Combine Rumors We Aren't Buying, Franchise Tag Frenzy


The around the NFL podcast. Trump's out so much content. Welcome to another addition of the around the NFL podcast. I'm Greg Rosenthal in a room filled with some heroes, Mark Cecil and Chris Wesseling? It's not the same as different puts up, Greg. I thought about like should I just like you just go off the top of the totally different start. You know, just like blow up the entire machine after six straight years since Dan hands. This is not here today. But you know, it's like only one episode that you quelled the anarchist in you. Yeah. That's usually what I want to do is just blow things up, but Dan's busy. Dan has his family in town. And as the intro said, we're pumping out a lot of content. We got three shows this week Monday Wednesday Friday, we got the Twitter show on Wednesday next week. We've got an insane amount of video show. So, you know, Dan's gotta get ready for that. And the rest of us were foraging on here. I I'm not ever. It's not clear to me what aspects of Dan's family is coming his parents, which I believe it to be or is it Dan's hidden secret family that he usually differences. If you got a few drinks in them. It's not the in laws. I don't know. I'm just saying there's all there's multiple ways. Could go with a Dan feeling vacation. And he'll never listen to this. I haven't even spoken to you guys since I Indianapolis, I guess Mark. And text. I mean marks burning the midnight oil. It was in the office on Sunday that there was a scheduling tick in my own mind, having forgotten something that was due tomorrow that is megaton longer esque assignment. And I'm just I'm impressed. I mean, you're out there. I mean, it's not impressive that I forgot about it now. And what did you what have you been up to with did some work around the house fixed up, my office Lakisha helped me, of course? And then. The head of ribcage issue. So I went and got that check yesterday now. Yeah. It's it's a little little cartilage issue in my ribs of making sleeping and living difficult aches, you don't wanna spend a Sunday urgent care now. Set from stretching exercise I'd imagine. Yes, exactly. What it way too much exercise? I'm sure you were just locked in though to watching our friend Daniel, Jeremiah move, the sticks and the NFL scouting combine weekend. But you know, in case we missed anything at all later in this show. We have our our other friend wrote a world's Josh Norris. That's good because I did not watch a single how NFL combine. You know, what it does have in a specially with DJ in there with rich is like, I don't like watching golf at all. It is not something that I do. But occasionally like on a Sunday if it's in the background, and it's a hushed. Yeah. Broadcast. The combine has that same sort of hushed field to where it's very relaxing. It's great to have on in the background, my kids kind of like watching it and they pretend to do the drills, and you just like hope sort of that by us, Moses. Some of this information coming at you seeps in so I had it on. Plus I noticed when like make Mike Mayock was in the booth. What that vibe was kind of like, I could I fell a little bit of like a Drew Bledsoe two thousand one vibe like he was looking at DJ and being like, I'm not getting this job back. Oh, there's definitely dissension there. It's an event that many of my casual football fan friends love to watch. It's not an event that I ever need to see a second on television for me personally. Well, that's why we have Josh. And he's going to head L it a segment that tells us, it's combine takeaways. We don't have a strong grasp on but Josh Norris does. So he can help us. We also have an interlude we're going to call it a new thing. We're trying out where we're each going to talk about one sporting event that we've been to in person for exactly one minute with the backing music of our choice behind it. I like it. I mean, I feel like this could be this could be a segment here doesn't have to be a memorable sporting event. It could be anything you just like you ever have one of those long meals where it's like they I mean, this is like a fancy fancy thing but along meal where like in the middle of it. They almost like drop a little pallet cleanser in the middle to just kind of like, refresh you and get you ready on for the rest of it. That's what that's what this segment is the role of the second. All right. Let's the rose. Let's not waste any more time Ken Brown sitting in for air to impose eat today. She's under the weather Kent. Let's do a little news. We go out secure Costea. Traumatic million dollars over there. Yes. That was Smith ragging on some poor wide. I reject quarterback tyrod Jackson. That's right quarterback. That said he was throwing bullets to the receivers when he should just be leading them in those drills. He wasn't happy about it. Actually, confronted him. He went there during the broadcast answer the Tyree Jackson while he was throwing that's amazing. I mean, that's that's why I love Steve Smith whether now or before like he's going to say what he thinks they talked about him being put into the booth like once deejays yanked out as a general manager Steve Smith, and he just said, no, I don't wanna do that every like burn every bridge within a year or two, but it'd be fantastic to watch. Let's start our news with Antonio Brown. Where it seems like we're starting the news quite a bit these days. Ian Rapoport our NFL network insider reported Monday that the cardinals raiders and Broncos were the teams that were most intrigued by Antonio Brown. And the Steelers have a level of confidence that. They will be able to trade Brown before March seventeenth when a two point five million dollars roster bonus is in Markelle you buying it. Well, because I think it's always would have been the the unlit more unlikely scenario that the Steelers just can't find a way to trade maybe a bit of a headache. But one of the most talented receivers of our lifetime like something someone somewhere is gonna think we can take whatever baggage comes with Antonio Brown and make a trade work. I think it just depends. You know, the raiders to me have a lot of ammunition with those second two first rounders after the number four pick. When I look at this situation. It seems to make sense. Trade-wise only for a desperate general manager trying to straddle the line between building and contending. I don't think you want them on a builder rebuilder where he his mind is up. He wants to play for a Super Bowl. And I don't think you want him somebody with a comfortable GM who already thinks he has a Super Bowl contender. Because then why why upset the locker room or upset what you're doing bringing in Tony around? Awesome. Right. But you don't know what you're getting. You're getting a guy who is flying off the handle for two months straight is not willing to look in the eye and say I made a mistake. He's not willing to do any that when Randy moss went to New England that brilliance Happel because he had been humping hit been humbled by the Oakland years without the Oakland years that would never happen. Antonio Brown is trying to do this without the Oakland years. What about the though any of those three fit into year? I think the Broncos do John Elway is a desperate general manager trying to straddle that line between building and contending. You get the feeling John. John elway. Yeah. They're going for. A championship above what it's like. But something tells me he would just be happy with like nine and nine or ten win season where the Broncos get back