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Hello everybody walking fast. Star and unearned. This is not the voice. You're used to hearing, but isn't a voice that you are giving. Today isn't Dalton Miller one of the CO host of the talking to star podcast. We do not have connor winters today. He is at his wedding venue. Not, getting married yet but he's there with all of the the wedding vendors. They're going through all the plans contingencies for if the weather doesn't cooperate, so he's a little bit busy, but it's me and Coal Patterson here today Cole. How are you doing doing pretty well? Man I Guess. We got it alone. Coroner on the show, but I think we can manage. I think we'll be okay I? Mean what we lose. A point four wartime guy like if that much, does he really. How much does he really to? It's probably running back over. All. Of Our show, there's no doubt about that. Yes so we are. We're continuing along with our. Previews of the twenty twenty Dallas Cowboys. We have done so far, Dan don's though far. I've done defensive backs with them. They've also done wide receivers. Tight ends and alternative line to I believe correct. Yes, yeah, we. Still, they've done all that still. We could talk about quarterbacking rolling back, but we don't really want to, so we're going to go to the defensive line. We're going to take care of these defense. Avenge are and the defensive tackles kind of talking about what we saw from group last year and what we might see from them. Are you know going forward and then we will do our? A roster predicts in our fifty, five, hundred fifty three are men. Depth chart attributions are as we go along so. I. Were there any surprises that you really got from those Defensive Ryan last June? Did you expect them to struggle against the run and struggle to get home against quarterback last year? Or. Did you think you know that could have been a little bit of a week? Yeah I mean obviously I think we are all excited about. Russian defenses is heading towards after that twenty eighteen. Obviously. We all know the Christmas card there's to be worth thinking to eat could be the next head. Coach of the cowboys Sarah Brady's. I really excited with his defense can do and then you kind thought like you said the divas kind of to back especially D ron and that run defense. System that has to do. Is Lane Vendor Missing Mercer this evening in Jalen Smith regretting some regards. But the deal I really do much, either especially against the run I mean Robert Quinn a really good additional roster. Stand especially when you consider the compensation they gave. Honesty that sticks crown. but I mean and Marc Lawrence demarcus Lawrence. You might not that crazy. Stack numbers that maybe challenge. And he's very good, obviously running the better in the league going. You said they weren't a strongest Iran They struggle to get off the field or you can. Beat that some of that can be. Obscene theorized committee guys a Ryan backers, expecting a little bit more Will fine markets ruins his back numbers. Our kind of disappointing that durant arms charring and take another job on I know he was a day through. Higher my opinion and other people were. All in are. It up I I was expecting more will say that West the. Yeah it was weird one last year because like. If you look at the path, rush win rate, which is a big one. That's you know kind of gaining steam narrow. You would see to defense vans. who were both fantastic? When it comes to meeting the man in front of them? So what happened when it comes to the past role? I think a lot of. It wasn't just wants him. Coordinated in their attack, they were able to to get pressure from multiple spots. Because most quarterbacks in the NFL, they can get away from that initial pressure on. It's the ability to to stack rushes together on a singular play that really you're. You're able to get those Those facts and with guys. That weren't really helping in the middle. Towers had a pretty pass. Rush win rate, but he's a bit out of control. Vote is a run defender and a pass rusher, and that really hurting defense a little bit I just don't help her of not having a ton of debt on the interior, and like you said. DOORKNOBS, Armstrong. Not really taking that next at the obviously didn't down rainy, Gregory They didn't have Obvi- Three Smith are so. I guess I'm really just wondering. was there anything rats here? Do you think that? Tyrone's Crawford in tyrone kloppers injury. Once a little bit. More substantial when it comes to. How did? Ten especially, the defense of line played the whole life here. Yeah for sure I. Don't think Tyron Crawford is the kind of recognition height, especially Nascar media especially, even with the cowboys fans in general. The Big Name Guy, he's not the flashy past three moves. Not GonNA put up crazy sack numbers or being highlight plays, but I do think he is the gorilla that defense he's Kinda guided brings everybody together and holds A. Everybody together I mean. I mean we've heard demarcus