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Hey what's up? This is your girl diamond styles and I am the master chef. Cook up something succulent and issue boys Here we are serving hot. Talk and cool. I see his set the tone and make sure the mood is writing. Come on in and get comfortable chair. Have the seat you can even take issues are way. Not if you're welcome China thrown to be you know more running around. It's not from the threat a your own. Aw PLO join. The conversation has tagged marshals played. I'll instagram facebook and twitter. We want to hear what you guys have to say. You could also help us bill community by becoming a patron on a Patriot dot com slash. Mars played by contributing to this podcast. You help us. Continue Our power for work to change culture one episode at a time so let's get started Mascara Hello Heaven who so what does not just got this Jasmine Sola Yeah. They ain't that what you think you are saying. Jo Scott occupied my online. Google baby do do do Some coronas getting close We had a trans activists in New York. Pass away from Corona. I know you're tired of talking about corona but is relevant. We are to be in lockdown. Retired of You know all that kind of Anna banks germ. Let's talk about it house looking beautiful trans visibility photos matters so we're gonNA start off just by saying Gresham fees to lat next Trans Activists Lorraina bar asks who passed away from Corona in New York. She was sixty years old. And we WANNA say rest in Peace Now. That started the show off Downer but it is today of trans visibility. So we're going to go today. Did you want to have a moment of silence? Do you WanNa do that. Sure okay. Well let's where you are no disrespect. It was just like the moment you want to start over. Yes I do all right so bad I mean no matter how long into blessed at our spirit now yeah. Asmara wasn't ready beans. Yeah so And you know. I have a another friendly Toyota Williams. She was tested and tested positive for corona as well she's in Atlanta and she's actually recovering which is really really good. Did you have to go on a machine? She had to Was going on whatever reason I know another gave her medicine and she was in the hospital and But she is recovering so she is looking well. She's looking good feeling good feeling better so she is recovering so we have had it has hit our community so somebody has passed away and somebody has gotten it and recovered so this she spell the Tian Madison. Negative in some. No I didn't I didn't I didn't ask any questions amidst come on her status as you got the beach. I'm quitting and I'm bringing it so I need to know what you took just in case you're not giving the walking of the Deity. Who Ain't nobody coming back alive you listening to Houston's own one Mellon and I know that what Basic Trans WanNa one for me. Jeff beat the beginning for you. Baio big in a know one so there are two days in the year that are really really important to trans people. They're almost like our national holidays. I don't think there are official holidays but in our community there like our National Holidays. And we'll global really. Yeah 'cause Oliver celebrated around the world so it's a global event for these two days. One of those days is transgender day of remembrance that is in the fall in November and in the spring this week on thirty I was transgender day of visibility. Transgender day of remembrance in the fall is about celebrating people who have passed on who have gone to glory for various reasons but transgender day of visibility is a celebration of our life. It is the spring it is the time of the year that is about renewal and growth. And you know. Blossoming into brighter days and so- transgender day of visibility is to celebrate our live to show our transition sometimes to show our support. If you're an ally to show each other love and just share experience to the world it's about being visible so that people coming after us can see that there's a whole community thriving and people who are in the community can see other people thrive and share their journey. The day was founded by. Us Trans Activists Racial Crandell of Michigan in two thousand nine. She said she was frustrated. That only well known transgender center. Day was the trainer today. Remembrance which was mournful and you know more in the murder of transpeople we did acknowledge it celebrate the members of the community enough so she decided to create a whole day to celebrate our visibility. The first day was actually in two thousand nine. Although it started as one person from Michigan it has grown into a global phenomenon in two thousand fifteen mini trans individual participated online in a campaign on various websites like facebook twitter tumbler and instagram. All those social media outlets where we are pulses sell fees and personal stories statistics regarding trans issues and other related content just to raise awareness and visibility. We do this every single year and I am so glad somebody thought of something that is more positive and no I do not complain about mourning the death of our fallen but I do enjoy the somebody thought of having a day where we celebrate the people who are living and who are surviving who are actually choosing to live visibly so that we can be examples to other people so that is transgender day of visibility and this was trans one. Oh One Omar God. I want to thank all of our new patrons this week. Thank you thank you. So not only. Are you helping to sustain this particular podcast? You know I also donate to other podcasts out. Donate to other organizations. I have my finger on the pulse of the community and I know a lot of grassroots organizations. That are doing great workout here. So you're not only helping to sustain US you're helping to sustain other people anti-community because I put my money where my mouth is not the KINDA BITCH I am. Community is so thank you. I really really appreciate you if you have not become a patron. Why have you not you can donate as low as a dollar a month? It doesn't matter anything helps please do have to play. Sir Mclaughlin and show you puppies. Like what do I have to do to resort? What people do to give money all right anyway thank you and the Patriots and pay them back to the show. Today is actually Transgender Day Day of his ability the Trans Day of his abilities. So I think that is good so I'm glad that you are seeing all of these people posting and sharing there have been people that have been posting us as you know podcast recommendations in regard to translate this Have been seeing people just randomly posted pictures and just showing You know when I was a little baby or a little kid and then then as a grown adult transportation now which is which is so cute. You WanNa know something Mike for the longest. I've had like these respectably politics. That wouldn't allow me to do that in certain spaces posen. Yes about hosting your after after pictures. Yes because I think that's the first time I ever seen you do it. I did it once on twitter. But it's like a safe space. Nobody really knows. Nobody really be on twitter like for on that side of the fence. You know there's two sides of twitter. It