State Republicans abandon subtlety in attacks on 2020 election


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GO TO NORTON DOT COM slash motto that's Norton Dot Com slash motto for twenty five percent off the late. Show weeknights at nine on MSNBC. W W J Rio in Detroit has been on the air for literally a century. It's like the godfather of commercial radio in the United States of America www has been broadcasting in detroit with a gigantic fifty thousand watt signal since August of Nineteen, twenty, hundred years and this summer right as they hit that centennial mark of one hundred years on the air in August of this year twenty twenty, they got a tip from a listener ww J. reporter Sandra McNeill took on the story and it turned out to be one of those things that started small and weird and seemingly very local. But. It has since blown up into something that is not at all small and it turns out is not just local. It has stayed weird all along but it's a remarkable thing and it came to a remarkable conclusion tonight. This story that ww Jay God based on this tip from a listener this summer. Is that starting in August people in Detroit who were registered voters the trait is majority Democrat city. It's nearly eighty percent African, American registered voters in Detroit this summer. who had phone numbers in the three one three Detroit area code. They started getting calls that kind of seemed like crimes. And I'm going to play the call for you here. I will tell you before I play it that it is what you're about to hear on this call is unmitigated Bo Punky none of this is true but this is the call slash crime that went out to detroiters this summer. I'm. Not Ninety nine. Founded by Jack Berkman and Jacob. ooh. Mandarin voting found great but they do know that if you vote by mail, your personal information will be other public they that will be leaked assignments to track down. So worn and being used a credit card companies to collect outstanding debt the city even pushing. For they've only to try people for mandatory. I'll be connected door formation for the main. State. Where both by. Wear vote by mail. Vote by mail, your personal information is going to be given to the police to track you down for any old warrants and your personal information will be given to credit card companies to track you down for any old debt, and then the CDC is going to use that information. If you vote by mail to hunt you down and make you take mandatory vaccines that you don't want. Right that's all horse hockey. None of that is true voting by mail in Michigan doesn't actually put your personal information out there anywhere registering the vote means registering to vote but beyond that, how you vote doesn't matter at all. But when Sandra McNeill, on WWe, in Detroit got that recording of call they started looking into it. See if it was a one offer to see if this is more widespread thing. They started looking into it. So did the State Attorney General and the Michigan Secretary of State and those state officials held a press conference and they took the unusual step of releasing the audio recording of that call. So that other people who might have received, it would recognize it but also I think to put people on notice that this was misinformation and if you get this, this is not only wrong. This is potentially a crime they gave a stern public warning saying they're working to find out who was sending these absolutely false calls full of disinformation trying to intimidate voters they asked for members of the public to let them know if they too had received a call like this record, the call record, the date, and time you received it record any identifying information that came in with the call on your caller, id or anything like that. Michigan State Attorney General Dana Nessel warned that it is a felony under Michigan Law to deter or otherwise disrupt a person attempting to vote. So they went big with it. They basically said in that press conference five or so weeks ago you know listen you're targeting mostly black registered voters to dump all this disinformation on them to try to stop them voting by mail the you may think this is cute but this is illegal in this state and we're coming for you. Well today they made good on that threat tonight Michigan State Attorney General Dana Nessel has announced felony charges that have been filed against the two men whose names were listed at the beginning of that call. They have publicly denied having anything to do with this call. They've said, this must be some liberal group trying to make them look bad. It should be noted that callers received these calls also got caller ID messages saying the calls for coming from one of the two men's phone numbers. these guys are are trump supporters and conservative activists with a history of making flamboyant false claims at one point during the special counsel's investigation Robert Muller's office released a public statement announcing that they had referred these guys to the FBI after multiple women came forward to say that these guys had offered them money to make up sexual assault allegations against Robert. Muller. They referred them to the FBI for that. I. Wonder Whatever happened to that FBI referral. These gentleman also fabricated sexual assault allegations against Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buddha judge in the heat of the Democratic primary that allegation fell apart when the person they put forward to make those charges against people to judge publicly recanted and admitted that it wasn't true and publicly explained that these guys had put him up to it. They also tried to fabricate sexual assault allegations against Dr