S2E144: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 04/19/21


Tape way chris bill there we go. This is how we're gonna start like say. Thank god for jesus motivational monday. Monday april the nineteenth twenty twenty one nineteen minutes after the hour. Welcome to shawn harvey morning. Show featuring sidney jalen alcohols block cologne with you get your morning started right only place on earth where you get your morning started right only place on earth where you're going to get this morning. Love to chat rooms wide open or please call in five seven zero ninety two six nine five zero iheartradio. Radio dot com. Sean harvey morning show dot com fam- radio app distributed by comedy worldnet radio or our affiliates out there. Thank you so much we appreciate you. We on all major podcast platforms as well End this morning. We're on social media. That's facebook. That's the goal. Twelve business page shall. Have you wanna show feature wake up. Seeing business. Pays like the page. And you get notified after seven o'clock in the morning monday to friday also this morning. We're on youtube. So go to the show hobby morning show own youtube and you can watch us day as well An office will join out group. Show have one show featuring wake team group one of the hottest groups on facebook. Invite yourself and come on in. Join the fun on a motivational monday. Only place on earth get. You wanna started right with superseded this motivational monday. Bobby cologne god bless you cavaliers. You shine it's good to see you get to be saying bobby. That skin is popping right now. Oh snap lip gloss is taking to a whole 'nother level. Yes plots out your bobby clone. Your face motivated. God bless you gotta play. Good morning how are you. I am great. How are you good. Awesome here in bethlehem we broadcast. Live to your from it. It's forty one degrees right now. Going up to a high of sixty six today. It is partly cloudy but sunday starting to come out and we may have a slight chance of rain around two pm. Today is a little late. Light drizzle in strasbourg forty. One degrees is sixty. Four will be the high clear in light rain around two pm today. Forty eight in newark new jersey. Sixty six we'll be the high and partly cloudy with again a rain around two. He emptied today in new york city. It is fifty four degrees. Going to high of sixty six mostly. Cloudy with light rain around four. Pm in atlanta fifty two degrees clear in seventy two. It will be the high in. Miami is seventy nine degrees ninety four the high end clear with overnight thunderstorms Forty eight chicago fifty. Four the high partly cloudy with rain around eleven. am in los angeles. It is sixty three degrees going into a high of ninety today. in clear. Forty six in louisville a seventy four the high in clear and sunny skies rochester's forty one degrees quantum to a high of sixty three today clear with night rain. That's the weather. Half of your wasn't look like where you are below coming to you live from his morning. Show featuring sidney j will you get you started. We wanna started right only place on earth we get. You wanna start a right. Everyone on a motivational monday. We have a front page news with a sydney j s to the ny. That's the top of the hour nine. Am this morning. You don't wanna miss that. We give you the news locally nationally and globally and you know how like from the hood so Stay tuned for that front page news. That'd be barbie colognes addition. We also have the morning buzz. Everyone and on a motivational monday. I can guarantee you one thing on this show. This morning is that your head will be buzzing. You guys stay tuned for that with. Yeah it would be somewhere we have you guys stay tuned so again We we appreciate you guys support home. Senate textual quick to rome We appreciate your support this morning and we do is in the next segment. Hold on a second. I gotta syndrome as as we hear. This is way i. Because i have to send this to rome because it's very important and the texting and the talking and the lights. The whole thing is this. And i don't want to do the textile. Just gimme a second everybody. I'm i'm super motivated youtuber. Hold on everybody. He's texting someone one is hold on. I can multitask just africa to restrict the talking allies. Good morning everyone. How was your weekend. Oh god bless no problem yes valerie. It was so good seen yesterday now the morning guy. Okay now. I want to say this god for jesus now on a motivational monday. Everyone and i do appreciate everyone in that chat room right now. Thank you so much and folks that are listening to the audio version I say this each and every morning. Because i have to because it's daily maintenance until we get this right and lord knows how long it's gonna take to do that so we come for a daily maintenance here on a motivational monday april. Nineteen twenty twenty one. This way you get your morning started right. It's the only place you get your morning started right after you say your praises to your god. Whoever your god is your higher power for protection and waking you up this morning because if you think you want yourself up this morning you are completely out of your mind. There was a power greater than yourself that woke up this morning. The blessings that that you are here right now in the here and now now after you do that and i strongly recommend you do praise the almighty when you wake up but probably after you do that then you go to the bathroom rain. Then you urinate. You can do that why you walk. Walk to the bathroom. And then after that. You search for the sean harvey born and show team. That's right because then you get your morning started right. Okay you might wanna say goodbye. Whatever until you loved ones like minute because this is part of the curriculum where you get show day started between seven. Am ten in the morning. You pray to your god urinate you say. Good morning to your family. And then you search this. Show bang bingo. I think that this is a this. You know sometimes bobby. Cologne is all about the momentum. Motivational monday momentum. You wanna have great momentum to start the day off regardless of which go through during the day because a lot of what we go through is normal stress and we go through the unforeseen absolutely. We can control that we could control what we do our behaviors and some of our decisions. So you come here to get your morning started right because it's difficult. Sometimes they make us a simple decision time so we need to ask questions with the group. So this is part of your daily maintenance. Everyone specially our new listeners. Are like what the hell is talking about. You get on day three at least got say. Why are you wearing your jacket like you're getting all day. You're getting date through the who's guy he's not. A philosophy sale was only knows to be true. Do when you get right right you come here you park with us party close here. Cities hands spirit. But he's also chat room. You settle it because there's some conflict going on whether it's good bad or indifferent. Guess what you need that love especially if you have a deficit of it. 'cause you're running around here not getting the love i know tabby clone has been plenty of is that i haven't got the love. Yeah and this is prior to this show. My god i was out in cases of nothingness i do. I didn't get my morning started right. 'cause i was listening to these corny. Fm stations in the morning. Trying to get right and that that didn't get me right now back in the day But this gets right because of the deficit of the love in the morning. This is also where you get the love. Tell me what to do with the restraint film. My foot apologize. Say so when you divorced of love and you don't have it or you're low on love come. here come. Here was proven last night at the concert. We talk about that man so so so low on love and things that are going on. I don't know what the motivation of money like. I know you might have some doubts. Skeptical you come here. You're going to get the love to get. You started right bar and you get the love. The new people like what is he talking about. Your date. three should have about wednesday. 'cause you need daily maintenance and then on top of that if you have a gillet and you do everyone does we can help you with your hate. We help you with your hate. Sometimes i'm not saying that you hate it. You just have hate some is stored in your gillet. The guilt is that imaginary organized. Keep talking about a your stomach. Above your rectum slammed right up in there and it holds you. You hate fuel and we hear barbeque loan to join that for you. Pause had good draining. Don't start it's too early for your patience on too early. So check out. The blueprint in the checklist. Everyone checklist this get up. You get you wanna start a riot by coming here and with our beloved group. You just mentioned valerie. Thomas warsaw last night. Who looked absolutely beautiful. Very was a birthday week and god bless. You didn't get the love. Let me tell you something valerie. Thomas yes she's here of course and you know what value thomas who's a former chat room member week. Let's just use her for an example. That'd be if you form a chat room member week. There's been listening to this show for a long time. And we truly appreciate but prior to her. Listen to this show. She had a deficit of love. She couldn't get her morning started right. How gillet was full. I don't think smell guess what. Let's move fast forward to today. She has cleaned gillet. She's fooled with nothing but love barbeque. All probably when. I used to know about times before we did. This radio bobby. She's to support. My comedy shows back in the day. I truly appreciate the call me saw will you. Oh what my tickets right now right now. I can't believe this. Now it's like sean. Good morning how are you. Everything's good you know why because she has daily maintenance and if everybody take a personal inventory and then chat room they will go. You know what shortage right saw is right and that is what we do here valerie. Times can get her morning started. Right get the love that she needs in the morning and have a empty gillet. If no one can be. Thomas can achieve this. Everybody can and that's facts. And i don't mean to use her as an example but i'm saying this is what happens here on a daily basis. Then you listen a so about shawn's crazy this that but guess what at the end of the day you walk around with a clean empty gillet and a lot of love. The you jacqueline jackie. Don't even have a jacomb all your jacket. Short squeaky shot now to direct this love this morning. Damn chan like roscoe. The jacket is off because this work to be done. I just wanted to be done here on a motivational monday. In harvey's up for the job we need. I need to call the poor. Let's to see how she's feeling she's here she's good. She says she was okay. Yeah that's all. I wanna say. I wanna say this this this we. Hey hey hey. Hey this is where you attain the love and this community on. Hold on hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on hold on. This is weird. I can't get my morning started right. I'm here right right. This this this is harvey harvey the maintenance. This is critical right here. You get you want to start you get you love. Kill it clean basis. Show have you sydney barbie signed getting you got this. We're an keep letting harvey back in looking like roscoe. Don't even know you have a jack half your shoulder. Take one sean. You almost you almost me me spill water on the equipment. You look like this morning. Roscoe with some snotty nose. You've been perfect. I hear that. That's what i was thinking about why i started last realize none of that. Okay first of all thank you. How do you feel everybody. The bars on the phone. How do you feel. i'm okay. The only issue i have is the pain sean man. I never felt a pain like this. Ya but i'm getting down packed like i just have to eat breakfast earlier and somebody dropped me. Some breakfast is one of my pain from the your kidney issue from cova the cova jaw. The doctor explained to me friday evening. 'cause i'm trying to explain to. You know my new doctor like pain. He's like what's the pain like tom. Like hits you and then it just fresno it's all over your body pain omar god you don't your neck shoulder even in your fingers your Is is horrible. So i'm like what so. We going back and forth You not having seen in on emerges siegel didn't they send me home with nothing. Not one drop of paint also to know. Took a eight hundred milligram. You get those and they were like city. Md commun- was. I no don't take those says like wait a minute call doctor's office so this little doctor. He's so cute so little. Yeah he said let me go. Speak to my senior things so turns out. The senior doctor had the same symptoms. I had 'cause covert is not the same all across the board job everybody. I don't get a fever. Because i've not gotten one yet before says be careful and get tested. Get the real test. What is it the pcr rabbit. Don't get the rapid but the doctor came on and he was like is like a truck. Hit you right as a jazz. Just like you get hit by a truck and then you just stare like the pain too stunned. Go through your body. Feel when i wake up in the morning i could barely move. I can barely moved so now. I just have to have breakfast when i get up to do that last because if i wait until eight o'clock i can't move. Wow yeah. I'm taking my pills with jello shots I should take picture of my bed. Look like i'm gonna give a damn everything is next to my bed. Blood pressure machine. Mango right through anything. Just sit and rank young. 