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Exists wednesday july fourteen. Twenty twenty one coming up on the program today. What the woman takes a dumb plus. The delicious taste of farted on doritos. Satan needs corrective cosmetic surgery in which letter of the alphabet is a white supremacist. Find out today on this stereo was like the sound of so. He started his own. Show the come. And now he had scared's clyde guys bluish. A new was three founding guy. Rain is nasty. da l. Now see their start. My whole new away one vantage than scads. There was stuck up by seeing john star on her z squared. Aol the distorted view. Show with tim hansen. Come jurors jerry. Bushy doctor wants to dilate fight. Asshole branca's negro face cookie dimension back here with you for the wednesday's show got a good one for you today. There seems to be a backlash against marvel movies and tv shows. I love these things. I don't care that. They're not doing a new film cinema for the intellectual elites what i rather watch for kicking ass or some frilly european period piece about a family of depressed french beret makers coming to terms with the suicide of their child because like he was in love with the town's cheese master's daughter something you know. One of those taboo loves simply cannot lay bare with cheese farmer. Hitches forbidden lajja de la more shop the day the had died coming soon to that one weird cinema in town that only has like one screen like one tiny screen three rows of seating and yet it's never full in there. I've seen a few of those movies. Anyway i get it. Marvel is a huge machine. And they're churning. Out these blockbusters they're probably a bit formulaic. But like why can't dc movies seem to do well. They got cool. Superheroes batman superman wonder woman aquaman and really they're the same stories. Dc movies just kind end up being the the asylum version of marvel movies that company the asylum. They take what what movies are popular like. They're like independence. Day was coming out. You know that movie with will smith with their the aliens. Attacking is island would quickly turn around and produce a movie that is basically the same plot. It just takes place during a different holiday. The world will never be the same when martians attack on national pancake day like could pick something memorial day or is on and took a lactic attack on shoelace appreciation day alien. The twist of the movie is that aliens are pissed because they can't figure out how to tie shoes because they only have three fingers. The big reveal is like seventy minutes into the movie when the pans down to the aliens. Veep and you see them all wearing velcro shoes. That's the caliber of moving. The asylum produces these movies. Just aren't as fun as marvel movies. And they're very blue slash gray all that tint to Just fucking depressing. Now if you are a dc comic book fan and you've been disappointed by their movie offerings and you're sick of marvel movies coming out every fucking three months and making a billion dollars each. I think i have some good news for you. There apparently is a new wonder woman movie. I was not aware of this. I'll thanks goes to dr cock ditch. Md because he's a film critic think maybe he writes for the new york times. I may have seen some of his film reviews. Actually name sounds familiar. Actually dr kaku ditch. Amdi is in the discord and he provided a link to the film Now you can't watch this on like hbo max or netflix's he got to go to What's the streaming service here x. Videos dot com. Yes times wonder woman. Come back to this. One woman tired about sides riding horses and just just in need of something. Now that's definitely that Good joe right. I can recognize her accent. A little thicker in this video. But she's saying. Look when. I get home from battle. My ashes sore ryan. The horses wants to relax man secret. Yeah she's pulling out Not her golden lasso instead. It appears she's taking out a diaper member when she said her ass was not kidding. She met literally know that sometimes when i traveled a lot. What you're saying wonder woman. I can't go to the bathroom. And so dis somebo many many. I feel like this should be included in the geneva convention. Every four or five hours there should be a break in the fighting that we can all hissar shit and get back on the battlefield and be our best. You know how it is when you have to be real bad. That's the only thing you can think about or wonder woman. Here is dropping loads inner panties. How undignified for a superhero tangled. This look i don't want any of you. Weird perverted sex freaks to get the wrong idea of what wonder woman is saying here. She's not getting off to wearing diapers. All comic book fans know that that happens to be wonder woman's catchphrase like judge dredd screaming. I am the law or captain. America saying avengers assemble when wonder woman jumps into a fight. She says it's time for have some good time with this. You know it gets her psyched up and more importantly it confuses her opponent wait. What did you say it's time for. Have some good time with the low. They don't even see that she's you know preparing her attack. It's called the element of surprise. Look it up though. She's putting her diaper on and now she's showing it off. She's doing more than showing it off. Okay she she's using it. That's that's definitely paid. No these