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The chair co network on Westwood One. Tall. Recall. Ricco? All right. Welcome talk is Jericho. It's the pot of thunder and rock and roll. And thanks today's sponsors and hammers new cloud. Control cat litter. DDP Oga, indeed dot com. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Reilly auto parts and today, it's a return to the rock with fuzzy high school bands school rock high school, confidential rich ward, Frank Ray, Billy grey, sit down talk music, but this time it's all about or high school bands vase is not the first band for any of us. And you hear how we all got started the first cover songs, we learned the first gigs. We played the first real songs. We wrote some of the ridiculous and short ler short-lived band names that we had and then you can hear how all that turned into Fosse and then our spring tour coincidentally starts in may fifteenth in Greenville, South Carolina at the firmament may sixteenth, Greensboro, North Carolina at cone, denim Nita. Strauss opens both those shows may seventeenth for. Kenya? Beach at the lunatic luau may eighteen that the RBQ and candidate jersey at the BBC pavilion, July twelfth Mansfield, Ohio at incarceration, and then this fall, we're headed out west and least in the west as we built a tour around or opening slot at the stadium show back of California stadium in Los Angeles supporting our maiden to fourteenth, but we'll be on the road starting September fifth in Denver, Colorado springs grand junction, Colorado, Salt Lake City. Crystal bay, Nevada San Francisco, Sacramento, Las Vegas, San Diego Tempe, Los Angeles, Tucson, El Paso, Dallas Houston, had his Burg Mississippi, and we finished up timber. Twenty eighth in Atlanta, Georgia at the masquerade. All ticket info at fuzzy rock dot com. You can also buy tickets to our exclusive special amazing VIP mean greet. We do it before each show. One of the best in the business. We do a mini set of originals and covers you take pictures. Take requests sign autographs kiss. Babies and shake hands. Come hang with Fauzi right now at fuzzy rock dot com for all to get in Viet information, and thanks to all the great sponsors here on talk is Jericho that makes us possible here, including O'Reilly autoparts trust the friendly knowledgeable parts professionals at O'Reilly auto parts are professionals know what it takes to get the job done. Right, professional technicians. Have counted on O'Reilly auto parts for years come see for yourself. O'reilly auto parts, better parts, better prices every day. All right. So here we are in Berlin on a day off big fuzzy tour. Everything's been going great. And the other day, we're having a conversation and Frank our drummer came up with the idea of doing a show about our high school bands. You said it was my first good idea in twenty years. So the the core members of fuzzy Frank rich and Billy and myself. And I think that's a pretty good idea. And I guess maybe just start with you Frank. How did you? When did you start playing drums? I started playing drums when I was ten I actually started off on guitar oddly enough. Really? Yeah. And we see how well that went and just like Alex van Halen. Yeah. Yeah. I wanted to get tar, and I was given a guitar, and I started taking lessons, and it just I never took to it. It just didn't feel natural. I mean, like holding it and posing in the mirror felt perfectly natural, you know, but actually trying to play it. And I I was taking lessons with this guy. Who is this old man who, you know, probably, you know, was playing for bebop band in the forties or something. And I just remember he would hold my fingers on the on the strings. They said you got to build up callous. On your fingers. See, and and he had a glass I by the way and spokes bunnies. Nemeses? And he said you have to you know, I would like he would show me how to finger a cord, and he's like you gotta press really hard on the string. So you'll get calluses like this. And he would take his thumb and like press on my finger like super hard on the front board. I'm like how. And I'm like, this is supposed to be fun. You know, I hated my teacher. So I gave that up. And so then I decided I don't I don't wanna be tar player. I wanna be a drummer. And and my mom said, well, we bought you guitar. You didn't really like it. So let's get you a drum and see how you do with that. And she just bought me like a little snare drum in on a stand with a pair of sticks. And soon as I had the sticks in my hand. I just wouldn't stop, you know, it's like, okay. I guess he liked the drums and so hold on medium. Exactly. So okay. So I'll I'll just kind of threw myself and there so when I was in. Junior high school actually before that I think elementary school. Wow. That's early early. I want I decided I wanted to be a tar player because I was a big fan of music is Beatles, and whatever. So there's a place at the end of the street in wanna pay cocaine's music. And when I went into cans music that guy also had a glass is a Scottish guy he'll dues the money lifting lesson, whatever he would say, but he had one weird I going left. Remember there is a big poster of Jerry, Mercer of April wine on the wall at cans music. I don't know why they go and so- Brad was my guitar teacher. And Brad was this kind of a weird guy kind of Malcolm young hair, and he wore red long Johns as pants, and I would always have to learn like Irish washerwoman, which is Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, and I learned that one week, and he's like, hey, man, this sucks. Why don't you like? You would learn something like what do you wanna learn like like like def Leppard? He goes. Okay. Then he he charted photograph for me. And he charted start me up by the stones. Because he went to Minneapolis to see the stones in eighty one the tattoo you tour, and then he charted paranoid. And I remember I was like, you know, I just found out like, you know, the song doesn't even have the title paranoid in it. And he's like, we expect it's going to be paranoid paranoid paranoid. So I later gave up the guitar and made the very smart move to take up the tuba in grade seven when you can take tar band, and I went into the two I kinda got straight from Iraq and routes, but little known fact, two very popular at the chicks. Along with the red long Jones and one last thing. So this guy Brad he was in the band in Winnipeg called the Crash Test Dummies move forward wall teen years later. Is that guy? Brad Roberts was my old guitar teacher. Oh, she was huge. He was so big that we're all yankovic even did a parody of his song. That's when you know, you you have made it the caveat of it is I played a celebrity hockey game in two thousand the garden, and he was singing the national anthem enough to say, Chris Jericho WBZ my Qatar teacher. He just totally shunned me just walked away. Just one just walked away. L? Civilian playing guitar. I started I played ice hockey up until the point of about eleven and always liked kiss. You know, even even like during kindergarten and all those grades up until you know, I started playing guitar anyway, I got to tell me that you're hockey coach had a glass eye. After I slapped a slap shot at. So I I had a a babysitter who son played guitar. He had an aria pro to les Paul copy with a Peavey stack. I saw him play in longtime by Boston Don onto onto get to die down. And I really got into my dad had a guitar in a closet all the time as a kid. So Brock broke out the guitar asthma. Mom, could take lessons and the guy started teaching me. And I he recommended a teacher in Charlotte who was Tim Murray. And he told me stairway to heaven. That was my first all horrid saw doodoo the through the beginning. He picked that song because it had a lot of elements that had all the finger picking stuff it had bar chords. And then he taught me the solo so right off the bat right off the bat. Wow. And he would do like Franklin. He would he would press my fingers on the strings. He would do all. That. And that's why you were killer when you were young really mackerel. And and by the time, you know, by the time I finished that solo and the song he always look forward to go into lessons to this guy. Right. So because it had to be fun. It was. Right. You know, he was doing good you doing. Let's go to this part. Let's go to this part so helps with confidence. Right. So, you know, by the time, I learned the song my favorite teacher says, oh, well, I'm going to New York. I'm going to be moving to New York. But there's gonna be another teacher teaching you. And he's going to be really good. And you know, you're going to enjoy it. And you know, it's gonna be great. So the next teacher comes in. And he wants to teach me like Mary had a little lamb type stuff, and I'm just kind of disinterested in it. So I would bring him van Halen songs, and he would be just flustered with it. And be like, oh, well, this is flashy. This is very flashy up Brian spirit of the radio. Oh, well, you need a wa wa pedal to do finally started kind of learning on my own but by slowing tape down back in the day and moved on from there you slow the deep down. My dad had a little mini cassette player and it had a button that would slow it down the half speed. Oh. And I would record the off of another cassette player with that slow it down on the mini cassette player and learn. Just just really slow notes. But learn how to play the rich wars go tell us how he got started on guitar, but I want to tell you why my three cats Mr. mittens Snickers and indie are loving our new house while at least Snickers in India are misdemeanors having a tantrum not happy not really using the litterbox as much as he should. 