in the playoffs and lose a game. Like, that's why you trade for Joe flacco Joe flacco is not a guy that you're getting to win a Super Bowl. There was quickly report in Denver that tried to shoot this down. So I don't really know what to believe about these Antonio Brown reports markets and the titans have been thrown in the mix to the cardinals. And raiders though like that that smells fun. The raiders the raiders have three first round picks. And they're going to have some quarterback. They're gonna either have Derek Carr or maybe a top shelf young quarterback. Or who knows who they'll have like that is a move of like, we're sick of losing. We want to get back into it right away. I mean, Peter King through the Redskins in there as well. Think about this though, if you do have Arizona suddenly Antonio Brown and David Johnson and potentially Cuyler Murray. If it's not Josh Rosen or Josh Rosen and cliff kings. That to me is spicy. I don't hate that. I'm not I'm not gonna their offense. Do anything without an offensive line though. No. But I mean, here's the thing. Like like, the he's not going. I don't think they want to trade him inside the AFC north. That's pretty clear they don't want to train them to New England. So how many teams fit the fit the fit the call sheet for him? Right. Who really fits and for the offense like convince offense of line is more of a function of the coaching staff and then the quarterback than anything in today's NFL because you could pick twenty teams in the cardinals are among the worst be picked twenty teams where the offense of line is a problem. I guess they're hoping that whatever Kingsbury is cooking up schematically is somehow going to cover up whatever their offense of line issues are and that's a GM to he's the one making the call. That's worried got to be worried about his job. So maybe Antonio Brown has get get quick get right right away type agai speaking of the cardinals, Larry FitzGerald who spent several years catching passes from the leg. Of John Skelton, max hall, Richard Bartell, John Navarre, and Kevin Cobb aches said aby doesn't realize how good he's had it with Big Ben. He's right. Yes. I agree that part of it is absolutely correct. So we've talked a lot about Antonio Brown. This off season. We've talked a lot about Nick foles this off season. And I wanted to throw this into the news that less Bowen Philadelphian quieter was one of many over the weekend. That said the Jaguars are expected to sign Nick foles. He said at the strongest Rappaport, rap sheet mentioned it might garafolo mentioned it somehow everyone who is in Indianapolis and talking to people came away saying every this combination foles in the Jaguars that everyone thinks it's going to happen. Yeah. It is going to happen. Nothing's getting in the way of not sure we needed to report to tell us what we already expected to happen. But I report says exactly what we said supposed just Incheon Jaguars are expected to sign him. But it's just inching you, closer and closer. And I talked to someone I think it's different because. It's sourced that they're saying a source in you can connect the dots with foale's because it's coming from the Philadelphia papers that like, okay, everyone's been speculating about this. But actually there was some pushback inject Ville, there wasn't anywhere really hard reporting west, and this now everyone's this kind of joining us is that forty expected to sign these hard report he said, he's he's expected to sign what we've been saying on this. We we sourced to. I'm the source. I expect him to I'm gonna put an say Nick foles and his people are expecting design there. That's a little different rap sheets said he would not rule out the dolphins. And there are significant interest in foles around the league. I mean, that's because number one until its final. Why not allow someone else to come in with a whole different deal the immediate loser. And not for me because I'm not one of these like NFC's people. But the television the schedule makers the primetime matchups that would have had potentially like New York Giants placed Nick foles. Yes, I Fili that games that we've talked about the last couple of weeks that would have been front and center on the time. I'm not giving up on the giants or even the raiders or someone surprising getting given up on the giants with Eli seems like giant still see I wanna that. Like chaos happens and crazy things happen next week next week the week. This isn't the week. I mean, the giants are they make all the decisions based on what will happen to the future ally. Manning statutes Bill to I don't know what's going to happen. All right west was under. Well, that item of news. Can I? Do in. Not hard new can I interest you in another piece of expected news, which is that the chiefs are going to tag the Ford. But here's the unexpected part from Rappaport again that they will listen to offers for d for that they are kind of putting him on the train block. What do we think? So this made me think that with Steve Spag Noah switch into a four three defense. Yeah. They announced. Yeah. Right. Visual e Ford has been great coming off the edge as outside linebacker, right? And a lotta times skillset transfers to defensive end in a four three. But it's not exactly the same. No. Maybe they don't think that it's going to be quite the terror of the edge if he's playing defensive. I mean, he had twelve sacks and twenty sixteen but three of his other seasons have two four and two sack totals. And he's only graded positively this past season on PF, and he had a couple years where he was not even on the radar. So long term commitment season two years ago that twenty sixteen but it's I wondering if maybe the idea of huge long-term financial commitment with a scheme change is put it all together and see what you can get fly. I thought he is a perfect candidate for tag, even before they were changing schemes because of what you just said. I mean, he's had basically two years where he looked like bust one year in two thousand sixteen where he looked like an all pro like he did this year for about six or seven games that was where he filled up that season. Then he got hurt and. And was playing through and didn't really. So he has not been consistent at all. And now the fact that they're listening to the offers makes me think there's a good chance. He's going to be traded because they it makes me think they've decided, well, we'll pay him this year, but he's probably never gonna sign long-term with us with the scheme chain. So we might as well listen to see if we can get a second round pick for him. And I would think in this market where there's so much money available some team, we'll we'll give up a decent pick for deformed sign him to a big contract. I think so too. And then you have to they also talked about moving Justin, Houston, potentially. Well, this was a in in many ways, not a good defense last year their pass rush was affected. Like what what are we replacing these people with agree point because juice Houston is supposed to get traded or released over the next week? We think that'll happen will have to wait and see on Ford. But while we're talking tags. Let's let's do a little tag round up here on Monday. We got news of three tags. Evian cloudy gonna be tagged. Donovan Smith of the bucks, they're left tackle tagged and then DeMarcus Lawrence, no surprise. They're not going to get a deal done before the tag deadline, which is Tuesday, and he will be tagged as well. Any thoughts? Gentlemen. Well, the Lawrence and cloudy tags are no brainers