sounds so I just. I don't know just what it was something bad like. I just I'm just like I don't WanNa posted because people are so mean and I think is by when when people post like before and after they've very very brave for doing it because people could just be really mean Respectability politics though. Oh you're supposed to transition or you're a man. You're supposed to be this. You're not supposed to remember your past. This is not you and the people who would people have those type of thoughts like. Oh no I wouldn't have to avoid those. Yes some people some girls I would never go like even what grows get their gives surgeries. They like race all the pictures of them before they had surgeries in this brand new per se. But I was the same way too. But now I'm McCall was thinking about it like honestly had like I looked at the the pitcher and at thought about like how I was during that time and I was like if if if I had to talk to my the younger me and tell. Tell her why I didn't WanNA post her. She would read me ask you. Do you remember all the time they called you all these things but you look. Look what you've game. You'll new for me I there are. I regret it because doing I was one of those teachers that people that when I go in people's houses and they have pictures of me I was sneaking. Take them down and thrown away. Oh like my grandmother. My mother anybody who had pictures of me from back in the day. I would only picture that I kept was the very very first baby picture. That of me and my mom so like when I was a baby and she was holding me in her arms actually ended up losing. That damn picture size should have kept it where where it was but because it was at my eyes but I might act took that one and then there's another pitcher approach like using on my mother's on my birthday or you know when I'm reminiscent by my mom but those are the only pitchers that exist your yes I do because I do wish that I could go back and look at some old pictures You know some times people like from high school will pop me with some type of picture that they have just randomly because they had a took a picture when we was that. I I think my friend we were doing you know during your senior year you get to that week we at our school we call it spirit week and different things each day bombed day or switch up day or something that was there was a day where it was like seventies or something and it was like a seventy day and she has a picture of me in my seventies day outfit and we and she's pregnant and she was pregnant in high school. And you know we were. I was rubbing her belly in my seventies outfit and so in that I would. Sometimes people will just come. Give me pictures that I remember myself but for me. It's I need pictures younger than that. Because I was already transitioned to high school and so I was. It doesn't of course look different because I've grown to a woman but I the pictures from me when I was younger as a little boy. I probably only have like to Well three I have Sometimes people like my great my little brothers grandmother. She had a book of pictures from when I was like nine. And so sometimes I'll find them and keep them now that I'm older but when I was younger baby if I came to your house and your Me Is going to tell you that I'm GonNa do it. I'M GONNA stick in grab it and throw it away from me. I kind of started this time for like Trans Man. It was more around like everything was evolved around Youtube sharing. Yes before and after and a lot of transition pigs so I kind of got an idea that was important so I wasn't delete and stuff but I do regret leading stuff like 'cause I deleted a Lotta pictures that were like the end of highschool and like bike in early transition. I regret those But I knew that it was important for me to keep those baby pictures and pictures as a child. Still have some. I have my own photo album and I try to hang onto. Yes definitely should. Why is Do you think in comparison to Transgender day of remembrance. Why do you think is important to have transgender day of visibility MS? I think it's because a lot of a lot of people that are trained well from my experience not that many trans people are proud of the entrance and I have a premise. No Worries Bay. Let me keep that thought though. Don't forget because I have a reason why I'm saying what I'm saying. So like okay so as of lately I've been on all the social media platforms where you can get a coin from black podcasting. I've been trying to figure out a way to make coins digitally. And so I I. I've been on like some trains women's platforms and they had big platforms and these are just like different APPs. And I would I would. I seen one of my my barroom sisters and I was like. Oh you're prodigy. She was like don't say that. I'm like wow girl. She was like this. Ain't the place as I'm like okay. all right and then at I go to when she was like a high broadcast like she was one of the top broadcasters and go to another adding another trans girl that I knew from one of the facebook groups I was like. Oh Hey it's like whenever I see another Trans Always. I giving him the roses. Because I think that's what you should that's how I am. That's that's how I feel like you. Should you should give the growth. They register. What roses why are they here And I was like. Hey you know how are you? She was all remember you and I was like she was like remember you one of the groups. I was like yeah. Now you're I think I remember something about being trans. And she was like and she kind of liked was taken back and she was like yeah And like we were on. We were in some type of bub. A bubble where time was our time from talking was about to answer when the Tuck our thing ended I still still paid attention and she was like you know why I can. I feel like I was reaching. That's how she will talk. Medicos you brought up the give it but she was like I feel like you were reaching and this is not a place for people to tell me that. I'm trans already on my profile. This is not ED DEAL DOWN. Do that you do that. You say that I'm trying to if I want to tell people that. Tell them that and I was like okay. I can see that I can see why that's lay. You know if it's a business money type of thing and they're trying to get the coin for the client. I kit it but but you got on your profile that you're transient you like. Bbc's and big booty so if you'll got this on your profile where everybody who clicking and join look and see what's going on and your type of you should be okay with us talking about optics because that's where you think you you said you saw if I got on my profile what you need to say. Well you said you see me in the Trans Facebook group thought that it was okay. Because I'm a girl so I said you know what I'm a girl this okay with people knowing that I'm trans. You're not a girl that's okay what people. I'm sorry I didn't mean to but she thought I was reaching option. Come for her and pump not girls so she got to talking about how she went viral and cell Jesus and talking about how she owned like the girls and that's why am Boban now just thinking baby. I didn't mean anything by it and I told her and she still paid it whatever. So that's