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Welcome to too many podcasts the podcast about podcasts. Now podcasting from the SHERP. On Mount Pud Kostya, he's your host Jim podcast. Cher PA welcome to too many podcasts? You can check this show out. My website, Sherp, pollution, dot, com, or on your favorite podcast, which is maybe what you're using right now. Hi, how you doing Jim. The podcast Sherpur here and I'm sure you're wondering. Who's guest today Sherpa? Who's our guest today? Show Pa. Her name is Tammy, and she has a facebook live program, not yet officially a podcast, but when I get the details I will let you go you rebels. No, we need a little positively these days, don't we? So, why don't we make that our? FEM-. It's the week is A. Week Yep positively. That's as good a theme as any and I. Think that her facebook live program will inspire you and her podcast likely will when that gets off, the ground as timmy likes to say Tgi T, and I say he G. I. Audible. That doesn't even make sense, but hey. Let's swing into the commercial. Today's guest is being brought to you by audible, and you can get a free audiobook download and a thirty day free trial at www dot audible trial dot. Slash Sherpa there's over one hundred eighty thousand titles to choose from for your iphone, Android, kindle or MP three player. I write in for a little bit of positivity. Sure you are. Let's take a listen to my conversation with Tammy. Hair rebels on the phone going old school well SORTA old school. We that phones. There's no rotary on these things. Talking to my friends. And after numerous technical difficulties, we have made it ear to the telephone conference room of the Sherpa Xiaowei. And she hosts a facebook live program and soon. A podcast could be filling. The ARIZA five cast. Yeah, so everybody say hello to care me Hey Kevin. How's it going? Hey. That's my little famous point. Phrase right there in my fans love when I say hey hey. I wonder if. We worked more difficulties. We finally got it going. We, congratulate ourselves right, yes. Yes, that was quite a fee, but we accomplished it on proud of. That's right and we'll. We'll take your way for that right. Yes for sure for sure. Okay. What does she when we? Get to know you a little bit. tell you a little bit about yourself. Well I am forty five and I am a mom of fix. And I'm really really into my health and fitness, so I really take care of all of that. And I really have just went through a major transition in live, and so I'm really starting at this point in my life, and that's a big deal when you're forty five. And I actually had a a near death experience. And that's what just kind of spiraled this whole thing into motion. And once I went through that event. It caused me to you. Know question, everything, and just have a whole new mentality on lie, and so my health and my fitness and everything became a priority and just my mental wellbeing spiritual wellbeing. And of course with going through what I'd gone through the biggest thing for me was that I. Now had a mission in life of course I've always been a bone I mean being a mom is the biggest part of my life, and it always has been but up to that point you know I. Really was just focused on being a mom I didn't really have. Have anything for Tammy. per se a mission, and after that event I actually had a mission in life, and that mission was to turn the thing that I went through into a healing journey, and to actually share it with other people because I knew that there were other people that also hurt out there and so I didn't want my pain to be in vain. I decided that very thing. This pain will not be in vain, and I'm going to help if I can just one single person a day. That was the goal. And, so I started doing facebook live on my personal facebook page and people really started resonating with them, and it really started touching people's lives, and I was getting messages, and you know I'm of course, not a counselor or anything in that profession I don't profess to be, but I'm just being real and being me into sharing my personal daily thoughts and the things that. That, I may be encountering in order to help someone else. And while doing that as I, said, it started resonating with many many people and people all over the world, people all over the country people that know me or have never met me and I would start getting messages and people sharing it and getting lots of us, and so it's just been quite a journey. and. It's been very exciting to be able to touch those labs like that I. Get a lot of messages from people that help and so I continue to do that. You know because it was making a difference. That's that's my mission is to help one person every single day. That's the whole thing is just one person you know if there's one person out there that needs me or that needs that message of inspiration of hope. You know to know that they're not. Not alone and that everybody goes through hard times, and sometimes we have the great times, and we can share those as well so that's really my mission is to help one person every single day and not only do I share just like facebook live, but I'm huge into positively because that's what helped me get through so I post things constantly. That are very positive that who I am you know just within myself is a very positive person. You know everybody like a comeback. Zillion, but I guess that's probably what they can relate to new. The I wish that I can do what