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No one's been part of more first days of work than car harper and in the same way rookies have to keep earning respect carl hart never stops earning the respect of hardworking people like you since eighteen eighteen eighty nine cohorts got your back twenty four seven visit carshield dot com forward slash c._f._p. Cried passion than pageantry of college football relieves the paul finebaum show our one podcast beautiful day for tennis. That's not too far from the more we are right here in lower manhattan right across the river that is going on but we're not interested in that today. We're sitting trying to pick up at some of the shattered pieces of the first weekend of college football and we say hello to you and <hes> hope your labor day was a good one. We were in studio yesterday. Some of you may have i've been traveling but <hes> we had pretty amazing show and we hope to replicate that today as we were heading off the air yesterday reports were being confirmed that jake bentley would be out for a number of weeks that has now been confirmed by will muschamp who had had a lot to say earlier today. Jay has a mid foot sprain which is commonly referred to as they live frank. He will be out for an extended period of time. He's still under medical evaluation. I'll know more in the latter part of the week exactly whether he needs surgery if you need surgeries can be a season ending injury if if not at six or eight weeks but again. I don't wanna comment much further than that right now because i don't know a lot more than that until we continue to get another evaluation but get hurt for jake senior year. We're giving a lot to this program outstanding young man exactly how you want someone to represent the university of south carolina and just just hurt for him. During this time we're pissed off to his coaches stabs. We're in a little bit of a bunker mentality. I you know i don't read your articles podcast podcast or whatever you do so at the end of the day it's about what do we need to do to win and let's try and rally to win games and that's what we're going to do as a staff and that's what we're gonna do as a as a team and we're going to do as an organization so help us win games. That's that'd be my message. Let's go help us win some football games and that's that's where we find on doing really interesting to juxtaposed. How will muschamp handled defeat versus yesterday when we showed you you jeremy pruitt. It seemed like much champ. Has it down a little smoother. Of course you've got a lot more experience at losing a head coach and pruitt. Does let's move onto subject number two a._m. Shared hawker. Have you heard this today. Have you seen this today. Yes you probably have he was asked <hes> about guaranteeing a win in death valley and jared all yours exam for or <hes> an upset. Oh yes it does there will be an upset be guaranteed victory. I'm pretty coffee. My ability and artistes people have been criticizing him but i don't have a problem i it wasn't that big a deal and by the way if you thought the the tom herman to l._s._u. Story was just a phantom report. Think again as i ross dellinger big story on how hermit almost made it to baton rouge. Jimbo fisher is included in that article. We'll talk to the author of that a little bit later on pretty good matchup top ten game between number nine and number six <hes> a._p. Poll is out changes. Florida did not survive but auburn's in auburn at number knbr ten. Florida fans probably not very happy. They didn't play and they drop down but i was on a program earlier. Somebody who's writing the s._e._c. off. I'm counting thing is fast as i can but i seem like i've seen a lot of schools in the top twelve. There is the rest of the poll syracuse number twenty one. They will play clemson clemson in a week. So did you know alabama is ranked in the top five and the people for the fifty fifty six consecutive week that breaks miami's record of fifty five straight. They have not been ranked number one. They have since two thousand eight alabama. Alabama has been number one and at some point in every single poll a couple of years ago. They weren't number one until the very final poll. They may have to wait a while before they're number. One in this assures fall at ash off join us. We'll get his take on the weekend in college football jay brady mccalla. We talked to jay brady before he's with the l._a. Times dellinger the aforementioned aforementioned would that cool story on always. You're on became the coach at l._s._u. And josh kendall on the mess that is better known as south carolina football football right now. I your phone calls at eight five five two four to seven to eight five always enjoy getting right to you. This is a talk show. We talked to a number. I guess what we like to hear from callers. That's the way we roll in. Rob is in georgia and you start us off good afternoon. I'm robbie there. Yes sir. I'm here go right. Yeah go right ahead. You're on the air. Thank you for taking my call first off and you know no. It's harder than drama through traffic in columbia south carolina. I'm trying to say you know it's harder than driving through traffic in columbia south carolina. I do not what does that getting that team above five hundred this year only seeing them getting three wins at the moment and that is utterly elliot trophies for an s._e._c. team and maybe a fourth win with an upset against kentucky and that's a heavy upset yeah listen. I don't know about that rob. The you know. Some people were were down on on jay bentley but