Steelers Hangover: Can the Steelers continue winning despite first quarter lulls?


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And we either celebrate were we talk about what went wrong with the Pittsburgh Steelers play now yesterday the Pittsburgh Steelers took on the Cleveland Browns. Landscape of great tragedy. And it was a very somber day for what went on the day before in squirrel hill. The Pittsburgh Steelers gave the community chance to have a three hour window to try to escape from what happened the day before? And for a lot of people. It was a time to scape. And just forget about what happened and there's not much. I could say about it just that, you know, we pray for the families and pray for those. We lost at squirrel hill tree of hope. And we hope that this senseless tragedy never happens. Again. I'm Brian Anthony Davis in the long with me is my good friend and Pittsburgh resident Tony to fail to diffuse. He's me and Tony good evening. My friend. Hey, Brian good to be with you. Well, I'm glad to have yawn. So I mean, we have a lot of a lot to talk about definitely a a great day as far as on the football field for the Pittsburgh Steelers. A a very important win. Even though it was against a the downtrodden Cleveland Browns. It was still something they needed to come back from the by came back a little rusty. They came back actually with heavy hearts their heads weren't completely in the game. They even said that I, but they found a way to to put things together in dominate towards the end, and we will talk a lot of football. But beforehand, if you don't mind, Tony, I know I live in Maryland. But I am I was born and raised in western Pennsylvania. And my heart belongs to the city of Pittsburgh, you live right there. And if you don't mind me rehashing, this what were your? Fox when this happened when the game was going on. And how do you feel that the Steeler Organsation handled it and honored the victims of this great tragedy? Well, actually, I was on my way to an event exceed you. Was going on a bunch of emergency vehicles. You know, I had to pull over on four as passed. I had no idea that this fire or an accident or something. And then when I was at CMU about an hour later what event for the homecoming game and. Told me that there was an active shooter in the area, squirrel hill for way about a mile away. And we were on lockdown. Then nothing after that game cancelled the event was cancelled. And it was just a and then as the morning and recipe after noon transpired, I I realize what happened. It was just such a shot. And it's just, you know, like, so many people said are just no words describe something like that. I mean, you know, it could be it could happen to anyone anytime. Like, you said you just hope something like that never happened again as far as how? Candle. They handle class like like, they'd be. And like you said show, it was a three hour window where everybody's sort of. Sort of forget what happened and just. Country's been. That's the great thing about sports is. She's players. They just they just give us all. And and they paint us. They give their bodies. They give everything. We we can escape from stuff like this just normal everyday live, usually, but for my tragic like this, and it was just just. It was it was a. This is a small way to to to to make us forget about what happened better than. Well, you know, what it's something that you. We see these tragedies on the news all the time. But when it hits your backyard, it really hits home, and that's something. That's not a fraternity that I ever wanted to be in. But as as far this has happened city of Pittsburgh. And I'm very proud of the way, the city has come together has United in this tragedy and very proud of my city and something how would you have? People don't realize how ingrained a T sports teams can be in every member of the community. And when I was watching I was watching on the today show this morning, the showed some fan these should family photos of some of the victims. And there are a lot of Steeler shirts in these pictures. Terrible towels Lund, the coach couches do something that the Steelers were major part of this community. And they these players they felt it going in. And they talked about it. It's really nice to see Cam Hayward come out wearing the Pittsburgh with a heart t shirt, he didn't come out during their adoptions with his ninety seven jersey on he came out with a shirt to do rope in Pittsburgh. So to go ahead and send a message of of love and support and hope and we're. We're going to go through this together. But that team did a lot to give that window. So I mean, I know we we've talked a lot about it. And we're here to talk about football. But that's the landscape that we were given it hung over that game. But it was really nice to go ahead and you'll see the community come together. And I know I keep I keep going after this. But let's go onto football, Tony. And as you know, the Pittsburgh Steelers they were coming off of a buy and typically their last five times of by. I think it was one in four just not a very good team lately off the bye that rough. Sometimes. Sometimes seeps in and they have trouble in look like look like the first quarter once again. Was going to go ahead and be the the doomsday for this team. Do you think going forward? That they continue to struggle in the first quarter and get away with it. Like, they have recently. Tony. Well, I mean, that's that was interesting thing about yesterday. Same began like a lot of the other the dams at Heinz field recently playoff game last year. Kansas City Baltimore this year getting slow start off? That's not being quite up to snuff up to par. You know, letting the Browns going to sixty five. Sorry. They to be. Everything. Trim having a little