122 - The Boss Is Exonerated


Whoa i'm terry digs That's over there. I nick world. Yeah sure be there. We'll talk coney their midair. Yup bill duck. Tony and eight jays launch today and connor. Go ahead so last night i was like you know what i'm gonna stay at the pump for the i want to go home and just hanging out with mitt. Stay at the house for the first night. Fuck it why not. Yeah can't be that bad so we're hanging out. We have a nice little session on the porch comeback in. We're watching basketball right it. S what your porch talking three degrees on the porch and in mid one of my buddies coming over i was like okay. I was like okay. If one of your bodies coming over. that's fuck it. Whatever just one you know so you know this kid comes in whatever good kid you know nothing to say. Really good guy though. And then he goes. Hey another one of one of the bodies is gonna stop over. That's cool right or did you say that's cool. It just tells a even ask okay mic another kick just tells me yeah he stopping by date sweet like all right. Well i'm fucking never coming back to turn my bags it's made. It's not a goddamn frat house vaccine cloud. Now you see fucking dealing with now. I was excited to live by myself. Have some actual like free space. And then i deal with that shit. I dial so. I'm putting on the bus. But i also general didn't invite him over in the first listing where you live. I felt bad and they all make me feel bad side like not going to school. They're all weird about it. It's bad it's weird. Oh there you go back to school with them or bullying you. Are you being peer pressure. That what you're saying. I guess called buddies. They go to peru in the fried house hours supposed to pay rent every morning when you went to high school ready to right yes. I did high school friends or no. Yeah ow went to these fucking bomb friend of yours you are. You are just like slapstick anymore. Okay you are a made man at this point real jaw more accomplished in all these fucking scrubs if they try to bully you around you say hey fat fuck get outta here all but i don't think you're getting bullied by your friends in intern potentially bringing uncle coveted office man. I love the house. i speak pat. Get out of my car last night. Yeah what are we doing here mitt. I blew it in this situation. It just don't answer your phone. I really enjoy that. The bullies are bullying him to go to school. Come on get your grades on loser. It's more let's go to class they're blowing. Who's dobruna smoke now mitt. Come on now listen. We potentially smoked mets now. Okay so we can't tension but potentially allegedly mostly gap mostly. Gee i do not mostly talk. But hey we've been through what ten months of the covert thing basically now you're getting bullied into fucking potentially bringing in can't have it can have pickle. I always knew he was going to bring us down somehow. Don't be negative with faith in emit mean. Do i screw your head on right pal. Who thought that midst downfall would be becoming a fucking adult and moving into a respectable place. Pretty much everyone here. I you know what happened. I looked away for a second. I realized pull back leaving camera to never going back to the pub. Good around kids. You mentioned in your fucking friends. Burn that place down kids with that but the reason no the reason why they like my friends really wanted to hang out because they all are leaving going to school. They're all like being all weird about it. I don't know. I got an hour away. No fucking war. What i'm trying to be on the weekends aren't you mean now. Probably not why does not sound fun at all. Focus golden party and they call. It doesn't sound fun to you campbell. Like why do anything because cove it one hundred and seventy or woman. Just beat it. I i tell you. Pull that fucking scumbag who me. Yeah you know. Let's already beat dude. Let's give tony is do. Tony's probably yourself profess soft men s. I am cova so he can twice three rounds though. Then you went the full fight with thing. Seven to ten days with it i record. I hope i do it again. Gopi to two time champion. Yeah back to back survivor. let's not get caucus be careful. We're calling for the rematch. I'm sophist motherfucker in this office. And i think days after the new sixty three feet of sal dollars weird but you're also fucking timothy mcveigh in the making so. Let's slow down bill. You're also trying to obtain all willy. Nilly you went down there to that event where you know. I mean. Kind of there are no rules. And that's how you got to feed it. I mean tony contractor comes in these solvers place. The inside job did go down to see. My mom was a terrible thing for me to do. Wasn't it like barbecue. Christmas did that you went to party. A lot of guys are planning to skip. Their mom was at home waiting to spend time with you and you out some big grand barbecue. There there was. There was a beach party. Okay so in florida. Did you touch a beach ball. One or two of a bitch. The robert the plastic rubbers. The number one transmitter. post bill. You got florida. Vid- we're talking about indiana here and as a whole nother animal. My friend from from what. I understand any innovated actually is the advanced form of have got. Bill you sleep on the show today or bill. He walked at all. I mean are. Are you requesting an opening had. We're not gonna sit here fuck and twenty minutes and watch you open six hundred card pat round up like eight good packing those about ten minutes. That's way too good can be doing it while we're having conversation and get out here. The camera needs to be on. Good back we need that. Authentic joy co-authored tend to eleven. But there's only going to be one or two good cards in. Well that's i mean that's the dice. We're rolling here. Yeah right two packs off. Yeah yeah maybe to axe o'hara go on your on one fucking choose