Hour 1: Lauren Sisler and the changes at Vanderbilt


They even though fans can attend this year's masters. The tournament is using the flexibility of a hybrid cloud to scale their capabilities. Now everyone can be a patron learn more at ibm dot com slash masters cried passion and patron torri of college. Football leaves here. Is the paul finebaum. Show our one podcast and we welcome you back. And we'll talk to you a lawrence coming up here in a minute on the postponement of dandy. George georgia don't forget all mrs also pause so there's a lot to consider as we moved into this weekend and into next scraps from calls here in connor is up next in texas. Hey connor paul. How's it going. We are great. Thank you hey longtime auburn fan here. Just when and get your thoughts on the future of gus malzahn. i think he He gets fired after the season. I think we'd oh twenty one twenty two million dollars. What you see happening in auburn. Yeah i i hear a lot of smoke. Coming out of auburn. In relation to tomorrow's game i think is pretty important. I say that because coming off of the alabama waxing people it's turned remarkably a notably dark in terms of public opinion. That could be a natural reaction. It is the iron bowl. After all. So i think tomorrow is critical. It's a winnable game. I think in most people's eyes but the tone and tenor of that game is really going to be critical because after that a road game mississippi state's not going to really sway anyone so i think that's that's an incredible amount of money to pay out but check back with me tomorrow night. Yeah i agree. I think it's a little too expensive. We'll see how he death against 'em yeah thank you. I think i still think he's okay. But you just never know how fans are going to react and how boosters are going to react and remember there. There's there's a group down at auburn. Some very influential i might add. That have never been completely satisfied with him. Were at least not in recent years. Let's get back to the calls and talk to richard who is next. Hey richard welcome to the show. Hey paul help you today. Thank you very much. Let me ask you did. I hear you say. I'm driving as i was that mrs scheduled to fight texas. Am this weekend. No no no. Mrs scheduled to play texas and next weekend according to the new schedule but right now You know ole miss and vanderbilt have paused activities. So i don't know what's going on there. But i mean the good news for all mrs. They didn't have a game this week. Because of the lsu suspended there were supposed to play the game. The game got moved around. Of course an turned out to be a break. So you know. We'll know more over the weekend probably going into monday. But according to some people it's not it's not a guarantee that game can can go on right now based on this the circumstance. Not looking promising a question for you. What would it take to go. House stayed in the playoffs. If they don't make the games. I believe he was an sec. Pam an old miss van actually The ohio state is definitely top. Four team they just haven't been able to prove in. A lot of critics are saying a lot of callers and critics are saying that you know they haven't proven theirself but it's not their fault. They haven't proven themselves. It would just it just Just saying like a top four team to me. I mean i think right now. They are top for team. But you know with four games on the schedule if that doesn't change and it looks like it will it looks like they're going to play tomorrow They'll be okay but they need. They need a better sample. When when you have alabama and with eleven games at the end of the game and in florida and am and all these other schools knocking down double digit games. And they're sitting there four. That's that's a leap of faith to go with them. Hey thank you for the call. Bill is in tennessee. And you are next up. Hey bill i wanna thank you for taking my call really. Enjoy your show. Thank you appreciate every much. And i'm not hearing bill so let me let me try and other call here and kerry is up next. We'll even go back to build a minute carries in texas Hey kerry. Are you doing paul carry. I'm doing well thank you. I'm a big saying here. The most level headed analyst at their in college football. And i just wanted to get your opinion. If they'll house state word of in a big ten title game do you see alabama know-how stake may be played each other in a national title game. This year we think it's entirely possible because as it stands ohio state if it gets in the playoffs will probably be the number four position. And if alabama wins out there will be a number one that would be the matchup one and four just like it was in two thousand fourteen. Just believe i watched a lot of college football believe alabama house or the best teams in college football this year. Yeah i mean i. I can't make that determination yet until just need to see more of ohio state. They're only really big. Game was against indiana and it was a top ten game but they were a little bit sloppy but again we're that's according to their seasonal. They leave out the fact that they were up. Thirty five seven that game now. I'm glad you mentioned that. Because i i had forgotten So that's a that's a really important point. I'm and that's i will cease to be critical that i'm going to go back and watch that game. Hey thanks for the call. Carlos in college station and you're on the air. Hello carl mr fane bomb. How you doing today. How are you good. I just got a quick question for you here. I'm kinda getting worried down here in college station. That them boys in austin my wife Get rid of that. Coach and higher urban meyer. Think of that. Well i think they're going to wise up and get rid of tom. Herman the only thing i don't know is whether they'll be able to land urban meyer. What you just don't think they get the money to compete. All they got the money. I mean they they could. They could end up buying ten coaches. But it's just a matter of getting your coaches they. Ten coaches mr finebaum. The issue is they have to convince urban meyer of taking the job. Nick is up next in virginia. Nick hey paul thanks for taking my call today. How are you. I'm well thank you good. Sounds like i got the back end of that. That phone call from carl college station. But i did want to talk to you about urban. Meyer in texas and i think it may be based here but texas might be looking at the contract that am gave jimbo. Fisher that seventy five million dollars and it's more of a question of how much more money do you value. Urban meyer at over jimbo fisher. 