problem your connection. I've I am. I am. So what I'm gonna do about having trouble your connection here? So I'm gonna ask you to go ahead and hang out. They all back in the corner. Sorry. Tony, we're yeah. We're having problem with your connection. I'm gonna ask you to hang up and call back in. But at this time, we're going to go to the phones in our good friend veto. I know he has to say and good evening. My friend evening, gentlemen. Good evening. Thanks for being here. Listening to someone happened in Pittsburgh. And it's very sad. It's very unfortunate. But we live in a world as you. So very very precarious world that we have a lot of infection. Understand that these days will happen was as a. This is because. His imports. Seabees when imperfect world, and we're always going to have wickedness and evil until the good say send it once. Everything. Perfect. And we understand that we need to be faithful on the stand that he's going to do what he did make the perfect one day. And that's what we go by full. Lection of just taking all my negative focusing on you know, the moment at hand. But it's great to see him out. You know, honor those victims, you know, to do things the way they did. And they think I could've been a function of what happened on Saturday causing than maybe not too into that game. At that moment may have taken a good quarter to get into and say, look we come out and we need to play hard. And we need we need to win this game to win fifteen when he to win it. To prove that was your and I think that's why you saw them towards the second quarter. Do what they did towards the flat half of the quarter. What was agreed team victory? I think there was a couple blunders could've been event like kick. The place. But you know, we scored enough to really. Game away. Then you get news today. Hugh Jackson town. Hey, and you realize that organization is in a mess to tailspin so good as defense is there in Cleveland, they got bigger problems. So what are your thoughts on moving forward in next week is another big game? And I think if we could win the game kind of pivotal so the second half. Movie. No, I'm first of all thank you for those words of wisdom, in those words of hope that something that of course, we all need to hear. And I appreciate that. And you echoed the sentiment of the last few days, the Pittsburgh is stronger than hate. So I do appreciate you saying that for as. Going forward before we get to that. I wanna mention you mentioned the Cleveland Browns, and you mentioned pod. Haley and Hugh Jackson. They got their they got their red tags today and their walking papers, and I actually predicted that Hugh Jackson would be fired after this game. But then my prediction was the Todd. Haley would be the new head. I was so I guess I have right. I texted Jeff Hartmann, right? As soon as Jackson got fired. I'm like like you see that. He's like. Yep. You were right. And then we realized that I was wrong on the second second part, and they took a while. But they finally named Greg Williams defensive coordinator the Abram head coach team have a long way to go. But they're the definitely have some signs of brilliance on that defensive side of the ball. I am even offense was out of the ball. I like what the sub and Mayfield or doing there. I like ward. And of course, Myles Garrett on the other side of the ball. But the Pittsburgh Steelers the ship those guys down pretty much now the first few the first quarter Nick sub had forty four yards. He ended with sixty five. Which they really they really settled down and shut him down Mayfield. He has a he has great awareness back in the pocket and on the run. He's he can do a lot of things. He's going to be dangerous team in the future and on the opposite of the ball. We know what they can do. But when you have like I like Myles Garrett, and you look and say, okay, he had a sack he without a good game. When you realize that that's sack was his only tackle of the day. You look at the other side of the ball and realize that guys like Ramon foster and. More like a hundred villain wave of who went one on one. If you part of the day with him had a great day. So the Pittsburgh Steelers were poised and ready to go, but they are facing next week. A team that always plays them tough in their home field and a team that has lost two games in a row. And I don't think are done yet when you have a wound Pm like this. They can be very dangerous. The Baltimore Ravens losing three in a row is going to be really tough. So I think you need to have four quarters of football against them. Tony, what do you think of that? Well, I I like I like to say about the line. I I can't say enough things about what Mike checks doing. Now. Just from bottom mentioned pig out on when he Garrett I mean, and he soon jobbing especially after what happened in week one. But what about met? The way that they. Super sub on the west. He didn't even doing it for years. Right. Once again, Tony were having trouble with your connection tonight. I'm not sure what the with the problem is with your connection. You know? I mean, does that make sense? You were next week's game is so paramount for this team. I think it's born. I think you know, we need to we need to do them a favor and the same that we didn't play is good as we could we faced in Pittsburgh. And we need to go there. And we need to, you know, take your business befo 'cause and play Votto fan commodity. They would win. I think they realize that maybe they realized that supporting. No, you know, what's really at stake as well. If they lose this game the Steelers that means that they will go ahead and have lost three divisional games. What that means for the Steelers head to head in a tiebreaker. That means that they have already won the division over the ravens in a