Redo Chapter 57 Friday Febuary 26


Back screens. Talk about what the show was used for. Like what we do what they do in currently and help with cool the space so if he if we didn't have co would. Would you be doing that. Live or says yes. I would do it at the fourteenth four. How's it going all one minute. Lillian as it seems mr john thank comes on a from from the social here at travolta's computer this weird thing for sure we will just wait one more one more minute and see. If anyone else joins us he had bt head vets has more coster of in shine. Nearly the main to the has faster. Music is the other shined. What is it is shiny yes. I s. h. i. n. e. a. policy bella a. I don't see anyone triple wifi by. After everything only doubt otake continue. I jake Morning housing gala. The simone right. We've got a career now. We are low on my list. i have. he is here siani. she's here in his sake of his. Here mr where's mr are. We can't be yeah right. Everyone got several arm around them. Ready to get going on friday more ready. Let's do this was both Anyone have any reflects for today. I don't wanna just as soon. We're doing the same thing. Anyone have any requests. I'd jill circle round the head news. Just go ahead and stir at side this time or you've been circle all the way around super yard joy leads. Go sure looking those show. There's forward various shoulders words arms out like generic lane big arm For were big on circles that hurry jeff with your right hand into to your left with your left hand been for your rice keep it going on your own side to side bins and love. Murray jump as high as we learn and read sound in touch those toes Should up again mr john. You need to move this morning till banner you down when we're doing though. Open those legs nice in wide leads. Been the right and the left leg is straight feeling storage on the inside of that leg it bears and rotate to them. Lap knees the other leg straits whatever lay giving been then the other one go back and forth side the side stretching the inside of those legs. Put your hands on your head since twist right in laugh. And let's bring our knees to our chests right after lasts heels to your bottom. He fear badeah her left. Right left free. Were sitting in that chairs. What down and stand up down and find something to hold onto you. And let's legs suing move. That lay gets a leg. Swing opening up that has extra blood flow to that area so wait play other legs. Swain all right. It is time for our morning jog. And guess what your best. You've got this. Let's get going clear move And you've been either march. really fast. Journal plays run in place. You've got this halfway eight seven very to one. Relax list or bottom today on sit down. Let's be it in our crab physician here in crab position. We're gonna work our arms and our core at the same time. Blow your in your position for three moves. Forward three moves backwards. And if you feared tried to move a little bit side to side so you're moving around you room a little bit. If you have real tried to do a crab walk forward. Grab walk backwards. Bram block each side. However you can. It's a difficult line. I know if you cannot move just all in one for five four. Three two one. Let's take it to a reverse holding toy shop so that means your legs ours. You're going to live their bottom off the ground again. So the only thing on the ground are your hands and your heels. You hold it there yet morning along the hold it there you got it got it. Great seven six five four three two one. Relax and a friday morning. How many of you to get started a time. You got it do you can do sit up song the ground you can always just bring your belly belly-flattening india spine legend outs your spine let it out doing situps full sit-ups we thought this four eight seven six five four three who won relax let's stand up said jumping session you can either jump rope you can do jumping jacks you can jump side this side however you want to jump twenty seconds saying yount you got i know you like jumping jacks jake you could take nice god jonah is six by four three two one let's go ahead and go in our position so you're on one knee and one foot hands on your hips the balance now put your hands out like an airplane and let's do upper jumping jacks just with our arms over in our lunch physician but our arms are going out over head back to airplane airplane and clap above your head airplane in flat ebay saw. You've got nice job. He luck and good awesome. Eat going for eight six five four three one switch legs. Let's do claps in front so starting your airplane with your arms and rage forwarding clap in front so arms forward. Our airplane forward airplane for word. This work the muslims. You should be feeling it. Were balancing at the same time worried. Seven six five. Don't all over three wanna relax on your hands and your knees in your table. Top positions to put our right arm out in the air in our left leg out in years all day. There's some tie you've got sense. Is there and go ahead in. Note that knee and elbow on your chest in touch them or get close and sturridge backout touchdowns back out. You're gonna feel that work in those ads as well if you cannot do this. Or don't know talki- mugged is all those limbs out verified scorns three one sewage sides left-arm out andrew. Right leg out all their last sermon. Right leg omni ties. Muda go ahead and bring that al voted media under your body and straight out again under and rate out. You can't do that. Moving the arm and a leg just all them out and all the maps glorify four three two one. Relax take a little break just like five seconds. That's a break. Ira holding hoist Here we go question. If you'd rather do push ups now's your chance all that's on the ground on your hands and york. Tell everything else is in line in line with your shoulders. All the parades seven six five four three skews. One relax sira. Let's stand back up. Ira play a little basketball today in some sports rideau and i did look into lister Russell wilson navy leaving that seahawk t nerdy is started with some basketball a basketball nba. Triple-triple i believe on just dribble in place. We'd rare blow around kobe. Drivel rise me left however it works for you when i said numbers through all around us people even more and make jump up. It's done here. We go far one dribble into an three loss and four and fi- naked woman. Six nice job in were run in running plays. We've got some hurdles to do earn attract race poor and monroe road when i say hurdle you are going over there. Heard all hurdle heard hurdles three more spurt all hurdle. There one more you can do this ready hurdle. Aa grass finish. Line nice job. Let's use some standings clots sports threaded touch the ground and stand up on. Upn nine new squad. This hold the air chair says lurking those lay seven. Six five four three juan. Relax gallon sitting on one foot. One foot is planted on the ground. He other foot. Its own little bit out the side to the side. We are balanced c. He begs high focus. Straight ahead with legs right on the other leg by four three two one. Relax find that wall something no done to that's use. Some toe raises are no raises. We'll they've seen the heels off the ground and back down your toes never leaves a grand got this deal or tow raises whatever you liked to call him. They are caught in that my soul you this or by four three two one relax. Ira analyst story. I didn't find that while again. Put all hands on the wall. This one back and stretch the calf muscle lay said. There's blood fat. The calf muscle bringing that he of to your bottom quads own. Play take it down to your hands and knees organised bureau to. That's fine with a cat. How starting with how. Look up to the sky. Rob rob that valley and a cat can digest. Are vat. how sunny down had bell hats. Ten digest starts to back sitting on that bottom. Murray those arms as far forward as you can for child's owns reeves those arms over to the right arm. So greg left back in the middle laying on your tommy leads taken to a cobra's direct up for off the ground you know that now we're gonna reverses stick that bottom high in the air as you can for a ugly holding pushing for downward off of side down. V bottom is in the air your hands on the ground. Your feet are on the ground and let's go back down to And one martime up to a ugly holding pushed upward downward lift that bottom in the air and take it to sitting on your bottom for butterfly if you need more stretch for us those knees down with your elbows. Graying one leg. I've in france and read for the toes lakes straight out reported and both legs straight out and hands at your side setting up as tall as you can. I'm needs for deer. Means openness blades nice in wide hands down the middle angry criss cross the lay read with the right arm and the lack the left arm bands ryan right and on your left knee. Twist and look for her. I am so it's go ahead and put your hands in front of you interlaced. Those fingers palms out away from you and direct checks behind you on the ground finger facing. You saw the back chest open up with this guy. Go ahead and write there. We're all on your back. The knees to your chest or off a little bit right and math has just the right. The left leg off three to the ground and rotate tatting play the left knee. Right like down in rhode safe batting. Paul rudolph green. Both knees bent that chest but the knees falls to the rights and the arms falls to the last though very clearly completely on the ground fell far in usually. Shouldn't bulb direct stretching every muscle loud in your body bring new factor says ten. Go ahead and ross back at this sitting physician. Bring your arm across your chest in road. Take your risk darns. Other across crowson rode elbow behind your head for triceps right. So it's your shoulder so let's go back in that lunch in time arms out like an airplane in. Let's do some small circles for word so one neon ground one foot on the ground arms out like an airplane. it'll little circles forward so rich lay. These are green exercises. Are you feeling if you can't balance. Just keep your hands on your hips organized. Circle those arms backwards. This time aldean. Straight like an airplane and little tiny circle or describe your hands on your hips angle ahead in stand all the way back leads. They go really big deep breath in her ages is is. Upn let it all go one. Martime bread been hurry. this highs. You can buy yourself on the back because is friday. Alright anyone got plans for your weekends. i guess covert plans are a little different than regular plans. But okay. i like your haircut. Jakup you're looking good. Mr van de doing i couldn't I don't know. I computer was messed up at eleven thirty and yorker anyways failures. I really great job human. This go on monday. You're going to stay at home. Okay well you take sc regardless kabir the agenda today and it looks like a student has logged in using my link. Is that tea or jake. Just joined in his renaming perfect. Wsb students that wanna make sure you know the agenda. So at nine o'clock we're gonna start the kind of walking tour around for in cover for that section. You are just participants as reminders. That'll be time where you can turn your camera off and go gone mute. Junior hair looks great in your cameras at a perfect angle. Thank you for your doing a camera chest for us I in your showtime. Wsb students will be at around ten o'clock and you'll be intentional of course prompt you. You'll know when it's your turn of for the students from mr b's class who are hosting the garden you will stay in this room and you'll be up first at the ten o'clock hour and then jake and henry will stay in this room as well and you'll be after the garden tour. Charles mica tori. You will all mean to go use that second link at ten o'clock and go to a different meeting room. Four rooms those four students to you have that second link think so as needed a little email good. I don't have it okay. So general do that same thing of email. You the second link in you'll be able to come in as me and just reading and re charles do you have. Your second link is at partying the bell again. yes. I have redo here i. I'm sorry his ami if he can't win here. I'm sorry by atul butchered And so i'm not gonna. I'm not gonna pronouncing things. I don't agree on this boat you don't you do not need a second link you just state your the whole time okay Wfan please also have your materials out most importantly you'll matter of math of the outside of the fort that Breeding credit three percent app. And then you will also need or your presentations started. You'll need those plastic three. The maps of the interior can have nine tories. Let's see the other thing. I wanted while perfect. Yeah all of wsb students you Will you received both of the print. The three d prints of the inside of the rooms. Both for the your presentation of your classmates presentations. Yeah you have here if you have questions about witches which hold on for just a second but we'll try and address that in these few minutes we have before we start of the last thing that you need to know if you are participating in the research study which is just about all of you at this point. I'm going to be sending you a news. Zoom link for this afternoon We're gonna meet at two o'clock with amy parker and becky from portland state though. Keep an eye out in your email. After mobility matters is over for news zoom link to join us at two o'clock this is leeann. We've got some housekeeping. We need sophia if possible. Can you move your camera down a little our just seeing your forehead. Vi usually is there with free good perfect and then. I have a quick question about my sign language. Interpreters which one starting can you give me an alphabet name in front of the word interpreter. So i know which person's going i you're both year so we're just in this one but i took over one next week or or i wanna make sure that i always grab the right one When when they're both named the same it gets a little confusing. I won't do. What would it be on the injured chore that that is just fine too so i know i got the right one highlighted and then we have a hand raised by charles on. I don't think i got the lead for is push them. Yeah what's what's the name that i'm looking for again. Charles charles looking forward patrols if needed looking in my looking right now charles sustained you may also want to check your junk mail folder since robinson yeah complaints resetting able to charles right now just pushed that notification out and just to since we're talking about housekeeping very quickly when we go into the other breakout room. Am i right to assume that they'll be two interpreters in there and that i will need to be able to distinguish between the two of them to know or my misunderstanding details up. I use that the recovery of separate vote so so just pinned to some spotlight. Spotlight light to the okay. I just need to make sure don't want to screw up okay. Spotlight two of them eighty. Okay great an amy. Your to the view of top view button and what. I've turned on his side by side gallery. That'll help keep the pinned. Do see it yes do. That's a great help you extra original meal and i didn't receive it charles. Anybody is the person i sent. It didn't get the same arid It did go through Charles clinton that he might so let. Let me confirm. I have charles. C. h. a. r. l. e. s. dot j. o. h. n. s. o. n. at s t u. dot w. s. s. years away dot w. a. dot g-o-v that accurate that. I'm raised sunday again. This is torii railway. I made sure Family number who's here walking near my younger siblings nell them. You'll be doing this help. You manage your siblings won't be bothered report. We are in his best to put your mic on mute. If you're not starting. I got your email awesome. Amy i am looking for you address. Spotlight up and i think it's an okay time at the beginning. Point of people who aren't speaking could go off camera if that's easy for you to do. Of course stay on mute. That will just help everyone here. Okay are we are leeann when you're ready to start. I know we have a minute left to open the room with as many people. I'd love to open the room now if you don't mind let's go ahead and open okay. We're gonna start here. We go amy. You're talking right okay. Hello good morning welcome. Everyone are just going to allow a few minutes for everyone to get into the room We're pleased that you are here so as you enter the room. What we have that is playing right now. Our thanks to our sponsors so there are some slides that are rotating as you get settled in and we'd like to give a special thank you to of course historic fort vancouver which is a part of the national park system. Very thrilled to be partnering with them today. I'm amy parker voice. You're hearing now. And i have partnered very closely with becky morton who is a graduate student in orientation and mobility and to become a teacher of students with visual impairments at portland state. Dr holly lawson is also a partner here at portland state university. We've played different roles in helping. Put this event together. And we're very pleased to also partner with the washington state school for the blind. We have special guest teachers who are presenting today at leading their classes for you today. Mr jeff older. At mr steve lowery and they will be leading a some parts of the program with their classes in Just a little while everyone. I just wanted to go ahead and start. If that's okay. I know we have two hundred and twenty two in the room and more people are filing in as they can. We have over four hundred students today with visual impairments who are participating from across the country all the way from three in the west even into the united kingdom seized that that many students could come from all over there. All different ages in different Schools across the country. We also have two hundred seventy adults who are coming into the room. Those include teachers teachers have students with visual impairments. Orientational mobility specialist. That also includes parents and other professionals. So i just wanted to talk to you a little bit about what you can expect today the first thing this morning we're going to be hearing from our partners at the national park service tracy. Portman is the superintendent. There she had meghan will welcome you to the park and give you a little bit of an orientation. Megan will also partner. With mr steve lowery from the washington state school for the blind as you take a walking tour of the fort itself. Now as you do that you should be using if you registered before february i. Hopefully you have received a tactile map in the mail. You may have are also received some different artifacts from the fort. I just wanted to tell you that. Not everyone received the same things so that may surprise you. Some