heavy like a battle while she's so wise. She's slapping her diaper which is full of urine diapers going to get a little more heavy. Well I i will say this is bringing something different to the table. Quite a departure from the marvel movies. I like their new direction. Quite frankly thank you so much Dr cock ditch md. Sharing this video with me. I in reality. This woman does a lot of role play videos. Here she is. She's pretending to be a mother critise talking to her son. It sound believable. You calm into s much times last night you call tonight. S much times and now word. Jeez attempting to say is bloated and the title of the video is came so many times in my anus. The result is a swollen belly. Yes you kumon calm. And now i scenes nine didn't can use my anti-us. Your belly is huge. Although i'd be more concerned with the fact that you just indicated that your son impregnated you you're gonna have a mongoloid child. This is inbreeding. What it is. I mean i know he came in her ass over and over. But you know come in my great it can drip out of the crack ultimately for some reason. I'm not upset over what appears to be a mom raping sunshine. I think it has something to do with the soothing. Music being played in the background. It's like pure moods my son and he come in my ass over and over. He make my belly so four. Geez i start the burping it up indigestion and i i start to gag and puke up the come. 'cause he fills me up. So much with these loads. This is what my son due to me last night. He calm and calm and calm. And i started spilling all the come out of my holes and i just want more. Bc's my son. He good boy. I like a tea kettle. The communist bubbling in my body is ready ready to be part out. Yes okay. I shit out to come and i don copy skiing the common i e it. Yes it's a nice to meet day. Snack lady is producing some very interesting niche content. All another person. I have to thank in the discord. Is vlad vlad submitted a video featuring a mashup of marshall mathers both marshall mathers. I'm talking about eminem and the utah that goes by the name. Marshall mathers the fourth who is hopelessly single and always desperately sad. So here's a little mash up between the two m's if we're in the bath together i would definitely absolutely loved a girl to be able to pee in the bath while we're together. I mean i would just love land also when it comes to also burping and farting would like. Let's say i had like chips or bag of cereal or something if she were to like bourbon bag ships. Roll it up in a bag of chips rolls up and and i would still eat that shit. Talk about specific fetish. I want a girl too far into a bag of chips that i will then inhale and eat. I mean i swear to god. And i would even wanting more since it would have like the remaining center for yes smart essence same. With if i'm eating food. I would just love her randomly to buy food regardless of what i'm eating or had some sexy stink too and even her own food and i would be awesome if i were able to get with the girl. Who's maybe insight you turn on by her own functions. I mean that would literally jamir call honest to god miracle flat out a party miracle. Let's get it's sexy way. Visit video is twenty six minutes long and it spans multiple eminem songs. I'm gonna provide a link on the show notes today. Because i feel like this video needs more attention it's only received a thousand views by Some username mortal kombat. Here's a little more fast forward at a few minutes when it comes through. We'll pooping on the. I'm just simply turned on by the look of it and the smell of it's coming out of rain turned on bounty so much and i mean also my gene girl would also be a girl who would herpin my ears. I mean we we get the idea. Thank you marshall mathers. I also have a great white woman freak. I guess you would call this a care and care and freak out. Although i don't know a lot of back story i'm always suspicious when the camera starts recording at the moment of the attack. I'm like what led up to this. I mean there is a rational explanation in that. Most people aren't recording at all times. You wait until there's a reason to start recording and if someone's about about to attack you you're going to record but i don't know what this fight is about especially one that takes place in the checkout lane of victoria secret. The black lady is actually. She's had victoria's secret. I think we later find out. She has a coupon for some free panties. Which is not a bad coupon man. I'd totally truck it down to victoria. Secret for some free undies. Anyway there's a white woman here who's very agitated. The film starts with her about ready to charge at the black woman. I don't think whitey here knows she's being film at least not at first. Not issue you natalie. Now the white woman is crying. She i think because you realize that she's on film. Oh my god. I never thought nothing like this. What happened to me. She just tried to run it. Hit me right here. Caught on video and there are customers in people all around. I had a breakdown. She tried to show where. It's so funny because there are people in line that you know. The cashiers are helping other people. Check out is really getting involved with this. They're all just sort of ignoring the situation. Thought about that before. Feel real feel real. Ask security heat. She charged would wanna security for me right. I