tiebreaker, which you know with a tie. It's it's hard to think that there would be a tiebreaker. But as far as the division goes, they they're gonna have a definite advantage over that in the division that would be at that point. That would be they would be three one in one in the division with one game to play if the Steelers would go ahead and win that and that last game would be against Cincinnati at home on December thirtieth in week seventeen. So it's a fancy to give a knockout punch to that. Team. So that's what I know. They're going to go in and look to do and that week four game is something that is really sticking in their craw. So I would think that they would go ahead and just try to end it this season for the Baltimore Ravens as far as the AFC north goes. And with another law that could probably really knock them way even out of the wildcard situation with a serious run being needed Fito. Let's see what happens, and then you get the trade deadline tomorrow. When if they're gonna make any moves curious, you know, that that's I'm actually working on an article right now about that. I'll tell you who is going to make moves and that's the New England Patriots. And they're gonna make big moves. They're going to get a receiver. They're talking about a defensive back. I think it behooves Kevin Colbert the Rooney's Mike Tomlin to look at look at a defensive back in. I think ginormous Jenkins is definitely on their mind. I had a discussion with Jeff Hartmann the other day on our preview show, albeit brief he does not like the idea of janoris Jenkins. I kind of do just for the fact that you need to short up already burns didn't play it all yesterday. He only played on special teams. But the reason for for that was the fact that he he was late for a. Walk through. So he was being punished for that. But that defense, you know, they put. They they gave up eighteen points to the Browns. But if you look at it that boxed special teams play boss by all three of those guys. Knicks Dabie and Ryan Switzer that was that was the team bucks by just not realizing the roles Switzer went ahead and took responsibility for that. But I think they all need to take responsibility for them play. In fact, I think Antonio Brown was the biggest culprit on that play Switzerland Switzerland's going and taking the taking the blame. But as far as everything goes, they gave up eighteen points. But that situation went ahead and gave the Browns great field position. Also, the other touchdown was in garbage time with I excuse a lot of a lot of touchdowns in garbage time. When teams just trying to get something on the board. So. That point that was very good defensive performance for that team. We'll see what they do in the trade bed line. I don't know. My gut is saying that they're going to do something mid level. You need something to come back, and what's going to be happening with Bill Belichick in New England. 'cause they're gonna do something big. Tony, what do you think about that? I I think you're right as far as the mid level acquisition. But if I'm gonna if I'm gonna be that Jenkins or what's the guy's name from Oakland. Conley. I think his name Jerry in Conley. Yeah. I mean, why not just promote Cam Sutton to to the other starting corner opposite of Joe Haden. Nothing. I would do. I mean, they seem very high on him. And now that you have you had more than Burnett fach for the league for the future. And they ask a lot of. Burnett as far as a secondary. So that every Sutton up to the that's what I would do. I would just try to promote from within. But but I agree with you. I think they are going to make a new at a mid level cornerback, and I'm I I guess I like it because it definitely gives him a another veteran presence in the secondary. But if. Left me with Cam Sutton. Then you know, they we're gonna see how healthy Cody central is going into the next game. But when it was cody's looks like Cody is the going to be the guy at that cornerback position right now and Sutton came in when he was hurting was not already birds veto. Thank you so much for your time thinking, we have we have some more thoughts on the trade deadline. We're going to get to to hoping to talk to you next week. And we'll talk soon you're gonna. I was always a hall of fame color veto from New Jersey love talking to him. And I knew he would have some pointing things to say, you know, we are kind of got off track here as for as the normal rundown with grades valedictorian. We're gonna get to all of that. But let's continue to talk about the trading deadline because we've guy likes the Mary Thomas could be going to New England. The the patriots the eagles. The Steelers are all rumored to be looking at corners mixed me wonder when I think about the Mary Thomas. I'm wondering about the Steelers bringing in a rental wide receiver because here you go. You have a clear number one. You mccleary number two. And you have a number three James Washington that did not even get a hat. He didn't get a uniform yesterday. They brought something hunter in do sees that position. And they talked about it on the broadcast. Tony that you know, he really that. Then talked to him and said, this is your chance to seize the position. I think you, and I both would agree that he didn't do anything to see that spot. Ryan Switzer is there as a as a slot receiver? Forget tree for small ball. He's gonna be valuable, but he's not gonna take the top off the defense and neither could a guy like ill. I Rogers if he is healthy enough to play. In fact, I really don't even consider him an option the way he played at the talent of last year. So could you see a possibility where they go ahead and go it gets convention and bringing a wide receiver. I would love it. Because if you remember two years ago when they had all the injuries that are to their receivers not named interning Brown. They they really struggling in. They had to rely on Belsen much pretty pretty on Kobelco output. