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AWTY 47 - Ape Milk (Tokyo Ghoul)


Yeah hello and welcome tour an exploration and education and anime. I'm your anime idiot Patrick Dugan. I'm an anime expert Dana Hollander and Brenda McCullough your anime smooth skin <hes> as smooth skin. He got some gaps for me. We're not take your car down here but we'll take those caps going for the best anyways see the only kind of Google's I know from fallout okay I heard caps and I figured but anyway and it was a reference Brendan made that I immediately latched on breath rather than the intro going high wonder only one on from the seventies eighties reference something for someone else sometimes get you in another. Thanks Brendan. We'll take anyway. Here's a hint just a reference another anime. I won't know it might not know it fair so yeah what what's up for today how how great so we're going to have a little bit of Spooky nece today a little bit of Halloween in July and we're going to watch the first three the essence of Tokyo Ghoul <hes>. I know that's a show I heard <hes> I like I said last time this is one of those shows that I started and never finished fished despite enjoying it for some reason and I think I'll talk about why after we watch it <hes> but do you brandon. Do you have any experience yeah I know I've seen a lot of like fan art and like characters and stuff. It seems to be very popular. Show so you go into convention stuff. You see a lot of 'cause play. It was very when it came out yeah I the thing is about zombies indoor goals and that's about all I get great. I think he came out during the walking dead the flood so it's Kinda like more zombies and I didn't I didn't give it and yet <hes> it came out or the anime came out twenty fourteen. The Mango was twenty twelve <hes> okay yeah. That'd be like peak walking dead yeah so this is more recent than I thought I think I'm thinking of something else when I thought this was popular when I was in like eighth grade and like two thousand eight so that's not the case no is it did not exist. You know you're thinking of Budapest shambles another word for ghosts. That'd probably be better yeah anyway problem but anyway to pass band sheets alliteration Banshee is an Irish spirit. It's serves a specific purpose this sorry I know that's not getting to the monster war folklore boyfriend handbook. Yes sutri three anyway yeah so shall we get spooked. ooh that good summer weaned. Shall we put this into art spooky blooded murder her. How do we bring the podcast again? Let's just screw for us before he'll create. Oh did you get anyway. He GonNA haunch he go too much into your face. I have said anyway at least like five times. In the last seven minutes can't caveat this is earlier than we normally. It's story for some yeah but let's get started. Let's let's talk about these episodes his talk about these rules these very attractive <hes> enemies just trying to get us the fuck things. We shouldn't fuck. I Monster Movies Tom. Ya You ever seen the shape of water. Oh God his his but okay. That's different anime so we'll find it before. I are watching it. I was like really excited because I remember liking it a lot. I remember being like really haunted by so I was like Ooh here we go. I'm excited to get into that mood so we open on a shot of what I believe is Tokyo Tokyo Tokyo and we hear a police radio and they're talking about an intruder alert and we're shown an aquarium in what I think is an apartment and a sexy lady tossing some bloody people around. That's sounds like my Friday night honey Ariz and then we hear on the police radio that the suspect is thought to be a goal so we find out right off the bat that like this world knows about goals they know about the existence of these things. It's not a secret or at least not um so we cut back to the apartment and the sexy lady is having her way with these men and by that I mean she's eating them. Have your way into their organ delay says and then some dude comes in and he calls her the binge eater. He says like Oh what a mess. You've made no wonder they call you the binge eater and he's he's there to fighter he wants to he's been told to take occur alive but that doesn't mean that he won't torture her first and he's like I'm GonNa cut off your Lindsey a dengue girl and she is not afraid because she's got her own tricks. A purse leave Steve. She's wearing sleep. I was GONNA say I don't even have sleeves and then he like lunges at her and then there's some crazy spiky shit that comes out of her her and she kind of distracts him by using it to break the aquariums glass and she takes his like instrument of torture. Just seem like plots what I put put-down. I put pliers with a question Mark Yeah. There's they keep getting treated like these <hes> super duper elite weaponry and yeah. It's like Bolton Matters Yeah. What is the strange? I'm I think they're just pliers. Restrict wirelessly come on fine dissociate takes them and tosses them off the building and then we get the title screen but now opening which I was exceedingly disappointed by teased attack I love the opening it is about. We can address that fucking good. I think it's so good but that's just me I. I've I've realized I've never seen the show but I've heard the opening plenty of times from different people covering it or playing it in like a party or something like I've heard the opening a lot in Italy stout is as I watched the whole video about the symbolism in the opening and stuff yeah but so then after the title screen is just like a normal like fall day looks really pretty pretty some yellow leaves lovely <hes> and there's a news broadcast of reporting a bunch of unidentified men that were founded Tokyo and there was Google Saliva on them so so this is a crime schooling so this is all going on and like a cute little cafe and there's a blond boy laughing at his friend because he want a girl to a bookstore for their first date and the boy he's laughing at is connected Ken the main character and this blonde boy is named he day and they are very good friends and then he days like take her anywhere else like why take her to a bookstore and he's like oh I could take her to like a hamburger place and he's like