Chief Justice John Roberts - SCOTUS Biopic!


Hey everyone welcome to let's get physical this podcast that breaks down politics government structure and dives into the context of current events but in a superfund way I'm lizzy Stewart comedian feminist and political junkie and I'm Martin Wolland Hausky farmers in an intern campaign staffer and political strategist in this episode. We are talking about chief justice John Roberts so grab your swing vote and let's get cynical yeah Sir John Roberts what l. about southern accents when you get the wishfully the wish cash Sean Robert. I do that that sweet Kenya you come over here on a we all right. Let's start okay great three two one. Hello not like that three to one hello three two do one there you go there you go. Hello everyone. Hello Very Buday. Come back to let's get civil. My name is Lizzy Stewart and I am Arden Wolski and it's you you. She hasn't trained steady as the beating drum discipline said it was my job to drop in the Disney. I'm sorry I did not mean to step on your toes. It's like when you you say a fun fact and I'm like what is my literal purpose on this episode Role-reversal Role-reversal. Come just trying to be like you please please but today we're going to try something being new. I'm really excited. I'm excited about this on today's episode. We're going to be doing a is it called bio pic or biopic. Oh that's an excellent so we're talking. What do you Nova's bio-pic or biopic? Kate also doesn't know I feel like by is only applicable. If it's a movie okay right it was in a biopic every film me what's the point. I hope nobody is filming. Gore's the sweat I decided on my makeup is run. Ni Ronnie I'm Rania. She has Mascara my hair was dry and blown out at some point and now as shellacked in my head. I love that a beard of that. We're going to be doing either a bio pic or a buy-up biopic. I feel like it's biopic in our case sure right because we're going to be taking an in-depth Look I love at each of the supreme in court justices over the course of our tenure on this podcast but today we're starting off with Mister Chief Justice himself John Roberts by John. I mean John John Roberts Euthanasia Sorak and I was like it's not really are actually named John and I because I'm Texan. I've never met her John but I know that there are John's and this is this is the American John the biblical job Johnny search suddenly thrown into Les Miserables Zone autozone we are going to be I did a lot of research of a sweet baby. John Roberts and he's a very interesting figure. I can't wait to tell you all about put him great so me okay. That was not me loading again seatbelt. I realize I'm not good at that's a canon. They bring it back. Bring it home still again. This is just quick housekeeping again. If you own a canon call us very much like to start off your I would love to set off a cannon. Just just call me and and let me know if I can do that. We can work something out but chief justice John Hey so I'm going to start in his childhood. Just a little bit about baby. He wasn't hatched from an egg. He was not hatched from an egg yet. Yeah he kind of has a face working. It looked like he was hatched like he's. He's a handsome dude. Yeah like on paper yeah but like a little dead in the is right right all of his pictures that I've seen them like. Is Anybody home like like not in like that. He's not smart since he's very art but like. Do you feel I don't know are you. Is there a soul in their heart. He's so difficult to read aisling there. Sometimes in the research that I did about him where I was like yes what an ally yes John Roberts because he's he's are very <hes> infamous swing vote but then there's sometimes we'll talk about this later where I'm like John John. What are you doing? This is problematic you are problematic and we'll get into that but John Roberts and by John Roberts I mean John Glover Roberts junior at data's his that is his that is his God given name. John Glover Barnard's lover Roberts Junior. Wow a mouthful that is a lot. That's a lot of Globalstar John All Glover Journal. It's really he was born on January twenty seventh nineteen fifty five so he is currently sixty four years old looks great for sixty four for this is not about looks like obviously like it's about brains but he is physically attractive. He was born in Buffalo New York shoutout to our friends in Buffalo. Hey and his parents were John. Glover Roberts Albert's senior shocker and Rosemary Podrasky Podrasky Brassy Yeah Yeah Rosemary Podrasky. So what a happy family I do believe he was an only child. I didn't see much about his siblings if he had them. Can you imagine can you imagine being the sibling to John. Glover Roberts junior at Thanksgiving then became chief justice like imagine going to Thanksgiving thing this year and everybody's like hey what's new what's new with you and and John Glover Roberts Juniors just like oh well I decided the fate on Gerrymandering and the senses and you know were discriminating abortion rights and like and then it's like Oh Phil Glove what did you what did you do and he's like well. I work at a bank. I took some deposit again again. I don't obvious siblings didn't look that up. He's now. He made them Phil Glover. Robert Junior is now his