was i want you to. I just came to get my free pan. You might get the coupon in the these from northbound. I don't know what is this now. This video is three minutes in length there. Then there are seven more videos like part part one through seven and you just get the idea that a the black woman here is is just continuing to film to antagonize the why lady. Because nothing's happening at this. The woman the white woman is basically in the fetal position on the floor. She's she's no danger to you. At this point. All the employees have seen. She did come in charge at the black leader. I don't know why though why just going through some shit right now mental breakdown. Why don't you walk away from me. No i was here. No no no no. We're not doing this. Why don't i walk away from her. Why don't you get away from me. She gonna waste you wanna go. This is crazy. I mean she could walk away from the white woman right but on the other hand like i always try to look at like both sides like i was here. I this white ladies attacking me. I want my god damn pennies. I leaving deescalate the situation. But why should i have to just wipe bitch leave. But she's up off the floor. Oh wait no. She's coming back down. she's going back down. She is now is like she collapsed. She's fake fainting. You know if you fate you fall on the floor quickly. This woman did it like it's slow motion. I'm looking through the videos here. There's actually eight parts of the video but some of these are relatively short like under a minute like this one's fifty two seconds apart three right. Now that's where the security guard gets involved. And i think we saw here at least the black woman's side of the story. I was looking at the. You can ask the workers. I was over here looking at the The sale items social came back and she put up. She came back and she put an item back in front of me. So if you put the item back in front of me. She begins given the calls like right in my face. I said excuse me that she just completely went over to them. Ask them to secaucus security when all she dropped on the floor. She screamed she. She loves well. I don't know exactly right now. We don't know. I feel endanger. No everything's not okay them. She chased me at excuse. Me man you know. It's interesting because like i understand this lack woman's frustrated but then the police come and then a security guard is like. I can escort you out of the store if you'd like if you don't feel safe and then then she's like well. Why do i have to be escort it out. Why isn't the white chicken escorted and it's like well. You said you were feeling threatened. So we're just trying to you know if you need to leave. If you feel like you're in danger we can escorts you. Make sure that you're not attacked again. But then the bike woman's like well you should just kick the white bitch out looking through some of the other videos. I mean the the reason why there are a part is because we really do follow. This woman from victoria's secret to the police station where she files a report on this crazy. White count here's part two where the white woman is still on the floor screaming and threatening you. So i'm recording to protect myself. I mean you could understand why she would be recording your acting a little nutty. Keep an eye on threatening you. I'm recording to protect myself. Everyone your really just okay now. She's making a huge ass. Fucking seen just kicked fucking out the white pitch out. The white woman is screaming. Get her far away from me. But it's more like but either the women's like far away from her she's filming through a display like she's she's probably like eight feet back blows and there's like a rack of soaps and stuff dividing the till. It's not like the charging at her. The white woman is the one who did the charging in the first place. Crazy lady she attack attack. You cut the look. She's running again ladies chasing her through the store now like that. She's laughing by the way. This lady has set up a gofundme page for her legal fees. Because she's going to have to hire lawyer and she is going to go. After this white kant she was looking to raise twenty thousand dollars. The gofundme page was created just a day ago. It has already exceeded the goal earlier today. I checked in. It was at like thirty thousand dollars now just a few hours later. Were up to sixty five thousand. Oh she's going to get herself good lawyers. It is a little concerning here. Because i was wondering who she was going to sue. I assumed it was the white chick. But it sounds like She wants to sue everyone. She says i've been wronged by the a karen. In the video. The short hills mall security milburn. Police department and most of all humanity. She might be looking to sue every single white person in america. We better start lawyering up ourselves. We're in trouble all right. Let's get into the crazy bizarre twisted. Who's our if you like distorted view daily. Please consider supporting they show the best way to do. It is to sign up the side show. That's dvd's members side regain full access to the entire archive of programs this for over sixteen years. There's like four thousand pass programs and the archives gain access to every single last one of a one year sign up more importantly though every week we do brand. New exclusive shows just for sideshow members. Yesterday we did decide. Joe exclusive podcast. And i'll be doing another one tomorrow. You wanna hear it. You gotta sign up super freak. 