dog do that worse worse and he's like okay well like where would you taker and he was like I would take her somewhere like I know that she's interested in and he was like where have you taken girls on dates before and he's like 'cause they're both bad with girls. Oh Roy content. I'm sorry I can't watch his show about very attorney. Chadd if I can tell that dipping only wash Joe Joe Joe Joe Fox and he's also they're also all very tall and very muscular so. <hes> <hes> they're just they're just dudes guys being dudes hanging out teasing each other and he kind of looks around the cafe and he's like ooh is she here yet is it that waitress and then the waitress comes over to get a heat as order and he very shamelessly as just like are you saying though he also a calls for over she's taking orders from another table. Who's excuse me waitress and my calls rover to then? It's not even like flirt just really just. I didn't know how your number WHOA tear. There's absolutely no subtlety to it or charm yeah so after that awkward moment <unk> a Toca the waitress gets away <hes> the girl comes in she has purple hair and red glasses. She sure stands out <hes> seems the main she looks like someone we've seen before at least anyway he leaves and wishes Kentucky Look and he kind of Kentucky keeps eyeing her and she takes etc book and it is a book that he recognizes wow a talking point they make eye contact us reading yeah <hes> so then we cut to heat who's like on the street and and <hes> he's like wow you got so lucky connections on the other end saying yeah. I can't believe we like the same author and on on the street that he is on. It looks like it's a crime scene and while so oh connect says yeah we're going to go to the bookstore on Sunday which is sweet and then we get some after he day rides off on his bike. We get some Goule Info from the police a little a little bit of information. They don't do one big info down in this episode. They kind of do a couple like a couple of smaller ones so in this one we hear that ghouls can eat one human body and be able to sustain themselves for one month but lately there have been these cases of binge eating where ghouls have just eaten a bunch of people at once to get bull yeah. Ah Police policeman is like yeah if only they'd go after the bad guys only sewing power-hungry sort of killing off who they saw as bad people that'd be great. That's never gone wrong before four and then it's daytime there at a restaurant and they're talking about books nerds and then Kentucky like chokes on his food or something so he starts coughing and then the girl whose name is re say he says her last name to he day but like I already know her name is re say and I can't remember what her last name is. She leans across across the table to make sure that he's okay and then he gets just like a real big. What's the word I'm looking for? He can see your titties. He gets a good view the leaning over in his ad he's like I feel better now. I have a complaint I watched the first two episodes dubbed man. I like almost every actor except set Kentucky. He just sounded like really pouty. All the time. There was moments in later episodes where like where oils emotional scene sounded good but then when it was just like every day SORTA talk twig mundane dialogue sound kind of it was just weird. I don't know but I mean he's. He's a Weiner character so he's he's a big baby. That's yeah he's a big crybaby. I I forgot about that yeah so she she a shot yeah and then connect remarks on the fact that she's not eating uh and she's like oh actually on a diet so and then she goes to the bathroom to powder her nose in L._A.. That means cocaine <hes> well. They're not in L._A.. What does it mean in Tokyo Saab snort some of that good really going and then going to ride that green dress yeah and then we cut to the evening the data's over and they're saying goodbye to each other and then resale kinda nervous in connect? He's like Oh yeah okay and she's like yeah. I'm just kind of worried because all of those <hes> binge eating attacks folks have been in my neighborhood so I'm scared home but it was cuter than I need a small weak man. Just remember you don't have to be the fastest you just don't have to be the slowest good point and the rules are always fast faster than the slowest person <hes> and then they're walking home. They're walking to her apartment or whatever and there's just more flirty banter the talking more about books than a little bit about he day and then Kentucky talks about his dead parents shoot which is so romantic and then he said and then he says Oh. I've I haven't told anybody this except he day and she's like Oh. Thank you for telling me thanks for trusting me and then they run in dates and the orphan real hot. You're north. I'm an orphan well as Hamilton reference but <HES> didn't go far <hes> and then they run into coca. She's in the neighborhood for some reason and her in resale like acknowledge each other and then they stop and connect says that he'd really like to see re say again he thinks they had a nice time and then re say says that she's had her eye on him too and she <hes> goes up to him and like leans on his chest and she says I want you as much as you you want me and she bites his shoulder hunch. Mantra is go blackened wed eat and she bites his shoulder. 