lawrence stocks hiree of them and really pretty much everybody else not have locker, and he has leaders papers kind of course. Jay, against these leaders ability You know reading here about asked him a lot of players, but I think it really is very beneficial. Crawford on the field for Dallas and. I don't know if he was the that Vegas greased in per se. But, I do think he is nice store with I. DO think that. There is the D. Misplace Nine Day within went dot com on their fear and I think they were her tremendously with our, and so I've I've seen Stewart talk about cutting, and and all that kind of stuff and I would agree that probably the cap numbers parts you is especially if he is a man, I remember hearing last running tear two acre like I Reckon and I guess lessening their pay if you can't i. don't see why. You would call him because what he brings to the table like I just. kind of the grew owning ever find together, and he's very good. He's very versus. How to play outside and he's Mary effective enduring so. Yeah I'm I'm in total agreement with you here. I think the loss tyrone crawl heard was being because like you said I mean I. It was really demarcus Lawrence on that defense that was the leader, and then behind him, or even at the same level as him from a leadership standpoint warns tyrone. Crawford some losing him. You lost out on that leadership voice that I think that they tried to fill that void with Jalen myth and it just didn't work out. And that for me is going to be a massive story line going forward. How does? The brand of Jalen Smith. Max with the rest of the defense going forward, because even part of it, and he's going to be a part of his defense for a while because the contract extension. I'm wondering if he's able to kind of tone down. The the advertising. And get a little bit more back on the message of what made us really large Jalen Smith in the first place is his. Genton, generosity and his genuine nick. Coming out of Notre Dame as why everybody really liked him on top of being the elite level player, he wasn't Notre Dame as well so I I do think that losing tyrone Paul from his beg especially, because like you said he did have bet inside out versatility, and when you were kind of lacking depth at both provision last year. I. Think that really did hurt now. Moving on a, we're going to talk a little bit I kind of wonder with typically. into the defensive tackles moving forward. And then we'll go to break and after the break. We'll talk about the defensive end. That might possibly make the team. And then. Yeah, we'll talk about all of the defense and then, and we'll get into the actual rock to predictions for who we think is GonNa, make this football team, so let's just quickly getting to the defected tackles. How do you mean what we lost from last year? What we picked up from this year is a net positive after this. Awesome. Yeah I. Mean I don't think are you? Can otherwise simply because of the fact you're adding to reject guys that detach. Jerry Mcclain Dante Thorough Obviously you can. Means that they're not, they're peaks careers anymore, but there's still an upgrade from team added that defensive tackle. Be for a while you gonNa hit our Marie kearns earlier consistencies at dude nature. McCoy's a huge upgrading. I don't regard at least I mean. He's very experienced. He's a veteran in the region economist, either when those battles in the trenches new spin very good where where he's been as done territory, impo isn't discourtesies me. Is Name Yes, the big name, but I I don't know if he's the superstar Deepak. We used to be back in a dairy. Kansas aiding everybody to very good pickup in his own right Let's say the one thing that's at least a looney concerning I. Probably Carnera article. Disputing this Garner showing riots be conservatives players out of the gate. How are they? Pour in McCoy struggled arm or distal, the enters defense struggle with. Am Corey on roster. However, I mean Mike Surfing. Coroner disputed that looking at the film saying about their phone that kind of different other factors, but answer your question. I do think it's an upgraded signing those two from Raleigh. Durham neighborly invested too many resources kind of like safety. In recent years and they also Nabil Gower warring in a third round a guy that I know a lot of people are much higher on and where he went in the draft, and we'll see what comes to answer on words if he is back on Enron or that. Situations bit tricky right now. Right new is overall net positive with darkness Houston. We've finally seen them. Go around and sign outside. Free agents finally get proven guys the plane that made that defense. The. demarcus lawrence than health in on a D line to get after the quarterback to. Prove that run defense, I do think it is a net positive i. do think the deep. The difference of line is our whole. will be better. Yeah, so that that question was interesting because he is. Antwan words that is is is not rested on the roster. Currently part of it, but. He