Ep. 96: August 7th - Why not Wednesdays


Taught are you ready. I'm ready. Are you ready. I'm ready daily. If you're ready. Then uh good afternoon gambler's good afternoon. This is bro say podcast four degenerates by degenerates. I am your host at dick's saying to my right is todd mccullough's and on the phone is our friend guppy from canada. You seem that you wanted to say something. Hud atone dick's. It's got i don't know i don't know if i can get used to it up. Get used to be honest. No one's gonna care week. No one's gonna care too weak on. We talked about <music>. This tone is a man right. I'm a man i'm forty. That's what we talked to vote. Yes become a man. He's told now things. Thanks somebody understands. I get it the man somebody fucking <hes>. Let's say congratulations to our friend boss for securing deals with e._s._p._n. W._w._e. disown westwood one. If you haven't heard the news already big news today big news today daily national radio show ten to noon. Check the map. It's going to be fucking great video simulcast on the zone on on disown and if you can't if the radio show is not in your area you can listen in on the tune in app by any of the stations. I have it in your time zone. The news the tune in and listen cake cake cake with that being said we still have to show. We still have to give out winners. I'm not sure we gave out. I think we're fine five today. Yeah just little bit. Maybe four and six but i like this out a five. We're we're five five but in the last since since june. We have never had back to back losing days. Oh oh no so with today's picks you. Almost i don't know i don't want to call it the thing that you put on your doors so people don't get in steal all your shit but it's almost that we don't use that word here on this show anymore. The last thirty days were fifty one thirty two and seven. Oh isn't that ooh. That was that good. Even if you wanna go recently last seven days ten and seven we're winning. We're winning or fine so let's continue winning. The worst say wednesday it is nice. You and your best bets stood kyle start with you. Guppy dumpy back to me. I'll go first. Let's go <hes>. This game's probably starting right now. Should i just skip it the twelve ten game. We'll give give your thoughts on then. We'll see if you're right or wrong. I'm not going to go in the par- okay <hes>. I'm just gonna continue riding the mets until i i'm showing other hot. They've been fucking hot. Yamamoto omotoso for the marlins last three starts fifteen earned. He's really taken a slide. Lately matt's going for the mets last time at home. Complete game shutout. I i liked them. I five minus a half minus one forty. You know that's that's a beautiful thing. I like what you're doing there. No you're not be able to get your picks in for the show show listeners. We're we apologize with news this morning. Sorry are busy. We'll see guppy was right on that day. Maybe live a bit. Maybe they took a double header from yesterday. I mean the mets are. I can't believe what's happening here. No they're fucking. They've been great <hes> todd. What is your your best bet. I wanna take cleveland money. Line aren't great onyx minus one ninety two or something right now and go run line but man i tell you i i need a <hes>. W out there ws i first game or second game for taking the well i think yeah i game at i because please sack with him on the hill. He's four and one at home with a three point. Five one era post all-star break us three with a two point five seven iranian stats. He's one with a one point two ninety i._r._a. Specifically against the rangers. I like him over harada. Rondo is <hes> post all-star. Ah break wanted to with the seven point two zero era. He's slipping grea twenty two innings pitched. He's given up sixteen earned as well talk. Great stats bats. Hey you good sets. Thanks buddy homework homework best bet you know i hate this because i hate taking overs. I know i haven't hit it over on a full game all year. Well buckle up because that's all you got three fucking over shit shit so fucking looking buckle up for today. Okay i got the giants and nats over nine. K let that sink in there for or you go giants nats over nine. The reason why i am taking this ca- the reason why i am taking this joe ross is on the mound on for the nets. He's got an eight year a i mean. He's started in the pen this year and he's started his last three games but he's giving up runs so i'm not a big joe ross guy <hes> sean anderson for the giants a seven point seven e._r._a. In july so not great there either and then san francisco in the nets are six and seventh respectively versus right handed pitching so you've got to top ten clubs against right handed pitching against to write pictures that are struggling <hes> gimme gimme the overnight and i can giants and that's a good number tone. It is a good note and the open your eyes a little bit. I'm not looking at it over to you know yeah. I mean i don't like to listen. I don't like the overs but when the stats steer me in that direction. I'm not getting those either you gotta stick with the science stick even water water on that one giant spots a half irs five at all tow. It did feel free to fucking tow the shadow that but i'm telling you the over nine put it in. I don't feel like i don't feel good about what else what else you got buddy. I got something here for the second game of that double header. Okay eh day. Indians have announced their starter but i love the ranger than lance lynn getting plus a half at plus one fifteen gene. I five k. value is incredible lance lynn the last time he didn't go six innings was april twenty third. He's been incredible. The guy has been the one of the most consistent pitchers in the league all year and i love that value there. Hey we're gonna throw it in for you buddy. How's that make you feel isn't okay second game of a doubleheader to battle tired. Okay <hes> talk what else you got. <hes> we got a lanta minnesota taking atlanta that one money line max freed starts with the for the braves he's twelve and four with a four point zero seventy i._r._a. This season he seven one with a four point four yara on the road post all-star break three zero with a two point seven six era and that's going to be a theme in my picks starting to focus on who's playing well after the break. Oh yea about what you've done for me. Lately correct martine whereas post all-star break owen one with a six point zero zero. Let's go. Let's give the advantage though maxine. I'll take an atlanta in this one. Yeah i mean there's i like that one. Yeah there's no reason to look at <hes> what they done