of you may have different items in your kits that you've received and how that happened is Our team at portland state university. Becky holly and i with the support of the american printing house for the blind. You'll hear from leeann a moment who works at leagues at the american printing house for the blind as the national director of outreach. There she will be speaking to you. In just a moment We purchased through the generosity of a age several items from the gift shop at fort vancouver and threw out those purchases. We were able to send out different items to different students based on their interest and based on our ability. Just descend different is so you may have a bonnet. you may have a different types of artifacts. You may have kit. You may have a top launcher. A very few number of people received a stuffed beaver will be talking to you about those artifacts. The other things that you may have received Especially for those. Who rely on brill. We were able to work together to create three d prints of the floor plans of four specific areas of the park. That we will be touring today now. Understand that sake of time to of you you will only be going into one room or the other room and after we go through the main tour of the park. The half of the group will stay in this very zoom room and will be touring the garden and the bake shop in the other room. You will the other. Half of the group will be touring. Excuse me the blacksmith shop and the for room and you will be led by different leaders from the park and from the washington state school for the blind classes on your tours learning about those rooms and hopefully have a little fun and play some games when you come back. It will be just around eleven o'clock pacific time and for that last period of time you will be hearing from the national park staff in talking to you about their jobs. So i'm being the biggest tour being that you can have today even if you don't have a tactile map or if you don't have a floor plan you can access our website that will allow you to print some of those materials later but even if you don't have those things the greatest thing that you can bring with you today is your imagination. So i'm hoping that you can relax. Enjoy follow among. Ask questions in the chat pod a bring your curiosity try to imagine yourself back in the eighteen forty s. What would your life look like. What would things feel like and smell like what would you be doing during the day. Where would you may be going to school or would you be going to a home school. Would you be working at a guarded. Would you be helping your family with some different tasks and also excited about with our partnership with the national park and with fort vancouver is that we are going to be talking about jobs that may interested in the future as she think about what she wants to study what she wants to do with your lives so bring your curiosity with you so special. Thanks again to our sponsors as young slide washington state's or for the blind. The american printing house for the blind the digital cities testbed center. Thank you so much for sponsoring this Mobility matters our forth mobility matters. We know that this has been a tough two years. And that many of you have had to rebel remotely and that we miss being with our friends so today we wanted to bring you all together at least to have a virtual field trip to a very special place so let me turn it over. Now to leah. Grio the national director of outreach at the american printing house for the blind who is hosting this event with us today a low. This is leeann welcome. Good morning good afternoon. Good evening depending on where you are located today. I want to make sure that you know if zoom is not familiar to you what you can do if you are an attendee you cannot turn on your microphone and you cannot see. Turn on your camera. We can't see you and we can't hear you. I making sure that my interpreter is added my view change that hold on. I wanna make sure that my interpreters added should be added. You should be say amy. I'm gonna let you work on that again. I would like to say thank you one of the things we do wanna know and to allow the people who are with us presenting to know is kind of what you think. Your job title is now some of you. Your job title is student. And that's just fine. Some of you have more choices if you cannot access the poll. It is okay. What i'd like you to do is just type it in the chat. What is your job title. Are you a teacher of students official impairments or are you a science teacher. Are you an adult. Who's come to join us or other. I'm expecting a lot of other. And then where are you from. I can't put every location in here. So what i did is a break. The united states up a little bit and then gave some spots for some of our people who are in other places and then how did you hear about mobility matters. What brought you here was at a ph was at portland state. Was it social media. What did that for you so a little. Bit of housekeeping type. Any questions use the check. Change your to to all panelists and attendees that way. Everyone can see what people are writing and can understand. If they're question already was asked. We are so happy to have you with us today because polls can be challenging for people who use screen leaders. I'm going to end it now. It's okay if you could not answer it. No problem going to share out. That thirty four percent are teachers students with visual impairments. Thirty three percent orientation mobility instructors and believe it or not some of those are both and we have twenty nine percent students in k twelve system. Awesome ten percent students in a college program where you are from our biggest group. No surprise to me is the northwest united states at forty percent. We are so glad you can join us. We will work on getting those other individuals to join us. And then how did you hear about it. It's kind of a mix and that is great. Stop sharing those results and amy. I will say one time the opening code. This is something special for teachers who might be here. The opening code is ranger. If that doesn't mean anything to you. When i say at a code for a c. v. r. rtp credit. Don't worry that's only for some certain teachers out there again. The opening code is ranger. Amy take it away. This is amy kirker speaking. Thank you so much leeann. We also want to encourage people today. You did receive your tackle learning kit or even if you're just at home participating we would love to have pictures of you with the permission of your parents or teachers teachers. We'd love to have permission of pictures of youtube participating. What becky is going to do your becky. Morton will post into the chad a permission form for you to share pictures with us. What will we do with those pictures. We would just simply with your permission. Post them on social media and use them to tell the story of mobility matters. We're very interested in how accessible this learning conference may be so we would very much like your opinion about that at universities. We sometimes study. What makes learning effective. That's part of our job. So dr holly lawson who i mentioned to you is also interested in if you received those tackle floor plans of those three d. printed Tools to access the learning if you received a printed math which was created a to d printed map. That was created by steve lowery. I'm holding up line in my camera view right now if you receive some other materials such as seeds or a straw even from apa. Some of you have been asking me. What is that thing. That i received that looks like a little cylinder. Is it a flashlight. Well some of our students who will be leading the event today figured out what it was. It's a portable straw. It's one of the gifts from a phd. You today so that you can have a strong with no matter where you travel so you could figure out how that straw works a little later so some of you are telling me also that you may not have received materials in time. Please don't worry. We know that there were several weather delays in the united states. Because of poor weather so please just stay with us. We do have a materials up on our website. Hopefully you will receive those packets in the mail if you didn't already but again even if you never received a packet you should use your imagination state. Because we're going to be taking you through a walk-through. I'd like to check the time very quickly. It time for me to turn this over superintendent or fort vancouver tracy fortman walk into the fort and show some slides and described those slides to you as she walked you through this wonderful place in the pacific northwest national treasure. Tracy thanks to you and your team for partnering with us mobility matters and kill. Thank you amy the end so welcome hello. Everyone surtees to virtually local law to foresee historic amos. Tracy fortman and i had the honor of being superintendent of this national park looking out my window. The sun just burst or which is a little unusual for the pacific northwest. So i'm hoping we're gonna have a sunny day. And i hope the weather's great wherever you are for. Thank you ever is such a special place in framed important role in a history of the northwest united states. I can't wait for you to learn about all that he had to offer. So that you can learn about your urban national park burbank uber. National historic site includes locations in both oregon and washington. But today we will be focusing on portland tuber itself which is a reconstruction of british further trade for located in what is now down to the washington here. We haven't image of the states of washington and oregon thank people maps. There is a red dot pointing to the location for a either located in southwest washington. Just north of the columbia river at a cost them or as the photo on his slide shows or is located in open-field trees and orchards nearby. There are many trails that connect the fort to other sites and attractions like the reconstructed employees village. The columbia river waterfront in our visitor's center as well as pearson air museum two hundred years ago. This field was the site of feuds prairie covered in blue purple families flowers. I bet it was nearly beautiful. The roots of the cannabis plant are edible so that into communal performance of years. Native people gabby chemistry in hunted on this prairie. Here we have as you from inside for into the in the foreground or cannon said placed in front of the chiefs chief house chief factor was in charge of the fort. East cannons are replicas of those that were in the eighteen hundreds in the background. You can see the blacksmith shop in the intrigue shop and the palisade of very high wooden wall that surrounds the fort in eighteen. Twenty four for of british for trading posts called the hudson's bay company built four. Thank tuber to serve as a headquarters. For a network of forts they built throughout the entire. Northwest these forts were located in. What is now washington for him. Idaho british columbia and parts of montana. California and alaska for vancouver was the headquarters for all these forts in this huge region. I from these forts were sent to in cuba to be passage. Shipment to bring supplies for england were for first to fourth thanks birth distributed to other add since bay company forts. It was about seventeen thousand miles by sailing ship to go to and from or into many people read and worked here in the eighteen. Hundreds many were native americans from over earning different twice others. Who lived here. were french. Canadian winans english and scottish. Many people who lived here were not which means that were. Both native. American in an up european ancestry. Only some of these people with inside the fort. The fort gentlemen class of hudson's bay company officers and their families live in chief factors house or the bachelor voters inside the fort's stockade walls. As i mentioned a little bit earlier chief faster was was the leader of the fort. Workers and their families live in one or two homes. Probably cabins is what you call them today. In the village located to the west of the port. With a force blacksmiths bakers Coppers farmers and laborers these families. Who left lead their lives. They feasted worshiped spent time growing. Adding children was a a wonderful place in the village. This slide has a painting showing the different kinds of people who would have lived and worked at for innkeeper. they are a diverse group of men. Women and children somma wear european style. Dresses in suits with a hieber felt top hat. Some early that reflects the fashions of for trade like ladies colorful bags and accessories. Wolf rank hits in the background. We can assume some royal navy sailors with sailors uniforms. This side has if few of tuber as it appeared in eighteen fifty four and the fact house there is the mighty columbia river and also contests fairly see cheeky out. mt hood. The ford itself is surrounded by its large garden and orchards. In the foreground are the small deliverance. I mentioned of the employees village and carts full horses law dirt roads. You can also see some people walking on this pass in the eighteen forties. British should americans argued over who of take control of the pacific northwest in eighteen. Hundred six the border between the united states and canada was settled and this became americans to Native people who were crossing organ trail by the hundreds forced in a later by the thousands resulted enforcing the native people to move to reservations media. These oregon trail settlers stopped or innkeeper to purchase seeds and supplies to start the arms. The hudson's bay company finally abandoned orphan kluber in eighteen sixties and. This area became part of the united states. Are these been keeler. Barris since the nineteen forties or vancouver has been cared for by the national park service. The national park service is a government agency that cares for over four hundred special places in the united states like the everglades yellowstone yosemite the monuments in washington. Dc just summit a few of our national treasures. Today you're by the to take a virtual tour of fourteen kubrick using tactile maps and you will have the opportunity to learn more about specific buildings faces at flipping. The photo arms sly shows fort vancouver at sunset during one of our special events Campfires candlelight light in this photo we can see many different currents of families walking along. The pair said the two buildings inside the fort. I am so grateful to portland state. University's visually impaired learning orientation ability of the washington state school for the blind. The american printing house for the ally and portland state. University's into the cities testbed sector organizing the spirit important cloak land today and so created this wonderful opportunity lou. All she experience or reform a distance. I hope you fi in our time together to did interesting and perhaps most importantly for so with that. I'd like to have make it. A steve take away. Let's get started. thank you everyone. Hello everyone and thank you again for joining us today. If you received tactile learning kit for today's program please take out your tactile map. This is an eight and a half by eleven inch piece of paper with raised lines in either braille or print depending on your with your tactile map in hand. Please orient the page. So that the key with the four symbols in text is in the upper left corner. The ford tactile symbols. You will encounter on this map. Include a thick solid line representing the palisade or exterior wall of the fort. A hashed or dotted line representing the walking pads. Solid rectangular shapes representing buildings in thin raised outlines the rectangles with light texture representing the garden outside of fort in building footprints. Inside of the fort. We will start our walking tour on the hash. Line walkway at the north. End of your math or the top of the page as you. Follow this hash. Line down toward the exterior wall of the fort. You will pass the garden to the east which is to the right of the pathway. This is making good morning. Everyone as we do our walk through fourteen cooper today we will also hear sounds that remind us of each of the spaces that we will walk through. We're now walking past the garden. On our way into foreboding hoover are flowers. Blooming plants growing birds and bees buzzing in volunteers wearing blue shirts working in the eighteen hundreds. This garden was much larger than it is now and provided food for the people who lived inside the court this next slide show and image of our tactile map. These continue to follow the path. Down as it crosses the exterior wall and enter fort vancouver. Find the first building on the left as an aside. If you're visiting the park in person you would be walking south down. The path at the contact station would be to. You're right however we are looking at this map facing north so i will be using rate directions from that perspective here. Now passing the context station. This is a small one story. Wood frame building with a porch inside visitors can pay entrance fees presenter annual national park passes and get information from national park ranger next. We will head to the chief factors house which is directly across the pathway from the contact station to get to the front entrance continued down the pathway from the entrance to the park when you find an intersecting pathway turn right and head east then entered the south side of the building as we approached the chief backers house we will hear some nineteenth century. Use it. we are now the chief factors house as stately two story. White building with a large veranda two cannons. Sit in front of this large home to enter. We will go up one of two cards air case. It's as we crossed the ranted the front door. We will see and smell grapevines that grow across the front of this bill ling in the spring and summer inside achieve actors house. There is a central mess fall. Where the officers of the hudson's bay company eat at a long table set or sixteen. The house has two wings each with a parlor and bedrooms here. The chief factor and chief trader live with their families has also has an office and a separate dining room for women at for trade posts in the nineteenth century. The wives and children of the hudson's bay company officers eat separately next. We will head to the kitchen. Which is a building attached to the chief factors house just to the north or above it on the map to enter the kitchen. We will continue east along the path in front of the chief factors house turn left at the next intersecting pathway in head north kitchen will be on your left and in the kitchen. We will hear the crackling of a fire inside. Alerts are that gives is a wooden building