brother despite being born in Buffalo New York he grew up in Long Beach Indiana so shadow today Indiana he attended a Catholic boarding school called La Lumiere School in Laporte Indiana Wow I can you imagine going to boarding school like I only know that they exist in America but it feel so European it feels very European and very like a rich thing all boys Catholic school. I forgot to say that it was an all boys Catholic school which is like what a dangerous zone that explains so much about John Roberts in an yes. I mean I went to a Catholic school. It was Co ed wasn't boarding school. Yeah I feel like there's nothing good about sending your child away right unless there's like they've got some kind of unless away whatever works and you'll rate earning magic right. That's I feel like a very valid reason to send your kid away. I would send my kid away two words I wouldn't send my kid away to Lumiere School in Laporte Indianap- towards grade school. I'm sure it has high credentials but I'm just saying it's yeah it's that experience experience. I feel like so much of development happens not at school right especially like you know I know I feel like a lot of it is like your surroundings in your family and your friends circles and when you send somebody away right and you're there with it's just so insular to like there with people in class with them at home and then all used in figure out how to sneak back into your parents house after sneaking out and going drinking then you should be able to rule on gerrymandering no. I'm sorry just having if you don't have real life experience is experience. Sorry about that okay. It doesn't explain this like that. They don't understand things sometimes like if you don't I understand because you literally insular yeah. They didn't experience Yeah Yeah at Lot Lumiere School in Laporte Indiana Roberts was a wrestler served as captain of the football team and was as part of the student council. Is he a sociopath. It's like one of those words like okay too many accomplishments too many again you were not sneaking in and out of your parents house no no he's a good old boy. He's a good old boy boy like marriage and he never drank until he was twenty one. Oh I want where he wasn't chief justice and again. I'm not like Uber Critical John Robert. I think like Donovan like we're having fun making. We're very easily. He's a friend of the family but I think like in my ideal world the chief justice would be a woman and be they would. They would have gotten drunk at eighteen or sixteen. I don't care like it's why I don't trust Mitt Romney. That man has never had a drinker a drug. You're not fully understand this country. If you've not had a glass of red wine no or at least of Bud Oh yeah yeah yeah you need to drink I could by people who don't drink encourage your your choices. I'm just saying it's like if you're going to make rulings on you know the portion rights. I don't like have a drink. I don't care okay smoke some weed little life live alive like yeah. If if the question of the legality of marijuana ever approaches the Supreme Court which quite honestly yeah in our in our lifetime I sure I I'm curious. I'm like how would you rule on the legality of marijuana. If you've never done a little puff puff pass well just because your view of it is probably super skewed not like okay. I don't I've done I don't I'm particularly enjoy and I know all right and you couldn't like you've smoked. We then saying I don relate to the teenager. Hey I've. I've done pot. I done it. Ah Okay. I also do heroin I've done I've done wine. I've done beer. I've done vodka like why you I I I have to somebody has to tell me the correct word because I don't <unk> actually know the correct word and this is now the second time that I've said it I've done I've done situation and also have been made fun of for. I appreciate Yeah Yeah. No I mean again. Some people might disagree with me. I feel like I've done hot not quite it doesn't sound quite like you've experienced marijuana. I've smoked married okay. You know I should say it ironically. I've what I've smoked. I don't know what irony sounds like. I've done the pot. I've done the pot. I've done the pockets that yes so my would enjoy it but that doesn't mean that like but I feel like I have. I have tried it. You know I it's not my it's not my I'm GONNA try. It does not necessarily gonNA smoke the math the math you're in it right and it doesn't make you a bad person. It's a quite safe drug. I just don't I'm skeptical about if you've never tried right any kind of just how you can bring record you think have done the pot out of the nine. Let's go let's go okay. How about okay chief justice? John Roberts no no okay Clarence Thomas no probably not think so stephen buyer I think I guess I think day Yeah Yeah Yeah Elena Kagan that's hard. She might be a swing on my swing on that one Sonia for sure for sure yeah for sure R._P._G.. Oh <music> I feel like no I feel like now but also may be back in the day. I'll try to with her grandkids and they're like you should try this great. That's good I like it. I don't know medical marijuana would be a thing she would be down for Verschoor Brad Kavanagh. I feel like yes one hundred percent destroyed every drug on the planet