she's doing right now. What was like the for that? You took? Oh, the first step I took well. There were many I started doing a lot of teams outside of my box. You know I was just like okay. You know I'm going to take you know I'm going to go join a gym. I had not done that I had not ever been at a gym, and so I started with a personal trainer, and it was very different for me. I'd always worked out at home and had great results, because I was determined and dedicated, but then I decided. Decided I can take this to the next level and my health can because there's always room for improvement every day. We can be better than we were yesterday. And so that's something that I've done you know and it's hard when you've never done that. It was so scary to walk into that place with people for so that's how like I. Did a facebook live about that? You know like. Don't be afraid. I was scared to death. But even if you're just keep Goin' and push yourself and go for it, because now it feels amazing when I walk in. People know my name and they're like hey, so good AC- girl like your back so that's just another little small. Audience that I've shared with my friends and followers and fan, but had encouraged them, and they're like Oh. Wow well. If you can do this at forty five, so can I because a lot of times we made that extra little push from somebody. That's real to say oh. Yeah, if she can do it I can do it, and so that's exactly one of the ways that I would say you know have stepped outside of my book, but my. My entire mentality in life actually changed because of that that very traumatic event that I had some other way that I've changed things is I decided to travel, and that would mean traveling alone, and so I took self-defense classes and things like that, so that I like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu branched out and just went into class. These are all big things I'm very petite. person and I was like if I'm going to travel and I'm going. Going to be out there in the world, I need to be able to protect myself and so those are different things that I've done. You know to enable myself to be able to travel and to do those things, so that's a lot of what I've done. Also you know I just would book a flight and go and go to the beach and spend time there. You know that's my happy place. That is the happiest place on Earth for. For me and I just got back from there this weekend. the another way that have stepped outside of the box is to travel alone and just go for that. You know and just spend that time. They're alone and reflecting and looking at my mission, and you know what I want to accomplish in my life. So that's another one of the things I've done. There are so many like I'm night and day like the last several months. A completely different person it's it's exciting when you decide to do something and make a transition like that you know sometimes you're not always given the choice. Sometimes. It's just something that's brought into your path and you have to do that, and so it's nice to be able to share you know the way that I've done that with other people to try to assist them with their journey to. Hear anything that you wish that you could expect to the Tammy from pre death. Experience knowing what you know now. Knowing what I know now, yes, and I'll tell you a little bit about that something. One day you know after that near death experience. I woke up I realized that. Every single day is a gift and you truly do not know if that day is going to be your last day, and so another way that I changed my lifestyle with you. Know I used to always do the same exact things all the time, the same restaurant, the same food you know the same whatever I got would be the same the same dessert, or what have you and I decided you know I, WanNa try everything I can try because this could be my last. Last meal and if it's going to be my last meal I don't want it to be the same. You I've had for fifteen years per. Se I want to try something different, and so I would just get my steak. Totally different way instead of butterflied well-done. You know no pink at all I said well. Let's try maybe well. Let's try medium rare and let's Kinda. See exactly what Tammy really does like, and so now I prefer mistake. Media will instead of well-done, no pink. So it's just amazing how your mentality can change your entire lifestyle, and so I try not to go to the same places I try to branch out and. Most of the time that's alone and there's nothing wrong with that I'm very comfortable being with myself and enjoying life, because if today is the last I have then I'm going to go have that lunch. I want to have or that meal and I don't have to depend on someone to go with me to experience that it gets my last day. I, want to experience it to the fullest. So this is what happened with that I embraced that mentality okay, and when I was working out and I was still working out at home at that point, and it was a Friday morning and I was doing my workout now it's like Oh. It's Friday Tgi. You know that famous little phrase you hear Tgif it's Friday, thank God Friday, and it stopped me in my tracks, and I. Mean Literally I by myself. You know working out. And I was like wait a minute. Why does everybody wait for Friday to be grateful to be so happy to be alive? I was like every day is a gift. That's the mentality. Mentality that I've adopted, and I was like it should be t G. I t thank God. It's today every day that