'cause you got i gotta take that pill right. Got him so again are you. Are you in that much pain where you can't get up and walk. Yeah it's that much pain. Oh god is so. I don't know what it is. Then i keep feeling these paying this way at pain in both my ankles. I don't even know what to say. It's not like like after. I take this pill in easing i get up. I walk around but the other thing is you have to take the antibiotic in between the pill antibiotic and knocks me out. Yesterday i burnt my lunch so out now would everybody would like like the rest of our beloved members. We're following the boilers to her driving. He's been reaching out to me. Thank you guys. You know everybody now. The only one that listen to you crazy behind leshan hanes does she takes me to get the fuck out her for you. Did they signed yeah. That's what we do here. Now what would they would they would. They are we on now. Would they was wrong last to our side ghosts cellular for thursday. I was diagnosed so now. Today is monday shopping days that let's try this four days. I never let what we got at least two more days probably positive. Today's choose probably know. The doctor said i might be in this pain for like three weeks. It's not funny. She so has finally her journey might be might take a little longer for recovery. Would which probably is a novel week which is still in the whole realm of things still the best case scenario for you. He i mean you know. Accused san tagab. A glory sean. I have upper respiratory issue so every morning. How just wake up. And thank god. Because if i feel like if hit my lungs out i will be not okay. 'cause i have and i have upper respiratory issue with out cova Started i started taking zertec every morning. Anybody know me no. I do not like taking pills. I take are tech savvy. Been more so i thank god. You're right you wake up you. Thank god now got a pre to be able to make it to the bathroom. 'cause i get up five thirty two. I'm still the pain is is still. I guess under control five thirty in the morning. But now i realize when i laid back there i'm going gonna sleep in right so i do have to get up. I'm just gonna get up. He eat breakfast in and take them pills because snack cute well. I just think that everyone please of less follow sean hayes. Jones lead and onto that sounds. Yeah and because we're going to. We're gonna. I'm not a morning person. Excuse me we're going. Follow sean hayes. Jones lead without the curse word. I'm not going to say that. That's what makes it funny guy but don't play with me to do not know night i am not. I am very nice person young. But i am not a morning person. I don't even know that girl. And okay and i'll know her. I don't like her. She wakes up in the morning here. We're talking about right that third person. I spoke if that's the case every year. Yeah i what's a call her. We call a harvard. Want because when i get up she out who she is. I'm not a morning person. Don't wake me up okay okay. This is what we're gonna do. Yeah go go ask my ask we ex. He's still traumatized. Think his soul is still in atlantic city. That last on he tried he thought it was funny to wake me. Okay this is what we're gonna do. We go ahead change. No no no no no. I'm gonna change the wake you up. Glory wakes me up every morning yet. Don't play we don't know if you know after you can meet harvard. I'm say call her lesley. Caller leslie. I'll tell you what everybody let's call leslie we're gonna get out her. We're gonna changes hold nat narrative and get her comfort zone. Everybody who follow the lead hayes. Jones techs and say. Get the f. up every morning when everybody to take me to leslie here. The har har nita defecate hardcore needed. Why yes yes no. Please don't tell us your schedule after you pray to your mighty because five minutes after that. I need everybody to just start in boxing. We're gonna get you out of his comfort zone. Why anyone. I need to be in a conflict zone. What the hell is wrong with you. You do realize i have coded sir covid and we a guinea infection. I need all the rest i can get. I don't want you to lay up in the bed. i don't play up in. The badge was trying to get in the morning. And i just told you i took my meds you see me up. I want you up the whole day if you can been. She has mind by calling her phone texas. Would you tell them you know she she. Just don't wanna be bothered with people early in the morning show on it. Oh yeah i know about that sharm. No i'm i feel so good that people are concerned about the makes me feel so good. You know there but don't don't do that no no early morning stuff call phone ahead on meet. Leslie will know you know. I want you to call my phone. Check this out. you don't put nobody in anyway. Hold on hold on bobby cologne. God willing we here tomorrow alary happy. Belated birthday sean had belated birthday and wait. Somebody's birthday was yesterday or is it today. Now listen bobby. God willing if we here tomorrow for turned up tuesday if the almighty allows it please remind meet a call. Hockney hor neto fifteen. Sharp shall talk about military time. What was she answers. The phone or not be up already. I'm gonna be up okay. So i will challenge her with this. No no how about you. Wake me as seven and start the show at seven. Oh i wake of five thirty in the morning. Radical okay i could. We could do weak- five thirty. His that role sean. Don't work already. Don't you stop what you're doing young lady you make says my loans. You make sure you call her. In the morning we followed so she must be on day. Thursday thursday friday. Saturday sunday monday four days at two days when we give the day. She's six days. I'm just throwing that out at least six days right and she got three weeks she needs twenty days so we she needs. She's probably got another ten to thirteen more days. To go or quarantined in the house has now how does that. How does that feeling four days. In how how do you feel. Since you've been home costa phobic anything like that was going on with that No i like the by myself. Such good company and nc in bobby. Thank god this woman deborrah leslie who loved the deputy you know that were shed the story and all of us are responsible enough that are blessed to have a job or even not have a job but are responsible enough to at least pay their bills and this is the person that pays the bills. Because you don't want to have and you cables off. Yes you glad. Got a call customer so you need to pay a bill. You gotta call. You got to work out a deal. You gotta do this. You can look of want. Your bills paid kobe if you can. Because you don't wanna have cova and then you're trying to get your cable back on trying to negotiate. You likes not being cut off because that reduces that stress. Yeah yeah i well. We're going to let you go we. We're gonna talk about. We're gonna talk to the poor every morning. We just like we do what everyone else just like. We do what everyone else we are in this journey with you every day until you become relevant rohallah though had a full one hundred percent recovery and we haven't heard from and we haven't heard from him in two weeks right but that's fine and this is what we're gonna do with our beloved right. We're going to be just. This is just what it is until she recovers and then we just all move on. I we'll go on back to take a picture bed and see what was going on as a lack on on you put it in the room so we can all see member. Well what he did he put his ventilator is little vin and low oxygen tank out there that was actually when he was staying with. Pop hollis so a sis we love you we here for the journey We here with you sean hayes. Jones will continue to call you in the morning. Thank you i. i'm just. I'm gonna put my phone on side yup at night. That's all i love. Y'all like i love reading different stuff. Michael grasp we The queen everybody's reach out. Some brain might try to wake me. Thank y'all thank you for reaching out but don't try to wake me. Y'all don't want me. I want a cologne. We will meet. Hardy is barbie charl like well. We're gonna find out tomorrow morning at seven o'clock i was right. I'm calling you better. Be divorced arabi up barbie. I wake up five thirty in the morning. It'll be all right you'll have to be nice me. She's going to being harvey not less than five. Call me at five. Twenty five call me. Allegedly were battle. You know what. Maybe i should call in record it. S five play our conversation right now. Funny song goodbye bad now. Well hey well she said it. Yeah sean hey hanes jones. Taking that lead picked up their flag. She's going to do with each and every day. So let's follow a journey of our beloved. Make sure she's good. Now forget i. I want to say on a motivation. Newman i am so motivated to call the board tomorrow more. She does she she she. She has motivated me and hopefully she'll take a picture of that medicine candidates. She has on a bed. Shot out six colby. We're gonna go right through this with her okay so before we get into what we already into showing a motivation one. I'm boy can. I wanna thank everyone full coming out last night. I n meal are class at was address again. Eight delaware's okay cool. Thank you so much for coming out for. The bottom of horror folks came out We had a nice size crowd in their last night. Borba cologne was there. Sydney jay was there and The beloved members of our chat who were in the building to show hilarious. Thank you to to new york. King talent who got up there and destroyed the romo special. Thanks to chris. G and ray and a kobe jack and al does well and especially thanks to dj hot source who came a barbeque alone. and He was playing. Well he didn't play music Have music and then at the end we figured it all out. So i wanna thank everyone for coming out and having a good time. We truly appreciate it so much. Thank you the next one. Mother's day where we got folks coming out. This sunday made a knife. You're come on now. Sundays is the new saturday night. We was partying barbecues and their party. A little bit. We was in a little bit after the show party. We had a good good time. And and and thank you so much for who came out of Us last night on. Thank you know we. Actually we went pretty late. We went to nine o'clock but it just like it was still kinda early. It really did not left. I say it's this early and usually we in before that eight thirty eight thirty but we went to nine o'clock we started late so it's a comfortable time you'll come on now. Is sunday as early in the evening. You home from for sure folks get home before ten but usually get home like around the clock so come on out mother's day we've got the mother's day addition matinee dishes mother's day. That's may the knife of twenty twenty one at the i. You'll whiz located barbara eight. One south delaware dr and eastern pennsylvania also guest guess. What guys if. You're in the area on this sunday a barbie cologne Is having her bobby. Cologne is part of lehigh. Valley fashion we showcase some her designs at the lehigh valley Fashion week on sunday. We have a special guest coming in at eight. Thirty to talk about that Hopefully i got a text that to Hopefully the talk about how valley fashion week. So i'm going to go out there and support barbie. Cologne is this sunday. Doubt to be the twenty fifth of april down at the request here in bethlehem pennsylvania. So if you wanna hang out with me tiny he's gonna hang out with me at night so if you guys want to hang out with meaninglessness less feel what's coming out in support our one and only barbie cologne in her designs and and the whole experience italy how valley fashion week. So if you're not doing it out debts come on hang out with your boy sean. Yeah just hang out with me just to just hang out. Let's get dressed up a hanger. So about sean harvey opposition. Don't say that it's not about you. i'm on. I'm i'm in the background. You look on his video. Actually they see you. And i'm just a silhouette see eighty. Did they see both of us. Show and so Less Come on out. If you're not doing that in the sunday let's let's go out there and have a good old town of doors open up at five o'clock is starts at six at the west down bethlehem. I'm i'm hanging out in. Joyti enjoy the designers and also enjoy barbie's design. I'm not saying on an impartial. Everybody is it designers. Only sound the. Oh like ralph. Lauren could be from your body that hit forty handle anyway. If you're not doing now come out. And also we've got more people going down to costa rica. this is getting serious show. We are going to have a great time. That is july twenty second to twenty six stars by the way up. That's july twenty. Six to twenty eight july twenty second through the twenty six. We're in costa rica. we've got a bunch of folks coming down already so stay tuned for that. I want you got. It's not too late to register. You got pilot another month ago to register before they cut debt or cut that that deadline. But we are heading down to costa rica. We are super excited about that. We have a thing parties every night of the week. And i got a special supremacy Harvey has divorce was their third person. I'm gonna have my own little special event at the of it. Having a party at the event will come into the event. So you know what it is. It's going to be surpri so Costa rica has july twenty seven th through the twenty six ultimate sole escape. So let's go on down this Get your passport ready. We mixture you everybody. Make sure your passports valid you better now. Because now he coming down to the wire only a few months away sixty days away. We're being costa rica. so let's make it happen. Okay now bob cologne on motivation. Monday shot out the owners folks at chapman. Okay we're gonna shut out the room in a minute. But i want to say music rest in peace of black rob. That was shocking. Boy i made like one of the kings of hallum a man I can't play his music. Man let's look at Rob had that. You know that all those harlem hits from bad boy records and demand passed away over the last couple of days right so damn mex- last week and black rob this weekend condolences. Go out to him and his family. Do you have quick of rob a black rob. What's going on with that vietnamese barbie. That's pretty much everything you just said that That's pretty much. How they record black rob passed away Just because you know he was a rapper. once of Bad boy did he roster. He passed away according to his label. Mates on saturday Why he was in hospital in atlanta. This was after he was apparent. Apparently battling kidney failure for quite some time according to You know his for his people his