why I was saying some girls are not okay And I was telling her like I if I was a lot of trans women even on Instagram that a lot of social media platforms that do not say that. They're trans but they don't mind telling you if they if ask them and they're just riding away like the NS. Okay get your coins. Give whatever you need in order to get there because we know that as being visible stops us in a way you can get your coins. But don't don't read the girls who are okay would be invisible now. The question was why do you think is important? Is that because because it's so many girls who don't think he's okay is important and and they're afraid to be who they are and they don't think that being who they are they can get to places that sits women insist men are so they feel like they have to be a certain way in order to get into those places. And that's why I think it's important for trans visibility for people to be like no I can still be myself and still be in these these same places that these other people are From me is important because it is important for me especially like as far as health goes from what I've from mental health and physical health from what I've experienced If you visible about what you do in who you are and you go to the doctor something. There's no way as certain stuff today studies so for the next person that could be better or when it comes to mental health. You never know what people were saying. She's people are dealing with you feel alone if y'all are sharing information just think about the health aspect of more than anything I think especially for Trans Men specifically is important. Because I I've alone a lot of situations too because there's a lot of topics that we shy away from A lot of issues. We shy away from talking dealing with that. You know internalize toxin masculinity and fragile masculinity. So I feel like we can kind of be Like a forefront of what healthy masculinity could look like so I felt like our visibility is poor. People even know transmitting exists. So it's like like when people think trans they think y'all they think so. I think that support we get our visibly so we get weaker. Show their we're part of the cloud of humanity to And I think that for me that that is that reason right. There is really really important. I think the normalcy the happens when more of us are visible it just creates a level of normalcy in the world. Where people can't say oh. I've never met a trans person before I don't want ever I. I wanted to get to a point where anybody I come in contact with. They meant man a trans person. They have to a trans person. They Noah transpires they have some contacts I of being trans outside of a rupaul outside of A drag drag queen or outside of that some a porn Well yeah that's true. That's talk so meeting somebody That's a real life person. Not Saying that Porn Stars in real life people but I'm talking about outside of that work outside of the hustle outside of entertainment and that kind of stuff meaning a real person ever live. I think visibility is important for people to do that to have context and humanizing us. But I also think it's important for up incoming people. I know a lot of times when I was looking back hindsight. I wasn't the only one in the area so when there's a lot of times when I was younger that I felt like I was the only one doing this. I like him with the. I was the only Trans Person Arlington. I was only transports in Jackson. Stay but there were trans. People around the city of Jackson and Joe was trans people around That was around Indianapolis when I was younger. That were older generation. Little bit two years older three years older five years older you. I'm saying they came out in different generations or different times. But they were out in about doing their thing but I thought that I was the only one because they were not visible. Because at the time you know there were consequences to be an out. We didn't have what we WANNA come. Not that there's no consequences now because there is but the visibility that we have now we didn't have back in the day and so then Mr Stronger and as you go. Further back is even more you know less and less and less and less and less and less. So I don't know how do I do know I? It was really really powerful for me for me in situations that I felt like I was alone too now Dan. Oh that there was other girls out there. Remember when I went to Jackson and I didn't meet any girls who were fulltime so they will go to work as boys and when they come home they will get quote unquote dressed up. They will live their lives sometimes. They want full-time. They were part time living as women and so because at work they couldn't transition so I kept meeting people like that. But then I met a girl named Quiche in Jackson. A girl named carmine in Jackson who were both full-time trans girls and I was like. Oh these is. This is my tribe not the bay. The other ones weren't but I couldn't relate to that back so I'm seeing just knowing that they existed in the city like in my Old City like this knowing that and knowing that you're not alone alone they really powerful is really powerful having somebody to talk about the tray with having somebody talk about the the Bush queens like them trying to where having somebody talk about your similarities. Let's go through connection to the MON doctor in the city connection to discuss anything that you need building. That community is really really important. So the somebody being visible and say hey. I'm trans I'm proud of WHO I am. This is who who I am. And Hey this is me. I can only imagine if I met somebody like that. And when I was eight nine ten saying it would it would just. It would have made a world of difference and sell discounted visibility and using the Internet as a tool to have those examples and see those examples. I think that's really really important and I wouldn't wear visible we. The more visible people there are the more stigmas are broken satellite even when even visible Trans People for me. They broke a lot of stigmas for me like the stereotypes. I have translate like you're one of Dhamma was one out just meeting different people that broke these different stereotypes and stigmas in my head the more visible people. What stigmas did we break for you? like for instance at the transplant. Molly looked to certain way. What did you think they look like? I'M NOT GONNA go. The civics either translated conducted themselves as our away. Look even for Trans Man. I thought I'd translate been. Were mostly White You know it's like a lot of different things that you see because of lack of visibility or you can believe. Yeah because you don't see Ya. Multiple manifestations of the way and I think that's a good point because you know I thought that Trans not just I thought it. I believe that this is how you supposed to be of Trans Ness was. I thought she was supposed to be ultra him. I thought you both boys exist gender boys. I thought that you were supposed to buy them all the things that I thought when I was younger. So any girl that went outside of that was strange. It was weird and I don. I understand that but seeing other when I met the first Butch Butch