i'll say this bentley as a four year starter he may not be perfect and he has certainly been off but he would have he would have gotten a couple of wins that you might not have gotten previously really. I hate to see him knocked out this quickly but hopefully he'll come back soon read doa. I hit the right button. I'll get red. Doggone red dog right ahead. Hey paul hey good afternoon. Hey so this call is not to bash tennessee <music> anyway. This call is to talk about tennessee and i think what they've done wrong. I you know when they hired jimmy per. I and he has a dog fan. I didn't think it was the right hire. <hes> regardless you know needed her there. You know back in from nineteen eighty eighty nine to two thousand one tennessee beat georgia handily there were days. We never thought we were gonna be tennessee and they were one of the most dominant i'm gonna football programs in college football and that was under the former regime in ever since then tennessee always goes out and tries to hire a quick fix special you know <hes> duly got a job probably because his last name then you had lower length and before that and you got butch jones owns now you've got germany foot and they're gonna have to you know. Tennessee is gonna have to hire a program builder because that used to be and it still who is one of those story traditional jump in here. Hold on a second. I mean you can say whatever you want and that's great but tennessee's not looking for a new coach right now. I i would agree <hes> they're. They're in a really bad spot and it's incumbent upon jeremy pruitt to win this weekend and i and solve the wounds but let's let's not be just plain out stupid here today and start talking about a new coach at tennessee after one season and one game that that is premature but thank you anyway for your call. Let's go to jim in charlotte. Jim go right ahead. Hey thank you for a medical. Well <hes> i just looking at those losses by the us south carolina and tennessee and mississippi and missouri. That's you know why missouri lives. There's an wyoming of the midwest conference mississippi to memphis into a._a. See i think the tennessee georgia state in the sun belt and south carolina to north oh carolina and they see see because the need to start scheduling some high school team for their non conference on things chat okay thanks. I did my best to try to hold up the tennessee flag. I think i'm losing that battle. Ah gamecocks losing yeah listen i get it. I mean there were four s._e._c. Schools that lost over the weekend and it seemed like tennessee is the only one we're talking about. Frankly think tennessee's it was the most noteworthy but it may not be the most important and it's nice nice of everyone on just to completely melt down the balls but one year end. There's a difference between being there for one year and being in your fourth worth year a five to four two seven two eight five is our number and we are <hes> taking many recalls also get to a couple of guests says we continue here on a tuesday early september. You're listening to the paul. Finebaum show podcast welcome back. Is we continue to get back back to our phones and darryl always thrilling to hear from daryl afternoon iraqi. You'll always be all home to me. No i was gonna say i'd probably stay away from scheduling georgia's schools start the season. You know what i mean. We just wipe out it was you don't wanna problem is all so the problem is that mar re go to stop. The doors have been a hot there makudi he goes to all that. I just cojones who they want to the war before yet. Whoa what are you georgia guy so obsessed with tennessee. I'm not a wide. You worry about what you're worried about florida alabama's or l._s._u. I i don't know if you're georgia and you're the number three team in the country and you've plot blue to you blend to game against alabama. Why are you picking on the little kid on the street off. The coast of religious faith is a homeowner football as it's hard to see him and i don't think it's probably hard knows maybe there's this officer. You know what i mean. Is that kinda. We're kinda in four. They just hired the georgia offensive coordinator plan. Oh there's your offense didn't exactly tear it up the other night against vanderbilt well. What do you want to do the policy you wanna talk like why can't splitting it openly another room at the school and take off some of your reserves to play a sport wanted today plus novotel. Ah tell you one thing at least tennessee fans have phones. I can hear them on. I couldn't understand a word you're saying. <hes> mike is up next in macon georgia. Hey mike go right ahead. Paul i saw a map of the united states and then have one of those combs on it. You know like hurricane dorian only this time the co own it started at miami in extended up to south bend indiana and it was titled fan bases mad at paul finebaum auburn the whole country. It's definitely moved from south florida to indiana. You're definitely the question. They kind of took you a little literal at notre dame. Come to me people in south bend. I mean i was john. I'll explain it to the audience. You may have heard about this. I was on. I take yesterday and somebody that we were talking about the notre dame game jokingly said <hes> that maybe the committee or the committee should just ban them and i don't know why or who took it seriously but they put someone put it out literally and for twenty eighty four hours i've had to answer the question <hes> as if anyone would take seriously that somebody could be put on probation from the college football