The NBA Returns - I Think | RIP Wes Unseld


It. took. Hey welcome to another episode of Ball, court I am co drew. This is the world of basketball and stick with US right here on ball card. Hey. This is the overboard coach drew. Yes, this balk. Oh, welcome to the world of basketball and guess what I know. Everybody has been clamoring for this moment. We have been waiting for this moment and I am happy to announced. Yes, the NBA will be resume in so yes, everybody come on man. The weight has been hard. We've been waiting without basketball. We've been watching reruns of basketball, but the NBA is coming back. Yes, it will be is not gonNA bring. Everybody's just going to bring back a selective few. Yes, twenty teams! We'll be coming back some of the elite teams. You will. They will be coming back to play. An eight game shortened season before they go into their playoff season now. I know you wondering. Where is this going to be held? How is the format GONNA BE? What's it? GonNa be like when I bring everybody back well. I don't want to give away all the information right away, but let me tell you. It's going to be down in Disney yes, yes, Disney complex as we reported before they were looking into it, but it was. It has been finalized so. A lot of teams are going to be there now. Mind you not. Every team has made it I i. what I did see that they are actually going to be the eastern conference teams. But we all know that he's in conferences that we conference so just in case all of my New Yorkers who grew up with me and everything. If you're sitting there wondering right now, let me go ahead and make you feel a little bit better and bring you the news. No. The Knicks will not be there. Just WanNa. Let you know that it will not happen. But the nets may be, and then there is rumors going around that. Kevin durant might be coming back in order to go ahead and you know the play. Within this time, so that could put a very Put a different picture on the playoffs especially in the Eastern Conference. So this is something that we wanna go. Go ahead and watch for but me myself. I am super excited, because guess what being is back. Yes, boys and girls. Men and women, Ladies and gentlemen. The NBA has reserved yes. Yes, yes, now you wonder well, what does take place is going to be taking place in this summer. Yes, we're looking around July in. The End of July twentieth timeframe. I know this causes a little pause, but guess what still has some breaking news coming up for all of my basketball fans now. Before I get into that I know that this is a very happy day, and we are celebrating the return of the NBA, but there is some sad things that I wanNA talk about. First off. I want to talk about losing alleged. One of the greatest rebounders. An outlet passes ever play the game. One of the toughest players to ever play the game. Yes, the bull! West on sell. Baltimore bullet. Washington. Pretty much a staple of to Washington bullets franchise. When it became to Washington bullets at the time, he would've Baltimore Bullets. He was doing his Dang as a player. And he called. He has such a legacy within the game. At the age of seventy four we, it feels like two young I. Feel like we lost wants who early. WES UNSELD! You're definitely going to be missed and what? You've done for the game very few athletes to this day. Can still do. Where you just catch and in mid air, able to whip that head around and see exactly who's moving down courts. It didn't matter if it was an older. Oscar Robertson you gotTA. You gotTA. Have all. We. We're GONNA. Miss that we're going to miss that. Now. Some, A little bit of How should I put it? Controversy that was taking place, James Broadcaster resigned after he tweeted to demarcus cousins. A tweet responding to demarcus cousins plea especially during this time there's been a lot of protests after the death of George Floyd with demarcus cousins response to it speaking on What was taking place? kings broadcaster. Decided and this is not just a you know everyday because this is a long time, longtime broadcasts Bryant Nab granting appear. He actually decided to go ahead and resign after Tweeden to demarcus cousins. All lives matter in all caps. and for what was what's been going on on the Internet lately as well as what we've been actually seen around the demonstrations that a statement that. came off rather dismissive and. Tone deaf to the situation that was taking place. So granting the pair decided to go ahead and resign. Effective immediately need. Longtime TV broadcasts designed to. Decided to take that route now as we can clearly see especially with the way things have been going. In in the media ad as as well as. On the streets. Is. Seems that at this point in time? A lot of our athletes are going to be one to choose your whereas carefully as well update brought as a broadcasters. and. Management So. That's a little something that we just wanted to go ahead and take a look into now demarcus cousins, as we all know