Trans Woman I was like I was gang but when I talk to her and I realized like what like when I met her talk to her and I was. Oh this is a woman is just a butch woman and so she reminded me of the lesbians and she was lesbian. She just reminds. She reminded me of the Lesbians I knew. And she was passable. She just was kind of strange like she like. She looked like a woman but she just looked like a butch woman. I was like. Okay well this is. I didn't have a beer. And maybe that bearded people come on a little bit later in my life but at this time it was a butch woman. That's what she gave me but she was. Actually you know a Mab. And but she looked like a woman. She's so meeting her. And learning that this is in debt nuance of womanhood. Like it's not just as a trofim thing that there are masculine women and it does not undermine your womanhood still woman seeing that type of person visible and out how did change you know like you said stereotypes of what I thought and an expanded my mindset of how a woman you would think that I wouldn't need to. Yeah y you know that's just the nature of the You know learning and growing and breaking those binary and breaking in not just gender binary is but just Finnan masculine binary and You know just how you pose a presenting the world even even jade. We had on the show date studs. The she's a Trans Lesbian Bichon. Only rely delays the. That was interesting to me to like. You never know who mind you my OPI- I start for Atlanta ahead. Turn TO FOR ME COMING FROM WACO. Atlanta's up this is what I've been missing. And then and then there are some people I think the beauty of the Internet and the visibility thing happening now is that there's people who like in Arkansas in Idaho and who Montano or you know or some middle of eleanor middle of Indiana who literally have no trans people around them. You improve shy. You cloud Houston birth added area. You know you. You don't use some country rural area. You don't know that you know isolated living with hobbits in whether it's a family where your grandfather's a pastor that type of thing country away here can be isolated and so having the Internet and having people really proud and you can go to the Hashtag click the Hashtag and you see all these people and see all the representation You Know I. I think it's amazing. Amazing and seeing the numbers get bigger and bigger and bigger every year will get them proud and people coming out of stealth or even going through a stage of stealth. Like I'm trains and this is why I am proud. I'm not even GONNA go in a stage where I'm still first and then I'm proud and you know I think for me having that juxtaposed to the Remembrance Day in the fall because it remembers that it just you know about the falling but having this be more of the happy end in Spring and celebrating put myself out there and being proud of who we are and be invisible. Yeah Yeah how do you get past visibility? Which means so how. How do we get past? Just being visible was the next step you know because visibility visibility only go so far in changing people's hearts and minds in accepting us and that can thing how do you get to the next level. How do you get to the next level? Where okay we see you busy. That's what it is. We see you okay. You exist now that we know you exist. What's next for the Trans Masculine community? Some power some type of power and weight behind you so where you have resources and those resources and the community can be a little more powerful so that no matter if you visibly does not gonNa Affect Joe Livelihood The rates of you getting killed. We'll get go down you give more rights Like where your tap is going to be. My people is going to be less likely for them to ban trans stuff and you know. Just get some power behind that you some way on Our Name. I guess right when Julia border. What's the next step pass visibility for you? I agree with the like The next step is is just advocating because like being visible as a way of advocating so just taking that too and a higher level of visibility in Showing people that it's possible to be able to like I was talking about earlier. It's possible it's possible to do everything that assist person doesn't not saying everybody must do things as his people do. I just think that as a trans person. There are limits sometimes in certain spaces that we have access to and being an Kinda like going past those limits in and not being being in the stereotypical or not. Even just being stereotypical just showing people that you can do this. No matter fearless. Yeah you can do this. It's possible you don't have to stay in his box that they say that you have to be in order to get to this certain type of of platform or wherever you want to be you can be who you. WanNa be and you can get there too. I think we also have to have to our allies. Have to consider US outside of those boxes as well so when you think of opportunities for Trans. People don't just think of them come in and talk about Trans Things. Don't just think of them doing. Lgbt events like really think about how when you meet a trans person that they have the expertise of politics. They have expertise of sewing. They have expertise of cooking. They have expertise of cars or sports when you see them have different. Expertise is outside of LGBT stuff. Let them put them in those spaces of you have a panel about Black hair be creative. Think outside of the box and bring a trans person who You don't have some expertise on black hair in on that panel on in that interview. Whatever the be creative in where you fink. A think outside of the boxing where you put. Trans People at because we offer more things than just the tea we offer more things than just on into tame and not just entertainment but When I say intake mountains thinking about drag all year that too yes so do think outside of the box. Think outside of the box when you are bringing us to the table to to participate in normal stuff. I think one of the my funnest events last year was at New York Comic Con and being on the panel with the rest of the ciswomen and we were talking about You know journalism comics and data that and business and stuff like that. I thought that that was beautiful. I think it was very outside. Of Transmits Yeah I was just I was just a woman on the panel. That just happened to be trans experience. It was really interesting. We were talking about it so it was. It was A. I think we have to be more creative in how we breen trans people to the table. Yeah so we. We also should amplifier other talents too. I know Trans people that are tattoo artist painter. Seniors everything you have different talents but I do think that some people probably felt like they have to which is fine. They feel like they have to just focus on the transport limit themselves. Yeah limit themselves to 'em you know that mental state. No I go in some time. It was like I can't do this because about a block. 