Anthony FAUCI. Seriously they offered cash rewards anybody who would say they heard Joe Biden using racial epithets right. These guys are a peach of a pair and they have been doing this kind of stuff to try to boost the trump campaign and to boost the trump presidency they've been doing it for a long time now apparently with impunity. But now they are facing multiple felony charges in Michigan Four felony charges all related to the election crime of intimidating voters. With a maximum total jail time of I think twenty four years in prison. But here's what's particularly interesting here. The investigation sparked by the Michigan authorities deciding that they were going to go big and go public with this turned up the fact that this wasn't just a local thing that had happened to one or two people. It wasn't even a Michigan specific attack turns out the calls out all over I. It was a Chicago Alter woman a local official in Chicago who alerted the board of elections there that she too had received this racist robocall. At her home in Chicago. Then it was people in Pittsburgh, and in Philadelphia who all said, they got this excuse me this same call. When Attorney General Dana Nessel of Michigan announced these felony charges today she said, the her office conferred with the Attorney General in Illinois or Chicago is and in Pennsylvania where Philly in Pittsburgh are but she says, she also conferred with the Attorneys Journal in New York and in Ohio because it turns out these calls have been going out to majority black districts registered voters in majority black districts all over the country in all in announcing these charges today the Michigan Attorney General's office estimates that eighty five, thousand of these calls have gone out. Just in the past few weeks trying to terrify black voters into not voting by mail at. Eighty, five thousand mostly black voters getting these calls saying if you vote by mail the CDC's going to put you on a list for mandatory vaccination that you don't want. If you vote by mail the credit card companies are going to track you down to find all your debt. If you vote by mail, the police are coming for you. Eighty five thousand of these calls. In. Multiple States. Over a period of weeks. After Attorney General Dana Nessel announced these charges today in Michigan. She didn't interview with that reporter from Wj, who helped break this thing open from the start with that tip from a listener. Reporter Sandra McNeill she asked the AG. The question that actually has been on my mind since I first heard about this story, which is, why did these guys have the goal to use their own names on this robocall? which so obviously appears to be a crime in progress trying to intimidate voters why would you put your name on that while committing that crime that's like robbing a bank and handing your real business card everybody might have witnessed it. Attorney General Nestle told the reporter from WWe Jay in response quote I honestly think that they've gotten away with so many things for so long. They thought that no, one would do anything they thought it wouldn't matter. Turns out matters. Joining us now live from Michigan is the Great State of Michigan's attorney, General Nestle Madam Attorney General. Thank you so much for being here. Tonight know it's a busy time. For having me I really appreciate your use of the term bull hockey I've never heard that before. But they use it. Bowl puppy and horse hockey are terms of art. You're welcome to use either of them. I don't even collect commission anymore. Does ask if I've got any of that wrong or if there's any important part of this. Case that you brought today that you announced today that I've missed. Now I think it was a summation. But what I think I'd like people to know is first of all, you know, yeah, that was twelve thousand calls that were made to the state of Michigan really centralized in the city of Detroit, the three one, three area area code, which is the city of Detroit. The thing about this, that's twelve thousand calls the twelve thousand potential voters trump won the state of Michigan by just over ten thousand votes. So I mean this is incredibly impactful and what I thought about for a long time. What is the point of having all these laws on the books in regard to voter suppression voter intimidation threats against voters if we never actually. Enforce them and what we know about twenty six sixteen is that trump didn't win because of the people who voted for him in Michigan he wanted because of the people who didn't voted all and that is what I think. These folks are trying to accomplish trying to suppress the vote and scare people into not voting action t during the course of a global pandemic, and we're not having it in this state just absolutely neck when you accept that these individuals can be so brazen as to attach themselves personally to these phone calls and think they can just get away with it. If they think it's funny that can joke around about it behind bars as far as I'm concerned. Is there a technical reason why cases like this are hard to bring? Obviously, these gentlemen have the. Office charged today they have their names on the front of this robocalled. They've since publicly denied that they actually made the robocall and said, somebody else must have done this in their names in order to make them look bad or prank them when it comes to the technical nature of proving that these were the people who in the charges conspired to and ultimately committed these acts voter intimidation is it hard to prove? Well. Unfortunately, for Mr, role and Mr Berkman Bud year ago, and my aunt established one of the first set anti. Robo calling task