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All right Three very quick stories now for a heavily tattooed body modification addict dubbed the human satan seating way satan. Maybe going away if he doesn't get some surgery. Ace app yes. He suffered complications following corrective surgery. Now he's going to have to undergo more operations. Which is kind of ironic. Don't you think no no. She doesn't even know what the word means. Not gonna let her sing about it to me. It's kind kinda funny though. Because this guy's pretty much addicted to surgery. Something went horribly wrong and he had to go in for corrective surgery. And that's been botched. Now he asked to have corrective surgery on the corrective surgery. I wonder if he secretly excited about it. He's like oh goody. I get to go under the knife again. Michael farrow proto of brazil underwent liposuction. Which is like the all cosmetic surgeries. Right i'll maybe lip villa. But that's not really a major cosmetic surgery. That's kind of like an outpatient thing you know. Get the big blown up pillow lips anyway. He underwent liposuction and tummy. Tuck in march. I hate that we call it a tummy. Tuck when a when a guy gets it. I mean it just sounds so feminine. You know it. don't get me wrong. I would totally get one. If if it was offered to me. i could afford it. I wanna get some fucking fat sucked out on my stomach. I just don't want to have to call it. A tummy tuck. He had excess skin even his belly. Button remove well. There's your problem. He's doing screw. You should like that. What doctor is going to okay. That procedure shady ass doctors and shady ass doctors. They're the ones that leave stuff inside of you after the surgery like we sold your back up now. I can't find my cell phone. The tattoo artists said he recovered well but notice. There was still a little excess skin left behind. So you had corrective surgery on june twenty eighth so it wasn't like real corrective surgery. I still fat. I wanna look even more skinny The man says he's in pain and he cannot move around the underwent surgery on july eighth as his fifteen point seven inch long open. Wound may be infected. What i feel like the new story skipped over important part here. The days went by apparently and his stitching began to open. Let's be honest. This guy has so many surgeries. He thinks he's like a pro at it now so instead of resting he was probably out and about doing shit he should and he ripped he tore open. His stitches stitches began opening. That's according to his wife. Carol such a pedestrian name for someone. Who's a freak mary to another freak anyway carol who also had a number of body modifications and is dubbed the demon s. Did they livestream on social media to ask for donations from the public to pay for the procedure. Everyone has a gofundme me. This will be carried out at a private hospital at an undisclosed date. She managed to raise nearly five hundred dollars to pay for her husband's operation in under twenty four hours do have been married for ten years on the man's body modifications include horns implanted in his forehead. Teeing the removal of part of his nose Also they removed part of his ears and even his ring finger and the addition of silver dentures. Eighty five percent of his body is tattooed despite his devilish appearance which you can see in the chapter artwork. He recently admitted that he believes in god. He's a devout christian. He's going on tour. He's going to be street preaching with angela. Cummings around the world. Michael is an extreme example of tattooing. Such inking has gone mainstream. For instance. Thirty six percent of us citizens have at least one to seventy two percent of tattooed. Adults have tattoos that are hidden by their clothing. Doing is the sixth fastest growing american industry. And there are twenty one thousand tattoo parlors in the us. You're wondering about the cost. Yeah how much do tattoos cause. Large tattoos cost around one hundred and fifty dollars an hour of work. I'll the small ones cost around. Forty five but i really want to know is how much money in total has. This guy spent on body modification. Gotta be half a mil right. Hundreds of thousands of dollars all right Second story we have for you today. Recently there was some good news. Sex prevents the corona virus. That explains why. I've caught it seven times since the pandemic started. Well someone please throw it in me. Oh by the way. Come to find out. that's not true. Sex does not prevent kovin. It was a fake health statement. That went viral shocker. They're a fake government document claiming that sex could cure cove. Nineteen so not. It's not that it could prevent covid. Nineteen that like you get the corona virus. You're sick you can barely breathe. You're on the verge of a ventilator the best thing you can do it's fuck someone really what you're doing is you're you're infecting another another person. Yes fake government. Document claiming that sex could cure kobe. Nineteen has been debunked by south africa's national health department. They have one of those things over there. The document claimed that four to six hours of sex a day. What that's almost a fulltime job. I couldn't if i wanted to. You have sex or four to six hours a day. Chances are you've got bigger