is A. He's a restricted free agent, right? Situations kind of confusing. sinus endure so. I don't know it's interesting. On back in and be back, but I don't take marriage and this. Kind of how it seems for me as well and you know, even though the the defensive line we look at it last year. It probably wasn't as good as we would have liked it to be our when you look at you, know paths run when it comes to Dvr. Van Up being twenty first overall, they were actually fifteenth against the Roth and twenty third against the, and they were worse against the pack than the rush. Even there. We kind of perceived them. Being a bad run team Antoine. Woods was not a part of the problem when it came to defending the run on I think we can all kind of wheels to acknowledged that, so you would think that with the Guy Right Don's Harry Poe and. Antoine, if dark factor remain on the team now help. Now past that like. You look. Turnhill didn't give you anything as a rookie. I don't know how much he will ever give you but you hope be covered. The the physical profile looking possesses that he is able to become a player in the future. He didn't last year and I. Don't expect anything from this year. So. You're looking back at it. Losing Malinche Collins. In not that big a deal. At the end of the day, and like you said they picked up her, they picked up recording and and ended the day. That brings a little bit of readership. Arm and Aged? For for lack of a better term. When you're looking at defense. Secondary as heartily next, but the rescue guys young our first contract guys throughout the rest of the secondary. You work the linebackers. Gaillard's just got a second contracting in his fourth year. Layton Vandereycken in third year. Jared spent technically, and it's fit, but one year employees and then you have stolen read when he's coming off the burnt. So you have a lot of young guys that you have that veteran defensive line. You shouldn't have to worry about them being in the in the wrong place at the right time. That's me issue so I. DO think that they will improve harm last season. We're going to go to break. We'll be right back. We will talk about the defensive end and we will predict. The Rock Ter- from the deter on the t shirts event position. We are talking to star. We will be right back. And we are back. On Talking Star. We're talking about the Defensive Line Dallas cowboys today. Going through kind of what we saw from them, live here and what they lost to what they gain this season and we're going to predict. How Defensive Line is going to look win training camp and. Starting. Cole. How did you think these defended and own the whole performed last season? You have a kind of talked earlier this with their. Robert Quyen. demarcus warrants being the to I the Robert. Quinn grade was the big win for the categories and the fact that the only given experiment big. He gave them doubly tax and gave him a legitimate pass rusher. demarcus Lawrence, and then they got a carpet, or they're going to get a carpet for him as well because of mispronounce A very smart move by the team. He was to use a big time player for Dowers, defense and otherwise disappointing. In for many guys didn't stat. demarcus lawrence like demarcus Lawrence Amine. You know you're going to get from her. He's one of the best players across the league in our. Popping numbers in a sack category per se, but I mean he is. He's very good. Run he can get after the quarterback. Eat like you said. I mean he's kind of leader on his defense. He kinda makes his team go. especially in in its ventures other than that. We'd broke kind mentioning how doors Armstrong Dan really take the next job in his career granting viewers in day, three cores on accused the premium, selection or anything, but he in my opinion I thought. He throws her things is I? Kind of kind of hoping for more dowers, just me being optimistic or ride, but Not Seen and take the next step in his career was kind of disappointed for me. He really couldn't breakthrough in that rotation. Maybe you will run our new coaching staff just locked. Wait and see the crawl bird injury kind of hurt his team as well and not being on our on the field and contributing on that deadline kind of hurt their in positioning. say in Avenue in Gregory. Said I mean he was in on it team on Smith, not even daughter. Sober all. And everything faucet at Tom but I think. There's kind. Wasn't there. You know I mean you. Lawrenson is Quinn, and then you didn't really know what to expect from the others, and at least in my opinion, yeah, and on top of that you didn't have Robert like Robert Quinn as good as he was against the Passi was terrible against and. So you had that as well people you know, and and I think that's part of the reason why we didn't see them. Being tanked lords year, life even is because teams could simply just run away from him and be okay. Be In a better position, no matter what so. You were able to to kind of come around him tomorrow. Florence is still one of