currently does not play for the Sacramento Kings, but was drafted by the Sacramento Kings out of Kentucky. But. We do know that right now. He's one of our row right here in la or right in La. I'm over here in Vegas, but you know by here in La on the west coast. He's one of our own. And speaking of La! I WANNA go ahead and jump into my next segment ladies I. I, will I have to give a big shout out to the sparks La, sparks is making some moves and I know you wondering what's happening with the WNBA? When is it coming back when we? Play. Let me talk about this. I write. The sparks actually acquired Christine a big way. And yes, he picked her up from the Dallas. from the Dow's wings in a trade where they were able to go ahead and give a second round draft pick, but they did go ahead and pick her up and that's GonNa. Make that team a lot tougher. The sparks seem to be loaded up and I've noticed like. We reported last week when we speak about the ACIS. re-signing Kelsey Plum Is seems that There's three teams that are really gearing up and waiting for the WNBA seized to get started those three teams the Phoenix Mercury. Of course they're loading up well. They're going into it as well as the La sparks I'm telling you who they're picking up as a matter of fact, think about this. Dispatch right now. Have, the go McKay sisters. They have is CPI three. They are now adding Christine England. They're pretty strong already not to mention the rest of their starting lineup. Now a Lotta sparks fans did find it a little bit. Disturbing Derek Fisher with mentioned into weapons that they had out candace, Parker but. I guarantee Venus and find her to be a weapon. The rest of the WNBA does now. Let's go ahead and speak about that because I know a lot of people's been wondering. When will certain things say place and one of those things that they were wondering it'll take places. When will the WNBA come back? Especially now with the NBA talks coming back in Orlando over the summer, and we all know that the summertime is the time for the WNBA. We started to wonder what's going to happen with the WNBA. They're going to be put on the backburner. Are. They going to be pushed aside. Is it just GONNA get swept under the rug. After making all these big strides, especially with the contracts and everything. Is this season just going to disappear? Well, the answer is no, and I'm happy to report this. Because actually I was a little nervous myself brought. The WNBA is right now doing the same thing that the NBA will join a couple of weeks ago, the N different locations in which to play and right now the last two options options that has come down to order saying two options that the was reporting the LAS, Vegas and Orlando. Now be for the fact that right now. Summer basketball will be taking place in. In Orlando with the NBA like I reported earlier. I think it would probably be the best thing to come out to Vegas. They have the hotels here. The have the space they will be able to go ahead and play and enjoy themselves right now. Hotels aren't being used so I think good probably be a good thing to get. them out here and not to mention the ACIS would have a great home game to play, and at least one team will at least have a home game whereas if you play in Orlando. There isn't a WNBA Orlando team, so no team has a home game you. Got A fan base here. You know, but that's just my point of view. You know what I'm GonNa. Go ahead and take a quick little break. I want you to stick with me right here on ball court. We got a wall world of basketball right here. Welcome back to the world of basketball. This role court I am coach drew, and of course we're going to be speaking of the world of basketball. I less I. This is something that I want to jump into right away because with the NBA coming back and with Wnba with talk of coming back. It leaves me to wonder whatever happened to Chinese basketball. Association. We were actually looking upon chain Basketball Association as a bottle of how things will be when it come back. Well, I am happy to report the CBA will be return in June twentieth. Yes, basketball will be back in China. June, twentieth, and it's going to be held in a similar fashion. No, not in Orlando, but it will be one disclosed city, and they will be all playing there as of June twentieth. Now this happened this come about after waiting five months after the pandemic. They've been without basketball for five months. Right now. I'm glad that he did go ahead and take the proper precautions to make sure that. Basketball will be played at the highest level, but it is something that I am happy to report that they will be coming back a lot quicker than we do. Now I want to go ahead and jump into this segment right here. This segment is a segment that is near and dear to my heart. This is dating basketball. Dating a basketball where we always talk about his name basketball, it is always from a day. A basketball that either has changed something in basketball