issues than kovin like more pressing for instance dehydration and what. I call shaky legs syndrome. That ever happened to you. You get in a weird position that you're not normally and i think that's what causes the shaky leg. You're fucking in that position and then when you're done you get up to stand in. It's and it's like you're ambi canoe. Porn fawn barely walk. Maybe it's just me because i'm so out of shape all right. Even though the poorly written official government reports marked with the official health department logo was riddled with spelling mistakes and factual errors. It was shared widely on social media. Because you know wishful thinking. I guess dr gareth japhet asked the public to pause before post this bullshit. Much like the virus. Each of us has the power to break the link of infection and protect ourselves and others. So i've got a copy here of the official looking document. I gotta be honest with you. It doesn't even look official. It's got a watermark that's about it but then the entire document is centered which is weird. And here's what it says. The only way we can beat this corona virus exclamation mark. Note that let's keep everyone indoors at least four to six hours a day. We confirm that sex is the only option medication we can use for now. Let's try to make many rounds as we can at least four. I'm sorry at last two four to five per day until further notice. This is for elders only health and strong together. We conquer by department of health. Republican republican of south africa the spoof warning even spells the department of health's name incorrectly but some social media users were apparently taken in by the fake Far from being a cure for corona virus sex can in some cases helped the disease spread. Dr william marshall from the mayo clinic points out that the virus spreads by respiratory droplets released when someone with the virus coughs sneezes or talks as a result he writes coming in contact with persons spent. Drew kissing or other sexual activities could exposure to the virus. Ddo people who have covid nineteen could also spread respiratory droplets onto their skin and personal belongings as sexual partners could get the virus by touching these services and then touching his or her mouth nose or is dr marshall also adds that the virus can spread through contact with feces. dr marshall. what kind of sex do you think we're having. And how did you know it's possible you could get covid. Nineteen from sexual activities that exposure to fecal matter then he lists the most dangerous ramming anal sex scat. Okay dr calm down He went on to say. Don't forget highly specific. Sex acts commonly known as the cleveland steamer spicy gringo nigerian hurricane the kentucky tractor. Pull the drunk bus driver and the canadian porch. Swing you participate in any of those things. Be careful you're at additional risk for covid nineteen case. You are wondering about some of those. The nigerian hurricane is a sex act in which a man poops then puts it in a blender and proceeds to rub his body with it after the man a must quickly jump on his sex partner attempting to cover them as much of the feces as he can while also using anal penetration. I want you to understand that. I did not make up. That sex term the kentucky tractor puller is the act of a male and another male or a male and a female performing anal sex during sex the receiver clinches their butt cheeks tightly and runs with the penis still in the but oh they they try to pull the person fucking them like attractive. Ball makes sense. The drunk bus driver is a doggy. Sex style the left thumb is inserted into the receivers rectum and turn from from side to side essentially driving the bus. The right hand reaches around and squeezes the right breast honking the horn to alert patrons the buses coming. Don't forget to wave to the people waiting for the bus bottles story. We have for you today. Just just yesterday on the podcasts. We were talking about Asshole talkers specifically the woman who uses magic erasers on her teeth. She's telling all of her followers to get beautiful listening teeth us. One of those mister clean magic eraser. By the way don't do that like using sandpaper on your teeth. It's scraping off all of the enamel and also infusing your teeth with like formaldehyde shit. While i've got another tiktok douchebag for you today a talker who boasted that he tricked women into having unprotected sex with him could face up to twelve years in prison. How exactly did he trick. Women into having unprotected sex with him. Because i'm looking for some tips night. Oh boy name. Or name Dr ritchie who has twenty six million. I just i love when i try to pronounce foreign sounding names. Lot to jot how it's I have a real problem with it. I know kai glow ambani. There are plenty of examples out there. Adam hinojosa let's just call this guide. Ninety nine doritos twenty six million followers and is the most popular social media personality in spain said during an interview on youtube that he tells women that he sterile so he doesn't have to wear a condom during sex. I don't know what the laws are like in spain. But you know if the woman who just had sex with this guy gets pregnant she can easily figure it out probably that you know who got her pregnant and even though he says he sterile and it's proven that he's not he would be on the hook for supporting