with a small orch just inside the palisade wall inside. There is a large part of they said perfecting a cold storage the entry with food pantry full of dishes and other serving supplies as a scullery where dishes were washed with water nearby. Well an interior hallway connects the kitchen with a cheap actors house. Missile from the kitchen we will walk directly east or to the right use any available pathway to arrive at the building that is attached to the exterior wall or palisade of the fort. We are looking for a building near the northeast or top right corner of the fort and in the because we will hear baker's sliding seabiscuit until barred ovens bake house is painted. Wait it almost looks as if it is coming. Through the wooden salk awol the stockade stops on either side of the bake house because the big house has two enormous ovens for baking the ovens were placed outside the fort walls to prevent a fire there from consuming the entire fort after leaving the bake house. Use the first intersecting pathway that heads south and moved down your map. Blacksmith shop is the building closest to the southeast or bottom right corner of the fort to enter. The blacksmith shop followed the path that wraps around the right side of the building on the east. As we enter the blacksmith shop. We will hear the flex fits at work. Southeast of the or become to the blacks shop sign outside tells us if the building is open or closed if it is open a volunteer. Blacksmiths is inside demonstrating nineteenth century. Blacksmith's skills inside the blacksmith shop. Watch carefully on earthen floor doing area. Full of tools. And metal items the blacksmiths of me at either end of the building is forged. Where volunteer blacksmiths work. Leaving the blacksmith shop. We will head west or left along the pathway until we find the next building. Right next door to the blacksmith shop. This building is also along the southern wall of the fort. The indian trade shop in hospital are located in the same building near the bottom cetera. About now he will step inside the indian trade shop in hospital. This long wooden building is split into two halves on inside two doors in front of the building. Be to these two halves on the eastern side of the building we find it the residents of the fort's doctor and his family. The hospital with many beds are patients and a surgery room here. The residents of the four people who look there received medical care on the western side of the building. We enter a trade room before doctor also managed to trade shop. The walls are lined with shelves full of blankets dishes. Ask hits and other items that could be traded for furs. I'm going to pause for just a moment on our tour here. I've noticed a couple of questions in the chat pop up and to clarify five or folks. The visuals that are being shown on our slides alternate between a picture of the tactile map which shows the basically the outside of the fort kind of a bird's eye view and then every other picture is a photograph of her. A little thing were mentioned so it'll be mort and our next stop on. This tour is the first store which is the next building to the west or to the left of the indian trade shop in hospital. Excuse me a. Let's go into the store. And when we close the door behind us this building is dimly lit by a few lanterns that hang from the ceiling. This earth store is an enormous bomb. Wooden two story building with three sets of large double doors at the front. We've entered through the first door and we'll find ourselves in a replica of a warehouse. This is where. I would have been processed for shipment to england. There are many firms in piles and wound from the ceiling and in a large press to date is reconstructed building also houses the national arts museum collections storage facility and archaeology lab next year going to head from the south side. Which is the bottom of your math. To the northwest corner of the fort use any available pathway to make your way to a circular shaped building touching the top left corner of the fort as we approached the best and we will hear the loud boom of now we're entering the bastion tower at the northwest corner of the fort built into the stocky. While at the top of the bastion is metal. Weathervane with a beaver design. We will climb up several flights of stairs. So room at the top with several cannons and windows overlooking the fort and the columbia river a bastion me cannons were used to ceremonially welcome incoming ships rather than for defense. All right as we exit the bastion. Please follow the path leaving the bastion as it bends to the east to. You're right the first building you encounter on the north or above the pathway is the carpenter shop inside the carpenter shop woods year. The sounds of carpenters sawing wood among cereal become to this to one story wooden building the herb anders shop inside our tables and shelves all of woodworking tools. Here the carpenters at the four made furniture farm tools heart. his and building fixtures or next stop is to the east or to the right and slightly south of the carpenter shop. Use the pathway. That heads down or south into the right until you find two buildings whose corners touch each other. The larger of these two buildings. The bottom left building is the counting house as we approached the counting house. We will hear music. That reminds us of the fact that this building served as a place for word and sometimes for entertainment. Accounting house is where building ancient white over. Its front door. Is the official seal of the hudson's bay company which are house to dear olding crest with everts on it and the motto pro. Peleg you tim. Which is latin for appelt or a skin when we walk inside. We find a large room with walls painted really bloom. This room has several tall bests with slanted. Talks with affords clerks kept track of all imports and exports managed by this for trade post. A huge iron safe in this room. Held ford money and valuables and the back of this room is hallway to the smaller room with museum exhibits about archaeology and a bedroom. That replicates the room used by royal navy captain bailey on his On visits to the port captain bailey would sometimes hosts small irvy's than he lived in the counting house leaving the counting house. You will give off of the hash line. Walkways and head around the right side of the building to the small building that touches the northeast or top right corner. This is the jail and as we enter the jail missing by the sounds of the chains. Us tourist straighten prisoners the county house just to the east northeast of it is the orcs jail. This is a small square wooden buildings. The door has tiny barred window in it but unlike the other buildings in the floor there are no other windows. The insight is almost empty except for events. And here those who broke. The rules of the hudson's bay company were punished and this concludes our walking tour of fort bank hoover from the jail. You could head south to get back to. The walking pass turned east or two year right and continue to the first intersecting pathway. Turn north or to the left to find the main entrance to the park where we begin may think megan rehabbing trivia game. Yeah this is this. Is amy speaking. Thank you so much. Mr lowery miss megan huff. Thank you very much for the walking tour. We do appreciate that. There are people with many different accents. Needs on the line who were sometimes following along with their fingers following along with their ears or following along with their is as we took the tour around the site. I loved that superintendent. Tracy fortman also mentioned that. Has you go into these places. there are strung snows. Some of you love the sound of the canon eight year old. Who was saying. Wow i really loved. That sound and tracy was mentioning how people love to go up into the bastion which housed the cannon that The ceremonial cannon said were launched during during times of making announcements that ships. Were coming in or going out on behalf of the company so now we are going to have a trivia game is going to read the trivia questions allowed. They will appear on a smile eight and then you will have a chance to answer those questions to vote on those questions using the polling feature. So let's see how well you do. And she will also describe what what how people answered the questions so be sure you could participate in some some said that they love monty loved birds and the fire. Sounds those were very cool. Sounds okay leeann. Are we ready for the year. Ready to go to the next slide. Alright so megan. let's go to the next slide. Okay hey listen to this sound clip from curator. Megan's tore a fort vancouver. What item makes the sound. Let me give your choices. You can hear it. Is it a blacksmiths anvil. That's a be a carpenter saw. See the ceremonial cannon or deep. The cash register at the context station. Okay you can put a letter or a word in the chat or you can use the poll. Was it a blacksmith's anvil a be a carpenter. Saw see the ceremonial cannon. Or d- d a cash register at the context station. Ooi see lots of answers also coming in chat. I'm seeing lots of saw or the letter b. Let's look at what our poll says. It's okay if you couldn't get to it even in the poll. Almost everyone said a carpenter saw. Were they right. Megan yup that's very Tracy also mentioned this. Is amy speaking. What kind of smell would you have smelled in the carpenters room. The carpenter station would have definitely been the smoke sawdust on that saw dustin would right which might everyone earthy smell summer saying right. It might have been a sweet. Woody smell in the carpenter's station. Great all right next question. Okay question number to listen to the sound to from curator megan's tour of fort vancouver. What area of the fort is this sound associated with is it a the garden b. e. the bake house see the jail. Or d the blacksmiths shop. We've got lots coming in lots of ways in the garden in the chat. Let's see if they're the same as what's coming in the poll gonna end it and share. Wow ninety three percent said the garden how they do okay. We're getting ready for question number. Three in the tour there were some words used that we don't hear as often in modern types. What do you think the word scullery meets. Where is the scullery at fort vancouver. We want you to choose the most correct answer. A a scullery is a garden. Shed that we would find near the fourth guarded. Be a scullery cash register that we would find in the fort's counting house see a scullery as a place for washing dishes. That would be found in the kitchen. A scullery as a place that holds the fort's ceremonial cannon. Couple different choices coming in the chat. I'm still a couple different choices. Still in the chat. I'm gonna end the poll and we'll see what the says because the chat was kind of all over the place so in the poll. It looks like see was chosen. The quite a few chosen d. c. was the washing dishes in the big house and d was the place that holds the ceremonial cannon. And that's about what i was seeing in the chat. What's the right answer. The iranian syria is that the story is a place for washing dishes. In the fort's kitchen and it will say that. When i was young probably about twelve or thirteen a volunteer at an event at for bank oover is before i worked there and i was in the kitchen in the scullery washing dishes and it was very hard and it made me appreciate dishwashers hard worked wash dishes that this is absolutely right. Amy speaking here. You've heard the term may be when you read about a scullery maid will now you'll know what a scullery maid is. Usually a woman worked in the kitchen washing dishes in. That was big task. Thanks for sharing that here. Eight okay. I question for another word. That curator making used was fast. You what is a bastion is a the chief. Factors house was also called the best. Be a three story military or signaling tower see a small jail used to detain rule-breakers criminals or d a one or two room cabin where employees of the hudson's bay company lift lots of answers coming into chat a variety of them though starting to see more pe- in the chat aboard poll a few more minutes seconds. Okay let's end it and share. Most people picked be a three storey military tower. Is that correct. That is correct and you. After number at some ford's a bastion might be used for military purposes. But for for being cooper was not in military ford so for being couvert the bastion was mostly used for welcoming other ships and signaling signaling tower. Part about question five okay. Finally a another word you heard today is the word palisade based on the tour of the fort. You just listen to. What does the word palisade me. A a place where maritime travelers purchase seabiscuit. S- be a three story. high tower. See a small jail used to detain rule breakers and criminals de offense of wooden stakes or tree. Trunks fixed in the ground forming an enclosure or defense. Palisade got a few choices in the chat. Okay a few more. Come in no in the poll. It looks like most of you said a d. -fensive a wooden stakes are trucks. The student the ground forming closure or vets. Where they right is that is and it's a little bit. Tricky busy me of also redmi say stockade wall and you may hear books from the national party policies need or sake but it means the same thing that that fence that goes all the way around the forest. Well done everybody. This is amy. Thank you so much for playing that fantastic trivia game for listening to the sounds. Thank you for adding the sounds curator. Megan to the imported tour. We did have some feedback that for some people who don't have their maps with them that some times following along on the map was challenging. We have maybe just one minute or two minutes for a couple of questions. I will kick us off with One quick question and it relates to the orientation using the math the bastion the the military or ceremonial tower where the cannon was curator megan. What shape is that. Is that a hexagon shape. Or is it an octagon. I couldn't figure out that it's that that high part of the tower that's very distinctive on the ford. It has a really interesting shape and position. Can you talk about the shape of the bastion. It does have a You that i'm not short a hexa garnering arctic. What if my other national park folks by added the in a chat the answer to that question but it is not perfectly bound. It has It does have sides to it. Yeah it looks this is. Amy looks kind of like a hexagon to me. So we have some questions. Coming in to chat at somewhat is answering. It is an octagon on top. There's a square on the bottom. This is wonderful okay. So we're going to read. The questions allowed a question from a third grader. Is how big are the canons. I am also going to feel that up to my staff as well. I'm not a candidate for and you know while they answer that i did see that there was a question about if the offense was original. That house seder stocky while and that is It is not a bit. The fort was rebuilt. It was burned down in the eighteen sixties. After the hudson's bay company had left when this area became part of the united states. The british hudson's bay company with up to canada and the fort was abandoned and this area became part of the barrett's and eventually the fort was burned down. And it was rebuilt in the nineteen sixties and seventies but it was rebuilt on the archaeological footprint of the original fort. So where are you. See or being huber. Today is a building is yes so where you know. You're in your house where where your houses that of the footprint of the house when they did the archaeological excavations of the fort they were able to find out where where all the buildings were where the palisade wall was and they reconstructed it was. And they see that. Bob cromwell who is one of our archaeologists commented are in the chat about the the candidates size. So i can. I can read that that he says barrels are about five feet long and the carriages are a bad the carriages. What the cannon sits on so the barrel is the metal part of the canon. that's about five feet long. Some of you might be about five feet tall so you can imagine and the carriages are the wooden things that the metal cannon sits on and the carriages are about three feet by four feet at about two feet tall. So they're they're pretty big alright and that's all the questions we have for this time. We're about to go into a break but before we do that. Thank you again. Curator at mr lowery. For your time we will be breaking out into different rooms where you can ask more questions about the canons. About the work of blacksmiths. You may be on the Specific word. i did want to tell you that we're going to have a ten minute break now because everyone needs a short break before we come back together. Half of you will be staying in this room in this particular zoom room. We'll be talking about the garden and the bake house. You will be taking a tour of the garden and the bake house and the staff from fort vancouver as well as jeff older. Mr lowery's classes from the washington. State's hold for the plight will be leading you through that tour so if you can follow along if you need the specific room for the blacksmith and the firm that is in a different zoom link and that has been put into the Pod it there. You should also be able to find it in your email. Some of you will not be going into that room. You will stay in the garden and bake shop area for that tour but for those. That are going into the blacksmith of for room. Please go to that link. We will now take ten minutes rates. What i point to onscreen destroy you quickly our agendas. So i am actually. On our mobility matters website. We have gotten through our opening and welcome. We have taken artur with mr lowery insured or begging you have played your game. We are now on a ten minute break and then we will come back together either in this room or in the other link or the tours of the historic garden and bake house blacksmith shop at first or where we will have a tours. Interactions with with the curator's opportunities to ask more questions and to explore using your maps and for those of you that did not receive maps or artifacts. In time we do wanna draw. everyone's attention. There is a resources tab on our website which allows you to download. The files should print on swell paper or on in boston. The tactile maps to print the three d. printed floor plants. But there are some other cool sounds on this site. Many view enjoyed the sounds. There are the described video house. An audio described brochure. There are sounds of cannons and salads of birds. Many things to explore and some information about sowing or planting the seeds that you've received so. Please don't think that you only have the opportunity to a two to this