stupid enough to to prove Jamie belge merge wife in trial. I'm looking forward to that issue that I have just said that about being stupid. That's the prosecutor guy. The blackmore's attorneys say evidence will show Jamie Bellas Alibis on the day of the murder. Don't check out here's the thing Jamie's alibis do check out and now we're going to hear from the defense attorney isn't a matter of the lawyers making allegations. This is what the evidence is turning up in both in Texas Sarasota Florida. These are what witnesses are saying. That's simply not true. Either way the prosecution was pretty excited for their key witness Danny Roach up. Who Although wasn't given a deal because they didn't believe his testimony to be reliable enough. Did still testify in this trial against Alan blackthorn. Debbie Rowe to did testify and he pointed the finger squarely at Allen as the mastermind of this whole thing. He said that Allen convinced him that Sheila was a danger to their kids and that she was an evil abuser. Joey del Toro was offered. Four thousand dollars to kill Sheila as we all know. He did now switching back to Joey del Toro the triggerman. For just a moment reminds me of a story that emily our first degree from last week told me that she heard on the news or TV show but I looked it up in. This did happen in an interview. Joy Del Toro said that he had showed up at Sheila's house in all of this information about how she's a terrible child abuser. But when you walked in the home he could see her lovingly playing with her four quadruplets. In for a second he was he wanted to back out. He wanted to call this thing off but in that moment. Sheila saw him out of the corner of her eye and with that he decided to move forward. And that's when the murder occurred but it was so goddamn close to not happening that that story's infuriating you know Joey. Del Toro did what he did. He made the decision. He made join. L. Torre was extradited from Mexico. Where he'd been on the run in one thousand nine hundred nine and in two thousand? He pleaded guilty to first degree murder and armed burglary and he was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences the maximum penalty for both charges. And you know what he deserves it but you know deserves it. Even more the person who without them she would still be alive. And that's Allen Blackthorn. Alan blackthorn was sentenced to life without parole for the murder with conspiracy charges and he would serve this all in a federal prison. Allenbach thorns death behind bars. Certain the only variable to consider it was how long the psychopath would actually live for the fifty nine year old died at the Tara prison in Indiana fourteen years after he was sentenced. Jamie bullish along the Stevie in the quads moved to his hometown of Como Lake in New Jersey to raise them as a single dad. Enduro moved in with her aunt and uncle in Oregon. So if you're not a member of law enforcement like myself like Jack like billy these cases have to get your wheels turning your head. How do these cases impact members of law enforcement who have been exposed to other homicides in the past but not one like this? Were a mother of six thirty five year. Old Mother of six is found with her four quadruplet babies standing around her after she'd been brutally killed. I mean what impact does it have on the mind and emotional state of a police officer when you talk to police officers your after. So many years of seeing lot of those. What goes on in society against most people are used to. It does change you you Keep the COP humor gone. He says so. You know laughing at when you're in the face of diversity you know just to keep you just that's we cope with it but down inside. Yeah I it just shows you a little bit. It's like you know. How could somebody is something like that? You know it's these four. Kids will never have their mom back. Saying it's IT'S JUST SO TRAGIC. And it's just heartbreaking to see that as much as it is you know a child Child has hurt whether it's gone accident or Or or shooting or by their parents Because of abuse as it gets to you and have to deal with everybody has a little Bit Different Waco says it does get now when I hear the details of this case the next question. I'm compelled to ask is why do you do it? Imagine showing up at this crime scene seeing these four babies crying seeing this dead young mother. Her husband eventually returns to the scene. He's crushed. There's her two older daughters crushed. It sounds really painful to be a fly on the wall to all the suffering. So of course. It's a question. A lot of us have for people who do really difficult jobs like fast that take an emotional toll. Why do you do it all this trained police officers while I've been a field training officer already career all thirty six years I trained people express train. People on the road It's just And I can see someone's is if they have the Pasha you just you gotTa have it at your heart to do this. If you don't John will eat you up and drive you crazy. Chance your question. I have it in my heart. I've always loved the and for the first day I was on my patrol on my own still tomorrow when I go to work. I look forward to going to work every day. Ashes and I love it. Case of Sheila Belaiche is so layered so incredibly faceted and undoubtedly Feld with so much. Pain Watt at the same time it is filled with so much triumph despite the odds despite everything working against law enforcement. The bad guy did not win. Whether it's a confusion in disgust and trying to understand how to people who say they love each other can go from that to appoint a souring so drastically that one of them wants to kill the other one in had their lover wiped from the Earth even when you do something right and if you do everything right to protect yourself when you realize you're endanger as Sheila. Did something terrible can still happen. How sometimes it feels like the bad guy is winning. But then you remember that win that victory when you're evil is only temporary and I'm GonNa end today's episode the same way and did part one of this two part series on Sheila because God damnit Benjamin Franklin has quotes for days that guy that encompassed feelings in a way I know possible the first quote. I hope that all mankind will at length have reason incense enough to settle their differences without cutting throats. The second quote tricks and treachery or the practice of fools. That don't have brains enough to be honest and I save