'cause I'm trying to London you you can't limit yourself to just be trans either. Yeah especially now. Yeah battled that for a really long time. I felt like like I felt like I'd put myself in a box and I stayed in it for so long and one day. I was like you know what this is crazy like. Your talents are. Yeah this is crazy like I. I deserve more than just this box right and in you never know what can happen. We we have a whole show we have polls we have Athletes we have Yes so many things happening embarrassed being broken down. It's we this. Is that time where you got a knock on those doors? Were you gotTa beat those doors down it a time in the past where it just wasn't on something possible but right now in the moment that we're in right now In regards to the Culture. This is the time that we can. You know brow and really just knocked the doors down so this is not the time to be thinking all. Oh I can't do it. Oh I won't get the opportunity. I'm a musician and so they'll never let me do this now. This is not a time for that. This is time to put your stuff out there but also because we are like globalizing a Lotta things and we are interconnected in regards to think about fashion. Think Abou- music and think about all those things where now that we have the Internet apob in Texas listeners. Something Assum Seattle artists and I absolutely love and so it was a time that we didn't have those kinds of connection. We only listen to what Was In our radio station radio. Whatever the registration play but now it's not like that anymore. It's like fashion. I can dress like a hairdo girl in in Asia. I can do so many things in regards to how we Homogenising all of style olive our music and we get to pick and choose and so now as a person who is an artist who is a creative as a trans person you can actually build audience and build a community where you know how this can be your audience like you can cater to your particular audience in what we as though is no longer where we're in a world where it's just like us having a podcast we nobody had had gatekeepers us and say no. You can't get that. We actually are listened to globally literally. We got when we look at our stats. We we see all kinds of countries countries. That is actually illegal to be an so. So we're in a position where we can't let those limits as you said Those imagine limits yes. Are we going to have obstacles? People who try to stop us. Are they going to be people and Policies and laws? That's kind of the people can get around. They can stop from getting where we going. Yes absolutely we're going to have some obstacles but not like in the forties not like him at sixties not like in the nineties not like in the early two thousands. Those people who pave the way there are people who broken doors to help you. Get to the point where you are now. So that's why Trans Day. Visibility is important so make sure that two day when you are listening to this you go to your phone even while you're listening right now go to your phone and whoever your favorite trans people are in your life in your life or that you listen to that you watch that you think that teach you that you know whatever that inspire you that that you think is beautiful that you think is handsome. Whatever whatever trans person is in your life that you feel like deserve to be shared on your platform go snag. Pitcher of them and posted them on your platform. Post them on twitter facebook. Show people that you love a trans person that you support a trans person. This is something that builds normalcy and opens up conversation when When we talk about your connection in your network and how somebody else knowing that you can care for transportation or your friends would it. Transpires can allow them to know that they can be trained friends friends with are transplants into so go on your social media and make sure that you share a trans person today. And I'll want to shout out to Reggie. They are a non binary person and they gifted What they donated a gifted donated fifty dollars to me via cash shop in the in the two diamond or haven't been paying. I'm not sure but I know they give me in Z. FIFTY DOLLARS CASH. App during this pandemic and I really really appreciate it To them because that was that was awesome shadow to India. More for Sending money to to Trans People specifically out me help during this time There are there are sex workers who don't know what to do like you have to get in contact with people in order to survive. So I'm what are the. What are they going to do? Charlotte to the Pete the the Lbj community that is sticking together India. More Chicago they. I'm sorry I didn't mean to miss a gender them but I also go ahead diamond La- cya our desire wade out in Chicago and snap collaborative out in Atlanta Transgender cultural district in San Francisco. There's so many people out here really mobilizing organizing To really be there for the people who are on the fringes so anybody who is And anybody who is just kinda out here doing the work I am so proud of. Y'All we see it and we thank you know anybody supporting yes because it gives you don't have to pay it so we'd we'd definitely definitely definitely appreciate during. Gal Since we talked since we didn't talk about visibility On the tiger king documentaries come up that the SAF person the one who's gotten their arm bit off or handed off is his name Carol. No but they were his dead name was Kelsey. Okay so they were Michigan during him on the show. And I don't really know the Baxter I. I don't really know if it was intentional. Or if it was like because all that footage was going on it was just something that was kind of older and then they came out after came out or or after it was being edited but no is that person is actually a trans man transgender person. They made it known their transgender person in his pronouns are hit him Right yeah I heard about is going. Viral is also a video of him arguing. The tiger king arguing that he should be able to say nigger. Ooh Yeah you know. I'll guess in jail. She was one of those taught me a flaming no believes they are. We Really surprised me grand prize because the girls are giving Barry Trailer Park. But he didn't give me any clue that he wasn't a racist she did. I sound camouflage go on. We keep in the lions and I was like I mean wasn't the transgender Guy Hits Hispanic you know black people. I wonder who in is raises. All black workers anywhere. Even what care all Carol? Carol is the one that killed. Her husband allegedly allegedly girl. She led them off guitar. He's still haven't found by how. Money is log base. I'm still trying to figure out what to do. During quarantine by Banker all-girl are no. I'm I'm I don't know what to say grow house he did the. How did the husband disappear and nobody know where he is? And how come you give him a funeral because when I was looking at you on documentary us like he was saying was? I grow good friends because he was cheating when he girl. You cut the baby out the window but they was kinda serving no shade. They was pooch deserve it so I don't know how to give when we always together. I haven't watched it because I'm not interested in white guy interested. They man is Joselito. Animals is boring as hell. Let me board. Not only reason why why gave plus my managers and stuff was talking about it on our zoom meeting in our groans may go ahead and see what is giving. Since it's the number one place watch it was GONNA