actually his spokesperson as i can see have not officially made a statement yet but this is All the news has been coming from his label mates or his friends But a spokesperson from him. That i have i have not seen have made have not made an issue. I'm assuming his death hooker. So rest in peace to get like rob man you know in your what you have contributed to hip hop mail one of your biggest fans so May rest in peace. My friend yeah. Now you talk about atlanta before you go into your first story barbican and you talk about. This seems like i. I have a special announcement to make before we go into this show in the motivational monday. And i'm making this to all my black people. Black lives matter black people whole this. This is from your boy sean. Harvey people stop moving to atlanta now. Now stop this was trending ten years ago and for some reason you guys got a more to atlanta. What is wrong with you. People there's enough new yorkers in atlanta and people from new jersey and ottawa. What the hell is wrong with you guys. That's enough soon as some. is you your cousin. Tillman everybody got a motor alanna. What the hell is in atlanta. Everybody's moving to keep houses. I guess there's no more cheap. Housing will probably look up the house. The average house price for three bedroom apartment in atlanta and the whole area. Because i'm still trying to figure around you everybody's moving to atlanta. We did this ten years ago. I make a declaration right now. Shaoguan the show featured wake up barbie clone. That this stops there'd be no more black folks move into atlanta. This is ridiculous. I don't understand why doing this somebody calling for seven zero to john. Job moved to and yeah gye. He's in atlanta die. I right now sean. Harvey has made a. I have a directive to send out to all black people the average house for a three bedroom house in the three bedroom two bath in atlanta about between one hundred fifty one hundred ninety five thousand dollars right. Did us a warning sign. They have some cheaper than that but the walk. And why am i moving into three bedroom houses. Only one hundred thousand dollars in atlanta. What hood is that if you open a two three bedroom house. We're two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Neighborhood is back they probably would you listen. Black people stopped moving to atlanta. This is this ridiculous now. Everybody you let the big who limited last stayed atlanta top of the morning. Show on hold long homeowner. We got the world. Famous johnnie cochran for fan radio who to atlanta. I saw harvey had sent a directive out to all black people to no more planned people. I want to see an assist. No black people moving to atlanta. That was ten years ago. Would you damn out there. This decision black people those folks and atlanta alone tweak georgia alone due following behind your cousins and your on the job opportunity t is always saturated with black folks and you black folks don't even know laws that as discriminative towards you in atlanta your book asked the move down there and now you can't vote online and this is and you don't take and thank god is now in use state converted but we're gonna get john's experience with too many of you and i'm here don't say or the forefront motivational monday to say black pillow black people stop moving to atlanta. That was ten years ago. Showing people can move they to move to the show off to atlanta a whole country out. Here it's changed. Bless new. Hollywood is do you think. Atlanta georgia atlanta is the only think this is a country. John yeah everybody who john by everybody in my cousin the dogs are moving to atlanta. Look i i say it is real tall blue converted state. It is but it's red is ayla here. No get twisted rain. I i will say the reason why people come down. And i'm telling you what i know. Not what i heard is a ton of north of folks down here time out you and the quality of life man. I'm not gonna lie why the life is razi. I love it. I couldn't do this up. I couldn't live where i'm living up top. I couldn't do what i'm doing a i. I think that's why people wanna get out of the the hustle and bustle. You know that that that breeze of north. And i got like eight more people up normal talking about yo jay. What look like down there. I'm thinking i'm coming. They're not even thinking about the law that would just passed looking at the hustle and bustle of day. They just they fifty plus years old tied. Now you know that they want to settle down now some of them just getting married for the first time. Like you'll jong jauregui that you wouldn't look like an atm baby. I'm here. i'm here good things now. Now even cochran is caught up in this. Tell you what. I would tell you you ask me right now. I'm giving you re life. See the problem. Years i'd be. It's one of the year. So i'm kind of here on the being raised up in spanish halloween new projects. But i've been here twenty years now. Fifty plus yeah policy. He's been there long enough like he's a resident right but this exodus from new york down near we're talking about what it looks like. The problem is is going to be too. Many people down in so easy carefree. Kinda slow paced life would be accelerated. Because there's too many people there so that peaceful slow community is going to be going because too many people living in the community but yours so bay is the denounce not big big enough going on here sprite but hit. They're all concentrated in one fifty. Mt areas go outside city limits of atlanta to go outside maryetta. They're they're in a thirty mile box. Black people ask after that. that thirty. I now bobby cologne this. No more black people to try to make the black people in atlanta then moving to atlanta. They're not moving to georgia. They're not going to a gust they're not going to atlanta today. How they more black people need to be because atlanta still commerce city sch as if they don't want to go to the country country they just wanna get out of new york but they still want lewd city field. So they go to. Atlantic city failed. But yeah you get a little bit country but you still got the best. Both were city. I wanted to be you be country. Want be able to pay back bobby. Cologne basketball boroughs. So before we get to the show at black people stop barbie. Cologne set the average house. Down there a three bedroom. One hundred fifty to one hundred one hundred to one hundred one hundred fifty thousand one hundred fifty to one hundred ninety five a hundred and fifty two hundred ninety battling daisy as you like like barbara said on the outskirts the the douglasville the the mabel tender jonesboro riverdale these outside of atlanta. So we're not talking about in the hood you know we're not we're not talking about down there whereas ghetto you know talk about some quiet low neighborhoods back in the cut somewhere. Yeah yeah you get that you can get that easy today on april nineteen twenty twenty one. I've gone. I'm sitting out the directive to all the black all the black leaders this stops today. Black people moved to the poconos. I don't care what you just did. Don't know what folks in atlanta then the my poconos grow up because what's happening. is john. Kaku for twenty years. They're going to push his ass out of there. I'm gonna start movement barbie cologne. Yeah black people hashtag black people stop moving to atlanta. Because say i'm done data about will say that's point. You just made push with us out. I just moved further. I just moved three months ago. But another house crazy quality life but i moved further out yet So i gotta drive a little bit now but they coming down here. Saw though is no ads no buts about it out here. They come in and they still companies. Like i feel you know this is this is. This is urgent and serious. John cochran lives in mississippi. Now thought alabama even for that goes on for that you good feel know what the folks the black folks beloved. It's like john who's been living there over twenty five years. Who's like he's really. I don't know what they call a georgia georgina on what they call john. S part of you that when you go into a land you go round round year beloved town go like man was nobody black folks moving down here. The is going isn't it. Isn't it part of you. That okay. I i'll be truthful. I can't be one hundred. I i don't like it when when in rome you know doing the romans though. Come down here on some new york tip or a new york you to be like that you gotta act like that you gotta go with. Will you come down here and you acting like you up top and you ended up and you you gotta watch your back three hundred sixty degrees and you come down here with the attitude and all of that be. I'd be like adding come on beat too much. We don't do that down here right right. Yeah and i do feel that and you know what he feels that way at new mobile the borough leslie called damn near curse me out about that about the same situation remember. Call me with swag and curse me out on this show and john is echoing the same sentiment that i was just saying. New york is coming down there. John say it again. Because i don't want to start getting everybody with a new york. Do when they come down the mood to goes on. I got nothing. But love from where i come from. I swear before my lord and my sabia right but when you when you come out of new york with that new york attitude down here you know you know is different so people people looking funny they they your why they gotta act like that why they gotta be abrasive why they gotta be abrupt why they gotta be loud lou. I'll tell you what i know. Now that's the sentiment down here so when in rome rome i know how to adapt. I'm a people's person. But i do coming in june when i come up top i gotta flip the script. I got no i know well from. I know what it is that these young boys doing are there now. You know. I gotta go. Oj's now hold on now. Now bobby was about to say. I just have texted minute. The people to adjust when you that rough hardcore area in the u move somewhere with a little more relaxed and lenient. You know it takes a little bit of you ingest okay. I guard down a little bit because that was but i moved. Yup she talking about been you ten years no no. You should be adjusted by the age of five years. Well i totally will bobby clone. I think you're borderline disrespectful now. I'm not in fact it can't you can't sit there. Both of you can't sit there and tell me because someone move geographically that it takes them a few years for the mental to catch up to the environment and then you calling people mentally challenged. I am that you're not outlined. Hey hey but that's the which induce ceo when they get they gotta get used to the environment. Stop saying son. You want to speak drawn to the store now here in the background. Yo sound what's going on. You know what i'm saying. Yeah we just came down here for. At l. from the that's what he's hearing hearing people and to okay if you used to being in a rough environment where you know you got to watch it back every day because you're not megaton attack you because they think somebody or you gotta be somebody else is used them crazy rough streets and you go to another place. Where so everybody's like. Good morning how are you. You know anybody not used to that kind of behavior or the environment. It takes a little time for you to get adjusted. That's john are you sick and tired of this. Are you sick and tired. Every time you decline has to move the northeast in alabama. Now johnny tired of this. And we don't know where i'm from i'm country i come up top. They loaded him talking countries hail. I got a little bit in new york. Slayer i come down here this just a little bit not much. Y- of the they'll know where i'm from. I'm from douglas. Damage the forget it to get get new york. I'm douglasville georgia right. Go get you bobby. I so so douglasville georgia. So john are you. I'm looking for everybody. We have a john cochran. Fram radio on show smart on fall right now. John sponsors the show we really a fan radio sponsor. This show really appreciate john. are you willing. I want you to think about it. Because i'm starting this movement to stop black people from moving to atlanta to some. I'm gonna leave. Some committee members going to need a local representative from the area. That got the ground. John gonna call you back tomorrow. Which is about it. Because i need a person from the atlanta area this movement on stopping black people from into atlanta. Because you know why it's not cute. No more ten years ago it was cute. we've moved to atlanta. We were all fascinated. Wasn't we barbeque wayne virtual land. It's going to be a little while. Good look now you moving through it and it's almost some neighbor. Ish atlanta black people. I'm here to save you from yourself. I'm here to save you from yourself. Folks in atlanta alone reported of country that has the same type of environment a little bit of country. A little bit of rock and roll and a little bit urban only a small minded which could lead sean. They want to go l. Let the people read to this. No place else to live on this earth. They wanted to go on leave. Milan comfortable coffee coffee. Coffee ice shave on you. Cut out this nonsense showing cut out do do do do lisa lee scott. He moved to texas will. Now you carry a gun bob. You talk about that in a minute. You don't move to minnesota right now. More ms l. But other than that. Stay the hell out of georgia. Get more stand hell out of atlanta. Get more than that. Black people give more original than that. Because only things going to happen junk. That it's gonna turn into neighborhood naperville and i say that respectfully to my black folks in the next ten years in the next ten years and i'm not hating i'm not a hater mcgillis. Empty right now john. I want you to think john. Cochran radio's john. I want you to think about this. I need a committee member. If it's not you my friend a maybe might suggestive. Because i can guarantee you this before. We let john john i. I'm not going to put my life wanted barbie. But i i bet you that john knows a friend. That's a direct friend of his or another