forces and so we were interested at the time in political related robocalls. We were interested in those calls that are made that ended up defrauding, he will and scamming people. So we already had the technology in place. So we knew where these calls were coming from and that allowed us to work with authorities in the state of California and thanks to my good friend. Attorney General Sarah in California who assisted us in this investigation but we have compelling evidence that these individuals committed these crimes and we're quite clear and confident about who the perpetrators of these crimes were. They just obviously never thought that we would actually end up investigate and actually charge but you know voter suppression is a very serious matter as Thomas Paine so So famously stated many years ago I voting is the right upon which all other rights are dependent. So if you deprive somebody of their ability to vote you deprive him of everything else in. Life and you know this has gone on for far too long. I think many people are tired of their scams. This isn't the first time that we've investigated these guys. As you noted, there was a an incident involving judge that involved the state of Michigan, an individual who lived in the state of Michigan. So it's not the person. I've seen their names. On a piece of paper in my office. And we're tired of them coming into our state and stirring up this kind of trouble by using false and misleading statements and trying to threaten or intimidate voters. Are you worried about other types of other approaches toward voter intimidation in Michigan obviously such a crucial swing state. As you mentioned, the margin there in two thousand sixteen was basically nothing We've seen the president and the Biden campaign as well. Pay Lots of attention to the state. Are you worried that this might be designed to dovetail with other suppressive measures or intimidation measures at Michigan polling places? Well. That's what we're expecting here and we've already seen it, and that's why we're trying to work with our partners. I am the many social media platforms. So we've talked facebook and twitter and Google, and Youtube. We're trying to ensure that as soon as we identify misinformation that is out there or disinformation that it is removed or at least at its flag, it's a little hard though when so much misinformation exactly coming from the president of the United States himself. But you know what we have to do is public officials is we have to fight back misinformation with accurate information and make sure that people know. Vote when vote and how to make sure their vote house because I think that this misinformation I, it's out there in an effort to deter people from going to the polling place in the first place from casting their absentee ballot I and we WanNa make sure that doesn't happen by letting people know there are all these different avenues by which you can vote it safe. It's secure ultimately, your vote will count. The votes are counted tabulated the person who has the most votes will win I. So this'll be a free and fair election, but we just have to combat all the noise all the misinformation that is constantly out there that we don't see massive voter suppression, which is again what we saw in two thousand sixteen. Turn Dana Nessel of great state of Michigan. Thank you so much for coming on the Earth s tonight in helping us understand. Good luck to thank you. All right. You know it's. Interesting. It has been an unsubtle day. On this on this when it comes to efforts to try to intimidate, you OUTTA voting to make it harder for you to vote right to set the stage to contest the vote or block the count. Somehow I mean like the attorney general said there in Michigan where these guys who allegedly. Sent those racist robocalls are now being charged with felonies. This charge sheets today in Michigan the Attorney General said trump's the Clinton there in two thousand, sixteen by two tenths of a percent. In Two Thousand Sixteen in Michigan, there was something like four and a half million votes cast and trump won with a margin of less than eleven thousand votes. Basically that happened because black turnout was down in Detroit, and so now we've got these guys allegedly committing felonies to try to target black voters in Detroit to make sure people are too afraid to. That's what they're going for. That is what they're counting on right with targeted facebook and social media ads with Robo calls like this crime. The margins count the margin certainly counted in two thousand sixteen in their counting on it again, and so as we get into this final stretch here, we are seeing these efforts to to chip away democratic margins to make it harder to vote for democratic. Likely Democratic voters. Everywhere. They can particularly places where Republicans hold power today. For example, was the day in Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott Orders that he ordered this today you order that. He's changed his mind. So forget the previous voting plan in Texas forget what Texas counties were already doing. He said today with one day's notice that as of tomorrow Texas counties have to remove all their dropbox locations for people to drop off their ballots. Now, the counties have installed lots of these drop off locations for ballots in Travis County or Austin is there's four different places to drop off your ballots in Harris, county, which is one of the biggest counties in the country more than four point, six, million people live in that one county. There have been a dozen different places where you can drop off ballots. In all these counties, they've been advertising all their remote