the. Most creative! Artists in the NFL when it comes to he have your leaves physical traits, but he has such fantastic technique when it comes to being a pass rusher when he's able to actually years back, and it really helps, but. At the end of the day is a great run-defender as well. And matins massive. and. That's why they're really not going to see much of a drop off this year even though. They do lose. Robert Win on the other side. They get back tyrone proper to play that defense advantage on base down. And then on top of that we're. We're looking guys. Like doorns Armstrong the backup all. Were hoping to get ready to Gregory back. I think Oldham's man's you complaining to right and the rest of us, truly two hundred and seventy five pounds I, mean should have the place strength to hold up playing. You know that not less thrive defensive end when when the margin Florida's needs are a rapper to war, or you know demarcus Lawrence if they wanna move him, around moved him near the right Friday some pass, rush down. Much. You can do with the guys at the garden. Especially, if a garlic rain, gregory is able to come back and be reinstated. You're looking at a team that that didn't matter. You know hardly any depth after defense events. In Twenty nineteen to having a permanent of interns who've and Derek in in twenty, twenty, one or twenty twenty. So you know with with that being said. who on the defense of Aaron? Slash Altai to rush types on football team come the fifty five man roster car. Starting Augustine, testing audience. Is Guidance I expect to make the team their big concerns them being away from football. Elliot's turns back to link. Get All. That kind of stuff must've area rules by dude think that didn't based on the and is based on article his face on way. Everybody's saying these things to be in the right. Mindset and he seems to really want to be in the Rio Grande football and everything. In mean, there's no denying. Talent I mean. Yes, he's been our league crap a decade, but is a proven guy is at least bring some valuable experience. An active. Do think he can lucky. I mean there's hardly anybody. And last year for the cowboys vs other guy, another weapon in the might Nolan Stack and throw it all so blind in offenses, and all that kind of stuff I do think he I don't think he's GonNa be a Scott Master anything right out of the game I. Think he's GonNa be pretty valuable to this defense Rainy Gregory of theatrics Beckingham. It'd be back researcher waiting word, but I do think the overwhelming overwhelming feeling is that you will be on the cowboys so I expect him to be on the roster. is Bradley and I. I do think he makes the team We did our blocking the boy prediction. guest I was in June or maybe I can't remember. Knows earlier this spring I've been making the team He was the guy again kind of right now gallimore, nobody really thought he was gonNA. Throw that far when the cowboys garden and it Connor God's really value in. He's not the most Athletic Arnold. Fair Short on twitter position. He's not the biggest guy, but you just wins. He knows how. To. Get to the quarterback. I think that's what this team needs He's very good and what he's asked to do. I think he makes the roster. Diene. OPTI. demarcus Lawrence and Crawford walk name. In Armstrong makes the team. How many ones that I kind of law? I. Fix. Yes Dick's. Lawrence Crawford Armstrong Gregory Smith. Okay that makes sense to me arm I. Think than that fix. Number is is a good one One person that I am really ruining for collar and I. Interviewed him after the NFL draft happened, they picked this man as a free agent. That would be. Our rondell Carter He. Just an infectious tight personality, and somebody who's paint was was kind of fun and Jam Yourself. I'm interested to see how how bad all? Maybe he's the guy who can get on the practice squad to suggest. Sorry I'm here. I've used a roofing guy like. That on the border for me, I. DO think actually back on pinterest making a team I'm. Like you I, think he especially now defended fifty five and dancing invested pretty good money. On. compared to the other. Creation State around I do think like you said you encounter both really hot on his film. I do think he has a good chance. You kind of border for me. I think a very good chance that could be for one of their last night. He's going to be a priority practical guy. All right so. That leaves us with defensive tackle. Coal. Right off the Bat, do you think? Trick in Hell make. Football. Team. On. My gut feeling is no. New Coaching Staff I think. Tiebreaker, I think the same coaching staff they they drafted and I know I. Know Ruin McLean. Everybody's on that Front Office but far coaching staff. They really real ties to him. They don't need to keep him to prove his worth or anything. and the the destroyed their move on from a first pick in Taco Charlton early so I do think that if I in hill doesn't turn it around I. Don't see them making the team. I think the data, Gambia fascinating storyline