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Torah go on the fan of cross country CBS. Sports Network joining US right now. A guy we've gotten to know over the last couple of months. I'm family yet. Family now it is family now it is Stephen Jackson. Nba Star former NBA star was fourteen years in the League man in years and now he's got the all the smoke. podcasts cast part of the Showtime Youtube Channel. And it's one of my favorite things to watch. I talk about it all the time. Him and Matt Barnes and they do an amazing job they get all the greats rates in the game and they have these real conversations. I only think that those guys can have because of the respect that they have earned throughout the years in the league. And and right after Kobe's passing I might reference your podcasts. A good one hundred times because I went back and watched the whole thing again First off how you hold it up. I'm good I'm good as can be. Amen I Hard time I was having the last couple of days. I can imagine the hard times families having you know is it just sucks to lose a guy who do you know. We all looked up to a guy who I grew up with idolizing and I just told you I never thought I have a idolized. Somebody the same age as me but just to see hero GonNa sewn in the way would you know losing his daughter and other family is it was unexpected and sad. I had to see because he was doing so it was doing better things. After basketball you know and It just it just sucks to see anybody goes through. The he he after basketball was already moved away from it that he legitimately moved away from the NBA and it was his daughter. Who brought him back into the game? Is that true. Yeah Yeah I think Gee Gee helped him get his love for the game back You know Kobe is nothing he could have done in basketball. You know and just ingest for him to that love he had and to see his daughter WanNa be him she wanted to be Mama. Say Mama Sita you know she wanted to be the female version COGAN. She had it in them and I think he saw that and they gave him the love for the game to go out and just help her but all women basketball you know. He became a big Fan of college. Basketball and I I just think he wanted to do something for the game for the women's game of basketball. That wasn't done and who else could do a better than Kobe. Bryant what Steve I just want to ask you one of the thing The day of the crash he and Gd went to church. ooh and they had communion early. She had an early game. Obviously they were moving pretty quickly because I had to get to where they were going. I mean the relationship between him and G G obviously as we see on social media now and everything else was so strong with so powerful and you could see. It's one of the reasons I think while we're also said about this whole thing and then comes a potential story where it seemed like. She was in his arms when they went down in this helicopter. Yeah I I heard stories to manage manages. It just sucks because I have five daughters and You know selfishly me if I had to go I would love to go hold on my a daughter to write. You know what I mean so if that was the situation I'm not surprised. I mean their relationship was one of a kind and You just edges. which is that it had to go that way? Yeah that's the thing is I would say in the last couple of days that that struck me both were in. I have have daughters as well and all I think about is is her finding something. She loves me being there to support it. That's what I think about. And she's very very young and you know there's a slam online slam magazine and did a feature on the two of them and where she was pushing them off hit jumpers and his face was like it was just I mean. That's the that's the thing I keep thinking about. And that's the saddest part about it and when I went back and watched the conversation you and Matt had with them and you mentioned how you never every coach idolize someone the same age that comes across man like that comes across in the way that you're asking them questions the way that you're listening to his answers and for someone someone to be respected by their peers in the way that he was that to me is the ultimate sign of a man's career. Yeah and and you're right because like like I said we were teenagers. We never thought anyone of US would be go down as one of the best players ever. But we knew he was like his attitude the way he approached the game just his aura. I mean at the McDonald's game you know we knew he was coming out of high school to the NBA. But you see by my parents other players parents like everybody wanted to take pictures pitches. Woodham it really in in high school. My mom posted a picture on her page us there for him at the McDonald's game my awkward did I did Mike Bibby did. Everybody did and Like we knew he was going to be that star in high school and It was it was it was beautiful to see what he was doing at the basketball man and I knew his next forty years is is going to be unbelievable. Did you realize that he was going to end up with the Lakers was there. I can understanding that. He was going to end up there after being traded there by the Charlotte Hornets on draft. I know you know what I think too. Kobe didn't matter where he was. You know what I mean. He want to play basketball. If if you would ended up in Charlotte he would have been the best in Charlotte. He would have been one of the best place still but I think it was destined for him to be on the team. Like the Lakers. I