you wake up and so I started thinking like that and I started sharing it I immediately due to facebook, live on it, and shared it with everybody, and they were like I've never heard that in my life, but you're so right. That is very powerful, and that was back in I. Believe November that I first shared that I believe November of twenty nineteen, and I started just hash tagging TGI. It TV it and thank God. It's today and sharing that and people started catching onto it, and it's becoming like a big thing like it's getting out all over social media and I. I have people write me I get hundreds of messages a day. My inbox is so four now can't even go through all of them. Everybody's like Tgi. T you know what a what a wonderful saying. What a wonderful lifestyle and a phrase, and I love it and thank you for giving us that and sharing. Sharing that and I was like it's just. It was a gift to me. You know like God shared it with me that mentality and I embraced it and I I share it everywhere I. Go what I do every day and I actually had like a fan. You know. Send me a a water bottle. And they had it written on there like engraved on their. Thank God, it's Today, so it's really really taking off. And the mentality is so important, and you know Jim I would find myself waking up and thinking what stay. I would have to look at my phone to see if it were Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday because I honestly wouldn't even know. I really really live that life where it's just today. I'm not concerned of what day of the week is. It's a gift and it's today, and so that is my thing that is not mission to share that. And to help people grasp that and to embrace that lifestyle and treasure that day that we are given because it truly can be our last. Just a huge part of my heart is to share that vision and that with people. It's kind of in step with what you're saying. Taking something that you're doing every day and looking at it differently I i. had someone contact me, and you know a mutual friend of ours and say hey, you know when you to take us somewhere. This is there. You know you've got you know thousands of followers and you know they're loving it and they love this thing so then I ended up creating a facebook page or fan page, and so I'm trying to share everything. Everything from that now and just continuing to share the messages and go on the journey I'm still in that transition stage, and so you know there are hard days, there are great days and I. Just try to roll with that you know. Try to roll with that and just share when I'm going through with the people and I. Get the feedback from them that it helping him and so that that's what matters to me. That I get to do that every day. What a Cook! Feeling and wonderful feeling that I have within my heart every day to know that. Somebody out, there was touched from what I've really heard, you say so far. It sounds like you're definitely very spiritual person. You're in touch with your spiritual side. I definitely am I believe that it was nothing but God that saved me on that night. I, there was no other reason that I should be here except for that and I've always been very close to guy, but after that you know I. I knew that he really had a plan for me here and that plan is for helping other people it's it's not about me. It's not about anything to do with me. It's about that positively sharing that hope and letting other people know it's very important for me to encourage and into to inspire other people to know that your story matters because you know one day I shared on facebook live that I can share. Share my story, but that's not going to resonate with everyone and you know I can't touch every single person you know. Everybody has a different story in journey, but you the person out there listening right now you have a story and it's a ripple effect, if you till your story just to one person and it makes a difference to them then you can encourage them to do the same, so I call it that. That ripple effect I wanted to inspire other people to share their stories because somebody needs to hear your story out there, you're listening and somebody needs to hear your story so I always encourage people to share it and people ask me how and like with a friend you know with a neighbor with someone you know at Church or in a group you may be in or on a facebook, live or just a tweet. An instagram post you know there are so many ways to share your story, and it can impact so many people so I really encourage people to do that because we need to hear people's life stories so that we can encourage one another with that hope. I know you. Your podcast has started up yet, but that's really a large part of having a good podcast. Because there's no, you know most of the time, there's no visual medium attached to it, so it's. Just a lot of good storytelling weather it's fictional or down to earth or something scary something that that affects people makes people want to listen absolutely and That's why I have been encouraged by so many of my friends and followers and fans. You know like we want to hear a podcast with you. We want this and we want you to have guests on into. Do this and I. I would be honored to do that for them. You know if that's what they want. I want to be there for them in and every way that I can so. I'm definitely working. Working on that and looking forward to that I think that would be such an honor. You know to do what you're doing