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Please be aware that true crime by the book may discuss topics sure opinions and use light which they could be disturbing or offensive to some listeners. Listener discretion is advised tidings in salutation mutation bibliography agents. Welcome back to true crime by the book where each week on Tuesday. We'll explore a case based on a book movie or other media conspired by a true crime. I'm your host Tosh appears and if you enjoy the show please review on your platform of choice and subscribe describe. Today we will briefly discuss a missing persons case and an unsolved homicide case from my home state never fear we will be returning to the book bag next week with evidence of love by John. Bloom and Jim Atkinson so join me back here next week. Tuesday for our return to books. I like to occasionally cover cases. They need exposure and also cases. This is from my home state. It can be tough sometimes to find books about these crimes and even sometimes enough details to just round out an episode so we can keep our eyes and our ears open for updates if and when they become available and also keep the victim's names alive inactive by generating tips for law enforcement. It is is specially difficult in some of the colder cases from Indiana because a lot of them are victims of color in a lot of times. Victims of color are not getting the same media exposure as our white counterparts parts. And you would think it would be different especially from the area that I live in because it's a more a majority black area. Uh I guess it's probably eighty five percent. African American population and the police force is comprised of mainly the people of color. So you would think that these people would not allow these stories to fall by the wayside but that is not the case. Yes And I will be sharing one such case with you today. In September I see at solving crimes is not my goal this podcast in for now I stand stand by that so today's story again. I just want to raise awareness about a missing persons case from my home state when when I say I'm from Indiana in true crime circles. I almost immediately get asked about the Delphi. Murders in the event that you're unfamiliar with the case Out Give you the cliffs note version. A courtesy of wikipedia Abigail Williams was thirteen years old and liberty. German was fourteen fourteen years old and they were taken a hike on February fourteenth twenty. Seventeen this was in Delphi Indiana. The young ladies failed to meet their family at the end of the trail like expected. So they're worried. Parents and loved ones contacted authorities who searched Adelphi historic trails. They uncovered at that time. No signs of foul play during near initial search tragically. The remains of both abby and libby were discovered by noon the next day. These babies were some resourceful children libby before whatever transpired that took her life managed to capture the voice an image of a person of interest with her cell phone so for two years. Now these photos and composites have been circulated in hopes of solving these crimes in the families of both young ladies. are advocating on their behalf in there are some absolutely fantastic podcast that have covered this case in depth and my thoughts alter with the families as they continue to search for justice that is arguably one of the most well known unsolved murder cases in Indiana China. Now before we go on and I tell you about the missing persons case from the Gary Chicago area. Let's take a quick break for word from this week sponsor. I know for certain that there are a number of podcasters in aspiring broadcasters in my audience so my little tip for you this New Year here is look into pod corn. I'd like to thank pod corn for sponsoring this week's episode and as I shared here last week I was wondering how I could continue to afford the costs associated with keeping my show afloat in this New Year then I found Podkoren. Popcorn is a marketplace connecting podcasters to amazing sponsorship opportunities. And you totally bypass the middleman. They don't want you to give up rights here podcast. They just want to match you with products and services to grow your brand. Their mission is to give podcasters castors transparency creative freedom and full control over. How and when they monetize so click the link and my show notes to sign up to popcorn and browse through sponsors and this is a wonderful tool and a must for every pot caster check in the pod corn today? Thank you Popcorn Rochelle. Thomas Miss Double Field was a student athlete at Calcium at College of Saint Joseph in Northwest Indiana. She attended that college on a scholarship scholarship for track and she was also known as a fun. Happy outgoing young woman. She participated in lots of activities at the school including the Black Student Union and she made friends easily and these friends are impacted by her disappearance. Even now over four years later it was twenty fifteen. When Rochelle went missing? She was eight months pregnant. And do I have have to tell you. The statistics concerning pregnant homicide victims twenty percent of pregnancy associated death is homicide in of those homicides intimate partner violence is high on the list. I'm not pointing any fingers. That is just a statistic cystic a truth and here. We have a African American woman. Eight months pregnant went missing around Thanksgiving living and when she was last seen she was saying that she was going to Gary Indiana to visit her child's father. The problem is that Rochelle who was just weeks away from her. Twenty first birthday is still missing. Her remains have never turned up. There are no arrests is like her case has simply been forgotten. She went missing said a few days before Thanksgiving of Twenty Twenty fifteen. The last update I could find locally is from two thousand sixteen. So I'm saying locally. We have to do better than that when we have a young woman turn up missing in a neighboring city and she was said to be on her way to Gary Indiana we we have to be better than one update in five years. I hope I'm just stymied stymied by my own ignorance because this is the perfect time of year to pull out. Pull at the heartstrings. The person responsible for her disappearance needs needs to at least be shaking in his or her boots at this time of year every year. The young lady's birthday was Christmas Day. She was due to to have her baby between