It's The Start Of A Special Week For NFL Fans


Good Morning boomer how are you? I'm Great Gio as we go through our Beta test for. Cbs Sports Network does well. This is going to be very interesting because I can see you as well as you could see me on our Dell computer laptops as we get ready this Get this test through to make sure that tomorrow or Wednesday when we do actually get back on the air we're gonNA look okay Are knows your background is much better than what I thought it was going to be. Good job on your part. You gotTa tree in there. You got to paintings or posters on the wall. Can't really see what the the I guess. They're back pages of us. That's right and I will move the camera. I'm getting text messages from the Great Stephen Waldron who I love very much. So and he's not great at decorating nor am I really but he is very good at knowing technical things about how to put this telecast on it. I'M GONNA have to move up my camera a little bit when I get an opportunity to do so in the breaking you'll be able to get a better look at it so you've got the Johan Santana back page of the The no hitter. And then you got me fighting with Mike. Francesa the back page of the Post that says fan duel there so when I moved the camera a little closer you get a better look at those two things. So that's what I have hanging on the wall and also a fake plant in Eddie. You're not looking at it so you don't know if it's not so you don't you don't even see any. I'm sure if you had a background. The Carl Sagan a labrador and a bottle of wine and that would suck so no. It's okay whenever it's fine. It's it's the best I can do quite in this room that is completely barren where I kind of hide and do the program because there's no other place to do it so then I taught us a tape measure to hang those. Just make sure that they were on the same plane and no whoever hung them seemed like they did a good job. It looks good. I mean again. It's it's a little little spartan I mean it's a you look like you're sitting right in between them so it's almost like you. Yourself are a field goal. Yeah Ryan Aid. Ri- figured the symmetry was was important to this whole thing. So that's what I sat and I had the equidistant pictures and then I'm right in the middle and then I a little offset it with this fake plant to my left so I did not measure it. I didn't go that crazy. Just SORTA eyeballed it because I figured it was temporary anyway. Let's hope it's temporary? Hope we go back to the studio at some point. Because me decorating studios not a forte not a forte at all and and I do understand that you look good there. You got some drapery as you mentioned in your barn photo in some some furniture there and all the good stuff that you told us you were going to have. So it homely where you are very nice homely homely or a very homely homely all right appreciate that so I was thinking last night as we get the draft week what my draft week was like and how nervous I was. I couldn't sleep any of these nights leading up to the draft and it's it's a change of life. It's a life dream. It's it's just everything that you could've ever hoped for an athlete now. Unfortunately I didn't go as high as I thought I was going to go. I didn't go until the thirty eighth pick remember. They're only twenty eight teams back when I was drafted in eighty four. So I was the tenth overall. Pick in the second round so and to. My teammates got drafted before me in the first round. Forget the university around. We had a press conference set up and everything was very nice of my teammates to wait for me before we got to the To the press conference and unfortunately the press conference was dominated was with. Why do you think you fell? Why do you think you fell? Think you fell and I did have a chip on my shoulder. You're talking about Tom. Brady having a chip on his shoulder having to wait until the sixth round. Well some of us even had chip chips on their shoulders. Bigger the net and only waiting until the second round. Yeah and it just goes to show you even though you have guys that are at the top of the draft that everybody thinks you know our can't miss guys you know you're still dealing with human beings and you know the interesting thing. I saw Peter King put out something this morning from NBC sports. He was saying that one of the interesting things about the job. Borough to the bengals draft pick come Thursday. Night is the fact. That Josh Rosen. The quarterback for the Miami Dolphins is still younger than Joe. Borough Yeah Right. Yeah I mean in Josh Rosen. Has already been through hell and back in the NFL being drafted by the Arizona cardinals then moving on from him. Drafting Kyle Murray going down to Miami. Getting an opportunity to play doesn't work out Ryan. Fitzpatrick is there and now. They're going to draft another quarterback. I mean what he's career is going to be. Just a mystery to me. But as far as quarterbacks falling in this drag which is an interesting thought we know Joe Boroughs Not GonNa Fall. We understand that two of my fault he may. There may be a chance that the two ends up falling now. Justin Herbert will he fall? We'll get past Miami. Miami passes on either two or Justin herber. But if you predict one of these quarterbacks to have his Aaron Rodgers moment where everybody's staring at him in the Green Room I guess it would probably be too will because of the injuries but I mean that's very very hard to predict right now. Well the good. The good news for two is that there's not going to be a green room but although I would imagine. Espn and NFL network will be cutting to him as if he is dropping. I I don't know but listen. Dan Marino dropped. Aaron Rodgers. Dropped a Lotta guys have dropped in the history of the draft and if two drops it wouldn't surprise me. I hope he doesn't I think he's a terrific Kennedy trick. Terrific football player. I think he's all about football. That's the thing that I love most about him that in his accuracy. I just I hope. All the injuries are behind him. I hope wherever he goes he goes to a stable situation much. Like Patrick Mahomes did one the Kansas City chiefs trade up to get him and when I think about you know Patrick Mahomes and how. He sat behind Alex Smith for year. Got The play. The one