right. Who am I missing? I have I have wait. Wait Not Merrick Garland. No don't bring no. It's eleven. It's the other Guy Gorsuch Neal Gorsuch Neal gorsuch. No no he doesn't who is he. He's a he's a paper doll. He's got no dimension. Wait to rename them all. Why do I only have eight fingers up? Oh Alito House. We don't lead lead. Do you think he smoked weed. I think I think so I think so too. I think he's tried at once like maybe like with his wife like let's do something dad. Let's move. Let's go to split. I feel like we're at a five four split on if they've tried weed or not yeah and honestly it doesn't completely aligned with it does not completely aligned with if you're a conservative or a liberal no no no not yeah I think I think it align with like just like their personality great so back to fun facts about rob. John Roberts's early life right after graduating from La Lumiere school he attended. You guessed it Harvard third. Oh My shocker I know Oh my God impresses. The gender refers Undergrad and he graduated in three years he graduated in Nineteen Seventy six sumo whom loud shouting whatever okay that sounds okay yeah Magna cum laude Sumati yeah that was loud whatever it doesn't match her and then right after that he attended game. You guessed it Harvard Law School graduating in nineteen seventy nine magna magna cum laude wow so he he went up right or Suma above assume as I oh shoot what happened John. What have you useless? He's maybe he's sweet. I don't know that one puff puff pass Ashley Judd so that's his like and he was like you know he did the whole thing where he was the chief editor of Law Review which is like a big deal a lot of Supreme Court justices have been that at Harvard he was a great student. It makes sense is listen me to say I am currently the editor. Can you imagine I'd be like too many words. Let's break it down. People Think Gimme buzzwords and put it in color and put it in color so after graduation this is where this is where to me. John Roberts becomes super fascinating is his is his career. He has between graduating law school and becoming the Justice on the Supreme Court so. Pretty close to after graduation he went to clerk for Associate Justice William Rehnquist of the Supreme Court like he literally wow says maybe three or four years out of graduating law school. He has clerking for a Supreme Court justice. I want to get the job. How do they posted Leabeau's ruling? How do you get somebody okay? This is a legitimate I know I know we're joking a lot right now. But how do you become a clerk for a justice on the Supreme Court. How does that happen? Is it a networking thing and especially back in this day and age yeah Beckingham initia- like I feel like you this is in the maybe the eighties eighties. Does that make sense yeah. This is in the eighties yeah yeah I feel like back then. It was like very very tit-for-tat y you send your war law school like very like it's a very small circle of and it's like everybody him a lot but again. That's you know there's only nine justices right I mean I guess they have more than one clerk but still it's like you know. If you slide I was just I was a little impressed. I was a little bit because my first job out of college was at a clothing store which is not to say that retail store. I'm I'm not GonNa talk about experience and I'm not going to throw trade on a small business in New York City great because we support small businesses here in the city but I I don't like I didn't I did not enjoy working retail. I listen I also worked Taylor worked furniture retail and that's a different game. It's a different game. That's a lot of people coming in to buy <hes> like teak lounge chairs for their easthampton partner East Hampton houses. Well sure I mean we we want to Eke. I wanted the teak. I want the take so yeah. After graduation he's clerking for associate justice William H wine quest rhymes wine quick Rehnquist Rehnquist difficult name after that he served as special assistant don't know what that means but this is what it said Special Assistant to U S Attorney General William French Smith of the Reagan administration wow the literally goes from clerking Supreme Court justice to helping out the attorney. General Sean is a great networker is what I can be around. He's literally. I mean this is what he's probably wait. Let me do math math. Don't say a word. Don't say a word because I wanNA know how old he is. Let's say this was in like the mid eighties he's thirty years old. That's offensive thirty years old. He's thirty ISH NABEEL SAY thirty thirty three years old right and he has clerked for Supreme Court justice and then a special assistant to the U._S. Attorney General Crawl in his receptionist Houston. I Walk Dr. Can I get that lutely. I just like these are big. Leaps Roberts big big leaps. I'm so impressed by Oy <unk>. I'm so impressed by him. It's nice being a man after that. I know it's so nice being very privileged white male who went to all boys Catholic Boarding School in Indiana then to Harvard Joe Harvard law then straight to this. I mean like that's the pad after the pad are right I mean I don't understand why people don't do that all the time. I'm doing it right now. If only people could lift themselves up I've only