wisely my friend. We'll do it before goals so you. Have you have a little bit to choose. Which pack you want. I'm pumped about that. Grant can reveal. That'd be great for the pockets for fucking. Excuse me feel good. Friday friday pokemon bursts first weekend with. What are we going to did. I told you. I'm already now deep into watch. Long scored the fucking streaming services just moves to watch. It's also going to be Believe negative three degrees here this weekend. So good weekend to get some shows in Paths talked about on his show. The center is unbelievable. Did you just jump straight to season three two. I did just because you guys said it wasn't it wasn't chronological. Was that a usa show. It was actually does. That's why Probably that's probably why boomer got the fucking call up because the which isn't a there's there's the higher the highs in the usa shows centers up. There is a on netflix. On the first episode at least it says like in the intro usa tinnerholm low mister robot. White callers suits. Were you notice now or not not up on well first off. It's only psych. Mount rushmore is only four shows four shows. So you love tony shalhoub. Is that the mr bean guy. Yeah yes i hate that. What was the doctor in the hamptons doctor and the on usa fro growing pains. Now oil pain sounds watched on usa. All show watched a similar botched. All the christie's what was the mrs. What was the Plastic surgery show and fx while we were it's Show that's what. I was thinking as good show. That was like had vegas show fuel rapper. Those guys dipped guys. Yeah don't know the one day not the guy had a run not the suit guy like not the no the run. He was like in the fantastic four movie. Even though it's don correct he did other things. The other guy feeling disappeared here. Remind me of what's his name wrong. Thoughts i'm playing mickey mantle roy mickey mantle. Movie sixty one. Thomas jane healthy girl. Small hands look says hey man. That's why he's making twice as mickey mickey minutes. Come on tony canadian. I love baseball. By the way speaking shows the The silence is over tonight. Ten nine central dirt clery. So i don't know if i'm gonna watch it. I'm sure i think is gonna watch it. Young clarisse does a young rock is different is the claris. Is this like clarissa like going. Through quantico and fbi. Trillions is electoral hand hand. haw took the finale. Let me see. There has been reviews of her at the bottom of the pit like him or they know that's buffalo bill. That's buffalo bill Puts lotion on basket. I wonder if hands going to be there if we're going to get a d. h. Hopkins or we're going to get like trying to get past it as they probably fucking got david harbour talk if they can give me a young fucking hand going with a nice chianti and some fava beans hans. Hans is not on the list but buffalo. Bill is for a person to size. Fourteen lockneys buffalo bill. The one that's was were you afraid you're thinking of farmer. Big joe dirt but yeah they do play on buffalo bill. He says it likely homos better as an all time. Classic always wished that what's her name. There would double motte brandy. Should never did. She didn't do bad. Things better left to the imagination. She like the wonderment. She did like daisy dukes though Talking kid rock got an oscar for that. Yeah yeah should of whatever transam. Yeah focusing t top i. I don't i don't know if it was picked up or not. But that's what you dude. Yeah so this ribbon cigs with the teats spitting up gravel appeal out everywhere honestly. I'm trying to picture a transam. And i got nothing up in my brain. So that's what. I have gotten said a fully morphing into full cab with just go go similar style. Get like you talked about your. I was going to say it was crazy when i saw instagram. Like tony. bought one hundred forty. Yes the rocks truck when he ran through the gate with probably not a fucking avery and sean from Race skillman chevy took care. Okay good plug thank you safe. Maybe a duly no. It's not easily the k. Texted me and said hey man struck and i said the focus. Transformation is complete indiana. Dick's trump it's awesome. I can never rock a transam by the way looking at you. You kidding me. I could never do it. I'm not cool enough for one of these cars. You could do it that things electric no way i could. You know maybe if maybe it was advert dumping dwight's routes car. It's civil yeah similar. Yeah it's very but it has fiber the hood. I turn it into tony. Have you had to pay the nine hundred and sixty eight dollars to fill guests for the first day of getting like fourteen miles per gallon last your next paycheck down the road between your fucking house payments ask robin classic tony dig myself from debt and throw myself right back now. I didn't want to be the one to ask but did raise concern question. Does that fit in your garage. It does not cover the back of it or okay. Nice locking your doors. What do you mean i did. You have any mishaps nice sweet. I can't imagine dash looks like ooh you know led to have. You helped me hall some shit. Yeah seriously i had it for less than twenty four hours and help someone move immediately in the contract when you signed and i hope you haul. It feels good. You need that thing to pull my transam out of a ditch. Fucking crashing cousy gotta be boozing to like clockwork. I would drive a from work and to work in pittsburgh down the parkway which is like a three three four five lane highway whatever boy. Yeah and like clockwork every friday. I would do dude in a transam fucking looking like he just came home from the bar at like seven. Am it'd be like it'd be like the window all the way down fucking rip it see that that is you my friend. There aren't empty bottles in the car and six inside of it. I'm pretty sure another person who drives a transam is allowed to execute on site for not having believe