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We're kind of where the poor people live, which is where the ward residents hailed from. And I remember one day I was walking to the park where me and my friends kind of meat to play soccer throw frisbee or whatever. And I heard someone playing guitar really loud flake from the sidewalk, and I just wandered up to this house and the door was open, and I kinda peaked in and I have just a twelve year old kid, and I will never forget the this guy who looked like he was probably in like could have been fog hat. You know, big mustache soup. Longhairs stone or guy, you know. And and his name was buoyed Albritton. I will never forget it. I I know man, he had a wall of amplifiers and a bunch of guitars. And I just it was the first time I've been in love rock music loved all, you know. I was listening to all the hard rock and heavy metal that I could consume based on what was on the radio, and what my friends are into. But I always thought that was like you could never do it. I finally saw somebody who was a regular guy. He went to work every day on a construction site and he played guitar, and he sounded great and it was allowed. It was amazing. That was when it first kind of click that whole will maybe I could play guitar too. Because if Boyd Albritton can play guitar. Hi lives in my neighborhood. Because I thought it was only like it's like being an astronaut maybe an astronaut I'm after move to Houston or something like, you know, like go to the moon. So a friend of mine in the neighborhood, and I went in together, and we bought a guitar, so we could share it. So we would get on an alternate day. So I would get it what Monday Wednesday Fridays child and who divorced correct. Because independently we couldn't afford a guitar. And then eventually my dad bought me, a one thousand nine hundred sixty six vendor Mustang from pawnshop, which seems cool now but back then in nineteen seventy nine the sixty six Mustang. It looked like a ill. It's like a bow. The neck was so warped on it. But we would just do what everybody did that. I knew which was that. You would listen to the records, and you try to figure it out you just like, and you'd have a circle of friends that we helped a support group. Hey, do you not play looks than kill and do you know, how to play paranoid, and everyone kind of share what they kind of learned and a great the great tie between Billy gray and myself how we kind of knew each other. There was a family called the Gil brother and the Gill brothers were amazing musicians. Yes. And I was friends with the gills. And so was Billy. But Billy United know each other. But we know both new the gills the gills could play rush covers they were bad ass. They were the Ilham illegitimate sons or brothers of rush back. Yes. They were. They were a three piece family band, Emily bass guitar. Awesome. Surfeit and they were bad ass. And I learned a lot from them. I would go over and Kevin Gill was guitar player. And I would learn from him. Then I learned from Sean Gilly who we both knew I'll give all to reliable music Charlotte, which is where all the musicians hung out. And try to get the guys who worked at the music or you try to watch them and what they learned and I took lessons like Elvis talking. I don't know that any of that really help that much other than some basic fundamentals like you would if you went to coach baseball or something you're actually playing it. Like, you know, none of us. You know, Paul McCartney on down a really musicians that can read charts and stuff like that. And that's one thing that always kind of like kind of is boring guitar lessons, which is why I think I went to tuba because I was bored. It's like playing Irish washerwoman all the time. But there was there was a high school or junior high school bowel the bands and band that played was called elixir frenzy, which is still cool name for nineteen eighty five and a member of the guitar player. His name was Garth quals Nita which. I still don't know how to spell that. And I always tried because just thought what a cool name, and and the other guy in the band begin the storm. There's another great player called Rod McCall Vic who I think now is like a classical guy. But he was like the Randy rose. Both those guys are great and one of their bands. I'll say it was elixir frenzy. They played flying high again, and they had candles like a condo Labra on stage at the high school junior high school talent show. And that's when I was like, oh my God. That's two socks. Like, I wanna I wanna I wanna be like, you licks her friends. You remember what raid you would been in? What year it was just crossing over into grade eight I believe so seven is eighty three so probably nine hundred eighty three so fly game was like the new Ozzy record. Yeah. Time because it was before the moon came. That's so crazy that you say that because that was one of my next big epiphanies as well as the high school battle the band's I was in seventh grade or maybe it was a talent show. I don't remember what it was something like. Yes. But the there was a group of ninth graders in my junior high was in seventh and they play jesse's girl. And I just remember thinking looking at the these who were not that much older than me said guys that you knew in a band was like how is this? They're playing songs, right? Who is your guy? Frank. Did you see any band in high school or anything that made you decide to want to start being in a band? Well, I mean, no I wanted to be in a band. You know, like the first time I saw kiss on TV. I wanted to ban, you know. And it's actually right, right. Yes. Right. The didn't seem though to you. So did it seem that like for me? It seemed like it was impossible. Like, yeah. I see kiss there in a band. That's not. I mean, if it's still know them, right? As I guess for be like like like to go to let's say, I don't know Dallas. I don't know where Dallas is. I know nothing else. But once there's Calgary wrestling, I know how to get to Calgary. Right. I can go there and be arrested all the junior high band it clicked because I can do. Moment. No, I didn't really because I didn't have that kind of sense of impossibility. I always I was always like, you know, where do I sign up, you know, like, I thought it's entirely possible. And I actually thought it was like my destiny, you know. And and so one of those parents like you could do anything you want Yuriko, and I just got a cigarette butts flick. No. But I did. I was definitely I was I guess I probably got more encouragement from from my parents, or my mom, but no, I just never had that sense. It was just like. Yeah. As soon as I started playing drums just just batting beating around on snare drum. I was like this is for me, and I was never in a band in high school, and this is gonna sound really era gate. I don't mean it this way, but I could net. First of all, I didn't go to a real. I didn't really go to like a musicians high school. You know? So there weren't a lot of musicians that I knew of in highschool. You know, I mean, a lot of people liked music and everything, but not a lot of people played in the only people who played weren't either very good or very serious about it. They just wanted to fool around, you know, and and I was dead serious, man. It was like I gotta be famous by the time eighteen I'm serious about this. It's like I gotta find guys who want to do this. And so I didn't actually I wasn't actually in a band until I was out of high school. I the the first time I ever remember playing with another MU. -sition though, there was a guy who lived not far down the street from me when I was probably about twelve maybe eleven or twelve and I've been playing drums for like a year or year and a half that found out played guitar, and, but he played kind of you know, he plays a big hollow body, you know, and and played kind of jangle league ITAR, you know, but I didn't care. It was like can I jam with you, you know, and he let me actually bring my drums over to his house and set up like in his living room, or whatever, and we actually jammed, and I think he played like the rift for sweet home, Alabama or something, you know, the buck couple and Franklin. I just started going just going cra- probably drove the poor guy nuts because I probably played entirely to fast and busy and everything. But it was the first time I actually like made music, you know, like with another person. But yeah, like my first actual ban that was like a guitar player. A base player in a singer, whatever wasn't until actually I was out out of high school. I couldn't find anybody in high school that was worth playing with have what you you've seen Evan's you're in high school. That means you're did it was actually junior high school when I was coming out of elements school going into junior high and all my friends were older they were out in junior high school, and then they had already told these guys they were Brian and Patrick Butler. They had a band called US metal. I remember the day. Yeah. And so, you know, going into junior high school there, you you play guitar too. You know, you will let you come over. And we'll let you come over. And check us. Out practicing. So I went over and saw them play. And they were playing crazy train and stuff like that. And you know, one thing led to another and I played my eighth grade talent show we played we were called disciples of the watch. And we had no vocalist that's overeat testament. And we still, but we still get out there. We played looks that kill and aint talking about love by van Halen. And like, I said no singer, but you know, girls were screaming, and it was you know, my role show. Yeah. No singer. Well, that's how it started. And I had that same thing. I got a great story to tell you as a singer after. But so as as restored to morph into a band, so when I saw elixir frenzy, I don't know where my dad grew up with this guy called alley Hof, and they were friends throughout childhood. So we were always family friends. There's two brothers Kevin off and Ryan off and Kevin one days like I play guitar. And I remember he had this red. Stir