time to tour the site. You can also continue touring with your parents and teachers after this special virtual event. Alright we are now on break in. I will see you at ten ten back in this room or in the other room for the blacksmith ad for room to okay. Ten minute break. Starting now and amy. I have paused the recording. Because we not record a ten minute break The person who wrote to me saying that they haven't attendee. Who cannot find their link. I can't push that. I can only push it to panelists. So they're going to have to lean on a friend or or grab aamir megan to send that to the person. I can't do those a student of some sort. And i am going to take my bathroom break and i'll be right back. Okay thank you. The interpreter are on break now. Also thank you attributing team. Esten had charles police find that we are not backstage right now and all the attendees for mobility matters. We'll be listening in as well. Okay Do i leave the meeting on confused about that. presenters charles. Mica cinelli and tori will all this zoom link and go to your other presenters from any campbell for the next hour okay. I just didn't go for okay. Thank you charles. Okay i am back. I i'm superior This is leeann. What should need I wanted to ask if you heard any background noise of students. I think that was me mo. If so i probably beauty you which is something i can do if i thinking. There's background noise coming but otherwise i don't think we heard much during the break recently. Oh that i don't know. Because i went and use the roster. I'm going to answer a few questions in the chat now. A janet had to go to if you're an individual who received Paperwork or or a gift. Box type thing Then you're your math will tell you. If you're the for room or the blacksmith room you're going to go to the other room. Check your email from becky thank you. That is helpful if you are a wsb student. If you received an email from amy campbell you need to use that to go to the other room. Okay so you can you now. Do you know how. I'm okay for now until we get going and i catch anyone who's had problems so martha if you are not sure. Did you have a teacher register you some are. If you're not sure what true you are. Welcome to stay in this room. That is okay. This is amy. That's exactly right. If you're not sure or you can't find the email you can just stay in this room. This room will be touring the garden and the bake house and then everyone will come back into this main room for the ending program which will be talking about careers at national parks. Yes amy any. Attendee is muted at has their video off. It does not have the ability to turn them on. Only the panelists. Do only the presenters. Some of our presenters are students so sometimes it will get a little confusing if you are in here to provide closed captioning. We should have switched people. So i'm looking for you to give that control a logan. Everyone i am looking for are closed caption provider. If you are the closed caption provider. Please either type something in the chapped. Raise your digital hand will be turning this over to you or to any. Amy hoping supporting with the garden. Day counts leeann. I did share with you. they The script that the students will be using. I believe that adam evanson will be here in this room. Supporting the students from wsb. As well as elaine from the national park centre so out of you have the script with you for students and can help with prompting. While i do the slides i do. I'll be showing the slides. Okay perfect great. We'll come back. Started again hold on. I was gonna start recording against a hold on could great this. Is amy pirker speaking from portland. State university welcome back and we are in the garden tour room as well as the tour of bake house. This is what the next portion of the agenda is. If you are wanting to be in the first for room a blacksmith you please look at the chat hot. Several people have posted that zoom link. If you're wanting to be on that portion of the tour as laura said in the she receives some tea and she had some people receive seeds if you receive tea or seeds or things like that those are artifacts that go with the garden round and a bake house so you are in the right space in your welcome. If you couldn't get over to the other room you're still in for a treat. I will turn this over to mr lau. I'm sorry mr bowlers class. Who will be presenting the guarded. I will get the slides up at atom will be supporting the team. Who is is reading for this portion. Thank you whenever. You're ready mr bowler whenever your team is ready. Okay and i start out. Please turn on your camera. Hello everyone and welcome to the demonstration. Garden at fort vancouver. Lie may miss sophia. And they bridget. Hughley and i will be reviewing the vancouver gardens we are all in the horticulture class at the washington state school for the blind and lear here lane dorset from the national park service to start. We are going to show you a short video. Introducing the garden at fort vancouver. The video is audio described. If you have any questions about video or anything else covered today please. Type them in the chat. Actually are you gone. We have that. Check faucet When you share screen check or i'm sorry this is amy. I won't be start the video just one moment. Fragrances ties us heritage club many varieties of vegetables and fruits that were originally grow in eighteen hundreds traditional and saving off exchanging gye a strategic founded a companion to to attract pollinators while dissuade indonesian so as to the southern chester south working. Yes thank you go off. Trust as over the serves as support. Total of hawks were that stint unique. Aroma continuing southward further aborted. Another off. trust. I spend burst of wonderfully fragrant roses. The careful purposeful design of the dog scaled down representations similar original force dogs and is living recode days when the force gardens sustained to people well beyond how cycles of settlement of the eighteen hundreds the following video begins with god motiur nancy funk discuss today's heritage garden of the folks north home of vertical wind post and in front of his of lots of flowers bloom then changes to eric's club with festival down above rhetoric. What historic for the with logic extensive fruit. Which is those garcia valuables volunteer been carrying. I'm walking down the main garden on womb sums day before the garden today is a half acre garden and it's located in the wrong spot where the garden was was on the other side of the roadway. Which is one hundred percent accurate. The garden in the eighteen forty s was approximately seven to eight acres and it ran all the way out to the orchard. Today's garden is over half an acre designed in the same principles that the garden was. The pass aren't nearly as wide because the past in the original garden were wide enough to have them bring a wagon down with With water to water the garden our paths would scarred and represents exactly what they did and grew in a garden in the eighteen forties. Does he takes from basket. A corn on the cob not a large data if you hold sees as we also see a colored sketch of roots cellars and the eighteen hundreds when she tells us about tobacco. There's an image of agreement tobacco that we see quite leaves in between styles of beaver pelts. So what else are you that we've just recently. Dug up was potatoes and corn. Which is coming on right now and the potatoes will be kept in the root cellar here. The even had one root cellar was a potato cellar that they would store the potatoes. In throughout the winter months it was located alongside the roadway here and corn. We often think of nice. Fresh years corn they would have the freshman ward but they would also do parched corn or roasted corn or dry corn. Which was it'd be milled and use a for all types of porridge of corn bread and just a meal that they would have to put into their to make cakes or things like that with another couple of interesting things that we grow in. The garden is an echo. Shawna or baco dartmouth did grow it here. It was well known that they would drive the tobacco leaves and put it in between the bales of the beaver pelts when they would shoot them back to england to make beaver hats. It prevented the Insights from eating holes in the pills would make a useless when they got to england. Now we see in gross costumes with pedals then. Some white fluffy cotton while. That's he picks. Caution photo shows this move colored fizzle and loon then hanky red dwarf pomegranate fruit blackish fix and yet quint's on. It's another interesting thing that we grow in the gardens cotton. Most people have never seen cotton-growing unless you live in the south or the south west. But we've grown. Dr mclaughlin grew it and we want to stay where he grew We've had some success in some years. We haven't justices. All farming and gardening is some other interesting things we have on. The property is cartoon Which is fissile in the fissile family and we would eat the stock the spine of the leaf and not necessarily the choke. Like you. think of an artichoke. Although there in the same family we also have holograms dwarf pomegranates. In the garden we have fig trees in the garden with figs on that they had We had quences that. Were very very common in europe in the eighteen. Most people don't know what they are. They're they're also an apple or repairs of like that but we do use have been demonstrated many historical kitchen to of hops. That's he mentions. Next is an obviously over paint. Gum off phones chief from green of arms which events in bugged about foul followed by a photo of of sliced white bread as you came through the garden today. He walked through the tunnel of hops. And the hop sir just getting to flower nail and they'll be ripening up. It'd probably about two weeks. It was used in distilling in also as a eleven or we have tested it and used it to make eleven such as of for making bread as like a yeast in it works very well kinda gives it a just a tiny bit of almost a beer taste to the bread. Okay great. that's the video. Lee mc everyone I'm an archaeologist with the national park service and the garden is one of my favorite places to spend one of my favorite places to investigate Oregon check right now and see. I don't see that there's any questions in the chat right now. We'll try to keep up with that and There are questions sophia. Bridget healy Hopefully we'll be able to help with goes so i guess we need to. I still don't see any questions so we need to show okay. We are showing On the screen the garden tactile map. If you received a tactile learning kit for your today's please take out this three d. printed tactile map of garden long and skinny tactile map. We're gonna go through how to orient yourself. Direct of for north and south so follow along find the arrow in the corner cup protrudes out and hold the plastic tactile map so that the raised arrow is pointed in the direction. You are facing the furthest right corner from you. You have now oriented yourself to the north on your tactile map. So south is the opposite at the bottom end toward you with west to the left and east to the right as you may have noticed. the garden. Area is divided in half lengthwise by the middle garden path which runs straight north and south and the north and south access points to the garden shortsighted past the end you the outside edges of the garden rent east and west outward from the middle garden path. These smaller site pests. Divide the garden into sixteen larger planting areas or plots and give gardeners to lance within each fought to plots to the north are designed with circular paths. Which you should be able to to feel on your math. You can find a rectangular brench benches on your tactile map which are located at the north and south ends of the garden. At the north end of the garden you will find entry shrubs on your mouth bay around and pointed at line. Both sides of the middle path near the benches at the south end of their map is the would post in the center of the middle path. It's a good landmark with benches on both sides on the outside of the garden along the east. The i'd are to compost areas and a garden. Shed those are not included on your map as you leave the gardens south end at the bottom. The middle path joins into an east-west half it leads a short walk west to the left to the fort entrance all of which is depicted on your okay. Now we're here from the garden. Can fruit trees financial bowls flowers and herbs. Food was scarce and difficult to come by for early. Saturday lurs even west provision fraught with some an west trading with native americans for game. Fish routes and varies laughlin gardens were protected and highly valued so visitors. Either invited or giving permission to walk within the garden area. The hudson's bay company used Certain foods is a way to maintain professional and social status and a sorority for the most part the produce of the garden was utilized by not elite company. Opera serves their families that lived inside the fort an Visiting the fort but not to the four. Nothing mclaughlin knew that the ford survival depended on its capacity to be highly productive. Not reliant on expensive goods shipped from mainland securely fear okay in the first few years before was successful growing crops of potatoes beans corn peas of more or less cereal crops wheat barley and notes. The garden began to flourish with pumpkins. Squashes beets cucumbers cavities tomatoes carrots onions turnips radishes melon strawberries black blackberries raspberries gooseberries broccoli lettuce. Onions mustard grapes lemon long over uneven. Cotton plants were grown to not only feed the for residents but to even see the livestock as the years progressed orchards of apples pears cherries apricots pomegranates plums loons nectarines pages and figs were grown as customary in the gardens of england sections of ornamental flowers and medicinal herbs were planted with asters marigolds. Geneva's ragwort roses dahlia's pansy and native. yaro okay interview bridget's turn. Hedberg all right. I would be part so today's garden demonstrates meaning sustainable practices that were used several centuries ago. I'll mr be right. Fine boy observe reading. Today's guarding demonstrates ninety sustainable practices. That were used several centuries ago at fort vancouver close. yeah are still route. Relevance and environmentally healthy today larger historical biden was invited into separate are separate areas for plants by designing the garden. Space this way. Dr mclaughlin was able to select and strategically grew plan. Plan based on plant needs for soil composition watering amount of sun and pollination bridge known for me low again so native plants the plants existing before the settlers arrived were sometimes used by the settlers for food and medicine. Native plants are adapted to the climate and provide less upkeep in water while attracting local birds and insects such as ease for pollination today. We should try to integrate native plants around our homes when possible using knowledge of which plants were better companions to the more vulnerable plants gardeners were able to ward off. Problem insects while attracting beneficial ones crops. Such as beets cabbage and potatoes retain their quality over a long period of time. Farmers rotated crops allowing time for soil to recover referred to his fallow and used. Livestock manure compost and fertilize the soil before its residents composted. Food scraps garden waste manure fish carcasses and so forth to add an array of vital nutrients back into the gardens soil. Straw fallen tree leaves and natural compost used to mulch. Soil beds protect plants from winter. Frosts today we should today. We should use natural turnovers and avoid using chemical pest control and chemical fertilizers. These chemicals can pollute waterways. Farm animals burn crops. Increase air pollution acidify soil and deplete soil of minerals. Early settlers work with the natural resources available to them to be self sustaining to meet their needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. So now we're going to do a activity and i would like to have three different people in our audience. Try to name one. Sustainable practice used in. The historical garden is also used today. You could put this in your answers in shop. Let's see the answers yet in a few minutes. I'll here's a good one. Rotate the garden beds. I see natural fertilization of the soil Livestock manure to repeat the question. So i'm going to do that. Dame want sustainable practice used in historical garden that is also used. Today tro composting fish. Carcasses muddying the soil fallow robin different using different crops rotation worms. So that's interesting wasn't mentioned but it's definitely a good good answer compost kalpa so we. Everyone has several great answers. So now sofia going to discuss the artifacts of the darden endure on Sophia we can see you but we there you go now we can hear you. Thank you go ahead. We will conclude our visits to the garden today by talking about the artifacts that many of you received in your learning kits that fourth thing hoover plants native to the area were used for food medicine. Seats were introduced at the fort from london and were planted in the garden. Seeds for farming were distributed to families traveling the oregon trail on their way to start their own homesteads for hoover would share their seats with settlers road and use than your own barton's crop how of having quality scene was extremely important to settlers. They carefully saved planted and shared seeds in the spirit and tradition of several words. We off so have been practicing seeds. Saving and wish to share with you are authentic old fashioned seeds from plants race in the courts garnered and care for them. He come dry until you are ready to plant them when you are ready refer directions included with your seats so you may help carry on the tradition of four vancouver menu have a successful yield. Thanks afia going to look at some pictures of flowers and vegetables. Erste have Marigolds bright yellow and orange and reddish flowers. They are a good companion plant for several other types of vegetables keeps the insects. Don't like the smell of them so they stay away next picture user holly hearts stems with light medium and dark pink blossoms therapa. They were a popular flower in a colonial gardens. Cartoon was mentioned by nancy and the video. Awesome artichoke mike. Plant their what they eat. The eight yard a eat. The new suits stems as they came out of the ground. Next now we have flu. Cocoa pole beans A generally did not eat vegetables raw as redo like salads now with generally cook them so these would have been dried and stored and saved for consumption during the winter or