playoff committee. I mean it's absurd her. I thought it was but anyway everybody a little solicited. These days the last thing i mean notre dame fans i mean i. I don't know why they have such an inferior already complex and you know they. I mean they're bragging that. They only lost to clemson twenty seven in alabama lost by twenty eight. The differences fringes notre dame lost in the semi files. Alabama was at least in the finals. Okay absolutely absolutely right paul what i want to touch on you had a call. Oh yes today <hes> from liz from alaska and anyway. I just thought it was a really good call. <hes> you know she came in. She was in her way offering empathy empathy the tennessee fans you know based on historical interesting historical perspective from what she experiences school then she dressed down the washington into the post and that clown you had on yesterday you know knocking on doors or on without any kind of facts about you know basically up with when you challenged him on it and then finally <hes> you know she took a little pot shot at darul right there at the end. She did it all with humor and anyway. I just thought she's a great colorado. Hopes keeps college was i liked her. Hey thank you mike georgia fan that you could understand. That is a a real interesting predicament josh in illinois josh hey. How's it going paul. Oh it's going great thank you. Hey so i <hes> i'm originally from south carolina big clemson fan <hes> i haven't been the move up here for a job opportunity but you know i <hes> over the past couple years with us going back and forth with alabama and everything <hes> you know it's been been pretty tight you know back and forth last year's a little bit more of a blowout and you know jalen hurts going to oklahoma <hes> i'm just i'm not one hundred percent sold on the heisman height. You know everyone's blowing up about his huge performance and you know all the yards that he through and i think he went. Maybe like twenty one for twenty three. You know in that game. <hes> you know but everyone's overlooking the fact that it's all shovel passes ten to fifteen yards tall systematic you know he honestly didn't do anything with his arm. That was impressive in that game. I mean his legs impresses. You know there's a great runner. I think he's a good decision maker but i'm still not sold on him as a reliable deep passer and i wonder if that's going to hurt hurt them in the long run against texas and other teams that nature well listen. You certainly can look anywhere you want. I think you just have to look at it as he had a great game and he wasn't really <hes> forced or pushed into doing anything unusual <hes> he completely dominated the game and the houston defense was average at best but i can't tell you what he would do later in the year but i know one thing. He has enormous experience. He came in last year against georgia and won that game and yeah. He's a better runner than pastor but i saw him make some some very very good throws. Thanks for the call. Trae is up next. Go right ahead trae. How're you doing. We're doing great right. Good good to have you on good deal. Hey kevin durant here real quick <hes>. Can you ask me a question quick quarterback in alabama jones. You know i i am just fed up with alabama fans talking about taylor's performance blah blah blah blah blah blah well. I don't know these people know this but they played the third worst defense in the country last year and they're the worst in the country this this year already okay tell you i'm you know i'm glad he's not not. That's fine but you gotta alabama fan. 'cause they want to offer offer jalen. This is becoming a oklahoma fan. Please don't affect our quarterback. We got mail. Does he can get. He needs all the support he can get anybody. Oh uh-huh genuine such a class. I'll tell you what two of his classes i've ever see. Okay so if you guys want to keep you know keep raising jalen and a what time becoming oklahoma fan t._v.'s oh he can get our quarterback needs us support and talking about how great jaylen studying this at another other okay when when he plays a top defense then we'll see what he does but we all know that he's gonna conference. That would be lucky to have one team in the top. How did your top defense. Would you agree with that. Who listen trae. There is a love affair with jalen and it's it's understandable but it's not going to sustain and we have to run through the bread but it really doesn't matter alabama fans leading on somebody is not going going to affect <hes> to talk about low one iota anyway <hes> li- going on and a huge game this weekend in austin texas assists the l._s._u. Tigers getting ready to head down. There and we are going to talk about that. Coming up here in a moment at asha off is in in baton rouge looks like he's ready to roll. We'll talk to you ed in a minute you listening to the paul finebaum show podcast yeah well. It's a big game saturday in austin and we heard from coach ozher on during that break for those of you who were away. You'll hear a lot about this game and let's head down to the by you. Ash off who makes his ways to most of the college football capitals thank queue for the time <hes> you're on the ground and be are taken from atop. What's going on down there well. They know that it's texas week. You know you walk around around. Some of the facilities here are texas markers up but you know in talking with players last week. I mentioned you know you're gonna play texas. You're gonna play alabama and they all stopped up to me and said it's georgia southern and then we move