Stratocaster rip off for like three years. He never got him new guitar, but he was one of those guys that like like you Billy at thirteen or fourteen years old could play like crazy train, but didn't really wanna play it. He was always he was a maiden guy Metallica, and he was into all these obscure metal vans. So I remember he came over one day. And I my cousin was this guy called Ray Gilbey, and he had autograph from Paul Stanley. He married my cousin. It was in a frame. It said to Ray rock on Paul Stanley with a star. And I thought Ray Gilbey is short fat, bald guy if you're listening, right? You know, you are not a thought Ray was the coolest guy, and he had a Paul McCartney Hoffner rip off Paul McCartney's violin bass with the strings for so long. They were hanging off the side and asked if I could borrow it to start messing around and Kevin off came over. I said you I play baseball. I play guitar. And so he taught me a song and the first I ever made music to with another musician, which coincidentally I didn't even think about it is a song by a band called trouble called revelation life or death, which I think I might be the only person on the planet. Who's first song was obscured? Trouble song with five or six temple changes. Which is why I'm so weird that way, and then the other song we played was Peter Gunn theme. Didn't didn't didn't down. But I remember trouble and no singer bound bound bound bound bound. Bam bound bound that's jar. Now. Here's my part. Bill Baugh, Paul? And then this let's go bowling a little little, and dude, I listen to that cassette about one hundred times that was the beginning of like, the rock and roll playing with somebody that that that was one of the things when we were talking before that was what made me think of this like I wanted to ask everybody. What was the first song you ever played as part of a ban? Like, you know, even though you're band didn't have singer my first band didn't have a singer the first gig. We did but still it was guitar bass and drums and we played songs. So that was your you didn't have drums. It's just the making music with another human being first one was guitar and bass only trouble revelation life or death, and what was yours Bill disciples of the watch. No. But what was the first song you guys ever played like as a performance on the seculow and aint talking about love as a performance that wasn't a performance for us. Those two guys in the baseball rehearsed those before we get after after school every day, I tried out for a band, a new group of guys. Is that I heard needed to get tar player, and I tried out for the band, and they said, yeah. We need a singer. May can do you know the lyrics to the songs like I literally the first band ever tried out for guitar. I didn't get the job. But they said I knew the lyrics to view these songs. So I'd be was the singer for a heavy metal band at a pool party. My seventh grade year going into the eighth grade. But it was a great moment of realization that did you have a name. I don't remember. Yeah. It was it's one of those things it wasn't my band was group of dudes play because it was a pool party one of those pickup things, but I really started practicing at that point because I didn't get the gigging. You know, the first rejection was it was rough. And so I really started practicing in. Yeah. But it was I mean, I sang really terribly I'm sure all the classics made in priest it. Yeah. But see that's the thing is that you started like Frank you said you didn't have this. But once me and a off started playing then you find out there's other guys in. School that play. And you know, some guys I remember there was a guy called Dale Martin knock he had like this wicked kit, and I don't know if he plays. They're not still. But at the time he was the guy because the other doubles like the kit with the most drums matter how good the it was the most drums of the same brand and the same color faster. He got like a yellow one one red one when Greenwood double kick drum Tama set. And that was my first official ban was called fatal accident, which was spelled of course, of course of core. D N T accidents. Is it fatal accident? No. It's fatal accident. Well, that's why don't you do X ADHD? Visit fatal accident. And of course, the logo with the big, you know, the hangman's. But you've always been that way. Though. It's always about connecting like like word play in imagery and stuff. So that's carried all that. Was that was in eighty five because I remember like fatal accident. This is fatal accident every gig. Did you ever get one gig at a party, and that might be my official versus okay? Tell me the song. But it was hold on like that movie. That thing you do that thing you do whether they called the wonders spelled o n e sober. Over eaters eaters, fatal accident accidents accident. So what I remember playing his two things. I remember we played heaven's on fire. 'cause I still know that on base Bom Bom Bom Bom Bom. It's a hard one bomb bomb. Yeah. And then the other one I don't know why we were doing this. And I didn't know the song. But I tried to learn it was before the dawn by Judas priest and we had this guy called David birds singing, and he choked there's five people at the party, maybe ten it wasn't like a big movie party and people. We're laughing. So we kicked him out of the band during the gig. And they're like. Straw. Like who who's going to say the last song the set? Holy diver. And unlike all sing it, meanwhile, playing and singing has not ever will be my thing. So not only am I screwing of the baseline, which I hardly knew either. I didn't even know the lyrics to the song. That's what I sang. Holy diver. You've been gone too long in the midnight. See why don't you climb up a tree? And that came back to haunt me for years on end. Holy diver. Why don't you treat through? Through. So that was fatal accidents. I n last gig ever while I financial gig as guitar player. I still have photographs of it. We played threes song set the name of the band was white clover. Because apparently that was the first name of Kansas. But when they change their name, and the singer was obsessed with Kansas guy, some serious street. Yes. Serious streak credit? We had all the chicks zero Kansas. Yeah. We opened with turn up the radio. Yeah. I was a course in great, rich ward fashion. I was the Rudolf Schenker of the band's not gonna even try to touch that Zillow. Yeah. Didn't that guy on guitar manual or something like, okay, you're really good at playing chords. Stick to it. So he did turn up the radio. I want you to want me and still loving you. Wow. Yeah. It was for some bizarre reason. My mom got me the fake leather tight pants, you know to look rock and roll. And I was trying to excess her is. So I got my red soccer shin guards that were like slip on socks that were on the outside of them. Still. I had these weird kind of red leggings the a puppy front on the Fillon them to protect the case. Anyone tried to kick me while was playing? Yeah. And one of the guys from the local kind of shop class made me a guitar chord. That went to my amp that had chasing lights that would kind of go because back then. Yes. On value killer. Yeah. Okay. Billy is going to tell us but his first gig. But I I to tell you about the first. Thing you should do if you're trying to get on a path to healthier living talking about DP y download the DP y now app and let my buddy demon Dallas page help you own urine life. You know, a DP did for my back. And would it continues to do for me to this very day? That's why I'm able to hit the road with Fauzi on our spring tour and a couple of weeks while it'd be main eventing AWS double or nothing with Kenya. Mega in Las Vegas on may twenty fifth. I can't say enough about Dallas is amazing yoga program except that you should try it for yourself. If you haven't already all your news. 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And in the meantime, and in between time get started on DP, y it will get your your mind and your body into the best shape. It's ever been a guarantee it I am living proof this really works. Go to deep yoga dot com slash Jericho. And get started today. Billy, your I. We already talked with your first first one. Okay. So was there another one? Oh, yeah. I can go on to the to the battle of the bands high school days. Okay. There was a band called animal bag back home and Charlotte which actually had a legit video on MTV. They didn't want to see. And but before they did that the drummer, and they could tar myself on a bass player had a band called felons and fellow fell Lynn fillings. Better. Hey fella. So we were we were playing the battle of the bands at our high school with Charlotte high school and mom was in the audience that must've been the year after I play because my first big was in your I'm a year older than you. My first gig ever was the battle the band's west Charlotte high school. So I must have played the year before using is that I moved to Atlanta, our lust drew a singer while we were doing the gig. We played stick it. And we played by great white. We played stick in fatal accident. Okay. So we did. Okay. So we we played we we did two songs. We did stick it and piece of your action. We did piece of your action. I then when it when the time comes came to play stick it the the whole administration of the school sitting right there in front row. Well, our singer decides to flip them all off. Oh, wow. We're playing stick it moms in the crowd her eyes. Are this big after the show? She's like, you know, we're good. But you billion barris me. And I was just like, and of course, we got disqualified too. That's my claim to fame high school Powell the band's right there. He said mom, you ain't seen nothing yet. Cocco? Funny. Stick it. Because I remember that was when David birds blue before the dawn he already had nailed stick it. I remember it was fun for base because