and were expected to happen. Donovan Smith that name has been bandied about for last few weeks in Tampa Bay is likely getting the tag in this case, I think the franchise tag actually helps the player he's gonna get paid more than he's worth right? He's gonna make fifteen or sixteen million dollars. He's one of those guys that PF thinks is terrible. And that his own team those guys that Chris whistling watches get right over by speed rushers. Almost every game. I was going to mention he's one of those rare one of those guys that seems to hate like that he's literally one of the worst starters. And that the team is always saying, oh, yeah. We love Donovan Smith. Great. Going to you know, he's terrific. But that when you watch the games, it seems like Jameis Winston is always under pressure from people who are going up against Ottoman Smith. So I don't know what the bucks are seen that. We're not is it just also because if you remove him where he goes somewhere else, you're even that farther up the creek trying to find a left tackle. And they're just not I get it. But like last year when I was doing the cuts list. I was like I wanted to put Donald Smith on it because he was going to get that fifth year option, and it seems like he's not very good at professional football. I think, but I don't know they do on some level still trust like NFL coaching staff. They must know something more that. He's okay. Yeah. I think when you look at what their offense is done the way they've moved the ball, especially between the twenties. I think a lot of things put a high value on a guy who is decent enough that he won't say Taj, the offense single hang in the general manager essentially is bullet proof in Tampa Bay. Right. I mean, it can't be for much longer. I don't know. They did just hire a new coach. I think they Jason lights. Gotta win sooner than later. I was thinking with DeMarcus Lawrence tag today. That's no surprise. But what great twelve months? He said. I went back. I do some journal work sometimes dance, not the only insider on this podcast. And I wish I could bring up. I mean, he's the only like real insider like in terms of media, don't even really. But. Voice memos that I have on my phone saved DeMarcus Lawrence from March thirteenth last year. I went back and listen to it because I thought I remembered he said something which I never did a brain about. And he said they I'm fine plan under the tag. But I'm going to be more expensive next year than I am this year. So they would be served well by signing me to contract this summer. He had no rancor about it. He said I'm going to be more expensive next year than I am right now. I promise you that. And you know, what he is way more expensive now than he was a year ago. Not just because he had a great year. But because they're a tire fire in that front line with Randy Gregory suspended. David Irving now is suspended a middle disappointed that when you pull out your phone and showed us your messages, he pointed to the Marcus Lawrence. I thought for sure we were getting like DeMarcus Lawrence cold you personally to clear somehow. And instead, it's like you tape something on TV. I mean, it's interesting that here he was here. He was here. He was here in the building. Of those like, hey, you wanna go talk to the markets Lawrence for six minutes. So you like a sandwich, and I'm like, yes, you did personally speak to. Yeah. Okay. So so do you ever just play those like late at night to yourself when you can't sleep DeMarcus Lawrence interview segments that you've kept on your phone that's much like when I can't sleep. But just like if I really wanna treat myself like light a candle put music on some I think like Amoco essential oils. Here's your husband talking to a pro football. I think Greg sleeps. Well, I I am a little disturbed when I was looking for the other day went back into lead it everything. The only things I kept. We're DeMarcus Lawrence a couple of things from this last combine having to lead yet. And then an epic performance by Brassey at your house. Chris wesley. I can't lose that. I don't know what that is. But for some reason, I decided to record her publish it. I have a series of brassy videos from several nights at my house Brassey, of course is the social coordinator. Of our entire news operation tie would say, she's recovering from some some sort of hangover. I'm sure the Super Bowl then right into combine for her were from what I gather. There are a lot of high points, but potentially you're paying the price. But I'm gonna I'm gonna keep I'm gonna keep those blackmail. It's gonna be okay. Well, that is the relationship that you and she have. So I think that's good. I mean, like we I was having dinner at the combine with the friend and an Tiffany Blackman, our friend on the network sat down with us and then suddenly some tequila shots just sent over. And it's like, you don't even have to guess who it's from. It's from Shona. I would I would have gone Reggie Bush. But no, he wasn't either one. He wasn't there. All right. Let's move on eagles their team. That's like in the science of contracts. Lotta lotta contract and salary cap issues. These days they brought back Brandon Graham on a huge deal three years forty million. I think twenty plus. The first couple years all guaranteed. They also signed guard Isaac c Malo today and two three year deal. That was a bit of a surprise. And there's a report that Michael Bennett is on the trade bloc. Mark you can take it any direction. You want Graham, see Malo Bennett. It would be surprising. If you went see Malo but zero I mean, I'm not going see them all I think that the benef- thing is just the natural revert to giving thirteen million a year to Graham, who's thirty one Bennett's thirty three Bennett costs another seven million this year. I don't is there a team in worse cap. Hell right now than the eagles. I believe they have the least amount of cash the moment. So they gotta make moves. They have a lot of things. These just have a million things going on. And they're pretty good at being flexible. But you're right. They are about as tight to the cap and having make tough choices any team in the league, parental Graham. Takes one of the better pass rushers off the market. But I think for me the what's the prizes me is. Overall, the coaching changes in scheme changes in Philadelphia for a guy who's never had a double digit sack season. He's a great pass rusher. But most of it is coming on pressure. Not saks. I'm just surprised that he's gonna end up playing entire career with the eagles. Well, you have to be a bad ass to get that third huge contract to get the he signed when he signed that first five year deal. I believe it was with the eagles at the end of his rookie contract. People are like, oh, really you think Brandon Graham is that good that you're gonna give them a five year fifty five million dollars under he made it to the end that like never happens in the NFL. So they evaluated him. Well, and you're right. It's kind of a score for the pressure is almost as valuable as sacks and hits kind of brigade. And I think that brigade I'm just saying, I know that's more value. Now, they're very analytic heavy type of organization, and I think they think he's a bad ass in a guy that kind of like Everson Griffen is very similar in my mind in Minnesota. Just the kind of career is Edwards like national. I'm not that well known but the team that has them thinks he's super and he's also etched into like Philadelphia lower for the strip sack that helped win the Super Bowl and entering. Was it