those glovebox they fall out the way. Do you do the jeep play. When you notice in indiana many people do it back. Do you hit or miss i. i don't initiate but i will return the way i'm an issue. Did you ever call that a jeep club. Now they left the dock on your now. I'm still. I still have the dark. I'm waiting to somebody. Yeah i got tired of looking at my actually. Duck man surrey. Because i'm looking at it. I i saw that on instagram ashley. Like the duck pitch or whatever. It's a it's a whole subculture. Do not wanna get sucked into docking stuck a rubber duck under the handle your jeep and you've been docked and they say it's like basis and like hey you're gbs cool enough you want come to our car club. Welcome to the lived that life. I can't go back on. This show did read the rules. Like you have to spend more on your truck than you do everything else. Sorry jeep in that year. It's tough minds. At least i can't out. I haven't even gotten soft top yet. Disppointed you'll get it. You'll get it this summer. I've got a very nouveau jeep. Have got that fucking push-button fucking. I had an old school jeep with the soft and hardtops. My heart top is under my buddies deck still like ten years later. Both they got off and taught down. It's pretty awesome. Garcia should get four fair ford field. That's a throwback. How many cars in my that. We've mentioned probably about two grand apiece. Okay let's be realistic car that anybody could see you fucking rocking el camino. Yes oh i could do that gremlin. You did when me. it was going through. Thirty five hundred nineteen eighty-five truck. There is that one the ford one. But then i also saw grande torino on there. Now gimme that. So you know we we. Accidently took talk to you guys like well. There's gonna be a sheet ten of problems at the car. And i thought oh i didn't even i didn't even think i won't get that fucking thing. Those things are nun under warranty or would be very cool driving every day for that. Well let's get the one's gotta go star wars lord of the rings. Marvel game of thrones. Harry potter dc. He's going to be easy for a lot of people. Tc oh i was gonna say focusing harry potter. That's what i figured the overwhelming Maybe not because i've never seen it. I i do. Think i'm gonna strap in and fucking watching movies are very good because i am a What am potter had. No major gigli. Dude how after after wider before watching what house. You four watching them. I would have axed harry potter. But i don't know i'm having a tough time here. Now maybe dc. I don't wanna do. Because i feel like they're going to turn it around. I think we're in a bylaw as like all batman movies are very very good. I mean they haven't really made anything worth shit. Sense those movies. But what are you getting rid of it. Since the season. Finale game of thrones wow honestly. I'm contemplating it right now z. Isn't there more shows coming up. Yeah they're not gonna. You're not gonna want you. Gary in history book is good. If they fucking do it. Service in the series. Were interested cool. Shit i also feel like thrones will probably age pretty well. I feel like if i watched that whole thing beginning to end in like two three years removed from the finale. I think you'd appreciate a lot of stuff more something that number one. I did the war. Because i was forced to do it. You want batmans the The one where. He's not in hockey bad teeth. That's what these ones the prior's lord of the rings bathgate instant. Dc's done count five minutes. Can you can't count the nolan movies. But he's a dc burton movies. You don't count wall. I mean. I can't the dc affleck. That's the dc. Ask ferriter so you can't get rid of that blackout them anymore. They changed the name for the rock blocked before the rock blackout them. They changed it now to she has adam sees me what he's been on his instagram. Saying i am black adder only the face facelift the comic that it's based of twain that the comic that it's based there now drawing it as if it's the rock like they're changing everything changed shack atom and they're trying to a good guy on his way into fucking. She's out of shacklock comics. She's add understand that star. Wars has gone from me tony. Send uncultured stooge. Potentially if it says adam that i'm getting rid of the dc. I understand to offer the rock. Do change everything you wanted. Really good guy. No yeah no problem. No problem rock we gotcha I didn't think about that. Game of thrones down the road. How rewatching it later. But you're going to even if you don't think other ones are going to live up you're at least gonna wanna give them a try. They do point. you've never seen him for. No one leaves. You never seen it. It's gone forever forever. No one like you can't watch anything going forward Oh lord of the rings making anymore more like what. If a saturday or sunday. i love orange too much. Yeah i mean if saturday sunday in february and you need fuck us throw on the take and fucking trilogy do call the fucking some pro precious. Those are all real good movies though. Oh wait i just looked up. Some upcoming television series is being produced based on lord of the rings. I thought i just enjoyed this. It's the pam mean from the office Spot the difference between north picture and goners. Yeah i actually haven't seen this pretty well done. But i mean that's my point though right years better. Yeah and everyone is losing their minds over the left. Focus on the right looks up. I saw your neck and a lot of credit to the other years was better. Yeah i appreciate people. Having the real artist i thank you to realize greatness of painting thank you people nuance fucking shades. The mood the tone it sets. I mean come on their levels to this stuff people. That's what all little debbie tweet that. While everyone was planning their trips to the moon we teamed up with kellogg's