person that's a mutual friend that lives in the atlanta area for over twenty years gas. Black the hate the fact that all black people are moving to shine. You know you sound real rate. John john gye john. You didn't lie. Seeded last eight the truth but now little racist people s john. John mina ballpark with this. Part of the part of ain't saying keep black people back they say. Keep your from. Keep them neighbors out your neighbor behavior. Bobby they want black people but not new york neighbors. The neighbors the neighbors here either callers yankees and i would wear number yankees that john view. He's busy johncock cochran on a phone scam radio tricky at noon right new so john. If you don't want to pick up that flag. God bless you if you know someone that's a black person than the land that more than ten years have issue with new yorkers moving to atlanta. Can you have them in five. Seven zero ninety two six hundred no doubt we can all chop it up because we sean harvey is gonna stop this ridiculous movement for black people to move to atlanta because black people are geographically challenged. Show john de john whitty can find. You can find a family you already know. Fan radio station dot com download. The app fan radio. If you got the apple store radio google's fam- underscore radio so that you can find the real fast we all on instagram. Facebook apps fab radio a see saudi be good baby the folks at chevron here we're going to show the chat room salah a yeah. Oh sean hobbies is going to start this movement. People on show black people mover to answer. Charlotte is better. Because that's just as bad as landed right in by now every time with the charlotte you know what you might say is baby atlanta now. But that's what they call so. Let's do a combo. Let's listen to sean. Black people show a blackpool. And i'm a black person and say black. I got breaking news for you Ladder georgia in charlotte north carolina. And not the only cities in america. As i know that's shocking but people. Please open your mind geographically to this country charlotte north carolina in atlanta georgia especially atlanta. I'm not the only two places to live on in this country. And all that. But if i was to go south i go on the outskirts. Like i wouldn't go in. Charlotte i will go like a barbie we got. We won't show but probably when you bring them and let them sit out there for a second just so we shout so so again. Black folks is should roy. Should roy sean harvey care. If you don't like me not were about this issue. You know i got lucky. This is where you get your morning started right. I'm just saying this. Can we elise open our minds if we plan on moving to a different part of the country can we elise explore other avenues of then of a places of destination. Okay cool of a of destinations than Atlanta georgia please. I'm starting this movement. No black people in lander is to shut. what is the population. What's the papa. We're gonna shout out the room show you so you got some love and romance die apologize. Dj rome i yet. That was my fault. This one is supposed to click something else on on the software. I apologize charlotte. The teacher rome. God bless you shot out the room right now and we're gonna show them. What's the population of atlanta georgia. Barbie okay because i just need to know because it is too much and please be aware of the voting laws that they gotta change stacey. Abrams pulled all his work in. And now the babylonians changed the law. So please be aware of that. That was going to happen. The voice and according to the twenty. Let me tell you can get twenty cents okay. According to the twenty twenty cents there is five million eight hundred three people in atlanta and fifty percent is black number again five over five point eight million people five land in atlanta and what's the percentage fifty i think almost fifty percent is african american so five point over five million people live in atlanta and fifty one percent two point five two point six two point seven million of them or black and that's a two percent increase from twenty nineteen two percent increase in twenty. I wanna go back twenty years ago and see how many people was in atlanta. When i'm saying black people we have a deficiency right now on our geographical studies. Why people got obviously like atlanta's turn it into washington. Dc like white people gotta go but i guess atlanta georgia is the capital of black people. It's the capital of black people. Like that's it so if you from atlanta and you disagree calling seven zero nine. Two six nine five zero. If you agree with a black folks level the black folks come on to atlanta you call in to five seven hundred ninety two six now you can hear it and our beloved you can hear it and i will beloved john. Cocker from family radio. That's been living there for twenty years. He is actually a resident down there of georgia. He's even he you know he. He chose his words lightly as he. Should you gotta be careful what to say. Who knows what he's feeling. The black folks from new york coming down there with that son shot out the room. I need to see some hearts in the chat room. 'cause without you guys. We wouldn't be here all my folks listening on the radio tip on the audio tip. Thank you so much. We truly appreciate your support here for you monday to friday from seven. Am to ten am. Thank you so much shoutout to the haggis issue for breakfast lunch. You know that. The chrome mets that hover around this room. You'd have no place to go because you on hold him pattern because you played yourself can't come back and that's fine you can listen to it on the replay or you can listen to it on all your devices on that in hate each for breakfast enough of that now for the people who really matter like Keep mentioned her name but Like valerie thomas. These people had Teaser the people that show was love and without these people. We wouldn't be here. And i wanna thank you know. I can't see if i think you all individuals not going to is going to be there. But i wanna say thank you so much so we need to see the hearts chat room right now because we want to show you some love on a motivational. Monday bobby cologne. I am motivated not to move to atlanta georgia. You know. The population in atlanta have been increasing almost two percent every two every year from from two thousand seven until two now from two people listening to this please two thousand and seven until now this year the population in atlanta have increasing with about two percent two thousand seven. This is two thousand and twenty one. What is that fourteen years. Yeah about that. Yeah in fourteen years. Populism as increase in atlanta two percent per year with black holes increased. Two point five percent from twenty seventeen twenty eighteen two point one percent from twenty ten twenty nineteen Two percent from twenty nine hundred twenty twenty two percent from twenty twenty two twenty twenty one so probably even. You don't think that this is strange facts. I'm reading facts. You can see. Why don't you. But but that's total population not just african americans and american no white exit to wherever they're from to move to. That's not why why folks are leaving atlanta to this. Did you don't sugarcoat it. I know what you're trying to say. But that's that's not only black folk. Blacks put the population of a certain white people of moving down there. Half of the population is black. Folks these are the way you are the folks. Keep those stars. Those hearts down through black folks. I hate to say this. But i will and you could be mad. I don't care if you're thinking about moving to atlanta georgia between now and next week because that's how fast you're moving a close minded to geographical location but it's slowed down though around the time. Because every time john went that's when it was a mass migration appeal it was like five percent increase. It went from two percent. It was down from flow from win john. Whip like in one thousand nine hundred ninety five to about ninety two two thousand. It was like a five to six percent increase in migration to a landing. But it's slowed down to bobby. Thank you for shanna. Facts with the numbers. But you're not reading between the lines that reason why was five percent because the population was low so because the population was low to put the population was low twenty years ago. Five percent seemed like a a dramatic number of people exit into atlanta because the population was low. If you look up twenty years ago the population of atlanta. I'm for sure I don't that my when kill starts. I'm not gonna bet my life on. But i'm saying i don't think it was almost six million people in atlanta twenty years Let's see then have two point. Let's say let's order. Let's throw a two point. Seven black folks living in atlanta. That's atlanta one. We're not talking about douglasville and all the bills in shriners and all that we ain't even talk about that. We had two thousand and one twenty years ago right. The population atlanta. Keep those parts for three point. Six me so three point. Six million twenty years ago barbie. Yeah three point. Six million twenty years ago and now is almost six million people. Today and fifty one percent of them are black. That means to almost three million people have moved to atlanta blackhawks. We'll go bobby listen chapels. Oh we'll show your chat group chestful. Hey only did with barbie. let's go hey would. Heart set with heart set turn. Hey wait a heart set with a hard turn. What hearts with a heart set. Hey hey hey what's you. The students on wait a heart attack. Heart set in the chat room. Hearts arts art van with heart. Sat. we'll be. Let's go wait heart sick with heart where the hearts hey wait heartache. With hartson wait a heart heart set with heart set. Harsh would hey. Hey you yes. Our guest is here short fast. You just take me. Yeah yeah let them sit out there for a second four food Yeah we gotta keep those coming everybody because we just wanna line here today Again if you if you put a number one in a chat room before we shall see. I'll put number one in his javelin if you think too. Many black folks are moving to atlanta. Put a number to an chat room. If you think black folks continue to move to atlanta put number one at black people should stop moving to atlanta. put a number two if if Black folks should stay with them. All right bobby here. Who how many people just to believe is to park in the car so thrilled. No he's one here. I think she parking lot going. I'm not too sure that we consume. Who do we have here. We have alan suave mc and building. Hey alan how is it. Was it when you went cancun. Right house mexico tree Yeah he's down there living the best life who put some flick. That's good look Changing proud and the bill. The hey changing. It was good to see he last night. Yes hey sharon campbell was in the building. Hey sharon good morning to you sharing new. I believe she is new. Thank you for tony. We appreciate you watching. Please let us know. How did you hear about the show and share the show with a shed that share. Share the show with your people. Think you appreciate you a marquess. Mr wanting multi jackson is here. Hey good morning to you. Shut out to thomas king. Good morning thomas. Chevrondelo down in it and the brother. Hey nikki good morning girl. Tell everybody s there. Hey good morning. The beautiful wander santiago shepherd and the building. Hey wander good morning to you. The sean hayes. Jones here halo showing good morning. Shutout deora jackson heyday or good morning. Good morning to lease got tara believes in the the separately. Oh we have in our virtual baby shower. Okay yeah you know what no party. That is a great idea. And want you to take the lead on that. I can do if you don't mind. I don't mind so everybody knew know we're having a baby. Yeah we're having a baby. How i chat villa baby slice. So we're having a baby of beloved lease guide and his beautiful wife a baby so super excited about that. And yes. I believe. You're right barbara cologne. And let's let's let's. Let's make you the chairperson of this guy can't get black people not to move to orlando to the back leah. So let's have a virtual baby shower for our one and only yeah lease scott in april so super excited and happy for the both of them. Yes we are. Tommy assignment is here. Hey tommy good morning you tommy. Guns may shout to jessica wilcox. Good morning jessica hecker Audrey brown is here. Hi audrey audrey johnson's in the and as well worth the again to you. Artery shutout to trina pinker. Hey trina good morning. Derek evans is in the building. Shannon j music is here. Hey shanna good morning. Valerie thomas hey valerie. Good morning to you. Shout to a free ninety nine. Lesley hager all Danielle williams is here. Hey dan yoga morning to you lose show be x is in the bilden heinous shawn ray pinder. Is he gonna rain. I see you this i like. You don't be announced today about sorry. Was one of the. Comedians asked night health. Thank you so much. We really appreciate your efforts man. We appreciate came. He came he said. And you say well up to watch out there. How can i help you. He likes you. He likes you. Okay i mean this is obvious you know what i'm saying. So he was like ios barbie single. Now's like yeah. She's saint louis. On so i said he called me up show. Yeah yeah and then he was like yo where she led where she doesn't say well she's standing right there. Bro and I think the barbie cologne. That ray was very confident. Man blue I don't know if you want to talk to you. I don't i don't know what his status is unknown but I think he shied away with whatever reason he could. Men can shy away because of lack confidence when they see a beautiful women or one of the main reasons why men shy away. The main reason to the their relationship So they might wanna go pursue a little bit and then they know damn well if they're married or in a relationship right they can't go any farther with the conversation so those are two reasons either in a relationship especially if you're married right if you're married you're done if you're in a relationship