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So so I would like it. Because like you said Justin hunter his to knows famous plays this year, and they were valuable place where I'm blocks on touchdown. And that's nice. They they really need production from that service Huber spot at their offense continued to move forward. It's nice that they've compensated with with Vance, John he and that's pieced anymore, and it gets the bone. But I think they're going to need if not to go out and get three receiver like like, you said to marry his Thomas, and I think it wouldn't take much to get him and say much I mean like a second or third round pick would be what I would do that for somebody like him. But if they don't if they don't do that you're going to have to have production from James Washington down the stretch. And so far we haven't seen anything from him over the first seven game. And I don't know if that's because I've a lack of trust with between from bedr- officer's perspective or just he's not on the details. They want in terms of flocking like Justin hunter has been to do. And if that's the case. And he may not see a hat down the stretch. And that's not true because I think they really gonna need him or somebody like I somebody to emerge number three receiver. Justin hunter what you what you get going to get much more from him. I think it's gonna have to be James Washington. If not then you're right. You know, it's inching see if they do something tomorrow. Bring a veteran of the Mary Thomas or somebody maybe a little less for talent. Tobin Benjamin, someone like that. You know that? I mean, guys like that the offer that possibility I I don't know how sexy that is to a lot of people. But maybe it seems scenery for one of these guys would be good. And I would I wouldn't have a problem was a rental now, let me ask you this. The you play defense with a pick with a trade like that. When I say play defense, try to grab somebody just so the patriots don't get them. That's something Steelers wouldn't normally do. But you gotta think about I think tomorrow, you gotta go against convention just because you know, they're going to do some stuff and you've got to fight fire with fire. You can't just sit back and do nothing while they bring to three guys in and they're not afraid to do that. They've never been afraid to do that. So Tony would you play defense? If you're the GM of the Steelers and go ahead and bring a big gun into try to look ahead to that game in December. And look ahead to a possibility of of the playoffs against it. Oh, absolutely. Because I mean, the already they already quickly snatched up Josh, Gordon when he was released, and and you know, if it is it's kind of a name that you said, I marry Thomas that that that would obviously help them almost immediately. It would definitely make receiving core stronger. And you don't wanna do anything you make make the patriots a stronger team. I mean, I think the Steelers have turned the corner. They're definitely that. They can now start preparing at least for playoff run, you know. So you wanna make your team better? And you also want to prevent other teams getting better that you're gonna have to January. And and and you know, but I guess the the only caveat would be what would they give up because somebody like that? You get minimum player you get somebody. I mean, the Mary Thomas his his last contract. Did he I think it's twenty sixteen. It's pretty substantial. So it was it was bringing in a player making a lot of money. What would you have to get up for the first or second round pick? What's happening? That would be a Kyle. We have to for a guy like to Mary Thomas. I mean the matrix seem to get guys for fifth and sixth rounders. It's it's just absolutely amazing. Yeah. Same on the Dallas Cowboys for giving up a one on Amari Cooper. I I think that's giving a lot of teams hope that they're going to go ahead and get a number one out of a guy that is not. I mean longer number one how because I would've never I would've thought three would three would be read along the lines for a guy like Amari Cooper at this point. Tony, let's we've another call on the line. We're going to get to that. In just a moment. Let's go ahead and quickly do grades for the offense defense and special teams and a world valedictorian as far as that goes. Let's just start with valedictorian. I kinda think this is a no brainer. So I'm gonna let you sounded out. I'm going to either. Concur, or we're sitting my case for somebody else. But go ahead. That'd be games kinda right? Yeah. Two hundred twelve yards from making everybody forget about maybe about pretty quickly. Yeah. Absolutely. James cover just had an amazing day still still combining combat running with a with speed and finesse. I thought he had a beautiful day as a pass blocker as a past protector as a runner as a receiver. I think this guy right now is the MVP over the Steelers in I would be surprised if the team would not vote for him. He is your definite valedictorian giving rate of the offense. I'm gonna go ahead and give them an a minus Justa just for the fact that the they didn't start no matter. What reason it could be whether it was rough from the off whether it was because of a heavy hearts and. And what have you there the they played three quarters that offense played three quarters yesterday. Tony. But I thought it was overall. It was pretty close to a dominating performance. Once they got rolling. I'm gonna I think they deserve a minus. Yeah. I agree with that. You know? I mean, we can't keep having kind of slow starts in the first quarter. They knitted