How Did Prehistoric Parents Feed The Kids?


This episode of every little thing is brought to you by the all new twenty twenty Subaru outback with standard symmetrical. All wheel drive and available water repellent upholstery. It's designed to be the most capable most adventurous outback. Ever learn more your local Subaru retailer or Subaru dot com slash out back. Hey so I wanna take care of a little business before we get to today's question a few episodes ago we asked you to send us your favorite underused word a word that you love and the other people to love to and hundreds of you sentence emissions with the help of a dictionary editor. We narrowed them down to three choices. Regret Nibbling and distracted. Which one belongs in the dictionary? You voted and we have a winner. Hello this is Michael so Michael. I'm calling with some official news. Oh my God I hope. It's good news. The Lt listening community has voted. Are you ready for the results? I have never been more ready for anything in my life. America next top word is nibbling. I was so satisfying. Thank you so much for making sure. God thought in Dramatic Fashion. Your submission nibbling the gender neutral one word substitute for nieces and nephews. Got The most votes. How do you feel? I am so so thrilled. I mean it was great to see democracy and action. You know I watch those votes come in and and people really spoke yes. You'RE WE'RE DID SEEM TO STRIKE. A Chord Weaving voicemails about it. I was very excited to hear nearly as one of the options so when I saw this word had a chance to make it to the dictionary I knew I had to support it. Be So useful to us to stay planners people who write wills as we can say siblings But there is no such word no class word for nieces and nephews my husband and I have tons of nieces and nephews still useful to be able to say nibbling. I voted for nibbling because I am one and the Non Binary Person Nibbling feel included and accepted. Okay so Michael. We have our word. Congratulations thank you so much. Now we have to get it into the Dick Sherry now. It's time to do the work. Oh man so if you remember we consulted a professional lexicon prefer someone who has actually added words to the dictionary. And here's what she said. We have to do so. I we have to find. Every instance of nibbling used imprint ever documented. We basically need to pull together. A portfolio that proves nibbling has been around for a while. Okay so to build a really strong case this is going to be a ton of work Okay but it's not just on you. Thank God we're GonNa Asker listeners. Help to okay great listeners. If you need a distraction right now. Here's how you can help us get nibbling added to the dictionary. I we need to build that portfolio. So if you see nibbling used in print or hear it on TV or social media any nibbling citing at all let us know the second thing to do is use nibbling yourself in writing and conversation a tweet here a line in a mystery novel there anything in print helps our cause send us those receipts at ut show on instagram and twitter or at yields media DOT COM or of course eight three three ring. Okay let's get today's question it's about. How tiny humans used to stuff their tiny faces? Hi My name is Kate. I'm so interested in understanding what people did before bottle nipples did babies just died before that If they couldn't nurse directly from the source what happened there man. I have so many questions. I'm probably after Nice another phone call but thank you I. Hello Hey kate ensler. Hi how are you guys doing everybody? Okay we are everyone's healthy and set. We're good have you been isolating? We have been hard. Yeah we're just tired of each other but we're good. What about highs and lows any highs and lows from quarantine so far Highs I just the togetherness and the slower schedule. So it's Kinda great to just be Pajama People together and play board games. Okay but the lows. Don't skimp on the lows. Oh Man The lows have got to be the public home schooling. I have five kids and so y'all like since the prayers. It's it's happening but oh man. Have you sent anyone to detention yet? I almost sent a kid to out of school suspension. Only didn't know where to actually send said child so but I made my children's start calling me Mrs Watson during school time because I couldn't handle the mirror on anymore so you called back in Simpler Times. Should we take a moment to put ourselves in that mindset back when are idle thoughts were about the other kind of nursing yes let's like blur out the scene and go back to that one blurred? Okay so in your message you said you WanNa know what parents did to feed their babies before the bottle as we know it. So I was on your I'm currently nursing a have A fifteen month old but I think when I called she was well under a year and then I have several friends who are having babies as well and it made me just kind of go. What if you had a baby that would not take breast before there were bottles? What happened what did you do? It's a great question and we found just the person to answer it. Yeah Hi this is Julie done. She's an archaeologist and chemist in Bristol in the UK. Andrew is known as the Pot lady. Lady Yeah why? It's because she's a pothead. She has pot on the brain all the time. Four twenty seven. She's a stoner stoneware. Is Her thing that is