it just goes gong gong. It was cool to be a bass player back. Those days is ever into the song was just bomb who ball. That's my that's my favorite line of the song man used to rock debts. So. Okay. So as we move forward through through the fatal accident. So when I started high school a new group of guys around that were singers and players so me and a Hoffer like the package deal. And then we met this guy called a Warren rumble. We're less to rumble years later Scotty and famously dissed when we went to meet anthrax and deservedly, so he said Scott ego. So I see that you have tone shaved in your host. Is that no sorry? Not see of not shaving your chest. Is that done backwards because you guys are so heavy and because that's stupid. That's the stupidest thing I ever heard. So he was a drummer. And he had this whole group of guys from the other junior high school that we met up with. So the first band that was the big jam was called primitive means which it was kind of more of a punky or type thing, which is actually a pretty cool Dame once again, so as me and a half immediate effort pretty good like I would Kevin would teach me how to play you know, all the made in all the Metallica. We still have a drummer. But I wasn't Steve Harris burden. But in my mind, I thought it was like I could do it. So we were playing with a bunch of other guys, and the the the gimmick of this band was you would try and write funny lyrics. So we had a song called like chewy man and a song cold. Tipper gorry. I think it was the zombie Tipper Gore. And then the other one was gay nights. And a lot of these songs would have intros. So the intro for this was taking two symbols and rub them together. It goes oh sagana had what are you unleashing out of your sheath can then go and that was start off the big thing. It'd be like gay nights. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, do gay nights makes it. And these are nights. Like K n I g and you basically just make it up. Okay. Would start a riff owed fall on drums would come in. And guys would show some years later. I gave my cousin. Chad a copy of the primitive means, and we went skiing in panorama, British Columbia and my dad, and I and maybe my mom whoever else was sitting in the hot tub and Chad goes upstairs to play some music out of the balcony ghetto blaster and decides to put on gay nights. And the whole place is listening to this intro. Oh, so Gaya had what is that coming out of your? She don't like Chad shut it off. Stop it. Does this band? He goes. Well, this is your this is disgusting. Turn it up. If you heard the song you'd really know. So that was. So that was the beginning of me. My first my first gig the band didn't actually have a name or a singer. It was just me and two guitar players. And a bass player my buddy Clayton who I'm still friends with was playing guitar this guy named Chris. Oh god. He's gonna kill me. Br Chris Briley was playing bass and oddly enough the other guitar player. Was this guy named Rick Sheppard who ended up working for Dallas Austin? He ended up being like an engineer for Dallas Austin. So he got like he like, you know, actually did Disney Dallas lost and he's a famous producer. He makes beats man. He ended up in that in that world. I don't think he's still in it. But we ended up later we ended up calling the band split image, which I thought was a cool name. But we will special guest fatal accident accident and primitive means so our first gig was at a party in the in like the the off, you know, like in apartment complexes. They have the clubhouse. Yeah. Yeah. We've we played the club my first gig. Yeah, we played we played club those complex and the first song of our set was switched six twenty five leopard because we had no singer. Right. But then we went onto play United by Judas priest and we played living after midnight. And we played some song by this band called the shoes, which I don't understand it. Yeah. I think that might have even opened for van Halen at some point that name sounds real for me. They had they had a couple of like, you know, songs that made a little bit of rain. They were like the producers, you know, that band that like from Atlanta that had a few. Okay, just a quick little segway. And you're talking about the shoes van Halen always had really bad opening act. Right. You know, the reason why I think rich knows this when I had Randy Bachman on the he opens beats open for van halen's fifty one fifty tour because Sammy Hagar said I don't want anyone coming on stage and just thinking about David Lee Roth. I want you to go out there and play thirty minutes of your biggest hits. And literally soon as beats yo finished van Halen started. And Randy said, the same you said, you know, you know, why van Halen never use opening good opening bands because they wanted to keep all the merch money. With the velcro 's. And there was the shoes and all these other things. Yeah. I mean, come on, right. Yeah. So so rich who is your your main high school band? Did you have one? No, I didn't in the reason was is that it was hard to like my parents moved in. So I lost my entire group of Charlotte, friends and move till Lanta, but we lived in the suburbs. And then I found a group of guys to play with and they had a band called the level creek band because the name of the street was leveled creek. Yeah. And they were a bunch of southern rock guys. And they were all great. They could play all this like the hat, Molly hatchet, they could play this. They were really good and I learned from them. And then I met another group of guys at the school who are into Duran Duran is Scott banks and some other players Mark Dickson. And I started playing with these guys, and we were playing that was the first time that I started actually gigging kind of regularly playing high school dances. Because back then if the real way to gig was playing high school dances. And they were a big thing. This is pre DJ's. Yes. All our dance. Wholesome Cummings were all banned. All our all our high school, dances were were bands. They weren't deejays or anything, and we actually have you guys ever had a band play your high school dance that actually went on to have some notoriety. Hebrew, right zebra, played one of our high school dances. Are remember like 'cause that's such an unusual name going to see this, you know, high school dance and seeing this band called. Zebra, and they were three base. And they were really they were great. And then of course, like, you know, few years later, they're on the radio hit said they still play on. Yeah. Great man that was the best training for me is to learn how to play Bryan Adams and def Leppard and Duran Duran and Howard Jones like learning all of these different rhythm techniques and learning how to really play rhythm guitar gives a lot of guys were coming up. And they were just learning to be, you know, Warren de MARTINI or you know, like they were learning the strength stuff that wasn't gonna happen where I live because I couldn't play bars. When our coming up you had to be twenty one years old to be even playing a bar zero really options if you were going to gig was to play it was to place. Meant to be in a variety band. And my best gig ever is is playing the homecoming dance at my own high school, which was amazing because it's like I get to be the hero. And the guy who brought in the PA system had his brand new wireless. I was like oh my God. Give a wireless system. Woes? Like, I've never I mean, this is it gets big dollars for high school. Kitty, you wanna use it? I was like, yes. So I had the wireless system on and a win into the crowd, and we were playing Bryan Adams heaven, and I grabbed girl to do a little slow dance while I'm playing the song and the wireless went out and at one hundred decibels. It is through the whole PA. It was super allowed that sound when your whole system goes out while every would slow day get. Get some things never change. Billy who is your what did you have a main high school band? Well, that was the that was the felon all the Phil Valentine. So. Yeah. And after that, it kind of went to it went to the lustrous sleaze patrol. Myself and possum from revolver played in. And we suddenly went to playing we went to plan. Some good club shows we played still in high school at the time. Yeah. Yeah. We played played pterodactyl club. We opened up for all this this band called New York back in the day. And they were pretty big. I remember back in the day, you know, a circuit band, and we would headline this place in rock hill on cherry road cherry road gate road. We would put five hundred people in their and cover tunes from Metallica. Motley Crue van Halen poison and things kind of went from there. And I and now move to LA with with possum as well. After that funny like you guys were so much bigger than our band. Like, I thought like so my big high school band was scimitar, and it was me Kevin Hof in warm rump. All those three names for you Irvine a off and our trio which actually wanted I wanted to call the name of the band a are. Rumble. Yeah. But it was an anthrax song. But the guys wanted to do scimitar, which of course, the tea was shaped like a scimitar like sin. As you do because the logo is the most important thing when you start right? Not to mention people who say why you call yourselves air. So going back to we set him. And once I've warned us if it doesn't warm was a lot like LARs Orrick. He played by sheer will and determination with early. Lars LARs now is amazing. But no drumming skills whatsoever. He wanted to play drums he had a drum set, and he had a house that we could jam in after school. And so he had this released shitty drums set. So we went downtown one day on the bus to pick up because he found a drum set at a pawn shop, and it was once again, it was Frankenstein drums, set, so we had three bass drums with and they're all different beats an imagined to morons