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Investing vs Budgeting


Yeah. My name is Jesse mecum this podcast number three hundred seventy two for wine. Ab where we teach you four rules to help you stop living paycheck to paycheck, get out of debt and save more money. If this will be a quick one this week. I hope if Janine is all about setting up your plan looking at it looking at the here. And now looking just a little bit ahead into the future. And then as new information comes in a just in your plan. Investing is the exact opposite. They're both plans. But the investing plan is long term the investing plan involves forecasting looking to how much to contribute what your rates of return might be with different asset allocations looking at all sorts of different variables that come into play. But all over the long term with investing. Once you have your plan, you set it up. And then you never look at it again. I love the budget morning routine where you just wake up it's early. You've gotten your wits about you. You crack open the laptop and you manually update your budget, enter those transactions everything balances perfectly birds chirping the sun is creeping up over the horizon. And then with investing. You don't touch it. You don't look at it. It's not part of your morning routine. Your weekly routine your monthly routine, maybe semi annually. You'd look at it and do a rebounds if needed, although there are services, you can use that are dirt cheap will do all that rebounding for you. You really never have to look and read revisit your investments once you have a plan in place, and if that plan is solid long-term and appropriate for your risk tolerance. Then you just let it go. You just feed the machine, but you don't examine the machine you don't look under the hood. You don't ask for news about the machine you just let it go. So we're investing is all about setting it up and forget, it budgeting is all about setting it up and then digging until next time following for rules, and you will win financially you've never budgeted like this.

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