think we're all a lot of credit to Jerry. West Jail West saw. Aw that Kobe Bryant that we never knew that he was going to be so You gotTA give a lot of credit because Jerry with talking to Stephen Jackson of course a long great NBA career. How Matt Barnes on the all the smoke podcasts? And the story that that Matt told about it was that Orlando game when he was with Orlando. And then the whole no flinching with the inbound bounce pass and I love the line where. Kobe said that that brought us closer together. Because I said anybody who is dumb enough to Uh f with me can play with me I mean and that showed me an insight like you hear all the stories. I mean you're obviously appear of his but to get an inside look of of that and he reaches out to Matt because the guy was messing with him on the court. I think that I mean that that Kobe mentality right. They're really showing that story and and is easy to see because Like I played with Matt. And you want those type of guys on your team guys. They care about the game what people don't know is there's so many guys in the NBA. And I don't care how they feel about me saying it because I've seen it and I have no I don't I don't watch the game. I can't see five players that played hard and I played a lot of guys in the league. You know they're good enough to play but a lot of guys leave. Don't understand the game. They'll understand how to win a lot. I don't even WanNa win. They they find these contracts they found with being in banding foul comes with the game when you get when Kobe sees guys that one again they wanna win even if they don't work harder than them if they have passion for the game and and and and the game you know it's about winning you have guys that go out there and fight a land on the line that's the kind of guys you WanNa your team. You don't need got score fifty points when you've got Kobe Bryant. You need guys come out there and be dogs and Kobe dogs on his. He's at is like what happened with them in shock. I know there's been a lot written about it and all that other stuff. I'm sure you have some more intimate knowledge and we would probably know as general fans but to me a semi match that should have been made in heaven and then should've went on and continue to win championships but it never happened You know you got you can be too good at terms you know. Having to great players like Kobe then I think a lot of that was people on the outside. I don't think that was Kobe Shack. You know Obviously Shat got traded traded. And how could you trade a guy like you know what I'm saying. But they did the right thing by keeping Kobe but at the same time I think it was more people on the inside pulling them apart. You know Kobe Co probably would Kobe's team San where you need to beat you need. This need to be your team or shack. This is your team and kind of got in between them but at the end of the day I think they respect the same and you know oh I it touched me more to talk about it because you know. It's a lot of things that he wants to say to Kobe. That he couldn't say regrets a lot of it. Now that's what happens when somebody lead is in your life. Yeah and I I think he does. I don't think they had bad blood because they had even had a sit down you know on TV before before. Kobe pads but I just think it's a lot of stuff that was unfair. That wanted to say and it was all appreciation in. I don't think it was something you need to talk about that happened. I think it was all giving him flowers. You know before he passed. I just got to be tough for you because because you WANNA get the podcast out they want to be able to promote it but at the same time you know. Today's going to be another day. Where you have to talk about this and have to relive some madam just going through a day like today personally where you're on shows like ours in the at least you have a pre existing relationship with us? Banana talked to a bunch of strangers about this. I mean emotionally. That's gotTa via little exhausting. Yeah I mean it's crazy but it's a part of life you know what I mean. I mean actually to be honest with you. You can actually Chris. I was looking forward to come and talk to you guys this morning but I mean it's just a part of it. I mean like I said Matt is holding US Down Shutout Matt my my my partner in crime matters on the west coast holding us down in the hopefully he can get to the services services and all that and I'm down they're holding all smoke showdown. We're not GONNA put a episode out this Thursday. Yeah WE'RE GONNA continue to more impervious breaks to him and I think That was a great move. Basho Tom or making that happen. Do you have any idea when the memorial for Kobe Angie. Nah I don't I don't hope hopefully it will be so in the Lakers. Take the the court win. I think Friday Friday and they're at home. Yeah that's going to be and I'm glad that they. They postponed the game between the clippers. The Lakers who are they did the NBA did the right thing. Yeah and I think pretty much all the players across the NBA did the right thing. I don't think nobody really even want to play this week. I know Kyrie serving didn't play. He played last ninety played. Great Great I think what he did is he came out and he said you. Don't play for Kobe tonight. He spoke to after the and the thing I I would always say that if Kobi. What would Kobe want me to do one when Kobe expect us to do right what do you think we would want everybody? Pushing don't stop is one thing et like when