the ken right. I mean this is a very risky move. In many ways Irene montero the equality minister over there in spain said the could contravene law in which non consensual sex was considered rape. Isn't that what rape is the hell's going on over there. In spain we have a different way of thinking about consensual sex up until now it was like a misdemeanor running a stop sign. You raped a bitch. You got a ticket. i'm sorry sir. Did you know that you were fucking this woman without her consent. No officer. I'm sorry all right i'm gonna let you go with a warning this time. Thank you removing a condom or a jacky waiting inside. A woman wow. I didn't think the story was going to get so sexy. Removing a condom or a inside of a woman without consent is now sexual abuse. Good job spain. Welcome to the nineteenth century. All right now considered sexual abuse and the law will recognize its aggression. She tweeted ragging twenty. Six million followers about something like this reflects the urgency of putting consent at the center we will inform the prosecutor's office. He tiktok tar ticked. Sorry be tick tiktok star. Said i want to say sorry from my heart from my conscience at times. I don't realize that responsibility. I have and i get into trouble for my views so that he has. He has changed his views. He's just getting in trouble for the views that he's still holds. Which is my dick my rules. You wanna ride this hog. You better prepare for the consequences. All right he could face between one and twelve years in prison. If convicted on sexual abuse under a new law passed earlier this month to reclassify all nonconsensual sex as rape a law. Change comes after public anger over a series of court cases at prompted calls for a change to be criminal code. It followed the notorious wolf. Pack case in which five men gang raped and eighteen year. Old woman let's not call it rape if it's not really rape and in spain. Five men pinning down one girl ripping off their clothes in taking turns fucking her and all of our holes that's not rape. It's more akin jute jaywalking in spain. The law which will bring spain in line with other european countries like sweden and portugal will come into action later this year. Campaigners are pushing for the uk to introduce such laws really. They don't have those type of laws in the uk. Man if you are a rapist get on over to europe. You got some protections over there that my friends. E jordan started news for wednesday. Let's voicemails and get the hell outta here. Alright i love freaks in. There are many ways to contact the show. I'm sure you know with them. All right bye now. Two zero six six forty four sixty three. That's our voicemail line. Call in call often love to hear from you other ways to contact me. Show a distorted view dot com. I'm all over social media at distorted view on twitter and instagram facebook dot com slash distorted view. Show yada yada yada all right. Let's check in with a couple patrons first of all day any move in you march here so so i listened to the The episode with the the dude in the grilled cheese by trying to kill his wife. Yes i was listening to that. While i was coincidentally not eating a grilled cheese but i was having a case in which mexican cheese and i fucking choked. I swear. You're so fucking that was funniest. Shit shula fucking person nation of what it was probably like i lost my shit did we do. We didn't do it insensitive reenact. I don't remember what i said. I barely remember. That news story guy was because oh he dropped the grilled said which in the sink. I remember that's how it started thing. I noticed that. I couldn't even be nice about it. Never listened to an episode where you didn't use story from pennsylvania and you didn't pronounce it pencil allowing that's the correct way of pronouncing pennsylvania. I'm sorry pennsylvania. So i'm curious if anybody else has ever heard you just say. I'm sure at some point early on in the show i pronounced it pennsylvania and i i just came out of the mispronouncing things and i'm so good at times. I can't help myself because i'm a moron. You've heard me try to pronounce some of those names ceremony muka collecting long like that. I think what started that. Was that stupid sandwich video. That's where i got the idea to really start mispronouncing. Things like premise and cheese. Salman bennane as fucking dollar general. And there's like seventy year old guy carrying like two dingo water big pack of water and he drops on and some of the water spout others. Go grab a buggy. So there's an answer to your question that you know. Some people do say buggy. But they're like seventy something years old so you know. Give me a little a little break a fuck that. I'm just kidding. I love them. And i love you too and i hope you have a great day. Do whatever would come back on the program. I feel like meat. And i have a common love for mama's family. I think i've seen all the episodes of mama's family. I mean i'm not a fanatic. Like meat is but we might. You know we could find some common ground that way. I want to hear more about needs sex stories. You know what. I mean like the go straight. Ping's suck your biz fucked him and then like the stocking is you'd like but how do you approach me like. How do you get them to talk about that. I feel like he would just shut down. I was like hey when you were a teenager. Didn't you stock