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Get your ears wrapped around the golden state media concepts basketball podcast. All the scoop need to know from college basketball to the NBA and even March madness. Zoos of your rising stars topics on and off the hard work. This is the golden state media concepts basketball podcast. Aw since basketball podcast. I'm the policeman's Lewis Brinson Canadian children talking basketball in college. We're GONNA talk about way. His all star reserves at least day wellstone the Muslim by update on. What's going on you know? Skipping rallied in association of BASKETBALL AFTER SAD disappointing. Start to the week. Obviously we're still giving tribute Kobe Bryant but also at the same time also for with light games have been played recently Players return to the court games have gotten feisty also also some players may have been snubbed. Ross talk about college basketball. And the latest net rankings and a couple of guys who may have committed to the three component committed to the second day of the All Star Star Week indulge skill challenges. But I'm going to say we're GonNa talk about the style reserves. I'm getting my thoughts on them. So Oh we all star reserves. Were released today Sobs Louis. No the rest of who was voted into the All Star game. the All star draft is set for February sixth. So that's always going to be a very interesting Interesting dilemma. Fake and you know. Obviously Jaanus bronner going to be the two people picking their teams and picking who they want. Pick up on team so obviously you know that's obviously going to be a pretty fun time. Obviously it's a little little fun active thing to do playing basketball. Whenever but now into the reserves we start with Western Conference and the Western Conference the ruler the reserves is first dollar Damian Lillard Damian Lewis has had one of the best seasons you know in a while for him in terms of Damian Lewis been good every year but he's had a great year because he's had deteriorated Simone's back because of all the injuries to everyone on his team you know. He's averaging think fifty fifty in his last four. You're so clearly man. Damian Lillard is doing everything he can to keep Portland in contention and to and to help them stay in the race for the western conference spot because obviously that's what they're battling for right now and probably hopefully beginning over potentially over five hundred on the season as they they beat the They beat a very very game team. Last night was able to pick up a good win and moving forward Diamond Mitchell is the second reserve. Obviously dyed Mitchell's had a good year. Utah Jazz. Obviously the leading Utah so just about a couple of days ago the second I can see in the West. Now the third see in the West Their team that is a team that people think it'd be shock one of the LA teams They are one of the better defensive teams in the year. But the defensive ignorant Rudy Gobert and Mitchell is one of the best young players in the game with some great other players like Mike Conley in and by Donovan is like that that shoot the ball and do a lot of things differently form so obviously obviously you know dollar name and speed have made the team rudy. Gobert has made the All Star game. This has been something that people have been waiting for. Because you know Rudy Gobert has been one of the best defensive players in the League for so long and he's also has a decent offense of game and a Lotta people flake the value as we've seen what he does for his team when a week the week in day to day baseless a lot of people thought he was snub lashing the All Star game this year. He gets in so. I know a lot of Uber excited about that. And people are happy that he gets into the game because they feel like they're like I said last year he should have gotten to the game. And you know I guess we won't have another meam of him crying on twitter if they're not making you but no Bear team with his teammate. On Mitchell another player for the rest of the conversation is a Brandon Ingram You Know Brandon Ingram he He's a guy who's one of his best years if not his best year yeah. It was his best issue this year. The PELICANS AVID twenty five game. He's been really the best player in holding. This team will flow wise ions been out. Obviously we have to see what happens. Now as I know has returned but branding has been one of the best players. One of his best years has played one of his best seasons since being in the League live. People think he may be. I guess I don't like saying someone's a blessing list to kwame round all bus but he just hasn't played up to maybe these standards. You thought he would play that but I but this year he has played up to that standard and he makes the all star team well-deserved next jokey judge. I mean he's one of the best centers in the game. You would think why not and when Rudy Gobert obviously battling week after the the best center in the Western Conference. I'm not surprised if this decision hearing. I believe he should make the team. He has all the potential in the world to be inaugural one of the top five players in the game coming in the years to come. And you just keep playing. Well your after your year. Russell Westbrook makes it You know obviously Russell Westbrook was Russell. you know. He plead does a lot of things rebounds. He passes he scores. You know especially when he picked up his play a little bit recently with James Heart not being as good as he has been at the Benin season but Russell you know you just. You just didn't see an all star game without Russell. Westbrook dishes some players that you sometimes feel like they're going to always be there and Russell's one of those guys who just feel like they're always going to be there and you know this is very deserving spot for him getting into the Star game last last on the western conference side of things C. P. Three Chris Paul Chris. Paul has had a very surprising season to a lot of people. A lot of people thought he was washed up and getting older but he's actually had one of his better seasons leading this young Oklahoma City team today. Seven seed Seven eight games or five hundred and he's played very well down the stretch and they're also one of the most clutch teams in the League which you would clutches and Chris Paul's DNA so it makes sense that one of the teams he plays on is also one of the best teams in the clutch. I think this is obviously very well deserved for Chris. Obviously you know you have the fan vote. Oh but you also have a lot of coaches and players. Who Appreciate Chris Paul? Would he do form an arrogance. which the Eastern Conference reserves and we're GonNa talk about Jimmy Buckets Jimmy Butler He made the team a lot of people before he should have made the timber trae young because he had a better team Nathan like the way that they are now wouldn't be without Jimmy Butler but he may obviously first and reserves and you know so he's going to be in the game Thanks Neil Chris Milton. This is another all-star bit Chris Middleton Khris Middleton has really worked hard to get where he is now. A lot of people felt like he was not going to be where he is now because when he came into the