drop off locations for your ballots for weeks. They've had these remote drop off locations up and running for weeks. There are even pull observers that are stationed at the drop off locations to make all sides comfortable that everything's kosher and all these places you can drop off your ballots. It's all been up and running in Texas. But. Governor Abbot today with no warning said, all of those sites must be shut down tomorrow. One day's notice he has proclaimed with a proclamation today that there can only be one drop off location per county as of tomorrow. So like Harris, county, which includes Houston. Harris County pick one. You have to close eleven of your voting sites. To Clear Harris County, geographically is roughly the size of Rhode Island. It's nearly two thousand square miles more than four point, six, million people live there. They have to close eleven of the twelve sites where people have been dropping off ballots. You only get one from here on out you get one day's notice to make the call. Nervous much, Texas Republicans. I mean, it's true in lots of small lightly populated rural Texas counties maybe only having one drop off site is not going to make that big of a difference but in big diverse urban counties literally big two Thousand Square Mile counties where almost all of the democratic vote will come from in Texas. This is a last minute notice shutdown to try to keep people from being able to vote. The League of United Latin American citizens, the civil rights group Lou luck has already announced tonight that they are going to sue the Texas governor tonight to try to stop this but the Texas governor is trying to make this go into effect tomorrow. So we shall see. In Pennsylvania crucial swing state of Pennsylvania, we're seeing a whole bunch of things coming together along these lines all at once you'll remember the president in the debate on Tuesday night saying bad things happen in Philadelphia. Telling, his supporters that they need to go into the polls and watch very carefully because bad things happen in Pennsylvania. Excuse me Philadelphia. Trump campaign people this week did try to illegally get into the facilities in Pennsylvania where people were picking up absentee ballots at satellite election offices in Philadelphia earlier this week local election laws do not allow poll-watchers from campaigns at sites like that. So the trump campaign, folks were turned away, and now the trump campaign is trumpeting the fact that there folks were turned away and not allowed to do something illegal. As if that's some sort of Nevada nefarious sign of fraud in Philadelphia. The Federal Department of Justice the trump appointed us attorney in Pennsylvania last week put out that bizarre press release trumpeting the start of a federal investigation into ballots being discarded in Pennsylvania. The you turn going out of his way to save they were definitely trump ballots. The White House, the president, the trump campaign, all jumping all over that with the help of the US Justice Department when it turns out not to have been all trump ballots and just to have been a mistake that was caught and fixed right away at the local level. But not before the trump side tried to turn it into a national rallying cry about the election being stolen by the Democrats in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is one of these states where areas outside the major cities tend to vote Republican and the cities tend to vote more democratic. Course, all that matters for the Electoral College who wins the most votes statewide. But that creates this internal dynamic in the state where the Republican Party tries to demonize and shutdown and make as inconvenient as possible. The vote that comes from the cities in their state. That's why Republicans are hyping Philadelphia so much. They want to win Pennsylvania well, then they WANNA target Philadelphia to tamp down the voting in the biggest source of democratic votes in the state. In Philadelphia, the local Republican Party chairman has just announced that the party intends to have poll-watchers at every single polling station in the entire city of Philadelphia which means the Republican Party plans to have like sixteen hundred Republican poll-watchers in polling places just in Philadelphia. At what could possibly go wrong Bar Gilman at the Atlantic magazine reporting last week that Republican Party officials in Pennsylvania, closely studied the voting in the last election in the primary election specifically to prepare themselves for all the different ways they're going to try to get people's ballots disqualified now in the general election that's Democratic officials in Pennsylvania to re up their efforts to try to teach voters how to fill out and submit and sign their ballots absolutely perfectly since we now know that Republicans will be looking for any way any reason any opening to get your ballot thrown out His the season this is how they are competing this year. Yes sure they'd like there are people vote more than that. They want your vote if you're not gonNa vote Republican they want your vote to be either never cast in the first place or never counted. It's Republicans against voting and everybody else voting against them. But in Pennsylvania specifically where Clinton lost to trump in two thousand sixteen by less than three quarters of one percent right in Pennsylvania specifically. Where right now they're leaning so hard on the vote where they're trying to nationally demonize the whole idea of democratic votes in Philadelphia. Today Republicans took a giant leap forward and their aggression in terms of what they are trying to do to the elections specifically in that