right. Only that would be oh man after he was the special the assistant to the U._S.. Attorney General William French Smith he became an associate counsel to President Ronald Reagan he bopping around you know like creating the economic system that would play games for years to come in like Jerry. Can I have a word. I didn't need to go into office and Reagan's like I'm just so I just want to bounce some ideas off of you. Do you mind and this can be your at my associate counsel like your associate counsel. I'm doing air quotes. What does that mean? I don't know counsel to President Ronald Reagan President Ronald Reagan. He's like maybe thirty five years old. He's like maybe thirty years old and my ebb and okay great nice start using dates because all of this and then I started using years so he graduated in nineteen seventy nine and from nineteen seventy nine to nineteen eighty-six was when all of this it happened this happened in seven years was sweeping with Reagan like that of a glider on with Reagan okay we were doing the pot and you know wanting to another pot is a gateway to anything. It's gone that is what part is the gateway to. That's why I don't do the pot. I don't want to Ronald Reagan. <hes> like maybe young role Reagan but President Reagan dusty dusty again of the president of SAG Ronald Reagan sure president of Sag Ronald Reagan added that card honey get that card okay and then this is okay so then so that's that's what John did for seven years. He was a clerk for sprint justice. He was a special assistant to the Attorney General Right. It was an associate counsel for President Ronald Reagan then guess what he does Yep. He goes into private practice. Of course he does the million yeah. Are you joking. Apparently everybody in Washington. I've like I just it's so case because he's like what do I do next. I'm just going to do me. I'm just GonNa do me do me. I'll just feel like I'll just let just want to work on some independent encases right. I don't WANNA I don't WanNa do. I don't want to do the government thing anymore. Now it's too much. It's too much work and not enough money yeah so from nineteen eighty six to nineteen eighty-nine. He's in private practice. He's like <unk> privately. I'm over this. I just want to be me me and me and the the documents you know then you guessed it from nine hundred eighty nine to nineteen ninety-two sweet baby johnny returned back to the government by working for the George H W Bush administration as Deputy Solicitor General Wow. We've not talked about what the solicitor no is yet so I'm going to say say what the solicitor Yoga's 'cause I put I was like wound the that we're making titles so the Solicitor General and I pulled this from what did I pull for Justice Dot Gov. Oh bless one of our favorite websites. This is what they do. The task of the Office of the Solicitor General is to supervise and conduct government litigation in the United States Supreme Court virtually all such slid litigation is channeled through the Office of the Solicitor General and is actively conducted by the office so they argue cases in front of the Supreme Court. Oh cool so he's he's the deputy of yeah so he's doing some of this stuff right. He's chill. He's like he's <hes> he's on the knock on and he's not connecting Don's go to Lhasa. He's on the other side of it. Yes yes fun fact while in private practice and working for the government he argued thirty nine cases in front of the Supreme Court and won. I'm twenty five of them Shit. It's impressive amount he's really lost one two three thirty nine minus twenty five of fourteen fourteen which is like that's a good record. I would lose lose fifty two. I flew. I wouldn't be allowed in the room. They wouldn't let me up to the bench really and that's and I know that I know that but if they gave me a shot I would really like I wish I wish I wish that they would allow me to try. I feel like this would be something that if you were because you don't get a lot of time and it's not like you can provide you get a half hour. Yeah Yeah you get a half hour and it's not like you're giving them evidence. I feel like if. If you have a solid argument anybody could do this right like I feel like if given yeah you just have given me the text. Give me the text and you would deliver one a hell of a barn night hi Teresa it'd be like it'd be kind of like ever seen. Mr Smith goes to Washington when he's filibustering. That is the moment I would be creating except I'd be like your time is up. Oh Yeah Oh yeah oh goodbye so yeah so that's a fun fact talked about him at his time in government and private practice yeah he he's spent some time in the in the Skoda's building. Yeah has not a justice. Wow I guess I I appreciate that. I appreciate that too. He has experienced science is a is a qualified definitely qualified human being and we have to appreciate that <hes> so that was him being the deputy solicitor general was again from one thousand nine hundred nine thousand nine hundred ninety two from nine hundred ninety two to two thousand and one one. John returned back to private practice. That's so long in private practice I know and I'm just like that so that's very that's a that's almost ten years feels like he wanted to do. Private practice but people