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Happening with president trump and of potential impeachment. Okay too so you can know what because this is politics. This is headline news so house. Democrats introduced articles of impeachment. The president yesterday for what's called incitement of insurrection. In the wake of last week's writing at the us capitol several republicans have also said. The president should be removed from office. Although we're not really sure yet if they're going to have enough votes in the senate house speaker. Nancy pelosi says she has enough votes in house. Members of congress say they have the authority to bar public officials who specifically took an oath of allegiance to the us constitution from holding office if they engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the constitution and therefore broke their oath. And i'm hearing and it's like i don't know if you're hearing differently vo come as early as tomorrow. I mean this could happen very very quickly. If impeached president trump would lose his annual two hundred thousand dollar pension one million dollar annual travel allowance and he would lose the ability to run for office again in two thousand twenty four. Although that's in question the last point they're saying they're not one hundred percent sure if it would keep him from election because something like this has never happened. Where someone's been impeached twice. But they it's not unusual to have someone be impeached so so unusual. It's not unprecedented that Ulysses grant was also. There was an impeachment vote after he left office and he ended up getting acquitted but they were trying to impeach him even as he left office. It's just a a lot mentioned in that impeachment thing. They even talk about him tampering with the fraud and election and talking about calling to try and find votes and stuff. So i don't know it'd be interesting to see tomorrow happened. What happens if they have. The votes are not because there are people on both sides of the aisle calling for it. But it's different when you put your voice in your name to it in a vote. Yeah i just wanna give you a little warning about the content of the next thirty story. If you've got little ones in the car or listening right now armie hammer actor armie hammer. Whose name is trending at the moment and not for a good reason. A bunch of screen size so messages that he allegedly wrote were leaked publicly by the anonymous now private instagram account house of f. e. these alleged messages date back to two thousand sixteen. Some of them are as recent as last year. A time period when army was still married to his wife elizabeth chamber. So that's important to note. The explicit messages are allegedly from army's official instagram account. And the reason they're trending is because they include conversations about dsm and some really bizarre references to cannibalism in one message he writes. I am one hundred percent cannibal. I want to eat you. That scary to admit. I've never admitted that before. And though the messages are unverified the user is attempting to prove their authenticity by sharing some private photos of a man's hand that she had allegedly been sent alongside the messages showing tattoo on his ring finger. Armie hammer has a similar looking tattoo on his finger writer. Jessica henryk as who was spotted out with army at the end of last year to twitter yesterday and said she believes these screenshots are real so she's gotta know something about his his likes his fetishes. I know one. Dm exchange from february of last year. Said i will chase you down and pounce on you so fast. If you tried to walk away you'll need something strong to hold me back from you and then audio clip also surfaced on twitter in relation to this which claim to claims to be army. The man supposedly is army an in the audio. He's talking about a kink based relationship that he is in and he references. I'm fetishes and admits they might sound cringe-worthy when not in the heat of a moment Yeah well i mean you know. There's a difference in fetishes. And saying i actually each you and i'm not i'm talking about actual cannibalism. Yeah so that's weird. Yeah so if you see his name trending. that's with. That story is all about on a totally different note. Nick jonas is in talks to play. Frankie valli in a stream event performance of one of my favorite broadway musical jersey boys. megan is totally poop. Owing whatever i think is great it will be produced by bohemian rhapsody. Scream king and the original broadway producers. Along with frankie valli and bob gaudio from the four seasons. I'm not sure which platform it's going to be on That'll be announced at a later date. Obviously but it's coming. We still need to stream content. We've been through all our shows already. I know we were just talking about. What are we. watch nex. I've blown through everything. There is mad. That i'm gonna watch jersey voice when george clooney talked about using a flow. Be remember this. He's always cut his own hair. It wasn't a new thing for him to do during the pandemic. And if you're going wait what a flow behold. It's that hair cutting system that it's like a vacuum hose so george clooney mentions it. The thing sells out in minutes. I think it's still tough to get one right now. We'll man he said is he kicking himself. Should have gotten stock in that company before i Dole that story. I will you know. I didn't even think the company's still existed. Because i time we've got another one of like amazon or something new somebody else's flow behaving so now i know next on my endorsed. Something owns some stock. Before i do. I'll let you know right insider trading. I was watching meghan mccain in the clubhouse on his watch what happens live with aeko last night and she was talking about her reaction to coming back from maternity. Leave only to face. Lots of feuding a lots of words from her co host on the view. I missed everyone even if some people don't miss me i miss the show. Where a family. We've been through a lot together. And i miss being on the show to obey hard told. Shouldn't miss her. i love her. She says she hopes the show serves. As an example. For america an example that people with different opinions can coexist. I hope that we can all be examples myself included for where the country should go forward because whether we like it or not like. I'm not going anywhere on the show joys not going anywhere on the show we all have to live and coexist together just like americans right now. We're all going to try. And coexist. And i really wanna have all move forward and lashley a waitress going viral after sharing some of her experiences with celebrity customers. I always love when they do this. This user Her handle is the clumsy traveler says she spent years working the service industry in l. a. Her husband actually still does and during that time they've encountered plenty of celebs both good and bad so we have met our fair share of celebrities seven years ago my husband served christine aguilera and she was asked what she wanted to drink. She just stared at him. Gave them the evil. I looked at her manager and her manager basically had to talk to my husband because she refuses to talk to the step what recently. My husband met miley cyrus an liam hemsworth when they were still together all super nice. Like the nicest people ever and miley was like low key hitting my husband. My husband served bill nye and that guy socks seem just kind of shy and just want no attention or anything just you know totally normal except that when it was last call and he said multiple times that he didn't want him to drink he started getting really upset that he couldn't get a drink because he's bill nine one for all of today's dirty check out that dirty page on no two in the morning dot com celebrity dirt directly from the source seeds shannon's dirt on mojo in the morning.

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