carrying like five drums. Eight symbols on the bus the people trying on the boss. We're trying to get off us don't leave without us. And so we just put all your on the city bus. Yes. To get downtown. So we bought the punt bus bronze. So we set up in his garage. And the first song we we knew because a off I'll get to this later, but it was very OCD. He refused to play unless it was perfect. Now. How do you learn let's go through two bit. But the first one that we really knew well was you really got me with no singer the time. So we used to jam in the garage with the door up in the summertime as the kids were walking home from school. And there's these two hot chicks that live down the street from Warren or called Carlin mcnichols and Lorraine foster. And so every time they were walking home, we'd baron, and I'm out and do we have long cloaks that we bought it like Salvation Army like, you know, the look like kind of the versatile Ghana poison. But also maiden was kind do in that absurd sleeves. Yeah. I had a big red one is called the semi coat. Yeah. Mina out. So we do this every day. And finally after about a month of this van Atta they walk by the one chick said, don't, you know, anymore songs doesn't anybody? Sing this sucks or something they walk by. And they were like, well, I guess we should try something different. And that's when we started. Actually, we did the we we learn more originals. We are always writing original stuff. And that's kind of what our thing was which is probably why we'd never played any real shows or anything like that. Back then being an original band. I was virtually impossible. Well, and it was just for us trying to learn and get better we knew how to play, you know, we do we knew it most of the main catalogue up to somewhere in time most Metallica up until master puppets. Because af could teach us a warm is on the field. At least we kind of knew it. But was the first original song that you ever wrote? Yeah. I don't really know. I have tons of cassettes of first ideas, but nothing ever became anything until stuck Mo-jo. We'll meet I started. It was first real band. I had you know, when you when you first start off, and you've got a band, and you go in the studio and record it. But I again, a lot of that stuff. I don't have strong memories of his didn't mean anything like like, I love your stories because that best bands meant stuff to you. I I always felt like, you know, and I think part of the best thing that I always did was I always surrounded myself with musicians that were way better than me. So I was kind of learning from them. They were years older, but they were also driving the. Car. So we'd go to the studio I play some guitar stuff. But I wasn't the boss of the ban. Like, you were like you had groups that you were like there's three guy. Yes. So the whole high school our school experience, and we were gonna make it. They used to draw comics of of all the band members. And all the adventures we would have and did you ever make the did you ever make the laminates the backstage passes? I nobody had comics. I got reams of comics. Okay. But the one thing is that we got an argument one time, and I got kicked out of the band, and I was like I'll start my other band. So my new band was called dangerous curve spelt C I R V because my last name is Irvine dangerous curve. And I was like I had a logo I had an album cover. I didn't have a band. Yeah. So after about two lunch hours of not jamming. I went back there. And they took me back to the van. Remember, the first time you ever wrote. It was with sleaze patrol backing that well, I mean as far as like a chorus with lyrics and riff. It was called shadows. In the night. Yes. It was gone down. Shadows in the night. Take a look go round. Well, it's a big hit. We had a blizzard in nineteen eighty six the famous eighty six lizard and one in Winnipeg, which I'm not gonna tell you much snow, but if something like ten feet of snow is ridiculous. So everybody was shut in so tomorrow. I'll walk over to warn south that took about half an hour in the snow, but write some songs tonight, and we're going to do a record tomorrow. So the night before I was I was possessed. I wrote three really good songs, quote, unquote. One was called sour grapes. One was called baby. Psycho woman was called weenie rose, which is about a cannibal that would make wieners out of human flesh. Right. And assume remember sour grapes, Dhondup an-and, Anna down. Bannon Anna down Bannon. Bannon and our great. Salvo grace, and then it goes sour, grapes, rotten cream, overripe bananas. It's awesome me. And it was about a guy that likes eating rotten food. It's all I can think of but the riff was cool shocking. This never win. Courses solid grades on data. I really love him sour grapes. Can't get enough of them. Ron and the baby psychos babies. I go down to then. Dan, Dan, Dan, Lin? And now, he's got you nanna. Oh, yeah. Yet gonna kill you. Street survey room. Yeah. Yeah. Now, he's got you. Then in Anna done some base. You remember that? I can't remember Pasi songs soundcheck. We're like. We're like the rich. You wrote this song six years ago played at one hundred. I like, I just I don't I don't know. But like you said because maybe because I was so into it, and I must have listened to those songs slash records because you'd put ten songs on recording. That'd be your new record sets that you listen to we we we would make the song very quickly. And then put it onto you said we'd have an album, and I would similar to now I would put together the track listing and figure this it needs to be the opener, and this is the closer. And this what we're going to do. We you self loathing. Listen to material. I was like God we saw we need to work up sour grapes for sound check. I it's pretty easy. We'll get checks laid to sling. It. That's the thing was like, you know, like like, you said that there was there was nobody really filter this. And I think if you did actually re practice it rehearse, it would probably really good. And that was a offs thing. He's like nobody can ever hear this. It's not good enough. And I was like dude, it's wicked. It's awesome. Like who would not want to hear this music, grapes? Jay off as me. I'll if you play that for anyone I will break that Kosei. So how about you mentioned battle the band's experiences? Did you have you mentioned yours believe with the finger up? Did you ever have one rich about all the band's experience? Yeah. That was the one that I was I was to with the girl with the with the one that I played at west Charlotte high school. The funny thing is Franken I took similar paths in that. We we tried playing covers and we had these bands. But, but ultimately, the are I kind of realization as musicians came from our first band, and I will tell you Franks was I met Frank after I had been pl- I moved to Lanta, and I was looking for musicians to kind of network with and Frank was in a band called lethal promise, and I heard about lethal promise because in the little Atlanta scene. There were four five bands. That everyone kind of knew there was ouija. There was lethal product board. Yes. Yes. And then there was. Mark Willis's who is Fosse's manager how to band Masada. Yes. So there was a handful of. Yes, they were they had a song called long hair. No underwear. They all said a song called I got crabs, but ain't been fishing. Yeah. So yes. So I met Frank and Frank hedge early been annotate hair and like the serious bangs right across the super poof, Charlie meets, Eric Carr. Afro and his band was really cool there singer of they had this kind of queen's Reich alternative metal kind of vibe to them singer had a super high range, and they had a guy who was kind of alternative guitar heavy metal guitar hero. Who's now his brother-in-law Chris taro's, and then he had another guitar player. Look a little bit kind of like John Sykes whole Larson, and I love this band. And I I asked him could I get tar tech for you. That's kind of how Franken I became friends is that I was guitar checking for Franks band, while I tried to find a group of my own since to start Margarita Ville, remember Gore's, Atlanta, Georgia this Hora. Hidden you guys played some covers right was oh, we never played any from the beginning. Because original had to have a set of culture to not. Yeah. Yeah. Because. Nineteen eighty six you know. I mean, you couldn't you couldn't be an original ban. I remember when I got together with these guys for the first time Chris Storrow he's the guitar player. And he was kind of like, the leader defacto leader of the band. And he was like I started asking. Well, what kind of songs are we going to play? And he was like, well, I've got a bunch of songs and he's talking about like songs he'd written. I was like, well what Cau? I mean. Like, what rat songs are we gonna do what Jews Brizo's we he's like we're not doing any covers. And I was like, no, what do you mean? We can't do that. And I I didn't like it because I loved playing all my favorite songs, you know. And he was like, no, we're not. I'm not wasting time. Playing covers we're playing all our own stuff. And that's what we did from the beginning. And it was hard to get gigs. You know doing that? Because everybody wanted covers. In fact, we got booked at this club where they didn't know we were in originally they booked us for like a week of playing like, you know, one night stands for like a week in this club. And the guy said, well, how do you want me to advertise this on the on the little thing? Outside. You know, the. Yeah, the marquee and Chris said, yeah. So and so presents all original rock music with lethal promise in the guy's face. Just went like y'all don't play any covers. The Frank span had a course the they had their like Aren made like every man they had a song lethal promise. Which is the closer. It was. It was great. But my favorite song. These can be found on YouTube by the