'cause that's seventy five million seems to be the mark. How much higher value are more. Well let me say this. About urban meyer. He's made a lot of money coaching and right. Yeah he's not coming back whether You know the difference between a talk. I know all right i mean we all have a lot of money and you know seven million versus ten. It's really not a big deal when you're making that kind of money. So urban meyer can command whatever he wants if urban meyer told texas. listen. I'll do it but i'm not coming there for under ten million dollars a year. I wanted to ten year deal. It's done. They were willing to make a deal like that. Would nick sabin and saving laugh at them right. Absolutely let me ask you this. Do you think that the fan base that completely realistic fan base that. It's university of texas Do you think they would be able to stomach. Texas offering urban. Let's say ninety nine dollars. An urban just says no. He doesn't wanna coach his health. Family do you think that's easier to stomach for. I remember nick. Having lived through that covering the the nick sabin story. I never believed sabin was going. I had a source told me that a group of boosters had come up with one hundred million dollars and saving later told me and others that he didn't want to go there because he just didn't like the structure. Remember him saying one night that you know you have to answer to too many people and there was it. Never got that close. I think his agent played it for all it was worth and then to this day i've had texas fans come up to me through travel and say oh. Yeah we had nick sabin. No you didn't. I've talked about this extensively mean stuck in the middle of it all because you had a couple of billionaires who were trying to go around him and push him out and get saving in. I don't know whether urban want that job or not. I mean urban issue isn't money. It isn't whether he thinks that's a good job or not. It's the issue with urban meyer's whether he's healthy enough to coach the reason he left two years ago at ohio state. He was having severe headaches He had neurological issues and he had to step down. We're heading to a break. More of your phone call today. Five to four two seven two eight five. We'll update you on all the news of the day and there has been even though fans can attend this year's masters. The tournament is using the flexibility of a hybrid cloud to scale their capabilities. Now everyone can be a patron learn more at ibm dot com slash masters. You're listening to the paul finebaum show. Podcast hello everybody. You're looking live at fans ville a college football. Utopia with a rivers flow with ice cold dr pepper. Where every day is saturday. And everyone's a fan even babies and the seasons never change because the only season is college football season. Get a taste of fans villas fall during a college football game near you dr pepper. The official drake of fans ville grab some today and we are back and we have been trying to connect with lawrence in athens. And i believe we finally have hers so. I'm going to get out of the way here. Because i really wanted to hear what lauren has to say. She was slated to cover the vanderbilt Georgia game tomorrow. With all the excitement of sarah fuller being expected to kick in obviously so many other aspects of this but now the game is officer. Lauren thank you so much for being with us and What is the latest. Yeah it's been an interesting chain of events. I drove into athens yesterday from birmingham where i'm based out of and got up. This morning started working towards our production meetings. And we were just a few minutes away from meeting with kirby smart end the coordinators and a couple of the players. Hear georgia and about two minutes before we were waiting to hear from him. We get word that the game was going to be cancelled and not played. And i hate to say but in this time are you kidding. Wait what like. We're just hearing this now and you know we had talked to the vanderbilt coach's the day before we had talked to them early thursday and by all indications. They felt confident that they were gonna play this game that the numbers were there that they were at least at their threshold. Of course anything can happen with testing happening throughout the week. Obviously sunday tuesday and thursday test results coming back on friday. Certainly the numbers could have been up in the air and coach at indicated though that they felt confident. And you know there were a couple of players. Though that were indicated to be unavailable after we re received the initial i guess depth chart and so then there was the other concern. Maybe something whether it's an opt out or whether it's kovic related contact tracing injury. We don't really know what that means. Obviously we were just told. Those players are unavailable. So it's kind of interesting how things panned out and believe it or not when we were on the call with The zoom call before curb smart jumped on he flipped the flipped the channel up. We saw the video he said. Hey guys all right. I'm going to see you later. And he said he had to go talk to the players because he had just also learned the news about the game being cancelled. And paul tell you. I think there's a little bit of disappointment there. Especially from georgia's side of things. This was supposed to be their senior day. this was supposed to be their opportunity to recognize. Twenty-three seniors on the football field Later tomorrow afternoon. And certainly that not being the case now so i think that's a disappointment that they won't have that opportunity and then of course with this game being postponed until the following week december nineteenth given that georgia will not play in the sec championship game. There's no telling that things will even improve or