then you escape that line a little bit but then you know you have to stop and then a lack of confidence go ahead so i don't know where raise sanders you are right but developed asian. Okay joe burnett marseille veneta. Let's time for her last night. Let the phone. They're looking absolutely beautiful. They had a little birthday celebration for her And god bless like these are folks that are interested in today's chatroom that again. I'm just truly blessed to have like i said i swan here. If i could get a a one percent of the quality of character of these people i makes me a better person and veneta is one of them. A cine in Was there and they all just. Did something really nice for her. And lynda jacobs. Yeah good prentice is. Good morning mr robinson. Hey boo good morning to you. Brian decides it's in the building. Brian behan line already. Hey brain younger nut is in the building. Hey good morning to you. Shut up to the sean james. Hey girl now. Romo robo john san. It's in the building. Hey road good morning shutout. To the william. Hate sean morning to you. I bless shelby p. as in the building. Hey shelby earl good seeing you last night to. She was a number one bush. She looked absolutely stunning last night. Okay thank god. She's going to be one of the one of the designers to really man swift a black woman man. Yellow so beautiful. Thank you dr. Oh god shelby came in their sleep. The whole i think she does. she know. this is a really beautiful. But god bless god. Bless you shelby daring taylor. It's in the building. The be excellent. Darren man the old The i couldn't. I couldn't you sitting on the side rooms i couldn't did. I got a good dama. Gotta be the front side. And that whole crew will the sean brown and all of them but we really appreciate you guys coming out last night. Thank you so much said the bus to get. I said i see you. Gotta hold able for the pope. They had a they had oversize pathfinder. Thank you very appreciate you so much. Diane how we sat a diane hall. Hey girl good morning. A lot of people in the chatroom dislike about ten. Yeah what's going on with you with the queen coming out to the shows what's going on queen gracious which presents come on side. Because they had no to start with finished with it. Did they this half of this here. vaccines then did did i can't even louder. Normally i'm like. I'm i'm a monkey my best for last night. I was just like we go test of how we go put to death. A hey girl. I was so excited to be yesterday about like you know like i'm meeting a celebrity. Like yes this is. A beautiful young lady has very beautiful very statuette shining right beautiful skin. She got that husband. I looked just as beautiful as you has a little. Dan must be frequent fighting over the mirror. They might have been the most beautiful couple in the room. Last i'm sure they. They work that beautiful kids. Like i know like the dog is handsome. Feel things coming right. Yes she is part of or gang like dang. I'm surrounded by tali tonight. I'm always the person everywhere. I go six one right. I always this show one. And i'm fine with that. I love my. Hey you know she should make is like a power forward. Four point five rebounds per game but that is the central bananas. Be the senate. Like we had sean harvey female ladies basketball team. The neta would be the senate taking the data how forward you'll be a guard i to play to a great. I'm i'll have. I'll be the assistant coach. His coaches coach. Valery thomas is the valley. Thomas is the coach. Your point guard. Deboer leslie be a point. Guard torpoint because the wars tall to yes. She is donald also sydney and and we're rounded off with veneta. That'd be our team right here. Yeah yeah participate. A mascot angela. Towns is here. Hey angela good morning to you. Medicine you get nerves between jamaica and i'll tell you between her and the shaun we're out of but they are about the same damn right right like eight something like that short round the come off the bench say i was uptick with them all down here. I'm like y'all scoop. They are bit right. She will loselle de low is in the bill. The hey di logo into you. Shout to nelly raga more nelly now. You look absolutely brief all week. And i'll tell you a pitches. Happy birthday birthdays. And this week Selena is in the building. What's up charles. Good morning nathan. Daniel jones is here. Hey man you. Don smith is end the building. Hey don good morning to you. Shout to marita chocolate than the same may. Hey marie printers use. He say. I'll be the trainer needs. Rub rub down producer home right. I mean you know you could stretch a few a few kinks out of somebody. I'm sure you know how to go. theresa short is in the bill. Hey theresa good morning to you. Shut out who net net net serano hit. He had say girl nice and hat for you go. That would be the general manager of the team. Yeah she'd be. Gm yes she definitely. Yeah right were not. I i sit prentice said now he won't. He'll be trained trainer. The say kicks. You're right to be the trainer. Laurel frank clyburn. Hey cousin good morning to you. Shout out to alice king. Hey i'd say gamonal at least got a matter of fact when everybody in the group moon today we want to put together to shaw morning. Show basketball team. We have a try out. Everybody put in the group room for the ladies. The ladies team put everybody in the group room or you can text right now with with a view. The beautiful lady should be on the team. And what position should they play. Let's put that in a chat room right now. Did we put then. We'll get a team together and we'll put that in the group room the heart if in the building. Hey james mornings you. Abe is the nieces. Here i evans. Good morning shayla hall is in the building. What's up shakila. Good morning you. La la night is here. Hey hey la tiffany. Close sake is here. Hey tiffany shout out to john cochran over there fan radio. Good morning john. I make sure. I get that ban video. Fm radio app and The comedy world net radio app. Yet you guys get all that Shutout to sonia murray. Hey sonya are you doing this show. And last week in mount vernon and sonia could. Oh yes yes yes yes you don't want guess she's back. She's a longtime listener of ours. i remember now the godfather of solo tracy ray is here. Hey tracy good morning to you. Shut out to sister soldier. Hey standard good morning and civil five six here. He was in the building last night when his his lovely lady looking daffy she's just as beautiful has on with shop. I silver foxman. God bless you and black that everything's working out with your fam- radio but yes Your lady number. One very beautiful. Very statuary vista grown ass women and now you know su super silver foxes lou with his attitude roll up to him and i say hello. Who was going on. And i say hey guys doing you know in passing whole. Hold on sean. Before you go. I will love to introduce you to my lady okay. That's the way to the whole presentation of awesome. That's why he has laid out of your women men and god bless you man. I'm so happy for you and your lady And last but not least it. I have seen queen diana's here hello queen. Good morning to you names. Like i said quaint. I wait mazda is going down then our next show. We got big acts coming june twentieth and the twenty seven. We're doing back. The bag so made a knife. I m you. Sunday is the new set saturday night in june. Twenty one. twenty seven queen. I need a new building. Come on outside queen queen diane. You're going to be fine I'm concerned about the queen. She gives out what she needs to queen. We we need to see you down in eastern comedy show. There will be nice to see your face. Choline haven't seen. Unlv year one to worry about. We'll all wear masks around on whereby we we will for two minutes so oh speaking of mass member. When i say. I'm gonna go to jim. Last thursday i went. It was horrible. I cannot do them with the mass going it I thought i was on that. I thought i was going to die to. Please be careful with that. Okay so these. These showers sponsored by w s. lx the flex rochester in also ninety. Four point five. The blaze louisville kentucky. We appreciate you front. Page news will be sponsored by a friend. John cochran ham radio but bob. We won't take just one quick break. We have our special guest coming the door from barbeque special guests coming in from lehigh valley fashion week. We're going to sit down and we're gonna talk. Yeah they could come on. We're gonna talk to these young as we talk to these young ladies. We'll be right back. You sit you sit there in the mill right and you sit in right there. And i'm sorry. I gotta walk by your one second. Everybody don't go where we'll be right back okay. So let's clap back. It is a monday april. One thousand nine hundred twenty one fifty three minutes after the hour walk back on show future. Singer lava calls body weight. You get your morning started right only place on earth you want. Celebrate that chapman. He's call for seven zero nine. Two six nine five zero iheartradio. Radio dot com. Sean showed dot com fam- radio app distributed by comedy world networks shut all affiliates throughout the country and all major podcast platforms. This morning our facebook. Please join us on facebook like our business pages so happy my show featuring wake business page. You'll be notified seven. Am ten am monday to friday when we go on youtube And join our group. Shaw have you wanna show featuring obtain group on facebook and by yourself and join us in you meet a bunch of wonderful people each and every day in our group from only place on earth where you want to start right. Buttock wanna motivational monday morning. Come morning and skin looking. Bobby well thank you darlene. God bless you god bless. You know what's going on here in bethlehem we broadcast live to you from right now. It has warmed up a bit. It is forty eight degrees the highest going to be sixty six today. Partly cloudy with a slight chance of rain. Sometime around Well two pm today. Annabel please take a numberless from type of rain gear forty In strasbourg four for the high in clear with again a light rain possibility of light rain around two pm in newark new jersey and fifty seven degrees partly cloudy with a slight chance of rain around two pm this afternoon. Fifty nine in new york city mostly cloudy and rain light low rain around four. Pm it's going to be a little bit later in the evening in atlanta. And it's fifty four degrees. Seventy two will be the high end clear. And miami's eighty one degrees right now going up to a high of ninety clear with overnight thunderstorms in chicago. Fifty degrees right now going up to a high of and that would be the partly cloudy with a low slight chance of rain around eleven. Am in the morning. A loss angeles sixty three degrees unclear. Ninety four the high in louisville it is fifty degrees right now. Going to a high of seventy and clear and then rochester forty eight degrees sixty three four high clear with a rainstorms. That's the way the happy you all. What's it look like where you are. Why because i'm coming to you live from the show. Happy morning show. Richmond cine j. Will you get your momma started ray. We started right on any place. Only place on earth we get your morning started right only place on earth three fold you get your morning started right you get that love and you get your claims so please stay with us for daily maintenance each and every day. Yeah we're back. We have special guests in the building. We love what we have guests Metoo we cleaned up a little bit it right. You have gas like hey bit. So we were just talking about this barbie cologne just before. We started the morning. Buzz how we wanted to support you bobby. Cologne in your design at lehigh valley fashion week this week coming up and we have the honor of been the young lady who organizes does. Yeah hey could you please introduce yourself. How la everybody. this is. Sirri melody. Jackson robinson lehigh valley fashion week. I'm honored to have barbie in our advantage year wanting to have her here me and we also have tiffany. Do so to get close to that. Might bring this money. Tiffany sounded gar. Espn and event planning. Tiffany very excited to see first of all welcome. Thank you folks looking at some video but they also here they hearing you but they. They're watching new as well. You you're on camera camera so you know. I like to say this first before we start our tax base because a lot of folks that live out here is migration black folks that are born and raised here in the lehigh valley. Now they are there. And that's one i know what you mean though. Yeah so my first question to you is. If there's a migration where did you come from i can. I'm actually from new jersey. But before i came to pennsylvania came from florida so from the tampa bay area tampa saint petersburg clearwater. But i'm actually from new jersey the central jersey so we where you could think of and like new jersey. Mike on central railway area covered those areas. She didn't mention no. It's the i go to the family. Reunions we represent a number scat away. I like every city new. Everybody will have to be wrong. Who knew hey here. Still my cousin right. Hey so grossest when you grew up in a war whatever sounds no award part. No i was like before. She moved out here. She went to the six wards. Came out here all moving on that with still own comedy show in irvington new jersey unless another stunning put. Don't pay me. i just want my car. Lettuce story still always mixon wink wink. Okay now that Even like in the last five years like would black folks been so progressive and our events and we do and what we love that. Now it's reaching the masses and here. I'm so excited bobby mission. A few weeks ago like the lehigh valley fashion week. Wow how did how did how did how did that. Vision come about for you. Oh my goodness i. It's not too often. That i get access question and i when i want to speak on it. I kind of feel hesitant. Nobody's ever really mentioned. The senate the skin color with it but when i started i was going back up for from here to new york. I just came from