throughout here because if they do only take four at the end of the day. I do think that those four are going to be Jerem appoint on thrown them Gallimore Antoine. Words are because I. Think you know in that case. You would have your two-three techniques in Jeremy. McCoy number Gallimore. John Terry Poem Towards Compla-. The one Antero can obviously up plane zero tex knows as well when you go to on Front Mike thing in which I inhale and why I think they might take five and the end of the day is because. Key can play both the one or the three with Bonnie tight. And, that's just another Bonnie. On a defensive line that might be able to contribute a little bit. I don't be any of the other guys. Have a real shot at making the team. Gary Marino I i. don't really think hours any SORTA shot online. Don't even know if they have anybody else. I missed Daniel. Wise I wish he was still around. Are One of my favorites coming out of Kansas? didn't just didn't really work out here, but. Man. I think. They end up keeping Kristen Hill because I think they're gonNA. Want five guys on the Interior. My only caveat with that is they might not because tyrone Crawford complained found out. That's the only thing that gives me pause. So. I take I mean he has the Kabariti's to be dumping. That's why you to stick around so I mean he's not like his not being like you know like there's talent there are just can't get out of. Your, no, absolutely I I. Agree with you one hundred percent. What do you expect from the defensive line as a whole just before we get out of here? I mean Jim Thome suicide warning the Best D. Line coach in the inner so and he's. Definitely As a really really strong track record on obviously someone that have to do. It's not like he's working no tower in Washington. We know that kind of defense blinds down the AD. Over. There San. Francisco had prime made on this kind of guys, not working talent mean everywhere. He's Bareness seems like they've improved. thinking is Danny Phantom on blogging the boys. wrote an article with this kind of looking at his history and kind of comparing this. That number is not a kind of stats which. Is Different decent Florence compared to the cowboys in the state season. Whoever Thompson Louis coaching better numbers are always be. It's of hard, so look at dinner vacuum. You don't really know the situation a town, and all that kind of and so on and so forth, but I mean he is better. Do you own coaches in the National League I think? The college throughout town like you said and they have a lot more often than they did last year lease Especially of Gregory is reinstated. So that. More bodies turned Crawford Lead Bagheri both teams there. That's to be a big attention to this team. Start expecting not expecting. Any, league derived by any means by. Do think they're gonNA be vastly improved Robert. Robert Quinn's pass rushing ability on the other side like you said he was kind of a liability defending to run I do think demarcus Lawrence. GonNa put out. About your ten awareness, they had a bad year because he didn't but I think appear put up better numbers Ollie's cope and inbox for Damore unless not the most important thing, I do think he's going to gateways I do think he's GonNa average, wrong season kind of quiet. The doubters and all that kind of thing the haters on twitter You know. I think garage been here and. They're going to be fascinating approved arm. Ness any read I think they're gonNA be. Taking big! I would say. Yeah, I think they're going to as well and I believe that we with my whole heart because I. think that they're going to be more creative defensively. Your team hasn't given up twenty points in twenty points per game in a season since two thousand fifteen. We talked about how the defense gets worked at times. But overall, it's been a decent scoring deepen so. Exactly aren't interested to see whether we see more breaking, but Moore's splash plays defensively our. Fascinated. Overall picture is going to look like, but I do think that they're team is going to have more. Baxter themes that I I think that that starts with in doing different things defensively Arman Franz even man. Blitz Jason Smith glitches with nickelback are not nickelback the band, but your actual nickel back on. WHO's going to be covering receivers so? We'll see. I'm excited. Man I! Hope, we can do everything necessary to actually. Have football in September. It's all care sewing meaning to argue be cancelled season. That's all we got for. You guys today. Hope, you guys enjoyed it. Connor should be back for the next episode next week. We will talk about the linebackers, and I assume it's one position were probably wrap in the quarterback. There's three of them. We know who they are. Probably all GonNa make the roster at the end of the day and then we'll talk about the running next as well. been talking to Dr of right to thank blog in the boy, mock media for allowing us to to host this partner. Do.

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