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Kingpins Daily: John Stanfa


This is kingpins upon cost original. I'm and I'm kate every day in. May We're featuring a quote by an iconic crime figure teaching us in their own words what it takes to survive in the underworld. Today's quote is from Giovanni John Stamfor- the Sicilian mobster mobster who served as the boss of the Philadelphia Crime family during the early nineties after Stanford and his associates were arrested on racketeering charges in nineteen one thousand nine hundred four. They learned that they had been under. Fbi surveillance for almost two years. The tapes were played at the trial and STANFA was forced to sit quietly as the jury listened. His mob discussing their crimes at one point Stanford could be heard planning the murder of a rival without a hint of regret. He said you know what I'll do. I'll get a knife and cut out his tongue and we'll send it to his wife. John Stanford's rise to take control of the Philadelphia crime. Family didn't bring him a lot of popularity for the past ten years. The mob had steadily grown in power under the reign of NICODEMO LITTLE NICKY SCARF. Oh time it's activities had become increasingly. Reckless Scoff Oh involve the family and narcotics trafficking and was willing to order the death of a rival or unloyal lieutenant at the drop of a hat this violent activity attracted the attention of the FBI resulting in scoffs arrest in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven for a short period scarf. Oh maintained control of the mob from prison but it quickly became clear that he would have to appoint a successor if the family was to survive many of the young men that had come up onto Scotto thought. The position should go to Joey. Malino the young ambitious charismatic son of SCARF OWES Fullness Command. Malino was part of a new wave of Philadelphia criminals ones that didn't have a history of familial connections to the mafia too. Many of those young men Marino's ascension would represent that their time in the limelight had finally arrived but scoff. Oh didn't choose Malino. He appointed John Stanford a Sicilian born mobster with connections to the Gambino Crime Family in New York partially because of his New York connections and partially because he had spent the last decade in prison. Marlena supporters saw Stanfa as an outsider. He hadn't worked his way. Up within scarf. Owes ranks like they had and stand for. Didn't care for Molinos crowd either. He saw their generation as a blight on organized crime. They didn't reflect the sense of honor and loyalty that the Mafia was supposed to represent in nineteen ninety-three. The disagreements spilled over into all out war. It was a battle between the old guard and the new the type of cyclical conflict that had followed mafia families for generations. But what made this one different was that the FBI got it all on tape. The FBI had never stopped monitoring the Philadelphia crime family and their surveillance had increased. Since Nicky Scoff owes arrest. They had bugged several locations controlled by Stanford faction including a Deli where his second in command was gunned down by Molinos assassins. It was the first mob killing ever recorded most importantly the FBI bugged the offices of Stanford's lawyer. Sal Avena which served as a common meeting place for Stanford and his underlings over two years. The feds collected over one hundred and seventy eight tapes containing two thousand conversations about the mob's activities many of which in vote stamfor- railing against his younger rival and speaking wistfully about the good old days when the American mafia was a respected criminal institution. When loyalty and honor and one's heritage still mattered. He also spoke openly about in-progress crimes when the FBI finally moved on Stanford and his underlings in Nineteen ninety-four. They had everything they needed to put them away. The trial began in October of one thousand nine hundred ninety five at the United States District Court House in Philadelphia. Over the course of nine weeks the jury. Listen to the tapes. As Stanford and his co conspirators brazenly discuss everything from narcotics trafficking to extortion kidnapping and murder Stanford himself stood out as a larger than life personality. He spoke in a cavalier tone. That was at times poetic and at others brutally paranoid in vicious when discussing the murder of three of his rivals Stanford spoke excitedly about how he planned to intimidate. The victim's wife by mailing her her husband's tongue Stanford was found guilty of thirty three charges which included racketeering murder and conspiracy to commit murder. He was sentenced to five consecutive life. Sentences today the FBI's recordings of the Philadelphia Crime family serve as a unique look at life amongst the mob and the warped mindset of one of its brutal leaders. Thanks for listening. We'll be back tomorrow with another quote. You can find more episodes kingpins for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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