'cause she's a goal of course. She said she was on and that diet is of human human flesh. I believe that's what whole thirty is but I'm not sure. I think that's funny anyway. Thirty is a Diet Brenton. Okay the diet industry is a sham. Don't pay attention to that's fine so brutal he she does that and he's like. Oh no way no fucking way. Oh my God this is happening <hes> not in a hot way time he's very and she says she wants to rip his organs out. Nothing gets her hotter than when she can rip out a guys organs whose defenseless to which I say hot <hes> teach him here now <hes> so a chase scene ensues she has like some wacky like tentacle stuff coming out of her back. It's just like bright red and kind if propelling her forward and he is book in it from her because he obviously doesn't WanNa get eaten and this is where like the English voice actor for connect you like his stuff works because he's horrified <hes> he's in this prime terror are filled room and so they're at a construction site and connect he is backed up against a wall and re say is closing in but fortunately some steel beams get cut loose and they fall on on both of them and we say oh before that re say stabbed Connec easy and said like Oh you died but I don't know if that's actually true but reese as dead now rip us now from like a blown off some stuff yeah so then connect he isn't a dream state and he hears doctors around him talking about how he needs a transplant <hes> how his like Ab Abdominal area is just like all fucked up and he's like swimming away. He's like he's in a body of water any swimming away and then re say comes up behind him and drags him back down and he wakes up and one of his is is a goal. I who the doctors were also talking in that dream state about how the transplants are coming from her as well. She's you don't use these anymore might as well throw him in him. If she was an organ donor fair game he also had no kin to sign off his transplant which convenient yeah so then he's shown trying to eat deep. He can't do it. He says like I just can't like this tastes awful to me <hes> and then the doctor comes to talk to him and he says the nurses say you haven't been eating anything but you seem fine and Kentucky connect says no matter what I do like it tastes like garbage to me and the doctor says the doctor says that it's probably psychological trauma because he's been through a big thing he's probably just readjusting <hes> and then he's out. He says he feels totally different. He says he feels like whatever happened. With re. Say was a dream. It didn't feel real <hes> he gets home and finds that he day has brought him a bag of a bunch of food that he likes <hes> <hes> which is very nice he is a good friend and he doesn't want to eat it 'cause he knows that he won't like it and then he's watching a newscast where it's like a press conference <hes> talking to some people about ghouls so we get more information here. Goals don't eat human food because it's not nutritious for them. In fact it could be detrimental to their health so because of that it tastes terrible to <hes> so Kentucky is like having a moment he's having a revelation he goes and tries to eat the food that he daybreak for him and everything he eats. He just vomits it up because it tastes so terrible and this is the part that I including his favorite hamburger. <hes> this is the part that I remember so vividly because I just the first time I watched it. I remember thinking like I was so sad like I was like how terrifying. Defying must be to suddenly be this monstrosity and like that single tear rolling down his cheek and he just says this can't be happening it. Just it gets me. I don't know why but yeah I know. It's like a big moment the whole time. I was just like you can shut the door. You're letting the coin out of the fridge so immensely distract my gaze transforming the whatever that fridge has been opening too long close Alfred. He's incompetent. Oh you're a monster but don't be a monster so he has been calling him but he's not answering and he days with some dude. That says Oh he's not answering your phone calls. You should just fucking cut ties with him. Fuck that guy and he as like hospital. I'm not GONNA do that. My boy is went through life or death situation. I'll give him more than a few days <hes> <hes> and he leaves Connec Lia message about the author that he likes having a book signing so he should go to it so connect you decides to try. He goes out. He's wearing a hoodie because for some reason he thinks that will help <hes> <hes> but he misses it he missed the book signing shucks Dr and then as he's walking home his stomach growls and he is hungry and he just fucking loses his mind his his mind is is going absolutely ape shit. He wants flesh CS. You'll bad hasty morsels food everywhere. It's a buffet he runs home and looks in the mirror and he sees his July and re say behind him. Uh any punches his reflection 'cause he's like fuck that bitch no and that's when he remembers the doctors saying the thing about the organs <hes> how they're going to be coming from re say <hes> and he remembers also that ghouls schools can't be hurt by knives. I forget I don't know where we hear that but <hes> he tries to stab himself in it doesn't work the boys Goule now Dang it and so all Sabido he's a he's out on the town hungry for flesh. He smells something tasty and follows his nose. It does not fruit loops can't see what did you do it. Here's another reading it's another goal. I have to get my school feeding and he like introduces himself and he says I haven't eaten in a really long time so I can't really share but like do you want this and then he's cut off by a guy that just comes a fucking kills him keeps US handled his head off and says that these are his feeding grounds and he thinks that connect is there to hunt and connect us like I'm not look I'm super not I'm so sorry please and he's holding him by the throat and he compares the situation to walking in on his like his girl fucking somebody else and the guy being like I didn't do it. Which I think is a bit much coach? Kill someone I think this guy has been extra yeah and then Tokyo swoops in and she says these aren't you're feeding grounds. Dude get the fuck Outta here and she's played by the same woman that plays a sale phantom hyphen in Black Butler in the English dub and I can't sounds like to me <hes> Bo shows have eyepatches yeah so Tokyo in the sky or kind of just <hes> insulting each other and then they fight <hes> and she runs at him and then he says that all you have Toca and she says wait for it and then just like a bunch of cuts show up on his legs and I was like that Roz fuck. I love you. Also Lou another Hamilton reference. Oh yeah so she offers CONNEC eat at hand. She offers arm of the corpse. 