state now, I'll tell you this is a live issue and a developing story. The Republicans in the state legislature are trying to ram this through right now this week if they do it, I'm telling you right now the Republican controlled legislatures are going to try to ram it through in their states as well. Democrats are trying to sound a sort of national alarm about what Republicans are trying to do in Pennsylvania right now they are fighting it like you can't believe it's going to be decided very quickly perhaps tomorrow. We're GONNA take a quick break. When we come back, I'll tell you what it is. The Republicans are trying to do in Pennsylvania, this is a whole new gambit from them. We've got a live report from Pennsylvania, from somebody right in the middle of that fight. That's next stay with us. Hi I'm Brooke and Marisha and where the hosts of even the rich a show about people with. Money and a lot of feelings Brooke. What's the worst thing that can happen to a politician getting voted out of office how about driving your car off a bridge and leaving a young woman trapped inside which is exactly what Ted Kennedy did in Nineteen, sixty nine. It was a scandal that rocked the nation and Britain to bring down the entire Kennedy Empire subscribe to even the rich Chappaquiddick on apple podcasts spotify the wonder APP or wherever you're listening right now join wondering plus in the wondering APP, to Listen AG free, support for this podcast and. 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The Philadelphia Inquirer noted in its coverage. First of all that quote, the trump campaign has no poll-watchers approved to work in Philadelphia. At the moment also quote there are no actual polling places open in Philadelphia right now. And other words the only problem with the president's claim that trump campaign poll-watchers were blocked from polling places in. Philadelphia. Is that in the city right now there are no poll-watchers and there are no polling places from them to be blocked. But other than that. Nailed it. What had actually happened is that trump campaign people had tried illegally to get into a place where people could pick up absentee ballots in Philadelphia they're not allowed there neither campaigns poll-watchers allowed in a facility like that but that's it. That's all that happened. So the local paper in Philly responded to the president's election fraud claim by just calling bull punky on it and kind of laughing in the president's face in the process. Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania on the other hand, they had a very different reaction. This was the headline in the Philadelphia Inquirer the very next day quote Pennsylvania Republicans want to create and control and election integrity panel with subpoena power. Washington Post and their coverage described the committee that the Republicans in the state legislature want to create as having quote wide ranging powers to investigate the vote. Including the ability to subpoena election officials and members of the postal service while the election and vote counting are still in progress. Pennsylvania Democrats expressed alarm Wednesday that the proposed committee in the Republican controlled chamber could disrupt the election by subpoenaing ballots and by bringing election officials and others to testify before the vote count has been certified Republican State Rep Garth d Everett, proposed the resolution and defended it as a way to learn from the twenty twenty election after the fact but he conceded that the committee's work could be done before the voting has been completed. The Guy who proposed the committee was trying to make it sound as innocuous as possible. The Republican leader in the Pennsylvania House went ahead and just said the quiet out loud claiming that recent court rulings ensuring more votes will be counted in Pennsylvania quote injected chaos into the general election and that this new committee the Republicans want to form the legislature will quote ensure the legislature can act as a check on this hijacked process. Judge's ruling that voted that valid should be counted with the Republican controlled legislature can check that. County elections officials in Pennsylvania. The folks who are actually administering this election. They're telling the legislature that instead of doing this new committee to investigate the election while it still underway, it would be super helpful instead if the legislature could quote focused to making changes that could help improve the election. Elections directors have been begging the legislature since this spring to let county start counting this year's high volume of mail in ballots before Election Day so that vote counting doesn't stretch on for days or weeks after election day. But Republicans do not WanNa do that they do not want a quick and efficient counting of votes. They do not see that is in their interests this year at least not in Pennsylvania. Days or weeks of ballot-counting after election day that period of manufactured crisis in a state that could very easily and deciding the presidential election well, with the Republicans New Election Integrity Committee in place raising all kinds of doubts about the vote and subpoenaing uncounted ballots and subpoenaing elections, officials, and postal workers are bringing them in for questioning in the middle of the vote. And do all that until you feel like maybe there's no way to ever know who really won right. And then the legislature will just pick a slate of electors that they think most approximates whatever the vote might have been since the real vote of course can't be discerned such a mess. That's there. Sweet spot this year. That's