he died. He said it's a minute the day we did this show. He said at the time I seen him before when he spoke to my son on his farewell tour and before that he said the same thing to me because he knew I was emotional guy and he's just say this to me and Games Jett whatever you do make sure you join it so you know with all this going on on average. Since the day he passed really trying to put that in my life. Is Everything got. Do I enjoy because I wear my emotions on my sleeve and I try to beat a protective everybody and not try. Take on everybody's problems and I it can weigh on you but hearing him say Jack Whatever you do make sure you join. That's what I'm GONNA do talking to Stephen Jackson on boomer and Gio it's the things that have come out since Sunday that you hear that weren't out there. There's all these. Kobe memories that I had I was fortunate enough to see him in an NBA finals. It was a actually the one they lost unfortunately because I was rooting for him against the Celtics in in six that year and then he went to after that which was which was great. But it's all these other things that I hear you're one of the things. Was that thing that you posted on instagram. It was after the podcast. It wasn't part of the podcast where you thanked him for talking to your son and he spent spent you know he said there was twenty people that were ready to go into him and wait for him and he sat there and spoke with your son and basically gave him everything that was in his brain. His wisdom to your son took the time to do that. It's stuff like that that I hear that that also makes me more upset because they were so so much left for him to give to others and it seemed like he was really embracing that maybe in his playing career he was just an assassin after. Be Right that that great to be locked in sitting next to great you sit next so you you you you you have to be somewhat different and to be locked into be that great every day day every night for twenty years you know what I mean and he was little different but that moment was everything to me because like I said it was. It was his farewell tour it. It was a thirty twenty to thirty people waiting on and he didn't know my son he didn't know I was coming wrong. I says when he saw me he just lit up and then when he saw my son he lit up even more any actually pulled my son away from us and talk to him and when I posted that were really made me emotional. Is My son posted it and he said I figured this day. So I'll hold onto that favor moving forward here. You know. Lebron James has got a lot of heavy lifting going on now you know I feel sorry for the NBA. This this this is going. This is this is this is really pissed. Lebron off that this happened to to When idols he's going to go crazy he's GonNa he's GonNa do anything he can bring his championship? La this year I feel sorry for the NBA. Right now I feel I feel the same way and I feel like listening to what Lebron said about carrying on the Kobe. Legacy and there was that whole thing about Lebron. Come into the Lakers and the Kobe fans not like it. Yeah Lebron Kobe coming together and then right before Kobe's death Lebron passes him on the all time scoring list. Kobe sends a great tweet out out to him. His last post all those fans out there that for whatever reason didn't want Lebron now all of a sudden have to our embracing him. He's is going to I think he's going to take over the NBA here. Yes second half of the season and the I can't even imagine what the All Star Games going to be like what the hall of fame inductions are going to be like Kevin Garnett. We're talking about this yesterday Kevin Garnett Tim. Duncan are up for hall of fame induction. They're GONNA get in. I value. Of course of course would you. ooh If you're one of those guys would you say you don't. Let's just make this whole thing about Kobe this year and we'll come next year or as the desk. That's kind of hard uh-huh because these guys work their whole lives to get to this point. You know what I mean now somewhat. You have to put yourself aside for Kobe. You know. Because he's definitely in that class. I think they should do something big. You know Kobe but I don't think Tim Duncan. EKG To lose the moment. They deserve their speeches. I think that's happened as I just say that. There's such great players deserve their day. Yeah that the Kobe thing is going to be so big. I don't want their day to be diminished overshadow. Not at that. They're not in on the first ballot. It's almost like an asterisk that this is a special situation for a special player that we want to remember and we want to do it the right way. I don't know I I have tim. Duck here right. I guarantee he could care less conducted care less. He's GonNa. He's GonNa Love Hall of fame but Tim was one of those guys who just love playing basketball and everything that come with us just a plus. Yeah in the time that you spent with him his personality that maybe we didn't see as as was it in there somewhere somewhere. Yeah I mean I I Koba Kola was a weird guy but he had his ways of being weird and funny I posted something on my My ex reminded me of when I came downstairs. We've plows planted Charlotte and was planning the Lakers and I was still standing in. The Brits Card was causing at the time and I came down and I was looking at her walking out the door and I thought she was laughing at me. 