for. A great amount of people or myself or something a great memory for myself. This one that I'm going to do for this team. Basketball is about the late Ray. Kobe Bryan. All right this is one of the most iconic moments in basketball of all time. It happened on June fourth two thousand. Yes. I know what you're thinking. Yes, that exact moment the Kobe to shack alleyoop! Let's go ahead and paint the picture for you just in case for those who wasn't there? It was ten minutes and twenty seconds left to go in the game, and this was game seven against the travelers. This was a very tough game now at the time. The The Los Angeles Lakers. They were down. I believe. I believe it was down fifteen points, and it was epic comeback. The outscored the Blazers Twenty nine to eleven. It was amazing and in the last forty seconds of the game. The most iconic moment. Kobe to shack and as you saw at ballgame. Blazed do that. Ramsey to it through and his eyes open up, and he is pointed at Kobe coming down in that excitement we knew. It was oh. Yes the gay finished eighty four to eighty nine. But in my mind in my memory, it was a lot closer if felt like that dunk ended getting. And it also ended that that was on their back that game right there. That led them to the championship after a drought for so long nineteen ninety-one, the had not been in the finals and Kobe Shack. Got Him back. Great Job Twenty years ago twenty years ago late. Great Kobe Bryant Shaq Diesel. Man. Where were you? Where were you? Now I gotTa jump into the Segmen Dad I usually do I, usually reserved the segment every now and again. I keep this segment during basketball season especially during the. With young kids, we're high. School Middle School. Kids playing basketball is reserved this season. Reserve that just for them. But I had to take this timeout to talk about an amazing young man, and this is going to be for my why Yuval Segment! Yes, I wanNA talk about Mikey. Williams fifteen-year-old Mikey Williams. He is a number. One ranked basketball player for the class of twenty twenty three. and He. Realizes the power that he has? and. He can possibly change the face of basketball as we see. Right now, everybody speaks of college basketball, taking advantage of the athletes. And most of our the bu-but blueblood schools aren't schools that are benefiting to athletes in themselves. They get in for one year and then they leave. Now mikey Williams took to. Instagram to go ahead and say. Some powerful words that may sway the call of basketball so I. Want you to stop and think about this. mikey Williams stated. And Hugh. Wouldn't be so bad. He stayed his after he got a recruitment letter from Tennessee State University a historically. College or University Now A lot of argument has been coming up about this matter of fact, for years. report an analysts Jamila. Hill stated that. Dow. Black athletes. And african-american athletes should actually go ahead and withdraw from. Predominantly, white institutions and go to HP US now. This is something that I myself always felt that. The. Though conferences that have these HCC's. They will greatly benefit from a Lotta these players and a lot of these players will get to play. In an environment, which they would feel a little bit more comfortable, instead of going to an environment, in which they will be forced to trying adapt to a different situation, so that is just stands at Mikey Williams taking on one end to say hey, that could be an option, but I want everyone to stop and think about this. Right, now with? The NBA drafting kids Outta High School Wood Jr. that will be the case in actually go ahead and have come up to the G. League with the other avenues of such as the NBL. Wouldn't it be? I think it would be a great option as far as to go to the Hughes and actually shift the culture of college, Basketball This may be something that where we can find. Is it really these coaches that are absolutely rate? Or is it the fact that they have the money to get all the best athletes now? If the top one hundred went to Hugh. That would change March madness in the final four. Altogether. Just in one year. That's just something to think about and and I think that Mikey Williams even at a young age has taken the opportunity to go ahead and start that conversation so. I must say that that. That, that shows leadership beyond his years so i. Congratulate! You Might Williams. Now I gotta jump into my, favorite. Yeah, you know time it is see the shoulders move. Oh, is the favorite topic. This favorite segment is called. Let's kick. It leads K., come on y'all. Kid Get all ride. Hey, look this. Kick it now this this dawn. This time I always like to talk about you know what are going to be the greatest sneakers coming out for the summer. Now of course, we all know that this is Joan and we have the nets holiday coming up or the next. Major holiday, coming up in the United States is actually going to be the fourth of July. So a lot of sneakers right