they may have been fickle to save over the winter. This is A photo of pink and red poppies. We know that california poppies for growing in the garden elsa the orange orange properties common poppies. Sweet william was another Ocular cottage garden or colonial garden plant. Zip blossoms pattern with bursts bursts of whites pinks and reds cowpeas or black-eyed peas with dark marks. Along the one foot length of the being being pods and being said are reddish or white. Both were dark spots and again these would have been primarily dried and stored. This is a picture of green bean pods that produced whitish beans with dark spots tigers. I lack valentine rattlesnake or three different varieties of green games. Okay so what happened with the vegetables from the garden. The fruits from orchards and the grains from the field crops many different jobs at the fort contributed to making available the foods and ingredients that the bakers used for to prepare their baked dishes and the cooks the chief factors kitchen used to feed the many officers clerks and guests. A lot of the labor in the garden and fields was provided by local indigenous. People sometimes whole families would come to work allowing them to trade for items. In the hudson's bay company's indian trade saw farmers gardeners seeds men in other labourers with manage the garden orchard and fields. They would be plowing sowing watering spreading compost and caring for plants so they would grow steersman farmers and other laborers would ten livestock fertilized soil and replenish nutrients. Tradesmen such as back. Smith's and carpenters would make or repair farm equipment skilled laborers round the flour mill which was used to refine the wheat. Barley inquired into flowers and corn meals after harvesting there would be cutting bundling transporting processing and even packaging in story. There will always jobs that needed attention. I don't know if we have time just for questions from the talent. Amy speaking we actually are running a little bit short on time so we can move into the be kaos house now. Thank you sophia leap. Bridget thank you with lane or your leadership and if it is okay to go off your it is okay to go off camera now and go on youtube while we get megan jake Henry on to lead the next portion of the tour. And if you have questions at the end you may have questions about the garden. Were bake house at the end of. We wanna give time for the next team. Okay whenever the team is ready to start the tour of the house and i will advance the slides and play the video when you are ready one. Welcome to the big for vancouver. My name is jake in. This is my classmate enter. We're in the pacific. Northwest is very close at the washington. State's will together with megan off a curator of the national park service. We will be your tour guide for the next twenty five logan. Everyone everyone this. Is you start with one. Some showed a short video inch. Traditional vague helps videos on if you have any questions off of the national coverage today respect. Still view of the house single-story building as adult roof undivided clemson dole. Winter freights most of the stadium shows a time. Kuba started but identified as range of ryan sitting a table. It's like the big house which features a large column various cooking insurance and an assortment of other historical books such as landlines battles all. The table is a loan with a paddle with free seabiscuit. Still inches him to go straight points. This building is called the bakos there was used to big large quantities of sivas biscuits also known as hard for the people who lived and worked in remote areas like over. Finding enough food was an ongoing problem. Especially in the first years after trading post was established in the hundreds shows. Your with richard stockade protective many buildings inside there are other. Buildings stood around outside of how to save homes fenceposts when four through was established. Eighteen twenty five there was an abundance of wildlife on the land and in the columbia river offer the shots or stores of places to order food and before did not get establishing. The land was one of the first things portland sea biscuit onto a wooden table to show the first shows and toured a ship on the river. The second is to characters interacted with each other whereas this little back into shoulders another has a load of those step on his shoulder you biscuits provided basic nourishment. Many for thankful for employees. Who worked before. Those were at one of the small trading posts in remote areas the ship's crew and so back and forth from england delivering i and bringing back. Suffice employee's small ships that were still up and down the pacific coast on trading for i. One of the skits is dried. It will ask them. Definitely the sea biscuit is baked properly. It is as hard as a brick allergies. Something so hard there were soak it in a cup of coffee or added to soup or if it animal fact that this would stop went fried full biscuits a should not close the book with holes a costumed vega issue of making the fire for the biscuits and be cooked then used to rake combs from the other a sea biscuit. Bid by the big secret makes me biscuits. A harvard virus built in front of each hand foot by ten foot bricks. Once their pitchers reached the high of the fever. Move with rate. All the brokers. I've been four was then swapped king with a wet rag on a whole of a scuffle. The firstly formed though would be placed in of with appeal it would bake for three hours in quick succession rousey filled with breakouts of the weed. Stalks it on a heavily forested area area a tree hill in the foam shoreline breaking obviously till images of people of the first showing a line of people of various social causes coaches got together in front of the stock act. The second of job. You wanted to start a farm. What natural resources would you need a mild climate. That wasn't too hot or too cold. Plenty of rain rich soil that could grow crops and you have trees that gave us the bills farms fences and houses this area had all of those things including the columbia river that not only provided fresh food and water but also a means of transportation or vancouver is only one hundred miles from the pacific ocean ships from all over the world sell before. Thank you in trade for business. Fleiss by eighteen forty five farming and agriculture was a major part of the work at fourteen couvert and most of the employees worked on the farm rather than in virtually farm production contributed to the processes wealth. I'll think to reduce the amount of food that was brought in from elsewhere in addition thousands of settlers in the area that needed food supplies because this tablets there dr john mclaughlin held many hungry american settlers. They here from oregon trail right. And that concludes the video mega anything you would like to add or do we have any questions in the so. I just want to emphasize the biggest lists such an important building of the fort. The people who worked at for being cougar who were called servants of the hudson's bay company relied on biscuits from the fake house as part of their rations. And in the in a chat. Acce- elaine but a bit explanation of of the rations. What a hudson's bay company employees would get two feet themselves and their family mostly themselves and the basis daily ration for each servant in eighteen forty one included one and a half pounds of biscuit and on top about seabiscuit. Were provided to visiting ships and for trappers heading out on trapping expeditions. The because would have been producing tons and tons of food for the people here. Okay if you receive a tactile learning kit. Today's to take out the sweetie Four point of the big shots an image of the model and folded left inside on the big along street. When you have here for ready all that so that the diamond shaped arrow in the copper corner is pointing to your left. The era indicate what direction is not but we will be looking at this room as we are facing east. The neat feature in this room is of the community model. Next era these are the brick ovens couch there is arch at the base of the them by title for books expires. This heathy of above the fire the distance. Are you other things to point out on your three model. He entrance to the building is on the west wall closest you. It's represented by raised. Red thankful in on either side of the door represent windows. The cast is a to start building and you can find the location of the stairs to the second floor me at the north winds on the left. A large work table is near the center of the room. The room into our storage unit used for flower set in the bottom right or south west corner. Megan could you tell us a little a little more about the work that was done in this room so in this room. Three to four baker's work long hours in front of these massive twin ovens preparing bread and biscuit or hundreds of company employees the ovens needed to be stoked intended around the clock to ensure a consistent temperature so today we can set our ovens or three hundred fifty degrees or whatever we need but back then they needed to work to maintain that temperature for things to properly. And it's possible that at least one of the bakers lived in the buildings added to make sure the big house will always operating just as bakers to day of acres again. We're very early in the morning in order to give any leavened bread to rise anything you are visit to house today by talking about the artifacts that menu bbc arctic fox painting workshop are being shared on screen. Some of you received t packet a small paper on a little with one ounce of loose tea or leaf tea as well as the heaton. A metal fill which is a metal tin filled with twenty individual. Teabags meghan can utility anymore about these artifacts in where they can absolutely so we have as you heard already up. You defensive tease loose in seven teabags. And you re remember from the video that seabiscuit made innovate house. Were very hard. And you might have remembered hearing the word heart attack which is another word for a seat biscuits. So they were. They were very hard and difficult to eat lane. And not very good to eat. So they would offend soaked in t- soup or greece to help. Soften or enslave them and you might also remember might have been in the video that seabiscuit are just made by our waters which isn't very young so adding them to t- like a tease that you received a summer of you or soup with help give them a little bit of flavor t was also a very popular drink. Effort been cooper and archaeologists here often find pieces of teacups and saucers that were left behind and buried underground. We are nearing the end. The laws that we have any final flushing wonderful guys. This is amy. I will look at the chat and read a questions. There was a question about pre heating ovens and that was a really good question about maintaining a consistent temperature. A question is. I wonder if this is where tradition that we get were crackers or bread or mixed into soup where that comes from and another question is how did the the rations correlate with the work that was done. Could you talk a little bit about those elements of the temperature needed for banking and our traditions around soaking crackers or read in soup. Meghan sure in elaine. Your welcome to jump into. I'm not sure How long events starting. Sarah despoiling up to see the original question how long it would take to preheat of in the morning. Do you know anything about that. It took several hours. As i don't know the exact time but you know i would think as much as six hours maybe longer to preheat the oven. Since they were many removes the air so that they could big the big. The breads and districts. They can kind of get a sense you know if it takes that long to preheat leka the fire. Go out right. So that's why you need that constant attention on that that oven and then in for you know dipping crackers into su. I'm not sure this is where that comes from. A you know if you if you don't have a very young have a very good soup with a lot of ingredients putting crackers in it withhold. Make it a little harder beer and a little more philly too so that might also be part of why we add crackers biscuits and things like that to suit is also a question this is abc. About rationing what was the rationale laborers received. We know that food was a really important factor. It's as to why people chose to work at four in couvert. Yes trying looking through the shaft. Because good i had put an answer for the there has been another question about russians. Is we of time yes. Let's go ahead and answer. Also it's really good if if you're answering questions to to sometimes reiterate your answers because everyone has the chance to scan all of those responses and it's helpful for the temperatures as well thank you. So the question is did since correlate with your work as far as different levels of laborers or servants at the fort and the the rations were fairly standardized. Everybody all of the servants received the same ration. There's nothing in the records. Indicate that people receive different things. Obviously yes we mentioned in the garden room The officers of the company and their families were eight a different diet than what the service but to answer the question. The servants all received the same ration. Assuming there was enough you know. As a as i mentioned the rations for change depending what was available so it may be the case that you know people would get court flower. We've flower just because of what was available so it's great it now. We do have some time for questions about the garden if there have been questions about the garden or would like some time to discuss the garden as well as the bay counts. I like the way that the tune teams decided that the garden and the bake house go together right because what you grow in the garden went right into the bake house for preparing for food so we do have time for that. Are there any questions that folks have about the garden or other questions about the bake house omega and i see a question about Okay so it was answered tests answer to how do they keep the hot without a fire. In it commented the bricks in the ovens are made from one holding. He be easier to make it in a fire. I assume they're referring to bread. He want to talk breath at so like. Oh hi guys. I answered that when to just a comment that the fire might char or burn biscuits by cooking them. Too quickly The heat from the bricks that the oven is made from is constant and therefore very good for baking helps. Thanks fisa. is you enter that. Their grandfather used to eat part tack and with butter in soup. We had some questions about the pollinators which flowers attracted the pollinators again. my okay Pretty much all plants that flower. The purpose of the flower is to attract pollinators Most garden plants such as flowers. Vegetables are what we call insect pollinated as opposed to grains and corn which are wind pollinated. The wind distributes the pollen and Fertilizes the plants or not fertilize outside But yes to answer the question. I couldn't possibly all the flatwoods because they're all insect pollinated in the garden. If i read that in europe it was very common to have a lot of our keeping gardens to pointers as well and leonard Yes to fertilize the he plants which will help produced will allow clancy produce seeds and roots and other things. so he's very important function of those frankel question scare. Sorry if there's anything else about pollinators well bees generals there are types of bees. That only also yes. Any beans are definitely the best of it. Question is what was on the second floor of the bay cows And the answer is that we don't completely down by From the records and when they reconstructed the big house they look at you. Know what big houses at forts look like. And what's been written about the forbade hoover big house and big big. Perhaps that it was it might have been living orders or of you know at least a temporary living quarters of in that that second story but in the modern reconstruction data is stored area in case. You're wondering and then i see another question here this. How long did it take to build the modern day replica of the fort own and i would answer by saying that. It's not done yet. You don't be don't have a full reconstruction of the fort that was there in the nineteen hundreds of but it began in the nineteen sixties with the stockade into she factors house and will be bad into over the years as the national park service. There's this place here's a question about. This is amy about the honeybees driving out the native beast. Does anyone know about this. Particular type of fees at their interactions. Well jeez. I arrived out here in the pacific northwest with the settlers Not so much with the hudson's bay company but the people were coming over from the united states coming out west. And i don't really think there's been a problem with the honey bees Kind of choking out the native bees honeybees pretty well contained and they you know kind of stay in their own space and do their little third did their jobs And they don't produce expand in their population like some other insights might do so is not something that i've specifically research. I don't believe that there's been at me album shop. This is amy. We have a few more minutes left before we transition back to our main road. It actually everyone in this room will stay right where they are. I had a question about Things that i've seen a certain volunteer gardeners still maintain the garden and actually volunteer bakers may help recreate the the heart attack or the the bread that was created Can you talk a little bit. About what your volunteers do today. And why that's important. Yes we do. It's mostly at our events. Like campers in candlelight which is a big event that we have every september where there isn't a global pandemic Tracy mentioned that. The enrich reduction So during our special events we do have volunteers to sometimes fire the ovens at an unbalanced rate making her fat or sees the biscuits. And this is amy. I actually saw some people. Using some historic practices like mulching. Mulching leaves grinding them up at at putting the guard into bed just before before winter. Is there any comments. You can make about the practices that your volunteers still engaging laying the gardeners really try very hard and do very good job of making sure that they use methods that were employed during the hudson's bay company period so they are doing the same things in the garden and growing the same things and processing the foods out of the gardens. Same way hudson's bay company would have done very cool and one last really important question was about the indigenous peoples and tribes. They asked if such