'cause she's like you're. You're obviously hungry you you have to eat and he doesn't want to take it and then the theme song starts playing who and Kentucky is having a breakdown and he's like no. I'm human like if I eat that I won't be human anymore but I'm human human. I swear like I can't do this and that's when she realizes that like he was the one that was with re say when she died and <hes> he like oof oof. This is another minute moment where like I think this might be. Why like the theme song so much to is just like the music going along with Kentucky's breakdown is like magic? I love it so well and he says he doesn't. They want to hurt anyone. He's like I could never hurt a fly like now. I have to kill people to eat. I can't do this and she just gets tired of this and she runs up to him and put some flesh in his mouth and that's the end of episode one a lot of information a lot of stuff happens his life is forever changed and then we did a brief little scene at the end of the credits. Did you know yeah it was interesting. It was just a quick summary. Hey remember that go killed right away. That offered can okay what's his name Kentucky Kentucky the Guy that offered Kentucky food together here's his life. He's a yoga instructor. He would do this and then he went to this and then he couldn't eat for a while and anyone crazy need. Someone did aw a cool little somebody would hate. I wasn't just like here's what that character was so you're not wondering yeah interesting and I think every episode has a little scene after the credits a little marvel movie esque so I didn't say theoretically Dan. I'm a bad anime expert so then we did episode to and to force feeds connect you part of the corpse and he tries to make himself Puke as trying to reach reaches handouts there but can't so she just starts beating them up a little bit because that's what you do when someone's going through a traumatic experience just throw them around and alleyway and asking if she's a Mosser. What is he kind of saying like? If if you hate your goal so much then like one mile or what are you sort of thing as she says like basically saying like at least you've got to be human. I've always been a goal and it's always fucking sucked ass so you got to enjoy eating cake and being carefree free itself for a while but we never had that most schools don't so and then she throws the head of the guy that was killed earlier Adam and he starts freaking out again kind of remembering like yeah. There's a body in the salloway still shit. We are so much blood it just became the paints and we get the opening and as the first real opening buys the music. Dan and yes solid BOP solid. It's so we'll get a lot of my chemical. Romance is from it hell yet than we get Kentucky scene of Kentucky in his room kind of looking at a package and then we get a flashback to them back in the alley way with Togo and <hes>. She says he's not he's not a human like she can tell who is and who isn't a goal as sure as humid with that I so I don't know what you are and in this old man shows up in this Butler e outfit come on. Let's take him in and she's like what are you. What are you talking about? We can't take him in and he says it's our policy to help fill the goals in their time of need so he's kind of like a gould caretaker sorta wise old figurehead character uh-huh and he brings them into this coffee shop. He runs and we find out the coffee shop is named the same thing as the organization Tang. You didn't write it down sound like that. So you're taking turns out. They were in earlier in the first episode but it's that this is the group that was dividing up territory after Reza was killed so find this old guys a goal and that is really scared to try his coffee not because of the hat so far has made a throw up and he's disgusted but once he's once he tries he finds is able to drink it. Because for some reason Gould's could drink coffee share. Dare I hope swanky and pretentious the only reason I hope they explained Golfie. They don't explain the upsets. You watched and it'd be really dumb if they're just like they can only drink coffee. That's the only human to Bligh I mean I think I'll be real with you. I think that's it like I think it's just a thing that doesn't necessarily need to be questioned like it's my question it all right. Thank you if they don't explain it down so after he drifted coffee starts crying again because that's what he does best and the old man says he can give he gives a connected like an envelope and he's saying like this'll there's a help you with your cravings like if you start having a craving again like open this up and come back when he needs more so the old man trying to help him out and he tells Toga to that he's had his after after connecting leaves he tells to hear that he has organs replaced with res as and that's why he's like becoming a goal and that it was a big news story so that's why he caught his attention and this is something that normally happens so and then back mccomb Kentucky's Gimmickry again and he's hallucinating and seeing reason again because he's got his Oregon her and that's what happens if you're an organ donor imagine that'd be so much more traumatic Matica daughter loosen hallucinations of the past life. I got that Info for you. If you want please go ahead. There's no reason God damn it. They can drink they can drink coffee and water and but they can't digest human food because it's like bad for their body but someone says on this red thing says my guests. There's something in coffee beans that enable slash allows goals to digest it bothers snake. They can eat it 'cause they can eat it I mean why is this the Internet what they spent so much time focusing on that they can't eat human food but it's something that connect some goals to humans. I don't know anyway he goes home and he's open the package because he's getting the cravings and he's freaking out trying to resist it and that's when. Hi honey hood his friend day. I didn't read enough for most of the episodes say I didn't realize was named US and when he gets much Zabloski snap himself out of it and he decides next he's going to go out and try and get some fresh ear now he's wearing as I patch because he can't control his goal. I is activated so he's just wearing it just to be safe and his special special high but brand and we see his friend like behind in the distance and we see them just running up to but we see you hear them. As interesting as he's robby really enjoyed hugs Janaki wraps around me were there other