was not right. That's that's a good point. And seems like a great guy like very well known in the community and the locker room and all that sort of stuff or the guy we're going to have on later. Josh Norris from rota world has often said one of his biggest truisms disruption is production show. That's a catchphrase. I mean, that's how you step on a lot of people at the road. World office has become one of the the real big stars. I mean, nor using Norris has gotten to where he is without a little bloodless coup. Probably like some without Sally way showdown with you know, Evan Silva, which would not be an easy take. We saw the big fish, by the way in Indianapolis. Did you know this Mark he'd he's he actually message me soon? After and said sorry that you were not there. I did not go out the final night, we saw the big fish at Saint elmo's the famous they cast that every sports writer talks about and people were blown away. Dan, was just like I didn't wasn't really ready for the size in the stature that Silva's bring into the table. I mean Silva's like so it was like Jason Peters or something when you're over Kevin patrons Bill west. You've you've for a long time knocked this different. That is still this is this is like an NFL left tackle size Petra is in fine shape. And always has been I never would have looked to him as sort of like a paragon of male body. Type. It's always shape. Let's be real. It's always annoyed you a little bit. How much credit Pacha got furs body and even back in the day? You almost were annoyed that he got the credit over like he's like I have. That body now I'd never thought that I credit for my body. I never thought that at all. Now how you feel about it? Now, it's time for some credit. I didn't feel like my body's in great shape up. All right. We are almost to some Combi. Rumors we aren't buying another little like mini segue throwing in here. But finally, Jamie Collins expected to be cut or traded soon. How would you remember the Jamie Collins era marks very underwhelming? And I thought it was they got him for a relatively low acceptable draft pick. And then I think in one of these sort of confirming your own move turn around and overpaid him, but they had a ton of cap space, and they almost were at that place. They needed to reach the cap floor, and they had no names on their defense. And I thought they probably felt like it was the first step towards building that side of the ball in. There have been the thing that I kind of remember most are these sort of whispering jabs at him where you can't tell exactly where it's coming from the people aren't happy with the effort. They aren't. Quite happy with the effort on game day or not on game day. And I don't feel like he fits into where they're going, and they definitely need need help linebacker. But he's I don't think they're going to re up with him. That would be surprising to me. This is one of those. I usually at this point would expect a guy to get traded Michael Bennet. He's six million this year. I think they could find someone to lease to pick. Swap for that. Why not he's still pretty good? But Jamie Collins making ten million. No, I don't think anyone wants to deal with that. I think he's I mean, it was the patriots who were listed as a team that we're open tonight actually trading form lasts. Right. And I think they would probably take Jamie Collins back, but why why start at a twenty two million dollar two year contract. I just don't think that's sort of like value at this point finally an idea Wes here combine rumors. He's not buying. What is the combine? Rumor that's grind in your ears. Started. This wasn't really a rumor someone ask hurt Warner. What he would give up for Josh Rosen. Third round pick. And then Peter King interviewed another NFL executive who said cardinal shouldn't expect to get more than a third round pick for him. And I think this is insane. I think that's crazy for many reasons. Not least of which is the cardinals have already paid sixty five percent of what his rookie deal will be for four years. They've already paid most of it with he's only gonna count two million against your cap every year for the next three years. And you're telling me that teams like the giants Redskins and dolphins who need quarterbacks are saying. Or even the patriots who need a successor successor for Tom Brady or saying, no, I won't go above the ninety something picking the draft for Josh Rosen. I just don't believe that for a second. I mean, it depends what the team is who's drafting him with everyone knowing he's just going to be a long-term backup. Like, you're drafting him to be a starter. If it's the Redskins who would make some sense, you can't you can't possibly tell me that you're going to get Aaron to accept nothing more than the third round pick for that. When you when he is going to be your plug and play. Low cost starter and Peter King. You talked to I think to front office guys and those guys don't want to give up third round pick. That's fine. It only takes one team. You know what I mean? I don't I don't get that. At all. Like, they're also depends what front offices those. We'll also hear all the time GM's who sign guys in free agency. And I think Dante Fowler is is a good case study for this year. Well, we had him ranked really high coming out of college. You always hear this about first round picks and get two free agency and aren't playing well, we really loved his college tape and we loved him. And that's like what there's not a bunch of teams out there that didn't love Josh Rosen's college tape and wouldn't give it up. I would I would I would remain a patriots fan. If if they go pick up Josh roses. This me thinking about checking out as soon as Bella chicken brainier goal. You know that Brady I'll I'll stick. I'll stick it out for Bella check. But I think I might retire with Bill. I mean, how could you top that? It's just like just like you just live through the. Best. Why even bother that's because I thought the definition of a fan is to jump ship the minute things, I won't I won't just over soldier you sunshine. Patriot. What are you doing you? You're you gave up on the on the Bengals I did not give up on them. They gave up on me. That's a here's the thing. I just think mentally it's possible that they just become like one of all the other teams. But it's just like not the same. It is crazy where we even were two weeks ago with this. Josh Rosen story where it was like largely unbelievable that this would even happen. And now it just seems like a foregone conclusion that the cardinals have enough. I mean, that's changed even since we last talked on Thursday. So since then, okay, Kim Jones said the expectation at this point around the league is that the cardinals will take. That's what everyone thinks don't believe this. I don't believe the cardinals have finished do Dylan. That's what made up their mind a bunch of people like DJ and all these people are saying, that's what everyone thinks. But no one really knows. That's. Just like that's not really news necessarily. It's just what everyone thinks the cardinals and then possibly the raiders are thinking as well people. There was a quote that gruden's not much of a poker player in that. It's kind of obvious how much they like Tyler Murray as well. But I think before you know, he two weeks ago he's being mocked to go to the Redskins at fifteen or falling out of the top twenty and stuff. Now, it's like no this guy like every single year a couple of quarterbacks gonna go way higher than people thought initially and Carla Murray has