to be able to hear somebody story. All the time like that is amazing. You know because I don't just have a story to share. I WanNa hear other people's stories and I. Get literally you know hundreds of messages of people telling me their stories people that have cancer people that have lost their spouse or loved one, and they want me to encourage them. Pray with him, and I always do, and they especially love on facebook. There's this feature. You can actually send a little voice clip I. Don't know if you're familiar with that. You can actually hit record and sent. A message and so many times you know I will just do a quick little message or personal prayer for them for whatever they're going through, and they have responded. People responded like you know just overwhelmingly. The you do not know what that meant to me. That was personal and you took the time to do that for me, and that's my heart. That is my heart. That is my whole entire being is to do that every day. Like I, said for one person, so if one person asked me for a prayer or tells me something about what they're going through. I'll just say hey, you know I'm going to say a prayer for you right now and I'll just say a little prayer and encourage them and let them know that they're loved, and it means a lot to them so I'm I'm feeling wonderful because I get to do that and that they want that. So. I I'm really loving that sometimes people who live there live not knowing that they've put the lives of other people. It's great that you get that sort of feedback there any special circumstance that stands out for your experience doing this so far. oh, yes. One day I was really you know like thinking Oh. What am I doing? These facebook lives like they don't matter. You know nobody cares you know really. Does it make a difference? I'm just not GonNa, do it today. You know I feel silly and I I'm always nervous when I do them every time you know, I'll be shaking, and I am I'm always like hey, guys, you hey, hey, and they. They love that little. Hey, hey, it's kind of a nervous thing. I'm like I I'm just real on just me. I'm shaking, but I'm here and so I really really struggled with doing this one facebook lobbyist one day, and the next night like that night, he this gentleman had written me, and he said I. Want you to know that I didn't WanNa. Live and I saw your facebook live this evening. And you encouraged me to keep living and I was blown away. I was blown away and he was like because I saw that I'm still here. And so that was incredible to experience that that's one of the of course. The biggest ones that ally was saved just by me, being obedient, getting on and sharing a story that I was even struggling to to do thinking it didn't matter and here was this one person that was saved and I just told him you know I was just being obedient but I, asked him and encouraged him to still seek help because I'm not you know a professional counselor? Anything like that I said. said. You know you had that moment and so i. want to ask you to still get help. And he wrote me back and he said I did I, did so I went and got help all because you asked me to and I just want you to know that for me. You're like an earth angel, and I hope I get to meet you in person because you really saved my life, and that was very powerful for me, so because of that now whenever I feel that feeling like okay, you need to get on a facebook. Live and talk about this. Because of that man I don't hesitate anymore. I'm still nervous. I'm still shaking. Feel nervous about what I'm doing because I'm just getting on their sharing my heart I don't i. don't have a script I. Don't know you know exactly what I'm going to say. There's nothing scripted. There's no one to help me I just other than the Lord, but I just get on and share my heart, and so of course it's it can be very nerve wracking, but because of him. I'm like I have to do that. If I'm feeling it, then there could be another one of him out there and so that's very big for me. That's That was a huge moment for me. That changed that. That fear of it not mattering to knowing it does matter and keep doing it and there there are numerous stories that have like that numerous people that have contacted me actually had a local person local lady. Right me and say I've never met you in person, but I've seen you here on facebook and we live in the same town, and you know your facebook lives, and even your posts have gotten me through so many hard time, and she shared with me some personal things about her life. She's been through a whole lot in the military and things like that, and she said their days that I can. Can hardly get through the day until I see your posts. And then they encouraged me to go on, and she said I've actually had a dream. And you were in my dream, and you came to me and said you're going to be okay. You just need to be yourself. And she said so I haven't met you, but you came to me in a dream and I was like wow, that is very powerful. That's encouraging that that I you know meant so much to someone and that they felt that encouragement, so that is That's really touching. You know that she felt that way and that it made. made a difference in her life, which is all that matters to me that it made a difference for her, and so that that meant a lot to me so I've had many many stories like that There was a lady that I met with her in person, and we had dinner together. A few of us together did we had met? We hadn't seen