kept being like John John Nine and I feel like he just wanted to own his own practice and just feel like working for the government is very cumbersome as probably a lot of pay yeah yeah and in private practice you can pick and choose and you can have your life like you can make money but it doesn't have like the the you know like the genetic Qua- right like being the deputy Solicitor General for the Bush Administration does like he's worked the two presidents now but he's also the people who are picking him to work for them are Republican presidents and so there's no republic. I don't know that so this is what Bill Clinton was yeah so it wasn't like good bye bye. Hi I can read the writing on the wall against here. Good Luck Guys Yep can't wait to see how this pans out now imagine being John Roberts in private practice when like the impeachment stuff started with Bill Clinton he'd be like who who dodged a bullet that landmine who because imagine being w solicitor general then Yikes banks intense so in two thousand and one so this is after his ah what nine years in private practice John was nominated to the U._S. Court of Appeals D._C.. Circuit so that circuit courts that we always talk about just like a general steppingstone for anybody being nominated to the Supreme Court is they you get nominated to this court which the court underneath the Supreme Court right. We're right yeah the U._S.. Court of Appeals makes total sense. He was not confirmed WHO's nominated in two thousand and one he was not confirmed until two thousand and three due to Senate Bush Sh- tensions. We've been here before wow dark. I know well confirmations me. No that was my favorite reference. Thank you so great. I'm good at what do you know what that's from cost less. We're not going to tell you what it's very insular yes so he took him two years to get confirmed but I know but he finally did and then so he worked on the U._S.. Court of Appeals Circuit from two thousand three two thousand and five for sure I in because he was nominated to the Supreme Court to fill Sandra Day O'Connor seat and this is GonNa get crazy so he was nominated by Bush so w right he was in the court for the circuit court for two years and then obviously Sandra Day O'connor step down but it got more dramatic because literally literally a few months later so he got nominated in July and then in September of that same year of two thousand and five are boy that we've talked about justice William Rehnquist Rehnquist died so oh w right withdrew Roberts nomination to fill o'connor's and put him forward as the candidate to replace the chief justice. Wow isn't that crazy isn't that crazy. History will in the courts for two years and then like you seem like a chief and reading chief for meeting. I'm getting very cheap vibes yeah so and that that is like that's what's the nomination process that he went through to become the chief justice of the Supreme Court of the United States so very cool on September twenty ninth two thousand and five John Roberts was confirmed seventy eight to twenty two to become the chief justice. Just the supreme court he is the youngest chief justice to be approved since John Marshall who served in eighteen a one presumably at age thirteen because how old because he could he had basel why I just like I imagined you why nine year old being like all right. You're all you're the goat so is in modern history. The youngest chief justice we've ever had <hes> he has the highest approval of seventy eight out of any chief justice we've had attended though they raked that great and then in his Senate confirmation hearing he said this quote which I found super funny he was comparing the office or the job to that of a baseball umpire. He's a simple boy with simple needs needs. He said this quote. It's my job to call balls and strikes not to pitch or bat. I feel like he's lived up to that. I think he's lived up to that. He's lived up to that. I love a metaphor you know I love him so good. I live for a metaphor good one ten what what's more American than Mr Chief Justice talking about baseball that is wow and as we know historically he is often considered to be a a key swing vote instead of being purely conservative judge even though he was like categorically is because he was nominated by a Republican president. He's worked for two of them. He is yes yeah. He's worked for Reagan an ambush. Oh three of them three again Papa Bush Bush. Please forget about Papa so sorry we gotta get your president. I'm sorry recipes he is. This is just a personal life fun fact he's married with two children who are adopted. Oh I know look adopting is amazing and this was something I saw my research and I thought it was worth noting because we don't see see that especially like a like a Catholic you think they just breed the grandfather was eighteen. They breed they breed. They adopt children so let's talk about big cases both yeah he's obviously not even close to all of them but these are just a couple of big ones that he was either. Hi there a key swing vote in more he wrote opinions for that were interesting and or problematic more limited on great so the first big one was citizens united versus the Federal Election Commission and I literally this is from Thought Co.. I put a quote of what this is about because I needed it. 