you've been been trying to get in contact with you and we flashback them as kids and then meeting and been childhood French for longtime shouted conveniently and so weird how that works spent says he's going to he's out on an errand and he's got a run over to the sheet Nishi Goddamn. I wrote all these names down but this is what I can't read them for the life to me if he spelled like it. I didn't write it down doesn't matter Nishio Nishi as an upperclassman and he's got to run an errand forum. You can take long. It'll be real quick so when he goes. Oh Oh yeah I just grab some data or whatever for class turns out. They're all in college. My default mentality is all enemies high school so it's good to find out that in college and not just like fourteen living by himself again thank God birtles and the grab some data from Nishi and I will be good to go and as they walk in he's with a girl. The girl gets on Baron runs out and while they're walking taking his friends saying like Oh yeah you kind of sick you should eat more kind of showing that his friends pretty perceptive and like can notice things foreshadowing ish say they walk in on me. She girlfriends runs out. He's like Oh God. Dammit you should not you can't just is coming to my territory. Not Tell you know not expect me to know about it and it's kind of like he before and Nishi turns around and up. It's the guy from the other night who tried to kill Nikki. We're all ooh ooh and three's a crowd. Am I really need you. They lock is I'm just like Oh gee you and the kind of remember but they don't do it in front of a friend so you say oh yeah that did I got it's it's at my house. It's not it's not here at school so we gotta go to my house and get it and communities. Friends sounds like Oh yeah. We'll just you know don't worry about it. We can hang out some time. He's like I'll go. I'll I'll go along to it'd be it'll be good to get out of here. You know see some more of the town I haven't seen for a while and cookies search wondering like if there's more goals around lately or if he's just noticing it now because <hes> when they're in that office he notices any she had a bunch of coffee all over the place so it's kind of like <hes> people who drink coffee or ghouls. They don't just drink coffee because our college students need to work long hours. They must be monsters must be that's the only explanation I have for people who drink black coffee. I don't drink coffee at all. You're all oh cool sorry I don't like and so as they're going to need house to get some food on the way the little Africa the names non-hockey billfish cakes with a red bean paste in it what they're called. Yeah I want one else they who tasty and so they also always tasty Kentucky is like I can't eat this. It's like human food gross me out like Bologna. She see me she just bite into it was pretty good he can eat it can eat and they keep walking and as he turned a corner until like overpass or like an alleyway early tunnel or something and and they're like underground parking all above yes they turn a corner and easy just true haunts he day like down the alleyway into the darkness is the early enough of him and he should just turns and Attacks Kentucky and says Oh you were going to eat him worse. You your friends for so long your tickets trusted with trae him at the last thing that always makes it more like tasty that makes them so much more scrumptious S._O._U.. Ended it wasn't it wasn't as whaling into Kentucky and can I know he's my friend. I wouldn't have done that childhood friends and he's punching through the chest. Fucking Kung Pao style blue holder a shift is the Oh yeah he's he's still functioning after that and as he purchased a he he pulls he reaches into his mouth and pulls out the food he ate from Roy and he's like Oh God disgusting like I couldn't have by close out the food he ate you mean he vomits so I thought he like literally reached into his mouth and pulled it out yet he does reaching. I thought he thought he threw up on him. Cause in the English dub. I mean it's not that important in the English dub he does it and then he says like Oh look. I ruined your meal so I thought that he liked barked on he'd I I heard her. I took that as like stepping on Monday and he starts bleeding from like being kicked so I thought that it'd be on yeah yeah so new. She's kicking and kind of Taunting Kentucky Toying with them because he knows he's more powerful as we get new. She's weird. Blue Tentacle thing comes wrapping around his leg leg so he's got the same thing had but it's blue and his leg yeah and before he does more childhood flash bags exited the very first time they met and the little boy. I'm I'm going to be your friend. I don't know anyone else that old stick and when we come back from the flashback or low power friendship and zombies CONNEC Nike's for his own tentacle bullshit like explodes out of his back and he attacks Nishi and just lays into him pummeling him into the ceiling and it just stabbing with tentacles over and over again through his entire torso and we've just launched into a bar the bars on the window jail bars or like a sewer grate or something but he gets lauch donen stuck to the skin peeling off his face and he just gets caught up and I don't know if he dies from this I think about him later. He doesn't okay but we just see his body dangling just blood everywhere so it's just kind of like would surprising if he did die yeah those tentacle things I I don't know what it means but they're called. Coggin a yeah I ended up running next seas. They're called Chicago and apparently all the goals have this and after he fights them he starts trying to resist the earthy he himself. He's like struggling with himself again and he's running around and see all the blood in the entire parking structure and togas shows up before he can really get the munch on and she says I like this because she says I don't care if you see your friends but I'm really gonNA be here for a solid like five minutes to try and stop you from eating your friends well. If you didn't care you wouldn't have said so and as as he's trying to resist eating he's getting more aggressive is like I'll fight you for him. Why don't you come near him that