league he was very Raleigh Yanni's and he's really brought himself into being top. All Star player This guy you know. He had a monster night having fifty two the other night. So Chris Middleton is are very much deserving to be on his team I would not. I do not dispute this at all. I think he is done to play. Played very well be be in this position and he's done everything you wanted to do to to to hope to be in the spot right now. Ben Simmons makes also You you know Ben Simmons. Obviously you know he's been about eight nine Tennessee's off seven eight rebounds bow solid made me fifteen sixty points you know. He doesn't kind of every everything for the team Especially Valley embiid being. They're Kinda helps them a little bit. Because he's had he had some monster game which might have cited some people on his side from the media and coach in players which Napa pushed him. I'm into it. We can also see him make. This argument may be that you know they. They didn't have enough in terms of They didn't and have enough in terms of just overall players in the game and people on the team. So you know that happens. A SA- bonus simone is gets his first all star based on a set a great year for the Pacers. He's an all star player with him. Jaanus out hymning Victor Oladipo coming back and playing the other night. I think this is big Indiana's to all star team around Sa- bonuses a guy who is very skilled big man. Shoot the ball. Rebound you know. He has a lot of good things and I think that's why he's he's. He's in this position where he is now. Or I think this is very well. Deserved all star bid. And I'm glad he made the team Knicks Jason Tatum. Obviously Jason Tatum set. One whose best years I mean. He's only been like three has best year says rookie year and I think the way. He's played with a walker. He's very much deserving of the spy. You we've played very well. He's played at a high level. You could say they. Sometimes the team has carried by him. Sometimes and you know I saw that. You can't deny I think that really helps him out. He's you know he's done a a lot for the team In Helping Boston head come have one of the best record in the Eastern Conference in the next call our office calorie defending champion Kalari a Colorado. He's played a very well very welcome. I mean some people are going to defeat dispute that vanfleet point guy between the two but calories to star in Colorado as well like I said a lot of people a lot of guards in the eastern conference so guys like how could slide in here but you know he's very much deserved a spot and then lastly man bio I forbid becoming big man endlessly and now he's an all star big man. It really helps with everything. He's doing. A for the Miami Heat. He's played very well. He's taken the next step. He's getting better year after year. That's all you really want from your young players like Obama bio entirely hero and guys coming up in the future. So don't be surprised the Miami he had more players down in the future. That make the team because of you know the future of what's going on around here in etc so that's your all-star reserves on the East and West and East in Western conference in your all star lineups are now set for the draft pool but coming up next. We're GONNA talk about the Lakers releasing some statements within the organization. Different people talking about Colby's death Brooklyn with Berkeley attributed abusive Kobe when they played the Detroit. Pistons Nets pick up the victory and the all new star the new all Star format they have decided to do this year for the NBA. All Star game right right here on the podcast. Suicide loves silence silence. Don't be afraid to ask the question talking about out. Thoughts of suicide may be a source of relief to the person at risk. Listen to them. Let them talk and let them know you care. Are Concerned suicide. I is preventable. Learn how to discuss your concerns recognize it talk about it. Learn more recognized Talk Act Dot Org a message from Virginia Department of Health. Are you looking for the very best. NFL and college football podcast then checkout GSM SMC football podcast get the latest football news. Both on and off the field the NFL draft to trade to the rumor mill to the NFL combines. They got got you covered. That's GSM see podcasts. Dot Com slash football dash podcast get updates on college rivalries keen de Insights and much much much more. It's football talk the way you want it. This show each sleeps and breathes football. Don't forget to like him on facebook and follow them on twitter visit. Yes and see podcasts. Dot Com for more INFO Welcome back CINCI basketball podcast. I said I gave my thoughts on the new all-star reserve that were now. Obviously there's big speaks no Devon Booker Kyrie Irving Paul Your Bradley. You know a lot of stubs in there but I'll talk about this subject. Snubs later in the show but announced the reserves for best western Eastern all stars. So we have our entire all started. Wrathful setup now for the draft is going to take place with the BRA and in Jaanus on February everywhere. Eighth I believe three correct but now we gotta get back to. The citizens is obviously some more hoping news Obviously as you if you have you somehow have it known yet. Kobe Bryant passed away on Sunday in a horrific helicopter crash. Hawn Sunday Tom Him in nine of the people were killed including his daughter GD Very sad day for the league. A lot of people were shocked. Hit the league very hard and it was just one of those things which is it was just crazy. Didn't believe it. You think you're in a badge dreaming. Didn't he just wanted to wake up from it. But obviously you know everybody's pouring out a lot of support towards a Vanessa Brian the family. Nashi made a post. The other day. you know folic yesterday talking about how she appreciates all the support and she she she she she. She's she's very appreciative of it in a time of need and it's very crazy to think that he's not there anymore but you know it's going to be okay in when you're just gonNA take time to themselves in and figure out what's next so that's the big thing there Obviously some Lakers from from organizations have have some statements. Obviously Jeanie Buss came out. I made a statement saying that almost like she lost a family member. Honestly that's why what a lot of people felt like Kobe was for them was a family member lost and obviously that was obviously a big thing for them. Losing Kobe was big. You know You Know Rob Pelinka. Came Amol Link. Was Kobe agent so he had a very close personal business relationship with Kobe he he was a Kobe's agent for years and so obviously see. That was big you know. He looked at Kobe's family. Volleyed lost like a goddaughter and any Austin and I lost A closer friend win. I mean obviously Rob Pelinka. You know. Few full of people feel like he wouldn't be in position about coby so Kobe so brought blink. Understand how important it is to have Kobe in his is life to get where he is. Now obviously losing. Kobe was big for him since he was his former agent You know a lot of honestly if you if you guess cast a shack on. At and T.. When they're supposed to have the Lakers clippers but they cancelled it? They still had