each other in years. And we're all here locally. where I live and I was just sharing my story, and how I had emission now, and she called me the next morning crying and she said I need you know that you changed my life. And I was like how and she said because I went home and I had to dig deep. And I called my husband and said you know what I never had a mission before, but because she shared with me, hers, it encouraged me. Come dig deep, and to sit here tonight and define Mon. and now I know mine, and so she's off doing her thing, and I'm watching her fly, and it's amazing, but it touched me so much that just shoring my little story that is just my own little thing you know has touched. These is like that and mission accomplished. You know if I never touched another one. Those were enough. You know each one of those was enough. I'm sure if keeping score, you know after the first one everybody else's just a bonus. Oh, they're all each. Each one special so special to me like each person and you know I have so many that me, and there's so many that are faithful, and just always commenting, and you know TV, I t, T, t, T and I just love it, and so even the logo that I created for the thank God today has like a little sunshine on it because I want everybody to know that it's about that little today. It's a little sunshine that when you wake up and you have that new day to embrace it, so it's really neat. You know to see everybody embracing TV it and sharing it on all forms of social media. It means a lot to me and I really hope. It is my goal, and it is my hope for it makes TV I F obsolete because I. Really Want everybody out there to get that TV it mentality. Thank God. It's Today. I literally. Wake up and say it every day even on the hardest days the days that you cry the days that you're going through the things that we have to go through. You still can have that mentality and you. You can still feel that way. It's not always happy and rainbows, and yes, my little sunshine logo, but it's about the mentality, and that even on the hard days I still thank God today, because I'm still here on the live. And I'm breathing, and so I'm very grateful for that. I'm grateful that I can be here and just to share that love with people. You were saying that you get nervous. Before you, you talk, I. Guess What it is. Is that because you don't you description? You're speaking from the heart. You kind of making yourself a little bit more vulnerable to people that are listening to every word that you're saying absolutely, and you know like you and I, you know I was. On with you I was. Like. You're. GOING GONNA have a conversation, but I feel nervous every time because there's still no script right now, but what makes it easier is that you can actually give me feedback. You know you can ask me a question and we can talk when you're on facebook live. You're just talking. There's no one to talk back to you so I'm just on their. Just bearing my heart, and being completely vulnerable and always say this unjust being transparent I'm being completely myself and just getting on here. Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I laugh and you know. I had this really I call it obnoxious laugh like I'll. I'll get tickled, and I'll have to really funny like Kinda loud laugh, and I'm like I hate my life and I. Like please don't stop doing the hat I. Love Your Laugh so cute and I'm like Oh I hate it and they're like I love you. It's the best part of your facebook. Live and so I'm like okay. Okay I'm just me, so they love my obnoxious laugh. Even so I, love that they love me that much. No loved them that much to. It's really funny. It's really fun sharing live for these people. People and getting to know them and you know like come through. You know they'll say hey. Let's meet for coffee and I actually get to meet you in person and I'm like I would be happy to, and so you know I can meet up with a group of people and we have called coffee, and it becomes reality, and then your real friends. That's really neat. That's the great part of the journey and. Four to have in moments like that where you know, they can come in and you know we could have like some kind of setting record. Meet them in person, and of course doing podcasts, we'll be part of that as well and I also do have a book in the work, so that'll be another part of that another piece of the puzzle, so lots of exciting things some super excited and you know it's hard as That experience was that I've gone through I. Just I have to look at it and say it's worth it because now I get to help other people and see like right now. I want to cry. Because I have so much gratitude and my heart. That I could make a difference in one person's life. If what I've gone through can do that then it was worth it was worth it in every way shape and form, and that's what I WANNA do. We'll also probably work for us that people can detect sincerity, so they know that like you're speaking from the heart and you're. You're bearing your soul and you know. It's not an act. It's just you being. Tammy and you know people out there I figured I'd like. You're not gonNA like make their own judgments and I'm sure the people who see something in you that they wanna see themselves are GonNa. Be the ones that are going to be your most rabid fans. Yes, absolutely and you know people right me and they'll say I love Ti, it, thank God. It's today, but I'll always say thank God. It's Tammy when you come on