abroad. I want them to offer up more stories like that. Hello in front of its lack of chat line. Went orion. The other day wasn't here. Well i mean it was it was. It was kind of your fault but it was. It was the phone the phone connection. Coined a carpenter. Yes i use tools like compressor and obviously the different tools that i have used as sex toy analog sometimes like he wants to hear clippers plan using a fucking santer her like a A table mic compressor kicks tom. Compressed to make a lot of vlad laughs he laughs out of character. Laugh like a russian param but thought he might be funny. Like cannot fluctuated point correctly. And then he did sound funny. Compress talked up the whole thing. I'm sorry i should've gone hasn't me okay. One quickly. i've gotta can all be wondering stone. Learning as to do and it occurred to me you know how it works in some languages have different gender like in spanish words to be feminine or masculine right. I love wonder if you're a quick exercise with me and on the alphabet and give her a masculine feminine or intersex gender assignment so the different letters. I'm sure she says. Kim henson's mind will go on this. It might might take a few minutes. There might take a minute very quick. And i'd be curious what what what you could find from people by. Let's start with vows. a are feminine. You to me are masculine. Why obviously tranny be feminine. I know that's a controversial one right there. I a lot of you are probably gonna think that be I was gonna say. Be as a masculine letter. No beach too curvy. Capital be looks like jets on its side. D even though dis kirby but kirby of more masculine way. It's one big curve. You got that straight lie and then that that curve from the chopper the way to the bottom connecting the do lines just screams man to me also diaz for dick f again a lot of straight lines. I dunno just seems masculine g. Look i don't know if we're going just by the looks of the letters or the sounds they produce but that girl sound good. I don't know that does not see masculine. Feminine sound tough guys. Don't say a lotta go words. And if they do they should stop. I'm gonna go to the garden. i'm gonna go to the guard and shop right. Tell me a straight guy says shit like that. no. That's why. I don't like the word garage. I feel like we should find a new word for garage. Because that's something guys. Say a lot and i don't like h again with the lines. Straight lines to vertical one horizontal. It's simple it gets to the point. That screams guy to me. I same deal jay as feminine. Kay i'm gonna go against my my rule about the straight lines a lot of lines. You know that should be masculine but k. i dunno it just seems feminine kane. Look girls say that a lot. Okay i was gonna say that m is masculine. But i'm thinking now that m is feminine and has given birth to the letter and because in an kind of looks like an an like i like i like the offspring of an m. Oh i don't know if masculine feminine but oh is very gay. Oh also it looks like a butthole. I mean come on. I know i already went through the bowels. But i just thought of that about p. Looks like a woman right like a profile shot of a woman though straight up and then there's the curve of over tits. Hugh is feminine because it's like super picky about shit. I'm only going to stand next joy you that's how it's going to be q. Is is a girl who doesn't like any of your friends. I am not going over his house. I'm not going over house. I'm not gonna ever aides house. No i'll go over used house. I guess she's all right and she only likes you because you is so fucking plane. Accused got the full circle with the little curly thing at the bottom. She's just easy to show up you. You is qs ugly friend now again. What i wish i knew like what the parameters were for the dominant masculine thing. 'cause i mostly go and buy looks here are would be feminine and like show up. She's got a leg sticking out as feminine. It's all curbs. T masculine already talked about you. W i'm not sure if it's man or woman but it w is definitely a white supremacist. It's like all those lines and he just get the feeling that it could be reconfigured into a swastika. I think it has something to do with v. Like w and v are working together. I think those two letters together would be enough lines to make a swastika. So they're they're off lynching black letters and z. Is masculine but like mentally retarded. I hope that helps you. Vlad what a complete waste of time how they gender different letters or numbers but i might just be all right. Tim love you flat out right. Thank you very much flat for that complete waste of time. Let's end it right there. I spent too much time on 'gendering the letters that has all the time we have on this edition of the program. What you guys do you. Shop dot com started. Comments are official website. Forty two six six six six forty four sixty three. That's eight six six six. Oh god is it rather distortion as dd delight your friends about the shout. Wtam reviewers wherever you criticize podcast. I'll see you back tomorrow. If and only if your sideshow members otherwise. I'll be back on. Friday and gillian have a great effort. Jungle juice off rat priority. No no that i am in high school obviously. Tv large this been another podcast media group. Who are more ascribed dot net.

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