be like. Don't fuck with cats. Y'All see that yet. That was crazy. Yes I thought it was going to be like. Oh there's GonNa be yeah. I was going to shock me into where the conversation was gonna go but once I did what you asked it. No no no. I'm not going to follow. Yeah I people B. Y. Why people get away with shade. No girl that was how much it the people had got through on this. Show the woman who was trying to protect see I. How was the woman who was trying to protect? The big cats have big head but when she had people working for her but she wasn't paying him. They was volunteer. All of this. Sounds like a drama. Wait let me let me give you a tatum capable guy. Oh says you don't care for but the I'm talking to diving. Oh lack talk show. It's my conversation with my mother. Thank you so much okay. Back sorry diamond why he plays with twitter. I'm so D- over okay. So dorney show. We ended up finding out that the tiger king. What's his name Jack? Whoever the caged bird Joe King has so much I don't know I'm David so I so he fell. He guide some stray some cute straight trade. Hillbilly Trades and pumping with Wade. We in Medfield met all these drugs all these things and had these people get married to him. These people were straight fucking a employees on the on the in the community and then one of them killed himself because he felt like he couldn't get away shot himself in his head in front of somebody. And then the trans man that everybody's talking about got his hand chewed off. I mean guy. His whole arm chewed off a and then came back and back to the wind. Bag and started working again is so many juicy care. Yes the lie. His arm and he came back and worked recover. There's no way you know crazy crazy but yes I once I. I heard that that he was arguing. And like I should be able to say nigger and he said that he felt like he was being discriminated against. Because he couldn't. I knew I was like I'm watching it. That's number one and win. I heard that the Trans Persons was being MIS gendered. Like they weren't calling him a he is like. I'm definitely not watching those. This sounds very problematic. Actually dog is T- before if I would've knew this beforehand ally can't wait to talk about it and you sound like you enjoyed it though. It was boring because I was on my fall most of the time so it's just an intricate details. I don't know but the juicy parts it was interesting because they ended up sending his Dana sent him up so a some some girl who's really good at witchcraft. And other hillbilly come beverly hillbillies young. Oh from the heart surgery Alabama. No so much T- Amish. Oh but if I would've known that before I've definitely watching you feel discriminated because you can't say nigger I think what makes it interesting is Kinda hot. I the only thing that was really interested. Me Kind of highlights like the modern day type of thing like basically he was such kind of Narcissus to where he filmed literally everything and he literally everything so as kind of like. You see things unfold like it's basically like the the like netflix producers. Took his footage or whatever in kind of flipped it into whatever they wanted to sell was that was only interested in bar but other than that. I can't stop throughout the show. I delete finish. The car just wanted to point out that was transmitted was interested in getting a coin now shade. They were doing a lot of witchcraft and getting coins. Also they don't mind all you know. Ghetto really gonNA say the ghetto ghetto. Well I wanna try to tell us what child about Tiger team did. Did you watch it? I know it was Kinda trending. So did you watch it? Degi like it. What did you learn? What did You know what was interesting about it from your perspective. I haven't watched it so if you have watched it make sure you let us play. Hashtag marches by and let us know what you don about Tiger King and you know. I WanNa know if y'all think she killed her husband yes and tell me how you think she did it because I think she fed him to the Lions the Tigers got. Tell us what you think long so I have a plate of MT dead. They're trying to take our rights away while we can't do anything about it while we have to make. This is the perfect time to get the girls together. What we wear right to go outside so you won't be gathered Jack Today. No March in protest shady. That would actually had like a judge there. I'll girl you can't make it to the court. I don't care you to take a late. Yes so in Idaho. They are trying to take the girls rights away They okay so they have a beal. I forgot what the bill is calm. But I'll get it for you guys in the second. They have a bill that they're trying to pass. That will not allow Trans of athletes in schools participate and the ginger that they feel like there's of learn from their affirmed in. They're saying that they're going to have a test done. I don't know if they're going to do this for every person on the team. But they're supposed to be some type of tests. Where they you get a physical to see if you were assigned what birth and also they take your blood side to see your chromosomes. Well One and learn at all. I WanNa do that to see. What my chromosomes. It's like you never know you could do the the Idaho. People are saying that once we figure out your chromosome says you were born dude woman that you cannot participate say in competing against this day going to stay real women when we know that you were born or do you participate in these high school sports and these college sports to be with the real women and because you're a do you have an advantage. Those people like that right there. The people who has sparked this controversy the SYS- Gender Woman in Connecticut. I know we talked about Idaho but the gender woman he connected in Connecticut actually beat the Trans Woman in a race my nationally one and so when we talk about equality and really just kinda battling that up here about battle to show that you can have the same Drive and Actually Win and Beats Gentlemen I think what you're trying to say me is that this can be one of the opportunities to prove that it could be a stepping stone towards towards ciswomen being able to play with this man or vice versa. Like it being equal like because there are women who have played on all mill football teams in Diet or bad we talked about Tony Into a net ears. Tony Harris. Right we talked about her and she hasn't gotten she's played this other thing about it. Like there is where where there are says. Gender women who overlap whose talent and skill overlap into beating since gentlemen in like track in certain sports. Like you know. It's overlapping but on average on average when we compare athlete to athlete. Men are going to be stronger than women. Okay so there is overlap where there's going to be when we talk about the lower half of the weaker men who don't lift as much as the peak man. There might be some women that out at outlive them. Because when we talk about like powerlifting it is substantially different compare. Because I I run I run actual body building platform before and it was substantially different. How much the man who was an athlete could lift compared to the Trans Man who was