she's like? Oh you WANNA go scrub. You want US lay down okay and we see it'd be needed a beating. You'RE GONNA learn to your place son and we see her like cognate kind of coming out to certainly she's kind of going into early Goule mode and then I forget his name all the time connect connect. You caught your first names calf make character. I've said fourteen times now forget it for some reason how to pronounce we say differently every time to I know it's not good. This is why I give people nicknames connect you wake up in the old man's like coffee shop and he's fine. He's you know any of the scratches are cleaned up and he's not like feral anymore. He doesn't have the craving and they were mainly talks. Over bet shows oh yeah he'd as a bandaged up in this other room. He's resting right now so like he safe. Don't worry about him can onery as a county calm you down like what did you do so I can know how to do it before. All guys just basically blood's the only thing man hate to tell you but bloods thing that calms down goal so we put some blood your mouth while you're asleep. It's weird but go with it and can aqui search crying again because it's what he does best just Niagara Falls and ceaseless. He's wondering like I I'm a half read. I'm not human my goal not either. What do I do know your half breed so you the people of both worlds but you can fit into either is like she urges and stuff so we get as talking to get a shot of Toga at her room and she's all bandaged up and there's a butterfly in there for some reason an must've been open yeah okay and he's talking about how Tokyo like helped him drag the back him in the back and stuff and so they leave and we see he was awake the whole time he was listening to their conversation about his best friend being cool and then we get a cut to two guys on top of building looking over like the rainy city talk it and they're talking about like the binge jeeter and Jason which does the guy we saw earlier because he's wearing a jason mask and they said there are two s rated subjects in the area and Shit's going down in this area and we see the one of the guys is like an older kind of crazy scientists leading guy and and he smells the pliers who's running over find suppliers from the first episode that were tossed aside and it looked like he was able to smell them or sense them somehow he didn't see it and it seems like they're kind of anti Google squad and that we did the ending and after the after the credits we get a little scene of Kentucky or Nishi Talking Sangley the human food he ate earlier tastes like Shit and we get a shot of connecting Tana Romilly? Why do you knew at Horseshoe taste? It's like whispering to everyone else. Mealy Nishi torsion pass it on and I'm sad I'm here so it was a little fun little seen instead of like an info dump so the chiefs on the mood after all. All this murder that's credit scenes or for just the little pallet cleanser are depressing stuff more lighthearted murder so getting to the depressing Steph we have episode. We see mysterious man shaking down a doctor for another what's it he says Pliers Pliers yes uh-huh so yeah he gives more <hes> pliers to <hes>. It's the guy we saw that first seen in episode one Jesus Mysterious Stranger and <hes> we see behind a curtain in the doctor's doctors room. There's a woman and a child hiding trying not to get eight. Tell them so. I'm back at the cafe back at the cafe. Okay <hes> Yoshimura. Who's the Butler dude? I will now call Alfred out the rest we do we actually ever learn name or was I just not paying attention. I had my well. I had my subtitles John so they had the characters name basically for every line of dialogue which was very helpful. I forgot their name interesting. Does that make connect you Batman <hes> <hes> this is just fucking. The blind is in Oregon. It's always black butler. This is what you like that so much as black butler is that Ma'am okay so these how to make coffee he agrees to like help work at the cafe to be among the goals and sort of get the hang of this and and <hes> Alfred warns him that <hes> being in the cafe is tricky because it is open to human so you got to not just let your cool flag fly it. Keep it keep it under wraps because you never know when a humans going to be in there because <hes> because they're all they're all. They got to deal with them in real life to be day is in the cafe say he's thinking Toca Yeah Yeah. That's the name yeah okay <hes> thanks her for saving them in the or finding them in the back Galley when when they were attacked wink wink nothing. Nothing bad happened just just some friendly mugging my right friendly muggy give you a hug the shit out so she plays it off. <hes> and Tokyo tells connect e that he can't let he they know that he's a goal or she will be forced to kill him on must spot because can't let that info get out but he already knows don't Dun Dun drama <hes> so <hes> <hes> the woman in the doctor's Office Ryoko <hes> comes in looking for Alfred <hes> because they need help <hes> they need someone to take care of them since the doctor is being shaken down by by <hes> Jim Mystery man what I had had his name because I had the subtitles on you more at your Maury Yeah Yeah I can't remember if that was established beforehand the yeah the doctor tells them anymore but then the like inspector guys from the last episode just call him Jason Because he wore Jason Hockey Mask Gotcha okay yeah cause some characters like we'll get to it. They just give us the name when they're supposed to be a mystery so I'm like I don't know what is what yeah so. I'm playing it safe for plot reasons so <hes> they <hes> it's <hes> Ryoko and I believe her daughter named <hes> where John Yeah he met me. They are going to be staying at the cafe for a little bit and Toko warns connected to beware the people with briefcases of the doves as they're are known which are the goal squad Google aforementioned Google squad sounds like a Scooby Doo movie Bush the goal school. That's different cool spot equal to the very bad movie monster squad. How dare you it is a bad movie? I have not seen it anyway so we go to the government headquarters as they're <hes> being briefed of these investigators about the