their their show aid. You get very touching you know you know statement. You know about Kobe in his death and you know reminding us to know you know you always want to go out there and you know reach out because you never know when that person may be gone the next day so you know. It's very important that you know the reach. How in in you know? Kobe was very important to him. Everybody obviously had their perceptions of Kobe's shacks relationship because it happened back in the early days but he's like a why really truly knows our relationship. We know our relationship. And it's one of those things again where it's just kinda like it's Kinda crazy to think about you know Kobe's gone and everything like that You know like I said the prime made a statement does the debris was close to Kobe You know obviously that was the guy you know yet. You revere younger you had those Kobe versus the Brian Debates so he. It was very much tied to Kobe a lot during his time. Really coming up on the rise and the lever. Kobe was kind of already established as all star all pro and You know you Kinda just feel like you know with which you've seen from which which which is saw you feel like that you know. Obviously that hit him hard. I mean even in the post. He said he really wasn't one hundred percent ready to have that convert to make that post but he made the post. Because you know I'm sure a lot of people waiting to see what the Bra one say were the Braun had to say and you know he was one of those things where you just. You just felt like you know you feel you feel you feel for everybody. Nobody who was involved in this situation. Who's been a big fan of Kobe? Who knows hobie played against Kobe coach? Kobe Coaching Koby. You know Kobe was was one one of the most fierce dedicated competitors in the game losing him in such a terrible way just really like I said impacted Lee impact a lot of people's lives. And you know it's one of those things that You know I it was it was one of the hardest things you know that that that it has gone through but we know we wish everybody the best out there obviously no exact Kobe family because all the support they need to get through the trying prime time in their lives Brooklyn Nets actually did a tribute the other night. Obviously Kyri played for the first time since death. Obviously very close to Kobe they did a tribute where they dedicated to front row seats. They put flowers in two seats in the front row dedicated to Coby gee-gee and Tribu you by Brooklyn Nets the also had a tribute video before the game. which if you've seen the video you can see Kyrie irving visibly crying about it? Obviously like I say very close to Kobe very emotional time for him now losing his his mentor. Losing a guy. You know who he who's put so much energy and time into and it was hard for him to be a situation gene. You know obviously like the day of the game when he died and he didn't play that game because he just couldn't and even in this game you know he was emotional but he played the game he even even after the game post game interview. I applaud the the. ESPN A reporter asking. Is it. Okay if I ask you because you know some reports they'll just go right into ask you questions and you may not even be okay with. She asked Astra Permission. First and said hey this is okay and carries like yeah it was okay and you know. Obviously we'll talk about it and you know he got a little choked up again again. 'cause he'd like I said it's still something that you know you move on with life you go into business you play a game but at the same time you you never forget the impact that someone has made on your life and you won't forget that that happened so I think that you know it's one of those things where you know say Kyrie's GonNa miss some but you know like I said at least Brooklyn got the dub that day curry had a good game and it was able to honor Koby in his first game after and obviously a lot of players say who's goes Kobe we're GONNA try to continue his legacy Lebron's said WHO and try to continue what he has done and what he's done to help make the leak as great as it is to this day 'cause it's very exit trying time in the life of a lot of people who play this game losing Kobe Bryant and losing the Black Mama Guy Mr Mr Bean is not it's not easy and then lastly they have changed the all star format this year so what are they GonNa do is one of the changes they've made is to help honor coby Bryan and basically you know they're going to do it where they're going to have the first three quarters or kind of like a mini game that whoever wants to quarters will help money towards going towards a charity You know you definitely have that they also have it in the fourth quarter where you have to score these twenty four points yeah the squarely at least twenty four points as another honor Koby and it's going to be on time for quarterback is going to be very in time for for her so you won't necessarily even can have the time to it so it can go as long as needed and I think this is something they're trying to do to see distributor works you know obviously giving coming back to charity you know changing the game everything like that I think the thing is is that Off Ilic from from what I've seen people initially aren't really happy about it because they feel like it will just before 'cause I said honestly all you do is just make every play quake. Maybe Eastern Western Conference team wears eight one dollars. Twenty four dual attribute e o stuff like that you don't need to change the actual game itself in the way it's played because it's like well then again. What do we plan for? You know it feels like we're trying to do because I like playing for trade which is a good cause I mean there's nothing bad wrong with that. It's just kind of like you know some people conflict is is it really necessary. assery is there is really no need you know things like that in etc so you know. We'll hi we'll have to see how it actually turns out when the game is actually played and you know people are going to look to see what happens but coming coming up next Damian Lewis Aaron Gordon three point contest in the salary cap is expected to rise from one hundred nine million one hundred fifty million and I'm giving my heart how this impacts the new latest incoming. NBA Free Agency. This off season right here on the podcast. As soon as we get quick break check out the show that's built on the MMA from the UFC two extreme cage fighting but they got the fights covered check out the GSM. See 'em may may podcast. Get the latest news on past or upcoming fights. Join us as we talked to in about some of the biggest names in MMA past president future when it's the fight game. There's just one show checkout. GSM See podcasts. Dot Com backslash. Mame dadge podcast. Don't forget to leg them on facebook and follow with them on twitter visit. GSM See podcasts. Dot Com for more INFO. Yeah welcome back to the GMC basketball podcast last segment. We talked `bout every until people releasing statements organizations owners used to play with him. He's agent Rob Pelinka. A lot of other people. People have been talking about the Kobe. Bryant unfortunate passing on you know and also we