an athlete Compared to the woman who decision to women who was athlete so when we talk and they were all competing together and it was a significant difference like The powerlifting and so it's not saying that they're not no grey areas or over lab. You absolutely the fact but the fact is I say. The average men have a physical advantage when it comes to physical sports at that. Oh well what I'll pay. I looked up the the bill. The bill is not a hole in the house. Bill is called five hundred Sponsored by Rep Barbara E. Hard erased the name of the deal. The name of it is How do I just I remember the name I knew? Something Shady Lake I R- I can't remember off the top my head. I remember reading on it and because we've talked about this but it hadn't passed but now it has passed. It's not insane exit. Did you find it so okay so this is exactly what it says if it if forbid transgender girls from competing in sports against gender girls and applies to all teams at the High School Public College and university level it also contains a provision in which if a high school or college female competitor is suspected of being trans. The school has allowed to conduct. A physical Genital exam on the person in addition to during blood in chromosomal testing. There's there's no mention of Trans Boys. No they never they never they never come ye invisible. I say that to society. They don't know who whenever I tell my tell people have a trans boyfriend. I say I tell people about you. All the cases I was back no one ever knows. No one knows and is so annoying. But that's why but what they're gonNa do is what they did to the guy here in Texas the Wrestler. They're going to say okay your transition but you're a girl so you'RE GONNA have to compete with the girls and that guy Fucked them up. He mollusks them now. In regards to what the outcome was. How did how did the girls feel about it? Though the parents who feel like oh you gotta put you compete against the growth. I hope he wore them out. I hope he meant I hope. He wore them out so much that they needed therapy. Yes yes so. I'm also was unfair but nobody could say anything because they were invested in euro woman. So you play with a girl so I can't say that this is unfair that you really really good. No does when you see him. He looked like man rather teenage boy teenage boy with these girls and smashing them. And so you want to give it to you right and so you know but they couldn't say that it was unfair even though it was unfair. Meanwhile it's a system to grow and I got a whole scholarships college scholarships and football thought. Joe God fucking girls okay. We never is the other way or even here is the other way around even with like I said I went to a high school where there was Gigi. Wyatt was on the wrestling team. And there was a girl named Tyrez on Sunday and it was a girl named Tiara cousin right Kiki yet but they were girls on and they were playing on the varsity about the Anna Wrestling team. Nobody jumped out. No you can't play. They have a disadvantage over. You have an advantage over you. That's unfair so you can't play but they said they volunteered and said no we let me play and it was almost like a feminist theme where I wanNA play against the wrestling people and and they were like okay. We'll go ahead and then when she would win it would be like the woman the girl and it will be a feminist and but nobody was talking about nobody was trying to stop it the other way around when spur. Steve that you're coming against the grain against against the advantage and winning. Then it's like. Oh yes it's it's it's it's their way of putting is their way of putting us in. Our place is their way of of is telling US her face. You are not a woman is the same thing that women do all the time and they let you know that you weren't born with a pussy and you don't have ovaries and you don't have a period. They just go as far as saying. Oh if you have a sex change okay. Well we're going to actually take you to the doctor and then shame you there. You GotTa get past us. Those chromosomes don't lie do they. They do. We're going to take a blood test just to make sure that the bill is actually called House bill. Five Oh nine there's a special name for it. Yeah there's a more problematic name that's probably the real name. That's probably the real. The way is is put in. But there's a protecting girls act or something like that that I read which actually went to middle school with a guy who actually transitioned now He actually played football with the guys. The new was in lake. Nah It was kind of like come on. You got it so weird. But that's not. A Trans girl was trying to play volleyball. Because you know they don't have men's volleyball girls play volleyball ablait now. Your legs are stronger. I talked about Bobby. This teacher let me tell. Ya honey this teacher. So our is my world civics class so this teacher was really actually nice to me. It was a professor and she was actually really nice to me on a general like generally she was normally nice and so this particular day. I was be billing. I had just that you know I think I just got my hair done or a new head. It's I mean I was just thinking like so I tip into the class now wasn't late but I'm usually not the last person to you but this particular time I was the last person into the class so everybody has sat down and I got on heels. I'm you know I'm dressed up and so I'm sickening. Tim into the classroom and so when I tip in now everybody gags back and so while I'm walking to my seat. The teacher says all right well. One of the girls students says all right look good and the teacher says what does she say she must. Jinja's you know. No she didn't injure me yet. Yes yes that's a little. Yes she miss Jimmy. But that really wasn't that way. That was the present surprise. What she said was yes. Yeah he can walk around in heels like that all day because his legs is meant to be strong right way. I would perm but we'll see you pussy. That'd be like adds a transplant. But you expect the girls to not be able to take. It gives Abia how different billy asu kicked by late. Arthur my little skinny leg that was ways giddy for wrong girl tobacco we I thought and flee home and read but I think that's her believe are believed was because you were born a boy. Your legs can deal with you know deal with things outside cistern girl tipping around in heels all Damn Day for Middle School. I see it here. I'm like if you don't get out of here with this superstar I was like no. I don't. I've never played sports. I've never done anything. My legs are not strong. They're not they try to do Trabbie. But that's what she has said because that is what. The belief is the belief you have. This halts CICADAS under them. Under whatever you got you gotTA Super Hawk under there you bitches. WanNa try it on my time. She comes right now. I think that's funny. So what is the? I think that we that's sports is a complicated. Because it's physical diaw think. Sports is a complicated subject when we're when we're trying to defend transportation on it. I think I honestly thank you would be. I mean you know what just the best fine just like I mean if I was in sports and I was