increase The chances of vanderbilt even able to play in that game whether it's due to injuries covid contact tracing and or opt and that's still becomes kind of a fuzzy picture at this point because we don't really truly know who's available and who's not for what reasons well very interesting and i think lauren's point about the disappointment on the georgia side is pronounced lauren. Thank you very very much for the report But there is a lot of the underlying angst. I think because of some of the things that that lawrence said and you know they're in a situation. Nobody really knows who was right or not. Mississippi state played georgia two weeks ago with about forty five players. I don't know what the numbers are. But one of the concerns about vanderbilt all year long has been what's going to happen as a head toward the finish line. Not only losing but burning out of player. Is kobe issues. Opt out and it's happening at a couple of other places as well so Appreciate that very much. So let's get to the calls at eight five five two four two seven. Two eight five and dylan is up. Next hey dylan. Thanks good afternoon there. Yeah go right ahead. And i'm sorry i'm we're having audio issues here. Every time i hear something. I start to get very nervous of god. You're glad you're on thank you. Thank you longtime. Uga fan and just had a quick question with the vanderbilt gave getting cancelled safe. Florida uses the tennessee. How bad does the game being canceled. Hurt georgia's chance of going to the sec championship. Good question yeah. I think that's why you're not hearing anything definitive. So i'm trying to remember georgia plays next week. Who's the opponent next week of what we had it up a minute ago so i think i think what what's going to this is going to be called a if if this is not if this game doesn't get in. I think it's going to be called a no contest so it won't hurt georgia nor will help them. So i think Georgia next week would have missouri. So georgia the probably. Here's the problem for georgia. Let's see they would. Both were georgia and florida would both have two losses. I still think georgia would lose the tiebreaker. Yes so florida's going to have to lose again. I don't think that's going to happen. Florida needs to lose. Hold on if florida loss this week and then next week to lsu then then we're back in business here for georgia okay. Okay yeah yeah. Yeah so this This game George ends up winning the division on the georgia vanderbilt game. Well i take it back. I mean there's there's still some wiggle room next we. Nobody knows what's going on in terms of a couple of schools Vanderbilt has issues an has issue. So you could still do some swapping next week. Hey thanks for the call. Appreciate it very much. Randy is up next to. Hey randy go right ahead all our. We're doing great. Thank you for the call. Yeah thank you first. Time caller to the show I'm a big tennessee. Always fan and With the game tomorrow with florida and then still having texas a and m. vanderbilt. I was just wondering presumably. Say we lose to florida and a m in hypothetically say lose to vanderbilt team. Do you think that jeremy pruitt job security is safe for next season or do you think he would be deeper on the hot seat randy. It's hard to look ahead two weeks. But i think that would be a disastrous situation. For for jeremy pruitt would fill reverse what he's already done by giving him a contract extension. I doubt it but it would certainly put a lot of pressure anyway. Let's go to a break. We have more of your phone calls. Eight five five two four two seven two eight five. Many more guests will start. Hi there this. Is julie foudy host of the podcast laughter permitted. 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Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. Welcome back to the paul. Finebaum show presented by johnson ville. We walked you back. It's great to have everyone here. I want to go back in Comment on something. That came up a minute ago. A south carolina fan called in and said that i think south carolina could go to a bowl game and i said no they barely won only a couple of games it turns out that And i as i was saying it i started to wonder about that but because of the pandemic the the. Ncaa lifted that six win bowl rider this year. So essentially everyone is eligible. Every school is eligible for a bowl game in the sec. Because there are a number of sec teams that could move up to the college football playoff or to the new year. Six games as it stands with nine contracts after the new year's six games. It's possible that almost anyone could be eligible for a bowl game this year. Now there's a question of whether you would would vanderbilt acceptable invitation with with an intern record. They probably wouldn't wouldn't necessarily be included but some other schools could so. I wanna make sure people understand. All bets are off right now. Your record is not You don't have to get to any number of wins to qualify. You do have to be invited and the sec. Controls a lot of those slots as i said. Let's get back to the call. Eight five five two four two seven two eight five and bill is up next in florida. Hey bill go right ahead. Hey paul Great fan appreciate you taking my call Eight for life but more importantly. I'm a big sc fan. And i just heard the news about the venom at georgia game and how disappointing it is those twenty three bulldogs seniors in the question. I had just retired as a county athletic director Down here and provide where. I have sixteen high schools and you know every year and of course you understand this to be in alabama. We always had to deal with hurricanes and anytime we had our career kane in the area. I'm on the phone with the other. County athletic directors throughout the state before our teams travel and we always aired on the side of safety and there were plenty of times. We cancel games on friday and friday rolls along. And it's just like another sunny day in florida. And i just kinda wanted your take. I mean the safety of the kids comes first but with that. Issue cancelling two games in a row hours before both clemson and beer in virginia had to travel and now hearing about