the best for last quote wherever is begun in anger and in shame a big huge thank you to our first degree officer belt Kutcher. I'm so grateful we had you for today's episode in an extra big thanks to build daughter. Heather. Who's a listener? Who ALERTED US? To the fact that her father was one of the first people on the scene in the case we were covering in part one so this serendipitous situation is incredible. It is the very essence of the first degree. We're all just one three separation away from something like this and this is a perfect case in point. So if you've ever have the opportunity to tell us about a story you're connect you to please do because this worked out marvelously and we are so grateful you take it away verse degree story that you would like to tell us please. Email us at. Hello I greet. Podcast DOT COM falls on Instagram at the first degree at Jack Vanik Alex linkletter at Billy. Jensen join our facebook group on facebook. Just search the first degree in you will find us. We're talking all things true crime and stick around because we're GONNA kill some time and talk about the tiger king and remember only you can prevent serial killers and the corona virus. Keep your friends close and not that close in only feet away. We're going to do sixty way the longer if you guys stay away. This'll end sooner. Please stay home stay home. Thanks happy US our day. Happy jump at a puddle sources for today's episode include People magazine Tampa Bay Times Palm Beach Daily News The Herald Tribune forty hours court documents and as always our first three guests are always our largest source. All right welcome to killing time again. We are still remote from each other trying to make it feel like we're around. Were having a drink at three pm just trying to live our lives but you know how are we doing? We're good little sad over here over here. It is really sad. I I miss. You guys rely. We've been trying to have these zoom meetings like every couple of days just to pretend that we're hanging out with each other It's kind of worked but you know it's virtual life doesn't really it doesn't translate the same no share delicious pizza like we normally would or chicken. Ten Dis chicken nuggets or whatever we normally get dumplings. I'm just eating sad. A peanut butter and jellies. That's all my life better and Jelly That's what my life has come to you know. I can't cook I on my door. Blew Open from my balcony. Jesus Christ it doesn't even look like you have a door there as well as your wall just fell down door. You're crazy so we wanted to talk about Joe Exotic it is. I think it's the most watched anything right now on. Tv I have with it and We have some thoughts Alexa. Billy did you listen to the over my dead body season to the Joe Exotic one. I didn't listen to yes I did. Yes it was you think you will. I listened to the podcast and I know everything. And you really don't and this is if there was ever a case because a Lotta times when we're dealing with true crime you ask yourself. Is there enough video footage for a TV show? And they're so much footage because these people shot themselves over and over and over again not to mention the fact that they are such interesting characters and interesting looking characters that it's made for this. It's made for everybody being at home. It's made for everybody to their jaws to drop and you what I WanNa know from from you all is what was the biggest jaw dropping moment for you. Oh my God. It was like every it was. It was the aside for me when they played the the suicide footage of the Surveillance Camera. Inside where the guy who his campaign. Joe Exotic campaign manager witnessed Joe's Aside I don't think it was appropriate to use it either like I was really surprised I had read an article too. That has family. Didn't even know that that footage existed and they were watching that all for the first time and saw that for the first time in the documentary which is extremely up by. I just want to know the one thing that I've learned from being friends with the Lexus and working in true crime now is that things are always made in a very biased manner so allies manner so I mean the documentary kind of made everybody look pretty terrible so I wonder where you know. Things have kind of pushed the boundaries in that sense of like. You don't think that Carol killed her husband right Alexis I know I. Don't I think that if she killed her husband she would have been arrested for killing her husband? I think no addi- it's ridiculous. And so much of what was a documentary. Wasn't true and it's funny. Because I thought that the PODCASTS had way more information than the show they get into actually like just different things and get you you learn way more about sort of the legal maneuvering and things definitely got that. You're introduced to more characters initia- in the in the video show in the Netflix show. And I think for me the jaw-dropping dropping moment was the zookeeper who who got bit and then just decided to lose her arm or go the arm that blew me away. Yeah and as far as like what jaw dropping moments have been eating adopted in plain sight with the relief. That was the moment that was a jaw. Dropping moment The fire festival when the guy said he was going to have to perform Felicia to get the water out but this one I think trump both of them. I thought the suicide message the big moment I mean. That was just the most thing but it is. I had texted Alexis because I listen to that podcast. Awhile ago so I forget a lot of what was in it and for me what I remember most is just the job versus Carol. Kind of situation and didn't really remember that much that was beyond that in the podcast But it was just so interesting comparing I mean. The kind of they ran colts. So and that whole aspect of the other guy's name was dawn right. We're the did he come into play because I was like this. Whatever you pepper him in as a good character but I remember being like what's the does he have to do with this rivalry between these two. I guess he worked in the whole thing. He wasn't really cannot use his his whole his whole situation with all the women that have worked from since they were fifteen like that do that increasing number one but that shows the handle that he has over those women and then Joe basically hiring out people that were addicted to drugs and offering the math and that is the way that he kept them around is so but the way that they both just how to hold over. These people was