'cause I hear citizens united all the time and it's hard to for me so this is the quote. The decision asserted that the First Amendment protects the rights of businesses nonprofit organizations and other groups to make unlimited expenditures including those intended to influence political campaigns and elections so roberts you hate this decision. <hes> Roberts sided with the majority so he is one of the reasons why this case gossow awful proved approved. Yes it's a very bad case and this was like one of his. I think this is the first big decision that was made under his tenure as chief justice so that's important to note because money or people or money yet organizations. Has Business people and money is speech but this is saying yes money is speech money is my money is a chatterbox. It's a it's a form of speech but like you can. The idea that you can't limit. Speech is just fundamentally incorrect yeah you can't. I yell fire in a crowded room. We've already proven episode. There are limits speech hate speech speech hello and there is hate money and there's money the reuther money hateful money the next big in case that was decided under his tenure was the National Federation of Independent Business Verses Scibilia Sibelius couldn't say which is a big Obama care decision he sided with majority to uphold the key provisions of the affordable care act with obamacare. He has almost always consistently sided with the liberal majority of so yeah so that's that's an interesting one about him. Being quote unquote conservative judge right He's been upholding obamacare her him and John McCain him and John McCain recipes okay the next one art and say Obama fell a burger fell versus hodges. This was a huge case. We know this case as the case that legalized same sex marriage the reason why I wanted during this up because in this case Roberts wrote the dissent he sided with the dissenting justices for it to not be legalized. I have not read his dissent and I don't know what it entails. I probably will at some point by. I think I'M GONNA go. Read it on the train. I'm barrier what he said because I imagine it some it's it's probably like the the descent that we are the opinion that we saw with the baker case where it's like. Oh sure look nobody saying that. People that like you know. <music> gave people are l._G._B._T._Q.. People shouldn't be able to marry whoever they want to marry right but if you're looking at the constitution like that sort of shit or like they were mean to the baker sure la into the mainstream so it's not fair so he gets a do do over yeah so I wanted to bring this up because it's also it's not only significant that he like was not in the opinion right but that he chose to write the descent because as we've talked about is big the just the the chief justice decide to writes the opinions right right descent and he just he chose to write the descent for this probably because I imagine he wanted it to be clear that it wasn't about like it wasn't about it wasn't gaining yeah. It wasn't getting that's exactly I guarantee you yeah like I'm willing to bet money on it but that's why I decided to write it because he knew he was like I know this looks about that and it's like no John No so. This is one of those ones where I'm like John. Come on come on. I wonder okay great. We're going to read it. We're GONNA read it. We're GONNA give you more thoughts on another big. Cases was a more recent one was trump versus Hawaii also known as the travel ban so that was when president trump used used executive authority to ban Mike people coming in from predominantly Muslim countries. I think there was like nine of them and the state of Hawaii was like absolutely not what I love about Hawaii. It's kind of like California where it's like the minute. It's something shady happens with trump. They're like we're doing. We're doing attach our name. The Hawaii Hawaii the Supreme Court ruled in favor of trump in this case John Roberts sided with the majority in that decision and he wrote the opinion declaring that the ban was within the scope of presidential authority again problematic John Come on. That's so weird I mean he's weird. He's to me it's like there's but but on certain issues there are yeah you know in an issue but like an initiative that the the the thing that he's basing his opinion on one particular issue about carryover right. I guess not that's why it's a swing vote. You know who knows what he's GonNa. Do who knows what he's GonNa do my the idol of my life. Sonia Sotomayor wrote the dissent and it is blistering great towards the dragon she was like you guys are literally ignoring what this human says on a day-to-day basis like come on right. Do you better do better do better be best be finally the last big one that I want to talk about West very very recent which was the very really weird opinion for the recent gerrymandering cases <hes> so this was lemon the best nick which was Maryland and Route Show v Common case which was North Carolina -cause common cause sorry come 'cause they combined these two gerrymandering cases because one the Democrats are doing it won the Republicans were doing it and they made a decision on both of them and we're one