also broke the all-star for Matt that was made as being are trying to do something to show attributed Kobe but in other all star News Damian Lewis has committed to the three point contest taste who is added shooter so this point contests that some people consider the best event that the all star week brings because a lot of people feel like the All Star game itself isn't that exciting and obviously the rising stars challenge and everything like that. It's good night but nobody ever talks about that night in terms of the celebrity game to an all that so I've seen dollar Dean light up from three point hot you can. You know he's definitely somebody you have to watch out for. That potentially could win that game and you know become in Wayne you know No becoming win that competition. Do not be surprised. You could definitely see happening. Also urged Google it is committed to the dunk contest. I was the airing during one of the best numbers. We have been game so him committing to this contests helps improve the feel in the dunk contest. This him of Jerry Jones New Year. Aaron Gordon obviously don't have the full list is depicted going to participate in the dunk contest. But they have guys who you know. Don't cut that definitely has potential. I mean you could sit here and maybe say every year the dunk contest has potential to be good. But you know this one especially can you feel like has the potential to be a good. Don't contest and really do something and make some things happen. You know. In my opinion. You know You know obviously people have felt like the quality they don't contests has gone down. You know ever since Zach Levine. Aaron Gordon Matchup. Obviously this is why it's like people are GonNa be very excited Erik. Gordon is coming back because of that. Ah because obviously. We know what Aaron Gordon has done in what he has meant to. You know this this contest before in the show he put on before. So you know it's in music programs there because it's going to be very interesting to see how it actually turns out being when it gets down onto at the end of the day and you know obviously we want this all star weekend to be as great as it possibly can be as you want every all star weekend to be so we're gonNA have to see what Kinda happens with that not announcement at the NBA is at the all the cap the expectation around the league. That cap luxury tax was is actually going to go down and instead is going up six million from wow nine hundred fifteen so about six more meaning cap space but you're going to have the US system players Since the contracts massive in the NBA. Now I mean you may be able to fit me up veteran minimum Guy Nares. I'm like that but it really isn't going to be too much space. All this means that he may just help player. Maybe get a couple extra million more more Maybe give you more more space. Potentially maybe sign a Max player of the game someone up potentially you know but I mean it's also interesting thing because obviously a lot of people consider this this free agency class to just be a bunch of good players not any great great players that have the ability. I guess to which you say. Change a team so I think that that's pretty. That's pretty Yom. It's resting that you know when teams are trying to make those final changes in cuts or whatever to their their their lineups in trying to figure out what how the money works of every team. Sometimes at extra six million can be the difference between you you signing a guy and not being able to sign a guy and obviously you're always gonna be able to sign the guy so obviously important to have that six that six extra six million involved It's something that obviously the NBA. Since they have so much money that enters the league now that definitely helps In in in that regard and you know I think it just really is something that you'll have to see what happens in in the long term. Talk about to snubs or to death who major snubs and the rest about major subs the next segment. But for this segment to stub. Don't don't WanNa talk about from the All Star game play. SNUB is Kyrie Irving in Paul. George Obviously Kyrie Irving a lot of people like career being you know career wearing when he has played his played absolutely fantastic top it aligned point guard play and obviously Paula. George also played very Wilson's returning from his injury to start the season. I mean obviously in this both situations a lot of probably people feel like well. The reason why this is the case is because obviously kyri missed a lot of games and Paul. George missed the first month in a couple of weeks of the season so people like you know he missed too many games to really be into the All Star game where we can award a player. WHO's been healthy most of the year and played very well but obviously those are big names because those are some of the biggest names we have in the NBA in politics and Kyrie Irving I feel like Yuli had to do they had to do they do. Gold is best. That's that's that's how I honestly felt like they did. They did what was best. Yes they did what they needed to do. And you can't you can't hate them for that you know I mean I mean the reserves are mainly mainly determined off obviously fan votes fifty percent but curry had a top three top regard Tambo soul. From what someone you hear that in what you see what that really means. Is that the coaches and the players did not think hurry. Everything was worthy of an all-star spot. I thought you cannot blame the fans the land. The fans still voted Kyri top three in the guards in the eastern conference he was actually second voting behind trae young but the players in the media did not feel like career and played enough games to make the all star team so if was anybody who could for all of his counterparts and say wow. I didn't think I was good enough. But it's definitely something that what has happened in. Obviously it's shown in this voting. It's probably the same thing with Paula. Jones wasn't in the top three but he was in the top five in voting. I believe and and so obviously a lot of players immediate. I give him that either because like I say you know. I think that's one of the reasons why he has doesn't get in and I can. You can't hate anybody for these decisions. This is decisions that these players may be flying as best in the long term moving forward and they play. This is what's best very by going into the future of the I'm sure of Paula. George played the entire year. He would have played a a long time. He would made the Star game and I'm sure even vice versa. Kyrie irving play more games. He would made the All Star game. I just think you know. Obviously obviously yes I think. Medium players take injuries into account and think we award a guy who has the name value has numbers but hasn't played in as many games or or do we roar the player who made a Abbas great numbers but as Jim being just as effective and has played and most of all the games I think a lot of people are gonNA valued the amount of games you play. The pneumatic games. That you don't play which has been shown these two guys now next when I talk about the two all star snubs is going to be more guys is who played well one had injuries in another one has