How A Tip And Facial Recognition Technology Helped The FBI Catch A Killer


This message comes from n._p._r. Sponsor xfinity some things are slow like a snail races. Other things are fast like xfinity x. by get get fast speeds even when everyone is online working to make wifi simple easy awesome more at xfinity dot com restrictions apply. There's a lot of debate and controversy over how law enforcement uses facial recognition technology the f. b. I. says it's an important investigative tool. Take the case of walter. Yovany gomez is most wanted criminals a fugitive and alleged member of the vicious m._s. Thirteen gang now captured captured in part because of facial recognition n._p._r. Justice reporter ryan lucas explains how it all went down back in two thousand eleven walter. Yovany gomez wanted to become a full member of the local branch of the m._s. Thirteen th street gang in plainfield new jersey in may of that year he got his chance gang leaders ordered him to kill a recruit named julio monteverde who allegedly been associated with a rival gang and so after a night of partying with matai gomez and an associate beat him with a baseball bat stabbed him with a screwdriver and slit his throat throat. Police closed in on gomez in two thousand eleven but he jumped out of a second story window in escaped for six years. His trail went cold that in april of two thousand seventeen gene the f._b._i. Made an announcement that put gomez in the national crime spotlight gang member is the newest addition to the f._b._i.'s ten most wanted fugitives list and up to one hundred thousand dollar reward is available for information leading directly to the original walter yovany gomez the move quickly paid off. A tipster came forward that july rely claiming to have information on gomez. It felt a special agent. Richard stallings in the f._b._i.'s washington field office to follow up so stalin's in a gang task force colleague arranged a face face to face meeting with the tipster. They wanted to bet the source and make sure as stallings puts it. They were running up a dead tree. They quickly determined that they were not. He truly truly was like. I know that guy. He says i don't know by the name that's on the screen gomez but he knew him on a different name. The tips are pointed the f._b._i. To facebook pages with photos of the man he believed was gomez. Agents pulled the photos incent them to the bureau's face services unit there. They were run through an f._b._i. Database using using facial recognition software in search of a match about a week later a match came back but for hazaras lopez and to rayo scenario had been picked up for marijuana possession in two thousand fourteen after jumping metro turnstile in arlington virginia his fingerprints and mugshot were taken and then he was released since rayo had then failed to appear for his court date so there was a warrant out for his arrest. We were kind of baffled in how we got this name societas with our picture but in the picture they had that the associated within the arrests arrest photo. That's guy investigators still felt. The tipsters information was solid in part stalling says because there were other physical identifiers like tattoos twos that made them think they were on the right track. They also had leads to work. Remember those facebook pages. The tipster provided agents also found several photos of the suspect with a female email. Associate agents use facial recognition software to run the facebook photos of her through a database of criminal mugshots. They came back with a match and in address so the f._b._i. And officers from the fairfax county gang task force set up surveillance on her one afternoon in august two thousand seventeen officers set up a stakeout outside her residence. It's a couple of hours later. I get this call back from their sergeant. Got a guy but and it's it's our guy and you know i in in my mind. Are you sure because we didn't we didn't know for sure he was here. At any point. The agents tailed the woman to a gym parking lot in woodbridge virginia about twenty miles south of washington d._c. See and who walks up to her car but a man who looked a lot like gomez. They're surveillance. Teams swooped in and arrested him but there was a twist. The sergeant on the phone said the man gave his name is hades use lopez center radio the same name that the f._b._i. Turned up in its facial recognition search but when confronted with the evidence investigators had collected the man said that his his real name was in fact walter yovany gomez so in showing him actually is stopped in most wanted poster and being asked is this hugh. He says yes since that night. Gomez has pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy and admitted to meditate murder last month. Federal judge in new jersey sentenced him to twenty five years years in prison ryan lucas n._p._r. News washington. This message comes from n._p._r. Sponsor her comcast business gig fueled network solutions that help businesses go beyond the expected to do the extraordinary comcast business beyond fast learn more at comcast business dot com.

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