what they're aiming at. Sure. They'd like to win. But especially in places when they think they might not or they think they will not. They'd rather make sure that it appears that nobody won and they've had to take control. As Democrats in the Pennsylvania, House tried and failed to stop this measure from being voted out of committee. On. Democratic legislator said in protest. He said it loudly quote democracies slowly. And I think this bill would be a fatal blow to our democracy is alive fight right now in Pennsylvania that lawmaker joins us next stay with us. We get support from Madison read it might be hard to get to a salon right now or maybe the expenses holding you back but I'm about call her my own hair at home something I never thought I'd do and a fraction of the cost of going to the salon. All. Thanks to Madison Reed I've been hearing about Madison Reed for awhile now, my friend Cat told me how happy she was with her results and she even sent me a picture in her hair really does look great. So I went on their website they walked me through every step of the process to make sure I picked my perfect shade my Kit just arrived and I'm super excited to try it out. You can get multidimensional color starting at just twenty two dollars at Madison Dash Reed Dot Com. Use Our code motto and you'll get ten percent off plus free shipping on your first color kit. Again that's Code Matto at Madison Dash. Reed Dot Com. Democracies. Die Slowly and I think that this bill would be a fatal blow to our democracy. When we talk about what was just reviewed? This. Guess, we're calling committee on election integrity has no integrity has none we heard the president last night say bad things happen in Philadelphia the reality is bad things are happening in this committee. This is a bad bill that should never have been brought up this unacceptable and despicable piece of legislation. Thank you for your comments and this agenda shelving Mr Speaker. I'm not finished I MR chairman you are not finish you. Finish like why can't even think you should be allowed to finish I was elected just like you. If you live longer if you would lower your tone can tell me to lower my tone but I'm not gonNA lower when we're talking about democracy and people's votes, this bill would allow ballots to be subpoenaed. Typically. Says you CAN'T SUBPOENA BALLOT IT WORK MR MR chairman. Mr Chairman. Contract in the constitution is. A lot of things are in the constitution that resolution is ignoring including. The fact that folks have a right to have a free and fair election, which this is going to blow out. This is unacceptable Mr Chairman and I will get. Time I know and I'm glad that you're keeping count because this is unacceptable and I am so disappointed that you would even bring this up when I read this and it had your name when I was so disappointed. You should be to. You should be ashamed. Okay. then. I'll make a motion. You can make whatever points you want. You're not gonNA shut me up. You you're out of order you've been out of hey. You're sitting out of order wherever The member will have if you. Don't get to. Threaten Him with securely get your member of security come. DRAGGED ME OUT MR chairman get your member under control. I missed the Mr Mr Chompy you're not gonNA. Get me under control you need to make a complaint getting Malcolm Kenyatta under control. Making a motion doing this this this this your caucus is acting more like a cult. Then it's acting like a caucus and I'm. Making personal I am ending my statements there. This is personal because the democracy is personal to me, it should be personal to you. Know One is getting Malcolm Kenya under control your the moment their representative Elkan Yada is trying to stop what's happening. In Pennsylvania, the Democrats in the legislature, they're trying to stop it Republicans in Pennsylvania. This is potentially going to end up being a story of serious national significance. They are trying at this late date to create a brand new select election integrity committee that they're giving subpoena power to investigate the twenty twenty election in the middle of the twenty twenty election. You heard Representative Kenyatta they're introduced a motion to table that altogether that's a Republican controlled committee in that motion failed. But this fight is not over yet and the national spotlight on. This is only getting hotter. Joining us now is representative candidates Democratic member of the Pennsylvania House of. Representatives. He serves the part of Philadelphia County Representative Sir thanks very much for being here I. Appreciate Your time tonight. Thank you so much. Rachel, and thank you for talking about this I. Say all the time what happens in state legislatures matter. Yeah and Boy. Does it feel like it's easy to understand the national implications of what happens in state legislatures right now but I don't know that we're seeing in any other state a last minute move by a Republican controlled legislature to try to institute a new. To control the vote and to potentially the way that the democratic excuse me that the presidential election is is is conducted I is, is this something you guys newest coming or was it as much a surprise to you as it was to those of US outside the State? Usually, we get twenty four hours notice before made hearing of the bills that are coming up they. Are inboxes you know I think right before the presidential debate and for Mumps now Rachel they've been trying to throw sand into the gears of our democracy, and now they're standing up this election integrity committee that as I said, has no integrity to investigate the sand. You know they have parodied of president