extra activity in district twenty and and we see a hotshot young detective that we saw on the roof with crazy man earlier this is a mom and the crazy man is motto they are partners and they are out out on the hunt for ghouls and suppose really help with the character names so basically they're they're out assigned to the twentieth ward to investigate B.'s <hes> <hes> pliers that were found and all the binge eating murderer sorry <hes> Steph so <hes> Kentucky <hes> tries eating again with Alfred and Alfred teaches him how to fake it basically just swallow it whole pretend you're chewing and throw it up later before you get sick from digesting it believe me a- great great habits to now he can sort of hang out with heat and pretend to be normal person again woman. I am also here man. How do you do I would like to your human food? I knew sure more I mean yeah we alpher gives him some quote unquote sugarcubes sugarcubes in his coffee that will help his appetite and when connect he asks what they are. He's like don't worry about it. I don't know well if they really don't know you don't want to know so based on the credits. It's Hor Shit so in in turn for all this help <hes> <hes> Alfred assigns him to go food shopping and connects freaking out like Oh. I can't murdered I can't I can't be a boy Alford's like hey shut up and just go. It's not that hard so he goes with someone named you'll know who's another ghoul <hes> and they go out to a rural like mountainside cliff road <hes> they pull up to another car and <hes> Kentucky of course wins against the guard rail and falls over and <hes> he he goes he. He's going cool he he the stops his fall but he sees a body at the bottom of the cliff so the way they can get human bodies without killing people is finding people who have killed themselves on this cliff and will eat those bodies so just some super sweet pleasant just not grim at all lovely makes more sense than all the vampire stories of like we drink in cow blood. It's like but if you have a weird niche diner just humans I dunno cows of substitute yeah. It's still some IKI stuff. Oh it's Vicki. That's for sure anyways so basically <music> throughout this we get several shots of the detectives. Basically shaking down ghouls <hes>. It's basically the same every time so I'll just say it happened several times they say hey. What are these pliers? Let me beat you up and hurt you. You you fucking idiot. I don't know for being Goule yeah so going back to the cafe. Alfred says hey you should get a mask <hes> so Toko <hes> take them to who will make you a mask to it's that kind of secret society wink. We're swinging to your kid. Also we can also please put your keys in the so they go to a mask shop <hes> where Ruta my favorite character under a sheet just waiting to spook someone who comes in love just the single scene and like just like the scenery like an his shop. I'm just like I already loved this character like he's already the best character issues of our this would also it would be my favorite part of being a cool getting a customized mask I in it for the accessories. All aw I want the cool stuff you do these crazy powers in Europe superstrong need to defy debt to gay Kost tell about that though was the contemplate situation here so Ayutthaya is asking him all these questions trying to figure out his personality to make him a mask and well. They're chatting. He's also talking about <hes> Toko trying to figure figure out her deal and like yeah. She loves humans. She's trying really hard to fit in but <hes> she can't get too close so that's why she's kind of standoffish. <hes> 'cause it sucks being Google Strangely ooh weird <hes> <hes> so <hes> on their way back <hes> CONNEC in Tokyo are talking about <hes> He Nemi <hes> and sort of how she's also having a rough. Halftime because she's just a little baboo and we kid he's got a she's got to eat these people <hes> so connect he goes to check in on her and is she's. He's mansion away on a person who and just seeing the little kid. Do It makes him freak the fuck out even though this is like the Fifteenth Corpse. He's seeing this this past two days well. It's not even a full forecourts is just a slice of like red blond. Stay was fine yeah but once again like you said it's like you've seen this plenty of times. You've eaten meat already yeah. It's not like you lived Vegan until you became a google leave yeah so he he freaks out leaves and it was like hey that's not cool. I do that too now so he brings back a cup of coffee and and they start chatting and learns that they like the same author so he's helping her learn some words that she doesn't know and <hes> decides that since she can't go to school and she's learning adjusts from reading he will take it up to teacher some new words every day and as acute low moment. We'll we'll ghoulish friendship. I honestly with this. I was afraid that with A._D._p.. Of like bloody audie meat does probably human but Morley. She's too young to be drinking coffee at the same time yeah if they got or why didn't you just bring her water occurred what water it down make a DECAF. Don't don't get her hook that young fair Pacino Skim Milk Cocoa Probably Kill Mill disgusting human milk food. Oh God what if they just use human milk anyway you know hey there's a whole new line of dairy products on the market. Now we college ape milk swore we see another of attack they they followed the the people that are attacking earlier to attack more people and get more info on the pliers <hes> and then last shot we see a mysterious stranger walk into the cafe and that's where it ends but I I got his name because we had subtitle this is <hes> sukey Alma new he's played by j Michael Tatum in the English dub who plays Sebastian English dub of Black Butler <hes> Tien. He's like one of my favorites favorites. I love him. I think he does such a good job with whatever voice he does. The always sounds the same. He's like he's data and Kia like he always plays those characters but he also like he set like. Oh my God yeah he when he needs to yes exactly anyway we feel. That's our show yes. Are we there yet I I enjoyed my time with this. I think my favorite aspect was just they're sort of like world building of