seven yard. I retreive. You're not going to be very many teams by doing that. But they did rebound pretty pretty well. And at four hundred yards every last quarters and thirty points, though. Yeah. Eight ninety about right? You know, once, you know, last time around we gave we gave the valedictorian crown to the entire offense of wine. I'm going to go ahead and give them. Honorable mention once again on a roll status, but I want to point out to guys on that offense of line. They were all amazing Ramon decastro penalty. Those guys were amazing. But let me talk about the tackles Alvin villain wave. And we talked about this before only gave up one tack was a sack, and I thought Ben actually held onto the ball a little too long. It could've been didn't have to be sack. But it was only one tackle on the day. Myles Garrett is to be a world as a defender. I think he is going to me multiple times offensive player of the year in the future. Big Al great game. And you you gotta talk about Matt filer something in playing for Marcus Gilbert, and they call him the anchor. I guess 'cause he years fig physical specimen, and that is his dick name. I don't know where he got that. Whether I whether the bloomsburg where that where that came up, but the anchor had a great game as well. As far as other guys on offense. I mean, you have good game. I'm not gonna give honor roll though Antonio Brown. Definitely. And that's about it for me. I mean, I had a lot of I heard a lot of people give game balls to Vance McDonald again on Vance had another nice day know, he's one that can merit mention for it. But right now, I'm looking at those four guys James Connor. I'm looking at aby filer, I'm willing villain away about and you know, what I'm gonna throw in big bend. 'cause he put it all together quarter to three and four. So that's the offense. We're giving them an eight. Minus. What's your defense of great? Tony I and I think the way the way they held the Browns out of the end zone in the first quarter. When variously could've you know, giving up a touchdown like they had some other teams in panic. The ravens the chiefs, and I think they held the ninety eight yards after that after that first quarter first quarter feel all the way through into that. Like, you mentioned the garbage time. Touchdown ninety eight yards to me. It was a performance there. One legit touchdown came under short field after that ridiculous gaffe on special teams in the free kick. So no, I I love the how the Joe Haden. I mean, we talked about Jarvis Landry and in week one. And what he did to Artie burns well yesterday because Joe Haden this covering him, so Hayden if you're talking about VP, here's no question who had its member twenty three. Have you bet? You know, it is. And I agree with you. But I wanna give strong armaments to bud depre-, bud. Great day, you know, hit a sack I guess in the heat gets credit for the other sack. I believe on the safety. But look like a man among boys yesterday. I know he was playing against that's been Harrison a good bit, a rookie left tackle. But I really like what bud could do if he can do that over the next nine games look out that is a lot stronger. But everything you said, I've gotta say, yes, I'm gonna add one more guy to that list. And look out just when you thought that he was, you know, slipping up security Stefan to it another big week. He looked great against the Bengals look great again yesterday with some big tackles looks like I oh, I know I'm use this phrase a lot. But he looks like a minimum boys as well. And I. Really liked what he was doing. So those three guys stood out the most for me. I don't think my missing anybody there. Tony. No. Yeah. I'm glad you mentioned by decree because it seems like he's the new poster child for anything that goes wrong. Steelers defense and anytime Twitter even TSE by the free freight, but he had a really great yesterday. And he's he's a I think he's really benefiting from being on the right side. So I'm glad you mentioned him. Yeah. I think he's coming alive. And I think already burns has done him a favor as well. As I think you slightly because I think already the brand new poster child, and you and I are age you, and I are or exactly the same age. And I know you were just like me you follow the Steelers in the nineteen eighties. And there was a guy that were number thirty three and his son plays in believe it's for Duquesne possibly. I mean, he his the junior version of this this fellow but Harvey Clayton was the guy back in the back in the eighties. The cornerback that they blamed everything on. He was the whoa of the defense in league, eighty five eighty six and more Murphy couldn't get a break. And I think I think already burns our new Harvey Clayton. But I I wish Harvey Clayton the best, and I I wish already burns to get it all together because I think he is a class individual. He just needs to get things together. And I sure this trade talk talking about the defensive back for bringing another corner is probably affecting him. Even though he's he's saying that it is. And but this really isn't about already already didn't really play yesterday. But but pre game as well. Special teams. I'm giving them a see. I'm just gonna leave it at that. I will say that Jordan berry had some pretty good punts. He he didn't play a little bit better. He had some ugly ones too. But a guy who did not have game was Chris Boswell? I'm thinking of a monkey might finally be off of his back. But I'm not I need one more week to completely say that. But that's special team gaff with Rosie mix calling the. The fair cats, and then then Switzer back off because he thought AB was coming in for it. I think AB kind of owned that a little bit that he was not eating own the mistake. But he he kind of I don't wanna see bully