multiple NFL coaches superintendent. Yeah. And I'm with US, by the way, I don't buy that for a second Rosen's twenty one twenty two now. I mean, he came into the league young his tape is not nearly as bad as everyone thinks I promise you, he's he did more as a rookie. Then guys like, you know, golfer Trubisky did in similar situation. I saw enough where I was like, okay. I saw some good things. I'm still on the Josh Rosen trained. So a lot of people who went. Broke trying to guess how good of a gambler other people are. I'm not that confident in anybody's ability to read a gambling. Damn what makes you an expert on reading John gruden's, not you, but anyone what makes you an expert in reading John Gruden gambling. And what makes you think that you're good enough to read it, right? I think he's not just already broken you. I think literal professional gamblers like are probably good at that skill. But I don't think that's who are talking about. Right. I think there are a few people on earth who are really good at. But you're not a fan of the combine west and the combine essentially is like one massive hot stove league session where whispers and rumors and generated news reports are what this part of the football season's. I think it makes for great quote for someone to say John gruden's a bad poker player. I just don't have any confidence in that person's ability to read Jon Gruden poker with the the year ago. We thought the entire raiders offense was going run Turnley through Amari Cooper. So he's built he has an ability to spin yarns that we fall for. That's a great point that you know, who's a great poker player. We found out this week. John Gonzalez calling wolf's husband. And was one so most professional poker player. Seems to have you every time he was on the early early auspices of kind of like the poker professionalism going around. That's like can't you just imagine him with his hat pulled down low at a at a poker table, making people's money man man of many talents. That was a low point in sports television win like every third sports never had like eight Gebran is sitting around a table playing poker for four hours. It was aided every minute. It was a mania. And it was exciting. It was it was a interesting time. I'm not at Greg's. You know, I never I never went was into poker? But when rota world was started way back in the day when we were building a brick by brick this is even pre Wesseling. It was all it was like thirty people all in about three rooms minimum twenty four of them were betting on poker to an insane degree and most of them seem to be making money from including the people who own the this company people were like losing their minds just playing. Online poker all day every day and like stealing money from some poor schlub in Nebraska who signed on for this. It was it was the heyday it was a dark time. And I believe having fun though. I like the spirit of it. I wasn't. I didn't do poker. I think it's accurate that I would never would have moved to Taibbi island. If not for the poker craze that swept the nation between poker? And at the same time when MA is becoming really big and all of my softball. Buddies. Just wanted to sit around watching 'em and playing poker. I got to leave this city. Yeah. There is nothing here. I mean, there are some road. There are some like Christmas Christmas where there were rumors where the rota world was having a little trouble paying the payroll. So as far as I'm concerned poker might a save. This sounds like a toxic vote. You might say might have been the only way that they were still making money paying us. And now look at it today. Is there any other combine rumors that was pretty much mind? So the only one that I thought was absurd just because everyone attached to the Redskins is fighting for. Job right now. And I like McCoy the person I named my son call after Cole McCoy the day that he was essentially replaced by Brandon Weeden being drafted in the first round. But the idea that they're talking of Colt McCoy as the starter to me, that's all that says if all other plans don't work than we have it on paper that were excited about Cole McCoy that cannot honestly be where this team is coming from holistically to fix a quarterback situation. It's just hey, we said it if this is what we wind up with we told you all along we were excited about this. That's to me is just not a rumor, it's just like a it's good. It's good housekeeping. I do believe that Jay Gruden thinks more highly of Colt McCoy than anyone else in the NFL thinks of McCoy. But I also think you cannot you cannot have followed this guy's career and believe that he's gonna stay healthy for more than two or three games broken leg. He's always coming off with something because he always gets hurt. I take them. But he's like he's been in the perfect position as. A backup you hope to use a game of year. Most. I there's like no doubt to me that he's gonna be J gruden's quarterback coach on the twenty twenty six what team is Jay Granville, red spangles. Yeah. That would be the Bengals or or the offense of cornet. He's getting paid Cole McCoy, by the way, three point six million dollars. So that kind of three point three million dollars that shows what they think of I think he's a backup. They think he's the best backup in the NFL or one of the best. That's what. And I think that's fair that any fits Jay Gruden roll out. But then but don't don't conflict it into. He's suddenly our starter. Okay. So that's the news and lot of chunky content. There a lot of a lot to digest, frankly. And before we get to some more real like, nuts and bolts meet in potato football. We're just gonna have a little bit of pout cleanser and something that really doesn't have a name to it. But it's just one minute. Of talking about a memorable sporting event that we witnessed with the back end music of our choice. And and since this was my DEA, just all I can start it. Can't you ready? Let's do it. I haven't heard this. That's nice. All right. I'm gonna go nine hundred eighty eight Foxboro stadium Sullivan stadium. They would call it. Doug Flutie did England Patriots gets the ball in the red zone plate just fell down about four points to a rookie. Chris Chandler of the Indianapolis Colts. Doug, Flutie comes in gosh, who who was replacing a total total bomb. He comes in off the bench to replace Gus Ramsey totem. Leads them to victory on a bootleg the moment. Everyone in Boston was waiting for flew to become the patriots head coach, and that place celebrated like it was a Super Bowl. And I always remember that game. It's one of the only patriots games I've ever been to as a kid. We didn't go off and that seemingly meaningless winds to get to two and three in law season can mean so much to fans in the NFL because that game meant so much to me we ate off that game for about five years. I love them use music choice that minute snuck up quickly. But that's good to know. Yeah. It was good. But. Like, thanks, Tom. Tom rosenthal. Not a huge football guy. More more baseball basketball. But we we loved I loved football and brought me to that. And it's like any way I'm going over my minute here. So sometimes it has to be unpacked further. All right, Mark. Let's go next. All right. So I have seen Michael Jordan play live. I've been to multiple Super Bowl guy's Super Bowls with you guys, which I mean, honestly, those are incredible moments when I really was thinking about one sporting event that changed my life. When I was in college in nineteen Ninety-three I had to sort of. Humorous roundish guide that live next