florida. I didn't know anybody you know. No one knew me from campaign you know. And i wanted to do something for the community i saw. This community was so divided with race. I've seen different. People were in like the little sections where i come as they say as cliche. But it's like a melting pot. You know my high school. Everyone from all races were friends together. I came here. And i started noticing like i was the black people over there. You know this is my first came up on eight years ago. You know so. Long story. Short i go to new york and i will do events but i was so drained driving back and forth as you can only imagine being from new jersey. I wasn't a more like you know african american community. You know one day it hit me. I said oh i wonder. Do they have a fashion week here. I wanted to collaborate with the fashion week. I won't get into details because it was like no one really. It's gonna be ghetto. You know whenever. I would say this. It's gonna be goes. I used to be a director of her modeling agency in florida. I worked with the top notch people and so moral of a story to bring it on like more positive note. I just started meeting a lot of individuals in the valley who had no idea about fashion beauty or starting to own brand and i chose to work with those people right right and i started training them. People will say. Oh you're models are are professional. Your models don't look like a in the industry didn't care i still support it. The underdogs now their two top dogs people are asking for some of the girls. And i'm like. Oh wow see wasn't always tell me you need more white growing your cover. Are you need more spanish. When you're covering i would rotate between the two but then one day. I just said i'm going to do whatever i feel like. You know so. Then i started highlighting deaths why this year we're honoring women forty and up because i've seen so many models come and have it going on. We're going to and you know what i've noticed. It's blossomed even more working with the ladies. That are more mature. Yeah good yeah up so the is back up a little bit port. Delaware product is one of my favorite movies off. I love that's my movie now. How did that come about. Excuse me that question for. How did you get into fashion. Like i look. I got the t shirts and jeans worn under. Oh how was that. How did that all because a lot of a with us we love to do sometimes inspiration sometime we see something and we just like you know what this is what i wanna do. What was that moment when he was like. You know what this is. What i want to do in this is the life i want to lead to live. I wouldn't how did that come about. Oh my goodness. I have a few scenarios but one thing is my grandmother are both into fashion and beauty. When i was growing up there were two ladies in the neighborhood that everyone knew they were gonna put together to fashion show or two different things. I was in sports. But the day that i knew i went to fashion school and then i got on the machine and i said ooh i don't like this I don't like sewing. And then i said my friends were saw. And i was like we could put together with show and then they let me put together a show and we had the space wrapped around the corner. I said i'm a producer right. That's what i am. But i put fashion with fashion producer creative director. But i'm going to be honest with you. I just love bashing this all to my family. My older cousin was always the fashion fashioned easter. So she's my inspiration. My cousin the kohana call her trendsetter of our family. Her daughters are absolutely beautiful there into the fashion one day. I got the moment because my dad showed me a picture of my grandmother that i never saw. That was her outfit on. I have it on my instagram. And i said nanna does fashion shows and then i invited her before. She passed away to my first fashion show and it was a little little risque. Okay she's doing south. And the next thing i know but fashion was in me. Trendsetting right so you see. That's beautiful because you know you you identified and then you fell in love and now your trendsetter and we're trending with fashion like for me with fashion as i. I don't know if there's a normal behavior but sometime when you see new fashioned out in the public that doesn't even look right and then like six months later. I'm wearing that outfit. The thing with fashion is that you guys have a huge responsibility in the including because you guys vision you put together and it trickles down all us responsibility especially when you're putting showed like calm working with a tiffany took fifty two minutes targets student. Yeah but how does that fit like because you put creating something and then now you wanna put it out to the masses. And there's a a fear of rejection. Yes so hasn't that you made because you know for me. I'm to stand up comedian. There's sometimes i'll tell jokes. That didn't work. That were work in polish on a joke. And then you has it. Been a i. Don mclean is something that you design because part of being successful and reaching a goal rejection in that path this oh my goodness rejectionists is the word right there. There has been times that my first couple of fashion shows i did. I've done over one hundred fashion shows and not just from hearing all over the east coast. And there's been times that you know they have wardrobe malfunction. Explain is not normally like this. Haven't you see us. Pictures are great. But then you'll see a string hanging all the photos it's like you know whatever rejection part though with me. I gotta give a lot of things to my dad. How he is. He said all. I need you to do is just do it. And that's it. we're just put yourself out there. Don't people are gonna talk say but that rejection when they say i'm not gonna come to another show. I don't like the way the table was laid out. Or because i i do fashion. But also do the production and so the rejection. I learnt how to deal with that. And you know for me now I tell people all the time when they're coming at me. People are always looking to give me suggestions. They don't know that. I know how to do some humble. People says but one thing to get to the point is that i always tell everybody. Imagine if you had to do this what you're doing right now. What your regular nine to five. I gave up everything to make this a one hundred percent thing and i want to be able to put people on the platform. I learned how to be numb to it. right rejection creates change though create change. You don't it makes you better. I didn't know my business until the customers in the audience came. They started telling me what my business is going to be like. I would always come up with a business plan your first layout but then your your guests. You're invited they'll let you know what you need to fix your mind. If i i love to listen to it because you know you wouldn't come back up. You want that feedback you serious and it's important important now. Now now you say with the production part of this so life if if you have a young lady walk in a runway. Do you stop doing that. You can't walk without proper like proper. Proper walk by. It would never come back here to production part of it like if a woman is wash walking wrong regardless and like for me sinon there as a participant just watch. I don't know who's walking. I don't know how that works a young ladies walking wrong or whatever. Something's going on a and you pull them to the side. Is it tough. Love is it. Is it like a good work. I like to get him in private. Really okay so. I come from the great great runway instructors back down south and like new jersey. They don't play back in the day. they didn't play. I i do it again. If you don't do it right you gotta go home. Yes they were up. They did it. It was rough. You haven't tearing. You're sucking back. The my my runway instructor was very mean. My mom's out dinner straight. My mom called her ability. Got my mom's straight. Yes if you want you to be great. I think but i knew but my technique is a little different. I talked to them in private. Upland massage said oh. Could you come here. And that means didn't make it. Yeah that's how i am too. I've i've done a few shows myself. If it's not right or trying to i'll put them to the side. I won't do embarrassed. Because i wouldn't want it to enemy so i'll put to the side by okay honey. I need you to work on this this this and that they don't get it to get and then okay. You know what. Let me talk to you. i right. I'll try to find a different alternative. Could maybe something else. maybe not. You're not good at walking but maybe you know you know how to do what you just you just can't execute it so maybe you can teach somebody else or show somebody else. So i was trying to put them in a different category because they may be usable. And what load about a lot of models. They looked so good in the photo. Right there's some of them that. I can't let them go or you just can't walk nine. Yeah so you said in the beginning of this interview a over forty this thing so y y over forty. Oh my goodness one. When i turned. I want to be able to have a platform for myself. Can't dad and i were talking years ago. I worked with a lot of young models. And i miss a lot of drama sometimes with that with me. It's more of them amongst each other. And i do i do a show one time where the ladies just so happened to be more mature. They were older ladies. But it wasn't a show that was highlighting them. But i was looking at a corner and it was like they were all over there. The pressure felt so relaxing. And they were like. Is there anything at some bagels. Honey thank you ma'am okay. Then they'll say oh. Yeah so tickets. They sold the most tickets. They did the most. They didn't like right now. That is what's happening today with the goddess showcase all the ladies. Mary saul sophie. I'm name dropping known. Emily the named josie. They're all like a team players and they're also guiding we're calling the younger girls the goddess proteges. Because you've got to get become a goddess. You are a woman that has it together you for the most part. We're hoping so you know what's on your own it you're confident this so developing a mindset the next question yeah so have you ever run into like disgruntled who parents walkway folks young ladies models miles and talk more. Okay look you got something. I'd love pink things. Have you have you. That's what they call. Yes yes how. Do you deal with backstage moms. I got so oh. I got so blessed. I haven't had really too many bad experiences. I hear the horror stories of backstage moms but because of my personality and environment that i create most moms is lead me but the kids they trust me and they call me like their team is like her mother. My older sister nazi anti cc. But like no most of the time on the. I haven't had to deal with back up now. I've seen them in action. I'm okay one time. I don't want to put the person out there. But there was one parent in the lehigh valley. Did the state's parenting me. But who i was working with at the time cut that they sell. Well we don't need new your son that would be me you act. I don't need you thank you. Maybe when they mature or you mature. It's we don't need him. That's okay not right now. Maybe you know she's awesome. She felt bad that she messed up her son. Our son was furious him so upset with his mother. But that is the only time that i've ever to deal with a backstage mother. I've got blessed. My mom's god bless you thank you so now now. Let me question very fasten. Why is lehigh valley week a week. Oh comparison to like a day. What is fashion. We would is that. Why is it a week. You know what. I'm going to be so honest with you. That was it was a thing you hear paris week york new york fashion week you hear atlantic city fashion week. All these places. These events that i've been to myself and i was like what does okay. Lehigh valley music fast. You know we have a lot of different festivals and fairs. When i first started it and i was like well. We don't have a fashion week. And i knew that we had another we can. I won't say the name of the other pension. Yeah but the reason why. I chose a week. 