yes, my favorite song by Franks, lethal, promise outfit was titties in death fees. Just just tits and death. Oh, sorry. That was the time. All right. I don't believe that one's on YouTube doesn't make our epic song. A why why did you kill grandpappy seamless such a bad sauntered? In death was was clever because the whole idea was it was the reason why young dudes went to go. See horror movies was tits. And it was a heavy soul. It was pretty heavy. And that's what what'd you kill grandpappy was a song about that about a murderer that killed grandfather. But it was nine minutes long. We don't forget who we were playing who who are heroes or this was scimitar Metallica. So what we did? It's very much. What LARs James do? Now, we were record apart, stop the cassette rehearse the next part. Because there was let's temple changes record that stopped the cassette. So be like. No, no, not the neighborhood at dinner. Bannon. A now. Josh. Keeping DD so but we had that so just to say to. So there was other rival bands in the Winnipeg area was called Saint James where we live and we used to hang out at seven eleven. There was a seven eleven and McDonald's that's where everybody hung out all the rockers wintertime, summertime, whatever. And there was one band that like like, I said we played no gigs because they have wouldn't let us, but we thought we were pretty hot shit banned. And there was another band that we hated called seventh heaven there from the rival high school John Taylor, and we had a seventh even played like they played gigs. Like let clubs like you guys did, but they played like separate ways. And they were really good. And I hated the drummer just pissed me off. It would be hanging around with this super cool on hair, always tight jeans. And I hate this guy. And the guy's name is Brent Fitz. Now slashes drummer after drawing for Alice Cooper, and fricken gene Simmons now telling you said that he knows it. I told the first time I saw this, dude. I used to say, hey, I never hated. You thought your call? I hated you because Warren hit him fits those will Fitch. He was so mad because fits at a better kit and rival drummers, right? Three random kicked her own so bad. So let's talk about when you first moved out to Los Angeles before we do that our friends at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants you to be safe on the road. They listed. It could be a little frustrating, especially if you're in a rush a running late to find yourself at a railway crossing waiting for a train. I know the feeling you don't wanna wait. The signals are going the trains not even there yet you feel a little bit tempted to try and sneak across the tracks. And you don't do it ever trains are often going lot faster than you expect them to be and they can't stop. So even if a train engineer hits the brakes right away, it could take a train over a mile to finally stop. And by that time, what used to be your car just a crushed hunk of metal. And what used to be you? Well, let's not even think about that. Let's say it's very very very bad for everyone. Evolve point is you can't know how quickly the train will arrive. So the train can't stop even if it sees you and the results is. Disaster. If the signals are on the train is on its way, you just have to remember one thing. Stop because the train can't talk is Jericho. Also sponsored in part by indeed dot com when it comes to hiring. You don't have time to waste you need help getting to your shortlist of qualified candidates fast. That's why you need indeed dot com post a job in minutes, set up screener questions than zero in on qualified candidates using an intuitive online dashboard. And when you need to hire fast, accelerate your results with sponsored jobs. New users can try it for free at indeed dot com slash podcast. That's indeed dot com slash podcast. Terms, conditions, and quality standards apply. Find the right person that you want to hire go to indeed dot com slash podcast. Go do it. Now. Billy, wink, when you first how old were you? When you first moved to LA seventeen. Josh you still high school age. Yeah. Did you graduate? No, I didn't dropped out. Yeah. And and John or possibly already moved out there and the ad ban. They were call four stint tree the tar player quit. All right. So he had he had already had already played a few gigs out there and the guitar player quit. So he calls my mom up one day, and I wouldn't doing good in school, and this and that and the other she's like with John called the other day and talk to me, would you wanna move out to L as your best you? Oh, yeah. You kidding? Oh, yeah. Mama would've raised that. For me. Bob was like you never give it a shot. God bless mom. You know? Did. And so I moved out there. We played all the clubs money or like, what did you wanted to get? They helped my family helped me out. And then I got a job as a telemarketer out there. Six AM to twelve twenty PM every day job. Just getting on the phone getting the getting the sale going, then you would get the closer to close the deal you selling office supplies. White. I I the first company I called when I got there was mom's company. Okay. So so pretend you're the phone rings. Hello. Hey, this is Billy from such and such. Who do I speak to you who who do speak to about your office supply purchases? That would be me. I'm charge. Okay. Well, let me tell you what I got going on here. Read off a script. You know, then I would get to the point where. Okay. Well, let me let me introduce you to Sam he's my he's my boss, and he's going to close out the deal here for now. Just the seven degrees of ward and gray. Billy's mom worked for an insurance company that he sold office supplies to. And then the office next door was my dad's translate was my mom travel down each of. Yes, they did. Right, man. I hated Billy grey like, Dave. Like, what do you mean? He could play fine high gain. So. -ducted by an alien what happen like I'm still trying to trying to play looks to kill. That was a big hit first, by the way, when we cut our maiden and priest covers me did play or made Metallica covers when we played parties the ones that we did play. You had to whip out the talk dirty to me because at least chick. That we did to at least two g to chip it's such a bad. Never liked it chicks loved it. They did. They did this lease patrol become lickety-split. No that was way before none of the same members. Oh, and none of the same became regionals. Hey Billy's had several bands that I knew of popular bands in Charlotte that did well because they you then after forced entry, I moved Jonquet, right? And you move back back home. And then you start an lickety-split then. Yes, I jumped right into that. And then he had a band called method fifty one that was popular ask what led me to you guys? I fronted that as a as a singer as a rap core band and fronted and play guitar for them. It was a trip. We had an imprint real. Yeah. Three piece. Win an imprint deal with Atlantic had a record out, and which ironically had a song call to be the man, you gotta beat the man. I remember I played you that video which has in the loop in the middle of the song, the Lionheart Chris Jericho's about you know. That's right. Remember that? So in that led me to opening for stuck Mojo. And that's why I'm here today. So I'm gonna go back, and he's like I said because I had this this high school band where we actually you know were together for a while. So our our first that only battle the bands, it was that a teenage nightclub, and I've been trying to think the name will time began with s wasn't Sidewinders splitters. There was something called like I don't remember what it was. But you had to addition to get this shenanigans might as well be but it was age nightclub. It wouldn't it. The cool thing about the eighties were teen clubs. AM all the time. Go there dance and hang out. There's no alcohol, but if you'd places like a UC Paris could drop you off they knew that you would, you know, basically booth in the confines of this boys and Girls Club, but my kind of a cooler version, so it was all over to the side of town for us and we had to audition. So we we we sent in a tape of an original song which was sitting nights which started with the drum bass and guitar solo. Like something is something out of eat him and smile. 'cause like like like the hit. Jot down little. Thicket down down down down to get that get down ban an-and ano- which made a lot of friends on the dance floor with them. So we auditioned play one cover and one original. So we did city nights and the cover once again to feel to the teenage nightclub big city nights. Peace sells, but who's buying? Okay. As you do. Needed a manager. Showed up, and dude, I was all out I glued I smashed a mirror and glued mirror onto gauntlets, which are made of socks that. I cut the ends on a gauntlet is like a big long sleeve with a with a sort of MIR's glued to my jeans, which may be have droopy drawers because they were too heavy, and I had a cutoff super tight white shirt. And a question Mark on it. 