and they made cosmic brownies cereal. Ooh sold. let's hope. This is mike cookie crisp. Chris cooking chris. Chris disappointed me cookie critcism bad but it was. I mean there's no racist. Police say i wouldn't be surprised if this is dog. Shit that's what. I'm saying. I'll try it for sure but i mean are you getting the same fuck in you know like fudge. Yeah i hear. I hear you. When's the last time anyone's bought cereal. It's been a while. Unfortunately dam and i would lovable serial right now south. Good i can tell us. I'm had milk going on pal deficiency no no deficiency here. We're fucking all work overtime onto the great up just Just drink water on us. Not a big milk anymore. Well you have like a doughnut or you know piece of cake or something you putting your coffee. Who glac my friend la cookie. Nothing writer oreo cookie. Water august kids. That don't duncan keith Dhec boys watch the new upset and wanna let nick. Ron know that They didn't shoot. Can zach snyder for justice league. His daughter Passed away so he stepped away. Have some god damn respect. The made tomato. I mean you knew. The guy wasn't good at making the movie star. Pass away so you told them. Haste go ahead step down just gonna get someone else to fuck this up. Seems like when you disparage moran for paying That's not talk about who you like a singer. Tony come on who. We're going back there you you that was you in john. Miranda's dude we all know it. Was you john shaw. We see through what you're trying to pull here. The you know where your cowboy hat you get your big jacked up truck. Gotcha borg wayland cd. Last right on was just trying to move upon. Don't be drinking any bud heavy on the way home tonight. All right couple molson triple xs. Oh no that will drink what are you. Are you still stopping at the store to grab. No fucking yeah. So what are you gonna do now. Well actually tonight is a special night after this episode. Joe i do have to clear a couple things out of the old house so i think i will be stopping at the old course. I'm probably going to buy every single. One founder candidate have because i can't find him anywhere but i salute respecting the truck. Now i feel like you can't bring a fucking white cloth powder well as long as it's a pound or you're good me but my friend i can pull it off walkout fair as we've said i am the softest human in battled for this title when you open the door that liquor store in the sunshine behind you casts a shadow down. They see the cowboys my spurs having. You already know mango cloth. Next valentine's day is coming up and for a lot of you. Guys that can mean added pressure to perform luckily with roman. You can relax whether you're dealing with e. d. erectile dysfunction mit. 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Yeah whoever's doing this just fucking can you imagine how evil you have to go and take all the toys and all the prizes away from kids. Abby meals no. We can't imagine bill. Won't you tell us what you feel. What's in these fucking pokemon. Happy what i understand. Because i've had a couple of reach out there actual like not obviously the original original but it's the original pokemon on like reprinted to look just like the first guards your first addition saartjie. Yeah getting fucking first edition hollow ours dude. No a couple people reach out with like your minions getting pokemon cards at mcdonald's due to mic over. Five billy walters these people. That aren't having luck getting any. Because they're out. Yeah it's because people go in they go to mcdonald's and say can i buy your entire box of prizes or happy meal toys or whatever and it's these cards and i think for like two hundred bucks so to sell you an entire box of them. Why have you done this. What are we supposed. Issue the hood. Hashtag mon mon. I mean jesus tough or are you kidding me. What is this. Raise a good point lawns doing pokemon stuff. What do you mean post. Malone's you got the new ash. Catchy walking electricity video audio. He's like walking in walking up to a stage. Everyone's like would post post. He's like what's up guys. And then he's about to walk onto the stage looks down and he's left hand folk hocutt ball. He starts turning in to like an animated pokemon character and then he walks onstage. Catch him all its sick. Whatever he's doing. I'm there see you there. There's one thing i want to be able to do in the future is to raise and train them on and then battle in the arena. That's right think about that in the oculus. That'd be awesome. It'll man it'll have. I would have had let me know when it does fortieth birthday eight years. That's what will probably be. The other day was national. Peace day and then they sent the same is the best pizza from and says new york jersey chicago. New haven saint louis providence. Los angeles south dakota or other with pictures. That sounds good. Pizza really looks like what the fuck is because it looks like what are know. Looks like a bossy. A bunch of saltines on the pl-. That's that saint louis freeh. pizza from. South dakota doesn't looks like shit dude. I jet jersey. Pizza looks fucking delicious for saint. Louis doesn't look at saint crosses fire. I like to say because. I believe they have the toppings underneath yes. Chicago also has thin crust. What do you mean under yonder. Nathan double there now. The base layer is. The is the topic. I've been to places. Chicago did the same thing. Basically they copied from us. Yeah this detroit. Heavy style too. little caesars. hot and ready to garbage. It's called crazy bread doing what's that. La pizza just messy. Pizza person applied california pizza kitchen. Yeah what's that poop on the right other no above other province. I don't like that. It's like red baron Style pizza new york south dakota's bossy. I'm fucking if you're choosing that fucking pile of dung. I'm not saying. I'm