'cause I was making funny faces at her but Kobe was behind me the whole time making faces at her and I'm thinking she laughing at me me. And then he pa- I finally turned around and saw we both lit up. You know it was. He was the type of guy you know. He if he loves you he loves you and he loves you. One hundred ten percent and No He is just. I'm lost I. I wanted to ask you about something else. That happened last night because I was really curious. Your take on this. You see what happened with the Knicks last night this whole fiasco there Jay crowder WWF. Yeah Yeah so what do you When when you see that whole thing unfold Jae crowder steals? The ball goes right to the three point. Line is fifty seconds ago. They're down eighteen. I understand the disrespected showing there. But my take on this and tell me if I'm wrong from your your perspective. Give that the Knicks. Invite this type of stuff to happen to them. They don't Garner enough respect from their opponents with the way that they play in the way that this organization has been run in for a while. So you can blame Jae crowder. Elfriede Payton can be pissed off and he can push him. But you know if you didn't look dead through half the game then you know maybe your opponent would respect you a little bit one. People don't respect because of one reason donor to he did right Kratos Outta line up eighteen. There's no reason to take the shot and if it was me he wouldn't have not this morning not not not not just pushing down. You know that. That's what's left for. You're not really doing you. Push them down Yup plan Give each other five. Why even push him down and like if you go pushing down go straighten his mouth right there? Make a point. You don't take this and then that's that's the disrespectful part of basketball see. We didn't do that back then. Game over you you show respect team. We know the Knicks. Sorry you don't you don't gain by pulling the three at the end of the a game hit it on him but look what it was. It was crowded. He who is he a while. It seems like everybody on the Knicks. It's very unhappy with him with with what was going on during the game. Whatever that that was normally a cool do but I? I lost respect for him for doing that. And and I think I think he should have got punched in the mobster push down. Wow Wow interesting. I'm just so conditioned. Asian did just crush the knicks at any point even though they team bad disrespectful. You don't do that. You don't do that basketball. How does this team get fixed? If if Jim Dolan called you up and you actually took the phone call and he said Steven. I Trust your opinion. Fix this organization. Who should I hire? We're I almost say lists secretly say that you stepping down but you really not. Let's see how we can get the public to believe. You stepped away. Okay you know what I mean. Then that's the first step. Okay then I think everything the fall in line but I think that's the first even if he don't step away let's make some kind of public stable whereas like you stepping away from the team and let somebody run and that'd be the first thing he does Stephen the thing about the Knicks Knicks. And the way that they run the organization they treat the players first class. No everything is first class everything. So that doesn't doesn't compute to me. Why top talent do not want to play for the Knicks? I will call Karl. Anthony towns ever come to the Knicks will ad ever come to the next GONNA ever see any one of those guys coming is hard when you got how you handle Oakley looming. How you handle Camello lumine like a lot a lot of stuff that's looming around that it's GonNa be hard plans to get over now? If that wasn't a problem I think K. D. would've even thought about it but he you know on oh now so he say he looked at it but it wasn't really saying he wanted to be in Brooklyn so I just think it's a cloud hanging into the weather. Change over there you know regardless how you treat freak the players you you you treat Tend to Gosh from the D. League. Will they'll complain. Knicks uniform and lose. Anybody will do that. They gotta convince one guy in order to win the lottery when there is a significant game changing player at the top of the lottery. J. Barrett's a good player and I think he's going to be very WPRO but he doesn't seem to be like the leader like type you don't he's not. He's not going to change the organization's a good player and he's going to be a good piece down the line. He's not not not a big face of organization. Stephen I have to say that You and mad with all the smoke have done something so quickly that I gotta give you all the respect in the world. You've you've created conversations that are so organic and so interesting and you haven't really had that much media experience and that's one of the hardest things to do in this. Business is to sit down and get the stuff out of your guests in the way that you guys do it. And if anybody hasn't check out the podcast yet you have to. It is one of the most. It's highly recommended things out there for me and and you always always have interesting subject matter and even the drive to the Kobe interview and you guys talking about well you know what you were GonNa ask them. Even that is incredibly interesting. So all the best all you know you got to supporters here and two guys that are always rooting for you and we thank you for for coming here and giving us some time anytime yeah family. New Year's resolutions are hard but the xfinity New Year gig sale is easy waking up the kids after a long winter. 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