'cause steriods mysterious. So we neutral so we started playing it we opened with with these cells. And of course, that's media. I'm the bass player bringing them by Dandan nothing. My frigging cord came unplugged because I stepped on it when I was rocking and the court came out of the base and fell on the ground. So it goes ban an. Going to do. So we stop. Okay. Plug in. We start again. What else can you do? And we never knew about you having like you keep your kick drum in position by putting like a brick in front of it or something screaming forms trying to play. So we stumble and bumble through and long behold, we won one the first round. And I will never forget how exciting was because there was one girl. Her name was Carolyn morass, and with when the local paper came out that scimitar was playing at name of club in the battle of the man, she cut the pictures out and put it in her locker. Wow, I fan you will you want against the guys ban with the one glass eye. And so the next week. We went back, and we got destroyed by this band called the fourth floor, and they did some wicked kinda cool. Like a TOTO type song than they did back in the USSR, and they murdered us. And that was it we were done, and I remember just the thrill of victory and the agony people like. Believe it or something that you know, it's your first lesson. You should have played the Beatles. You knew your favorite bad. But I just and then the the caveat of this was they showed it on this on this show. It was on every Friday night. And it was called bundy's late night adventure in Bundy was like the host, and he would do different stuff. It was on. We were on for like, two minutes, and we recorded it. And so every guy in the band got to keep it for like a week. Right. And I was the first guy because I you know, I was the bass player, and I probably whatever cried about it till I got it. So I watched it one time and. I go downstairs to watch it again. And and look into watch. And it's like a love boat that my mom had taped. And I was like, okay, mom. Where's the tape of similar shoes? What do you mean? She was worse than scimitar tapes goes I don't you talking about I'm like, okay, hold on a second. Please don't say that you she would love but was on and every quarter. Mom, are you love booth. And she's like, why don't you lay? Remember, the VHS tapes. You could click the back the little SCR tab. I never thought about writing scimitar on earth cooking, the tab out of it and my mom recorded over scimitar with love boat. And imagine me having to tell a off and rumble that remember what those days you couldn't go back and watch. It was never on again. That's it that was done. I even called bundy's late that adventure the students that you guys have the tape of the show the day of the show we record over it right away with love Boettger whatever's on fantasy island. Yeah. So that was it. And that was kind of the end after that, we couldn't continue on under those circumstances. And that was pretty once the tape was raised with love boat. It was a sign it was done. And even my dad, even he even for a high school graduation gift. He bought a studio time and just wasn't interesting. Swear, we're gonna record, you know. And I was like well can't we record some as it? Now, we're done the tapes recorded over finished. The fast board. Now is a dad have you ever done something like that like accidentally erased over a dance recital or different now, though because everything is recorded on like a phone or everything so out there. Yeah. Great pulling. Now, you would if it was on TV DVR it, and if you raised it, I mean, you know, somebody else would have DVR D or you can find it or they replay it or something, you know, YouTube somebody would have found it was about east as everything everything's out there now. I mean, there's so many things that are just gone. Yeah. I agree there. So many moments of my career, even like like into making records that things just gone into the third, you know, pre YouTube, and you've got a video cassette of it. But I don't know where that video cassette or did he get it rain? It exactly. There was a cassette of that first gig that I did with that band with no name where we, you know, played that party that was talking about for the longest time. I had that Kosei sounded horrible because it was recorded with one of those, you know, the classic. Yes. That player, you know, with the buttons you record play. Yeah. Record play rewind. And I had it for the longest time. And I actually did a drum solo on that on that recording. And it's the one time in the entire set that we play we played probably six songs, but it was the one time you hear people cheer over the music. You know, like because you know, it's like we we would play a song, and we'd end and people would clap, and it was cool. You know, when people and you hear the talking, you know, people in the background than we play another song, and I did a drum solo and went right from the drum solo into the beat that opens living after midnight. And as soon as we hit the I corps is bad out that you hear the audience. Roar like the one time. Happened. And I'd give anything to have that Taylor. We had this. I just always remember. There was this guy in the background who's a friend of mine from high school this real redneck. He do in between every song. He would be like y'all play. Some Ted Nugent. I like before the last song he's like clapping cheering plays. Ted Nugent, y'all plays them dead. New before the last you hear him go seriously place to do. We just as we wind down to a couple of us. So we mentioned city nights. We actually had a video for students that we recorded and then we recorded a video for another song called stranded, which I based on a Steven king onset videos. Yes. Oh, my. It had nothing to do with one of the strategy was based on survivor type, which is about a guy who stranded on an island and ends up eating himself. So that's what I was writing about. Hey, you know, why? Because anthrax wrote about Stephen King Stephen gig to and that started with the basal doing digging to get to to get into town to get to get into the Dow, and so the opening concept was scimitar walking through the school yard and being accosted by a gang of toughs. And like who will you were Cima jar. And we're we're super tough. He's who are you who are you where they were they from Asia or something? Scimitar sucks, man. Yeah. You suck. The base sucks that taught of sucks and the drums sock, and we think scimitar socks, and then we go so tall. Void on. And then we attack and there's a big gang fight. And we beat the hell out of the whole gang ambitious. And then we just keep then we just keep walking the way it was just for nights we were playing stranded as we were walking on the ghetto blaster. We beat up the villains. Then we went to play sim. It's a stranded. And then we went into the city nights video. How did you edit it altogether? We had a guy who could edit it with a with a cord from the VHS camera, which is very big. Yeah. It was. Camera. But if you plugged it into he was kind of a like, a real techy type of guy wasn't in the band. He could figure out how to edit every edit much like the Whitey keel grandpappy had had like little ch-. So you like in every edit during the video tape. I think I have it. Because to me, that's one of those that would be the thing that I would love to have capturing the youthful like at that moment in life of just saying, you know, look at bus kids in our imagination and. You know, because you didn't know of your like you said here, we are sitting in Berlin. We had a jam packed show last night we played to I don't know ten thousand people the night before Vakhin, and it all starts for all of us. Just like this. Whether you're in, you know, whether you're Paul McCartney or LARs Ulrich, or you know, a guy who's just starting right now kid starting in the basement, and that's kind of the one side thing that that is I don't like my son's friend is in a band is aim is Julian I took him in to see kiss. And I said to Paul Stanley goes to tell them what you place, and I just learned how to play creatures of the night, he goes, well, maybe you could be able to play it, and he was just so excited, and I was like asko sing for his band. You can sing it's not my style something style. But I I'm wondering if there's like is their kids still getting gather and playing in bands, or is it just the video game culture, or they are it's not as it's not. I don't think it's you know, it isn't what it used to be. But there's still kids out there putting bands together. Yeah. I actually have read that guitar sales were way down. That's right. Kirk Kirk Hammett said about. Yeah. Gibson? Fender all these big companies are really suffering because kids are just playing instruments. Maybe I'm wrong. Yeah. And it's, you know, of course, you know, they've shifted their attention to other things tack in and like you said video games. And and maybe, you know, maybe in fifty years, there won't be bands with guitars and bass and drums, maybe everything will be program based. Yeah. It would be sad. If that was the case, I mean, you think about one hundred years ago, you would never have Symphony Orchestra that it could ever think about being replaced by synthesizers and sure kirks on mandolin or lute used to be like the forefathers of all instruments. They don't even exist anymore. It's an interesting point. But at the same time, though, if you think about it like one of the biggest up and coming bands is Greta van flips right? And they've gone back to that straight routes. Yeah. Hopefully, vinyl sales have increased, you know, think I think hopefully, I mean this may be me being naive. You know or pollyanna, but I'm hoping that word. Yeah. I'm hoping that you know, they'll be a little bit more of a resurgence of kids. You know, who like might experience, you know, like, they'll they'll be kids growing up who've come up who have never seen a live band play like in person. Right. And the first time they see it go. Wow. That's really cool. You can tell you often not fuzzy shows someone's first show and they're like eighteen or sixteen hundred fifteen. Yeah. Interesting. No, I'm just gonna say they see somebody playing guitar in a live situation. And it'll be like so alien to them. There's just like, that's amazing. How do you do that? I wanna do that. Isn't it interesting that you brought up the hottest kind of new upstart band, Greta von fleet? And then you bring up the idea the concept of how this been a big resurgence for for vinyl, which both hearken back to kind of a desire for nostalgia. Because vanfleet is is nothing more than a a real dig back into some retro approach. Totally. So maybe that is the answer as music kind of lurches