game at the end of the year where it didn't matter played well against the Denver Broncos it was obvious to everybody in that organization that he was the guy that was going to take over the next year and he certainly did. He hasn't had a bad game sense. As a matter of fact maybe the worst game he played where the first three quarters against that San Francisco Defense in last year Super Bowl but has not had a bad game ever in the NFL which is amazing. I don't know if that's going to be the case with any of these kids but I do know one thing about Tunga buy low and that is that he is a terrific terrific young man. He's a high character guy. He loves playing football. He's extremely accurate. The question and I hate when when they the word brittle especially when it comes to a football player and a quarterback I just hope all of that Brittleness if you will is passed him and he gets off to a great start to his young career. Yeah I mean if brittle is a word that I know you don't like you brought it up his second. Mike Lombardi said it but at the same time what word would you like to use your phrase? Would you like to us from a guy that we've seen have multiple high ankle sprain surgeries and then a massive hip surgery that we haven't seen him play after? I mean that's the reality. So maybe you don't WanNA use the word brittle injury-prone someone who misses time. There's gotta be something in addition to all the good things that we talk about to Ohi character. Accuracy leader champion. All these things that he has earned. There's gotta be some words that talk about his injuries that maybe are a little more respectful brittle and injury prone. But there's gotta be something because that's a huge part of his story right now. Well I don't mind the injury prone part. I mean you know. That's something that many players have to deal with. The Brittle part is what I don't like I think when you use the word Brittle I it just to me. It's a little bit too severe The the one thing that I that I do know about this young man is that like I said earlier. He is a guy who just loves playing football. And you know I can also make a case that the fact that he had those two high ankle sprain surgeries nobody ever has those surgeries he had those surgeries because he wanted to get back on the field or he would have been out. He wouldn't have been able to play at not had those surgery so I actually a lot of credit for trying to do something to keep get himself back on the field quicker than most. Pires would've ever returned from that kind of injury so there is something to be said about the sacrifice that he makes going through the Going through the surgery and then getting back on the field and playing well under those circumstances on top of all of that so I yeah okay he's injury prone but I'll he's GonNa make every sacrifice that he possibly can to get back on the field. Yeah one of the things I found really interesting right at the start of the weekend. Where a couple of tweets back to back Daniel Jeremiah. Had the first one where. He said that he doesn't believe there's going to be that group. Think that you get in the NFL draft every year when guys general managers and scouts and coaches right these days and then one guy likes a certain player and then that scout jumps on that because Oh man well if he likes them and I should like them and then all of a sudden you know these guys shoot up draft board. You're not going to have that. Which is going to lead to some unpredictability but then also Ian Rappaport said that a couple of general managers had reached out to him and said that the mock drafts. This year are so far off from what they believe. The draft will look like so. Maybe they don't know either. But this is going to be something where buckle up because what you think is going to happen. Probably won't happen in the first round. So what does that really mean? It's easy to say. Obviously we know where the draft is going to start off. What could that mean? That chase? Young isn't taken by the redskins. Could that mean that? The Miami Dolphins. Maybe they are going to take a quarterback at the very top does that mean that the rankings of the tackles in the wide receivers are off. Like I wanNA know exactly what we're going to be looking at that. This unpredictability is being predicted. This type of level what is that really. GonNa look like well for me. I can't wait to see where Isaiah Simmons goes because he is like the athlete of athletes in this in this draft. Now everybody says chasing. He can't this guy for the Washington redskins and everybody knows that it's a fair completely that the bengals are going to take Joe Borough after that. That's where it gets interesting in the drafts probably starts with the number three overall pick for the DETROIT LIONS. Everybody you know obviously knows that they got rid of Darius slay so they do need a corner and that would be Jeff Okuda out of Ohio State. But are they going to take him at number? Three is is this kid. Isaiah Simmons the linebacker slash safety out of clumps into great of an athlete to pass up. What the giants do of Simmons's there and the tackle that they want is there to me. I I always think and obviously as a former quarterback in playing with the greatest left tackle in the history of the NFL. And Anthony Munoz. I know the profound effect that he had on everybody else. When you have a top and tackle and I'm not saying any of these tackles are going to be Anthony Munoz but I think that there are four guys that everybody believes can't miss for Mekki Becton to all the way to jake wills and of course The kid out of Georgia and then tristen worth. I don't know you want a guy that is going to solidify your offensive line. I saw the effect that Anthony had on the other four players that we had at those positions. Not that those players were weren't good in their own right. They were but they became a unit because we had the eraser at left tackle and he could just take care of everybody and we never had to worry about his guy and we could always ask him to do one on one. We never had a slide to him. We never had overcompensate for him and we allow the other four guys to really play uniquely together. And I think that's the power of a top end tackle. And