Thanksgiving and Christmas. You would think that this would have been bigger news. And I'm not saying that. There are not a lot the projects and a lot of organizations that are keeping Rochelle story alive but really ish should be a common. It should be right up there with Lacey Peterson. It should be right up there with abby and libby my goal and my hope is that all of these crimes get solved but we you need advocates for some of these lesser known crimes no. I'm not an armchair detective and I'm not going to sit here and shift through evidence and do a job that I'm not qualified to do when there are perfectly qualified people who needs to be reminded that this case is very important. You're a dirtbag who may have committed a crime similar to these. That I've talked talked about today. Please note that the net is tightening. There are people out here who won't quit. There are people who will bring a lot of noise voice in two thousand twenty there. Are People tiptoeing all through your tulips right now. DNA is real somebody somewhere somewhere is submitting a DNA sample. That will lead directly to you so if you want to bypass all of these middle middle people turn yourself in. If that doesn't happen listeners. Public we need to stay on top of of law enforcement and encourage in able give them what they need to solve these crimes. Somebody somebody out there knows something. Abby Libby did their due diligence in recording the the person who could possibly potentially be their their murderer. It is up to US said to find him. Ali photos on my still under construction website Outlive numbers for tips. In either case in the show notes and you can find the Delphi case in everything about it at Abbey in Libya Dot Org. Both girls have amazing. Amazing sisters who are out here. Every day sounding the alarm for their now deceased sisters. So let's do what we can as a community to bring them justice also with Rochelle. Thomas Stubblefield again she. She would've been twenty five years old right now but the police in one of the updates that I did find for this case are suspecting of course first foul play because nobody goes missing for five years days before giving birth in quite honestly i. I don't know who the suspects are. I I do believe there is a suspect but there is not enough evidence to make an arrest in. If you know something in Rochelle Thomas Stubblefield case. Please please please contact local law enforcement Smith again. Those numbers are going to be in the show notes family Fran's advocates for Rochelle. Thomas Stubblefield if you want to update me with new Info there needs to be publicly disseminated. Contact me at. TC BY TB at people of Color missing persons or homicide cold cases. Send me stories that need attention our raise awareness. But I cannot impede impede in any investigations People of Color True Crime Authors. How let me where we at? I would like to feature some books especially during the month of February that are written by people of Color. Can we do that. Can we make that happen capping all right outside of that. I will tell you a few things that will be changing with the podcast. I'm pretty sure that if you've been listening to me and I thank thank you if you have. If even listening to me from the beginning things are going to change. I'm trying to find my footing. I'm trying to figure out what works and and I'll say this I'm willing to leave the door open for documentaries. I'm going to leave the door open for unsolved cases that I congest shine a light on that needs some attention. That don't require me to be detective. I wouldn't mind shining A light on those types of cases of at least maybe once a month I'm going to be working diligently on getting content up for anyone who decides that they would like to Become a patriot. Fan Donor so if you like to become a Patriot John Subscriber you can do that at Patriotair Dot com slash T. C. B. Y.. T. B. also my email address for anything else is T. C. B. Y. T. V. at g mail dot Com you can find me at. TC B. Y.. T. V. on all the things even though. I think I'm going to be streamlining that very soon here in the future. If you have any suggestions on how to make the show better please. He's fill free to share them with me because this show was hours in. I kinda WanNa make it where I enjoy doing it and you enjoy listening. Okay so give me some direction on what it is that you all would like especially if you are a longtime listener because again this is episode. Eleven even of true crime by the Book and episode eleven is also the end of season. One I'm going to give it a break we're gonNA come back in. We're going to do evidence of love in a brand new season for twenty twenty comments questions. The feedback you can do all of that at the website. TC BY TB DOT COM or any of the other platforms. That I that I I shared with you please. If you have any information in the Abbey in Libby case the new Dell five murders or the the Rochelle Thomas Stubblefield case. Please forward that information on to law enforcement and let's see if we can help bring these perpetrators to justice again. I liked to lend a special thanks to park corn for sponsoring today's episode sold. And I've got a whole bunch of nothing else very short episode today. Because I didn't have abby libby has been done so wail by so many podcasts. Coming straight off the top of my head I can think of True crime garage they put two episodes and then they did a follow up. So it's it's probably four or five episodes just on this case they go a little bit further into naming suspects and that sort of thing. I don't want want to tread in in in that territory just yet. The case has been covered exceptionally will by far better podcasters than I and I just wanted to connect with Indiana the Anna with that story because somebody knows something also wanted to connect with my region the northwest North West Indiana Hammond Chicago. Each Chicago Kerry. If you all are aware of any any type of lead for the Rochelle Thomas Stubblefield case please Yuka forward. Delete me and Al Four to law enforcement forcement or you can look dead in in the show notes and you will be able to find ways to contact them. I thank you very much for your time. Today may have a very very very happy new year hell of a way to start it off with all of that being said. Thank you very much for listening today and I will catch you later bookworm.

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