on but as soon as the game was over with saturday night guys were looking right at what they had to do against texas listen. I asked coach. Oh look you talked about the magnitude of this game but if you're trying to get to that next level you want to be that elite l._s._u. Team again challenge for championships not just in the s._e._c. s._e._c. but for national championship how important is it to win a game like this and he downplayed it a little bit but he made sure to say look. If you wanna be on the big stage you gotta win. Games seems like this he feels like there on that stage now and moving in the right direction. I can just tell you and being here for the last couple of weeks. There is a totally different feel inside aside. This building guys have more confidence. Some chesser poked out a little bit more and with the way they played on offense. The defense finally looks at that offense and says all right. We have a good counterpart to what we can do this season. They think that they're totally a championship team. This year yeah and i'm really interested <hes> about that. Confidence confidence and yeah. I know what happened. Last year. We all do but <hes> eh what's what's the fuel behind not just being upbeat and in an optimistic but <hes> a lot of people were wondering <hes> are we. Are we underestimating l._s._u. Even though there were top five top sixteen yeah grenfell put in kahlon chason both said that everybody is underestimating <unk>. Even though people have us ranked number six in the country coming in to the season and coach told me you know last year. He wasn't managing big expectations but he was trying to get these guys to play with grit. They're playing with their backs against the wall. Oh he had answered so many questions about job security that was annoying him that was annoying players and that kind of fueled them last season so i said all right well what feels you now and he said well now. It's tougher suffer because there are high expectations for this program that a lot of players who have been here really aren't used to. They don't know really how to manage it so he said we've gotta stay the hungry. I've gotta stay hungry as a head coach. The staff asked to stay hungry because when you put your arms down that's when you get punched in the face joe borough told me that he can just tell that guys aren't necessarily arrogant but they're taking things more seriously because they're more confident in what they're doing from play play from day to day. They feel like this. This is a team that can compete mentally and physically but the big question is now. You gotta play texas on the road. Things are different when you're showing that offense off against georgia southern compared to when you're doing against todd orlando and that really aggressive defense so this is the perfect big test for them early in the year yeah. I want to get your thoughts on texas so you have a program there with tom. Urban who tried to do the same thing and it wasn't perfect last year bad beat bad start but <hes> the oklahoma game aim went their way at least the first one did and then they beat georgia the end of the year what what's the mood <hes> in the land of of texas right now yeah i i talked to sam allender over the summer and he told me look we have so many playmakers this year. He felt like there were twelve wide receivers on this roster that he could throw to any sort of situation situation. It feels like the offensive line has grown. He's grown as a quarterback and as the words you're on said today. He reminds him a little bit of tim tebow. He's not saying that he's as good but he's not saying he isn't isn't and he thinks that he's a better passer than that type of quarterback and you can really tell that first game that he's looking down field more he's more confident in his receivers and in himself and i talked to a staff member over the summer who said this might be the most talented team. The texas hadn't awhile but mentally they're kinda like l._s._u. They have that confidence but again and they're not going to know until this weekend. So both of these programs are basically coming at each other with the same sort of goals the same sort of expectations but also the same sort of questions when it comes to how oh good argue after you player weaker opponent in week one and we see the hype we got to see what happens in week two and if this is a close game. I think that these are two teams and you're going to talk about in a couple of weeks. Still playoff contenders. No matter who wins who loses talking to show off head covers of course the entire world of college football and i want to get a little bit deeper for into the s._e._c. we had four teams <hes> who lost and all three of them were pretty big surprises <hes>. I don't think you could say ole miss. Losing losing was a huge shock but <hes> let's go through a couple of days tennessee. That's the one everyone is obsessed over your thoughts on that <hes> inexcusable losing to georgia state at home considering all the talk we heard from head coach jeremy per through the spring through the off season about how much how how much more mature this team was how better they were more cohesive they were end to drop the ball like that uninspired play and really would surprise me was hearing in guys after the game they were very nonchalant and i understand that you've got to stay even keeled whether it's a big win or a big loss but it almost seemed like guys were just kind of going through the motions that they it didn't really feel anything from losing such an