Julie. So I assume we're disgusting clay pots. Correct Okay Good. Good good good. But here's the thing. Julius Holy Grail isn't the grail itself. It's what was in the grail one of the most important things. I work on his ancient diet familiar. It's learning how ordinary people lived in the past. If you think about just us today we go out for meals with our friends. And that's how we socialize but that's what people didn't in the past they might have enormous feasts may be to celebrate events so when they were still building stonehenge for example we know that people would get together and slaughter lots and lots of pigs and put the big barbecues and through lots of beer and never massive party. Because you know they just spent days weeks months building a an astonishing monument. I can totally understand the appeal of wanting to work in ancient diet as someone who spends inordinate amounts of time planning their dinner every night. This makes sense to me as an of focus. Yeah me too. So here's what truly does specifically. She chemically analyzes the residue of prehistoric cookware. I'm very intrigued by this. Yeah she looks for the molecular crumbs of Super Old Food. Basically the leftover munchies. That time forgot sweet. And this is why she's the pothead. We called to answer your question. What did people do when they couldn't breastfeed Julie just dug up the answer? Yeah so actually. Until we didn't really know the answer about what until last year yeah When I did the work we'll tell you what Julie dug up after the break. This episode of every little thing is brought to you by the all new twenty twenty Subaru outback super messages. Go where love takes you so the other day I asked Wilson a longtime Gimblett employees where love is taken him when my wife and I I met one of the first things we did together was we went on a road trip and typically you know you spend seven hours with somewhere in the car. You're completely sick of them by remember. Going to drop her off and we didn't want to stop hanging out. We're like well do you. WanNa get dinner and it was that moment that I think we realized this was something different. With eight point seven inches of ground clearance and ex MoD. The Twenty Twenty Subaru outback. Is there for you when you wanNA keep going like a backcountry adventure after a seven hour road trip? Learn more at Subaru Dot com slash outback? Hey Wendy here. From science passes out show takes on the messy world news and Internet sites to find out. What's real what's not and what somewhere in between and the season I'll show is all about the corona virus. We're answering questions like. Should we be wearing homemade mosques? Like from t shirts all those properties that we like in our T. shirt. Make them problematic. Us As fast. Listen for free on spotify or wherever you get your podcasts dispatch for science the S. Here's how Julie the pot ladies discovery went down. A colleague tip Julia about a bunch of unusual vessels found in Europe. She said to me. Oh look have you seen as and I said well no no go to didn't even know there was such a thing. You know annoyed anyone. I know they were two to three thousand years old and they were just so unusual looking what they look like a rate so just like human beings there are a lot of different versions of these vessels and just like human beings summer cuter than others and because I know what our listeners want. I'm going to send you the cutest ones anti prepare yourself. Kate and adorable photo is waddling like a baby. Duck right to your phone. Okay and everybody else. You can see it right now on spotify an episode page. And we'll put it on instagram at. Ut Show okay. I think I just got it. Oh my goodness look like animals. I know only gorgeous often. They have the most amazing little shapes. They've got little heads and feet and the cutest little things in the world. Okay so everybody listening picture of vessel like a cop about the size of a baseball with ahead on one end. Yeah they have like a little faced kangaroo I know and then there little legs coming out of the bottom of the cup so it stands on its own and then there's a spout anything jumping out to you about the the location of the spout. Why Feel Lake? Oh is it the the tail end? I mean it's it is a little light backwards. I feel like it's clearly critters. Rear you drink from this delightful little animals but yeah. That's exactly what it is. I know but still. They obviously thought it was funny because they could have done it. The other way around I suppose but Yeah Okay so. These are adorable little handheld cops molded into the shape of animals. Which majorly and her colleagues wonder or these for babies could these be ancient baby bottles mean given the spout placement. They could also be gravy boats so Julie had to test the hypothesis so she got the vessel into the hands of a tiny product tester. My colleague Her friend a young baby and they may develop a and Put Milk and gave him and he loved it. It really fit very naturally in his hands and he wouldn't let go of used it for ages and ages and ages. Do you want to see a picture of a baby drinking from it? Absolutely I do okay. He's on thing loved it. That's solid little baby. Latch right there. He's still using it today. He's twenty eight. One other clue that they were for babies is a little bit less