people came to the fort by choice and what was their roles. What were their roles at the fort. Yes there were Native people coming from all over north america including Alive cree and europe lawyer or new show you both coming to the north west to work at for trade posts including warping There were also need if people from tribes throughout the west who would come to orbit over to work as well and indigenous people native polite. I mean all the way from hawaii to work effort being flavor as well so it was It was a drought that was available and that s interested but it was not mandate smoke. Something that's for sure so it was something that people chose to do to engage a trade with a lot of cultures. Thank you very much for that. Wonderful question is this amy. Speaking about the different ethnicities and people. It was truly a multicultural place. A lot of intersections between cultures and a lot of learning. That probably was shared that. Maybe we still don't even recognize what was learned from digits people's and there's a lot of information be shared in the chapada about the took click tat nations areas more information on the fort vancouver website and what i'm showing right now by choice is that our agenda is pointing us back into this main room where you are right now we are going to transition actually talk a little bit about careers at fort so we're going to take a moment here and pause it makes sure that tracy at meghan and tessa elaine alex doug and bomb from fort vancouver are back with us. We're going to have a little bit of a panel session with them to talk about their careers. So thank you. Very much to Mr bowlers class. At mr lowery's class really excellent job in helping guide the tour of the garden and nba house. All right so leeann. Can you tell me a win. We're back together and and ready to go. Hello this is leeann. The other group ended a few minutes ago and they've started rolling in so i just need to know who i need to highlight. So we'll be ready to go wonderful. So this is amy. We are highlighting. Just leave folks at fort vancouver right now. I've actually only gonna stay on camera for just a bit because helping facilitate some questions. So if you are not speaking. Let's go ahead and go off camera and stay on you. Please thank you so much. Where allowing doug and meghan testses. Tracy alex bob to come back With us now our special host from fort vancouver. They will be speaking to us and answering questions about fair their jobs. Okay and we do wanna close also say to those that were not able to attend both rooms. This these sessions will be recorded. You are also able to look at our website and hopefully learn about the other stations that you were not able to visit because of time all right. Let's go ahead and get started with our next section in the agenda for vancouver staff you have been so wonderful to work with so delightful so easy so welcoming. We felt like this mobility matters was such a nice opportunity to work with you because of your emphasis on inclusion and accessibility and she were interested in making your fourth in making the site this historic treasure More available to everyone. And so we appreciate that even during the pandemic more willing to share your time with us in open us up to your expertise and spent time with our teams co creating event. But i'll be honest with you a lot of us including me. Don't really fully understand all of your different roles. We hear words like archaeologist and curator ranger in superintendent rounds keeper. We don't really know what all of those entail and we also know that people with visual impairments as well as the interested in careers with you and understanding more about something that may wake their curiosity a peak their interest. So let me go around and just ask some questions. And maybe we'll i'll call on you. Turn but certainly just talk about your lives. And what interested you though tracy. Let's start with you. How did you get interested in in being Doing what you do at the ford. And what is a superintendent. That really mean. Sorry thank you amy So i'm the superintendent of quarterback hoover national stork site and. I'm responsible for ensuring that we do the best job we can in managing this national park. It's like running a city and so we are responsible for maintaining the buildings that alarms had convinced faye says Obviously at our site. Archaeology is a very important report as well as a collection. There are many parts of the park a history. How do out to the public. We're public servants. Who worked for the federal government and so he are here to serve the american people and also that any visitors who come from around the world to see for ankles so my job is to work with my t- And all the staff at four fade puberty as well as about three hundred volunteers who support us. And we have. I think about seventy five nurse so it really takes a team of people working together To do what we do To do the best job that we do it for thinks it's part of the national system of and a little bit about me. I was didn't really know what i wanted to be when i grew left. And i think that's the case with a lot of people and so I came to this as as career by happenstance. It was a wonderful opportunity for me. In that way. Tsinghua trump might trail. I followed here was really quite wonderful. And i've never worked for another one station within the national election so i hope that helps. What did you study. this is amy. Where did you go to college. and what. what were your interests so I went to war. I went to college in graduate school. I also i got a b a and a masters of arts degree and it was in public administration political science. I actually grew up overseas. And so i learned about being american from afar and when we were able to come home in for the summer of vacations. My parents often took us to national. Parks are but i was actually on my way to to become an employee with the foreign service and when i was in graduate school might chairman suggested i apply for a summer graduate position with the national park service to be a policy policier. The enemies in i was selected to that position in that started my career with the park service. Thank you so much. Tracy that was really great. Let's let's go to some others. What is a curator meghan. And how did you get interested in this. What did you study to up. So a curator. The national park service is someone who cares or it easy and collection so artifacts that come from archaeology or that are donated by members of the public so caring for those historic ideas and also thanking exhibits and sharing the items with the public as they don't do a ton of good stored away. We want to share them online or exhibits and things like that. So that's also part of the job. I grew up with the national park service. My parents were park rangers. My first home was in a national park service housing at the grand canyon and So i kind of always been around. And when i got to college i went to the university of washington. And i got a bachelor's degree in history and artistry and i got a master's degree in museology which is what the university of washington calls us studies. I mean there are lots of different museums studies. All around the country or museum studies programs Including in the northwest at the university of washington. So that's where i ended up and then Tesla's snatched me up when i graduated and i've been here ever since you all seem really connected. Close like a great team to work another set. Let's go to you talk about your role within the park in in your journey. sure so i'm tussle langford. And i am the cultural resources program manager Which can be a bit of a mouthful but it basically means that. I help with running the office. That protects and shares cultural resources and things like archaeology museum collections landscapes and historic buildings et cetera. So i have degrees in cultural anthropology Both my undergraduate and graduate work. was in anthropology. And then i have a graduate certificate in museum collection care I actually am here to tell you that. It's never too early to start showing your interest in national parks Along with my mother. I started volunteering at four vancouver as a teenager I think i was fourteen or fifteen So i was one. I grew up in vancouver and iowa. Just kinda one that was dedicated to being at the fort from an early age Worked as a seasonal and different jobs. And then. After i graduated from graduate school i was able to become employed here. I love the term. Precising that it's not too early for people that are online and listening to this. This is why the applauded to share this with. You is because it isn't too early for you to be thinking about your interested in volunteering your interest in careers so we will have time for questions at the end as well. Let's go to elaine. Who did such a nice job talking about the garden and you have a different role. It's a different title. urine archaeologist. Is that right. That's i've been Archaeologist with service for about twelve thirteen years actually on staff and i was a research assistant during my time as a graduate student At the fort also and i have currently have a master's degree in anthropology. Archaeology is a discipline of anthropology. And i actually i Path that i followed in order to be with again working for the park service was through my schooling The park service house programs that partnered with students in universities to provide us such as i was research assistant. And then you can also transition into a job with the park service through Through that system. So that was how i managed to come to order for vancouver. This is actually my second career for many years. I was a graphic designer and I was tired of sitting into computer And felt like. I got doug what i wanted to do with that. So i'd always been interested in history and archaeology would get away from the computer which was a little naive on my part but and then So debbie out in the field and address my lover's history. So that was why our marriage to make the switch from via graphic designers for an archaeologist. So i'm actually canadian on sorry i kind of had a connection to the in that way So so i. I really enjoy working here. I focused on landscapes. Which is how i ended up doing my master's thesis on now archaeological research of garden for vancouver so took think that's that's basically land has a story to tell us. Doesn't it very interesting but really back you know. In the earlier centuries people said most of their time outside. And i'm interested in what they were doing outside although those buildings so sharon and i loved the the discussion about the river economy a river in what what role it played at. The ford is so critical for transportation and food and water. Absolutely all of the rivers in the area were they were the easiest way to transport them people and goods so fascinating still still so useful today still so vital for all of us. Let's go to bob. Bob talk about your work with the blacksmith. Is that that the team. She worked most closely for this event. Who will over the last few years. I've rotated out of archaeology and back into it. I was the chief of interpretation for a few years and when i was in that role and working with their interpreters and lover volunteers. I actually got to spend some time in the blacksmith shop. Then minimally learn how to be a blacksmith. I can. I can actually operate the four jn Get some iron hottest hurts pounding away on it. I don't think i can make a little more time in there. But actually that's that was a fascinating thing because i've always looked at. The blacksmith shop from the perspective is an archaeologist looking at the artifacts have been recovered there and analyzing artifacts. But it's something entirely new. Do you actually get the experience of what it was like to try. And make things out of iron and the process of black sniffing. and that's a fascinating rose and archaeologists. We actually call it. Experimental archaeology trying to replicate. How people did things in the past. And there's nothing like that hands on experience on doing something like that and it's a wonderful thing about working for vancouver where we have this reconstruction that's based upon elements of the past. Where you can get the full picture. You can actually go back and try and get that experience okay. How were these things made people pass. Make these things out of they do these things some of the more fun things at some of our volunteer archaeologist. Do they spend time in our archaeological collection at may look at artifacts that were recovered. That were made by watts. Myths in the past and then kate and oftentimes. It's even allowed us to better identify. Thanks because oftentimes we only get broken bits of things from the past and so you know having those volunteers who are skilled as laxness they can look at those broken bits and try and replicate them and sometimes they've been able to identify things that were previously identified so that can be a really fun experience. And i'm really thrilled. I've been able to spend time in the blacksmith shop and hope to get back to it in the future here. Of course i had a little shoulder injury. The last year and a half. But it's coming back to where ford to maybe doing more volunteering at the blacksmith. Stop future artifacts really. Do tell us a story hub. Where did you grow up in. How did you get interested in becoming an archaeologist. I grew up not too far from here. A little town of albany oregon and actually growing up in high school and then putting my way through college. I went to oregon state university. I worked on a grassy of all things and so actually. I was out plowing a field one day and so i'm clogged up. By aero set went back took a look at behold there was this rusty iron an actual ironman ironing clothing These recalled sad irons and a big cast iron and would actually be heated up on a stove and then you would eat them up Use them as an iron clothing and so at the end of the day. I mentioned to the farmer. It's like i found this really rusty iron. And i looked across the field right cloud and there was just sparkling bits of glass and pottery and all sorts of things out there. Oh yeah that was my great grandfather's house that was where we homestead you know that's an eighteen fifty thousand. It burned when i was a kid. Right we over out and it just kind of cut my education and like you know not so long ago. There was a house here there. Were people living here. And i'd always been interested in history. I have a bad through degree in history. But i took an elective in historical archaeology. And it just really caught my imagination and actually started work on hudson's bay company sites at a site called shampoo we state which was actually settled by former employees of the hudson's bay company for vancouver. Who settled down in the valley so that caught. My imagination is archaeologist and it was became a goal to be an archaeologist vancouver. And there's as. I still can't believe i had this opportunity. I've been doing it for over twenty years great. Thank you so much bob. Let's go to Please share a little bit about your professional journey in the work that you do. So i grew up in the southwest and my mother was born and raised in gallup new mexico and so we would visit my grandmother and gallup and my grandmother who is an immigrant from germany loved indians and she loud Going out on the reservation looking at ruins and we would go to all the different southwestern monuments like kenya shea grand canyon and all of the different national park service sites that were around gala and so i was doomed from an early age to go into archaeology I wound up in pennsylvania. My my dad was an engineer. And i'll revisited the colonial sites and battlefields out in the east coast and so when i went into College i went and got a bachelors in anthropology with a specialty in archaeology went ahead and got a masters and a phd. was a university of arizona and i wound up in the pacific northwest And i i worked in a field called cultural resources management and that's In the private sector. In for a while i had my own company and we would Study problems that had to do with developing areas for the roads or subdivisions to make sure that there weren't any archaeological sites vary historic sites or indian sites or burial grounds that would be a problem for the development and so i did a lot of that now in the park service i am. I work at the regional office. I do some of my work at fort vancouver. But i also work on historic sites In archaeological sites and other sorts of cultural resources throughout the west including a wii and the island territories. So one day. I might be looking at a chinese railroad workers camp in the high sierras and the next day. I might be looking at a ritual. Corey allen sipe pan so it's It's really quite Diverse job and. I really love. It also mentioned that i work with many different cultural resources professionals. Like curator's like megan a tessa archaeologists obviously but also people that look at historic structures user called historical architects and they specialize in how preserve old buildings. I also work with cultural landscape architects. People that are very interested in preserving old landscapes historic trees plantings around historic buildings. That sort of thing. So i also worked with historians and archivists In cylinders whole range of fields just dedicated to preserving these really important parts of our our past who nets that's important. It's so vital. Her paths is not really overwrite. It connects us to our present and it helps us make decisions in the future. Hopefully learn about who we want to be in the future from the past and we know that several folks have got to Leave but we also want to leave some time for questions. Let's quickly go to alex. Alex tell us about your job at the fort and about your journey to to do what you do will addison of the silly vander at national or say i grew up in california and my parents do that reminding them i was about four years old and just always love instruction building. The yen's started subbing preservation of accidents scream of his inspiration and then back to school after that associates. Nowhere around study. Construction management ended up and just love the preserving the fabric of bill. That's what i do here. It's all buildings and as part of the manager. My world is own answers different than you're wearing bilious operations maintenance responsible for day-to-day operations buildings sultan's grounds of the earth. And then lots of have some project in the north of the for art so making sure. The art facilities are ferguson. Are same be. You're doing such a fabulous job. Let me just say to to be open to the