opinion that makes sense to me. That makes sense to me. I'm all about it chief. John Roberts wrote the opinion which again significance always significant when he decides to write an opinion or dissent we just have have to say that but he wrote and I read his opinion and it's so bad it's so bad. I like. I'm like John. This makes no sense. This is where he asserted that the Judicial Branch has no authority a to rule on Gerrymandering and like about Supreme Court of the United States you have you have jurisdiction to rule on anything on anything. No what are you talking about. What are you talking about? It was like John also it was not as best writing. I don't WanNa be critical because again like who am I. You know I'm a receptionist also like John. This doesn't add up it was a very to me weak argument for why the Supreme Court Art and and not even Justice Supreme Court but the judicial system as all right right can't rule on gerrymandering. It's very I mean he's using the excuse. I'm sure of like it's political. We can't get involved in political games but you do no matter what you are still lit coal but also just take this case the topic of Gerrymandering it is political no matter what you do if you let it stand it's political. If you take it down. It's political his ethical decision political call right and this I mean if you want to go back to the Constitution the founding fathers let's go back. Let's back there. We know her well. The founding fathers were all about the people who could vote at the time having white male white man learning by <hes> having one vote. I mean they're clear about that and so this is clearly a violation of violation of the Constitution Yeah I just why am I not chief justice. I don't know I don't know I can't imagine why we're not right now. Currently in Gordon I can't I can't I can't imagine so yeah. He wrote the opinion for that. I recommend giving it a look. It's it's really it's a really weird argument. That doesn't make any sense at all to me and what's exciting about this descent is that it is Elena Kagan who we don't hear from no not at all and she tears apart this opinion she tears it apart. She sets it on fire. She's like this makes no sense. This has I think at one point she was like this logically makes no sense right. What are are you talking about? There are holes argument. There are literal holes in your argument and yeah it's like for me. I was like yes Alina assert yourself assert yourself. Make your mark yes. Oh Good Su- such a good descent so read both of those if you can go on. I'm sure it's on yeah. It's on Scotus blog. I think all of them rolling Spring Corps Dot Gov lying there there are along read but they're not they're not harder to re. It's not full of legalese like don't be afraid like they. They reference pass cases and it's not necessarily it's not here to for wherein fourth it's literally especially the sense and especially when they're written by the liberal women of the bench. It's like really fun. It really fun because you're feeling because I'm angry. Elaine is angry and I'm like great. At least I'm not crazy right if a lane is angry I'm angry right. That's how I feel and so those are like big cases that he's been hit that he's had a hand in. Deciding that's that's a lot of big cases that a lot of money. That's healthcare healthcare yeah. It's a lot stealing elections. Stealing Elections Yeah Gay Marriage Asa ruled on the census he swung and and ruled against having the citizenship question on the census recently that that that really well he was the one who is like you have to give me a better reason oh right right right about our as well because of the timeline of it. It's like to stay offs so it's yeah he's. He's very difficult. He's hard to pin down. Yes not like he's you. It's funny because usually if you're you know Republican conservative like I know more people who are socially a liberal but fiscally conservative yeah and that's not really what he that's not a definition for him at all. He's very socially conservative but yeah because of his healthcare stands could also argue that he's like more fiscally liberal raw yeah. It's really he's an odd duck. Yeah I would love to have a cup of coffee with Chief Justice John Roberts I'll call US Assistant Hall Bill You Call Them Yeah and then finally I have to random fun facts. I didn't know where to put gray. In the Dow hit rate's GONNA WE'RE GONNA end with these ran oven back. When administering the oath of office to Obama on his first inauguration Robert said the wrong word caused Alibaba stumble and they ended up having to do a Redo a few days later to do it correctly because like why in front of thousands of people million and you can see Obama's like that's not right like you see it on his face and he's like wait? What did he say? Do we know what he said. I don't know this is like a small like switch of words and Obama was like legit because they're doing it by like isn't John's not reading. He's doing memory and are you saying he couldn't memorize his lines award show. I think he got nervous. I thinking about an answer. This would have been I unless he did maybe he did the inauguration for Bush's second term then maybe this was this baby's first inauguration. I would be nervous to