trump's fever dreams around voter fraud but here's the reality. The only fraud I see is Donald Trump. He lies to the American people he cheats on his taxes and now he was. Trying to steal in election in unfortunately, Republicans in Harrisburg and Republicans across the country are more than happy to help him destroy our democracy. They have decided Rachel that they're not going to contest this election on policy or on the progress that we need to see on climate change in healthcare. In this Kobe nineteen pandemic, they're not gonNA have the election on those terms they are doing everything. They can to take away the power of our vote here in Pennsylvania to maintain their power. We've seen so many different stories out of Pennsylvania in tight period of time just over the past few weeks in terms of the trump campaign the national republican party working through the local Republican officials in the state and trump appointed federal officials in the state to try to essentially burn a hole through Pennsylvania voting plans through sheer dint of attention and. Demonizing, the idea of any democratic votes out of Pennsylvania and specifically Philadelphia I mean from from the Federal Investigation weirdly announced by the US attorney before he sort of recanted it before anybody figured out what had actually happened there to the president talking about bad things happening in Philadelphia from the debate stage totally mischaracterizing this thing with with poll-watchers calling for his supporters to turn out in great numbers and go watch the polls while he's talking about Pennsylvania. From the outside it feels like they've got everything they've got trained on trying to intimidate people voting, trying to screw up the voting process and Pennsylvania how much confidence do you have that they'll succeed at that or do you feel like? Pennsylvania knows what it's doing in terms of carrying out this election. This is noise but things will go things will go like like ought to. So I think people need to understand and I've been doing my level best as elected official here to reinforce the fact that we have free and fair. Here in Pennsylvania, we have saints elections here in Pennsylvania is safe to cast your ballot by mail or any other way you choose but I think one of the things we have to be focused on and I said it right at the top is on our state legislature Rachel are we get sworn in January but the term for state legislature actually starts on December first in so you know a couple days ago I went on a five day tour across the state helping colleagues in future colleagues get to the House to win back this chamber which we have held for a decade if we are able to win the. Chamber in November we can stop this. We can stop it, but people have to get engaged and we need to have the spotlight trained on what they're doing and your training the spotlight on it right now, and what happened yesterday with Chairman ever it you know it wasn't about me. He was trying to silence me because I was a making clear what their scheme was to try to disenfranchise black and Brown people in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh into silence. The voices of people of conscience who are rising up across the state who want to cast their ballot again, Donald Trump and for a different vision on that Joe Biden represents. And At the end of the day, none of us can be silent about what's going on and so if people want to stop this, they need to get involved with the HCC they need to get involved with local State House races here and in Pennsylvania and they need to call Speaker Cutler call chairman ever call leader Benny Hoff and he's held them to stop trying to disrupt the vote and to get their. Hands off of our democracy they tried to silence me yesterday and I would not be silenced and I think every single one of us should raise our voice about what is happening because they can't win fair and square they are committed to cheating and I. Think it is. It is a shame to watch this Pennsylvania House Republican Caucus. As I said, go from a caucus to cult I'm ashamed to see an actor. State Representative Malcolm Kenya Democratic Member of the Pennsylvania House, of Representatives Sir. Thank you for helping us understand I know that you are right in the middle of this, and as you're saying, not just in your district statewide keep a surprise. This is a really really important national story. Thank you so much for talking about it reaching. Representative cannot was saying there about the focus on the state legislatures he's right and he's not just saying that because he's in a state legislature and he thinks his local fights are important. What's going to happen in state legislators? particularly in swing states with Republican controlled state legislatures is going to be really really really important and we need to start building up muscles in the national media and in terms of what we pay attention to just as citizens nationwide to watch for things in these legislatures. Particularly Republican controlled legislatures in swing states to watch for these kinds of scams like they're trying. The Republicans are trying to pull off in Pennsylvania a late breaking never heard of before new select committee that's going to oversee the election that they're just forming in the middle of the election and they're giving themselves control over it and subpoena power. Really Republicans control the legislature in Pennsylvania and in Arizona and in Florida and in Michigan and North Carolina and Wisconsin, and all of those states are going to be hard fought and what the legislature tries to do in those states to potentially mess with the vote to mess