them out of the way. But he he basically overrode him. Let's say that. It's like if you didn't get your never got into Andrew mccutchen sway in the outfield. Right. You know what? I mean, you always get those guys deferred to him. And I think that's what's was doing. And then they both go the that's inexcusable that can't happen. But this is what I like about a guy like Ryan Switzer. He took the full blame. He's like look I didn't completely. No the roles that snow excuse. I should I should have known. What was going on? That will never happen again. I love the accountability of Ryan Switzer. So I'm gonna give him. I. Him even better. Now after that, you know, these guys are gonna make mistakes I make mistakes every single day. It's just doesn't go into highlights and bloggers and media talking heads. Don't talk about the mistakes, I making work all the time and trust me I make. But here's the deal. These guys these guys are under microscope, and he's like I own it not going to happen again. I trust them. I trust him even more. Now, I love having that guy back there, and he's going to break when this year with that being said overall effort, I think you gotta go with. You can go with an a minus because just a result just with the landscape. Let's just give them an A. That was the performance that they needed coming off of a by very proud of that performance yesterday despite some works, but I'll still take with that being said waiting patiently on the line, another good friend from the Garden State. You know him you love him. No. So you're my friend. What's up guys from jersey? We knew it was you can I just wanted to intro. I wanted you to say that was really good. I'm pretty good. Great. I'm doing well doing well. Enjoyed watching the game. You know? It's funny. Like it was so when when I turned the game when? Actually, I started watching it probably about halfway in. So I was watching from the beginning when it was about, you know, maybe in the second quarter. So I didn't hear anything about this world hill community. I didn't know anything. He just felt weird the whole first quarter like the hair was out of the stadium. Like that is it's really felt weird. I was like man like these guys have really not a safe from the by. I just thought it was all that knowing what happened. I think you have to put a little bit on, you know, the the. What happened in that community in the players have to just kind of go through that with them because it just didn't happen. So although yes, and feel is in the flow that was probably a little bit in there. But I it just it's so weird. Like the says, so they didn't have any energy. So it was a weird chili just watching once as as a fan on TV. But I think it was the Steelers most complete game. I really do think a lot of the fear of any better, not loosen Cleveland. And you know, this is desperation Cleveland, and if they can get it. They just say, and it was beautiful to see it should have been worse. You know, there was a couple of things like that. Especially teams play. I think there was something else along the way. Like, it was a couple of things it could've been worse. What thirty three to eighteen sported the in overall. I think the really. Defended. Well, Morgan Vernet get the scene in the game. Get out of the game. He played a lot. So. Yeah. And and like you said he'll J Connor looking better. I like to see him at the end of the game. Just like imposing his will difference. I don't think we've seen that consistently. You know, lady on can do that at the end of games. It's like shut guys, and he just get you more lives. So he started doing that. So that was good to see. You know? And that was that was the most important thing in his touched on that drive. The way he ran after that mistake. He didn't make the mistake with the way he took over you're right. It was shades of lady on, but it was shade of just a complete winter and one that you felt like is like what do you to proclaim? This is his team. And I really feel like that's right. 'cause I mean, this is fourth quarter football, and he's real off Ted and fifteen twenty he's making things happen over and over and over that late in the game. He wasn't gassed he was just a they were done. They were completely done. And he was the guy who emphatically put the put the end to that game. The all of he completely demoralized Cleveland at the end. And so as far as I'm concerned that was the guy. Going forward that you still you're gonna give a hat to every week. No matter who else is in that locker room until the other than other players from him. You can't take the season away from this guy at this point. Thank you can appreciate it. No problem. No problem. And I just I just called in. So did you guys already talking about the Browns fire in the coaches? Yeah, we did briefly. And I don't know we didn't talk about this one staff, and I didn't wanna go ahead and bring that up. It's amazing. The last six head coaches of the Cleveland Browns have been fired right after losing their second meeting with the Pittsburgh Steelers that that that incredible step to me? That's that is crazy. It's crazy really is. I mean, so bad and. And. Yeah. You know, what I 'cause I watched hard knocks and I really enjoyed. I really enjoyed Todd Haley during in tyre thing. And I kind of felt like he was unceremoniously dropped here. I thought that was Ben's firing. If you asked me, but without getting all into that. I I kinda root for wacky. Todd as Bryce used to brace over on the zany Todd. I thought it was wacky. Todd. So matter what was. Crazy. Here's a police. Right. You need to call you need to get into the game. Whether it was wackier eighty so. Nonetheless. I can't think that guy is Irving other shot. NFL team. And I I was hoping it would be Cleveland. I