doing Santa for I I. It's like Oh my God. I would blackout yeah I did. I went out so did a ceremonial Redo to be like let's make sure we say the right words so nobody can be like the the oath wrongs therefore you're not president well. That's okay. Here's a lizzy question. Do we think in the two days that they were they. Were doing this Redo that is he. A valid president is I think I think he is I because it's like the Ozias ceremony and like yesterday the Constitution that like this oth needs to be administered but like to become president of the United States you have to win the electoral college right and he doesn't say to become the president of the United States. You have to say the oath of office that's true. It's just like I just write. The two things aren't laying finally united to win the Electoral Electoral College and you need to swear an oath. We're not going to find that oath. That's GonNa come later later. Trust me down the line where you're gonNA pin that right but the two aren't linked yeah I think personally I guess it makes sense because they couldn't be linked because then you have l._B._J.. Taking the oath of office on the plane after Kennedy shot and he was not elected by the college yeah that makes sense well yes he was technically elected by electoral college to be vice president right wow tricky wow one last one back associatively I chose. I just thought it was so funny. When in his Undergrad at Harvard he wrote his thesis is one hundred seventy five page thesis on the fall of British liberalism so niche? It's it's so neat. This is reminded me of our international relations episode and how many like theses and papers at there are and I just imagined that like somewhere out there there are there is a committee analyzing British Liberalism <hes> and they quote John Roberts one hundred hundred five undergraduate thesis paper yeah and it's like this is I'm just like all the issues that are going on in what the seventies right you choose the fall of British Liberalism Lezama nevermind Vietnam right never mind the Berlin Wall never mind the Cold War British liberalism. I just it's it's very like the funding like that shows that you went to an all boys boarding school if anything this is your focus this is your focus yeah but that is chief justice. John Roberts really that was really interesting very interesting. I find him very fascinating. How <hes> and again I would love to tell about out him and talk to him? I would love I would love to talk to him. I would love I just I wanNA know I wanNA know his thought. Percy's Azis like like why do you take into consideration when you take into consideration a why. Why do you think this is okay? Why do you think it's okay Aguire? Are you not why are you upholding the travel ban yes because I feel like him to understand that logic. I don't know I feel like he'll give us a reason. I'll be like stretch right right right. That's how I feel about all most of the ones that we've talked about where I'm just like especially that Japan the Gerrymandering when I can't get over. I'm just like you're really you're really trying to fit a square peg in a round hole here. John Okay Yeah Relax. I'm Hanks's here. He doesn't need you to save him. He does not he does not. I don't know what you're referencing. Tell me apollo thirteen excellent. Wow what a film fun fact. I can't watch that film. It makes me too stressed. I cry cry time coming back into the atmosphere. There's fire everywhere. People are watching. It's like Oh my God the way the when the because the boy is at military school and when he when the thing comes down all the kids around him come up and pat his back. I'm crying picturing it. In my mind's eye right now it is no how apollo thirteen ends and yet. I can't be reassured know that they're GONNA make it back into the atmosphere every time I can't do. I can't do I'm like I don't know you just never know what these things. Spaceships are so predictable yeah but I got. I love that movie. I cannot watch if I had a stronger soul. I would watch that that movie every day. I love it so much piece of work. I have to be in a better place I I. I have to know strong enough I can't be I can't be super happy. I can't be Super Sad. I've got to be like in the middle. Yeah ready to receive insure trauma because that's code. That's John Roberts Arden. We I mean you know we love you so much literally an infinite amount of times we love you as much as we love the movie Apollo Thirteen N._F._l.. The S. and if you laugh your heard you can find us on twitter instagram at let's get cynical. You can rate us. You can view us. You can subscribe to us. We love you so so much and we can't wait to see you next week. uh-huh <hes> I'm on and I'm rags and we play Roller Derby together yeah we do you were we also host this kick ass podcast called for our Pao podcast so how how is a podcast that focuses on those really uncomfortable conversations racism and sexism and mental health and physical health and basically anything that is going to become a really interesting conversation anything that kind of like this is your dad all the one that voted for trump does what we want to talk about. You can find on Instagram at bow.

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