community to be learning to be partnering with the community. It's off it's always journey right. Just like operations and maintenance. Oem an orientation mobility. Were still always learning new ways to to do that to do that. Work and it is operations. Maintenance is really really important. I want to encourage everyone who hasn't had the chance to visit fort vancouver when this pandemic it's passed us when we are all vaccinated or more closely vaccinated for you to make the trip and actually go see the crown's alex is describing in that everyone is describing. We're gonna take about ten minutes now and open it up to your questions. There was a question specifically for bob about some of the items that he may have have made so. I'm going to scan quickly. But if i've missed a question leeann please feel free to read it out loud to the panelists. Bob tested enhancer back that i am not skilled enough yet to actually make something useful. Actually my best I spent about ten hours at before. Ge's total so. I did make very crude nail but i wouldn't trusted to actually hold much of anything together. I need a little more. It's actually lord. Time in the blacksmith shop to make something useful. It would be interesting to like make a hand for excavation or something like that in the bucks michelle. I think i'm going to have to work up to that all right. Thank you bob. There's a question about how to fishing in the winter and the preservation of rations for year. round your round preservation. Is there anyone that would like to comment on on sustenance on hunting and fishing and practices that were aware of the question thinking of i just keyed in response to that Because it's the right wanted they are asking. People were just waited out and what. I indicated was the hudson's bay company provided rations all year round. Then that's why it was so important and why they focus so much on foods that would preserve through the winter like dried beans and dried porn. things like that and Dried fish So they did so they. Labor is provided with rations all winter long but then hugging the climate is fairly. You know i wouldn't say balmy but but Pleasanton the pacific northwest and hunting and fishing continued all winter long. Also so i wasn't really a waiting it out. There was food available. Amy one of the questions that came on very early on was when we took our walking tour around the fort and saw the buildings. One of the questions is why. Aren't there very many buildings in the middle. They seem to be on the on the outer edges. Yeah i can take that This is doug At the height of the fort she had two courtyards in the middle in that was used for outdoor activities and then the main buildings were gathered around those courtyards and so In front of the first store for example they would use that outdoor area to bring out the furs to beat them. Like you would a rug to get all the dust off into make sure that they aired out and so they would be used utilizing that courtyard space variety of activities question. There was a a question about more of the gardening practices if some additional comments could be made about the usefulness of those gardening practices today. Elaine i suppose they must be referring to the sustainability practices. You think okay. Yeah they're they're it's as a day rededicated when we're talking about in the garden room It's very important actually to if you are going to be using the land to try to use it in a way. That is sustainable. We have plenty of evidence that shows that the methods that we've been using adding chemicals and and things like that are not good for the planet so if everybody could make an effort of their to do things not just gardening but many things in the sustainable fashion that will help to protect the planet for everyone. Really nice in that vein. Aaron had questioned to about what did people with their waste garbage. If it was ganic it went into the garden after had gone through a certain amount of processing and plus. Actually doug might be better for this. This is his specialty but didn't generate years which garbage then as we do now so doug over to you. You're so All archaeologists aren't really hurts in because that's what is left behind after people leave so The refuse piles of the hudson's bay company inside the fort was right behind the buildings inches dumped it out of doors and windows. sewage They had a thing called a privy and was an outdoor outhouse. An outhouse which was away from the buildings he would have been right on the edges of ford palisade. And that's where people would have gone to the bathroom. It was just basically a hole dug in the ground and they had a special type of ceramic containers inside the houses. It kind of looks like a soup tureen. But you would never want to have soup out of it. It's called a chamber pot in that chamber. Pot would have been used for people if they was late at night and they had to get up and go to the bathroom they would go into chamber pot and then someone in the morning would come and dump that stuff in the privy. Yuck to part of life. This is amy part of life in. Its part of recycling to thank you for answering that question. There's been a couple of questions about the life of a blacksmith. I think the blacksmith role is kind of fascinating for a lot of people who've attended today The one question was rushed to a blacksmith. Skit breaks did they. Did they ever earn some time off. And maybe someone could describe kind of what the day in. The life of a blacksmith was and i know in one of your videos that talks about that. Being a blacksmith was an attractive job because of benefits the foods that people would have access to as part of their payment can try and take this one. So i kind of talked about this also during the breakout session. Compared to today. I think lot of people would think being a blacksmith is hard way of life. Right he was very physically demanding. You're hammering on ir. You're standing next to a hot forge all day Is the evidence. Is a blacksmith area for vancouver. Probably doing about twelve hours of work a day. They did get breaks all the employees. God's a breaks actually tea breaks as well as a lunch. Formal lunch break. We really don't know about time off other than during the holiday season specifically christmas and new year's almost everybody at for vancouver got almost streak week off and they really through elaborate parties and had dances and really took us rate from work. And you know. The company would have directed what the blacksmiths were making. You know if there was a need for access for trade than they would set up the blacksmith and tell them hey they might be making accidents for a street meek as they're building up towards the brigade season we need more of you know beaver tracks so suddenly. That's what they're having to make. Probably for weeks on end is just beaver traps and again it just depended on what the need was. Oh we're going to construct a new building. We need door hardware right so they're going to be making strap inches intels or nails. Sometimes they would have to make nails other. The evidence is a lot of nails were actually shipped in remanufactured from england. So i'm sure it was repetitive. Work because again. It's like the company needs axe heads. So you for a week or two you might just be making. Dozens of actions might get kind of tedious. Because you're the same thing over and over and over again but again midst. During the winter it was colder than than it is. Now we have trouble finding a change. what's interesting. Is the columbia river. Used to freeze over almost every winter. you could literally walk across the ice and it's almost a mile wide years for vancouver So it definitely was cold in the winter and it rained all the time or snow of being inside next to a hub. Forge was probably a pretty nice perk of the job during winter. But as i mentioned during the breakout session fits july and august and it's in the eighties or nineties. It's it's going to be a hot job because you're standing next to a very hot fourth so it kind of depended on the season as to how nice it was in the blacksmith shop. So there are a lot of pluses and minuses to being blacksmith. Just like almost any job could think of so much for this wonderful panel discussion of your jobs and your roles at this point in time i know there are dozens and dozens more questions. We will try to answer some of those questions. Offline and via email for you. We also want direct you back to the fort vancouver website if becky could post the fort vancouver website the mobility matters website also has some of those sound clips and directions for sowing your seeds if you got seeds from us other Videos will be posted. They're free to watch again. This another important thing that i want to mention before we go over to our sponsors. It is really important to us to hear from you about what you thought of this event because we're learning to at the university about how to host more accessible events how to be more inclusive of our community so we would love to hear your feedback on this event using a survey and becky is going to post. That survey in the chat hot will also receive an email. Please take a minute or two. Incomplete that survey because that really helps us learn about how to make the world a little more inclusive will share those results of the survey with our partners at fort vancouver to. They're very interested in in supporting accessibility. And in addition in this last portion of the event we're going to hear from some of our sponsors. I'd like to turn it over. I in tracy said she's here with us As one of our lead sponsors who donate it so much of her staff time and resources to supporting us tracy. You also shared some resources about employment that we posted on our website employment with the national park system that we wanted to make sure that everyone from across the country and for the uk. Or where these employment tracy. Now thank you amy. I'll be brief. I just want to know on behalf of the national park service in portland nationalist historic site. Are we feel privileged to be part of this. Today is really a wonderful experience the staff You've got meet some of them here. This virtual online offline but I hope that you all can make to national park in visit us. If not at four been coomer another national park in the national park system. It so important. I'd like to say that Who we are as a people as americans. It's reflected in our national parks. National parks are the end. Excuse me law parks when you go to like the grand canyon go. That's really big there. oregon yellowstone everglades where they're alligators And of course. The monuments like rushmore. A women's rights are so many places to go and I think there's something for everyone in a national park sir. Please take that offer continuous Last year and now it's been really tough because of the pandemic but this will pass and we will be able to gather together. And i just want you to know that for vancouver's A doors are always open and welcoming you to come in time with us. And this is the beginning i've shared with. Amy scott began. Where here we're committed We'd walk to do the best job. He can serving all our visitors. And so this is just a tremendous end thank you. We've tried to be partner in a couple of other things And we're gonna keep doing that. And i hope there will be able to interact with everybody in the future. So thank you very much and really really appreciate this. I see that tina is here. Tracy truly we are. We are those. That's music to my ears that we will that we will continue to partner with you. Thank you so very much for sharing the beautiful part of of america that we can be proud of which is a multicultural multicultural and rich and diverse. History that we share tina ankle. Is our associate dean at the college of education and also someone who is very passionate about inclusion as a rehabilitation history and extra dis in counseling. And she's here to welcome you and Say a few words about our college of education at portland state university. Thank you all for having me on behalf of the college of education. I just wanna thank Ab parker and all of the faculty and staff in the department of special education at psu. A no so much time and energy and effort goes into this wonderful conference and i have been fortunate enough to attended person. I think the first year would it was sell in the college and sent some of my alumnis from the rehabilitation counseling program to participate. So i just wanna thank you and for the work that you're doing. That's so important for community access and inclusion for all all people just to have that universal Ability to participate in mobility of central to that and i'm very passionate about access to of work workforce and i study career development and without that i mean we see transportation across the world really is one of the number. One barrier is to be able to participate in the in the workforce. So the work that you all are doing is critical to that. I share your vision and your commitment to this. And i'm so honored that the college of education is able to do this work with you in in a very small way to through partnership so thank you. Let's go now to our partners at another portland state university before we go to our partners at american printing house for the blindly and my partner in crime in hosting this event today Would molly please come online. And share a few words about the work of the digital cities testbed center who supported are interpreting supports today very committed to inclusion as. Well thank you so much. Ab hello to everybody. And congratulations to dr. amy parker mr steve. Lowery curator meghan huff miss leeann guerrillas. Sorry if i'm mispronouncing your last name. All the interpreters captures and everyone who helps make this tour possible today especially the students. It was so exciting to see people from all over the country here. I worked with one of the sponsors of this event called the digital city testbeds center and that is a program at portland state university. One of the things we do is to look at how new technology can help people with disabilities get around cities safely and easily stuff like an app on your phone that shows and tells you how to get somewhere or different kinds of signs that tell you where you are. We work with community members in portland oregon as well as teachers portland state university in feeding. Dr amy parker. I'm sure some of you are familiar with the phrase. Nothing about us without us. This means that people with disabilities should always be involved in developing the tools. That are supposed to help them. In a dc t see. We believe that working with the community is super important. So thank you for your participation. today we're so happy to support this event. I thought the tour was awesome. And i hope that other national parks will work on developing tourist. Like this one thank you again. We could not have done this. Eventaully dr holly lawson. Whose on screen with me. Who helped co coordinate this event with me at who helped lead the three d. printing team that's sent out all of the three d. printed models We could not have done this without you. The end and without the american printing house for the blind to help purchase the supplies from the gift shop that went out to everyone who helped with the captioning for today. Who helped host with this wonderful room. And who also helped disseminate the message and be more inclusive so that we can truly have a representation from united states. I mean that's really wicked. Cool right so talk to us about your work. Leeann and thanked sure of one of the things that i just wanted to say. Is the american. Printing house for the blind has been around a very long time and so those students out there. If that sounds familiar it might have been written on. Some of your books could be written on some of the materials. You're using some of the electric devices you might use. So that's probably why it sounds familiar. But you don't usually hear from us. So i wanted to let you know. That's why it sounds a little bit familiar. We've been hosting actually learning activities for students three days a week now in the east coast time from three to four. You get to do the math on figuring out what time that is in your time zone and you're welcome to join us live or you can feel free to catch the recordings on our youtube channel. These are built for people who don't see well don't see it all so lots of description. Lots of words but it is always captioned for those that need. That's that's just a little taste of some of the things we have for students. Lots of equipment and books for you as well. And then if you're an educator realize we have professional development available to you to we have professional development. That's live where you can actually get in there and ask questions and then we also have a synchronous instruction on a learning management system so you can continue to learn this partnership was wonderful. It allowed us to reach many people in different walks of life. And i truly am looking forward to the opportunity to maybe tour different fort or historical landmark again and make it a truly accessible experience. So thank you for inviting me. An are wonderful team. At a p h along amy so pleased to complete your surveys. We also thanked the washington state. School for the blind. Mr lowery mr bowler. In all of the students who participated today in shared your expertise were co creators with us at wsb chose not to say some final words of but we do think scott mccollum and we think sean the cormick from the washington state school for the blind for their leadership in support of their staff and students for participating today. Please you complete the survey. We are ahead of schedule. We are finishing our time ahead of schedule. Also thanks to our portland state. University students who engaged in a three d. printing project printing sometimes trying to print Twelve floor plans a day. They were doing that. And dr holly lawson sent out re printed machines to us so that our students could create that do visit our website. You have access to those files at access to many other cool things. They're alright later. Everybody thanks for your time. I want to also say thank you to our interpreters and those that provided are closed captioning. It truly makes it an an environment where everyone is included in. Q qadir thank you. Wsb student is. This is the end of this section and Your possibility your teacher has asked for you to join a different link at two pm just for you. You have wonderful words in the chat rocked it so great if you are listening for something called an a. e. r. e. p. code if you know what it is who who but on their catch i did henry. Thank you