door to me who was like trying to graduate early, but he needed to pass this fencing class he was fencing. And so it was a fencing final where we were gonna. I was gonna watch him in this tournament. The final was turnament and you had to come in like top top up to get a good grade. Otherwise, you're trouble. We went out to eat lunch. And he got on this long wandering story about this girl. He liked on the third floor this unintentionally unimpressive girl, and I was trying to talk about the ledge. But hearing only two seconds. He went to the he went to the fencing class late in the teachers like you're out you get an f you can't be late said, you know, what forget the F. I'll take the, but I'm going to do the tournament and heat knocked out this girl in the first round blew up some long haired during the second round got to the finals and loss. But she basically said, you know, what I love the effort, you get a B minus. So he saved his great. And to me that was one of the things where you could just mope and leave and wander who lesson I'm doing it. I'm fighting this tournament he destroyed these people lessened. This is why I'm glad I left. It wide. Open didn't have to be the greatest sporting event ever win. It's just something memorable level back from the brink. Nobody could have predicted you going to go down that avenue now. No, well, you you gave me a heads up yesterday. So I thought long and hard on a Sunday. No one no one's fencing coming. All right. Wes, we're going back to your app. Same years you Greg nineteen Eighty-eight the reds have a pitching prospect frustrating but talented six five to forty. He looked like a combination of Ralph mouth from the happy days, and Frankenstein. He had red wavy hair. It was receding and he was an ugly. Dude, Pete Rose at nicknamed him the true creature. We just the creature is kids we're at this game because it's the clip kid glove game in Cincinnati the one game year that all the little leaguers get to go to this guy is one pitch away from a perfect game in the ninth inning two outs. Two strikes. Wallace Johnson of the Montreal Expos serves a soft liner into left field breaks up the perfect game in rock rains hit. A two run Homer now. Ron Robinson the creature doesn't even get the finish the game. John Franko has come in for the save Robinson gets traded two years later, two months before the reds win their last World Series that they've ever won. So this song is supposed to be some take up on shattered dreams, Johnny. Okay. Johnny h jazz. The one hit wonder shattered dreams nine hundred eighty eight for the creature. You guys did a much better job than I did. I thought they were all that was that minute. Is that thing may quickly. What was your kind of musical inspiration? Mark just because I loved it. And it was will. I know that our like our libraries a wildcard, but I sort of wanted like medieval into like gallons like a sword fight type thing. I think you didn't ice job can't no I thought it was really it was like fire in me up. I mean, I blew it was Tom Ramsey, by the way, shattered dreams. Tom Ramsey was the quarterback who was the replacement for Steve Grogan. I mean what you couldn't make Flutie the backup. He was a third stringer. Gimme a break whenever you like swords or sorts fights. It's just a lot of metallic clanging. And I figured the medieval stuff worked a little nutty beautiful. Some interesting stories, I think I think we I mean, it doesn't need to be a sporting could be one minute on anything as it happens in may of eighty eight while that game was going on shattered. Dreams was climbing the US. Wow. Qismat also Qismat Josh Norris. He's been watching the combine for how many days is it been probably about ninety six hours straight because that's just like what he does. They have. They have podcast literally every day during the combine at rota world. He's pumping out content. The big fish is now kind of taking it easy during the combine he's making Josh do all the work. Breaking news. We got a little breaking news. At another franchise tag to the mix. Multiple national reporters are reporting that Frank Clark getting the franchise tag from the Seattle Seahawks. Okay. Well, peak Carol over and over and over said he is not leaving the building. Basically all those guys on our top one to one of the top that we thought we're gonna get tagged have Tom Pella CEO and Peter Schrager have confirmed expected to use the franchise. So Landon Collins to me as the only real wild card right now that we don't know which way it's going to go at this point. I'd be very surprised trae flowers did get the tech even though I would support it and think it's a good move. It seems like no one believes that's going to happen. So Landon Collins seems to be kind of the one guy everyone's waiting for. We'll find that out later in the week. But before waiting any longer, I gave him the big preamble. Let's get the judge Moore's. Josh what's going on, man? I'm doing great. We're on. You are on with the around the NFL podcast. I think we're just going to jump right into it. I don't need to give the flowery preamble any longer. I already talked you up enough. How you've stepped over so many people at rota world to get to the position that you're in and now trying to push Evan Silva side. I admire the hustle. Hopefully guys, this doesn't turn into something. Like, my parents, call me at nine thirty pm asked me how to work there, a remote control for the television talk. I thought testing with you. What does that mean that they're going to try to listen to this podcast? I don't I don't quite file. No, no, as they don't understand, you know, updated modern. Oh, and we don't and you're saying as simpleton don't understand what's going on with the test. Now, you're pretty much right? I mean, the title of this segment is combine takeaways. We don't have a strong grasp on Josh Nora stunts, your with with Chris Wesseling and Mark Cecil as well. Josh. Hey, Josh, whatever trio I was just telling all of our listeners that disruption equals production. Is that a judge Norris original? It is I it was much Debbie uncloudy article back in the day back when you know, he was getting knocked for his sacks. And I'm sure you guys talk about that all the time. How sexually aren't the Indo be all, but we. We're talking about Brandon Brandon Graham's new deal that he's a disruption equals production guy. They were go and back at South Carolina clowney like he was the only one getting four yards in the backfield. The quarterback could just move around and avoid his his lines the quarterback. So that's where it's Russian equals production. Wow. It's great to get the etymology here. Very the creator himself. Yeah. I don't know what you think we're going to talk about here. Josh because I did ask you. Hey, is there any names? You wanna you wanna talk about before the show, and then you sent me like a four part. Breakdown of why the the measurements that you use superior to the ones that are often talked about, and frankly it went over my head. I just kind of wanted to hear like well at the combine or not like pretend like you're speaking to total simpleton, I just wanna know like oh as well. Pretend like Rashawn Gerry. Like, what do you think about Rashawn, Gary? Aren't you a little worried he didn't produce it all after watching? There's only a handful of times in my life. I'll be able to talk to the hero. So I I would try to put my best step forward. My best full word, and and do my best in this regard. So okay. Well, you're off to a great start. Can I ask about some specific? I