now coming out with their fourth of July. Fourth of July Holloway's now I gotta go ahead and shout out the Nike Air Max Ninety S for coming out with the whole. The Ninety s Joel's I'm sorry. came out with the home and away now let's say I. Want you to take a look at these the reason why you're going to really like these. The look here. The Air Max Ninety Jill wasted though it does have that beautiful. That that that classic nineties airmax style. The thing that I. Like about it is if you've noticed. The soul is going to be a gum soul, and it does have that red, white and blue finish with red upper. That's GonNa be the part that really gives e. Gives the shoot I characters looking for I. Really think that that's going to be something that. I see myself getting this for that. I cook out. You know when I decided to go back out I. I'm not ready to go back out as of yet. I. I think I'm trying to both of my shoe game, but I I think that's going to be the first one coming out. This may be the second one for the next cookout. Yes, one of my favorites now this one is gonna be retailing at one hundred and ninety dollars. This is the Reebok Reebok shot noces. Now, anybody who remembers or watch is the the less kick it. You heard me talk about the Reebok Shack noces when it came out with the rainbow, color way and I thought those were very fly. But these right here going for one hundred and ninety with all the red, white and blue. I think this is gonNA. Be definitely something that you would wanna wear during your during July you go ahead and hold onto it. You know saying. Rocket Rather. The barbecues and every other barbecue throughout the summer. This is I. Think this is very cool one, if not, if not. You know one of those people who say that okay. This is not one of those shoes that I'm GonNa Rob. You know like. In the summer I could definitely see this as an on-court shoe that I would have A. Absolutely. Absolutely! Put it. I will be overwhelmed to rotten shot. This is a classic and as far as rebound goes. That's what you look for. And maybe speaking about classics, here goes a fun little shoe. Right here to six jail light three. Yes, it a drag dragging fruit color away. I think issues shoes right? Here is the most out of everything that I've that we displayed today are definitely GonNa probably got the air. Max Ninety, especially since it retails at one hundred and thirty. That's definitely something that I could see myself Komo. Rocking those those you know what I'm saying because those are the JOE's. You GotTa Rod, Dole especially with no socks or ankle socks, but if you're looking for something, that's GonNa be fun lively, have a little spunk to it, and especially if you are the type of person I need who recycle shoes and turns like my oldest shoes into my running shoes or something, the Gel light threes are going to be v perfect ones. They're very light they are. They are very durable running shoe, but not to mention you're very salish as well a great lifestyle show in itself. You can right those with a pair of jeans a little. Pink Dolphin or pink Dolphin t shirt and jeans jacket and I think you ready for just about any summer brunch or any summertime Get together, and you know that's how that's. How rocket personally? But I definitely want John Keep looking at checkout. Let's cake. They got some big things coming up. As a matter of fact, the websites it'd be coming up and we're GONNA make sure that all of the shoes that we speak about right here on ball court and let's kick it to make sure that you get access to those you know. You GotTa make sure you seem fresh. You know so I gotTa give a shout out definitely to the people who made this possible CWF's sports I do appreciate you because not to mention that they're putting out my show like. Let's kick it on ball court, but. They got some great content. I'm talking. They got the league with the blitz man. Guys a funny guy! If you're not watching the glitzy, not keep it up to the greatest days now also. Sean Harvey Morning. Show let me ask you. How are you starting? Your morning is is you're not listening to Sean Harvey. Morning Show I. Don't know how you start your morning. I'm telling you you can put. You can put it on on your facebook live. Have it playing in the car while you're riding down just listening and joking or if you're sneaky, that were sh- I ain't nobody and Sean Ain't gonNA tell nobody go ahead and enjoy yourself. Listen, listen have fun. Have Fun and guess what. Be on the lookout. New Fusion sports is on its way and me. I'm going drew I'm doing ball court I love all court, but I also love. Let's kick it, so check out those sneakers as well checking me out on bulk, and if you're not subscribing. Libya, t y so as a word for the coach. I gotTa tell you stay healthy. Stay safe. Stay informed and stay active once again I am coach Drew Instance Ball Court, and thank you for joining me in the world of basketball. 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