this like Google Society because it's not I do like that like the human world is aware of ghouls and they're like hey this. This is just something we have to deal with we. Let's just hope we aren't murdered rather than most monster shows going like it's a secret underbelly. Humans have no idea these schools are even there and then we just get the same tropy like oh <hes>. We have to hide this from everyone rather than just like. Don't tell your friend you are a goal. They know there are rules. They just don't know you are Google the difference of like hiding from Personal Reuters and friends and stuff versus hiding from all of society the monsters out there yeah it's it's a little refreshing because it would have just turned the like detective investigation until like a regular police procedural of WHO's doing these. He's grisly murders <hes>. Oh weird a serial killer but yeah it. It's nice that they don't do that. It's nice that we get to see that. There's like <hes> beyond just the murderous interest people we see the civilized society that are trying to fit in and just live normal lives yeah but yeah I don't know if I would continue because this isn't my atypical show and I don't think they've set up enough like future plot to keep me hooked because I don't really care about the mysterious stranger <hes> with <hes> your Murray that keeps popping up. I don't really like the police aspect of it. If it was just connec easy and this like cafe trying to fit into society I would like that more sort of that like found family sort of angle but I feel like it's going to get more hyper violent and polic- and <hes> just dirty crime anime isn't really uh-huh sure versus the clean crime anime all those clean crimes ice where you can't leave D._N._A.. EVID gloves <hes> I'm I was kind of surprised to see us only or at least the season or a series of it was only twelve episodes because yeah I've I've heard it's popular and I thought it was. I thought it was still going on. I thought was like a long series but I guess there's just more spin off season or series with different titles. I took a goal Alpha jewelry and took a goal something else yeah so I think they just do but how do you feel about this. I think in the same boat as again like I I see where it's going. It's not bad but I don't know if I'm interested like he said I'd be more interested in the world building of like the goal society is trying to hide from it versus like there's murder afoot and there's Jason and it's like they're probably gonNA fight him. In like ten battled Prien try gone absurd eleven and it's all resolved by twelve and height hedy Heidi who to head the friends he'd ends up he'd and telling everyone's like yeah I know his secret and they're gonNA kill him. It's like we can't and then he ends up being a member of the secret society anyway but he's like the one cool human it might be because I just watched gifted which is about that's man mutants and it's a very similar comparison so <hes> I could see where the plots going into. It's fine but I don't think I'll keep up with it so I KINDA WANNA finish watching the first season now just because I don't know I like it so I'm interested in seeing how it finishes 'cause I never did but here's the thing about the other two seasons. I have heard nothing but absolutely terrible things about them so interested yeah <hes> I actually. I don't read Manga but I like. I don't know like this is the world I'm super interested in and alternative to the other two seasons. I've heard nothing but amazing things about the Manga so I don't know I probably wouldn't end up reading it but it's one that I'd be interested in trying just because I don't know I'm into it. I think it seems interesting and I I don't know I like crime and mysteries and look yeah. That's interesting might be kind of like we were talking about with one piece where liked the anime needs to fill time so it kind of goes off and does its own things whereas the mangoes all cannon and like the coach true who story but if you WANNA keep reading it it's on Shonen jump which is only three dollars a month with the online pass Hashtag sponsor but we could be again. I use it. It's very convenient service service you get all of the yeah that theme song. Though the fee I would I would watch the rest of this just to hear the theme song every day anyway much too good behalf. I don't think we've had a very clear as Tokyo Ghoul client context so next week. I hope this will will be a tonal shift. Hopefully I swear to God if there's this much blood in the next remember last week about how a bunch of characters can't swim well now where watching Ching a show where characters can only swim lodging suggestion from well Parsons Free It will toby Swim Club. Can those boys those boys though we're back to a beautiful boy routes routes. We're blessed actually blessed so yeah we'll be watching the first three episodes and if you have a you would like us to watch you could reach out and let us know <hes> are we there yet at G. Dot com and on twitter and instagram at are we there yet you can find me on twitter and Instagram at Mr Patrick Dugan you can find me on Instagram at Queen period we do and on twitter here at Queen Underscore we Abhu and queen underscore we Abhu art you find me at twitter at abt s Brendan. It's Stanford almost berna silence which is a video game podcast. I have also read us on whatever platform you listen to. If you can read US Elliot help get the word out on the show. I was itunes but it's trash so don't worry about that one well you could still be also pretty important still but yeah that that does really help. I know I know you hear it from every podcast but it really helps other people find our show and we want to spread the anime Gospel to weaves all over the world. We want to make everyone a wiebe. We're having a we've crusade to podcasting Haha and thank you to Camille really for artwork and thank you to Louis Zone for theme song <hes> stories off the album beats. You can find Olive Louise Music at Louisa Doc Band Camp Dot Com thank you and we hope you'll join us next week as we learn to live within traveled theme song it's no good.

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