been healthy. The whole year in headed one of his best stat lines stood in in in. I'm sure maybe you can think of me. Think about who I'm talking about in this situation potentially because obviously you know it's not very hard to see who is You know but you know that's pretty much Pretty much that but coming up next. We're going to talk about Victor Oladipo returning for the first time in almost a year. I want to say maybe a year. You potentially also GonNa talk about the Knicks degrees. Getting a little feisty at the end of the game which raises the question of do players and teams. Do they run up the score the should did you run the score. How disrespectful is that in the game? And I'll talk about the last two all star snubs that I think were snubbed. Or Aurelia people debate for snubbed. I'll save bad coming right here coming up right here on the podcast out. This show built around the women of MMA from the UFC. To the extreme case fighting. We got the fights. Cover the golden state media concepts women's MMA podcast broadcast the latest news of upcoming discussions. Previous matches join us as we talk to about the biggest names in women's mixed mixed martial arts past present and future when it's the women's fight game you know where to listen to the golden state media concepts women's MMA podcast welcome back to the DMC basketball podcast segment. We talked about all star snowed talked about the. We put People Damian Lillard for three point competition. Aaron Gordon for the Dunk contest joining in we also talked about how the cat we We talked about how for the CAP. They moved it up about six million from went. Oh nine win fifteen. So obviously there'll be more money into the market this off season six more. Remain the exact so that could be there between signing go player it may be missing out on a player. Different things like that just really depends so but now we're getting more news notes around the League Can talk about beverly depot coming back. You know They know depot. If you remember Tori his I believe quadricep. It is in his Fi- was out for a year. This was when Indian with top three see. I believe a lot of people wonder. Indiana would have been of cartload yellow dare a victory believing this year without him. The Pacers still have a game over thirteen games. Over five hundred they have been one of the Best S. teams in terms of structure. I feel I can leave. Nobody talked about because they don't have that big number one star but they do have an all star and some bonus invicta Oh depot has visiting atop in all star may very well put together and built team especially says it added. Michael Brogden down in a lot of other guys is to stay competitive in the eastern conference as they'll probably be a top five seed in my opinion in the eastern conference and could be one of the teams to make some noise and make make some things shake within the conference in different. Things have happened Physically early K.. Back he had a clutch shot to help. We need to win a game. And he did his shot the coping G. Obviously you know putting shout out to them. Deploy good in his game back He you know he's a he's a guy who a lot of people get feel like is a b plus Guy Ego. He almost did beat the Brian his final Donald Year in Cleveland in he almost did. A few other is People think that if he played in the Boston series last year they would beat the Boston Celtics. Even those sweep really people. I really think that it would have been that. Lopsided switch back in favor of Indiana because watch the game. The Boston really didn't play the best in the world. It's just. They didn't have an Indiana just in having a firepower to combat the dysfunction of Boston which she ability but was there. They'd have that extra firepower extra punch punch to Combat Boston's You know dysfunction. So that's definitely something that she definitely see we think is the case You know I look at the fact of well. I think he looked good. He looked fast. He looks look very quick on his feet. I think he's a guy who deftly like I say if he gets back to what we knew of what Victoria deeper was before condemn flea create some noise in the playoffs with the Indiana Pacers because of the talent that he possesses sees and what he can do. I definitely think that he. Can you know definitely 'cause he has all the potential in the world to be that and do that in my personal opinion. So you definitely look out. I'm glad he's back in the league. I like watching. People play underrated player under player. My opinion I'll people give him a lot of love. I'm giving levelness podcast. We love US via early. podcast the other night the Knicks Grizzlies got into it as Alfred. peyton pushed down Jae crowder. WHO's taking three after the Utah Jazz? The Memphis Grizzlies ruin and beat the Knicks Viollis twenty. I think and you know Jay crowder went four three which alpher pain pushed him down aggressively and almost to a whole scuffling fight which raise the question of the actor. The game because markets mortar was just like you know the game's over. Why are you trying to the score like just dribble it out? Let's go home and raises. The question of is there such thing as raising the score is there is such thing thing is is is it is it. Is it disrespectful to do that to an opponent I mean some people feel like this football you know want ought to say if you WANNA stop it you need to. If you want to stop it you need. You need to actually stop it and I think some people feel like wolf somebody in the in the NBA wants to pad statute of three. Stop it if you don't want him to shoot it shouldn't be so they whereas like okay because it's kind of weird thinking okay. Last twenty four seconds of the game down by twenty and then the guy who takes three now all of a sudden you want to you want to actually have a whole Bra with him on the court because of that you think that's kind of extreme for something like that but for some players. They think that's highly disrespectful. If the game is over in you're still trying to add to the lead so I think you know that's an interesting debates I have I feel like personally I feel like you know. Just you know you just you know. Defend the shot. I I don't think you need to push him aggressively to the ground. I can understand. Maybe I'll know if that's an unwritten rule and basketball. Don't raise the score after you have a lead now. Obviously I guess you had to do what you had to do. If you're out Peyton but you know because it's almost like a shows respect for your opponent like okay. We win the game. There's no more than the physicians aren't going to counter. We winning this game anymore. Let's just kind of like whatever just dribble it out. Get to the end of the game not played too hard. You know not wear each other out and stuff like that and and so. I think that's kind of weird. The the situation kind of lies in his kind of right now Obviously we don't want any bras on the floor as definitely definitely not what we want. So I think this obviously was a big thing for the Knicks. Obviously they haven't had a great year and You know obviously they probably just felt that was real. Despicable Jae crowded. Try to shoot a three even when they were