kind of root for the guy. But as far as that goes. Yeah. That team was a mess. Hugh Jackson in the problems that Hugh and Haley had them from hard knocks. Maybe that wasn't the best idea for that franchise, especially it made Hugh Jackson, look bad, but that team's gonna eventually get it together. And when they do they're going to be dangerous, but it's it's not this year taking baby steps, but it's just definitely not this year. That's the last thing I've seen this. So Todd Haley lasted six years in Pittsburgh on the difference. The condom man, the kind of leader that might Tomlin is still be able to work, you know, affectively Todd Haley over on that time these things the media doesn't talk about. So I just wanted to put that out now like couldn't even last half seen with Hugh, you know, last six years when my time you didn't hear anything about any insubordination. Any Rhys meantime in Haley at all with all the stuff that came out of pitch for no one's ever heard that one. You know, what I in? Thank you. Thank you for bringing that up. Because now that you say that I cannot tell you a rift that Mike Tomlin has ever had in every single season. This is eleven season for this is twelve actually this is season. He's never had a rift that I know of the they try to make a rift with him and aeriens, and it really wasn't because area and I've seen folk blindsided by that whole thing, but they never had a problem with each other. They always said that he was going to have a problem with thick LeBow when he came in and Tomlin was was smart enough and was respectful enough to go ahead and say, hey, I'm not gonna mess with a tried and true method of I'm not gonna mess with dick lebeau, and he'd Dopp did his defense and. Brought it in they had great success together. But I don't know of anybody as a coach even a disgruntled coach that that left. No areas was disgruntled, but airings is just disgruntled guy, but I don't know of anybody that if you could come up with one I will be shocked. I agree. Well, thanks, can we will talk to you next week after what is hopefully a win over the the Baltimore birdies. So I have a great one, buddy. All right. You too. I'm gonna. You can. That's a great question. I mean, you know, I'm so glad Ken brought that up because my Tomlin does not get credit for the week. He treats his his assistant coaches, and I would think that these guys love to work for this guy. Yeah. That's a great point. I mean, you never hear. I mean, I love the car. We all however, he had a lot of turnover on this coaching staff at you know, they're they're always rumors that heating they really necessarily get along with him. And then of course, there was staying power or him, and Tom Donahue, the the defacto general manager at the time. You don't hear anything like that with Tom Hugh Jackson last week when he basically threw out Haley under the bus and his press conference. And I'm basically said I'm going to take over to play calling my mom would never in a million years. And that's that's the difference between hand, and most coaches, and the NFL my common, you could say what you want about his and os and strategy, and it's probably time in that's probably unfair. But he's a great leader of men, both his assistance and his players. There's a reason why he's always up there when it comes to the the the opposing coach that players. Play for he's always up there number one. And number two. That's not an accident. The guys just a great leader in men's and and even keep about there there there have been rumors that you know, he took over the play calling. He's calling plays a yet to ever say that he always says knows keep probably what is true or not. We'll never know. But at least he's he doesn't his his his guy under the bus and as far as the Todd Haley firing that I mean, he Jackson catching guard. I've kind of expected that. But I thought after last week it would be like an either or thing. Hugh Jackson was fired and Todd Haley would stay on the fact that he got fire to kind of really shocked me because they really kind of handcuffed him this year. They they gave him a rookie quarterback which might benefit in. They all took away, Josh, Gordon, and and and Carlos high. So I've kind of got got short trysted there by getting fired today. You know? 'cause if they don't have just Gordon they're not beating the Pittsburgh Steelers. She'd be they're not tying the Pittsburgh Steelers in week one right notice I said beat because I still feel that that was a loss. Even though he goes as a tie in the record book and thank goodness goes tie in the standings. So, you know, a lot of great things we talk about as far as on the field action. Very proud of this football team. I'm really proud of the way that that they pick themselves up because you know, what? If something like that. If I were to play yesterday, I would have been in a law it we're taking me a while as well. In fact, I think I think you and I both showed evidence of that. Just starting this podcast. It wasn't or normal hoopla. Usually is because we thought it as well. So I mean for this team to just pick themselves up, and I give that their city a reprieve. I'm you know, I'm very proud of them. I'm proud of the other organizations the what what the paying we're going to be doing this week as well as far as not doing all the Halloween stuff. But making more about, you know. Fundraising and more about the community for the tragedy tomorrow night. That's something that I think is great as well. But with being said. Are still playing football and you in the face of a tragedy like this. It's it's good to find something to hang onto like following a sports team and next week the huge game for this team. And I think it's one that it's not going to it's not like the Cincinnati game