georgia. It just like your take you know. Is there a better process. This is the nature of the beast. We're dealing with or should schools do a better job of the learning those schools and that fan base that. Hey the game's not going to be played. We'll bill First of all appreciate your insight and what you've done. I am fairly certain that within at least the sec. Everyone knows what's going on these availability. Reports are due early in the week at the conference office in birmingham. So if you're in the georgia vanderbilt. Case i'm sure there's communication i mean we're not talking about you know foreign enemies here. I mean these these. These athletic directors are all friendly. You know what. I'm talking about because you deal with it and have dealt it. So you're you're keeping everyone in the loop. And i mean there is gray area. Though a i'll use the example from earlier that mississippi state could have opted out of the georgia game. Two weeks ago. they chose not to. They played with forty five players. But vanderbilt's a little different. I mean there's not a lot evidence by what happened with sarah four. They are not a. I mean they had a thin roster Before the first game right so and And i agree like say it could just be the nature of the beast. You know switching the pro. Sports look denver. Went through you know they could second guess themselves but you know what they put them on the senior i think in that case roger goodell was really trying to make an example of them. Saying you did this to yourself. You had you. Had you had uh two. Or three healthy quarterbacks disregarded the protocol that we've been issuing you being from from the world of intercollegiate athletics. You understand the mentality football coaches they want to play. They're not thinking of a way out there thinking of in right we've got a couple Teams and in one team is traveling To come up here. And i know our whole team. They're missing players and cova but as you know in high school sports you get either play. You're out there. There's no do overs well again. Like i say. I appreciate you taking my call. Great show Hopefully next fall. We won't have this kind of discussion. I don't think any of those whether on your side of or on this side. I don't think any of us want want to go through this again now. I agree my friend thanks again. I'm hearing from you tomorrow. The defeat at work and enjoy the rest of your day graduations on your career in high school athletics. Joe is up next in florida. Hey joe you're on the air asia go right ahead. Hey paul i love your show. Thank you quick question in light of the georgia vanderbilt cancelation or postponement. You think there's any possibility that kentucky south carolina game could be moved up earlier in the day. It makes very much sense to do that. Yeah that game right now is in prime time and there is now that afternoon slot. I mean i lived in lexington a long time and i can tell you. Saturdays in december are not just miserable and it makes so much. No hey i will tell you. I have done many alive show outside in in lexington in november and someone who hates it when it goes below seventy you know when that wind starts kicking in howling and two years ago. We did this show before Think it was two years ago we did show before the kentucky the georgia kentucky game and it was there was snow and ice and Yeah yeah it's ridiculous. It'll thirties founded by the time. The game's over which reminds me of the ground Hey thank you for the call. It reminds me the great. What mark twain quote about the the coldest winter i ever spent the summer. The last summer i spent in san francisco. I mean. Lexington is called so as missouri so as knoxville tennessee. I lived there for years. I mean these are cold places in november and is now early december. So that's why. I'm this weekend every every year. We played the sec championship game inside the first two were outside in the first one nearly killed everyone even in birmingham alabama and nearly killed everyone who was at legion field that cold december day. Let's continue and kyrie is in tampa and you're on the air. Hi terry hello mr paula. How's life treating it today. It's good thank you for asking. Hope you are. Oh yes excellent. i I'm sure you woke up this morning. And sit t g i f. He s every every every friday. You know you go through twenty hours a week putting up with us and so it's it's gotta be a stressful job terry. Let me let me jump in there. This is what i love to do. And the these are the four easiest hours of the day for me. I kid you not. This is what i do. This is what i look forward to. And what i would do not doing it. Well that's good to hear because you're very good at it thank you. Hey i missed the first ten minutes of your show trying to get rushed to get home because your must see television thank you. What do you think about that high school kid. Yesterday that assaulted that refuse in jail. Now i just saw them. That's the whole the whole playoffs in south texas We're a player I had the the association is kicked a team out of the playoffs and the young man has been charged and it is a brutal brawl If you have not seen it. I don't know that is You know words as a writer. No words can describe that. I saw it was brutal and It just he was a college He was a big time. College recruit you know. He was defensive player of the year at a high class. Over there in texas He was a great wrestler tracks stores. It's it's tragic because you know you hear that at every especially early in your life from your parents from your teachers from your coaches if you play ball you know one moment can change your life. And here's a guy who had everything in front of him and it's split second. I realize the pressure that ten of the moment affects people in different ways. But that's why you have to have your wits whether no matter what you do Thanks for bringing that up. We'll talk about a little bit later. We have a lot to do with. We're only an hour in on breaking news friday unfortunately with with the game being postponed and another. Thank you for listening to the paul finebaum. Show podcast the paul finebaum. 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