if you WANNA HOG MAMA YOU WANNA Guy. That's going to be big. You want guy that's going to be there for ten to twelve years because most offensive lineman most top-end offensive lineman do receive a second contract in the NFL. Okay that's the one position whether it be senator guard or tackle that usually stays with their team and gets a second contract. And that's why. I think it's a can't miss that if you take one of these tackles for the giants you gotTa believe that. He's going to be the guy that's going to be sitting there for the next ten to twelve years to to protect your quarterback and also solidify your offensive line and even if you are a little bit less somewhere else along that offensive line as long as you got that guy that you can build around and that will be there. And we'll be stable and stabilize your offense and I don't see how you pass a guy like that. I think the only way that the giants don't do exactly what you're saying is if somehow chase young foals to dam the redskins either trade out of there or going a different direction that surprises people. Maybe they soured on them chase young sitting at four then the giants. I think would end up taking chase young. If he is not at that point. I think it comes down to if they love. Isaiah Simmons or other going to take the best tackle on the board which I believe. We'll still be there at four but that seems to be the way that this draft is going to trend but I mean it's just harder to predict this year I mean I. I think I happen to think that the redskins will probably still end up with chase young. You know what the Lions do is going to change. You know how the giants of course with the pick ahead of them were GONNA handle their but in each scenario that I keep playing over and over in my head. You're the giants end up with the best offensive Lineman at least or the first one picked the best one in their eyes and that is going to make giants fans thrilled. Because I mean maybe they'll be some people that want some giant fans Isaiah. Simmons is there to take Isaiah Simmons especially with the struggles at the defense had last year. But I mean how many complaints if we heard the last couple years about the line and fixing the offense of line and Blah Blah Blah and I would have been great if the offensive line was better so there can't be a giant fan out there in the world? That's going to have a problem with the giants. Taking the best tackle on the board at pick four overall in the drop it with the offensive lung. I know you know you can out sorry about that. But the offensive line will be better because Daniel Jones will be better in Daniel Jones is not going to be a statue in the pocket so he will get himself out of trouble. He's just gotTa work on the fumbling problems and once he works on those things which I'm sure he's probably doing this off season he's going to be fine and the guys that are playing in front of him will appreciate his his understanding of where he now is in this team. He has the unquestioned leader of the team. It's his team. Allies no longer in the building so the offensive line should be better because he'll be better and he'll be more decisive and he won't put himself in as much trouble as he did his rookie season. The only thing I will say is that I- giant fans on my life and I always tell you about. This are really really passionate about their team and I would say my guys are fifty fifty on the tackle or Isaiah Simmons. Now they're they're not even thinking that chase young is going to be there so he's not even been part of this discussion. They want they still long for the days of Carl Banks and Lawrence Taylor and Harry. Carson want those linebackers. That are terrorizing opposing running backs and quarterbacks and I don't know if this kid is that all I know is that when you do watch his tape and I suggest that you go back and watch it one more time. He is amazing he is sudden. His arms are really long and he. He very rarely misses a tackle and when he does. Let's not only does he blitz. I mean he will dive over people to get to the quarterback. So there's a lot of stuff on that film that you look at you say. Wow this kid is about sudden as there is on defense and you can see it because of the positions that he played at Clinton had them all over the place as opposed to a left tackle. Who's always there or right tackle for that matter us. Watch them over and over and over again and you can see that. They can do whatever they need to do. Whether it be passed walking or whether it needs to be run blocking but Isaiah Simmons jumps off the tape. There is no question about that as far as the type of guy he is the cut. I gotta be kid. I have no idea and one of the things that came out this weekend. I don't know if you saw two things. Actually one there seems to be validity that now the browns definitely have had conversations trading oh bj so Kudos to mark Melissa's if in fact a moose was the first to report that last week I'm seventy so I'm still so confused. No because all right so you also had Adam Schefter tweet out that there were no conversations going on so what the bleacher report over the weekend basically came out again and said that there had been discussions. I don't know if it was with the Minnesota Vikings are not and also the NFL network was reporting that there were discussions with multiple teams. So some Moose may be right at his because he works. That'd be great but hopefully it improve here and then the other thing that I don't know if you saw it over the weekend Leonard Fournette of the Jacksonville Jaguars who did tweet out. That he wanted Cam Newton to come play down Jacksonville now. All of a sudden he's on the trading block and one scout in one of the stories basically said that Leonard Fournette is a pain in the ass. Well so good luck with that so it looks like the The Jaguars have two significant players that they made move here before Thursday. And if that's the case if you WANNA running back or edge rusher in Gakugei then have at it because those do players seem to be on the trading block right now from the Jaguars all right. It's Boren Gio just getting started on this Monday morning on the fan and CBS sports network.

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