just not good. Yeah and also it was a wasted opportunity to include don into that series because he should have his own because it is a call Auntie. Anne's an animal hoarder like exotic animal murder. So it's like it's interesting. Lost Him in the beginning and then kind of just forgot about him but his story with all those women and stuff is so fascinating as well. They should have gone further into his whole situation. To end the fact he was on stage with Britney for. I'm asleep as a crazy. I see what the producers we're trying to do. They just didn't follow through like if it was going to be these three cat. These three people with these big cat things whether it's is your rescue or whatever. They didn't include enough dawn. It was kind of like a throwaway thing in the beginning like I said the episode to never really mentioned him again or what he was doing. You know one of the things that I see happening right now is that you know if if everything get back to to order and by Halloween. This is going to be the costumes for Halloween. It's going to be people dressed up as JOE. Exotic people dressed up as tigers people to start dressed up as each character. This will be the Halloween costume of the season. I mean it's already the costume of the season. So many people are doing kit in their homes with their families from like the random shit they have lying around the house. Yeah but you know that there's yes. Yes and what's the next thing that's gonNA come up though because everybody's watch this now? Everybody's gone through. You're not you know it's interesting. Because of the net flicks algorithm. It's hard to find older things that are just sitting in there you know so and same thing with crime and same thing with Hulu. So what's the next thing that people are going to really going to resonate with people? It's going to be interesting. People put out though that resonates with with tiger king. I think it's a train wreck shock value. Well it's all relative you're not identified with it but it's resonating with you though in what is the the show. I mean it's just it's like. Yeah How's it? Resonated is when there is a personal connection to it. It's Oh you can't. You can't find a person that you identify with on that. Who would you fight with Probably that that long hair. I mean maybe actually know what the producer that used to work at current affair or whatever that guy who was just like I'm GonNa make a million dollars with this guy and his got burned off all guy I says. This is the footage that was in addition to all the shit that got burned there than correct. Must've I mean it was not clear to me. It was a lot more clear on the podcast. In like who's footage was what And but he also did his own and whatever another thing they missed on. The show was how many Tigers Joe killed like. There was like one throwaway line in series. That's like a youth. Anais five tigers but on the podcast. It's like the the filmmaker whose footage was burned was talking about it. He's like seeing Joe Shoot Tigers. Mad Like Willy. Nilly like Im- I understand you can't have don't with cats and then just the pendulum swing over here with Shooting Tigers on TV and Shit. But they made him look believe it or not better than he is. No I no real bad. He's even worse he actually. I mean there is something that's like endearing is not the right word. I'm looking for but there is something about him. That's attractive to a viewer. I guess and yeah he really is and I guess. That kind of overshadows the fact that he was kind of terrible person that things and people just look entertainment value. You know. I think the one thing that they did as as filmmakers is that they did set him up sympathetic in the beginning. And then you see him you see it start going and they really started getting you was you know it was it was. It was very well done the way that they started getting you to like somebody were or dislike somebody and then they flip it and I thought that was interesting in somebody. Somebody had tweeted out that that Joe Exotic is the is Steve. Irwin's Dario if you know anything about barium perfect he's as well. I mean that was a that was one of the craziest shows I've ever watched. I can't I don't know if it's crazier than abducted in plain sight or not. I kind of ducked in plain sight is so up slang thing I've ever watched in my entire life. Meet me too. It's just it's just unreal that that show. I almost don't believe this is like yeah. Put a bunch of rednecks with tigers. Does this kind of what happens in kind of legal stuff but no object inside his mind. Boy It's all like theatrical and people are doing it for show and all that shit so it kind of is believable but abduct in plain sight. All this shit happening like within a family that nobody knew me thinking. This is all okay. This is all okay. We all think this is okay like this. Is Everyone. Sort of being sucked into the dysfunction and like not who said that it was one of the profiles profiles rework. That says like psychopathy. Can't see psychopathy. You know what I mean. So when you're raising a family where there's so much dysfunction it's normalized where nobody can call it out because everyone just living it and used to it just so used to. Yeah crazy up and saying we don't WanNa be objected so we're not elaborating but if you haven't watched it you'll know about if anybody needs another. Binge objected in plain sight. So I think only it's either a three just three more new. It should have been twice a couple. It's crazier than Tiger King and I'm trying to think of any other recommendations that we have for binge-watch is for people who actually have a recommendation. I've been binging on discovery. Id murder in the heartland and then it's like it's an anthology series but it's so well done it's very netflix. Invited me for an ID show. It's really really really good billy. That's what I was emailed billy last night at like three. Am somebody. I'll forget if I don't e mail them to you about these tomorrow. I don't remember. I have to look but I was watching murder in the heartland land. They're using all these really cool shots so I was like. Oh this is a good idea. That's a good idea. But it's it's a really good show if you guys haven't if you'd like Eddie and you have access to. I'd be okay. Well we killed enough time. We're going to go. I guess. Talk to each other all more out of this. Time does fifteen o eight.

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