with the count to mess with the assignment and election of electors to the electoral college that is going to be national news in all of those states, and we gotta start training our sights on that stuff. Right now all right. We'll be right back actually with a bit of breaking news about somebody at the White House a very high profile person at the White House has just been diagnosed with covid. I'll have that story for you when we come back stay with us. Want. To let you know about some news that has broken late tonight does first reported by Bloomberg News. It's about hope Hicks one of the president's closest aides. and longest serving advisors shade has today tested positive for the Corona Virus Ho picks, of course is a very high profile White House. Staffer, you might remember that she left the White House for a while to go work for Fox I believe but then she came back to the White House in February of this year. Now, the White House has not made any kind of announcement direct comment about her contracting Cova, but the initial report from Bloomberg has now been matched by NBC. News. And by other news outlets. And we of course, hope for the best from his Hicks, for her own sake. Hopefully, this'll be a full and quick recovery for her but. One additional thing to worry about here is this. Hope Hicks traveled with the President on Air Force One today's ago. On Tuesday to and from the presidential debate here she is stepping off the plane in Cleveland without a mask. Then yesterday the day before she tested positive she traveled with the president to his rally in Minnesota, and for that right she was in even closer quarters with President Xi road with him on Marine One on the president's helicopter, and again, nobody wears masks around this president. He likes he makes fun of people who wear masks. White House official has told NBC News Tonight that contact tracing has been done and that quote the appropriate notifications and recommendations have been made. Sure, have been. Somebody positive. Not Wearing a mask that close to the president in that tight quarters for that long approximity. That's a big deal. We'll be right back. I can guarantee you have not heard about this and that you going to be interested. On the night that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died. One of the things that happened that night that never made any news because the news about the justice just overwhelmed everything. Is that that night the Muller report got unredacted. A bunch of at least here's an example of what came out from behind the block reduction boxes that Friday night footnote forty, nine on page twenty, three of the original version of Muller's report that we'd all seen described efforts by that Russian troll farm to Criticize Hillary, Clinton's record of Secretary of state. And then it says in that footnote, the IRA Internet research agency also used other techniques such as redacted, redacted, productive, productive well that was just unredacted by court order that Friday night that Justice Ginsburg died. Now, we can see that actually said it said quote in early Twenty Fifteen Ira Internet research agency employees published an online adult published on online adult video sites a purported adult film involving. Hillary. Clinton. That had been redacted. Now, it's not good to know. Also check out page twenty-seven seven. There was a big blacked out chunk in the middle of the is we had seen it newly unredacted at sites one Internet Research Agency boss saying that an Internet postings quote Clinton should be portrayed supporter of illegal Latinos from poor countries of South America, creeping across the US border gangsters, drug cartels of Latin America American. Muslim migrants, the emphasis should be made on. The role of so-called undocumented Democrats in the elections that was the Russian instruction to Russian trolls for what they should contribute to the campaign about Hillary Clinton in two thousand sixteen. Good to know right. Also good do now especially when right now trump's director of national intelligence and Senate Republicans are promoting a conspiracy theory of Russian origin that the Clinton campaign somehow invented the whole trump Russia scandal as well. That was just some of the new information that was redacted two weeks ago went largely unremarked upon because when and where it happened in the news. But now the same judge who ordered those reactions if you weeks ago has told the Justice Department that they need to release a further fifteen pages of millers report. These are blacked out sections that relate to Muller's decisions about who to charge and who not to charge discussions related to the Democratic Party getting hacked in two, thousand sixteen and the trump campaign being interested in those documents and when wikileaks released them that. June? Fifteen. Pages of the mole report getting unredacted the specific date by which the Justice Department has to unredacted the stuff I kid you not the judge says. On or before November? Second Twenty. Twenty. So on the eve literally the eve the day before the presidential election, fifteen more pages, the Muller report including potentially why they didn't charge the president. Night before the election. That does the first tonight. We'll see you again tomorrow the legal matter show weeknights at nine eastern on MSNBC. Hey, guys Willie geist here this week on the Sunday sit down podcast I get together for a rare conversation with John Cusak to talk about his new series Utopia and his long career of memorable roles and get our conversation now for free wherever you download your podcasts.

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