very high how they keep coming back over on a friday afternoon. Just get start rica. first of all. I just wanna say regarding the event. Congratulations henry hickey. Li i have heard already from so many people how How pleased they were how much they enjoy the event and enjoyed your leadership. So thank you very much for being for stepping out and for trying something new for helping lead the event so we've got Charles that's coming in q you turn your camera and microphone on. Go get know becky. I think we could probably just stay in the same room. You'd like to wait a few more minutes for others to come in to see if they will just still still early. Maybe a couple minutes we can. Maybe more minutes then get started also and henry charles. Qe we appreciate you all coming on time through. I respect your time to get you started in that vein If you wanted to put some of us in a breakout room we could go ahead and start so hickey. Leeann henry and charles could go ahead and start on time if you wanted to. Okay yeah that way here. You're getting your commitment over with. We respect your time so that he did. You want me to stay in the main room for you to go in the break room or do you want a direct me into the breakout room with qa. At either way let me never signed a breakout room singing questions ready to. I have the questions ready. I'm ready to go well. Maybe i'll put you there and then we'll join or you'll stay in this main or else. No one else comes them. Come on over or close. A breakout room and walked. Be back okay. We'll adult while the recording. We just don't want with the recording. Okay i'm just not sure if we can all leave the main room here comes. Here comes tori tori. It's hi sorry about that. Greg your tory. Yeah well what do you think should we all. Just start in this room this point or we could split into two and two cisco headed start. We'll go ahead and start in. This room sounds good. Think everybody's ready just to roll on. Yeah he's gone gal should i. Should i go ahead and start than becky. Want me to kick it off her or you like to start What we have this intro to read through. I could do that Kickoff questions all right everybody. My name's becky a. psu students. And i hoped to organize mobility matters. I wanna i thank you all for participating. I think it went really well. And i was really impressed with your student. Leadership So thank you for agreeing to participate in. Today's focus group discussion as he knows your parent or guardian received in reviewed the consent form for this project. And you'll also received the assent form and you both agree that it's fine. Free to join the discussion. The purpose of this study is to explore what promotes student access. Engagement self-determination in enjoyment during the virtual field trip. We just have six questions for the group and we think that our conversational last thirty to forty five minutes. So it's your choice to answer or not answer any questions if we start the focus group and you change your mind participating. You're welcome to stop. We're going to record the meetings so we can write down. The ideas from the discussion and the recording will not be shared outside of the research team. So that seen in this study focuses on your learning experiences at the virtual field trip is considered to be a low risk study because the topic of the research is not sensitive controversial in ray. We'll do our best to protect your confidentiality by not using your names in our work in keeping information from our focus group on a bus were protected server. Risk if you have any questions before or after the focus group. You're welcome to ask them any questions at this time before we go. Yes it's story speaking right now tori. So why did you guys decide to set this focus. Group of this is amy. I love that question. The whole thing that we're studying here with this this This focus group is really your perspectives. S leaders so we wanted. We want to understand from your perspective as students. What you've learned about yourself and what you think was effective about the experience. Okay sounds good okay. Any other questions. Oh capable we'll go ahead and start the recording so that we don't miss anything that you say thank you reported. Okay so the first question for you guys is describe your role at the virtual field trip afford bit. Couvert tori go ahead tori my role in the fort. Vancouver virtual trip was a tour. Guy of the blacksmiths. God big house charles. Go ahead visitor guide for the first store a two time for the garden for the historic garden. Thank you akili. you know. What's so amazing. Is all four stations represented by the force. Four student leaders. Who are here. I am so excited. Thank you very much already answered. The first question and the second question goes along with that and it just slipped away from my screen. Becky do you have the second question. Paul knock the second question is what did you learn about four vancouver by hoping to host this event tori though head tori. The thing i learned from this is that it's okay to be nervous and that the floor. The blacksmith shop is instead of what so nothing catches on fire. And i was definitely nervous before. The event arles go ahead. Charles on the scene. I learned is that i should will tori. I should always so confident in myself. And i did feel confident and that a lot of the tool. Another thing is a lot of tools for hoover. I learned that. They were only by hand like i at the glass shop and that own unlike of loophole week straits lexus just assets. That's what they learned account with about two. I'm learned that. Wake the tower at the top left of Way picture of the four vancouver power. I assume that like they chew. China's boy knows jersey of announcements that ships going in and out break. That's the question that's exactly right to that. Y different ways. Thought people used to make their gardens. Stein thank you. Yes and i really appreciate that that you were all very brave and stepping out as tory said feeling nervous that that's something that that everyone who was involved. I'm sure even your teachers felt a little nervous about helping hosts such a big online event. Yeah so that's really normal and it is something that you can be very proud of achieving resistant. The third question. You're already rocking through. The questions is what did you learn about yourself or others on the team through this process of helping host the event tori. Go ahead tory island. To be confident is usually what i you know. Audience sometimes get alertus. That's a great thing to learn. As i feel like i'm kind of weird subtypes defensive that not at all. I think very humid. Because if that yeah thank you tori other charles. Sure charles i and to be patient. During the event blurting states out excited to be Bright so giving yourself more time to pause before responding. Yes yeah that's how it is with me too great others. What did you learn about yourself. Or others. Through the process of helping host the event atlantic boston injury or he keeley. You want to answer anything about that question for different kind of for all different I were about myself that The i could. I could do like Practice great great yes. It does take practice to to try new things out and to take on new roles. Heiki league you were saying about that. We're all doing practicing it. Sure this this learning about others to akili. People are all different in that they have different. Strengths won't one nice. Okay where it onto the fourth question. Then in your opinion what were the most successful parts of the event and why charles sure most successful event in my opinion was probably when i spoke lake by carts i feel like i did that pretty well and i felt like i across the city on the practice had paid off healthy so but pretty credited towards a great feeling. Go ahead tory well for me. It was that. I was confident and just pretty well speaking to. I think a lot of people said that about about the student leaders that they were impressed with Your confidence and speaking yet. I is like okay and i think this question too is also about any other parts of the event that you felt were successful not just your role or although your role is very important but What other parts of the events that you thought were successful. Give them a couple of reminders of some examples of things. Oh sure rally. Yeah so we. During the event you heard an inch reduction from tracee superintendent in she talked about with for was and then meghan i. What tour with tactile. You had a copy of you also have other things in kids like those artifacts and the three d. printed floor plans right i think finding materials easily was successful headline montecito. Vermont story. we were just all to leith space to finish your thought of own. I in my opinion is that on. What here. When i was practicing it to all the naturally doing it because like for me i like it's easier just by myself incentivize implantable whole crowd my thinking what will worry. I agree with that. The two of each thing. Why while has got to learn a little bit of out of buildings tour that support now. Doesn't it when you go in there and better weather. Check all the stuff out on the fort before for skills camp. It was tori. Who said that. In fact is i thank for forces. Eventually i moved to vancouver to do this to go to school. Culpable toward it. Only mississippi is amazing. Like we may have lost any of. Yeah so i'll jump in. So were there any other things like that. Mr lowery brought up the materials or the different arts of the different parts of the floor. You like the different stations. Yeah about any of the materials that you received those two and translate something really quick. Sure speaking by the way would go out in the you know slide show for the turon before. It was kind of loud for a while noises. You're assault someone else. Comments in the chat that that was very loud. I put in the chat that i don't like crowd noise. This i understand really good hearing on the tax little math. Make it clear to understand helping to lead out. Yeah i got lost about loss. I was following along was it did go pretty fast. Were you saying something. Akili count stood. How make it bit player. When the what about those three d. printed floorplans without. I've thought those really cool. Okay let's move on to number five this two more questions so this one is in your opinion. What parts of the event weren't as successful or could have been improved trying to think. Oh charles who ahead In my opinion it kind of went a little long so maybe we could have short ended in not did the sponsors that could have been idea like Like once we played with osterloh question after the panel the cringes the could've shorten it could have been like well. Thank you everybody for joining us out of the circle vancouver. Bright a stopped there. We agree eight definitely agree e. Yeah you thought it was a little long to tori breaking. It'll ask me rain on fall asleep ago headache signing the end i had to get up for seconds. Walk around brains geico other ideas about what could have been improved tores While sounds great. But maybe for the cannon the Using the slides lake turn down the volume a little bit and i thought there have been like a little more. Sounds like 'cause my personal Like my personal opinion. I was like i will the fire in me. Most was a little bit shines. I thought thing baby when you dream the walking tour maybe should be inside of the building. As you show the exterior. Shell such experience. I agree a back. I agree with that just moved. Keely did you have any thoughts about what could have been improving the interior to the building just outside that idea right. Well we have one more question okay. Number six might you use what you learned during this experience in the future story. Go ahead torie when Be more confident to an. I do more hosting things If we ever do like this again. I can always take a learned during this and apply them to to this again to like The local of redo the mobility matters again. I could do like that like a playa to save the same learned. Yeah he. Mr larry iva question. Do we do this every year. Or is this just a new samy started during i up until last year. We've always taken our pacific history class on a visit field trip to the four and we did go last year in a ball before school was dismissed. Cova that this is the first year that we've tried anything virtual this and really it. Was you know through the leadership of psu. In collaboration with a lot of folks that we were able to pull together this big and comprehensive of of a virtual tour So yes it's brand new for me and all of us this year right anyone else have anything else. You wanted to add to that last question. How might you use what you learned during this experience in the future and did off. This is amy. I got cut off from the internet. Can you hear me. Okay yes yes speaking. Hey tori So i had a question maybe as a follow up about careers or opportunities for jobs or volunteering or what you might use in the future. Could you talk a little bit about anything that comes to mind in that regard. Did you learn anything about archaeology. Or yeah and you want to be a tennis. So guests that climatize endless archaeology fees some kind of scientists not a archaeologists and and and even know on koa going on and everything. I saw I saw the of ritual tour for vancouver still. Weren't really well charles on charles. I wanna be all adjusts. When i grow up and i could always. I could always work for the national park service as wola. Gist i wanna be chemists. Sards involved in orlando. We're talking about but Well i actually think. Chemistry is involved in archaeology. Tories and i do. I think that maybe as they uncover those fragments of artifacts of historical pieces that they probably have to use a special procedures. There there may be some other connections with chemistry and zoology charles. That's that is a real interest. The national park does. Many national parks have extensive wildlife living on the land bison of goat's. That's that is not out of the question. Is there anything that you learned about jobs that you can think of that. That comes to your mind. A song park service of the park service. The go ahead show streets. Foreman actually started by volunteering. During the summer make k. That sometime and see what it's like to help with you know with the procedure is that they do with the fragments. Then has aaron like him sees actually like put a link in the chat for you. It's a little youtube video about how carbon dating works. Which is a direct tie in where you would use chemistry in archaeological setting. We'll yeah. I topped lincoln. I'm gonna watch the video after this meeting. You know so i. This is a be speaking. I know that you were saying that the the ending part was maybe a little dry with the rangers speaking but i know that that was the part that they wanted to share about their though it raise a we could make that a little more interesting in the ordered that we could take your point. It's as leaders about having a little bit of a break so that people can rest their eyes and go to the bathroom. Veges stretch ryan talk about careers that might have made it better or easier. That's for sure. Definitely definitely a lot of along. Well thank you very much for your time. Is there anything else. You'd like to share with us. Anything that that comes to mind that you'd like to share well when fence act up is that i have my tonsils and adenoids removed when i was Ten almost eleven and been the first grade aged. This is alex. Henry's father so this is for all the the student leaders. Y'all worked hard in practice and henry night practiced on the reading and Us pretty nervous. I know anyways nervous and that was a little bit nervous but you all practice and were very successful in large group of people. How do you think this experience might make it easier for you. In the future to even present in more information helped shared learning experiences to other groups and even after covid women. I don't know that's a really hard one. I'm sorry to say that. That is true. When i was really nervous i to practice old. Wont i practice that. In my had a bite there could be like growth Muggy people other times. That's true that's true. Vakili would be with a smaller audience. This was with a lot of people. Yeah i think you also. We heard back from some people who said that her favourite part of the event was you you will. Yes was years that maybe maybe because you shared and you were brave and didn't let your fears overcome your ability to participate that other kids. Maybe inspired to take on leadership roles. That's that i think. That's a huge. I think your your sweats and you're being nervous. Being a leader means being responsible being viable needs collaborating with your peers and it also means reflecting back on on how things went during now demonstrating really good leadership skills. Also i put in to volunteering. You are more about with national Chat outside from that you all are now known no leaders with the folks of these our local national park service office and so i'm so happy with them they're gonna know are welcome. You throw your network love to help out in the national park service sunday says to help you know with artifacts you know That special process. There's tons in her question. So we meeting close to wrapping up end before any becky and of us today stinson here. I wanted to share with you. Some feedback that mr did i received after the event mr hallam. Who's our superintendent was there. Were concerned mr maccormick. Was there a lot of your fellow. Students were there as participants. So but mr macao's specifically said mr bean email and so. I think it's good for us to share that with you just parts of this email so. Forgive me if i pause for. But he said that. Today's effort from ability matters was truly exceptional. He said each student did an amazing job with their part. And i couldn't be more proud student. Voice is something that we all are always looking to center in our work in this effort provided authentic opportunity for just that end on a national scale. I appreciate that. Our students were meters in this work. Is i hope that you have a wonderful weekend. I know that. I will because of what our students demonstrated. Today is where amazing smile a lot by the way that it's bad leaguer you inspire your fellow students also all right. Well thank you very very much. We will follow up with mr lowery and mr be after this event. This is amy speaking. But becky and i are very honored to have this time us. Thank you for spending your time with us to share your insights as student leaders. Work for my everybody you player but the recording has stopped.

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