embarrassing game like that and in talking with some people a little closer to the program than me. They're not sure where it goes from here. How do you fire up not just this team. Not just these coaches not the guys behind the scene but the fans in general because people are expecting this to be kind of slow build for jeremy pruitt but at the same time time. How do you get the motivation now week to week. When you lose a game like that and now you gotta go play in the heart of the s._e._c. Pretty soon and let me flip over to columbia south carolina. Yeah we heard from will muschamp earlier. <hes> things were bad enough. He loses quarterback in law. Jake bentley was not stellar against north carolina still a a four year starter <hes>. Where's that program in year four of muschamp. I think you're gonna have a lot more questions than answers answers going forward and and the way that bentley played just way too inconsistent for a guy who's been there so long <hes> i i will say this going into the game i was going back and forth because i do think that mack brown being north carolina and having some underrated talent there was something that a lot of people were overlooking but at the same time this is a game if you're will must champ you absolutely have to win and you could tell from their responses after the after the game that they were totally in shock about how they played and it really did look like north carolina carolina was the better coach team the more motivated team and even no mack brown may jokes after the game that hey. We tried to lose it for the players. Those guys played tougher when it mattered and i think that stands out more than anything with the south carolina team because the talent is there to be that number three team in the s._e._c. east. Maybe challenged florida behind hi georgia there but now again. What's the motivation going into the heart of the season. When you lose a game like this that you shouldn't have lost. We heard so much about the s._e._c. east. I it's the new beast of course you look at the top ten in. It seems like the s._e._c. west is camped out there but after georgia and florida ardo which we all hashed out about what happened against miami who is next well. I thought it was gonna be missouri whether they had the bowl banner not because you look at the talent level from top to bottom i mean kelly bryant played really really well at times but even though he threw for four hundred yards he still made some really head-scratching plays here and there. I'm not really sure. I think it's still up for grabs. I think kentucky is a team. They lost so much. What can they do against florida in a couple couple weeks. They're still that team to me that is that is rebuilding at this point i again. I wonder what happens with missouri. I when i was over the summer. I asked barry autumn. How do you motivate these guys if they don't have a bowl game and they looked at me and said look it's hashtag us like it is all about us. We don't care about the outside noise. We've got the senior leadership. We've got guys who are motivated to just go out this season and try to go twelve. No we'll let ain't happening anymore and we don't know what's going to happen with a bowl ban so we're going to really find out who are the true leaders not just on the coaching staff but as as far as players go to and i want to see you how kelly brian stands up. He made a huge huge decision to stay eight missouri. After the bowl ban <hes> was first brought to their attention and he that was the first time he stood up as a liter front at team. This is a big moment for him now. The season is here here. They have to salvage some sort of momentum going into next year. All eyes are on him going forward it. Ash off live in bob and baton rouge ed bill. Let's go. Let's let's end where we began texas l._s._u. Retard to to really chiseled. This game down sounds like l. She has a lot of confidence sort of texas. Euro so-called experts say <hes> affectionately what's going to happen. I think that the team that executes their offense the best in dozen turnover the ball is going to win and i know that's cliche but when you have two teams that operate basically the same way now. L._s._u.'s running offense very similar to what tom herman and texas are running down there in austin to me. It's going to be how does this offensive line and how do these. How do these running backs just to blocking a more aggressive front that taxes access has and with todd orlando likes to bring. It's going to be way more exotic way more athletic than what they saw against georgia southern and while hey the first game he loved to have a tune-up like that where you can get guys making good plays. I wanna see what changes they have to make against faster defense on the road. How do they get in and out of checks. It's going to be different with the noise that they're gonna have to deal with. And how do they deal with the they've called louisiana tech to ask them how to deal with the heat on the turf. <hes> they're changing the way they practice this week to adjust to the he but to me it's what can they do in the passing game consistently against this defense and not reverting back to the old l._s._u. Habits of run. I i asked coach george ron before the game on saturday what happens when you start to lose a little patients in the offense a dozen work and he said i've got to step back and trust joe brady and and trust stevens and your and say if we want to throw i that's what we're going to do. I'm curious to see what happens when things get mucky and texas defense brings