'cause i bit off more than i can chew. I saw a big grand vision and was like do a fashion and so the first one it was outstanding in the second one was like i had a. I got pregnant for the first time so we were expecting a child and i was like what. What can we do what we can the name fashion week so i actually start off because i thought that i can handle it in valley i saw music pass and i did my research but this is not a fashion as we know mecca a history that once upon a time with it has to be the spot. People came from paris and normal over here so that was my vision to bring that back from back over decades ago. I have a vision for that when people are speaking with me. I said you don't know it's bigger than what you're seeing right now. Of course not just me alone right but wow so so so different. So it's different designers different days because there's so many designers now during the pandemic we were able to simmer down normally. We have like five to eight designers each night. That's crazy to your tissue buyers. Yes how crazy is getting all the models coordinated coming to a hersal getting fittings in the sizing sometimes when people are talking. They don't know what it takes for me to get those sizes for the models especially right now during the pandemic. Everybody has relationship wait. Everybody's everybody's right size five six when you're nine mona on this we're working with no no no. I mean they're telling me all the models timing slim now every he's got a little bit vague with it. I'm working with this announcement. Trickles down to me having to tell the designers the bad news or news some the galaxy the plus size models and then hit the road. And that's city both you. I'm like okay. It's it's it's it's a lot. I prefer thicker model because they wear the clothes because the average size in america for theme is a size nine. So i want that woman to see what my clothes. I don't want the skinny man. I do want them. I love them at preferred name is anan way. I prefer a thicker. You know a more natural look at model because you can see what my clo- is going on you back. They're gonna they're gonna love you. That's what i love so come on out y'all you barbie guy the two thousand and seven. I was messing with plus sized. Bought a thirteen. She was incredible has happened tissue. Thirteen south thirteen. Okay okay thirteen on the thirteenth. She was well that. Choose to bust my ass. Oh lord don know tiffany's here. Let's tiffany we're excited. I'm going to. I'm i'm going to go to the fashion week on sunday and It's going to be amazing. Tiffany would is your part in this with fashion week in the lehigh valley. Many many roles that i play. I know you do this. Particular event would roller you. Playing in this. i'm basically i am surrise. Sort of Get it on girl. Shall i say now. I've had additions to the designers which was barbie hand lane a lot of logistics for the events since it is over several days logistics involve of course us responsibility by making sure that people are accountable handling timelines making sure that these vendors have insurance. Absolutely you know what i'm saying. I'm not having any of that. I want wanna make sure your insurance. I know that's right definitely much needed which your guidance in this to make just to keep it streamlined. And just to keep it this. i see. This is a long term and you event into in the lehigh valley. Now you just said you was pregnant right and you have a child on now. Allow me to one of my baby mother still hitting me for child support so i cut it out and you know what our baby was still china. Take me to court. Sun is thirty seven years old. How does being in the relationship a relationship as well and last year. We had kobe's always in working. You know because. I traveled a lot to stand up. I was home and you know and that was a good look but now things on a little bit and i've been out out in the pow working. How does your relationship house all that work. Because this is a huge responsibility. I know you are you currently in a relationship. Yes i'm married. Let's go ahead. How long you been married. We've been married for two years. God bless can imagine that holiday gotta come outside dressed up every day. We've been best friends. We've been very close for seven years. But when i first started values in a different relationship and that was very hard when the person doesn't understand what you'd really helped me back a lot but being married with somebody that's completely supportive. It's like right. Now i'm here. I'm here freely. He has all the kids. he's watching them and he's making sure they're eating and right away. Sometimes that is definitely take your fabulous chat rooms you know. I don't think that see. That's also streamlines the passion when somebody when you have a partner that sees your vision because it takes so much of a commitment to do which doing with your dreams that you can't have it can't be derailed by someone small-minded and don't see the pitcher so you're right after awhile you have to terminate others you have to to Regardless of what you're doing because you had this vision and it's easier when someone jumps aboard with you so we can go to the same destination for you to have this going on especially at the quest now. We were there that last week. Most stacey jackson her pointing to corona last event. We had twenty twenty five. I know that's a beautiful place. I'll know folks in the valley if you hadn't been down over the down to the art quest amazing. It is a beautiful place loot me and this that the location for saturday night or all the. That's for sunday my studios and friday's at the new. A new venue which is called venture bethlehem. Have you know restaurant bar. Yes yes downstairs from the. Let's let's get into that now. Okay so when win is fashion week so fashion week. Is this friday. It is april twenty third to the twenty fifth hour working in collaboration with housing with hope foundation. That is my charity is our partner explains at the events why they're so near and dear to my heart view but they help families that are facing homelessness and the seniors that are into spare. They're also facing homelessness or they're lonely especially during this time of it. You know my mother we had. My mom had a surgery so It went it went dead. It wouldn't really bad. We had to put my mother in a nursing home and she's only fifty five then. Yeah she's fifty five and my mom has been just recently decided i have. We had the restaurants that emergency room but programs like housing. Well hope is there for people like that. Don't have family members second. Call them or things to them and do do bring meals or whatever. We've done a lot of little things in the community for between new jersey here alley. That's awesome so this class. Friday is our launch right and was that location. That's going to be adventure ex bethlehem at three zero six south new street. An real six south new so we need to put this information dan. Greatly lia l. v. Week dot com shows you everything boom boom on. That is a free event so we need to put that but you have to register arrest. Cdc guidlines rains. We didn't practice that last night. Not at the comedy show. We play corona roulette sure. I'm better picture that we started our guys. Jake's juke joint we're going to be very ex- has like this. Little meter thing texture temperature we eighty recheck temperatures. Half an hour later. I'll just taken off for a bit and we're going to have some sort of friday night friday about for its citizens magazine. Yes we're watching and the other great juicy part is that l. bridal and beyond becoming from georgia to showcase harker tore line. Ooh it's gonna be a theatrical fashion showcase. Because the reason why i have stacy on saturday and l. boys on friday is because they've been working with me for a while. I wanted to because we didn't do the five designers each night this year. I so we're going to one each night and the grand finale with people that i've never got to work with people that i could reunion on sunday. The turn-up now is the bay fabulous. I'm excited about this great now. And where you guys at saturday night. So saturday is going to be a lehigh valley fashion studios. that's my location on sixteen forty two union boulevard. It's in that shopping plaza plaza. Were little caesars. This and basically that's an all day event people coming in and out like shopping through the vendors and just having a good time our number one thing that day when you're coming in are going to be interviewing we're going to be live all day so we're going to be like oh today okay. So we're here with the henna and we're going to have to turn showing her hannah interviews. It's gonna be fun a fun day of fashion funding of Information being a formative because there's some people that are there for different types of ending but and then later on that night we're going to end it with a virtual fascist show for those who could not come out to sprite or whomever anyone can just watch the virtual and it's going to be but stacey Tv she's a crochet designer. Right stuff can get really sexy. See holding out that virtual. This is very exciting now. Tell us what's going on sunday night. The main event that we collaborated with housing with hope right. This is going to be so great. Proceeds goes towards housing. Hope so we can get things done this summer and let me and you can go into housing. Hope dot org. That's the other thing that's and also follow them on social media facebook instagram. But that night is a celebration of the women forty enough yet. We do have the ladies that are under forty in that show in the proteges. They're presenting behold a goddess so captivating the way we're doing each scene it's like the way the models are walking it's going to power women in the audience And and the men that support them this at the end of the fashion show. We have an award ceremony. I'll be giving out a warrant certificates and things to women that have done so much within this community. So i have to. You know. I'll hint at some of them so that people don't know that we have the community goddess. We have some love and support goddess. You know we have different is going to be a tear jerker some people are going to be all out on the floor. Nobody celebrates them. Will you know. I'm very emotional. Because you might make you have a cry. i cry using. We're not gonna cry cry on some hot riot without tears. Everybody we got to put this in the group room and everything right so they can purchase tickets all register for the free event. Listen we're going to do the news right. We want you guys hang out with us and then before we in the show we're going to we're gonna talk about early ha valley fashion week again and we will love you guys. Hang out with us while we do a couple of news stories. I know your name again. Melody jackson robinson. Let's go and robinson jackson robinson jacking around. You'd be jackie robinson. Well i appreciate you coming on and this is this is very exciting and i just wanna let folks know that if you're not doing in this weekend and even if you are saturdays all day event that you are going to now apple crete and hang out friday then the grand finale on sundays so if you're in the area even if you're not an area and you have nothing to do this especially if you have nothing to do with the web is going to be really nice on out. Let's support this. This support our people. This is the time now for you. The list you guys are dump talking you guys out there. This is the time for you to take your personal inventory on the support of black folks in the community. And i'm not saying that just for black folks. This woman have a product out here. This is nine no Curse curse this is a woman that has a substantial product in the community here in the lehigh valley is time to check your moral compass because you can go to all of the fashion weeks in the world you can support whatever the abalone is put. This is one of our own one about own our own people. That's the forefront right now in the lehigh valley fashion. We are saying this everyone if you're not doing nothing this weekend. Let's support that's right. Let's registering friday in attendance event or saturday at your location and then that night. This virtual fashion show on komo of everybody and then and then our on sunday. If you're not doing in this weekend please support plan. Jesus we're going to do some are now diane. It's the same Same legally valley fashion week. dot com. You yeah. You don't want their the link. They'll take to the to register for friday and to purchase your tickets for sunday. And i was just saying that before. You guys i was saying. I'm going to support a barbie. My lady or not and i. A homily acts the Listeners here and showed live locally to come hang out with me your command with me and we're going over to our quest for that so we will super excited one. Who will do real quick because we running time what we do. Is we do a quick news story into what we to the in. She got the job as news. New job pays news news new. We got the front page news or right amp k. Front page news. Everyone going to take it on tech opinion. Okay yeah i'm gonna sit down load off disappearance texas bill to carry a gun without with without partly. Don't hold on. Oh my one day one and walked runway if you teach a man. I'm open to men's clothing. Listen i met a special talk if you modeled it for me. Do my september show. We'll teach you how be on way. Baby thanks election the close. Just forget i would do that. About an tempest attempt in september barbie. Now i'll do it. How will make what got me to it. I'll be shopping right now. I believe me ready for lehigh valley next. That's that's out there right. Gosh that shows breaking all influence. That's so important is something that we were. Okay therefore you guys i'll i'll i'll do Texas bill to carry gun without a permit advances to the state senate. This week the texas house has have passed the bill. The at the constitutional carry that will allow citizens over the age of twenty one to carry a gun without a licence and drawing outrage from many state. Democrats and gun reform advocate. Texas law currently requires since the carry to obtain a license to carry in order to carry a firearm openly or concealed. If passed into the law the new bill would remove all restrictions allowing texas to carry guns without Having a to without having to have passed a background check or go through training. Texas will become the fourteen states implement such a law our whole out texas while west. How long we get back to the second now before you guys came in yes. I'm starting a movement. I wanna both your parents. I'm starting black. Folks won't stop moving to atlanta ga man and i'm starting to move right now. This is a directive. Black folks. here. I go again. That's you to stop this nonsense. It's almost six million people in atlanta. Almost three million of black and two percent each year it goes up with black folks moving to atlanta. I want to stop this now. Back showing a platform we could get to the texan of black folks geographically challenged because the only place they want to move to. We like to keep up with the joneses. And i think has called hotlanta. They wanna be worried. Hotness and lowering people listened to music. And all. Because i went silent lance and i was like whoa. This is a whole nother. Okay but i didn't want to stay friends that live down to atlanta now in the beginning at first like no. No i like to be in places like how we're hearing piano. Tiffany you to relate to the public a lot. They have music. They have fashioned. There's a hair. Mecca airmail happening there. There's a lot there now. I'm not saying that. That's somewhere that i definitely would like to live but a little office there might not. I'm not saying. I want my my. The problem is the problem. The black folks that moved down there twenty years ago john. Cockman radio are mad. Now that the black folks from new york and moved down there so