forward kind of into the retro age. Maybe there is room for young kids who who love a C D C or motor head and can embrace kind of kind of route zeal wrong, Greta van fleet who are obviously influenced by zeppelin and bands like that. I mean, how does it make you feel how how does it make you feel when you see like a seventeen or eighteen year old kid wearing zeppelin shirt or an AC DC shirt? Or how does it make you feel when you see Greta van fleet being the hottest band in the land or no under twenty years old, right? I mean, that's good for rock and roll. All totally, you know, got a couple of points as a when I went to Calgary to start wrestling. Another guy called Lenny Olsen who we started jamming other with a drum machine, and we made a record with the band name of great Caesar's ghost, and we made copies of the record. And we put them on sale at big rock records and CDs in Oakland oaks Berta, and we sold more copies than L. To John nirvana. We sold four they sold three. So. So. Outsold nirvana and Elton John and a song on that record was a ballot that I wrote on guitar and vocal only based on a Halloween song called longing, which is Michael Kuscu. Basically just guitar and vocal and the song is called God pounds is nails years later. I took those lyrics gave them to rich. And that's what the song God pounds his nails came from. Oh, that's cool. We'll own little known fact, we outsold Madonna once. Yeah. Where rock records and tapes, go ahead here. Well, it was at virgin records. She had a album release and rising was released. Stuck Mojo album rising was released the same night. But we did go and do a do we do a signing that? Yeah, we did aside. You know, we we cheated somewhat. But still it looked good to look on their weekly sales. Number eight hundred records and she sold like thirty five. It's like we sold almost five thousand copies and she only sold like thirty five and she's Madonna. Yeah. Yeah. At that. Virgin, rain one location. I'll take it though. Billy when you're on the sunset strip. What was your favorite gig that you've ever played with anybody cool? Yeah. At well. My favorite gig was at the at the Roxy, and it was with the band pretty boy Floyd, they weren't one of my favorites. But there are big base. Was packed dude. We were main support it was an awesome show and something I'll never forget. Right. That's amazing that Billy grey tasted all of this stuff. He taught nineteen eighty eight t ninety eight like, you you were part of that scene. Do you like we watch decline of the west physician, you might be in that movie in the buddy buddy was in the my roommate was in the movie his he was in a band called? Tommy, rod, totally rotten. Tommy, Tommy rock. Yeah. Yeah. And I started stuck Mojo in nineteen eighty nine. But we didn't get our start. I'm a will. We eventually started opening for some nationals. But we actually didn't get our record deal until nineteen ninety four. So Billy was already. I think we open for biggest ban we ever opened up for early on with three eleven and that would have been kind of ninety three years ninety two or something that was like for me. That's pretty cool dude man that'd be bully Floyd. Yes. Devi sex summers. Yeah. Okay. Last question. What was your favorite song that used to play in the high school band, cover original or both? Frank. Oh, man. God come back to me. I'd have to think about that. For a second Billy? I'm gonna go and say ain't talking about love. And I just love that Repton gang gang gang and being able to start the song. And at the front of the stage. You know as a kid, you know, the crowd look new the song already and after seeing van Halen play it. It was awesome. That's great for me as as an original. It was city nights. Which later got changed. Puzzled life Qasidi nights was to pedestrian and actually that song. Those guys went on to play in a band called skulduggery which actually had some steam in the early nineties in Winnipeg. They played all the bars of the place that we used to go watch bands play. Okay. And it was a little bit of my DNA that there was still playing puzzled life, which I wrote a couple of riffs for they dropped the basal at the beginning, which pissed me off. But my favorite song that we played was Acis high, and it was always fun to play. Because I always love the part. Like, I said, I was not a great bass player, but I can hold my own that part, ding, ding, ding, ding, didn't get and get indignant about it was the one time when we nailed it warned was on. Drums that was great. And the final caveat was we only had a three piece because no one else we knew wanted to play those type of songs. So one day this guy moved down the street. I think my name is Rik ran Radin. And he was. Rich ram Renton. She wrong. He was he was not east Indian from the West Indies. Are it might have been easy, but he was very dark, and he was like an Indian cat, whether it was east or west or whatever. And he's you talk like this, dude. What he means? And all I want you come over to our house jam, and it was like, do, you know, he he's like there's always like. Yeah. Anyway. So, you know, so so we played Acis high. And it was first time scimitar ever had two guitar players. Finally, all these bands that we cover Royce megadeath Metallica made their all to guitar bands. We only have one it's our player and it sounded so amazing. And it was so great. And when it was done, it's like do do you want to join her bags like not looking? Let's see later. And he never came again. And he must have thought we sucked. Well, hey. Yeah. Ended up in a band with four guitar players. Rich. I'll probably see I saw goal not the obvious thing. But that that kind of high school dance band we used to play in excess. Don't change long as great zone change. You O J? Yeah. Yeah. Standing here on the ground. All. From earlier than that. No that's from album called Schabus with original original sin that no no that only had that had don't change. And what was the first song as it was a big dent in it. It. One thing. Yeah. It's the one thing or or or or for me like one thing leads to another like we used to play all those songs like that was like my era where I really learned. And those songs are so cool because they appealed to rockers like us, but they also translated to girls, and you could get people that dance to those songs. It was like that the pretty in pink soundtrack era where like rock dude still liked. It wasn't didn't alienate, isn't it. Funny, though, as we sit here talking, you know, is that all of what you're talking about the four of our influences and how he kind of started all go into the fuzzy pot. You've got kind of the more new wave dancy stuff. You've got kind of more of the prog he heavier stuff you've got kind of glam element. You got Franken playing hard hitting original stuff? It's like it really is kind of a little bit of the ingredients of the Fauzi soup. Yeah. It's a it's when you listen to the Jude. This album. There's so many different elements that come together to make kind of what is a really unique sound, and there are some real dance elements in there, and there's a real metal elements, and there's some prog elements all of these things that we're talking about the glam we kind of grew up within his on on these records. And I think again, I think this is a cool conversation because a great way to tied up. Obviously is is that we are really who we are. This is not really put on and everyone wants to experiment and try new things, and we have I mean, we've constantly tried to spread our wings a bit. And and push ourselves to be as good as we can be in try a little bit more here. But at our core, we've always been this groovy hard rock band with some prog elements to it with big choruses. And and I think that's a product of who we were when we were kids. Yeah. Exactly. Good stuff guys and Garth caused needs. If you're out there. Please. Please tell me how the hell you spell. Your name. All right Fosse doing a bunch of games on the upcoming Chris Jericho's, rock and wrist and at ritzy part do book your cabin while you still can at Chris Jericho cruise dot com and come join us when we set sail next January twentieth. Rift flare Scott hall, Kevin Nash, XBox Jake. The snake Roberts Queen Shurmur. Booker T MVP Vicky, grow shawl Guerrero. Brad Williams, Jack Slade read cut Jeff air piss off. Conrad Thompson, so many high level hall of famers and main event town on this cruise Fasel be planned for Willie fear, rubik's cube dark sky choir killer, queens, the greatest female killer. Green cover in the in the land clean government Dave stood act project. Jared James Nichols kick. Axe AWB there. Some of the biggest stars in wrestling today will be there about ready to denounce some of the roster members from Awa who will be on the rock, and and raider DDP returns to host more live deep yoga workshops on the ship beyond the darkness hosting creepy paranormal events, so. So much stuff going on a book. Now, Chris Jericho cruise dot com. We're pretty much Eighty-three percent right now. We know it's going coming fast, though, nine months left before the cruise. But I think we'll probably be sold up in the next month or two. So if you wanna come aboard, go to Chris Jericho cruise dot com and have the vacation of lifetime. All right coming up on Friday, one of the newest signings to w jungle boy, Jack Perry who's talking about his gimmick. How it got started wrestling? And of course, his famous father the late Luke Perry of nine hundred zero and Riverdale great guy. Good kid is a hell of a performer, and we're excited to have him in a w and I'm excited to have him on talk is Jericho on Friday. So we'll see in a couple of days until then stay hard, stay, hungry peace-loving hugs into big. Braves Ruxton tree ovum bananas. It's all for me sour grapes. By scimitar. The Westwood One podcast network.

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