I think the best way to start this conversation, but I kind of take control here. Greg. As to kind of explain why in my opinion, the come by matters. Like why that's the matter. Okay. Because back in before like twenty fifteen I didn't think it mattered at all. But because it's kind of how the combine is is broadcast and some ways where for four days, it's you know, forty yard dashes and their position drills. Right. So we all kind of equate athleticism to a forty yard dash when really there's six or seven other tests that can be factored into someone's f- at profile, right? And then combine that with weight because there's a major difference, and you know, one hundred eighty four pound receiver running a four four five versus two hundred twenty five receiver running a four four five. Right, right. I'm kinda gives you a composite score. And that composite score allows you to compare across decades and across players at the same position as well. So who like who stuck out? Who is like towards the top of the draft, for instance, to use your example, actually, decay Metcalf. Everyone was talking about his performances weekend. But then I saw like a no about how his three cone drill was actually worse than Tom. Brady's three cone drill that here is the most athletic amazing freak you've ever seen. But actually in this in this measurement. He was worse than two thousand Tom Brady. So how what do you? How do you put that all together? What's your take away from other? Yeah. And let me first say that at least for me evalu-, like watching games is the most important piece of evaluation. But if we can just like add tools toolbox to hopefully, improve valuations hit on players at multiple days of the draft. That's the only goal here with PK Metcalf is interesting because you mentioned it like his forty was outstanding his jumps were amazing forty and a half inch Vert over eleven foot for all jump at two hundred twenty eight pounds. But then like his. Cohn was in the fifth percentile short- shorter was in like third percentile if we can go back and kind of look at players that were somewhat similar in. That regard a Stephen hill. Pops out a Greg Childs pops out I'm not necessarily going to Kevin white in that regard. But you go back and look at old miss. It was a somewhat similar offense. Kevin white ran back at West Virginia. Whereas he was locked into one side of the field. Everything was run on that kind of linear plane straight lines outside break outs off of that. And so it's not that type of offense where you see him run all the routes to everything across the formation lineup in different areas of the field. And so that would give you pause, but obviously as a little bit I mean, but he has huge muscles. So can we just sort of wipe all this away and just civil draft him like thirteen wasn't child tour, both patellar tendons. Yeah. I do. I do think it is important to note here, though, that like testing can also help you determine if what you saw in games is actually something that actually, okay. Because I mean, I don't know about y'all, but my eyes lighter me at points like going back to Jarvis Jones, for example. Actually. Yeah. We we know that Jarvis Jones led the SEC facts during his final year, Georgia. I mean, he was an outstanding player. They're right. Former Steelers first round pick. There we go and actually when he went through his athletic testing, Jarvis Jones tested like the worst first round pick of all time. Okay. Since it's been tracked like in the bottom, tenth percentile. Okay. And as we have known and seen service Jones have very long career. So just because the production was there part of that in especially those edge rusher defensive lineman like to me, that's where f autism is most significant, right? Like, it's of the true one on one match ups on the NFL Plainfield, and so at the very least simplest form wouldn't f-. Whether it could vantage give you a step up on your opponent. And Jarvis Jones was even average in. That regard averages fine. He was well below average. And in many ways staying away from non NFL caliber, athletes, it's how we should use testing. Let me ask you the flip side of this. So guys like Montas sweat who just have one of the best combines ever for a defensive end slash edge rusher. And respond Gary who had very good combine both are being sort of criticized for not being quite as good on the field or for having game tape. I know sweat. I believe was ranked in the eighties by PF. Where would where would these guys fall for you like do you have faith in them? Yes. And my bias again as I mentioned towards edge rushers interior defensive linemen with athleticism. I think maybe the best example in previous years was the no hunter. And I think part of it kind of comes down to the type of coaching. They get once they reach the NFL. Hunter was an Absolute Auto pass rusher in college LSU, who's a great run defender when he goes, and it's one of the best athletes Clarisa draft in the third round and has become one of the best edge rushers in the league, in my opinion. Do I think that Sean Gary Montas sweat have that potential? Sure, it big part of that is obviously the system and situation that they land in but with sweat. He someone that can get up the field in a hurry. I mean that matches accessories I two or three steps are are outstanding. And when you know when you say, those heavy footed off tackles, it can be fairly easy to run pass them. Now does he have that been my von Miller? No. But again, if I'm trying to invest in a I. Round edge rusher or first round injured you vitamin the Goethe's get after the quarterback match up. Yeah. I absolutely loved them to have a superior in these cases, the ninetieth ninety four th percentile of profile. Is there like can. I just saved a quarterbacks for a second. Because you're really don't. I'm not able to do much more at the combine like hopefully, see the quarterbacks for a couple of seconds. The rest of it is white Hayes. And then I catch up with it later. But when it comes to outside of the Kylo Murray is there a quarterback. That's caught your eye that you feel like is going to be someone that could surprise everyone. Or is that not the case, which is fine. Also, well, as we know like if a quarterback taken outside of round one, there's really very little hope for them in general. I mean, it's true. Yeah. I mean, it's not you can point to various little absolutely true. Yeah. I mean exception rather than the rule that's fair. But there's a caption approves the rules, plenty of decent second thirds out there. I mean, they're out really like there have been throughout history. Russell Wilson current. I'm counting. Like Andy Dalton to me is a draft hit. If you got a if you've got a guy who starts that many games in the second round or cabinet for that. Bengals fan. But yeah, you know, what I'm saying though, like those guys matter and those those aren't those weren't first round picks. But I hear you especially in today's NFL doesn't seem to happen to write kind of Garoppolo. If you if you wanna stay in those situations, right? And like don't want to improve off of them right now with that said, I will go to someone that is not going to be taken in the first round. And I'll go to eastern stick out of North Dakota state. We all know that that's a system that Carson Wentz came out of and eastern Randy exact same one. So if you go great name went, and yeah, right. Should be hockey player named after a baseball bat. Is they go. And if you have watched wins back in his college days, you saw everything was