up by that many points because they just feel like. What's the point? The game's over Walmart shoot. Are you trying to patch your stats. CETERA ET CETERA. So That's how I'm personally about that. I honestly don't i. I don't see issue if I just need to be taken to those waifs potentially or am I. I don't feel you should've gotten to that point in my personal opinion but you know I mean every player feels like they had to defend their core defend. Defend the honor of the team as other as a player. So that's necessary then. I guess you can't argue with the I.. About it unless we're going to get to the last two snow people allows he talked about in the two snubs and this time we're helpless Bradley. Beal and Devin Booker Bradley. Bill is kind of the same Jewish Paul George and Kyrie Irving he missed a lot of games games but the Games he's played average twenty seven and no player in all star history every twenty seven in not made the all star team. So that's why I think we were shot because of the fact that you see do you stat line. How does he not macdill? Starting because a lot of people are gonNA be the argument. trae young has twenty nine points and has the worst record in the league had the worst rigging and league now if the second worst record in the lead and he made the starters but Bradley beal as twenty seven. His team's record is actually really better than the hawks. And yet he didn't even make the reserves but I think people are GonNa talk about just how like you know Bradley. Beal was hurt. Trey Trey Trey miss a couple of games. But he wasn't hurt library. Bill was her and then endemic booker. Situation you basically played the whole year and our twenty seven and I think that's just a case honestly booker here is that there's just so many guards in the western conference even if you have a great season you may not get all start bid for it like you see the guards that they put it was Russell. CB Theory honestly of CB Three Day. They're writing expecting to have. You probably would think Devon Booker getting there but you know Damon Russell Westbrook are you reserves. That's a pretty as a pretty big. You know it's pretty big stars right there that you would tell me that you never booker over. And then also the sun's not having a great record always affects two sons unusually never from a record perspective. A great team. So you know. Obviously that hurts Devon Booker's case even with the stat line he puts. It's a putting up almost twenty seven twenty eight game and not still getting all-star bit himself so obviously that's obviously disappointing. If you're the Phoenix Suns in the book but coming up next we're GONNA get college basketball. Talk Radio talk about the late in the week coming this week in big games in college basketball in the latest is net rankings. That have been released. I hear on the PODCAST. Tired of searching the vast jungle of podcasts. Nell listen listen close and here this out. There's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching the golden state media concept ABC's podcast network is here nothing less than our podcast lists with endless hours of podcast covered from news sports music music fashion entertainment fantasy football and so much more so stop lurking around and go straight out to the golden state media concepts podcast network work guaranteed to build. That podcast is whatever it may visit us at. WWW dot Jesus MC podcast dot DOT COM. Follow us on facebook and twitter and download on itunes soundcloud and Google play welcome ducks say plastics. Better looking also talked about connotes about we talked about you got some good old fashioned. Only depot vigorously depot getting back on the court and the Nixon grills. It was getting a little feisty raising the question of you know specked on the court you know should you out the score etc etc.. Now we're GONNA GET INTO SOM-. Tom Knew Some College Basketball Games. Look out for you obviously know on these shows to look forward to to the we head of Vera College Basketball Fan if you'd love it. Here's your little This is your little law Shindig and the ability to see what's coming up available what games you might want to tune into potentially this weekend first game. You WanNa tune in tune this weekend Creighton Villanova Seventeen and three Villanova for sixteen six crane. This is going to be at Villanova Villanova's like I say it's been quietly one of the better teams of league eighth in the nation right now CRAYTON's play very well. During a three game winning streak Villanova was on a seven game winning streak strictly of teams here all in winning streaks. So you can say all of them were Kinda hot right now coming into this game You know obviously Villanova just trying to do what they gotta do. I was creating this big for them because is obviously if the good team like Villanova's GonNa open the resume the records of our this could also help them crack the top twenty five next week if they get if they get a game. These Villanova over this this week too. So obviously that's something that they're gonna be trying to gun for the upset. The next big game is Louisville eighteen three. They've bounced back. After struggled a little slump they hadn't won seven straight. They're eight and two in the last ten going against the NC state NC state and You Know Obviously Louisville when his name is big game just keeps going Can we get. NC state embassies. He's he's lost two in a row You know as you say th- Lebanon's who at home this year so you know this is this is usually the game or you. You know a team like you know. Look come into this hostile environment lose you'll be on. ESPN at two o'clock sizes is big enough game. That people were like. Hey you know you might be upset. Game she always going to have those games like potentially gap upsets them. It creates to that much more of a of a excitement around it. Another beginning is providence and Butler Butler You know so far. They've already won one. Oh this year over Providence. Trying to sweep the season series you we have Butler Butler has rebounded. After you know losing a couple of three straight not have long to narrow trying to get back on track You know keep it up against Providence Providence. Obviously lost three five and five in the last ten so they really haven't played at the highest levels recently. I expect to come into this game and win this game handedly because you see the teams paper you just like bullies the better team and again in college. Uh upsets can always happen as are playing at home as long as they play their game plan and do what they do. Best should get a cloud with a victory became an ACC Number for five Florida state versus Virginia Tech. Virginia tech is fourteen and seventeen years lost two in a row but through ten and three at home Florida state has lost all their games on the road. They're six and three on the road up ninety one in their last ten the last game they lost so obviously they're coming off a loss to China Bounceback China W obviously Virginia Tech Islands victims. So obviously expect this game to be very competitive down the stretch and they need to come out there and play the best basketball You know obviously forty state you know obviously