not saying i'm choosing it over everyone else but i'm saying i'll try. It's tough not to go new york. It is also well true and also the providence. Or what's so new. York will always be the king. My heart it's hometown pies. But when i lived in connecticut i would go up to a place frank. Pep as in new haven. They are emit. you've probably been fucking epoch. Pizza and connecticut does the new haven. Pilic still new york you ever. Did you ever have the the white clam at a frank pepe. I usually just want strictly pepperoni also colony grill colony growth on labor thin crust pizza with hot oil. Let's so fucking good. It's the tiny pretty pretty much beat the new england flair to take that newer. Slicer you cover that red pepper flakes. Little kids just bought. I wish the hot oil is sending the kind of penetrated the new york pizza a lot. More because it's so fucking place by where. I grew up on long island on long island. Shredded cheese on top cold trip. Was that phenomenal at two. Am when you're fucking blacked out place in pittsburgh. I believe it's called betas. Is that correct shot little. Vincent's vincent if if your pizza places named vincent swayed one back from where we come from just automatically beats a little vincent pizzas damn good. I'm gonna get jeered. Donna's house pizza sounds so fucking. Good i can't do it. Were you getting from fucking all possessor. You go on sin or deep dish in what just get both on having both are available to pictures there for one one tab. I'm taking both baby fair. Son of crust pizzas pope deep dish. This one is actually in. The topics are on top. You deal new jersey. Looks like make your pick. Thank you watch that post video. It's fucking walked in next binding. Only look at the top chucky cheese to it. We serve booze now obviously booze back mid like this That's fucking sick. I love chucky cheese pizza. Playing games andrew booze. Let's well said. I cannot argue that this is a parody account saw it also i believe chucky cheese does sell beer now already. They've served beer for quite shit without beer. Full service bar. Tony knows the cold brew and evelyn. But now we ain't serve hard liquor. Be chucky cheese game change. That's why i always. I always get pissed when people invite me to fucking brewers someone like do they have liquor because if the now i'm not fucking common who does stake you're going to be a cowboy your drink. What's in front of you. I drink you drink whisky okay. Who from my horses and for my man. I did have a terrible moment going out to dinner. The night cedo made a recommendation for my girlfriend and i go to a place ordering drinks. She opens her mouth and orders a tito's and diet coke and your face on her body. Oh what was happening long. I've i looked there's counter fucking influence you on new year's eve. How did this happen. We list she. Even admits of dropping occasionally a tequila and diet coke. There by yourself might try that little tequila. Dc was it. I mean if it's if it's data miner then you can put it in any water tantamount. Convenient vodka tonic. And you'd never taste the difference true but nonetheless doesn't diet coke. I was just really sad. How many did she continue to order them towards the whole as unreal. Dude give it a rod. Try telling you gotta track this weekend. You know i thought about it for half so it. And then i realized what the fuck you were asking me to do to admit the you drink cokes. Yeah i have drink vodka cokes before they are pretty good. That's right what's your. What's your booze choice. Mitt usually like whiskey are respected. I mean what kind of cubes booze book i thought. Whatever is in the Whatever is in freezer to tell you what you go to amazon. You get yourself the rubber. Big cubed squared cubed ice makers put that in your cup makes it tastes a lot different next time you do that. Like the cube. Wrap a couple pieces of bacon around there. Put it inside the fuck in your whiskey or bourbon. Whatever you're drinking changer. You ever gotten to a place in new york. Please don't tell. Pt you walk into a hot dog shop and then they're inside the hot dog shop. There's a phone booth. Bootleg speak as yet and you pick up the phone and then the door opens through the phone booth and they make these maple bacon fucking old-fashioned that are to die for can get behind that. There was a cool speakeasy way downtown. That used to go to their front was a toy store with all like all like the old school shit that gets toy. Just not enough. Not enough speakeasy is here in indianapolis do it missouri. You rather baking after it's good okay. Let's go good to know so you can't crisp it up too much. You gotta pull it out before it slows to use it. I was going to talk about my sweet. Ice gives that you can infuse cherries in to do schnitzer. He's got fucking sauce. I personally never done. I've gone to place i. It was a florida where they did that. And i was hooked. I might start. Doing is is putting a little splash of may surp- in with the water for the cubes. Don't use sugar water necks Is it ever way to cold for a nice gas station. Icy yeah four will get you every time. Catch it on the right day with a gleam in your eye. You're going for that icu. When that lever and you're filling that's betcha like it is to call today for nicey. May hands are minus. Forty degrees. eighty is put on a pair of gloves. All nice eyeso- although if you do like an icy coke from like mcdonald's like if it's coming here to me i would consider it. I'm not going to gas station getting them. Fucking ice wayne. Unfortunately those are the best places that get them. There's zero percent chance. I am voluntarily getting out of my car to do anything taxes. Us tweet at four in the morning on sponsor. What were you saying. I know knocking on my car. If i don't have to win this discovery thought you were going in and play the lottery