under center. A lot of things that are shotgun all play action moving out of structure instead of structure east and stick to do all that. Now, he did not have a good east west shrine week. But to me like stick is someone look if there's like a Taylor heineke out there as a backup quarterback in the league. If like Alex Pani is a backup quarterback league. It makes. That someone like, yeah. Right eastern stickshift easily backup quarterback and leading a lot of fun to go and watch those YouTube clips if you want I like it I'm all over the east and stick. Scenario. I'm gonna track that seventy that's the name of Mark's Nexen finally Stanley Morgan junior, you know, candy live up to the name that was the name of like my fantasy football team for years and years. It was just like Stanley Morgan. So like candy live up to that. What are your thoughts? Is is this the wide receiver out of Nebraska? That's right. That's right. His his dad is one of the great speedsters patriot's history. All right, Greg. I knowing what I don't know. And I'm just going to tell you I know very little about standing morte didn't make. Homework. I can make a big eighty thousand even very good athlete. Underhand thirds damning mortgage. There's a player I really want to know about. I have a buddy who goes by the name spice rack who is a big college football fan, and you know, fancies himself as a bit of a dress draft expert himself and during the season he told me that I am going to fall in love with little Jordan Humphry, Texas. He said he's just a big play maker this dude ran a four seven five at the combine, please tell me why my friend talked him up so much and is he in NFL wide receiver. Yeah. I've no idea. He didn't fall even with that four seven five you didn't fall into that. Like, non NFL caliber athlete territory. But if we're talking about players, you could she should get excited about it. Six four over two hundred pounds. He's certainly not the top of that list in this group like kind of massive wide receivers. There are a lot of fun instead of wasting your time and watching little John Humphrey. Or whatever his name is Jordan, which I think is a great name. He's not. I mean, Michael Jordan in Spicer ex defense. He is standing on the table for Dwayne Haskins. Not that he's the only person in the world that's doing that right now. But it is is convinced Hassans is going to be like the next or one of the next great of your time with Mr. Jordan. I would watch came Butler out of Iowa leaf. This is a Superfund player. Like you look at big wide receivers six five two hundred and twenty pounds. And like naturally think you think that you can do out Sean Jeffrey type stuff right just or at least Baldwin catches. Right. But what ki- Butler does he shows you elements of small game as well. Like, you turn that I will game and in like a fourth down scenario. He wants he runs a whip out along the sideline creates instant seperation like getting low his brakes creating that space. And that's just not something you see out of receivers out of a size. We're gonna hold discussion about him and drops. But like that's an overage discussion as well. But yeah, definitely go in watching you're likely. See I'm sorry. Josh for throwing you that Stanley Morgan curveball here. But otherwise, I think you knocked it out of the park. I think if people did happen to just like miss the previous four days and thirty two hours of coverage. We had on NFL. I think the last fifteen minutes probably made it up for you. I mean, I think we've covered covered it. We have ever if I can just plug my own podcast. I already did. Josh don't you worry about it? Well, I'll have the fuel full combine recap on there. If you want to you know, if we've missed anything lasted match, which you know might not have happened. No grind in six days in a row with podcast anyone here know about that. What I wanted you on. Josh does an awesome job with with the really kind of cavalcade of stars that you have run through that show. Josh smart. He's kind of the main one, and then the rest just rotate, so everyone knows who's the most employees. He's. Sun, and they're the plan. Right. And so different guys come on different days. And all that. And it is really good rota world football podcast. They started it. Too late, but they've made up for ground. I know you were pushing for it for years before they let you start it. That's the only reason why I'm saying there's no money in podcasting. Right. Except for us. We're just drowning in it. Yeah. Drowning in all right? Thanks, josh. Thank you. All right. So that was Josh. And before we go, we do have one last item of breaking news. We got three items of bringing that's what west. Ahead on six. Well, first of all this better be real the falcons in nounce that they are franchise tagging, Grady, Grady, defensive tackle. Yep. Adam Schefter has been told that CJ Moseley will not be franchise tag by the Baltimore Ravens. And rap sheet is reporting that Landon Collins is not expected to draw the franchise tag from the giants. Wow. I. It we we forecast that before anyone. The Landon Collins news chain west got another one grab sheets. The wording is the giants are viewed as unlikely. Okay. Well, we got twenty four hours. So at this point, he's he's probably not getting the tag. He's going to get very close to the top of our rankings Grady Jarrett. That's no surprise. He was ranked number three player overall. So that is no surprise the top one hundred list in it's a wonderful thing. But then it's like immediately burned to a crisp like the only name value products on the entire thing or held by their own teams. No, I mean. Yeah. You know, most of them are gonna go, but we're going to be on your, right? The top is now going to be lady on bell. Earl Thomas tree flowers. Foles? Landon Collins Collins, I mean, we've had much worse years at the top put it that way a year where it was like Maliki Jackson, and then like collect assembly or something one that our timing of the release and updates is suspect. That maybe we should wait until after the franchise tags and before we do this. Now people wanna know they wanna start thinking it's all about the page. They're getting more. I mean, right. You're saying for the. In for the absent the page views. Yeah. Like the top ten guys on your list every year or generally the top two guys. Right. Well, it's a good discussion and CJ I had reboot the entire project and give it to to other people. Mark Moseley Moseley interesting. He's the one that I think they really wanna keep them. And it's a rare case, I think they if I had to guess, I bet they still will find a way to keep them. Even though they're not going to tag them. They just don't want to start the discussions at fifteen million a year. Right. I don't blame him for it inside linebacker. Maybe the Browns of steel I don't know why just feels thought and they just kills a guy who's just going to come in and improve the culture and make your opponent in the end to their season with an interception. So. Help them out. It all comes back around on Wednesday. We will be back. We have a Twitter show early this week. I believe it's Aaron early unless unless we're pre-tape in it is airing at ten thirty Pacific one thirty eastern time. And then we are taping the podcast after that. We will also be back with the podcast Friday morning. Dan will be back on Wednesday. For cecil. The quiet storm Chris Wesseling. Mailman? That's it can't Brown. Josh north. Evan Silva, everyone. We'll see a Wednesday.

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