the only girl in the locker room. I'm pretty sure it would be really fine. But will want to be fully transitioned. You know the map fully transition is a sake chain but you know just you know develop so aca shake it up so I can make the boys uncomfortable so they can complain for me to leave and you changed some shed. I think it's difficult as far as when we're talking about. Children is hard because like he's talked about high school. I think that's harbor when we look at like real world. Adult people like for instance Fallon Fox. She's five seven hundred and forty three pounds and she won five in lost one. And then we look at the Trans Man the Boxer Patricia Man. Well he actually won his first professional fight so like we look at adults. I think it's like okay. Yes turns people will certainly go ahead. Lie Legends People Participate. But I won't talk about kids as far as like when I was. I definitely understand because it's like children are just like starting this were you. You were you mainly talking about like college and adults. May that makes sense. I was looking at a panel of like the Trans. Remember like those two trans girls who were playing sports. And they're like they were probably like the first ones who kind of started. This debate can in Connecticut. Would they were there? And then they had another Hispanic Trans growing. They had a trans Boy and they were all talking and they had forgot what show there were on but is relevant so the host was telling them. Hey you know. I used to play sports when I was younger and and when I was younger I would have thought that you guys had advantage. Now that I'm older I look at it differently but I think when I was younger. I would've felt like you guys had to mirror hall. Is that whole system? Okay so yes so the one of the Trans Kid. Well Trans Girls Responses was like you know I understand you guys filled like y'all y'all feel but this is this is something we're young we're still we're still kids. This is something that's fun for us. And you are you guys as adults trying to take that away from us. Basically she say that wasn't her words. Basically that's what you trying to say like. We're just we're we're we just want to play sports and your yard being political and asserting these agendas in places where it doesn't need to be the problem with that is that this isn't a game for some students. Yeah because they get loans and scholarships and this is their way to college and this is their way to place to be on a college level to get to. You know scholarships to go to school so sometimes it is a little bit more serious than just doing recreational activity. It looks sometimes. There's a little bit more serious. 'cause I basically was athlete. My whole life play every sport. I did track volleyball basketball. Everything so but mostly basketball was my focus and I know they will put us against boys and old girls to make us better and I used to play with boys all the time. I used to be boys so it wasn't like I I think about if I were to transition back then if I would have been on hormones that my mind frame would have been like. It's just GonNa make me better You know what I mean. They were just made me be like since I have to compete with his men. Averages get stronger and better. That would have been where my mind went as a kid That makes sense. I just I think we need a trans man to come on. Should shake the bitches were quick professional athletes swimmers and there's one translator went to college got a scholarship colleges. Asian Trans Man. This is some people shaking it up but I don't wear them out Like the like the Texas Trans Boy. That was down here where you'll have to wear them out for you to be visible. Obviously because that's what the girls they don't want to the girls. The trans girls are wearing the girls out. The girls can't take it so that's using and losing and losing. They're losing too but they ran out to. But so we'll we'll have to happen with the transmit like. Yeah I'd have to shake it up and you are shaded up. I guess I guess they just not focusing you say anything because if they say something like when we talk about Kasa Minya in him And she does not a trans person but participating and actually like physically have an advantage but she is a girl and so they're only Hannie because it seems unfair. It seems unfair. She's just like you say wearing it out. And if she wasn't if was winning sometime losing sometimes is because she's always winning and so it seems like it's a advantage and so that's why they're saying something but I think just the irony of if it the Trans Guy here winning. They can't say nothing because he is doing following the rules they set up your fighting with the girls and you were born a girl but when you look at the fight you can tell us advantage. Because he's a whole man not man but a teenage boy. So I don't know We've talked about this before. We still complicated. It's a complicated situation and I don't know how we're going to figure it out but I know that right now especially in someplace like conservative as Idaho. Fooled the fuck lives on. Potatoes does a potato got some sickening recipes. Definitely set potatoes. You know I I think someplace like that. The Trans Folks GonNa lose. Sit By is that. Where like isn't an Idaho like they do like the whole pilgrim thing? I have no idea I don't know about. You can't even laugh to see if you tell the truth. Because he could be because we do you know what I mean what I say like the pilgrim theme like Amish. I'll lay pilgrim's they do like okay. Wait a minute damn and take that out and that listen people listening to no party. They don't they don't do like I do. I'm just we actually were not gas. They are not feel probably about quakers. I'm thinking about last con- anger. Carriages and horses on a those are the quakers but the Amish People. Nowadays there are people who live. But I don't know if they're living I know they I don't know but people talk about it because I had a friend that had was in the military that had to go out there. I had to go where data how to work. Let me about how it was like. I Guess Amish People Stop and Kudos to you. Because your pitches are making it happen during these times amish people it's gotta be that'd be interesting to look people. We don't come back next week. We find some Trans People. Because I think we do show make sure your share your transpartisan and Hashtag or Hashtag Trans Day visibility. Because we're going to be looking through it and seeing your Hashtag and share your favorite transpeople all right. Have eight nine. Well that's it. Thank you for comment and getting a taste of Martius play. You can listen to us on itunes and soundcloud Mexico. Leave a review. 'cause we really need those five side jobs and go like facebook page and leave. Some comments would be posting exclusive content. Every Thursday you don't WanNa Miss Out. You can also follow us on twitter and any of the social media site at marshes plate if you like to donate or advertise with us. Hit US up bed. Diamond styles at That's diamond S. T Y L Z AT DJAMIL DOT COM. And that's it by me. Oh owner over.

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