by later. Lots of pounders. We talked about gases for you. Guys always always get some lottery tickets if i have to. If i'm already getting out of my car to fill the gas tank then i will. How many minutes does not stink. Walk in like two minutes dude. What the kea. Take fucking a minute. Four five okay. Pretty big tangle that boy to next all these twenty gown thirty five jeez setback. Ten minute thinking gosh. I think it's twenty five gallon tech and twenty six or you don't get back you don't get back in while it's filling up. I always do. You gotta get back in the truck or what like when you hold thirty start to trigger you. Get back into court. There was a long time. I think it's one twenty-one gallons twenty two probably age awesome dude. i'll tell you. Talk toyed dude cornered. Connor drives you to work every day to love it best. No no no up here. A triple hundred holiday spending. That's next i'm way pump indi- running grabbing icy you. Big the person in the middle. Yeah go to you. That sweet one. That's new your house right on our on on that road. That's the other way. Oh by the way that'll be the one that we probably go to with the New office suite one gas station for the new office. You go all right so butts right. My need a golf cart smoking again. Not yet but i can feel it brewing time of year. We're going to have a long commute once the office. Oh yeah but i. I don't mind that i like listen to connecticut. That's perfect time. For a fucking butts on your. I wouldn't nutrients in since you're since fucking coffee guy now coffee in the morning on the way we would wait to smoke. Prioriti- got there. So i don't don't my pants halfway through the car shooting sakes. This one's gotta pick three of these movies sandlot little rascals blank check holes year but the mighty ducks little giants space. Jam tilda home alone. My girl which. I don't know the fuck. That is holly colon. And richie rich off. Fucking richie richardson. I've always wanted mcdonald's my ass. Sad law is a lock layup. We bought sandlot mighty ducks. You're right. I don little little rascals little rats. I'm going little rascals little giants and mighty ducks wow. I'm go a mighty ducks airbud and home alone. Dog was shooter in the history of the game. Does some respect berkeley's lease would eat the fuck on air airborne i've watched rascals billion times i would go sandlot home alone blank. Check waters brother. Lived like a fucking and i had a crush on the fbi. Yeah big time. See i for my third. I almost went home alone over money. Ducks but no one wants hector's aronie. I zito jerusalem yell mighty ducks and holes me. Whole look for spacium on mathilde space. Jam holds mattel hard. know guy like she cannot. You've never ask telecom seen my girl that's chocolate cake. One bruce bochy trout pros. Bruce crews fucking always threw up when that was happening. No you fucking chocolate cake. Just like bruce. He did think. I did watch that even now at thirty six. I can't watch by girl without crying when vegas goes thomas. J funeral chapels boiler wordless taken out by a. He's going to get you know he's gonna get his loves fucking dakota rig richie rich blank. Check the only movies left off here now. I would pick richie richardson. While i grew up loving yelling at threes. Me and mike both check to. What's your one. What's your one you would get rid of fucking migrated actually. I've never seen holes either so that could fuck off. Tie fucking hate mathilde. Get outta my can. Go off. Wilson peaked at mrs doubtfire. Fuck mathilde no trudges. He's you don't wanna throw up. That things discussed tuesday february shit dude. Stir that girls dad. I'm just like that whole first half of the roll up. Don't don't don't say that. About danny to feed home. Watch your next year fully my wife. His wife sucked in that movie. Sally field was not nicest that is she was not fields in the civil i for an is smoking the bandit seven personalities is she eye for an eye schizo civil simple fucking forrest. Gump mom civil suit with similar fucking kathleen turner right now. Mrs fields zero tiny. Say sally field all think of is the space shuttle explosion and the teacher's name. That was her name. Yeah i m pei's thank. Sean does care about your school recipes recipes since you blew the principal prince amongst other things trying to look what she was. Susan here forrest. Gump choose a looker home. She was the voice of and homeward bound. How los esi homeward bound homeward bound. I cry every time every fucking time she was in that kramer show murphy brown. I think i'd get rid of little rascals by the way apparently made that up because he was that was not the name of the teacher. Special challenges am i forgetting that. Just because i love the soapbox derby it could be a was last time you actually watched it. I don't know twenty years. Yeah i think it does. I watched it. I love the race as an adult. I think i might just love the race part on. That was lost Yeah revokes the exact same whoopie season. It will eyebrows. But i mean little giants staple to tour next. Everyone knows we love smoking cigars in this office. He do hell. Yeah out back outdoors back room. We got the mic zero deal. Everyone knows we love smoking cigars in this office now special occasion. Maybe just any occasion. Yeah why not. True outside inside doesn't matter. I really don't matter it's a great way. Unwind helps me disconnect from the craziness of the world thinking about putting a ruined. My house dedicated smoking cigars. 