of these this game you get upset and you always want to bounce back. Do you WANNA bounce back and get to where you think you should be. Just you know. Get back into winning car. Get your confidence back. You know as a team in these types of games can kinda missed a little bit but they they come back and bounce back museum. I think they'll be fine in long. Run Baylor opposite on team the country going against TCU thirteen seven. Baylor has won seventeen in a row. So if that tells you anything they start using one took you know. They're undefeated at home. The ten in the last ten obviously tissues lost two straight. I'm Bob in the last ten. Obviously the big twelve the teachers conferences. You never know who upset who sees IOS Thirteen and seven so you don't WanNa sit here and think this is going to be easy. Contest are one at one the road so we have not been a very good rotate all this year that spout four through seven hundred losses of came on the road. So they're gonNA have to play really good It's TCU is one of the better passing passing teams in the League therefore twenty four the country assist but at the same time they they're point differentials only six with one on one so obviously they don't they they read it. They're usually the game decide by six points for Baylor with more dominant westbound forty point one points a game because when Baylor wins they win domino leads never like a super close game at. They usually come out there and compete at a high level and win the way they're supposed to win canton. Texas tech is the next match-up I think Tune into at Allen fieldhouse. Kansas won five in a row. Eighty two in the last ten the ten in one at home. And you know you know Texas coming into this this game after having night. Great Game Against Saw Kentucky losing in overtime which knocked him out of the top ten then after that winning the last game they played any flair right and winning tracks obviously with what we know Texas segments ranked team so we know at this team can play because some of the better teams in the country. Like I said there may be the Bay they should be Kentucky so so gazes better look out it takes his Texas looking to win back and they win. This game will definitely be back in the top twenty five. If they wear to beat a team why Kentucky Kansas so because it has to be in their game in this game you know Texas tech is also one of the better teams in the country. You know mom and in they're gonNa do what they gotta do to change it at the season so number. Twenty five Rutger's sixteen five twelve eight Michigan. Michigan is off a cliff recently After starting the season so oh great. Now they're twelve name the year they won the Alaska Tendon three home but they're rutgers is one of four the road so even though there sixty five on the season they have had success on the road so Michigan is in great position to get a win. This we are big win. 'cause they're they're they're they're tournament. Hopes are Kinda you know riding on a little bit of a of a thin line because of the fact that they lost a game like that so Any lost games. They've lost so I think it's GonNa be important. That Michigan bounces back to help improve their tournament. Stocking and rankings in the future. Obviously the big game is Auburn. Kentucky Sumi Jack. All brand new auburn has kind of fell off a little bit. But they've won three in a row and they're undefeated at home. Most losses came on the road. Kentucky is sixteen four They're three and two on the road on. They've won four straight so both teams are coming in here to last ten pretty much on the same momentum scale is I think that'd be a great game all season undefeated I believe and they lost game three bounce back I can. I mean listen. This is the right one sees his clock on. ESPN and you don't WanNa miss a game like this. Because obviously this will invest the best games that You know the can and can kinky can give you but just to give you all up day on the net rankings to give you all the latest breakdown and who's the top ten Number one is still San Diego State undefeated twenty one and over the mountain West Conference there number one this still in this in this poll number two Baylor You know expect. You're speaking always. Wanting to eight people at the top of this poll on their number the net rankings. There Three Gonzaga Saga. Obviously you know. They're just winning on labor only loss winging all year. They're just doing what they do on a daily basis Kansas number four. I guess the flavor will you know you know go into that. Little stretch even losing some of their better players. They play very well number. Five Gaetan and Not to walk out for the season started. Nineteen and twenty year Really good team. All pro out there James of financial NBA draft. Pick in the top five Number six Duke dookie no obviously not have that upset loss they were you know pretty much still played a good season independence. Regains can't really knock down too far number seven. After being number eight was Michigan State. They moved back up winning. Some key. Games number eight nine from number nine last week our last time was a butler. Big East they play well after losing a couple of games or bouncing back winning some games and number nine West Virginia opposite Virginia. Awesome Elsa Game. So they're trying to bounce back from Nat West Virginia's obviously when the better teams in the country and the big twelve. So I mean obviously they're gonNA try and get back on track and then number ten Louisville's Louisville bounces back back into the top ten eighteen in three Ending out the end of the net rankings. But coming up next I'm going to talk about ownership in basketball. Aw about some owners. I think are really good. Some owners that could use some worker neat to sell the team. Obviously if you know what I'm talking about The situation and involve the Knicks owner James Dolan. And also. We're GONNA talk about the mavs and the grizzlies potentially hooking up when Andre Iguodala trade coming up next. Are you looking to get your college. Football vexed looking to get the latest news. On your favorite schools team. They Diaz Empty College football. PODCAST is your ticket to all things college football to join us as we talk college football from the National Championship the college rivalries the bowl game to the heisman trophy. So which conference is the best. We've got you covered for the big ten as these big twelve the PAC twelve. ACC and everything in between download the GMC College Football podcast on Itunes stitcher soundcloud Google. Play or anywhere you find God gas just tied Diaz in St in the the search bar. Welcome back into Sydney on about college basketball beginning up to now talk. This past James Dolan singled out teenager who's telling enchanting meaning sell the team which obviously isn't a good look if if you're wherever the knicks situation a lot of people even knicks fans I do not like James Dolan. They feel like he has been the reason why they have been so mediocre to bad and last almost sits Carmella was there and they feel he does not know how to run the team in that that he involved himself into personnel decisions and decisions that involve key players which