the black folks in atlanta now mad at the black folks out of moving this backwoods racism in i am starting to movement. I'm sorta like fashion week. We it out. I'm out be ready for him. And i'm gonna get a ton of rejection from this tank. Yes that's right. I can stop. I stop one person if i can stop one person. What one black person wait what. He's 'cause we moved down the at zoo move into so it was because we it seems like the the i think black folks atlanta is a country is actually the state. Hey no as he is not ready. Okay i i want. People are what black people to stop nonsense. A being geographically challenged black people. They're up people you're not gonna. You're not gonna believe this. There are other cities in the united states of america that podcast can move to atlanta. Alone is five point. Something million people in atlanta two point seven million of them are black and two percent each year. it rises. we're blah we. We've talked on this. The numbers up half half of the population in atlanta. Tiffany says you know what. I will move down there. But i have an office what it was talking about finding ways that you see you see you know what. That's the question we should ask. You are the only one that listening to me right now. right black folks out. That question might fly overhead. Is there any other cities we can move to thinking. Well ami miami populated even fathom the at this other cities we are so stuck in atlanta. I'm thinking we need to. We need to punch up fifty but show has now come on. That was out that city where the jobs are probably that we job going about that. I wouldn't want black folks to move to minnesota right now. no no what. i'm saying is minneapolis. We don't want to move. There is like going on over there. We me to accel self. That questioning there are other cities in america. Blindfolds that you can move to. Because then what happens is when they get confused. They don't wanna moot alannah. Like barbie said they moved to charlotte over cities in america black folks. You'll have to listen to augusta. Play augusta the help build now. If this law passes in texas which i hope it doesn't i hope it does not as now actually you could just go into a store by gun walkout and you have your gun and that's very scary and there's a lot of mass shootings going on. I let lucia. How feel about guns and everybody knows how i feel about guns. If i was the president of everybody then got. You're not everybody to president. Everybody thank you now. Have oil in shape boss. Where would first of all you have. Everybody gotta we have mass. And then what i'll do is you got a lucky in the house for six months. So the corona go away and on top of that and give you two thousand dollars a week to stay in the house for six months you will see. You won't see you want to see. A squirrel online spins with stem property working. I'm still give them two thousand dollars in cash vaccine. Gone 'cause china. They all wore masks has gone out there because they follow the instructions. Because we can't bob instructions in this country right. That's what it is. We have rights and rights of freedom mess with iran in the corona virus. Doesn't care about that now. If i was tiffany buzzed president right. Yes your typical handguns. Listen nine millimeter. That will cause twenty thousand dollars and need a credit score of eight hundred. They say we'll make i home. Tiffany and you'll bullet. It'd be five hundred dollars each so now that you're angry and you're drunk and you wanna shoot somebody you gotta check your finances and by the time you you can't qualify. You're going to move onto the next feeling. And i'll give everybody a plastic so you get a plastic is win the last time you heard a plastic death. Never let's say you can. Shop down. Mega shows christmas right. Yeah by the time you do that. You're austing could come up with all kinds of medicine that to buy real estate. Okay so my whole thing is this. I think we should mark up gun prices. Now i have just saying it's very it's a very radical thought because then that kinda take away the instinct gratification of the feeling of killing somebody or shooting. I mean i. We've got to get all the guns off the street. And guess what. I'm gonna do about that if i was tiffany president everybody. I'll make an announcement if you have an illegal gun a gun with turn it in. I'm giving you twenty thousand dollars. There'd be a line around corn twenty thousand dollars per good come up to like their american rescue package like two trillion dollars. I'll buy your gun for twenty thousand dollars for buying for twenty thousand money so you got five hundred. And then when all the gulf stream then the gun goes up to ten thousand dollars. It's very radical different. But am i work because in texas now they want to come up with a law where it soon as you hit twenty one you could just by gun regardless of what you're going to thinking of your background. This is unbelievable in this country. That ravaged by gun. Dahlan's right he would think they would want to stir toughen laws because we have six mass shootings and this week low in different Parts of the country so feed them to just be relax on just their loss is only to me. They really people. Are you serious. Go the one person. In fact the one. And i want to say ohio but i could be wrong with state but it was the fedex shooting. The do was a former employee. He was only nineteen years old. Like come on. You're doing this craziness and people just and left and right and you wanna be a laxed on your gun laws. Yes part about next pet. Lehigh valley fashion week. This week. Thing about it now in this country is the like we just polarized now when we hear these shootings mass shootings unfortunately back in the day. When you had a mass shooting everybody stop was on the news hour special about this happening so much that we are like is this and i hate to say much. My condolences to the family. But we're just read it and go on to the next door because it's happening so much so taxes. I think you need the four back on that law. Yeah 'cause it's going to be crazy. At least got get out of texas people live at black people. Texas texas now. Plays you went. What texas he never plays. We should be anyway and then back to atlanta real quick. I'm on this thing because hear you at all that they changed the laws in atlanta for the voting rights because of the fake news and the governor of georgia written wrote some bill. It wasn't built this past. The chata restrict folks minorities for voting. Doing things like changing the hours. You can vote by mail. Got fourteen different signatures. Then they're making it harder for us. Both even though georgia became a blue state. It really is a red state right there. You black folks are still moving down here. He go this and you're still moving down there without doing. Your research. enough is enough. I'm starting a movement in this crusade by myself. If i can get one black folk to change their mind. I did my job. More speaking of gun control laws a mini Minnesota national guard and police team were fired. Upon in a drive-by officials in minnesota says the national gar- in minneapolis. Police team were fired upon the draft by shooting. Sunday morning In the national state guard said in a news release. The teen was providing neighborhood. Security in minneapolis win about a four four nineteen. Am local time. it's about five eighteen. Time a light-colored. Suv drove by several several shots At the at the officers and a team not member was seriously injured through To throw to national guard members suffered minor injuries. One injured well because of some shattered glass was taken to a local hospital in the only other. One just suffered some superficial cuts according to the Statements released by the team. The city's on edge ahead of the expected conclusion this week of the trial of the former officer. Derek chauvin for the death of george floyd last may the area has A scene additional protests over the last week after a fatal police shooting of dante right in a brooklyn city of minneapolis in the suburbs of the national guard activated in response to both events. The national guard statement said joint operations a safety net in effort including the state and the minneapolis police department And the hennepin county sheriff's offices. I am relieved to know. This is a quote from one of the officers. I'm relieved to know that. None of our guardsmen were seriously injured my age A major general. Sean and minke of minnesota national guards General's said that in a statement this even highlights the volatile and the tension. The communities right now asked for peace as we work through. This difficult time is very disturbing. I i understand that people are high alert but guys is not going to get you know. Get you nowhere over there. Just it's just not so. Keep keep guns home k. Protests and in peace peacefully protest. Please solis with no with the new stake because won't get back fashion week. That's right just want to say. Cook those folks that are on the jury out there is your moment this is. This is your moment. This is visual evidence. Like this man has to be guilty. Because if he's not he's not going to be good. Not just not you know we. We can't sale this on the platform. But we know like what it is. So the folks in minnesota do the right thing vic this man guilty so we could go on with our lives and we can put some of this rests and try to you. Know he'll as a community. There'd be no hill with the with a different verdict. Okay so so. Please feel it all mind. Those jurors out there in minnesota whereas dislocated doodoo right thing okay I know some of your babylonians still mad about the oj. Verdict you with. This is not the time member. Oj verdict high was upset. It was hot thirty eight hat or my wife. Stop talking to me for thirty days. Thirty thirty days thirty one days. Can't this is not that. This is social racial unrest in this country. Let's kill it. Kill that noise this week. Do the right thing. Come back with a guilty verdict. Now let's get back to lee valley scrapped. I'm excited as well. This recap the whole thing. Yes less than stocks parts out okay. So let's go we'll give you the rest of the time we got ten minutes left out and let's get back into fashion week yes. Vip vip p. We have options for the sunday. So we are very going like. They're they're weekly it's gone. That's the front row. We have beautiful gift bags like with all these nice fully loaded gifts from different people that are in the community businesses. So that's gonna be awesome and like the thing about vip. Did i want to say if you're going to get a vip take you wanna make sure your dress to impress enough not team and you don't wanna be on your cell phone because the pictures you might get in a shot. I'm not interested. Just say that relies on the front row. You are representing the show pre much. Because it's going to be there. You know it may be live somewhere else so yes come dressed to impress me your cell phone and your payers look interested in shell right tick. It also includes a half hour meet and greet with the designers and the models. Thirty guys get to get it at home our before. All right So let's this was happening. When is lehigh valley week off the dates. Oh so again. It's going to be this weekend. It's april twenty third through twenty fifth. So that's a friday saturday and sunday. We actually started doing a little bit of virtual activities throughout the rest of the week. Because of what's going on right now with the covert we shortened it a little okay and we're still location on friday and again on friday it's going to be at venture x. Bethlehem at three. Oh six south new street again in bethlehem. Pa doors open at six thirty right with a about saturday night. Saturday night's gonna be lehigh valley fashion week studios at sixteen. Forty two union boulevard allentown and it's going to be from one to six all day pop in pop out take pictures be interviewed and have a great time and widow sunday. Sunday is ran for mayor. A grand finale. We are just so excited. So that's going to be at the sex aka arts center and it's going to be at doors open for vip four thirty doors open for general public then at five thirty. Five o'clock showtime six o'clock where and they find all this information on line they can find. Lv week dot com and be they. Don't forget to follow us on. Instagram and facebook was was the handle on face. Lehigh valley fashion week. Yes so we'll put all that inflammation again. My name is sarah melody. Jackson robinson walsum then tiffany. Where can find which doing if you don't mind. Tiffany santa claus here. Tiffany saana guard. Pr and event planning instagram facebook. Just t- sandra guard. Yeah what we can he finds with. My knees. got defies sydney sydney j. on facebook's and the undescored j. on instagram as any j. The is three on snapchat. You guys can find me. Bribery cologne loan on facebook. Barbie cologne design and become a status on instagram and designed to bay auto snapchat cash on facebook community. Your home your facebook. Horford instagram guys. You know we're gonna do we'll go to the groom and we stayed at mit day. Then we'll go hang out with tricky day over fan radios. We play his music lunchtime. Tricky and then we'll come back to the so guys. We really appreciate you on a motivational monday. Thank you so much for tuning in fashion week. This week was the dates again. April twenty to the twenty fifth. Okay we may rate thousand later. I had a great time. Thank you thank you shots and output. You can make it to the club's any one of those two club by the end of year. Just please please do so. It's going to be special every single night. Big homage to the family over output in yellow. Y'all routes tomorrow night. December nineteenth is very last and final routes party for our weekly so make sure you get out to ceelo ten actually open at eight pm. Am who knows when so until when so make. Sure you get their louie vega las radio. This is how we do live in times square baby her.

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