facebook live and I'm like really and they're like. Yes, when you come on, I'm like. Thank God. It's Tammy here she is, she's on facebook. Live I'm so excited to see her and I just thought that was the sweetest thing. What a compliment you know for someone to say, thank God. It's Tammy, and so that's part of what we're trying to decide about. The podcast name will be. Thank God, it's today or be. Thank God it, Sammy. You know we'll have to ask the fans you know. They're the ones who will support it and help it grow and share it and listen so I will definitely leave it in their hands, because that's what matters to me what they feel. But what other podcasts do you like to listen to? Oh I like to listen to a lot of like mystery wins. I love her life. When I listened to the one I can't remember the name of name of it, but it was the one of the the real life story of the girl in Georgia Tara. Think her name is Tara Tara. Excellent the her life story. She was missing and it was this huge case like a cold case so I really. Things like that. Yeah, the ones like that Lots of great ones out there. There's so many to choose from. There are yes, there are. Keep your share a busy. Oh yeah, absolutely, but it's great when you're working out or when you're driving, because I would prefer to learn, so I'm always loving to learn anything I can learn and so listening to those when you're driving and such is just wonderful you know, and it's like you've got somebody right there with you, and so it's really fun and exciting to hoot we. We have a portion of the show, and it's called shameless self-promotion same lows. Promotion. Let our our little rebels. You're listening to know how they can get a few or. Any of your social media things that you're on. 'cause they can We can follow you as well. Absolutely I would be honored and I would love you. Come in share the journey with me and show you me. Share my cue and yours with me. I created a new facebook page, and it's simply called Tammy, so it's t. a. m. m. y., and that's on facebook, and then they'll be connections to my instagram, my twitter, and of course just I have a personal face, but but I think it's I think it's completely filled up. Up almost so just the facebook page Tammy is the most important, and of course there's probably going to be youtube to come and definitely the podcast and all look for the Hashtag. T. G. I.. T. so that is the little Hashtag, created Hashtag, the it thank God today, and you can look that up on instagram. Twitter facebook and you can find it all on her, because that's what I'm doing. That's my little baby I. Call it my baby. Well, I say Tgi Thi. This gal is terrific, and her name is Tammy and. Our appreciate you coming down to the surface La. We like to thank the airwaves that we have work today. Yes, we did and I'm so honored that you had me I'm grateful and I appreciate you very much. If. You haven't heard about anchor. It's the easiest way to make a podcast. Let me explain it's free. There's creation tools that allow you to record an editor podcast. Right from your phone or computer. Anchor will distribute your podcast for you, so it can be heard on spotify apple podcasts and many more pod casting platforms. You can even make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need to make podcast all in one place download the free anchor APP GO TO ANCHOR DOT FM to get started. Let's get back to the Sherpa. And now it's time for Sherpa suggestions. For this week, stripper suggestions I got a little help from a website called happier human dot com for podcasts about happiness and we have. TAMMY's soon to be podcast, and of course I can't forget I. Friend Mr Howard. And we doing it and also my friend Deanne. Goodman's in better news definitely podcast. You want to check out if you WANNA have a smile on your face, you also have happier with question Rubin the Good Life Project School of greatness with Lewis House the science of happiness. Thatcher kilner the one you feed by Eric, Zimmer and Chris Forbes, the daily boost with Scott Smith earn. You're happy with Lori harder positive psychology podcast live happy now adventures in happiness with Jessica ortner and the kindness project with Father Daughter Duo Chris in Charlotte. I bet you already got a smile on your face now or are you just waiting for that stimulus check? Thanks so much for listening guys and Gals and rebels of the pollution and especial thanks to Tammy and win. Her podcast is up and running I'll be announcing that for you on my social media pages now. Where am I sold media well? If you go to facebook, twitter or instagram and look for sure pollution, just click follow, and you can follow me on social media, and you can hear what's going on and whom I've spoken to, and you'll know when new shows are. Are Coming out. You can also see the schedule of each month's shows by going to my website shore pollution dot com. You hope you enjoyed the show and we'll be back next week with Fisher screening room. Here's a guy who's always happy. I think he's been sneaking into the liquor cabinet at the sharper shall, but I'm not gonNA. Say Anything Mr Bruce. Oh there you are yes. Could you please Huey when the door I thank you, sir by rebels, Viva Leisure pollution. Thanks for listening to too many podcasts. Please dispose. You can go home now. I said you can go home now. Viva ship Aleutian. Be! Ownership. y'All. Come back now here.

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