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Ten percent off your order plus free shipping to take advantage of the credible savings simply go to cigars international dot com and use promo code the pod when you are ready to check out. The website is cigars with an s. international dot com and use promo code the pot. Hbo's developing other detective with with color. Tell us what we need to know. I didn't read it because a lot of not. He didn't read it so it's just like a the idea of true detective but not the same people attach. It'll be like i mean they might as well. Just take aim at different. No i mean the same guy wrote all three seats. That's okay but they might as well just name it something else but i guess they won't give people excited about text come back. I don't know if they hire to really good actors like gin pit. I'm sitting house about to say pit. Panel would be incredible. And leo leo and bring them in. Who is this cohort chaimati cycle norton. I'm seeing ed norton. Awhile he's still fucking kick in his mind and very nice. Yeah he's recently. I can't remember what it was the hulk for lease fallen off a little bit. Yeah as far as getting roles. I feel like you started doing like a bunch like arthouse shit later. Yeah last movie he did was in two thousand. Nineteen the french dispatch. It just says completed next to it. Don't know what that means hasn't done filming. I don't know if was interesting. I still haven't seen in season three should i. It's same deal. I mean. I think it's kind of a letdown but the season itself is pretty good. It was better than too much better to see. I like to i did too. I think to re. I think to got killed because of fog. One two is better than three. I think it's just such a drought. I think they ought worked if they were not true. Detective i think if they kind of maybe kept the same creative crew behind him but named the show something different. It's so hard to follow the true true detective. That was fucking mcconnell. Hey woody you can't give them so. I think you're gonna watch that again stinking. That bad rachel. Rachel feral so good bathroom. Yellowstone was his wife really good. Hbo is doing the played. The game last of us escape with open. Martell i love him. Just like the fucking best reliever just comes in just kills it pedro. Yeah pasquale got us in southern recently ready to wonder what the keys to. No i'm saying like i mean he's he's a fucking aleister he's very much he's made he's made didn't see him feel like the first time i saw was Narcos whosever first. Game of thrones oyehe before narcos. You should better that you write down new modern nexta say hustler. Founder larry flint is dead at seventy four. No this was a layup pick issues or just you know what's he doing some weird in the last couple of years besides with his body. No no like. I feel like this was. He was in the news in the last couple years for something. I thought he already done. I was just about his name. But i know it's gonna pop all passed away if i saw this photo before the death. Poll i would. Have you know you probably would have been a first rounder. When when when was the assassination attempt on. Is that what it was. That's fucked them up. Put him in the wheelchair point that tried to kill because he's all because of hustler smut peddler do peddler actress. Joseph paul fuck. It threw red paint on a long time ago. Wasn't it as. I think it was like the early eighties. See the other day fucking role rather wheelchair. Did you say We didn't talk about this unless upset. Because i didn't think it was out yet. But springsteen was pulled over apparently gotta do well guess what turns out alien blue point oh to all he was doing was taking some photos with some fans and they offered michelle tequila. He's bruce so he's not gonna turn it down so he took it turns out that was a plant. The fans were a plant. The park anders is wanted to get bruce probably because they didn't sign he didn't sign something for him. It's it's a shame. What are you gonna do. Is barney fife cock sucker iberia batch. Heavy son of a bitch threat. The boss walking greet the fans. Dude you kidding me. They also charged him with like indecent exposure disorderly conduct. I think reckless driving. Say he got cited for like four different things. I mean they're trying to put the boss away for the life. It seems like. I don't know what the hell's going on and do that. Well i mean he was probably disorderly. Because hey you saw what just happened. I mean what's he gonna. what's he supposed to. Do you know who i am. Yeah no. I can't take shot at tequila with you. While we take these pictures just jersey human rankings goes fucking one a one b bruce and tony soprano bake boss cake cake boss jersey. When he said do you know who i am. I'm just gonna assume it was some young hotshot cop working in the state park and he was like Like a mitt you know. Try and make a name for the first day on the job. I really hated himself for being fucking state park. Cop greenstock will name. I would like to say if anyone listing here is a state park ranger. We respect you. Thank you question. Just don't don't fucking isn't boozed up. Okay let him ride his harley. Seriously damn do we do. We think that it was over a point. Oh eight but then they're like we can't l. boss. Now let's do point to mean that fucking jackie's wearing sweet. I could tell you that. I'm just gonna get pulled over in one of those stupid jersey jug handles left. Turns don't exist in new jersey so you have to deal with these fuck the called jug handles. It's like a off shoot to get you around to where you need to go. Wait until wait until he shoot fucking go up north in the end of their the roundabouts. All round boots they. That's the only thing that exists. Phuc of rotaries jug handles far more annoying than the roundabouts. Okay what are they called jug jersey jug handle you know it's awesome jerseys jokes double j you still have to Get your gas powered by someone else. Yeah you camp up your own love. That i don't wait so you take wench. Where's the gas made it to go. We do on the way home from the the rv when it was all busted up to worry about it. Shut off slept in a walmart parking. Damn