The Secrets of the Self: Lifes Deepest Hunger


I'd like to welcome one of our newest sponsors of the program. All birds oil birds shoes are made from natural materials. That would make make your feet happy. Hello MOE friends. Welcome back to Daly Breath series. This week will begin a new series opening what I call the book. Doc of secrets. The book of secrets is nothing. Other than your own own steph own. Inner Self Your two thousand five your invisible seth your soul ooh which is part of a more universal spirit. So let's call this series the secrets of the South today. Let's discuss. What is the deepest hunger in life? The deepest hunger in life is a secret that is only revealed when a person is willing to unlock a hidden part of their own. Seth as biological organisms awesome but particularly as humans. We have a lot of inner needs the need to survive. We have the need I need to achieve. We had the need to be part of a community where we can experience love and belonging this small communities just our own family and friends but then there are bigger communities personal and professional. We have the need good for self esteem for creative expression for higher consciousness but the ultimate need that we have which which goes way beyond who'd money sex status love from other human beings is the deeper need To unlock the secrets of our own. Being at some point all external external things failed to fulfill us to give us satisfaction. You have all the money in the world all the judges in the world or the influence in the world. All the help that you want in fact you might be able to fulfill fill every external desire that you have but at some point you will also have to confront what we called old age and infirmity mm formity and the prospect of death and so at some point we all have to confront. What does that mean is that a purpose beyond physical bodies What is the meaning of death? Do we have a soul. Is there a higher being. Who What is the higher being? These are some of the secrets. I hope UNDRIVABLE as we open and the book of secrets which is our own self so today. Let's close her eyes and put awareness ernest. Hart and ask ourselves the most important questions of our existence. Who Am I what am I? What is it in me me? That wants to know the answer to this question. Who Am I? Let's also ask ourselves. What do we really want from life? Don't worry about the aunts has just asked the questions and see what comes up in the form of sensations ends images feelings and thoughts also guest of what gives me meaning and purpose in my life. What am I uniquely skills and talents? How do I make use of them? Who Benefits Husky Steph? What am I grateful for Before we continue. I'd like to take a minute to tell you about the sponsor of today's program all birds. What you put on your body is as important portent as you put in it for you and for the planet all birds shoes are made from premium natural materials? Making them something you can feel good in and good about all birds. Use a made from certified Merino Wool and Eucalyptus fibers the shoe. Soles are derived from sugarcane. All birds shoes a very comfortable and they are stylish to the shoes have a sleek minimalist assed design with all that in mind. You can feel confident knowing that you're wearing a product that's doing right by your feet and planet earth to give your feet treat and enjoy a bear of all birds. She was today. When I'm in New York I always do a lot of walking? The oil buds the perfect. Shoot to keep you going to and from any activity that makes you feel good all day. Comfort will help the feet. Keep up as you focus on the thousands of things. You're doing every day your feet take you where you want to show showed them some love with a pair of all birds while but shoes are made from nature will make you feel good. Find your perfect bear had oil birds DOT com. That's E. L. L. B. I R. D. S. dot com once again. Don't worry about the answers to talk to. A living indies questions and you will begin to open the book of secrets. We will continue tomorrow Sir.

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