it to two. I thought you were gonna pick texas right there in baton rouge we tried taking l._s._u. I i'm picking l._s._u. Okay smart move at least until you get outta town. Dash off joining us from baton rouge lot more to discuss on the program. We'll keep our at working our way through the s._e._c. and other big games of the day. Your phone calls continue at eight five five four to seven to eight five. You're listening to the paul finebaum. I'm show podcast. Hello everybody you're looking live at fans. Bill a college football utopia with the rivers. I flow with ice cold dr pepper with the air smells fresh cut grass artificial turf and smoked meats with a radio only plays marching bands and being able to read the defense is more important than being able to read but what makes fans ville l. truly special are the people who call home field the type of people who tailgate before the tailgate worn afraid to shout <music> out my grandma could have made that kick because that's the honest truth ninety passionate fans down by loyalty tradition and the sweet sweet sweet nectar of the college football gods get a taste of fans villas fall during a college football game near you dr pepper the official drink uh-huh fans fill grab some today and we welcome you back glad you're getting calls and bobby is in georgia. You are next up. Hey bobby hi paul. How are you doing. We're well. Thank you very very much okay. I haven't seen the show since last week but i wanted to ask you. Did you see any of the georgia georgia vanderbilt game. Yes i did i again. I was feverishly flipping back and forth. I caught a couple of minutes. I'd probably not enough to form form a strong opinion well. I'm georgia fan and i've got an opinion. <hes> i watched the game and <hes> i'm a little concerned about georgia. If you on paper i believe they won the game thirty to six yes but here's the problem i see last year. Jim tiny took a lot of the blame. The last couple years about the offense well georgia got rid of there. Were supposed to be a change made and what i witnessed during the game the first half look like there were some changes they may three fast scores in the first first half but it's the same the second half georgia and kirby smart or reverting right back to the same m and other words in the second half they went back like a turtle hotness head and michelle. They played conservative and they wanted the defense. Just just <hes> hold the score. They wanted to keep the lead. They were not aggressive in the second half to try to continuously fan new and inventive inventive ways to score mentor said <hes>. I know what you said. Why do you think that that was. That's the case well. I mean it was obvious from a standpoint of i'm no head coach but as a fan watching the game on t._v. They they played almost like they did in the games that they've lost where the <hes> offense just saying to evaporate the second half of the game the second half of the game georgia only managed to muster up three field goals the entire second in half now. Does that sound familiar of course it does yeah i i was flying and i saw some of the in the second half so i didn't see when when the game was really <hes> contested so that's why i and they were just they were just complacent. Completely satisfied that the had the gaming grip they came out at halftime and offense just went dead and truth be known. If you stop the run you stop georgia. Kirby smart will not be aggressive. He it's like he hasn't learned a thing he will not go. After the ball and tried brought to score more points he they burn out in the first half the second half they have nothing it's like the offense just evaporates and they depend on the defense to stop the the opponent's offense and i think that that's how author gonna win the game. It's the same m o as when gem cheney was there. I don't see any change to be honest. Well let let me say this bobby. I thank you for your call in. I get where you're coming from but <hes> i also think you game plan primarily against your opponent and and i think kirby smart was fully aware that vanderbilt had no offense and really didn't have a quarterback that they had to be concerned with so maybe he was more vanilla than you would want him to be but he could have also been thinking about two weeks from now. Hey thank you very much for the call. Chris is he's in south carolina. You're on the air. Hello chris hi dr finebaum. Thank you for taking my call thank you my name's chris and i'm a south carolina fan. I'm calling to tell you that everything you're saying is right. You've got a administration ministration at south carolina. Who's going to stick with their guy and there's really nothing we have left in the hopper so to speak eight for this year polinsky freshman. He's starting jay bentley really solid quarterback good guy. It's it's deplorable that people are just hammering him on <hes> on twitter my question to you is what can i'm a person. Do who's the south carolina fan. Who's now on the couch. I talked me off the ledge because let me unfortunately we don't let me let we try to give you a quick answer. I feel badly for bentley to because i i would trust jay bentley to win me. Some games versus someone that we don't really know much about <hes> <hes>. I think you have to be patient. As you look down the road you have to get through the next month and the next month is charleston southern alabama alabama missouri and kentucky and then assess if it looks like a disaster then <hes> we've got a serious conversation.

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