it was so cold and a whole night just wooded it's over the roof what you guys put up because it rained like a mother jersey. What'd you guys. Do to keep the w hotel. We took every single towel pillow and the inside because we put the accent duct tape on the top two minutes on the road. And i remember dr david. Oh shit like we might crash driving back and forth and we just drop them off at the hotel. Got the road right now. We've got to get on the road right now because it felt as though the whole entire thing which just gonna let me breathe. That was left the haruf up the plastic. Wrap up the garbage bags the roof and we're pulling pieces of metal alloy. What do you think this is claiming clean there. There's one point we had a piece of metal. I know why was duct tape back onto the thing. All we heard like we hit the highway was wendy. We could hear it. Just rolling does to be that would impale season and took a week. Tried faster next. Did you guys have shampoo architects. Do they stink much as they look like. They didn't know what's wrong with you. They are so good. Like ten degrees outside and i- wristed to get one of these. It was delicious ice cream then. Fine but i hate okay. Thought should have been save. Shouldn't get. It's a yeah. It's a mini ice cream shaking so good oreo Shamrock mcflurry looks like habit. Yeah i wish. I knew that existed. I wished those might be a treat for us boys and maybe if it wasn't that small though today's a new day today is a new day. Maybe you should get one today. You know our my zombie today. Donnas that's talks about this next. Oh elegant video nixon volume brothers. Now that boo quavo wave. Oh has a fuck sweet looking years war. Yeah this holy shit. And he's got a chainsaw on the end of his gun. Shoot a gun and now gold gun my golden gun this chainsaw causing the put on the end of your gun. Why does he have wall. Sometimes the trees get in the way. I got to use it. I mean nothing to spend money on fucking. Let's put chains on me and by that. Well if someone is barred behind door you just saw that door down and then if it's not a friendly correct or let them up lots of tactical applications for this. You know advanced past the bayonet or on the chainsaw. That's gotta be a battery powered chainsaw. Look in black and decker the wall battery fucking automotive gas power to do some fucking damage with that noise. And if they're doing gas by that point you just go. Flame thrower surely upgrade again. Because you can't do gas with the fucking gun you fire off one round and you're gonna blow your should i mean if you're in jungle warfare though this could come in handy officer. You're stuck in a bamboo out your way through the brush cueva does live in atlanta. I believe you don't know you never know. We could use these in the pacific in. Ww two could've said phnom to build you want to quickly come open one of your phone packs before we do. Bangers let's bell bantam packing boo of okay. No no no no. We're not opening the boys. The boys toady christ spiked speaking of to these to make sure all fox impact to this bullshit and make sure that the good is last so for us real close going through last so you put him last with strict. How do you know you can get rid of the the white card on top burn. Burn awake art project a little bit bill so that people can hear you project talk. You're gonna take the four cards in front. Well you got gotta fucking is your best. You gotta rule rubio. Okay okay. We'll get rid of that one on ones last right after more for eight k all chinese. Oh i got a baby. I ju- the whole. How hall hold graphics. Did you get also got a hollow holographic training and it's not worth all right here. We go bill or any of these cards best. Bill won't get shit fucking hall james chain. Probably obviously you've got to haul shit. He's gotta be worth at least twenty checked lady carts goo on it later. Let me smell valued is awesome. Probably kunal newstalk one hundred seventy hip power obstacle dude. You a chance to get this back. Dude die punches. Two hundred fucking see. That was exhilarating. I wanna get some of these. I really do. I have to go get one more. Pack jack all right. We're going to think about a youtube right now. Because we're gonna play copyright music nick if you want to get the start. Thanks bill. that was awesome. Let's do do some more to accept so if you guys want to pay for it box worth right there thing celliers art the puck and czar. Dude skate on a pitch. And we're going to let you do that. Yeah no don't get us a fucking feed your addiction you prick. Alright man awesome. Yeah good was a thrill. Goon baby was sick but ready. We got levels levels. Is that no. Okay good yes. 'cause basically because of her on the radio morning we've been talking so much about sina him in that car on the road four gale do to vastly yo cold clean. Oh scope ooh now please there. We go away. Flipped up in overstepped the cold springs. Springsteen's talking cover. This should be twelve gonna catch me. Gimmie a quick with the hideaway license. Plate see they wanna fingerprint. Many years. they'll only get one big awhile shifting gears good great on the dash seem skin on the road only grammy moustache all around so i shake the ride. We go back to me what you go if you look and you ready to take it to the speaking bruce. We had to our him her. Who man you a ah juice drive to basically we just talk a steve van zandt on their baby. Yeah finally because we talked about earlier on the live. Show mr john. The prince of jersey encamping cruise version crews covered saying the tom cruise version from the rock band. Classic you fucking now. Let's say glory days as big richie. Sambora just rip it up right now manning avenue when the of your trump stars a own just to Wall that was fucking awesome. cnx we.

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