before the show i mean but it can can be deceiving some of us look overall yar a and if that really hot <hes> you know first half of the season but they like fucking eight-year ray and you know you're just looking at the three point nine four overall. You gotta look into it. No relates her heart rate now to put a number on that barrios last night and he's he's been almost unhittable for the twins all right my next pick you already know it's an over. What game is it going to be. It's going to be seattle seattle and san diego padres over nine and a half. Oh let me tell you why tell me why joey lucchessi fucking great name by the way hoyer should be gangster mr fucking. He is gangster. He has six july six year in august and his one start kuchis going on the mound for for the mariners he had a seventy or in june sixty or july thirteenth e._r._a. In his one start an august and then same as the giants nats that was worse right handed pitching this game these two teams respectively sixth and seventh versus lefthanded pitching so got to top top ten teams right against left handed pitching <hes> both pitchers left-handers both pitchers struggling so once again pattern developed. We're going over in that right fifteen the in fifteen earned in his last fifteen. That's for q choose well out something to think about <hes> guppy what else you got buddy. I was towing the water on that. One padres. I five at minus forty just because i like lucozzi a little bit more took over towing it. I got one more got phillies diamondbacks k- <hes> it's nothing to get vargas. He's decent in in his first start with the phillies. He was all right but zac galen going for the d backs his last ask three. He's gone seventeen and a third with three earned. Twenty six got a two point seven to your a and the first five at minus one twenty five. I love that number. I mean in kabul stamping gaylon. One point eight five aces all-star break in vargas being lefty. Guess what the bax eat lefties for breakfast eighth best testing team in the league since i left us on the same page my last over as cubs over ten no game in the series so far has gone under eleven so something to think about their oakland is fifth versus lefthanded pitching jose jose cantata. He's got a five point five six e._r._a. In july has been okay. He's been okay but the the oakland a.'s hot versus lefthanded pitching so that's what i'm thinking thinking about their homer bailey since he's gone over the hasn't been great seven point three to your in july cubs bats are obviously not terrible so i'm taking the over are in the third and final game of that series see if we get three overs in a row there all right. Do you have anything to say about it. I liked that okay. You're the over. I'm with you man. I'm not the over over. I'm the first year on the over more than any ways the over the first five the first five five guy now. Don't don't try to steal it from us. I don't try to don't do that. Okay todd you've anymore. I do have one more. The white sox money line at detroit. Ivanova starts for socks. He's been turning things around it a shitty season but in these last past three starts he has a zero point nine yard. All that's pretty good yeah yeah so i look for him to have a big game. Continue <hes> you know stretch this into two four fucking epoch starts and the lefty tyler alexander starting for the tigers. He's been great at home. If you look at one point two nine era it's only over seven innings. All i know is that the white sox have very well against left-handed their seventh and league since july first in that stat so i look for the offense every day for the socks. I mean look for nobody to have a particularly good day on the mom bad day for detroit. I don't see anybody losing in two times in a row to the tigers <hes> no. I don't think that happens very often at probably never if ever so no. I like that pick. I like all of our picks looking good what we do here every day. Is we put all of our pixel new parlay. We caught our cup of coffee day parlay because if you're spending five dollars on a cup of coffee you might as well spend five dollars parlay that's going to it's going to be some money might as well i mean people who've played the cup of coffee a day parlay this year so far they're up. They are <hes> they're up dollars and that's what we do here on this podcast. We just try to get you up dollars. Yeah so we're all about keeping the black k- the red i came in with the positive black black is good read something to think about. <hes> green is good. Green is also good green and black synonymous red bat red doodad registered dead. Just know that that saying here on the show registered dead. We've been saying that forever right since since the show started. That's what we've been saying provo screen. You're debt green good reggie dead mice could be on a t shirt could be we should probably it makes you know what that's probably upper overall pets he with the train something to think about <hes> which probably get some n._f._l. Gambling shirts coming up here listen. I like it. You know it will brainstorm on that. We'll get back to you guys all right. Let me run through these. I'll be honest little scattered rain right now so i'm not sure if i got everyone so make sure that you're you're better than here the oakland a.'s scrubber cubs over ten. That's me it's in cleveland indians modest one ninety. It's taught it's an padres over nine and a half. That's me it's in nats giants over nine. It's me it's in braves modest one twenty that it was somebody taught it's in gumby i five diamondbacks urine white sox mice one thirty year in definitely miss some of your bumpy. I'll be right. <hes> rangers plus offers five seconds. That's what it was so since there's no starter yet it's not on my screen so let me find something and were you saying to. Yes there plus one fifteen gumby yup alright. Someone's going to slide another game here. That's plus one fifteen all right so we've got an in eighteen. Were all right. I like it. I like it soon. Be good payout eight. Now's a good one wednesdays usually our day to day. We'll hit areso recently wednesdays day five dollars to win six hundred and nine dollars. That's what i'm talking about five to win six six oh nine you take that money and go stored up mac show dot com twenty percent off promo hashtag thursday night mcafee have a day or pay some bills. Get some don't worry about the bill the bill themselves yeah come electric bill. It's been a hot summer. The money reflects that good luck luck pay team paid that men his money.

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