in the Atlanta game that we talked about the break their season earlier on they could afford to lose this game. But they don't want to they want to start rolling. And if they beat Baltimore next week, they're officially on a roll, Tony. So let me ask you this straight up or they going to be on a roll next week. Or are they going to you fall back on? I don't wanna see the roller coaster, but just fall back a little bit. Fragging going to thank you for your your kind words and your point where it's about everything that happened the other day on Saturday. I was just really really meaningful. Pittsburgh's a resilient community. And and they often they're kind of reflective of the Steelers. They always sounds back in about back from this. I just wanted to take that as far as next week. I I kinda have gone that they're gonna they're gonna they're gonna they're catching Arabia right time. You mentioned that you know, that you're gonna lose three in a row the Raymond because they've lost two games in a row, but I kind of feel they're gonna they're catching the right time. Like when when like how they came into Heinz field week four and in cut Steelers at the right time, and they were floundering around trying to find their way. And I think that's what's gonna happen. Weeknights thing I don't I don't see this being your typical twenty four to twenty one twenty four twenty three kind of game. I think it's gonna be a lot like it was last year and week four in Pittsburgh down to Baltimore. And and control the game from beginning the end, I think we're gonna see next week. I I really look for dominant performance, and we will be talking about a team on a roll next week into sign. That's just my personal feeling. Maybe it's maybe it's Monday. And I'm, you know, I don't know. But I just got I feeling it. It's gonna be a great game for Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday brand. I'm willing to go twenty four twenty two Steelers. I just I think they could win this game to of course, I'm going to be cautiously optimistic, but I feel so much better about this game than I did in week four. I did not I did not believe in them in week four like I believe in this team now. And once again, do you think based on what you said the you think that they play complete four quarters next week? Yeah. I mean, I'm not saying you're gonna win you know, like hot touchdown. I think they're really going to to exert their or or force their will on on on the on the ravens like I did last year. And we really gonna show that they are the team to be in the AFC north and I look for a two or three scores victory. That's just how I just had that kind of feeling right now. That's what they're going to be the ravens thanks for catching that right time. My hope for next week. Tony actually my hope for right now. I hope just like in in the rocky movies. I believe it was rookie to when or did rocky put Apollo's picture up on the mirror Drago and rocky four. I'm not sure which one, but I hope that show. Hayden has a picture of John Brown up on his mirror right now. And then goes ahead and crumbles it on Sunday and ready to go in for a battle because that is going to be one fun better to watch. But thank you so much for the kind words that you said to me, I appreciate that. You know, Pittsburgh, you have been in my heart since I was born I've never officially lived in the city, but I've spent most of my life there, and I get there all the time, I western Pennsylvania, and I will always be a western Pennsylvania. And when the. Tragedy comes like comes in like, this it hits home and it hits home for the entire US. But this is one of the first times it's hit like this. And we as a community we are going to stay Pittsburgh strong. And we were going to prove that is stronger than hate, and we're gonna do it together. And we're going to we're gonna have faithfully Vido suggested. And we are going to continue to be one. And I love my Pittsburgh brothers and sisters. I love my football organization and praying that that we have good fortune in good faith going forward. So with that being said, I am Brian Anthony Davis for behind the still curtain, my good friend. Tony few. He was here to Pittsburgh resident, and you know. Tony were we're praying for the city, and we're praying for you as well. Taking my friend. Like, I said we will bounce back 'cause very strong community. And we will move forward. Talking. And once again, I thank you, Tony. And I can't say it enough Pittsburgh is stronger than hate love your Pittsburgh. We'll see you next week. Hopefully, it is great a great game. Once again, I guess a team in my current state where I live in the Baltimore Ravens. And I know I'm gonna have a lot to say about it too. So God bless you feel relation. We will see you next week. And remember, you have just been hung over take care. Jeez. We know this judge full owners. Tell me what you do to me confrontation. They nothing new TIMMY, you could bring a bullet bring soi bring. But you can't bring the to me. Alexa, play Kendrick. Lamar and says, okay. With Amazon music of all you need get tens of millions of songs. Download the Amazon music app today. Hello. I'm Spencer hall from SP nation. And I wanna tell you about my new show. It seemed smart. It seems mart as a show about people doing things that for some reason or another seem smart at the time. Those things might include doing a little cocaine and driving a bike up a mountain or I don't know maybe racing a hundred miles per hour across the country in the middle of the night with no one's permission or even stealing a bat from an empire is room in a major league baseball park, check it out. And if you like it Tele friend, I'm Spencer hall. Don't do anything smart.

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