has made the Knicks a more unattractive destination for free agents and so a lot of people feel like you know you know basically. It's not a good look and a lot of people want it James Dolan to sell the team to someone who actually wants to who actually knows what the doing. Let's the people work that he hires a in bills. The team the right way and this kind of raises the question of what's good ownership. In my opinion with bad ownership to me good ownership is an owner. Who Does every the does all the the little things to make sure that his office staff in his players are at the top of their game potentially at all times when examples the Atlanta Hawks a couple for years the Atlanta Hawks had to sell the team to I think it was Tony Wrestler and I can't remember the girl with a woman's name but she's also became an owner of the team and and they automatically you know they hired their staff? You let the coach goes the higher the GM GM pick players and they put a lot of money into building new facilities and upgrading the arena and basically doing all those things to help provide the best experience for the players but for the fans and for the staff you know you know I feel good owner. They make sure that they accommodate everybody and everybody remember. It's not only the job to get ticket. Sales people to come to the the games by giving them something that People WanNa go through in a product that they want to see but it's also important they hire the right people and they let them work. Usually owners are not what experts on their own team like. Listen an owner of a fortune five hundred company that owns NBA team even if he watches basketball usually just they're so invested in their company. They don't know it to the deep nece where they can literally beat the GM like actually be able to help pick and see who we should bring in how we built. It was team but they can't have final say because obviously when you make these big decisions you WanNa talk to you. Hey this is what we think is best to get us in the right direction and if you could sell Joan then he'll improve it a bad owner in me as someone who food themselves on all decisions personnel and staff staff so and obviously the Kuna. They're always going to get what they want. And even for the Desmond of the team you know obviously see a situation that you may feel like is James Dolan obviously like I said there's been a lot of decisions that he's made haven't been the best seasons unrealistic expectations other things like bat. Not necessarily this is the example of bad owner. But this is maybe something that some people consider that ownership decision obviously in the NFL. Was Tom. Brady and and Robert Kraft Not Wanting to leave leave. Brady go in telling Belichick Trade Jimmy Garoppolo you never really want if you're a coach or a GM the owner imputing yourself in the in decisions. Because like I said you hired me to make these decisions when you have to tell me what to do. You're what decisions to make her. What trades to make? You think I can't do my job correctly and you don't want to alienate your staff. Your coaches your team players and you also want to give the players the best facilities in the best treatment they can get. They can be successful. Some play players coaches do not do that. You know You Her story to come out of Phoenix. The owner hasn't always been the best when it comes to maybe how he views how this team should be own is obviously not ownership sometimes even being interactive active with with the team itself but more just who they hire they hire people who aren't clearly ready for the job aren't experienced or have a bad track record you know and you know and yet they are able to get celled on whatever they're saying to get them to be hired which could again be to the detriment of the team because because now you may be bringing in somebody who's direction in his in his idea even though it may sound newer fresher different isn't for the team is whoever however. The team is as being on best for that team. aftermarket yourself to a certain audience. And you don't WanNa mess thing so so you know it's very important you know you know teams have good ownership. Our teams are always structurally great in the NBA. Spurs are great examples. That that's why they've been so good for years they've had great ownership for years. You know that's why they've always been consistently one of the best teams in the League and obviously how rakes cut. Hey coach Gregg Popovich. It's been there forever you know. They've done a lot of things. Well that's why a lot of people WANNA poke pick people off the spurs staff because they always have a lot of smart guys joining the best people who's in the scripture and you feel a coach that comes from good structure with no good structure and want to provide that good structure for the team that you have your owner you hiring so obviously that's something that is is is relevant in being the situation I think that you know you know You just want to make sure that ownership never overstep their boundaries but at the same time puts things and polices in place so the team. The city in the organization can be successful because that's what the owners jobs and remember. There's a lot of teams that have a lot of co owners and I'm sure some Kono Coworkers might try to get in there and try to give their two cents. What they should do you know? Could you the leaving. That'd be the majority owner. They may have an input that they can provide that maybe a different view than from the just the one owner. You know like I say good ownership in having a good front office and then having a good Coaching staff. You know all that can lead to success you know. That's what that's what she wanted. That's what type of success that you want but also before we go highs WANNA bring up the Dow's Mavericks. Obviously you know. They've been looking for some time to be added to their team. Obviously if you know about this Andrea Dala they are potentially. They're basically trying to treat hundred dollars to a team they think they. He should be traded by the deadline. And that the Dallas Mavericks are looked at as a fallback plan for the Memphis. Grizzlies of maybe deals with the Lakers or with the clippers. Don't tend to work out. You know they can. Dan protect potentially perhaps do something with that. I think that you know you know you. which team would were at the same time? Methods could make the playoffs. You know but So and so you know it's going to be interesting would i. I would think it would play. I mean he could still make the playoffs team. I mean gene could potentially be a bio situation you know but every obvious traits the mavericks. I think that that would be a good deal for him. Even though we may not consider Dallas Championship team their team. That definitely make a run so maybe potentially potentially could be a championship team. We don't know you don't want to say no or never but you know potentially the Guy Audrey Goodall you'll know what happened but that's all. I got Africa today on the GMC basketball podcast. Thank you for tuning in. Please don't forget to subscribe comment. 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