cute. How they were found in child grapes on c. You knew there was gonna be a sad side to all this but like still kinda sweet that they gave them their little favourite sippy when they went. Oh so you said sheets. Tested stuff like like analyzed the contents so did she do that with these exactly to seal the deal that these were really bottles. Julie had to analyze them to see what they held so like if it turned out to be. Marinara sauce that hold the baby bottles and not gravy boats thing would be cooked. Yeah 'cause I don't think they would do in melanoma back then. I'd have been very surprised yesterday. I don't think they had tomatoes right right. So Julie flies to be to look at these vessels and to sample a few of them and when she shows up she is shaking in her lab coat. Well what I do is destructive. I literally had to take modeling jail. And put inside these vessels in actually just draw enough powder to do all chemical analysis on it was quite nerve wracking because is only clay and it's thousands of years. Old is a bit of a responsibility. I was terrified. Plaza had an audience. So what do you mean an audience? Well everyone in the institute wanted to see how I saw him post to do this pretending like I did it every day. And you know look terribly professional but at the same time insiders thinking. Oh my God. If this week's envy breaks are going to see a break and I'm gonNA doughy but she didn't die because this is one pothead. Who doesn't crack under pressure when you finish? Did People Clap Memento? Actually if they didn't they should have so Julie had her little baggie of pot. She analyzed it and she got a big old hit on three of the vessels she tested. Do you WanNa guess what she found. I would hope it would be milk. Bolognese nobody term. We've found that. The puts will use the posters milk. Animal Milk so fantastic because you know you would assume The little baby vessels Were going to be used to give baby's milk so this was the last Straw. Julia was convinced these baby bottles. So what did this mention mean for people? Julia said they're not just adorable artifacts they were an innovation and they had a huge impact. Essentially these biking goals a why. We live likely due today. Julia says when these kind of vessels I show up around seven thousand years ago. There's a population boom in Europe. A boom driven by the newest Fad Locally Sourced Produce Aka agriculture. Okay so Julie's theory. And not every baby bottle. Allergist degrees is that these little vessels might have played a role in that population. Boom Julie says and I'm just slightly paraphrasing here that these bottles gave women a lactation vacation abreast. Rest meaning weaning happened earlier. And because of this nursing interspersing women got Prague's on the rigs that men at end to the birth dearth and donning the spawning less latching lead to more hatun makes perfect sons. Yeah yeah as a nursing mom if you're able to take a break if you're able to train your baby to get off of you. Then the world opens up a little bit and I bet women were getting other stuff done and get other stuff done to write and then more babies. I don't WANNA put words in Julie's mouth but basically her argument is that these baby bottles are directly responsible for all those baby and me. Oh classes I love it. That's crunchy community though. Don't bring a bottles there. So what do you think kate? Does this satisfy your thirst for baby bottle facts? Any other questions How long were these around? These were around for thousands of years. An interestingly they do really carry on throughout the history so we know there's lots of them in ancient Greece. We know the moments used very similar. Vessels I've chemical some in Africa in Sudan Somebody sent me some from plains Indian communities say the shape is I suppose it's like an optimal shape. I love fat. I love these little teeny tiny baby bottles sippy Cup kangaroo stoneware pieces and it gives me like a more hopeful picture of the past that they were just cute little babies still with all bottles. Yes you could just make little utilitarian vessels that do the job if if you choose to to the trouble of making these lovely little pots expression of love. I think maybe I should go. Chisel a little stone sippy yes is giving you any ideas yeah. I'm super quarantined right now. So what else am I doing? We go find a rock. Be Right back Before we go a shout unless we show we asked you to call in and tell us who grateful to right now so many of you did. I thought we could share them on the show title. I WANNA take a shot. It in law Ashley Goodwin. Who's been working eighteen hour shifts in I e you local hospital? She's been overwhelmed and going crazy but she's doing his darn good job and I love her so much and she listens to this show when she had the break. So love you Ashley. Good Job Lady. People shoutouts coming and if you have a burning question you cannot find an answer to give us a ring. Eight three three ring e Lt. Every little thing is produced by Emily Forman phoebe Flanagan Annette Heist and flora lick me and with help from Nicole. Pacifica and Doug Barron are consulting. Editors are Caitlyn Kenny and wore. Hey just scored by Bobby Lord Emma Munger so widely and our version mixed by Dara Hirsch high. Love Marina Goodbye. 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